National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 05/2003
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
5/31/03 23:00 Bellevue OH Light 45sec. A cloud lit up and changed to different colors in the middle of the night 6/3/03
5/31/03 23:00 Houston (Canada) BC Light 5 to 6 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Large bright white light. 6/10/03
5/31/03 21:42 Noordwijk (Netherlands)
Fireball 3 seconds White brilliant light ball with tail made of smaller white balls falling towards sea west of Haarlem, the Netherlands 6/3/03
5/31/03 20:04 Wollongong (NSW, Australia)
Egg 2 Minutes Orange egg/oval shaped space craft shrinking and glowing bright and then changing color to red and looked like it was comming back and 6/3/03
5/31/03 14:00 Myrtle Beach SC Circle 15 minutes Circular white disc, stationary high in sky during thunderbird airshow. with see through center and segmented outer edge 11/21/10
5/31/03 13:00 Phoenix AZ Cigar 5-10 seconds Close encounter of the third kind 11/19/12
5/31/03 13:00 Ashland OR Changing 30 minutes Ground-moving small black boomerang shaped unidentified object observed with witnesses in broad daylight near Ashland, Or. 8/30/13
5/31/03 04:26 West Valley UT Light 10 sec 4 times brighter then any star in the sky. 6/3/03
5/31/03 01:00 Pichacho Peak AZ Formation 10 minutes We were driving south on I-10 when we noticed an object flying at a high speed, close to the ground in irregular patterns. 6/3/03
5/30/03 23:33 Des Moines IA Sphere 5 mins 3 spheres of multi-colors circled and shot straight up out of site. 6/3/03
5/30/03 23:25 Kingston-upon-Hull (UK/England)
Light 10 Mins Bright light observing Police Helecopter for 10 Mins in clear night sky 6/3/03
5/30/03 22:00 Glenwood IA Light 15 minutes Strange lights running into eachother breaking off into more lights. 9/2/05
5/30/03 19:30 Fremont CA Disk 30 sec The craft skipped across the sky very fast without making a sound. 6/3/03
5/30/03 18:30 Escondido CA Formation 5 seconds was driving north on US 15 from poway during late rush hour noticed a group of small objects entering field of vision from the left at 6/3/03
5/30/03 01:14 Chanhassen MN Light 30 seconds Very bright light close to house 6/3/03
5/29/03 23:45 Elbingen (Germany)
Other 30 to 60 seconds Spliiting lights 6/3/03
5/29/03 23:30 Fort Collins CO Light approx 2 minutes Saw bright light that would fade and reappear travelling very fast. 6/3/03
5/29/03 22:00 Round Rock TX Light 4 sec Blinking/fast moving light in clear sky 6/3/03
5/29/03 21:45 New Ellenton SC Changing aprox. 3 minutes CIrcular object witnessed. 6/3/03
5/29/03 21:06 San Antonio TX Light 50 Sec Orbital Sighting Not Satellite or Meteor 6/10/03
5/29/03 16:35 Lee's Summit MO Cigar 1-5mint cigar shaped cylinder object white and silver colored 6/18/04
5/29/03 08:36 New York City (Manhattan) NY Sphere 2 minutes Silverly helium balloon-like object 6/18/03
5/29/03 04:45 Watertown MA Cross 10 minutes Lighted object hovers over Watertown Square. 7/16/03
5/28/03 23:00 Boise ID Triangle 10 seconds A rapidly moving "shimmering shadow" with orange leading edges 6/3/03
5/28/03 22:20 Kansas OK Formation 15 3 lights in triangle pattern moving west to east 6/3/03
5/28/03 18:55 Perth (Western Australia)
Triangle 20 seconds Triangle shape object 6/3/03
5/28/03 17:43 Douglasville GA Cylinder 10 sec observed a daylight star/cannister shaped object 6/10/03
5/27/03 23:06 Ipswich (UK/England)
Light 30seconds probably satellite 23:06 05/27/03 over Ipswich UK. 5/27/03
5/27/03 22:30 Racine WI Circle 2 seconds A round aircraft with white, yellow, and red lights on it which lasted 2-3 seconds. It appeared and then disappeared before my eyes. 6/3/03
5/27/03 22:30 Everett WA Triangle 00:00:15 I-5 Triangle UFO in Everett 6/10/03
5/27/03 22:10 Phoenix AZ Cigar 10 minutes What was that cigar shaped object ? 6/18/03
5/27/03 20:23 Alba Iulia (Romania)
Other 5 min Extremely bright object- location central Transylvania Seen in the very moments of evening no stars present, still sunset. Very bright 8/28/03
5/27/03 17:30 Central Victoria (Australia)
Circle 5 min One bright round light rising in the ENE then disappearing in an instant. 9/1/04
5/27/03 14:14 Fallbrook CA Disk 1min A gunmetal colored suacer shaped vehicle 7/23/03
5/27/03 07:30 Fremont CA Egg 20min Egg shape craft, silver and reflective in the San Francisco bay area. 5/27/03
