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Monthly Report Index For 03/2003
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
3/31/03 21:00 Menstrie (near Stirling) (UK/Scotland)
Crash Rocks Little Menstrie 4/22/03
3/31/03 14:00 Tucson AZ Circle 4 minutes Two white spheres suddenly appear in clear , NE Tucson skies in daylight , moving eastward, disappearing after 4 min. 4/22/03
3/31/03 14:00 Tucson AZ Circle 4 minutes Two spherical ufos seen in Tucson skies from 2:00 to 2:04 in the afternoon, approximately 45 degrees altitude, above the mountains, nor 4/22/03
3/30/03 22:30 Loanhead (near Edinburgh) (UK/Scotland)
Cone 20secs large distant bright pink cone shaped object 4/22/03
3/30/03 21:05 New Brighton (UK/England)
Light 5 min white starlike object travelling at speed west to east no sound 4/22/03
3/30/03 21:00 Burbank CA Fireball 10 minutes UFO over Burbank is just a clear bag with 4 burners 4/22/03
3/30/03 20:30 Stanwood WA Triangle 3minets very big the size of an aircraft carrier going north to south very slow . 4/22/03
3/29/03 23:30 Reno NV Light 30 seconds Bright light over rual Reno Area far from airports, changed colors and appeared to be following at a rapid speed 5/2/03
3/29/03 23:22 North Royalton OH Triangle 3 min Me and my friend were in our jacuzi at my house. The lights on our jacuzi change color every 2 or 3 seconds. We saw a light very far 4/22/03
3/29/03 22:30 Iliamna AK Cylinder 30 seconds it was green and fast and move at the speed of sound. 4/22/03
3/29/03 21:00 Halifax (Canada) NS Cross 10 min. The ship moved at a speed that we both have never seem before. 4/22/03
3/29/03 20:30 Sunrise FL Light 7-10 minutes bright star-like objects that changes colors and brightness 4/22/03
3/29/03 11:00 Skjaldbreid (Iceland)
Egg picture Skjaldbreid Iceland 4/22/03
3/29/03 05:35 Albuquerque NM Light 15+ min. still happening Small white light slowely gaining altatude over Albuquerque Morning sky! 4/22/03
3/29/03 02:40 Cornwall (Canada) ON Circle 5 minutes Yeah,contact me at (613) ((number deleted)) 4/22/03
3/29/03 02:00 Iriga City (Philippines)
Cigar sightings somewhere in the mountain of mt. asog of iriga city, philippines we have seen a strange cigar-shaped object flying in the sky just abov 4/22/03
3/28/03 23:59 Capac MI Light a couple of minutes I woke up to take pain reliever at midnight, turned on the tv and sat on the livingroom couch facing the window on my front porch. I th 4/22/03
3/28/03 23:59 Capac MI

MUFON/MI REPORT:This is a short follow-up report on the case listed below.

-----start your report----- Occurred : 3/28/2003 23:59 (
3/28/03 23:15 Seaside FL Changing 5 minutes It was dark outside and I was looking in the sky then this object started to flash off and on and more started to appear 4/22/03
3/28/03 20:20 Cape Town (South Africa)
Light 20/30 seconds Star like object, 45o on the horizon, grew from dot like dimensions to roughly twice the size of planet Jupiter at its brighest. It the 4/22/03
3/28/03 19:00 Bucharest (Romania)
Other a picture shot dark object saw on sunset in Bucharest over the Tineretului park 2/1/07
3/28/03 10:00 St. Louis (outside of) MO Other 10 min Lines in the Sky, Seen from Airplane 10/31/03
3/27/03 21:30 Norton OH Disk 15 minutes 3/2003 UFO in NE Ohio ~A low-flying craft gliding at night that was silent until it was out of sight and about a half mile away 6/18/04
3/27/03 17:45 Winchester VA Cone 10 seconds Extremely shiny metalic-looking cone-shaped object flying 200 feet above trees at about 400-500 mph 4/22/03
3/27/03 16:00 Medina WA Circle 5 seconds While observing the sun with telescope, 8" LX200, I saw a black dot cross in front of the sun 9/24/03
