National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 10/2002
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
10/31/02 22:30 Shepherdstown WV Triangle 5 minutes UFO over Shepherdstown, WV on 10/31/02 2/1/07
10/31/02 22:00 Ocala FL Light approx. 15 min A strange circling glow. 11/4/02
10/31/02 21:00 Houston TX Triangle 30 seconds v shape ufo 12/23/02
10/31/02 20:00 Edmonds WA Fireball 5-10 min A 747 in halloween costume?not with those moves 11/4/02
10/31/02 07:45 Seattle WA Light five minuets Small bright light around north face of Mt. Rainier 11/4/02
10/31/02 06:40 Yelm WA Other 10 minutes orange balls that stretched out for about 10 minutes. 11/4/02
10/31/02 03:05 Orlando FL Triangle 5 minutes Triangular shape in sky with bright lights. 11/4/02
10/30/02 23:37 Boynton Beach FL Other 8 seconds Flying wing like UFO siting in on 10/30/02 at 11:37pm in Boynton Bch FLA 11/4/02
10/30/02 22:00 Ashland MO Chevron 3-4 minutes What appeared to be a stealth bomber allowed stars to shine through. 10/11/05
10/30/02 21:30 Crossing California into Arizona AZ Fireball 20 Min Huge round fireball heading straight toward the ground at great speed with orange yellow streak trial stopping before it hit the ground 11/9/02
10/30/02 21:30 Salt Lake City UT Unknown 00:22 2 people saw a slow moving very large "darkness" with faint light reflecting off its leading edge. 11/4/02
10/30/02 20:38 Wendover UT Cross 2-3 minutes I was stand by a building on the old Wendover Airfeild. Southeast I noticed something moving in the sky. As I watch it moved from south 11/4/02
10/30/02 18:56 Port Townsend WA Chevron 5 minutes chevron shaped formation, bright spotlight 11/4/02
10/30/02 18:20 Santa Barbara CA Triangle 4 seconds I observed three pale white lights spaced equalaterally rapidly moving in the the sky from east to west above Santa Barbara California 11/4/02
10/30/02 17:55 Austin TX Fireball :05 There was no smoke or trailing from the fireball so it wasn't a rocket or metor. 11/4/02
10/30/02 16:45 Hammond IN Disk 30-45 seconds A floating, rolling silvery-black disk flies over the treetops in Hammond, Indiana. 11/4/02
10/30/02 16:15 Potomac MT Cigar 2 minutes Silver slow-moving, noiseless, low altitude, almost missile shaped object. 11/4/02
10/30/02 12:00 Seattle WA

Seattle TV station reports UFO sighting. 11/4/02
10/30/02 09:15 Marshallville OH Other 15 seconds At a 4 way stop, looking to my left I saw a image, that I first thought was a blimp coming at me at an angle. Realizing it was extremel 11/4/02
10/30/02 09:00 Auburn CA Chevron 3 minutes The craft began as a white triangular shaped craft with luminescent orbs around the periphery.

It then changed it’s shape to that of
10/30/02 02:15 Sacramento CA Circle 1-2 minutes Four, extremely bright orange circles in the sky catch my attention 12/23/02
10/30/02 01:00 San Diego TX
2 minutes San Diego CA Marine Air Base Ball of Light 12/12/09
10/29/02 22:37 Philippines
Changing 3 mins ufo appeared at the sky while we're eating 2/1/07
10/29/02 22:30 Brown City MI Circle 5 minutes It was a lighted flying object that flew at a high rate of speed and was able to manuever unlike anything I have ever seen! 1/22/04
10/29/02 21:38 Chandler AZ Diamond 10 to 15 secs The object appeared to be a dimmly illuminated flying wing approximately diamond shaped with squared off wing tips. 11/4/02
10/29/02 17:45 Austin TX Fireball 3 seconds "Comet Like" Blue/Green streak before dusk....... 11/4/02
10/29/02 12:00 Bertram TX Egg 30 min Egg shapped craft, leaving trail of spider web like material 11/4/02
10/29/02 02:20 Huntington IN Unknown 30 sec It sounded like a slow moving propeller, with humming noises and a louder static-electricity zapping sound. 11/4/02
10/28/02 22:30 Syracuse IN Oval 2 hours stillgoing oval dull lights - first there were two, one was flying right behind the other and flying in a circle then the back one caught up to th 11/4/02
10/28/02 22:00 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Fireball 15 minute it was a red light fire ball that move slowly through the city in malaysia 12/23/02
10/28/02 21:30 Wittmann AZ Flash 60 SECONDS Bright light falls from sky 11/4/02
10/28/02 20:26 Columbia City IN Circle
Circular objects that had white lights discovered near woods and feild in sky. 11/4/02
10/28/02 19:30 Syracuse IN Light couple hours something wierd happened 11/4/02
10/28/02 19:10 Lisbon OH Disk 30 seconds slow moving unexplaned craft 11/4/02
10/28/02 18:45 Idaho ID Formation 5 min While driving home, we saw 8 white lights flashing in a formation for about 5 minutes.