5/27/03 01:20 Joplin MO Unknown 10 sec. circular reddish glowing bottom with boomerang shaped white lights moved quickly from north to south 6/3/03
5/26/03 23:30 Fort Myers FL Cigar 30 seconds Rocket shaped object over a baseball field. 5/27/03
5/26/03 20:30 San Antonio TX Triangle 10 min The only dissapointment of it all is i DIDDNT have my camcorder on me. 6/3/03
5/26/03 16:45 Fort Worth TX Disk ? It was pink then white then it was goone. 6/18/03
5/26/03 15:00 San Jose CA Changing 20 Min Skies over San Jose on this Memorial Day were full of Chemtrails. During Barbecue our party observed what we thought at first to be two 5/27/03
5/26/03 01:15 Foothill Ranch CA Oval 10 seconds One squashed-oval object. Colour= burnt-orange, rimmed in a fuzzy neon light blue. Size= 3 or 4 large stars put together. 5/27/03
5/25/03 23:20 Payson AZ Sphere over 1 hr. object low in west sky from Payson, AZ, oval shape w/3 bright spots, moving slowly lower toward horizen 5/27/03
5/25/03 23:10 Kernville CA Light about 2 hours I went on a campin trip to Kern River California this Memorial Weekend. I was lookin at the beautiful sky that night. There were many 6/3/03
5/25/03 21:45 Clearfork WV Circle UFO Bright Orange Ball in the sky 6/3/03
5/25/03 13:00 Lake Omak WA Unknown 5 mins While over in Okanogan County in May of this year (2003) we were taking pictures of various places, using a Fuji digital camera. We did 10/31/03
5/25/03 02:15 Birmingham (UK/England)
Light 8 min 2 crafts going opposite ways ??? 5/27/03
5/25/03 01:45 Rural/Unknown OR Light 30 seconds, maybe more. Oregon UFO Review Case: Bright lights illuminate daughters bedroom window. 5/27/03
5/24/03 23:00 Jackson TN Light unknown Observation of four unexplained lights rotating in the sky. 5/27/03
5/24/03 22:48 Melaka (Malaysia)
Light not sure a light that drifted moving downwards then hovered in the sky and flashed an orange light like a signal. 5/27/03
5/24/03 21:40 Parksley VA Cigar
I was setting in my liveing room at 9:40 playing with a littie gril that i keep,and i had my door open then i look u 5/27/03
5/24/03 19:45 Littleton CO Other 12 MIN Large black object that never moved for 12 min 5/27/03
5/24/03 19:20 Birmingham (UK/England)
Oval 5 min Oval silver Craft 5/27/03
5/24/03 01:30 Vernal UT Flash :30 There were strobing lights that were stationary then appeared to take off and fly away in an faster than possible. 6/3/03
5/23/03 23:35 Havre MT Formation 2 minutes I saw what was either a craft shaped like a triangle, or three seperate crafts, flying in formation. 5/27/03
5/23/03 23:00 San Diego CA Disk 1 min As we were driving on the freeway, this ufo object nearly swwoped right in front of our car! 3/2/04
5/23/03 22:00 Hayward CA Light 3 min UFO in Hayward, CA , more activity seen within last couple of days by others. 6/3/03
5/23/03 21:30 Webster City IA Triangle 3 minutes The following investigation details are result of Iowa MUFON's telephone and e-mail interviews with one of the three witnesses involved 7/16/03
5/23/03 21:30 Webster City IA Triangle 3 minutes Dark triangle shaped object moving slowly southwards with orange lights on each corner. 5/27/03
5/23/03 20:00 Melbourne (VIC, Australia)
Disk 5 minutes disk shaped object flashing colours very big,this report is true. 5/27/03
5/23/03 02:30 South Gate CA Fireball 2-3 min I was unable to sleep so I looked out my window and I saw an orange fireball moving slowly from the south east 6/3/03
5/23/03 01:00 Franklin NE Changing country Sight seeing places in NE if you believe you will see. 2/8/05
5/22/03 23:50 Louisiana LA Unknown 5 sec Bright light in Gulf of Mexico sky 5/27/03
5/22/03 23:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Light 1 hour 4 UFO's were flying in the sky, quickly from one place to another, one was dissapearing and re-appearing. 5/27/03
5/22/03 22:45 Ephrata WA Triangle 4 minutes Object made no noise, was very jittery, when turning it did not bank. Also had red light on top and bottom along with 4-5 white lights 5/27/03
5/22/03 22:35 Wichita/Mulvane KS Other 10 sec a "star" was moving fast, but not too fast in a telescope. 7/16/03
5/22/03 22:30 Adelaide (South Australia)
Triangle night shinny, brown like it was made of old metal, sometimes it changed colour such as a light purple/blackand it had a very bright light! 9/1/04