3/27/03 01:00 Manistique MI Teardrop 5 seconds Distinct teardrop light over Lake Michigan. (red&green) ((NUFORC Note: Probable meteor/asteroid entering atmosphere. PD)) 4/22/03
3/26/03 20:00 San Jose CA
5 seconds Possible alien encounter. Not UFO, actual alien... 4/22/03
3/26/03 14:00 Carlsbad CA Triangle 30 seconds Wobbling silver craft seen in Carlsbad, CA with bright light in broad daylight. 4/22/03
3/25/03 22:45 Folkestone (UK/England)
Unknown 5 minutes 3 becoming 4 spinning symetrical lights perpendicular to the naked eye. 2 converving and vice versa ((NUFORC Note: Adv. lights?? PD)) 3/28/04
3/25/03 20:55 Coquitlam (Canada) BC Triangle 4 sec Huge black triangle travels quickly 4/22/03
3/24/03 21:00 Tathra (Australia)
Triangle 5 seconds kinda confused, not sure what this was 5/13/03
3/24/03 16:00 Mt. Morris NY Oval 16:20 it was an oval shaped ship in the sky, with red lights all around it. there was a oval dome on the top of it. it stayed in the sky for 4/22/03
3/23/03 19:40 Terrace (Canada) BC Light approx: 8 to 9 sec. A Terrace B.C. resident reports - it went immediately 2 times very bright before speeding up again and continuing towards the NW. The 4/22/03
3/23/03 11:59 Windsor NY Changing aprox 7 minutes Kept changing shape. Started as 2 after circuling a military jet. I have pictures of the jet as well as the 2 round then cigar shaped t 4/22/03
3/23/03 03:50 Morton WA Changing 3 seconds 2 witness UFO sighting on highway 12, just west of Morton, WA... felt observed... light which emitted fog or smoke... 4/22/03
3/23/03 03:50 Morton WA Changing 3 seconds An electric blue pulsating sphere held its position at high noon to observe our car and then did a spastic series of turns and flew off 4/22/03
3/23/03 02:30 Terrace (Canada) BC Light very fast HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: I was wondering if there was any UFO sightings in MR'03 in the Terrace area. 4/22/03
3/23/03 00:00 Minooka IL Triangle
triangular shape in minooka 12/3/04
3/22/03 22:00 Auckland (New Zealand)
Circle 2 mins two round objects moved fast and dissapered as they moved away. very fast. 5/2/03
3/22/03 22:00 Gainesville FL Oval 15 seconds UFO in the sky of University of Florida 4/22/03
3/22/03 10:00 Holyoke MA Sphere 1.5 min estimate Three black metallic orbs 5/24/05
3/22/03 01:30 El Dorado AR Sphere 8 to 9 seconds Spheres the night of Iraqi invasion 8/24/04
3/22/03 01:01 Silver Spring MD Disk
Two UFO's Just After MidNight... 6/3/03
3/22/03 00:30 Iraq (southern)
Flash several minutes Unexplained lights over Marine armored column in southern Iraq 6/4/04
3/22/03 Highway I-70 MO Changing 4 seconds Going home from Escelior, Kansas City, MO to Columbia, it was after midnight (5) of us travel down highway I-70. 10/31/03
3/21/03 00:23 Mexico
Triangle 10 minutes ufo's at sea above the pacific ocean 10/30/06
3/20/03 22:30 Montverde FL Oval I stayed out there for 30 Object in sky over Clermont, FL 4/22/03
3/20/03 11:24 Salford (UK/England)
Formation 10sec 3 pyramid shaped craft, which left with a bang very quickly 5/27/03
3/20/03 06:45 Hampden MA Disk 2-3 min Saucer-type white slow moving,then zoomed off. 12/3/04
3/19/03 21:25 Parma OH Triangle 10 minutes Triangular craft, from the front you only saw white light, almost invisible in the sky, pyramid characteristics 5/15/13
3/19/03 21:00 New York City (Bronx) NY Other 20 min Hi , I am (name deleted) and i am so happy that I finaly found your website so that I can report a very interesting object 3/21/03
3/19/03 08:50 Canberra (Australia)
Cigar 20seconds A cigar shaped Ufo flew over my school with 5 witnesses and then it zoomed off 3/21/03
3/19/03 04:15 McKenzie (Canada) BC Light approx: 3 to 4 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Bright flash of white light. 4/22/03