The object was moving slowly over the Idaho/O
10/28/02 07:00 Seattle WA Other
Hello, we didn't see a UFO this day but my 10 year old daughter woke up with a 4 inch crescent shaped scar on the right side of her abd 11/4/02
10/28/02 02:30 Calcutta (India)
Disk 2 minutes UFO seen from roof. 12/23/02
10/28/02 01:10 San Jose CA Other 10 seconds bright white sphere flyes over head 10/28/02
10/27/02 23:25 Perth (Western Australia)
Unknown 40 seconds UFO sighting in Kwinana Perth WA 10/28/02
10/27/02 17:30 Marbella (Spain)
4 distant bright circles 11/4/02
10/27/02 17:00 Avon Lake OH Sphere 3 seconds White orb descends from the ceiling in my house and disappears. ((anonymous report)) 9/5/17
10/27/02 17:00 Santa Barbara CA Disk 10 Minutes Single saucer shaped object in sky, just before sunset. Strange energy field emitted, making it difficult to see clearly. 12/23/02
10/27/02 17:00 Dundee (UK/Scotland)
Cigar 3 min Whilst at work I looked out of the main door & saw what looked a cloud in the shape of a cigar which was white in colour. The object wa 10/28/02
10/27/02 00:15 Stevensville MD Light 1 HOUR +/- Bright stationary lights 11/4/02
10/26/02 21:30 Garrison NY Light 10 minutes Possible UFO sighting in Garrison New York 10/28/02
10/26/02 18:30 Summit Lake Exit, Hwy 42 OR Disk 10 minutes Huge bright hovering object. 10/31/08
10/26/02 17:45 South Pasadena CA Other 1:45-ish It was blue, crescent-shaped, and wobbling from side to side. 10/28/02
10/26/02 10:30 Phoenix AZ Cigar seconds Photo of UFO in Phoenix Arizona, 12/19/03
10/26/02 05:00 Roanoke VA Other 10min. Jackrock shaped object seen in broad daylight 11/4/02
10/26/02 01:50 Buford GA Flash 20 seconds Sky fire burning contrail. 10/30/12
10/25/02 07:10 Guttenberg NJ Disk 2-3 minutes I was walking on Friday, October 25th. It was already dark out. As as I walking, I turned around and happened to look up at the sky a 11/4/02
10/24/02 21:00 Cheltenham (UK/England)
10/24/02 19:30 Atlanta GA Diamond 7 min. Not a ufo but some type of army ship (my opinion). Moving very slow very very big. There was no sound at all. It was right over us. 10/28/02
10/24/02 15:15 Manchester CT Triangle 60 seconds White triangular craft flying low and slow over Manchester CT. 10/28/02
10/24/02 11:00 Rotherham (UK/England)
Circle 40 minutes Round whitish reflective ufo followed by military helicopter not long after sighting 11/20/02
10/24/02 Cleveland (?) OH Cigar
On the local news in Tucson they showed film footage of a UFO over a big city, I think Cleveland but am not sure. It was cigar shaped a 10/28/02
10/23/02 20:15 Albany NY Triangle 15 minutes Aircraft made no noise, it was black with, 2 red, 1 blue, and 1 white light, it flew a speed faster then anything have seen before. 3/21/03
10/23/02 19:00 Orange Beach AL Other crash of air craft I was listening to a recording on a tape I had recorded a while back you were talking about a air craft that had crashed. 6/28/18
10/22/02 22:30 London (Canada) ON Triangle 1-2 minutes The object was low to the ground, stationary and had three bright white lights in a triangular formation, with no sound. 5/24/05
10/22/02 21:00 Cocoa Beach FL Fireball 1 hour Orange glow along the horizon 7/16/03
10/22/02 20:15 St. Clairsville OH Disk 15 MINUTES This object had what seemed to be headlights flashing different colors at the center ofwhat appeared to be a disk-shaped object. On ei 10/28/02
10/22/02 14:00 Mitchell (Australia)
Cylinder 10 sec Objects unexplained seen in the air over rural Queensland small country town of Mitchell 10/31/08
10/22/02 13:00 San Francisco CA Cigar afternoon Cigar shape,sliver color,hovering,in a group of trees,and it had two lights. 4/27/04
10/22/02 10:04 Houston TX Disk
Big shiny saucers hovering over the astro dome in houston for 3 minutes. 4/27/04
10/21/02 22:00 Tulsa OK Light 2 I have seen objects all my life in the skies. We can go on looking in the sky and reporting on these or we can create one strong natio 10/28/02
10/21/02 19:40 Cesena (Italy)
Disk 30 min Cesena landing 10/28/02
10/21/02 18:00 Malone NY Light 15 Min An erratic light being "chased" by a jet, then two floating objects quite some distance away, 10/28/02
10/21/02 12:30 Albany NY Other 8 seconds I saw the object reported by FOX-23 from my place of employment 11/4/02
10/21/02 10:00 Albany NY Cigar ? Strange Sighting over albany international airport 10/28/02
10/21/02 09:15 Aurora CO Flash 5sec. As i was walking facing west, i began to notice a star like flash. It happened very suddenly,then i was walking to my door to the house 10/28/02
10/21/02 02:30 Burbank CA Oval 20 minutes Sudden appearance of a circling group of 7 or 8 red-orange "orbs" 7/4/12
10/20/02 23:30 Toronto (Canada) ON Light seconds White light shots across sky. 10/28/02
10/20/02 21:30 Temecula CA Circle 3 minutes Huge submarine shaped craft in the sky in Temecula 300 yards wide. 10/28/02
10/20/02 19:30 Altoona PA Light 5 min or less Stange Object over Ice Mountain 10/28/02
10/20/02 19:15 Truckee CA Chevron 25 seconds Quick flying "v" shaped object, red and white lights outside Truckee/Tahoe CA 10/28/02
10/20/02 18:00 Curlew WA Sphere 1 minute This object was in a cloud on a perfecly cloudless afternoon, seen lights red and white going around object also heard NO sound at all. 11/4/02
10/20/02 17:31 Manassas VA Oval 30 Silent oval/circular/disc semi-transpernt hovering object. 10/19/17
10/20/02 16:00 Albany NY

Hey Guys, What about the UFO reported on Headline News on 10/23 or 10/22? This thing had extreme speed (by any distance)and DETAIL!!! 10/28/02
10/20/02 16:00 Albany NY
1/3 second (est.) Airline pilot calls to inquire about FOX 23 video; complains that U. S. government apparently is doing nothing. 10/28/02
10/20/02 16:00 Albany NY Cigar 5 seconds Cigar shaped object caught on tape over albany international airport moving at an incredible rate of speed local news fox23 10/28/02
10/20/02 16:00 Albany NY