5/22/03 22:20 Ottawa (Canada) ON Light 30-40 sec Two lights shape and size of a star flying very high and very fast SW toward NE side by side one of them changing course 5/27/03
5/22/03 21:00 Grangeville ID Disk 5-6 minutes Disc or sphere shaped object - appeared like a very bright star at first 5/27/03
5/22/03 18:45 Lebanon IL Cylinder 5 minutes Sighted high flying Cylinder UFO with split contrail. 5/27/03
5/22/03 15:55 Montreal (Montreal) (Canada) PQ Other
HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Large half ring over the skies of downtown Montreal 5/27/03
5/22/03 02:00 Wayne NJ Cigar 0:30 A cigar shaped object flew over me a few times then left. 5/27/03
5/22/03 01:24 Wichita KS Sphere 60 seconds or less Sphere shaped and bright light, bopping up and down moving at the same speed as the airplane I was in. 12/16/05
5/21/03 23:30 Hamilton (Canada) ON Circle 35 minutes Three different sightings of dim, orange lights arranged in various shapes passing soundlessly over my house. 10/31/03
5/21/03 22:45 Winchester WI Light 1 minute Bright weaving object seen passing from WSW to ENE in northern Wisconsin 5/27/03
5/21/03 22:00 San Lorenzo CA Light 1.5 Hours Lights moving from west to east. 5/27/03
5/21/03 21:30 San Lorenzo CA Unknown on going dim lights not moving lights solid,flying or gliding very high in the sky 5/27/03
5/21/03 21:30 Rifle CO Circle 10 minutes big bright white dot 5/27/03
5/21/03 19:45 Brisbane (QLD, Australia)
Fireball 05 seconds Myself and one other person witnessed a LARGE fireball with a bright incandescant core and a long flaming tail pass overhead in a NNE h 5/27/03
5/21/03 17:30 Flatrock/Taylor border MI Light 3 minutes unusual lights 1/17/04
5/21/03 12:00 Albuquerque NM Triangle Approx 5 sec The item I believe I saw was at approx 12:00 noon on 05/21/03.I was working as a gateguard. I looked up into the Northern clear blue sk 5/27/03
5/21/03 08:35 Winter Springs FL Rectangle 1 minute Rectangular object change its shape to two spheres 5/27/03
5/21/03 04:35 Orland CA Light one minute Two bright white lights heading north 5/27/03
5/21/03 02:00 Stony Plain (Canada) AB Light 10-15 seconds Bright pulsating light, moving quickly and erratically. 5/27/03
5/20/03 19:00 Paducah KY Cigar 2-3 minutes White cigar-shaped object flashes a brilliant white light twice, then disappears. 7/16/03
5/20/03 04:43 New York City NY Triangle 20 Seconds Triangular Bright White Object Over NYC Moving West to East 4:42 am. 5/27/03
5/20/03 02:35 Tucson AZ Oval 30 minutes Whitish Grey somewhat Egg/Oval in shaped slowly hovering way up in sky, folding in half/quarter and back to Oval/Egg again. 5/27/03
5/20/03 01:30 High Point NC Triangle 20 seconds This was my first siting and boy was this a real site to see! One night me and my wife, back in roughly 2003, was living with my grandm 1/24/14
5/20/03 00:15 Salt Lake City UT Changing 3 seconds Live wether cam 5-20-03 Salt lake at noon KSL bright white with red diamond moving . 5/27/03
5/19/03 23:45 Surprise AZ Circle 6 minutes Flash of light out of which two objects diverged 5/27/03
5/19/03 21:45 Chennai (India)
Other 4 to 5 minutes Dear Friends, this incident took place on the 19'th of May 2003 when me and my friend David had gone to one of our regular late evening 6/3/03
5/19/03 21:30 Albany CA Chevron 20-30 seconds Chevron shaped aircraft spoted over Albany, California, again 5/27/03
5/19/03 05:30 Westwego LA Teardrop 8 seconds Body of teardrop blue and tip green. 5/27/03
5/19/03 02:25 Quebec (Canada) PQ

same day BAKU UFO...on my homepage you can see the PERU UFO from militä click on VIDEO wait little bit tha 7/16/03
5/19/03 00:10 Fresno (near, I-5) CA Triangle 3 - 5 min. Totally silent craft bearing three, bright, white lights observed crossing I-5 near Fresno CA on 05-19-03 at 00:10. 8/28/03
5/18/03 23:15 Las Vegas NV Unknown 4 min 6 distant lights in v-shaped form flying very slowly seen over Las Vegas Blvd, Nevada then fading as it passed overhead. 7/16/03
5/18/03 23:10 Elsmere DE Light 23:11 Light came over Town of Elsmere then shot off. 5/27/03
5/18/03 21:30 Phoenix AZ Disk 3 minutes four round bright discs with black roating circles in them flying in formation going east 7/16/03
5/18/03 16:30 Oxnard and Los Angeles City (between) CA Teardrop 20 to 30 seconds time see Big Rotating Flying object over the 101 freeway 5/27/03