3/18/03 21:10 Oshawa (Canada) ON Light 40 sec HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Update: Light seen and video taped in Oshawa, Ontario. 3/21/03
3/18/03 20:10 Oshawa (Canada) ON Light approx: 40 sec HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Couple catch strange orange light on video 3/21/03
3/18/03 15:30 Buckhaven, Fife (UK/Scotland)
Oval 4minutes Broad daylight, very close object with a pink light , manta? flaps. 3/21/03
3/18/03 04:00 Baghdad (Iraq)
Teardrop UNK I suddenly saw this anomaly in the sky. To describe it at it's best it looked like our moon when it's at full moon. This anomaly was sh 7/3/13
3/17/03 22:50 Orlando FL Oval 10 minutes It was very big and had a lot of bright lights (white) with a small red light on top. 3/21/03
3/17/03 20:30 Las Vegas NV Light 30 minutes Amber orbs of light above the city of Las Vegas. 1/10/09
3/17/03 13:00 Kailua-Kona HI Unknown 2-3 seconds possible anamolous object on TV show 3/21/03
3/17/03 10:30 London (UK/England)
Cylinder 35-45 mins Captured on DIGITAL CAM Object over CROYDON in Surrey UK 3/21/03
3/17/03 05:00 Monore (near), on Interstate 75 North Bound MI Other few seconds Bright lights, driving in fog, on I-75 North, Monroe MI, 03.17.03, One center light, sourrounded by lights in circular shape. 3/21/03
3/16/03 21:00 Portsmouth RI Fireball five minutes Vary large glowing object with a red blinking light beneath the bright round yellow/orange glowing light 3/21/03
3/16/03 19:30 Edmonds WA Triangle 30 seconds Follow-up on triangle sighting. 4/22/03
3/16/03 19:30 Edmonds WA Triangle 30 seconds Triangle (100-150' per side) w/ three bright lights travelling about 20MPH at 200-300' AGL (above ground level). 3/21/03
3/16/03 18:00 Australia
Cigar 30 mins 4 UFO downunder. All cigar shape objects in the sky. 4/27/07
3/16/03 16:30 Collegeville PA Formation 2 minutes Formation of large and small objects merging into one object. 4/27/03
3/16/03 11:00 Jackson Hole WY Chevron 5 minutes Delta shaped object in Jackson Hole 4/27/04
3/16/03 02:00 Litchfield CT Rectangle 2 minutes it was mind blowing, came close to a house, rectangular w/tripod like legs, very bright ,hovered over a tree & disappeared 3/21/03
3/15/03 23:30 Front Royal VA Light 2 hours Strange lights were hovering above the valley,they remained in the same location for over an hour tonight. 3/21/03
3/15/03 23:15 Barbourville KY Light 45 minutes a small object flashing red blue and green 3/21/03
3/15/03 20:50 Sanford MI Rectangle 15-20 sec yellow orange ball of light traveling horizontally around 100-200 mph appx. 1000-2000 feet above tree top level, no red or green lights 3/21/03
3/15/03 20:30 Smyrna TN Light 3hrs Bright light in SW sky, colors flashed in full spectrum rapidly, like a police light, but included every color in rainbow, RGB colors 3/21/03
3/15/03 19:30 Siem Reap (Cambodia)
Disk 1 minute Very close observation of a disc shaped craft. 12/12/11
3/15/03 19:00 Desert Center (near) CA Unknown 15 MINUTES THE LIGHT WAS VERY LARGE, LIKE A SMALL FULL MOON. THINLY POPULATED AREA !! 1/21/08
3/15/03 18:30 Terrace (Canada) BC Light
HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: bright light glowing object moving around 4/22/03
3/15/03 18:00 Brisbane (QLD, Australia)
Fireball 30min? Silvery fireball with tail, moving vey slowly toward western horizon, visible for approx. 30 mins. at sundown, Brisbane,Australia, 2003 8/28/03
3/15/03 16:17 Ellesmere Port (UK/England)
Sphere 1 minute Observed a bright round object which appeared to be the size of a football. The object was much lower than the passenger aeroplane whic 3/21/03
3/15/03 14:30 Piqua OH Sphere 5 min appeared ,moved very fast, lost altitude, vanished. 3/21/03
3/15/03 13:35 Faisalabad (Pakistan)