Is it possible the object filmed at Albany, NY was the International Space Station? The outline looks like the solar arrays and body of 11/4/02
10/20/02 12:00 Latham NY Cylinder
Local news cameraman catches UFO on film. FBI investigating. 10/28/02
10/20/02 Albany NY

I don't know if anyone has reported this to you or not. But on October 23, FOX NEWS was reporting on the sniper shootings, and a camer 10/28/02
10/20/02 Raton/Pueblo (between, enroute) CO Light 1 1/2hrs 2 Bright star-like objects follow me for over 1 hr. while driving home from NM. They followed me all the way home!!! 10/28/02
10/20/02 Albany (maybe New York) NY Cigar seconds I am passing this on from my friend, as I did not see the news report. He said that on the local news, a CBS station here in Jacksonvi 10/28/02
10/20/02 Albany NY Cylinder ??? UFO over Albany NY Airport 10/28/02
10/19/02 18:50 La Center WA Other 4 seconds An encompassing noise with no object in sight to create it. 10/28/02
10/19/02 17:50 Calgary (Canada) AB Egg 10 mins STRANGE OBJECT SPOTTED OVER THE CITY OF CALGARY 10/28/02
10/19/02 08:45 New Orleans LA Unknown 2min south to north movement, possiblt light reflected from the sun, it appeared to be rotating like on an axis. 10/28/02
10/19/02 02:00 Hells Canyon OR Sphere 5 seconds a translucent sphere the size of a helicopter crusing over the river at approx. 40 miles an hour 11/4/02
10/19/02 01:30 Long Beach CA Disk 4 Minutes 8 crystal clear crafts at Queen Mary 10/28/02
10/19/02 00:34 Story City IA Triangle 5 seconds Green triangle craft dropped out the sky and dissappeared. 10/28/02
10/18/02 21:30 Memphis IN Unknown 5 seconds Bright shooting object passes above clouds, several people get sick the nest day 10/28/02
10/18/02 20:45 Gisborne (New Zealand)
Other 15-20 minutes if was as if the stars were flying across the sky 10/28/02
10/18/02 20:35 Manchester (UK/England)
Triangle 5 Seconds Saw a triangular object at night with 3 red lights on the corners, flashing in a regular pattern. The lights appeared to be right up to 10/28/02
10/18/02 05:30 Kotzebue AK Disk 10 sec Saucer shaped aircraft taking off. Unbelievable acceleration. A bluish neon round light (glow) underneath the aircraft. 6/12/08
10/18/02 Street MD Unknown
Couple felt threatened by UFO in Street, MD. 11/4/02
10/17/02 23:01 Columbus OH Circle approx. 2 mins behind the clouds and high speeds involved. 10/28/02
10/17/02 22:30 Vrsac (Yugoslavia)
Diamond 7 sec. We saw a huge space craft from some other planet. 10/28/02
10/17/02 19:42 Kracow (Poland)
Egg 3 mins Egg-shaped object traveling at high speed. Krakow, Poland. 10/28/02
10/17/02 19:13 Seattle WA Unknown 2-3 sec. Peculiar, shapeless object with several distinct lights seen streaking over Greenlake Park in Seattle. 10/28/02
10/17/02 13:55 El Cajon CA Light 15 at around 1:55 pm me ad my friend were standing at the front door of our other friends house when we notice a red light in the air whic 10/28/02
10/17/02 05:21 Renton WA Light 2 seconds> Very fast, bright , non blinking red light, traveling north, no sound 10/28/02
10/17/02 01:45 South Stoke, Goring (UK/England)
Circle 2 Hrs UFO sighted over fields and River Thames in South Stoke, Nr. Reading, UK 10/28/02
10/17/02 01:45 Ditcot, Oxordshire (UK/England)
Circle 45 minutes From around 1:15 am to 2:00 am this morning 17/10/2002 I watched a circular light moving at a speed far greater than any aircraft known 10/28/02
10/17/02 01:00 Brighton MA Light 5-6 min. Looked like falling star or ball of light, but as it turned another light seemed to be bright white with hues of red 10/28/02
10/16/02 23:06 Austin TX Other 1.5 seconds Looked like a bright green shooting star, much larger, longer tail and brighter than a SS, headed in dowward direction. 10/28/02
10/16/02 22:30 Gilmer County GA Diamond Hours Observed what at first appeared to be a star but it was moving against the star field in rotation. By this I mean it was drifting to th 10/28/02
10/16/02 22:15 Las Vegas NV Egg 20 minutes I was looking up in the night sky, when I noticed some objects moveing of to the left of rio casino.

I focused on them thinking they
10/16/02 22:00 Ocala FL Light 1-2 minutes Observed ten to fourteen or so lights appearing similar to stars all traveling in the same direction. 10/28/02
10/16/02 21:30 Colorado (southeast) CO Other 20sec What is this red orange and yellow ball???? how did it just vanish into thin air? 10/28/02
10/16/02 21:00 Halletsville TX Oval
I walked out side and was spotlighting my hay pasture. Looking at animals with my binoculars when I noticed 2 lights and one light in t 10/28/02
10/16/02 21:00 Portland OR Light 15 Seconds Observed what appeared to be a dim satellite make a U-turn, then accelerate to an unbelievable speed. 10/28/02
10/16/02 20:45 Waco TX Light 15 minutes Dim light at high altitude moving quite fast seen to reverse course. 10/28/02
10/16/02 20:30 Chaco Canyon National Historic Park NM Light 3 minutes? Two large, unblinking, silent, extremely bright objects travel in tandem, then disappear over Chaco Canyon. 11/4/02
10/16/02 20:20 Galion OH Triangle 7-10 minutes Triangle Hovers over town for 6-8 minutes 5/24/05
10/16/02 20:15 Savannah GA Unknown 1.5 minutes At about 8:15 p.m. I noticed two bright stars in the northwestern sky. What caught my attention was that these were the two brightest 10/28/02
10/16/02 19:37 Ogden UT Formation 2mins. While sitting on my front porch I saw 2 orbs of light going across the night sky; They had no clearence lights of an airplane. 10/28/02
10/16/02 19:00 Brookline MA Oval 2 hrs. Ovoid , brightly lit unidentified flying object seen near Massachusetts city. 10/28/02
10/16/02 19:00 Indianapolis IN Flash 5 minutes Unsual Flashes During Space Shuttle International Space Station Passing. 10/28/02
10/16/02 17:28 Osaka (Japan)
Fireball 10mins Thick strand of light flying across the sunsetting sky at high speed 10/28/02
10/16/02 16:05 Germantown TN Disk
Saucers in collision? 10/28/02
10/16/02 15:00 Glasgow (UK/Scotland)