5/18/03 12:00 Woburn MA Rectangle 10 minutes Multiple very colorful objects in the middle of a beautiful sunny day at the sky for 10-15 minutes.h 5/27/03
5/18/03 02:00 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Light 40 s Two fast blinking lights stationary for +-45s at stars' altitude/distance and vanished - Rio de Janeiro/Brazil 6/3/03
5/17/03 23:10 Houston TX Other 25 seconds Several gray spheres moving together in a rolling pattern smooth and silent across the Houston sky 5/27/03
5/17/03 23:10 Andover MN Light 30 Three objects, two headed north, one headed south, all about 2 minutes apart. 5/27/03
5/17/03 23:00 Round Rock TX Unknown several hours The lights seemed to be chasing each other, no patterns 5/27/03
5/17/03 21:55 New Ipswich NH Disk 2 minutes Saucer/octogon shaped craft landed in the woods behind the church by my house. 5/27/03
5/17/03 20:00 Atco NJ Oval 5 minutes UFO spotted in Atco NJ in wooded area. 3/8/07
5/17/03 12:32 Burnsville MN Cigar 2 seconds cigar shaped UFO 5/27/03
5/17/03 05:45 Jacksonville AR Disk 5 The Spaceship was very close I was outside fixing to open a 40oz and I feltit and it was true I couldn't believe my eyes I didn't dare 9/27/18
5/17/03 01:30 Västervik (Sweden)
Chevron 2 min Two white lights with blinking red light between. 5/27/03
5/16/03 23:42 Round Rock TX Other 1 hour There was a large group of lights that were moving all over the sky just in one spot. 8/28/03
5/16/03 23:00 Rancho Santa Margarita CA Disk about a min shiny disc in the sky freaked me out 5/27/03
5/16/03 21:00 Brookston IN Light 20 minutes 2nd of 3 Sightings from March 2003 to April 2004 - Yellow/Orange Lights in Formation 4/27/04
5/16/03 20:30 Frankfort IN Light 20 minutes Orange lights in the Indiana sky, 4 witnesses. 5/27/03
5/16/03 07:45 Belton TX Unknown 45 mins Dozen or more lights darting in and out of a thunderstorm 3/11/06
5/16/03 01:30 Yosemite CA Triangle 5-10 minutes Four Triangular UFO s sighted over Yosemite last year one craft was Very large and transperent. 4/27/04
5/15/03 23:54 Montreal (Canada) QC Other 5 seconds Saw white object fly soundlessly for 5 seconds. 12/17/11
5/15/03 23:54 Montreal (Canada) PQ Other 5 seconds Crescent -shaped, silent, moving in a straight line, white, fuzzy edges, fast-moving. 9/4/03
5/15/03 23:50 d.d.o (Canada) PQ Triangle 10 sec three white lights during the luner eclipse... 5/27/03
5/15/03 23:45 Dollard des Ormeaux (Canada) PQ Rectangle 45 seconds something passed over West end of Montreal 5/27/03
5/15/03 23:30 Goleta CA Unknown night Driving home 101 N. in between Goleta & Gaviota Ca Half mile out in the ocean. 5/27/03
5/15/03 23:30 Aurburn (Canada) NS Teardrop 23:36 tear drop shaped object hovering in circals 5/27/03
5/15/03 23:30 Mansfield (UK/England)
Sphere 15 minutes weird lights over north nottinghamshire 5/27/03
5/15/03 23:30 Auriol/Provence (France)
Unknown 4 minutes definitly not aircraft but admitedly speed same as usual satellites 6/4/04
5/15/03 23:30 Mansfield (UK/England)
Sphere 15 minutes whilst out on the back yard i spotted 3 spheres in the sky, the 3 were tightly bunched and appeared as one they moved at a rapid pace i 5/27/03
5/15/03 23:30 Fort Walton Beach FL Oval 10 - 15 seconds Flying Police Car or UFO? 5/27/03
5/15/03 23:16 Orange Park FL Teardrop 15 miutes or so lights over the eclpise 5/27/03
5/15/03 22:00 Northallerton (UK/England)
Disk about 30 seconds Myself and my sister saw a saucer shaped object in Norththern England 10/7/03
5/15/03 22:00 Manitowoc WI Other 2 - 3 mins Bizarre object scene over manitowoc airport 5/24/05
5/15/03 21:37 Portsmouth (UK/England)
Egg 14 minutes bright light moving rapidly side to side, clock spinning 5/27/03
5/15/03 21:30 Ventura CA Triangle 10 sec. Triangle and silent with three lights 5/27/03
5/15/03 21:20 Ventura CA Triangle 5 sec Black low flying noiseless big triangular shaped craft seen during lunar eclipse 5/27/03
5/15/03 21:00 Council Bluffs IA Changing 5 minutes Small orange light morphing into large triangle(4-5 stories thick) with bright lights on underside 11/21/10
5/15/03 21:00 Santa Monica CA Chevron 60 Sec. A glowing flock of birds in a symetrical V shape formation 5/27/03
5/15/03 19:00 Okeene OK Light 20 min Slow moving red light,with no sound. 11/8/05
5/15/03 19:00 Highway 64 AZ Flash 4 minutes I was driving a couple of friends back from the Grand Canyon on highway 64 at about 7 pm in the evening. This was May of 2003.