Changing 5-7minutes It was triangle shape with white lights at each corner of it and a large red one in the middle. 3/21/03
3/15/03 11:30 Arvada CO Egg 2:00 I was standing on my back deck at about 11:30am today and was watching a jet fly over my house. In a blue, cloudless sky I saw another 3/21/03
3/15/03 10:32 Nashville TN Circle 2 Hours Circle formations in Clouds above Nashville TN. 9/2/05
3/15/03 01:20 Stanton CA Fireball 15 minutes slow moving orange fireball 3/21/03
3/15/03 01:00 Holmdel NJ Fireball 1 second Fireball at 5,000 feet, covered 5 miles in a second, went into cloud, lite the cloud up and diappeared. 9/24/03
3/15/03 01:00 Greenwich NY Unknown unknown; instantaneous? An indescribable feeling/light felt/seen in a short instant. 10/7/03
3/15/03 01:00 Edmonton (Canada) AB Triangle 5seconds at a time Bright lights, triangular object and a loud sound, Don't know if i am crazy? 5/27/03
3/15/03 00:00 Caney KS Disk 30-45 min. my friend said, "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!!" We all looked to the right of the car.... 5/27/03
3/14/03 23:30 Tuscola (area) MI Light 20 seconds Odd Light in the night sky in mid-Michigan 3/21/03
3/14/03 20:50 Buck Creek IN Formation 1:00 min. One light beacons two another, very bright and condensed, then releases two small lights 3/21/03
3/14/03 20:30 Lafayette IN Light 30 min 1st of 3 sightings from March 2003 to April 2004 - Orange Yellow Lights In Formation 4/27/04
3/14/03 20:20 Phoenix AZ Unknown 10 MINUTES Strobing blue light, LONG BRIGHT white tail, dropping "midair bombs" and released a single orange sphere. 3/21/03
3/14/03 20:20 Lafayette IN Light 3 seconds Two balls of light quickly appeared above our truck then dissapeared as quickly as they appeared! 3/21/03
3/14/03 20:00 Winfield IL Triangle 3 hours + Last night while pulling my car into the parking lot of the Behaioral Health Services Buildins, I noticed 3 flashing entities coming do 3/21/03
3/14/03 19:00 Great Falls MT Unknown Seconds Light Explosion 12/7/06
3/14/03 18:10 Chelmsford MA Cigar at least 30min You can see it 4 0'clock direction from moon now!! it look s like cigar and bright and does not move. it is staying same position now. 3/21/03
3/14/03 17:00 Navarre FL Cylinder 7 minutes I was observing what I thought to be a large electrical pole floating with the current of the sound. Pole past me a few hundred yards o 5/6/17
3/14/03 06:45 Miami Beach FL Other 15 minutes Small black object slowly moves in various directions off Florida's coast. 3/21/03
3/14/03 04:30 Kentfield CA Unknown 15 seconds Aliens are real. 9/2/05
3/14/03 00:30 Manchster CT Fireball 1hour + Looked like a star but moved in all diffrent directions in the clear night sky. 4/22/03
3/13/03 23:00 Panama City FL Chevron 10-15 seconds Three boomerang shaped objects hover the ocean. 4/22/03
3/13/03 21:00 The Plains VA Triangle 1 minute Black triangle spacecraft with white lights at corners flew in front my vehicle while driving east on Route 601 from The Plains. Spacec 3/21/03
3/13/03 13:25 Caracas (Venezuela)
Formation 3:00 min I spotted what I thought it was some kind of aircraft, but it was so bright like a big star/planet,it disappear in a blink 3/21/03
3/13/03 09:00 Pietermaritzburg (closest city) (South Africa)
Disk 30 minutes Stationary light hovering at great altitude during daylight hours and then accelerating to great speed in a westerly direction. 3/21/03
3/12/03 22:40 San Antonio TX Unknown unlimited Red and green beams of light coming from a central bright (headlight appearing) object moving erratically in night sky. 3/21/03
3/12/03 21:00 Madbury NH Light 5 minutes I was driving home one night, thursday night and I saw a orange orb at about 9 pm.