Other 5 minutes I am a Buyer with Scottish Water working in Glasgow and after a meeting with a supplier on Wednesday 16th October I happened to glance 10/28/02
10/16/02 15:00 Guilford/Abbot ME Cigar 2 Minutes My mom and I observed silverish-grayish object above Piscatiquis River in Abbot 4/27/03
10/16/02 07:30 Renton WA Cigar 3 minutes Large cigar shaped object reflecting the sun in the morning sky. Very slow moving if at all. 10/28/02
10/15/02 23:00 Omsk (Russia)

Three lights seen passing from west to east in the night sky. 2/11/03
10/15/02 23:00 West Valley UT Sphere 4 Two at a time for 4 hours... 10/28/02
10/15/02 22:30 Slough, Berksire (UK/England)
Light unknown There was just rotating white lights in the sky moving back and fourth at speed. 10/15/02
10/15/02 22:00 San Clemente CA Triangle 10-15 min Triangular object cruzes north slowely along the 5 freeway in San Clemente CA( 10/15/02) 11/26/03
10/15/02 22:00 Monroe GA Light an hour or more Color dance in the sky in Walton county Georgia 2/1/07
10/15/02 21:15 Albrightsville PA Light 3 minutes Aurora borealis looking lights on the horizon shoot overhead to form a pulsating circle consisting of eight curved rectangles. 3/21/03
10/15/02 20:30 Darwin (NT, Australia) NT Chevron 1min two loud noises, saw unusual lights in the sky not common for the area 10/15/02
10/15/02 20:30 Noble OK Light 5sec Light that streaked across sky stopped and then stopped. 10/28/02
10/15/02 20:10 Rexford MT Chevron 30 sec Twelve chevron shaped crafts spotte over Lake Koocanusa, Montana. 10/28/02
10/15/02 19:45 Lake Forest Park WA Sphere 3-4 minutes Lake Forest Park, WA: On the evening of Tuesday 10/15/02 at approximately 7:45 PM PST, a friend and I were in his backyard changing the 10/28/02
10/15/02 18:00 Bosler WY Unknown 2 minutes Women pass through Bosler, Wyoming twice without turning around. 10/31/03
10/15/02 17:00 Tyler TX Cigar
A cigar-shaped object flying near Tyler TX was shown as a still photo on Tyler's KLTV channel 7 but never discussed again. 2/25/03
10/15/02 14:00 San Marcos CA Cigar momentary I was able to capture an UFO using still photography 11/4/02
10/15/02 07:30 Seattle WA Rectangle 2 minutes Dark rectangle, almost a cube; no lights, no sound, no wings, no reflective surface, seen in daylight 11/4/02
10/15/02 05:45 Comox (Canada) BC Formation
On the 15 of oct a friend and I where look up at the star when we say the intention space station we followed it till it fall out of s 10/31/03
10/15/02 04:30 Cadillac MI Fireball 2 mins softball size fire ball in sky 4/22/03
10/15/02 03:35 San Luis Obisbo CA Unknown UNKNOWN Extraterrestrial being in Camp San Luis Obisbo. 1/7/15
10/15/02 03:00 Darien CT Other 10 minutes first noticed while looking up at the constelation plaedes. it was three points of light traveling from horizon to horizon at a slow ra 3/21/03
10/15/02 03:00 Bremerton WA Sphere 20 minutes miniature lightning bolts shooting out of this thing, coming out in all directions. 10/28/02
10/15/02 01:00 Bland MO Triangle 5 minutes UFO? spoted chasing cattle 1/17/04
10/15/02 Hancock MN

last fall in late oct. i was going to work and noticed a depression in a cattail slough. a week later went out to look at it the cattai 3/21/03
10/15/02 Los Angeles CA Triangle 30 seconds Laurel canyon TRIANGLE craft '02 5/24/05
10/14/02 22:30 Oshawa (Canada) ON Light 15-20 min. UP to 7 silent orange lights seen hovering for quite a while. ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD)) 10/15/02
10/14/02 22:15 Clarks Summit PA Circle 10 seconds I was driving on Interstate 81 when my 10 y.o. son said"mom what kind of plane is that? I look up and saw an object that looked like a 10/28/02
10/14/02 20:15 Elmo UT Circle 10 minutes Large very bright circular light spanding much of the countryside. ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD)) 10/15/02
10/14/02 20:15 Gaysville VT Cone 1 1/2 hour Multicolor flashing cone object in Vermont 10/28/02
10/14/02 20:08 San Jose CA Unknown 16 sec I have video of UFO seen over silicon valley on 10/14/02 ((Vandenberg rocket launchZ PD)) 10/15/02
10/14/02 20:00 Hollister NV Unknown 10 minutes Very Bright Light in the Western Sky over Hollister, NV on 10/14/02 ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD)) 10/15/02
10/14/02 20:00 Newcastle-upon-Tyne (UK/England)
Oval 1 hour and 10 minutes The object swayed and suddenly dropped, then made of circular motions,with the coloured lights circling it in no particular sequence 10/15/02
10/14/02 19:30 Las Vegas NV Sphere 1 minute Las Vegas, UFO sighting? ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD)) 10/15/02
10/14/02 19:30 Goldendale WA Disk 5 minutes Oct 15 - 7:30 p.m. a disk shaped object with bright triangular shaped jet blast rose from Centerville Valley then disappeared. 10/28/02
10/14/02 19:30 Anderson CA Light 5 minutes almost rocket like, but like nothing I ever saw ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD)) 10/15/02
10/14/02 19:30 Cagayan de Oro City (Philippines)
Circle 3-5 mins. My boyfriend and I went outside the firexit stairs on a 4 sorey building, where the fm radio station is. My boyfriend first saw a white 10/15/02
10/14/02 19:10 Fall River Mills CA Fireball 1-2 minutes Comet like light in sky over Northern Calif mountains. ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD)) 10/15/02
10/14/02 19:05 Grass Valley CA Fireball 10 sec Test minuteman or intersepeter rocket ? ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD)) 10/15/02
10/14/02 19:05 Madras OR Chevron 15-30 seconds Saw a 2 tailed chevron shaped object, head like a snowball flying over Cascades, possible Vandenberg missile? 10/15/02
10/14/02 19:05 Murphys CA Changing 1minute Meteor like object moving slowly eventually breaking apart leaving a blue streak. ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD)) 10/15/02
10/14/02 19:05 Ivins UT Fireball 3-5 seconds Three fireballs appeared which emitted orange/yellow beams, faded in, then out. 11/16/02