My p
5/15/03 17:35 Sacaton AZ Teardrop 2-3 minutes Tearshape - flying with the bulb end first, smooth grey/white in color about 3 feet long. 5/27/03
5/15/03 15:00 Cape Coral FL Sphere 3 seconds i heard fighter jets, and walked out to my pool area and seen a large bright silver orb. very shiny. 2 US military jets flew towards it 5/27/03
5/15/03 08:30 Stanwood WA Circle 1 minute Sighting of highly unusual flying object in daylight with excellent viewing conditions in vicinity of jet airliner. 8/5/09
5/15/03 03:00 Kimberley (Canada) BC Light appox: 1 minute HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: 3:00 a.m. to a bright yet soft orange/amber light shining in our bedroom window. 8/28/03
5/15/03 02:00 Franconia Notch (I-93 southbound) NH Diamond 1 minute Spacecraft Defaces Old Man 12/19/03
5/15/03 01:30 Longview TX Light approx. 15 mins "star" appeared to be jumping back and forth between two points, very weird. 7/16/06
5/15/03 00:30 Burlington WV Triangle 60 sec. 05/15/03 24:30 Burlington, W.V. Bright red glowing triangle, hovered,circled ,emitted warm air. 8/28/03
5/14/03 20:00 Guayaquil (Ecuador)
Other 20:00 20:02 big and shine like the moon. 5/27/03
5/14/03 04:30 El Paso TX Cigar 5 mins cigar shaped craft hovering over the neighborhood 5/27/03
5/14/03 02:00 Memphis TN Formation 4 minutes One large craft with a red light released six others. The crafts hovered for several minutes then disappeared. 7/23/03
5/14/03 02:00 Horatio AR Teardrop 2 minutes I saw lights and looked out my window looked out and saw two teardrop shaped aircrafts . 5/27/03
5/14/03 St. Louisville OH Oval
This is a very true and testimonial event that happened in the town I lived in for 3 years.

On July 13th or the 14th 2003 around b
5/13/03 23:35 Terrace (Canada) BC Other 10 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Ring of colored lights with dark round object in the center. 5/27/03
5/13/03 23:30 Columbia TN Unknown
bright light seen across feild 7/16/03
5/13/03 22:00 Chesterfield MI Formation birthday parrty lights were in the sky in a "Y" formation with a whitish haze surrounding them, they stayed for 30 min. then shot off 5/27/03
5/13/03 22:00 Grove OH Unknown .05 sec bright flaring star 5/27/03
5/13/03 21:45 Round Rock TX Unknown 65 seconds flashing star with blinking white lights 5/27/03
5/13/03 21:30 Gainesville GA Other
Large Bright Orange Star?? 5/27/03
5/13/03 20:15 Georgetown (Canada) ON Circle 5 min round quiet rotating and very low flying then sped off in an instant. 5/27/03
5/13/03 12:00 Anaheim CA Cylinder 2 min My car, and the ones behind me stoped, and the U.F.O.'s landed,when they were gone the cars started up. 5/27/03
5/13/03 10:15 Tampa Bay FL Disk 5 sec The craft surpriseingly flew close to poulated area. 6/18/03
5/13/03 02:15 Kitchener (Canada) ON Formation approx. 09 sec, we were at Bingemans Conservation Area and I looed up and thought I saw a shooting star. When my wife turned to look up, two more spit 5/27/03
5/13/03 00:50 Bjaeverskov (DK 4632) (Denmark)
Light 0,5 min. Very sharp light fading out an disappeared in about 5 to 10 sec. 5/13/03
5/12/03 22:30 Panorama City CA Cylinder 12minutes bright red light moving slow in the sky 5/27/03
5/12/03 20:05 Daytona (South Daytona Beach) FL Light 1.5m Light disperses in random pattern in Volusia County, Florida. 5/13/03
5/12/03 10:30 Dunn NC Unknown
I was taking pictures of my roses when I downloaded them into my pc I saw this 5/13/03
5/12/03 03:30 Manassas VA Changing 10 Minutes Strange glow in the sky 5/13/03
5/12/03 01:00 Yazd (Iran)
Triangle 1houre dear; sir we have seen the U.F.O from one month evre day they are seen from 5 pm to 10pm with defran colare of light whith circular we 12/9/03
5/11/03 23:10 Wilmette IL Circle 10 minutes As I was sitting in my back yard it started to thunder, than I looked up and there was a circle in the sky than it disapeared. 2/22/05