Well I took it as a planet, or maybe a star. It l
3/12/03 20:21 Broken Hill (Australia)
Light 3-5 min bright light it travelled in one direction , and changed suddenly to another then vanished but it could be just made out 3/21/03
3/12/03 14:00 Tulsa OK Cylinder 10 seconds Cylinder over Tulsa 2 years ago. 5/24/05
3/12/03 05:30 Easton MD Unknown 20 minutes Caught a possible Alien Abduction and/or Cattle Mutiliation in progress, 8/24/04
3/12/03 05:30 York SC Sphere approx 2hrs bright light hanging in sky near nuclear plant 3/21/03
3/12/03 01:33 Fresno CA Other 3 MIN. One Bright Orange/ Red Light - Diminishing Straight Up Into Outer Space. 3/21/03
3/11/03 23:23 UK/England
I was walking along the seafront at around quater past eleven and i noticed it was a particularly clear night so i sat down and watched 3/21/03
3/11/03 23:00 Hollywood CA
3 Sec Green fireball falls from the sky above Hollywood. 3/21/03
3/11/03 22:50 Oklahoma City OK Disk 2min. It was a disk and it changed colors and disappeard. 3/21/03
3/11/03 22:00 Haymarket VA Triangle 3 minutes I was driving down a rural road near Haymarket Virginia, several miles off Route 15. I own a 2002 Ford pick up truck. I saw some lights 3/21/03
3/11/03 21:30 Lindenhurst IL Oval 1 second bright white oval-shaped flying object vanished after spotting it for one second 3/21/03
3/11/03 21:15 Frankfort IN Light 20 minutes Fading orange lights witnessed by a 19 y.o. & 48 y.o. formations seen. 3/21/03
3/11/03 15:00 Shabaqua (Thunder Bay) (Canada) ON Fireball 3 seconds A orange fireball. 3/21/03
3/11/03 13:00 Utica NY Sphere 7 minutes a medium sized sphere with no windows or visible doors it was making sharp turns and angular movements. 3/21/03
3/11/03 03:00 Thunderbay, Ontario (Canada) ON Triangle 5 minutes one was v shaped then cloaked,the other one was round orange and huge 3/21/03
3/10/03 23:30 Plano TX Light 15 min a very fast moving bright, white light that moved at sharp angels and stopped and held a position for about 10 minutes. 3/11/03
3/10/03 23:30 Sipoo (Finland)
Unknown 10 minutes Unnaturally bright light coming from an old, remote dense forest in the middle of a night. 4/22/03
3/10/03 23:00 Doddridge AR Other 2 hours Strange lights, and footprints 7/16/03
3/10/03 22:35 Milton FL Triangle 20 seconds Strange large triangle shaped object low in the sky 3/11/03
3/10/03 22:30 Regina (Canada SK Circle 5 seconds 23:30 pm - Regina, Saskatchewan - reddish, orange ball 8/1/03
3/10/03 20:55 Great Bend KS Light 25 minutes bright lights dancing and streaming from east to west and back again. 3/21/03
3/10/03 20:52 Warner Springs CA Light 10 min. In the eastern sky (over head, not near the horizon) A bright yellow 'star' at first glance. It began to move in a straight line then 3/21/03
3/10/03 19:45 San Diego CA Light 5-7 minutes Ball of light that left a trail behind it. Would disappear and reappear in a different place in the sky. 3/11/03
3/10/03 19:45 Zaleski OH Sphere 3 seconds Orange sphere slowly drops for the Zaleski, Ohio sky. 3/11/03
3/10/03 18:00 New Zealand
Disk unknown On Editing the "Sunset", a Disc was to be seen. 3/21/03
3/10/03 17:00 Cedarville OH Triangle 15 seconds Spotted hovering in midair perfectly still, then silently accelerated away at great speed 12/16/05
3/10/03 13:00 New Zealand
Sphere picture taken Taupo, New Zealand Sphere Photo 3/28/04
3/10/03 02:00 Leupp/Flagstaff (between) AZ Circle five minutes Shiny object in sky disappears with no trace left behind. 3/21/03
3/10/03 02:00 St. George UT Cone aprox 5 min bright Aura with lightning shooting up through center, then disapeared with a BOOM! 3/21/03
3/10/03 01:45 Los Altos CA Disk less than 5 seconds Greenish glowing craft flies over Peninsula Bayland/Palo Alto area 3/11/03