10/14/02 19:05 Medford OR Light 5 min. The hovering spotlight simply went out and disappeared completely 2/5/03
10/14/02 19:03 Redwood Valley CA Fireball 1 minute High altitude brightly lit fireball with a brightly lit trail which ended in a huge explosion/disintegration, seen in the southern sky. 10/15/02
10/14/02 19:02 Creswell OR Fireball 30econds SLOW MOVING COMET LOOKING OBJECT SPOTTED NEAR CRESWELL, OREGON. ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD)) 10/15/02
10/14/02 19:02 Porterville CA Fireball 1 minute Fireball above Porterville, California. ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD)) 10/15/02
10/14/02 19:00 Manteca CA Light for about 5 min bright light with white and blue trail ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD)) 10/15/02
10/14/02 19:00 Westlake Village CA Fireball 20 mins Bright white fireball north of Los Angeles with four white streaks, surrounded by huge white vapour cloud part of which was turquoise 10/15/02
10/14/02 19:00 Los Angeles CA Circle 15 to 20 Minutes What I saw was orange and white light radiating from one and only one cloud in the sky and it was not the sun or moon. 10/15/02
10/14/02 19:00 Truckee CA Circle
Bright round slow moving light with spotlight and colorful tail, explodes. 10/28/02
10/14/02 19:00 Walnut Creek CA Light 3-5 minutes Bright "searchlight" as the sun set ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD)) 10/15/02
10/14/02 19:00 Palos Verdes Estates CA Unknown 3 minutes Powerful light with odd-shaped trails pierced the clouds ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD)) 10/15/02
10/14/02 19:00 Temecula CA Circle 00:02 Bright circular light that left a glowing tail with the object moving straight up and then hanging for moments before disappearing. 10/15/02
10/14/02 19:00 Vancouver (north of) WA
several minutes Bright white round light with wide fanned tail flying slowly north then suddenly disappearing ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD)) 10/15/02
10/14/02 18:45 Dallesport WA Light 1min.+ Bright Light With doubble V shaped vapor trail seen over The Dalles Dam. ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD)) 10/15/02
10/14/02 18:45 Lebanon/Brownsville OR Unknown 1 1/2 mins approx Bright fan shaped light which quivered and shimmered, finally swirling and vanishing. ((Vandenberg rocket launch. PD)) 10/15/02
10/14/02 18:05 Windsor (Canada) ON Other 10 minutes 5 slow moving objects near detroit/windsor 10/28/02
10/14/02 16:15 Littleton CO Disk 10 minutes Whatever this was, it was at a high altitude. It did not move or change form while I was watching anyway. It was not a plane. 10/15/02
10/14/02 12:25 Brisbane (QLD, Australia)
Oval 20 seconds i just got back from work. i was taking a shower and i heard a loud bang! noise outside the back yard. my dog was barking. i thought it 10/15/02
10/14/02 07:10 Ely NV Light 25 min A bright white light trailing a luminous con-trail coming from the south, changing color before blinking out, lasting 25 min. 10/28/02
10/14/02 02:00 Joseph UT Triangle several seconds glowing green triangle passed over my truck, while driving on Interstate 70 in a Utah canyon pass at night. 10/27/04
10/14/02 01:22 Savage MN Triangle 10 seconds Silent delta-shaped object seen in Savage, MN against clear October night sky. 10/15/02
10/13/02 23:00 Ship Bottom NJ Triangle 1 minute Small, black triangle shaped object flying silently and slowly overhead olong NJ beach. 3/11/06
10/13/02 22:00 Budapest (Hungary)
Oval 10 minutes approx Blue-greay oval over Szentendre (Hungary) 7/23/03
10/13/02 21:00 Port Angeles WA Changing 3 minutes what caught my attention of the evening of 13 oct 2002, at approx. 9:00pm was am occurrance that I have recorded. The object was trave 10/28/02
10/13/02 19:10 Eastman GA Light 10 minutes An object seen by my entire family that was so unusual that it would be hard to even assume it was a case of mistaken identity. 10/15/02
10/13/02 19:00 Alameda CA Cylinder 4min At time stated my friend was leaving the apartment and noticed a strange scene in the sky, An object, very small moving across the sky 10/28/02
10/13/02 19:00 Smithfield NC Disk 35 MINUTES I SAW 2 DISK SHAPED OBJECTS OUTSIDE MY WINDOW. 3/21/03
10/13/02 18:20 Chicago IL Fireball 10 sec. fireball in Chgo. western skies 10/15/02
10/13/02 04:47 Mary Esther FL Triangle 20 minutes A Flying triangle with lights that looked like a planet from far away. 10/28/02
10/13/02 01:00 Heltonville IN Light 30 minutes Pillars of light seen in heltonville Indiana 4/14/09
10/12/02 23:45 Langley (Canada) BC Triangle 30 seconds I went outside to have a cigarette pretty close to midnight on Oct. 12th, 2002.I star gaze on a regular basis. I live close to the Lang 10/28/02
10/12/02 20:45 Paris TX Triangle Less than 5 minutes Close encounter in Paris, TX 12/23/02
10/12/02 20:10 Boca Raton FL Light Hour and half White Specks moving moving back and forth, sometimes stopping. 10/15/02
10/12/02 20:00 Paris TX Triangle 5 Minutes Triangle UFO with Blue/White lights 11/21/10
10/12/02 19:45 Rotherham (UK/England)
Light 2 Minutes Strange light in the sky 10/15/02
10/12/02 19:30 Rose Lake ID Light 10 minutes Strange sphere above north Idaho. 10/15/02
10/12/02 19:13 Australia (rural)
Other 7 minutes This was a very close encounter with unidentifiable flying phenomenon. 8/12/08
10/12/02 19:10 Renton WA Disk 3 seconds Fast-moving saucer-shaped white light 10/15/02
10/12/02 18:00 Prescott AZ Formation 10 minutes Large cluster of black baloons tehered together at 1500 ft heading SW 10/15/02
10/12/02 15:49 Tinton Falls NJ Light 10-15 minutes I was looking at what was, only an hour earlier, CLEAR BLUE SKIES, being filled up by what might be referred to as chemtrails. As I was 11/4/02
10/12/02 14:40 San Francisco CA Unknown 3min. Air show to the northwest, small metallic objects forming circle formations to the southeast 4th appeared out of nowhere. 10/15/02
10/12/02 13:50 Leeman (Australia)