5/11/03 20:55 Louisville KY Other 2 minutes it mopved slowly over my head and then rolled over several times and moved off in a different direction, it appeared to move pretty slo 5/13/03
5/11/03 18:30 Eureka Springs AR Cylinder 5 minutes 2 discs and 1 cylinder seen on 5-11-03 over Eureka Springs, AR 5/27/03
5/11/03 13:00 Halsted (Denmark)
Disk 10-12 min. black disk, flying in the sky, seen in Denmark 7/16/03
5/11/03 09:30 Laguna Niguel CA Disk 30 Minutes Shiny disclike craft floating above Laguna Niguel 5/13/03
5/11/03 09:20 Goleta CA
30 minutes California Highway Patrol officer reports lengthy sighting of peculiar, metallic-appearing disc in the morning sky over Goleta. 5/13/03
5/11/03 02:45 Longwood/winter springs FL Light 4 seconds A green shooting star past at a very high speed and low altitude 5/13/03
5/11/03 00:00 Birmingham (UK/England)
Light 1 min Is this the same UFO i always see 5/27/03
5/11/03 Sheffield (UK/England) IL Circle 3mins aproxx it was bonfire night the sky was light up with burning bonfires me and a friend with his girl friend and mine were sat on a wall at his 5/27/03
5/10/03 23:35 Cardiff (UK/Wales)
Unknown 3 seconds My son and I were looking at the night sky, in Cardiff, UK having let the dog out. My son (an MSc) noticed a light in the sky, moving e 5/27/03
5/10/03 23:30 Everett WA Light 30 seconds I have done a little research after this experience and there have been a lot of sightings in the Seattle area. 5/13/03
5/10/03 22:55 Terrace (Canada) BC Light 15 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: The light was rather bright and traveling quickly. 5/27/03
5/10/03 22:10 Pinole CA Circle 2220 bright red light moving slowly eastward 5/13/03
5/10/03 22:00 Welcome NC Egg 30-45 minutes Egg-shaped pod with large spheres on either side. Blinded by craft. 25+ minute sighting. 6/13/14
5/10/03 21:35 Cleveland OH Disk 5 min Seen fast spinning disc with flashing lights. 12/19/03
5/10/03 17:00 Plymouth WI Disk 15 seconds Large saucer floating in clear daylight 1/10/09
5/10/03 13:00 Acambaro (Mexico)
Circle 5 seconds Sighting of a white object flying at an impossible speed. 7/8/04
5/10/03 11:30 Belfast (UK/N. Ireland)
Oval 10min the object hoverd then droped and split into 2 different crafts 7/16/03
5/10/03 04:00 Boscastle (Cornwall) (UK/England)
Sphere 45 mins Small balls of light in the woods UK 10/31/03
5/10/03 01:00 Leamington Spa (UK/England)
Light 5 mins Two yellow lights moving fast changing direction very abruptly. 10/7/03
5/9/03 22:35 Terrace (Canada) BC Light 8 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Light grew to double the size on the moon. 5/27/03
5/9/03 17:00 East Atlantic Ocean
Cylinder 30 MINUTES Huge cylindrical object paced airliner for at least half an hour off the coast of Portugal. 5/27/03
5/9/03 13:30 San Francisco CA Triangle 10 seconds Black, Silent, Low Flying aircraft heading east over San Francisco. 5/13/03
5/9/03 West Springfield MA Other 11:00 It was a clear, sunny day, the sky was blue and there were no clouds. As I was driving along, the sun glinting off something metalic ah 7/25/04
5/8/03 22:45 Durrell/Twillinagte (Canada) NF Cone
Cone/triangular object hovering low in the sky with blinking red/green/yellow/white lights. Made a loud noise. 5/9/03
5/8/03 18:15 New Orleans LA Sphere 8 seconds Silver sphere with wings appeared, disappeared, reappeared, did 90 degree turn, then disappeared. 5/27/03
5/8/03 08:20 Clinton MO

MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Iinvestigation of ufo encounter of May 8, 2003 in Henry Co 7/23/03
5/8/03 00:45 Clinton MO Circle 3-4 minutes circular object with 5 lights seen in Henry county 5/27/03
5/7/03 22:30 Northridge CA Cigar a couple minutes 3 cigar shaped green flying objects moving from south to north, no way it was 5/9/03