3/9/03 21:15 Fakenham, Norfolk (UK/England)
Changing 20 secs ..the light was a very rich red and was clearly seen against the clear dark night sky. 3/21/03
3/8/03 20:15 Greenbelt area MD Chevron See account. Totally Silent 'Flying Wing' Seen Twice Within D.C. Beltway, March 8, 2003 4/22/03
3/8/03 20:00 New Martinsville WV Disk 45 seconds Orange Compact Disc Shaped UFO Seen Over West Virginia 3/21/03
3/8/03 19:08 Columbia SC Oval
3/8/03 19:00 Windham ME Sphere 1 minute A large turquoise colored sphere that moved slowly across the sky. 3/11/03
3/8/03 18:30 Portsmouth NH Fireball 6 seconds a leaf green comet-like flying object at least 100 feet up 300 ft. max came shooting in the sky at speeds faster than an airplane. 3/11/03
3/8/03 18:16 Arvada CO Disk 30 mins+ Rather large saucer shaped craft spotted over Denver. 3/21/03
3/8/03 16:24 Daytona Beach FL Disk 1 hour craft over the beach during storm 5/27/03
3/8/03 15:00 Englewood CO Unknown atleast 30 minutes Extremely high altitude. One large mother ship. Three surrounding smaller ships. I was flying a kite at the local park. I saw a lar 3/21/03
3/8/03 13:00 St. Louis MO Other 1-10seconds I was at the st. louis zoo about 50ft away from the entrance holding a polaroid instant camera towards the sky and my uncle hit the but 3/21/03
3/8/03 00:10 Grand Junction CO Triangle 5-10 seconds The lights were triangular shaped, object appeared invisable except for lights, then flew off quickly 3/21/03
3/7/03 22:00 Ashland MO Circle 15 minutes Hovering craft over houses with several bright white and red flashing lights,picked up speed and disappeared into a field 3/21/03
3/7/03 22:00 Terrace (Canada) BC Light approx: 7 sec. A " yellow-golden " ball flew close the ground 4/22/03
3/7/03 21:40 Morristown TN Circle about a 30 sec 1 was driving on hwy 160 on my way to work ,when all of sudden this green ball of light look like it was about the size of the moon app 3/21/03
3/7/03 20:15 Colchester (UK/England)
Unknown 3 seconds illuminated object very high in the atmosphere moving extremely quickly like a shooting star but in a lazy S shaped path. 3/21/03
3/7/03 19:30 Palm City FL Diamond
The craft was green, and it went to the northwest, and it was going pretty fast. 3/11/03
3/7/03 19:30 Prince Rupert (Canada) BC Light 2 to 3 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Hi. I have here a report for you. On Friday March 7/03 @ 7:30 PM me and my daughter were outside 3/21/03
3/7/03 18:00 Superior WI Light second or two My brother in law told me about a sighting he saw in the area he described as "over lake superior" of a large comet tailed light decend 3/11/03
3/7/03 05:00 Alexandria VA Light 20 min About 5:00 AM saw two bright flashing lights moving a high rate of speed. Not the usual aircraft lights. They in one direction and th 3/21/03
3/7/03 01:45 Bristol (UK/England)
Light 03hrs l saw a flash in the night sky 4/22/03
3/7/03 01:00 Warrensville PA Triangle 5 min triangle shape object 3/21/03
3/7/03 00:20 Duquesne PA Other 30 seconds V-shaped, very small lights. 3/21/03
3/7/03 00:15 Columbus (140 mi ESE of) OH Triangle 15s Bright lights in triangular pattern 'hang' in sky, then accelerate and fade from view. 3/11/03
3/7/03 Terrace (Canada) BC Triangle
30 + witnesses watch two black triangles 4/22/03
3/6/03 22:06 Hattem (Netherlands)
Other 5 seconds I saw 25 lights in a half circle above Hattem in Holland 3/11/03
3/6/03 21:05 Weston CT
5 minutes Loud helicopter-like noise that intensely vibrated 2 homes. 3/21/03
3/6/03 21:00 Natalia TX Light +30 minutes A row of 4 lights 3/11/03