Cone 5 Cone shaped, with 4 huge lights and one at the point of the cone, shot fire balls 12/23/02
10/12/02 11:00 Winfield TX Circle 10 minutes I seen a circular obect, silver in color with no wings moving north to west at a rather fast speed. 10/28/02
10/12/02 11:00 San Leandro CA Disk 10 minutes Bright white disk, stationery for ten minutes, and then in an instant disappeared completely. 10/28/02
10/12/02 02:40 Redmond WA Light .05 4 objects in a diamond formation 10/15/02
10/11/02 20:36 Dallas TX Fireball 3 Seconds Meteor lights up the skies over Dallas, crashes somehere to the south. 10/28/02
10/11/02 16:15 Randolph MA Cylinder 5min Daylight sighting of High Altitude Light 11/4/02
10/11/02 13:25 Reno NV Sphere 10 minutes A small white sphere which stopped, hovered for 5 minutes, then took off and disapeared. 10/15/02
10/11/02 06:17 Springfield MO Fireball 6 seconds bright green triangular object throwing sparks traveling extremely fast 10/15/02
10/10/02 23:00 Fayette MS Light 4 minutes Bright white light that slowly moves overhead and suddenly fades away, while making no sound.. 8/15/14
10/10/02 22:00 Bahamas
we are sitting outside and commenting on all the air traffic tonight. over to the east we were watching what we thought a plane but nev 10/15/02
10/10/02 22:00 Burnie (Tasmania) (Australia)
Cross 12 the craft was large and noisy 7/13/05
10/10/02 21:00 Portland OR Circle 2min The LIGHT is the TRUTH! 12/16/05
10/10/02 20:30 Cincinnati OH Other 30 minutes Large octagon blue lights on rim red center light hovers over downtown Cincinnati thursday October 10. 10/15/02
10/10/02 19:45 Victoria (Canada) BC Unknown 2 minutes approx bright white light with black outline around it moving soundlessly and slowly from north banking east and disappearing upward. 10/15/02
10/10/02 06:00 Seattle WA Sphere 90 seconds Light falls from sky 10/15/02
10/10/02 04:00 Adelaide (Pt. Wakefield) (South Australia)
Circle 10 mins one light became 3 10/28/02
10/10/02 02:00 Philomath OR Unknown about5seconds i watched on the portland news that the space shuttle would be visiable and went to philomath oregon to what was known to be the apple 10/15/02
10/10/02 00:01 Hayward WI Flash 00:43 we saw pure a light that occasionaly split into 3 to 4 different lights. 10/15/02
10/9/02 23:45 Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda area FL Unknown 6 to 8 seconds Blue object seen in the Port Charlotte Florida area. 11/16/02
10/9/02 22:00 Golden CO Chevron 15 seconds Several hazy images, seemingly attached solidly in space, in a "V"/Chevron shape. 10/15/02
10/9/02 20:55 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Light 15 sek satellite? meet airplane 10/15/02
10/9/02 19:30 Sunderland (UK/England)
10/9/02 15:21 New Westminster (Canada) BC Circle 25 - 30 Seconds 2 Disc shaped gray objects seen over New Westminster 10/15/02
10/9/02 02:38 Forest Park IL Chevron 3 minutes Throbbing chevron pulsating lights craft 10/15/02
10/9/02 01:30 Lone Pine CA Circle 4 seconds got up at 1;30 am could not sleep was looking east from mt. whitney seen this ball of light from owens dry lake mo 10/15/02
10/8/02 22:50 Clarks Summitt (south 81 mile marker 195 in) PA Oval stayed there not only my daughter and i saw it. there was no other explantion then a ufo 10/15/02
10/8/02 20:20 Narberth PA Fireball few seconds Fireball and moving star 10/15/02
10/8/02 19:02 Kota Kinabalu/Sabah (Malaysia)
Other 2-3 mintues US training in Borneo islands or just another strange sights!!!! 10/15/02
10/8/02 02:30 Fremont CA Light hours bright lights, green, red, white, hovering high in the sky for a very long period of time. 10/15/02
10/7/02 23:50 San Bernardino CA Sphere about 15-20 minutes Orange ball of light moving in all directions and going through the atmosphere (burning). ON VIDEO! 10/15/02
10/7/02 21:30 Melbourne Village FL Disk 20sec. approx 20 min. after a large military transport passed over, six disk shaped,bright white objects in a wide v formation.they were at ab 10/15/02
10/7/02 21:03 Eugene OR Triangle 7-10 seconds Triangular boomerang shape, dark gray/shadowy color, low altitude, silent, 10/28/02
10/7/02 20:30 Port Orchard WA Unknown 10 seconds bright light changes to small reddish lights 10/28/02
10/7/02 19:40 Plymouth Meeting PA Triangle 20 min 10 Triangle craft's light's seen near philadelphia 10/15/02
10/7/02 19:00 Longmont CO
3 seconds Observed a meteorite travelling from North to South at a very steep (45 degrees) angle. The meteorite exploded when it neared the earth 10/15/02
10/7/02 19:00 Sky City NM Fireball 3 to 5 second Greenish and Orange fireball that lasted about 3 to 5 seconds and then exploded making a ring of fire. 1/17/04
10/7/02 18:45 Rome NY Light 10+ Min's Bright lights - erratic movement over Rome NY 10/15/02
10/7/02 16:53 Huddersfield (UK/England)
Circle around 2 mins Dark coloured round disc 10/15/02
10/7/02 11:28 Jersey City NJ Sphere 30 seconds Copper sphere sighted over Jersey City . Sphere maintains consistent altitude. 10/15/02
10/7/02 11:00 Pelarco (Chile)
Diamond 5-7 mintes An object triangle shape that shine and have different speeds and directions. 10/15/02
10/7/02 10:00 Camden AR Diamond 30 seconds purple and green lights flew over 10/15/02
10/7/02 08:00 Castle Rock CO Fireball 6 sec Green and orange fire ball shooting south across the sky at high velocity. 10/28/02
10/7/02 05:00 Hayward CA
unknown Lites reported over Hwy 880 at 5am in California. 10/15/02
10/7/02 00:30 Decatur (near) IL Fireball 25 seconds 7 Shooting stars in sky near Decatur 10/15/02
10/7/02 Doncaster (UK/England)
fast moving red ball of light. 12/7/06
10/6/02 23:40 Moscow (Russia)
Light 3 minutes Strange object glowing like a blue star(but much bigger) 10/15/02
10/6/02 23:30 Spring Hill FL Light 2- min Unidentified object in Florida. 12/23/02
10/6/02 23:00 Corcoran MN Light 1-2 minutes disapearing light 10/15/02
10/6/02 23:00 Grifton NC Light unknown Dear NUFORC: (article text and link found below) Feel free to forward this e-mail.