5/7/03 22:30 Newmarket (Canada) ON Triangle 1or 2 minutes triangle in flight 7/16/03
5/7/03 22:15 Essex (UK/England)
Light all night strange little lights coming from a bigger light getting brighter, taking there place in the sky as stars. 7/16/03
5/7/03 21:30 Boca Raton FL Triangle 2 minutes Two objects in the sky were spaced evenly apart. Both were Triangle in shape. Each triangle craft looked like there 3 balls all attache 5/9/03
5/7/03 21:05 Ada OK Rectangle 1-3 minutes Unexplainable 5/13/03
5/7/03 17:00 Europe
Unknown 5 sec RADAR WARNING 5/9/03
5/7/03 12:37 Oglala SD Circle
the objects were sighted at 12:37 pm and it was a bunch of them it appeared to be 11 to 15 and they were siraling altogether in one big 7/25/04
5/7/03 02:00 Jonesboro AR Diamond 30 seconds Diamond shaped fuselage with multiple red lights, sweepted wings with multiple white lights...amazing! 5/9/03
5/6/03 23:00 Mantua OH Other 24:00 I was at a block party with my husband when i saw a comet looking object in the sky, everyone stoped to gape and many people ran to get 6/3/03
5/6/03 23:00 Mason OH Other 24:00 The object was made out of a silver metal and from far away looked like a shooting star. So my husband and i went outside to watch it. 6/3/03
5/6/03 23:00 Kent WA Flash about 3 minutes Bright craft slowly came toward me from over the neighbor's house (thought it was a star at first) 5/9/03
5/6/03 22:30 Oxford (UK/England)
Light about a minute It was basicly a point of white light. it would be best described not as an alien ship, more a UFO. it was too high up to be a airoplan 5/13/03
5/6/03 21:49 Ventura CA Circle 45 seconds My wife and I had just finished eating dinner at a local restaurant. Upon leaving the restaurant and walking to our car we saw three d 5/9/03
5/6/03 21:45 North Delta (Canada) BC Fireball 1 to 2 sec Was driving West on River Rd.(Delta) at 16th St. Object was travelling low in western sky at extremely high speed,in descending pattern 5/9/03
5/6/03 21:30 Placerville CA Diamond 10 min white diamond shaped object with bright orange lights hovered over placerville from the west, then moved north at very slow pace 5/9/03
5/6/03 12:45 Chesapeake VA Cigar 10 to 12 sec. The object was cigar shaped and did not have any wings or rodar. 5/9/03
5/6/03 12:30 Cacak (Serbia/Montenegro)
Triangle no It was lot of them in cacak. 6/10/03
5/6/03 12:15 Birmingham (UK/England)
Teardrop 5 mins 3 unidentified flying objects dancing in the sky making loud shreiking noises 5/9/03
5/6/03 00:15 Yakima WA Sphere 5 seconds Green sphere appears to be 1/2 to 3/4 that moon appears seen from yakima, washington 5/9/03
5/5/03 23:20 Milford Haven (Pembrokeshire) (UK/England)
Diamond 20minutes diamond shaped object using cloud as disguise 5/9/03
5/5/03 21:22 Jacksonville FL Formation 2 min Triangular formation of lights observed in a telescope, moving from west to east. 5/9/03
5/5/03 21:00 Marion IN Unknown 20 minutes It started to blink and then disappeared. 5/27/03
5/5/03 05:00 Geneva OH Sphere 30 minutes White sphere follows driver 8/28/03
5/5/03 01:43 Sheffield (UK/England)
Disk 15 we were out in the woods walking our dog when my brother started talkin about the stars. so we were all looking and we saw this shootin 5/9/03
5/5/03 01:00 Pompano Beach FL Teardrop 10 minutes Upside down, tear drop shaped UFO in S Florida 10/11/05
5/4/03 22:15 Holland PA Unknown 2.5-3 MINUTES Pulsating Light That "dances" across the sky 5/9/03
5/4/03 21:00 Heber Springs AR Light 2 seconds Two lights in a series formation traveling at about 200MPH with no sound at close proximaty. 7/16/03
5/4/03 14:00 Framingham MA Light 20mins I was out walking during the day and saw something in the sky that did not appear to be moving or have any kind of a trail (like from a 5/9/03
5/4/03 13:00 San Saba TX Formation 10 seconds Strange group of 10 black ufos videotaped in broad daylight doing impoossible manuevers 5/9/03