3/6/03 19:32 Oklahoma City OK Disk About 3 minutes Just searching for them. Spinning at about the speed of 15 miles an hour and the diameter was about 59 feet 3/21/03
3/6/03 02:00 Virginia Beach VA Triangle three minutes A jet-black triangle with white lights at it's corners and one flashing in the center which emmitted a haunting sound. 10/7/03
3/5/03 21:10 Chino Valley AZ Unknown 2 minutes There was a black object sitting on the dirt road (or hovering just above it) at the top of the hill in front of us. It was at least as 3/21/03
3/5/03 19:15 Rollingsford NH Light 2 minutes Blue lights seen in New Hamshire 5/13/03
3/4/03 21:30 Clifton Park NY Unknown 2 minutes Red lights in the sky over Clifton Park 3/21/03
3/4/03 07:34 Westlake LA Triangle 10 seconds Me and a co worker observed three craft flying at a very high rate of speed while on the job,We both witnessed the three craft as these 3/21/03
3/4/03 02:40 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Cigar 3 - 5 minutes slow moving cigar shaped craft that flashed a large area intense bright white/blue light every few seconds 3/11/03
3/3/03 22:15 Cuyahoga Falls OH Formation 3 or 4 seconds A dozen or more lights in a "V" formation moving quickly and silently. 3/11/03
3/3/03 19:10 Glendale CA Unknown 5 mins Pulsating glow behind cloud. 3/11/03
3/3/03 12:15 Sheffield (UK/England)
Cone 21 sec date 3 3 03 cone shape moving up and slow at altitude 300ft above moving south 3/4/03
3/3/03 12:01 Scarborough (Canada) ON Cross 25 mins Two brilliant white angel/cross shaped objects lingering above my workplace roof 12/12/09
3/3/03 11:00 Bethel CT Egg 3 Hours We left our school early that day, and then went bike riding in Huntington Park. We stopped for a picnic, and saw some craft flying by. 4/22/03
3/3/03 10:40 Wenatchee WA Cross 5 Minutes U.F.O. Witnessed by 2. 3/4/03
3/3/03 09:35 Miami Beach FL Unknown several min. Slow moving silver metalic object, would seem to turn red, no comtrail, moving very slow west to east. 3/4/03
3/3/03 07:55 Houston (Canada) BC Other approx: 1 1/2 mins HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Large object parallels Truck on Highway #16 at approx: 300 - 400 feet away. 3/21/03
3/3/03 03:33 Albuquerque NM Triangle 33 minutes scariest wierdest night of my life 11/26/03
3/2/03 20:00 Leuven (Belgium)
Other 15 minutes Two unidentified aircrafts in Belgium making cirle-like symbols. 3/21/03
3/2/03 14:00 Blackpool, Lancashire (UK/England)
Cylinder 20 seconds Blackpool,Lancs,(UK-England) Cylinder 3/11/03
3/2/03 14:00 Bristol (UK/England)
Cigar 20 mins white cigar shaped object 9/24/03
3/2/03 00:18 Dallas TX Triangle 8-9 seconds at report time & date I observed a single solid black triangle, with no lights of any kind, traveling in a east to west direction at ap 3/4/03
3/2/03 00:01 Istanbul (Turkey)
Changing 3 sec. two diamonds after 30 minutes that a disk has seen in 3 second (İstanbul- Bosphorus) 2/12/04
3/1/03 23:00 Bangor Submarine Base WA Light 30-45 min Bright light over NSB Bangor 3/4/03
3/1/03 22:00 Bellmore NY Circle 5 seconds Yellowish light flying in a straight line across the sky at high speed, there was no sound. Another one followed about 2 minuets later. 4/27/04
3/1/03 21:00 Burley ID Triangle 45 min We saw a very large, slow moving craft. 9/24/03
3/1/03 20:30 Perkins OK Light 8:30 ??? lights moving extremely rapidly. 3/21/03
3/1/03 13:30 Eugene OR Cigar 10 seconds sunny day, huge jet-shaped craft with tiny red/black wings very low to the ground rose noiselessly into a cloud. didn't emerge. 3/11/03
3/1/03 04:10 Moosup CT Sphere 5 seconds Square / triangle in shape with 4 white lights at each point and light blue lights going around it. 3/21/03
3/1/03 00:45 Reykjavik (Iceland)

3 min Two extreemly strong flashing lights 3/4/03