10/6/02 19:30 Denver CO Fireball caught on film 2 Fireballs (green metal front rest on fire ) Sunday East to West Monday North to South (live video 10/15/02
10/6/02 19:25 Lander WY Circle 1 sec a green circular light appeared and then darted behind the mountains 10/15/02
10/6/02 19:15 Provo UT Fireball 1-3 secs Fireball falling from the sky 10/15/02
10/6/02 18:30 Harrisonville IL Oval 20 seconds I am a 34 year man, professional engineer. Christian. Drug and alcohol free. Married with 1 child and 1 on the way. I am open minded to 10/15/02
10/6/02 18:00 North Las Vegas NV Teardrop 2-4 seconds shiny object went behind cloud, but nevr came out the other side. 7/16/03
10/6/02 16:00 Boulder CO Cigar 10 Seconds The object tiped its wings because the sun shone in my eyes twice and then dissapeared. 10/15/02
10/6/02 15:00 Taos NM Disk 1 hour or more About 3:30 p.m. in Taos, New Mexico, my mother called me into the living room to look through the window. There was a Bright "star". Th 10/15/02
10/6/02 13:55 Union NJ Cross 2 minutes At 1:55 p.m. on October 6, I looked toward the east over Union, N.J., and saw what appeared to be two extremely small, white aircraft t 10/15/02
10/6/02 12:30 Torreira (Portugal)
Disk ? We did not saw anything. We just saw it after downloading the pictures to the computer. I really don’t know what that is. One thing I’m 7/16/03
10/6/02 11:00 none AZ Other unknown Unknown object appears in background of photo. 10/15/02
10/6/02 07:15 Thousand Island Bridge (Near) NY Disk aprox 20 min Bright large saucer shaped object in sky 0715 in east sky on 10-06-02. 10/15/02
10/6/02 05:50 Inwood NY Light 0:5 BIG DIPPER HAS LOOSE STAR 10/15/02
10/6/02 03:00 Farmingdale NY Light 30 min. plus Long Island bright hovering white light eye level on a clear night sky. 10/15/02
10/6/02 Bladel (Brabant) (Netherlands)
Light 45 minutes Report from the Dutch news 10/28/02
10/5/02 23:00 Alameda CA Light 7 seconds stationary star moves 10/15/02
10/5/02 22:00 Kettleby (Canada) ON Light 5 seconds bright, fast moving light in the night sky 10/15/02
10/5/02 22:00 Arizona?? AZ

TV photos of cigar shaped craft sighted on 10/5/2002. Note data on photos. 1/23/16
10/5/02 20:45 Brownstown MI Fireball 3 seconds Yellow /orange fireball with a yellow to white tail about 3 second duration whitnessed by two, high in the north sky 10/15/02
10/5/02 19:56 Ione CA Formation 12 seconds Very fast,silent, "v"formation, 5-6 points of light, north to south, fairly low, not blinking, reddish hue. Fast. 10/15/02
10/5/02 18:50 Temecula CA Fireball 10 Min. Fireball seen in Southern California 10/15/02
10/5/02 16:49 Las Cruces NM Disk unknown Disk shaped object and other less distinct object was photographed over Las Cruces, NM. 10-05-02 @4:49 pm. 10/15/02
10/5/02 16:30 Des Plaines IL Triangle 15 minutes 10 shapes were flying about a mile outside of Ohare field. 10/15/02
10/5/02 15:00 Texas (NE) TX Cylinder 30 seconds or more large red cylinder clearly visible from plane over rural farmland 11/4/02
10/5/02 15:00 Gatlinburg TN Disk ??? Four of us were vacationing in Gatlinburg, TN last week. We were at Ober Gatlinburg and after lunch we went outside to look around. I 10/15/02
10/5/02 10:15 Duluth MN Cross seconds red lights in cross formation traveling east. 10/15/02
10/5/02 07:45 Las Cruces NM
90 sec. arpox More than one saw the object over Las Cruces 10/28/02
10/5/02 06:30 Vancouver WA Fireball 6 seconds Fuse like Fireball splits the sky 10/15/02
10/5/02 01:30 Garland TX Light 20 seconds Shooting star changes directions multiple times lasting 20 seconds 10/15/02
10/5/02 01:00 Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley) CA Light 5-10 seconds Light moving radiply accross the sky much faster than any airplane 10/15/02
10/5/02 00:30 Hillsboro IL Light 5 minutes MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Bright flashing lights in a circ. pattern, 34-50 yards in dia. hovering about 4 stories up. 10/31/03
10/4/02 00:00 Quartzite AZ Triangle 3 min driving home on I-10 west from Phoenix notice this strange triangular shape of lights gently take off from desert floor it had big ligh 12/3/04
10/4/02 22:20 Herzeliya (Israel)
i was looking out my window on the night and saw a light, at first i thought it was an airplane but then i noticed thet it didnt move o 10/15/02
10/4/02 21:30 Pueblo West CO Rectangle about 10 seconds RED LASER COMING OUT OF A RECTANGULAR CRAFT! 11/4/02
10/4/02 21:30 Pueblo West CO Other About 4 seconds A red laser-like light came out of a cloud... 10/15/02
10/4/02 20:30 Newport Township PA Light about 5 minutes It started moving across the sky, got very dim and disapered. 3/21/03
10/4/02 19:10 Alhambra CA Triangle 2minutes UFO Sighting near Los Angeles 11/9/02
10/4/02 19:06 Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia)

Object photographed over Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, airport by security camera. 10/15/02
10/4/02 19:05 El Paso TX Formation 10 seconds V-shaped UFO Appears Across the Skies at El Paso, Texas Racing from North to South 11/9/02
10/4/02 18:30 Omaha NE Cigar Football game It was very high in the sky. 10/15/02
10/4/02 14:00 Carson CA Circle 7to12 sec Ball flying under jet. 10/15/02
10/4/02 13:18 Excelsior Springs MO Oval 1 minute A large, white, wingless object sped across the sky 10/15/02
10/4/02 08:45 San Antonio TX Triangle
Saw a triangular ufo. 10/15/02
10/4/02 07:20 Glasgow (UK/Scotland)
Diamond <10 secs Rolling white diamond above hills 12/23/02
10/4/02 04:10 Houston TX Diamond 10 seconds diamond-shaped with lights, it split into 7 pieces and fused back together. 12/16/05
10/4/02 01:00 Elizabeth CO Flash 3 + hours 3 extremely bright metallic strobe- like flashing objects with a spot light effect on the ground and objects below and a "grounded" so 10/15/02