5/4/03 00:30 Aylmer (Canada) PQ Light 30 seconds Two yellowish star like ligths moving together side by side... then vanishing upwards at an incredible speed. 5/9/03
5/3/03 23:20 Marietta OH Light 00:05 Bright balls of light over SE Ohio 5/9/03
5/3/03 22:30 Kayenta AZ Light At Home Seeing a light over Black Mesa. 1/27/05
5/3/03 21:40 Jim Thorpe PA Sphere 3-4 Minutes Fast, high-flying sphere flies miles above our heads in Hickory Run State Park. 5/9/03
5/3/03 21:15 Madisonville KY Light 90 minutes Saw a orangish light that wandered in a NON aiplane-like fashion for at least 90 minutes 5/9/03
5/3/03 17:00 Wooster OH Unknown 2 minutes a moving dark cloud,hovers,fades in and out,small visible opening in sky, orange color object appears,ballon material look.disappears.. 7/16/03
5/3/03 16:00 Palm Springs CA Sphere 1-2 min Sphere paces airliner. 12/7/06
5/3/03 16:00 Palm Springs CA Sphere 5 min Multiple sightings of groups of small reflective silver spheres. 5/9/03
5/3/03 09:00 Friday Harbor WA Oval 00:00:15 It swooped down from the sky, dropped an object, and sped back up into the clouds. 5/9/03
5/3/03 06:15 Markham IL Cigar 5 minutes White object travels through morning sky. 5/9/03
5/3/03 03:30 North Richland Hills (Smithfield area) TX Oval 5 minutes I saw a black oval shaped craft hovering over a pasture and flashing lights near my home. 5/9/03
5/3/03 02:45 St. Clair (outside of) PA Light 5 seconds Bright light hovers then shoots across sky at high speed 5/9/03
5/3/03 00:25 Almere (Netherlands)
Triangle 5 minutes triangular shaped object flying over highway in The Netherlands 5/9/03
5/2/03 09:30 Seattle WA Circle 10-min Black Object Seen In Seattle 5/9/03
5/2/03 06:35 Sale (Australia)
Light 6seconds I witnessed 2 objects 5 minutes apart moving at a 45 degree incline then do a right angle turn into another 45 degree incline, the inte 7/16/03
5/2/03 03:30 Illinois IL

I need and explanation? 5/9/03
5/1/03 23:02 Arizona City AZ Egg 1min On May 1, 2003 at approximately 2303 hours, in the northwest sky, I noticed what appeared to be a slow moving egg shaped star. It was m 5/9/03
5/1/03 22:45 Wauconda WA Light 1 minute +/- large light crosses sky getting smaller and smaller then gets big and shoots off at high speed 5/2/03
5/1/03 22:42 Buena Park CA Sphere
05-01-2003 i have seen and notice theses round spheres of light above my home. there are 4 spheres of light that i could notice very wi 5/2/03
5/1/03 22:30 Chilliwack (Canada) BC Light 15 minutes Red light and bright white flash seen to the West 5/2/03
5/1/03 22:00 Seattle (West Seattle) WA Triangle 10 sec. Silent, triangular craft sighted over West Seattle 5/2/03
5/1/03 22:00 Seattle (West Seattle) WA Other 15 minutes Strange message on phone line and dog uneasy 5/9/03
5/1/03 20:30 Palm Springs CA Circle Seconds Bright white light growing larger as it moved towards me. It frightened me as it grew larger and then it disappeared in the mountains 7/14/13
5/1/03 19:00 Albert Falls (South Africa)
Sphere Not physically seen, capt Sphere like object captured on photograph 5/27/03
5/1/03 19:00 Wakefield (UK/England)
Triangle 3 minutes? me and my cousen were walking home from a fishshop when we stopped to look at what we assumed to b some srt of shooting star. seconds l 5/11/05
5/1/03 17:30 Wethersfield CT Cylinder 2 minutes Metalic Cylinder with Humanoid Occupants 8/5/09
5/1/03 15:00 Ashland KY Changing 10 minutes Mid-afternoon sighting over Ohio River 5/9/03
5/1/03 12:00 Quartzsite AZ Sphere .5 hour Grey basketball tracking me from the front! 4/3/11
5/1/03 10:10 Woodbridge NJ Changing 5 mins Mass of Black DOTS MORPHS into distinct V-shaped cloud 7/16/03
5/1/03 00:00 Wichita KS Triangle 2 minutes My friend ((name deleted)) and I were at a graduation party at a friend's house in Valley Center (Just a little NE of Wichita). 10/11/05