10/3/02 15:35 Smithville TN Unknown
10/3/02 14:00 Olive Branch MS Disk about or around 10 minute We saw two disk like objects crash. 12/23/02
10/3/02 14:00 Palmdale CA Disk 1 minute UFO'S IN THE SKYS OF PALMDALE CALIF 10/15/02
10/3/02 06:00 Augusta GA Light >30 seconds High altitude bright strobing light moving at a very high rate of speed. 10/15/02
10/3/02 03:00 Morrisville NC Oval 5 minutes noticed 5 round object at about 5000 ft above raleigh air port, watched for 5 minutes 10/15/02
10/2/02 22:50 Yukon (Canada) YK Unknown 6 -8 seconds Movement of object was very unusual looking and moved with great speed 10/15/02
10/2/02 19:20 Watertown NY Rectangle
The object picked up speed and followed us. 10/15/02
10/2/02 07:30 Santa Fe NM Egg unknown Oct. ?,2002, Santa Fe, NM, egg or football shaped object discovered after downloading photo 9/24/03
10/2/02 06:34 Northford CT Egg 23 seconds A Glow in the Sky...... 12/23/02
10/1/02 23:20 New York City NY Changing 3 minutes 3 flying objects that changed shapes show up in midtown manhattan 10/15/02
10/1/02 23:00 Duluth MN Light 60 seconds A large bright orb that changed size N.E. of Duluth Air National Guard. 1/14/16
10/1/02 22:30 Riverton UT Unknown 2 minutes Red and blue flashing lights, low to the ground, behind my car on a deserted road in Riverton, Utah. 8/7/07
10/1/02 22:00 Edmonds WA Unknown a minute or so three objects in perfect triangle fomation flying at extremely high altitudes 10/15/02
10/1/02 20:30 Castro Valley CA Other 20 min? I was driving from San Leandro to San Ramon took 580 to Crow Canyon Rd. I was stunned by a hovering shape in the sky.It was hard to mak 10/15/02
10/1/02 19:50 New York City (Staten Island) NY Light 15 min's Patrolling fighter jet followed by bright green light ! 10/15/02
10/1/02 19:20 New York City (Staten Island) NY Egg 5 minutes Egg Shaped Object Circling 10/15/02
10/1/02 18:00 Orlando FL Other 4seconds unusual shaped and transparent color crafts appear and one follow the other in new direction 10/11/05
10/1/02 17:56 Port Hadlock WA Fireball 5 seconds big shooting star 10/15/02
10/1/02 16:00 Staten Island NY Egg 5 seconds Egg-shaped object parallels plane. 4/7/17
10/1/02 16:00 Grants NM Fireball 3 to 10 seconds In October 2002, I was driving east on Interestate 40 (close to mile marker 100), when I saw a greenish "comet-like" shape movng very 4/22/03
10/1/02 15:00 Athol ID Teardrop 3-5 min. high polished chrome-teardrop shaped object hovering over a busy North Idaho Hi-way in mid afternoon 4/27/04
10/1/02 14:00 Winslow AZ Other 15-30 mins Silent average-looking airplane hovers over Leupp exit butte on I-40 for 15-30 mins, hundreds of witnesses. 7/6/10
10/1/02 13:35 Karavostasi (Greece)
Cross 1 minute a look-through aircraft a la 'predator' 12/14/04
10/1/02 09:00 Germantown MD Cigar 3 minutes me and boyfriend out on the back deck drinking coffee and we see a cigar shaped craft flying struck me as odd because it 8/11/04
10/1/02 08:30 Santa Fe NM Egg unknown Oct, 2002 , 8:30 AM, Santa Fe, NM, caught while photographing Santa Fe RR train station, duration unknown 9/24/03
10/1/02 07:30 Kingston NY Cigar 10 mins nys thruway heading nrth between exit 19 and 20 cigar shaped ,reflective or silver in color , incredable fast no sound . 3/4/08
10/1/02 06:30 Natrona Heights/New Kensington PA Light 2 hours Westmoreland & Allegheny County UFO Phenomena Pink Columns Rays; 6 UFO's: Tangerine Brillance Lights Manuevers clearly visible 10/30/12
10/1/02 06:30 Monroe WI Light 15-20 Min Very intense orange-yellow light moves from south to north in early A.M. and late P.M. 7/16/06
10/1/02 05:45 Kent WA Unknown 10 SECONDS STREK OF LIGHT ACROSS THE SKY 10/15/02
10/1/02 05:45 Lynnwood WA Fireball 5 seconds Large fireball sighting 10/15/02
10/1/02 05:45 Rainier WA Light 3-4 min I was taking my Boyfriend to work in yelm and as we entered onto koeppen rd and traveling north towards yelm We noticed to our left abo 10/15/02
10/1/02 05:43 Seattle WA Other 2 seconds I saw a green object above Seattle, at about 5:45 AM on 10/1, occuring at the time of a northern lights display. 10/15/02
10/1/02 05:42 Seattle WA Teardrop 3 seconds Initially a comet in appearance, but speed was too slow. 10/15/02
10/1/02 05:35 Pueblo CO Triangle 10-15seconds Silent large flying v of 5 orange glowing patches gives fright. 10/15/02
10/1/02 05:35 Seattle WA Unknown a second? On the morning of 10/01/02 I was driving to work on HI5 in Seattle Wa. and I was south bound by the old Rainier Brewery and saw a brigh 10/15/02
10/1/02 05:30 Snohomish WA Sphere 2-3 seconds A large metor going through the atmosphere, white tail turning blue and then red/orange and disapear. 10/15/02
10/1/02 05:30 Everson WA Other 4-5 seconds Among the Northern lights a bright green fireball from West to East 10/15/02
10/1/02 05:30 Port Townsend WA Fireball 8-10 seconds Giant Blue-Green fireball falls from the sky at 0530 in washington state 10/15/02
10/1/02 05:30 Sumner WA Circle 05:30 While traveling north on hwy 167. A green light traveling from the west, and heading east flew across the sky. The round light appearin 10/15/02
10/1/02 03:00 Oakland CA Oval 07:00 lights moving in the sky 7 landing in Oakland over coliseum & airport 10/15/02
10/1/02 02:00 Nebraska City NE Teardrop Kearny Hill; lasting 3-4 Tear shaped brillient gold light over neighborhood in Nebraska City, NE 12/12/09
10/1/02 00:30 Hong Kong
Formation 30 minutes Sighting in Hong Kong SAR 10/15/02
10/1/02 00:30 Courtland VA Circle sec. Look I can't recall the date exactly, but it was in that area of time especially the hour of night. It could be in a range of two wee 12/23/02