National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 07/2002
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/31/02 23:30 Shropham Norfolk (UK/England)
Light 15 minutes Bright yellow/orange light hovering low in the sky that then re-appeared in another area of the sky at rapid speed. 8/28/02
7/31/02 23:10 Severn MD Light 30 minutes 2 Blinking lights circle and hover over Maryland 8/16/02
7/31/02 22:30 Cazenovia NY Flash 30 seconds 2 bright lights that faded and had the same pattern of flight 8/16/02
7/31/02 22:30 Hampton VA Unknown 4 seconds Silent, low, super fast object . 8/16/02
7/31/02 22:23 Manhattan (Near) KS Sphere 2 -3 minutes Sphereical object, reddish, low in the western sky 10:23 pm 8/16/02
7/31/02 22:00 Troy IL Rectangle 5 sec Rectangular object traveling at a high rate of speed, south to north, dimly illuminated, visible for approx. 5 seconds 3/11/03
7/31/02 21:14 Dover MA Circle a long time Very bright, very low, and lasted for hours 8/16/02
7/31/02 21:00 Cleveland GA Circle 5 min. Object moved around in sky 3/21/03
7/31/02 21:00 Fairlawn OH Triangle 3 minutes Triangular pattern witnessed on summer night in backyard 1/21/08
7/31/02 20:00 Aztec/Farmington NM Disk 4 minuts I was travelling from Duarngo, CO to Tallup, NM on my way to Roswell for a rush load..I passed the state line on southwestern CO and no 11/16/02
7/31/02 20:00 Charleston WV Cylinder 45min. it had a transparent covering with 4 lights inside it that glowed 1 bright at a time , but all were visible. 10/28/02
7/31/02 16:45 Washington, D.C. (Roosevelt Island Area) DC Changing 5 -6 seconds Red Object Hovering in Sky Over Washington, DC on July 31, 2002 9/6/02
7/31/02 13:30 Cove Palisades OR Disk <1min. DIsk shaped object with bright central light seen during clear daylight with multiple witnesses and photographic evidence. 10/28/02
7/31/02 09:45 Corpus Christi TX Fireball seconds small but very bright light 8/16/02
7/31/02 06:20 Bradenton FL Light 1 minute Bright white light. Not plane, planet or star 8/16/02
7/31/02 04:24 Roswell NM Oval 5 seconds Flashing red and green 8/16/02
7/31/02 03:30 Washington CT Other 1 hour saw a bizzare star at 3:30 am 8/16/02
7/31/02 02:45 Liberty OH Other 15 minutes I spotted an object in the sky in Liberty that was long in shape with beams of light in front and underneath it. 8/16/02
7/31/02 02:34 Orland Park IL Disk 4 min. Glittery silver UFO sighting! 8/16/02
7/31/02 00:05 Hungry Horse MT Light 30 seconds I observed a point of white light, resembling a star, seeming to be high altitude, moving west at a moderate speed for about 30 seconds 8/16/02
7/30/02 23:35 Flathead Lake MT Light 3min look a star moving in a westerly direction both me and my daughter saw it with my binos it stopped then moved again it was very, high a 3/11/03
7/30/02 22:08 Magna UT Circle 10 minutes Strange Bright Light over Oquirrh Mountains of Salt Lake City 8/16/02
7/30/02 22:05 Loudon NH Unknown 3 minutes Flashy stars in ALMOST a triangular pattern. 8/16/02
7/30/02 22:00 Graham NC Circle 1 hour Spastic stars 8/16/02
7/30/02 21:45 Beloit WI Triangle 30 seconds 3 bright white triangular lights moving far faster than any known jet with no noise! 8/28/02
7/30/02 21:39 Ponte Vedra Beach FL Unknown 2 seconds Streaking Light Over Jacksonville Beach, Florida 8/16/02
7/30/02 21:35 Atlanta GA Circle 2-3 seconds Bright, stationary, white light appears low to ground and then vanishes over outdoor concert in Atlanta, GA. 8/16/02
7/30/02 21:05 Johannesburg (South Africa)
Diamond 10min Diamond 7/30/02
7/30/02 20:40 Union KY Unknown 10-20 seconds 10 to 20 second fly by in south western sky in Union Kentucky mysterious no noise, super fast, near CVG. 8/16/02
7/30/02 20:00 West Long Branch NJ Disk less than 5 min. thin disk, jagged edges, orange lights 8/16/02
7/30/02 19:14 Gila Bend AZ Other 45 minutes to 1 hour A black dot on the Arizona horizon 8/16/02
7/30/02 14:00 Mesquite NM Triangle 5 min It was parked (floating) there, how long, I dont know... 3/21/03
7/30/02 02:20 Nampa (outside) ID Cigar approx. 3 minutes 5-6 lights, very bright, approaching rear of my vehicle, arose very fast, dissappeared, no noise or sound 8/16/02
7/30/02 02:00 Cincinnati OH Flash
Explosion over Cincinnati, Ohio. Possible Meteor. Eyewitness accounts differ. 8/16/02
7/30/02 01:25 Mainville OH Light 4-5 seconds 7/30/02 01:25 8/16/02
7/30/02 00:20 Marstons Mills MA Triangle 2 hours Unexplained object darting and pinwheeling about in the night sky of Cape Cod. 8/16/02
7/30/02 00:04 York PA Cylinder one minute cylindrical craft with faint lights on both ends zig zags through sky over york, pa, speeding off and disappearing. 8/16/02
7/29/02 22:50 Sayward (Canada) BC Other 3-4 seconds Very strange, 6 people in a about a kilometer apart saw the same thing 8/16/02
7/29/02 22:50 Sayward (Canada) BC
Seconds Six witnesses from British Columbia emergency services witness a peculiar, apparently controlled object, fly low over nearby mountains. 2/25/03
7/29/02 22:45 Houston area (Canada) BC

HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Multiple witnesses observe a large, glowing, white object shoot across sky. Military possibly present. 3/21/03
7/29/02 22:40 Nashville IN Circle 1 minute Saw a light moving across the sky from noerth east to south east It was more yellow than white and traveling very fast 7/30/02
7/29/02 22:30 Terrace (Canada) BC Fireball 20seconds fireball in sky pacific northwest july 29 02 8/16/02
7/29/02 22:30 Bluefield/Green Valley WV Light 2 hours Strange lights in the sky, Bluefield West Virginia July 29-30 2002 8/16/02
7/29/02 22:15 New York Mills NY Flash 10 minutes A dome-shaped object with green and red flashing lights was observed by 3 family members in suburban Utica,NY 7/30/02
7/29/02 21:50 West Los Angeles CA Sphere 7 minutes Bright sphere little larger than a star moving north to south across West Los Angeles 9:50 PM July 29, 2002 7/30/02
7/29/02 21:15 Santa Cruz CA Unknown 7 minuites I was on the beach and there was a red light in the sky. It was perfectely still for a very long time and then it sarted to move vertic 8/16/02
7/29/02 20:00 Sidmouth (UK/England)
Unknown 4 Seconds Flying Rod 8/16/02
7/29/02 19:30 New Orleans LA Oval 3-5 min Time: around 19:30pm Location: New Orleans,LA (near Mississippi River).

When I was getting home and getting off the car, I saw a si
7/29/02 17:00 Cliffwood NJ Disk 15 minutes round shiny silver disk shape object flying in sky, it was a clear day. 8/16/02
7/29/02 00:01 Uttar Pradesh (India)
Rectangle India 29th july 2002 uttarpradesh india,it was between 12-4 am when some villagers witnessed a glowing light in the night sky ,due to the ex 8/16/02
7/29/02 Phoenix AZ Chevron
This is a secondhand report (and I have no way to verify any of the information), but I feel that it should be registered.

While hik
7/28/02 23:50 London (UK/England)
Fireball 4/5 secs Blue/orange tinted bright fireball shooting across sky over West London, heading South to North before burning up. 7/30/02
7/28/02 23:38 Kirton Lindsey (UK/England)
Disk 5 secs I observed a dark green, disk shaped object, with a bead of light around it, which I could not give a rational explanation to. 7/30/02
7/28/02 23:30 Goleta CA Unknown 2-4 MINUTES 3 bright objects in triangle formation seen moving across the night time sky near Goleta Ca. at Refugio Beach Campground 11:30pm 8/16/02
7/28/02 22:30 Thornton CO Circle 25 sec Stationary brilliant light that suddenly rotated and rose rapidly and vanished 8/28/02
7/28/02 22:30 Zagreb (Croatia)
Unknown 30 min Ufo like a star 10/27/04
7/28/02 22:08 Worcestershire (UK/England)
Light 6 minutes slow moving light sped up suddenly made no noise 7/30/02
7/28/02 22:00 Rapid City SD Light appr 5 min A single point of light, similar to a satellite, was seen moving erratically across the night sky over the Black Hills of SD. 7/30/02
7/28/02 22:00 Coutit MA Light 10 seconds Travelling "star" crosses Cape Cod toward D.C. 8/16/02
7/28/02 21:25 Amman (Jordan)
Light 2-4min movin lights 7/30/02
7/28/02 20:10 New York City NY Changing 2 mins Single black flying object, alternating between circular and disclike shape, constant velocity seen over NYC. 7/30/02
7/28/02 18:00 Inglewood CA Unknown 30 mins 10-15 lights around sun down. One blinking, all moving slowing across the sky. Possibly satellites, don' t know. 7/30/02
7/28/02 10:00 Truth or Consequences NM Changing 5 min shinny square no windows with 2 rotating blades on bottom 6/20/05
7/28/02 03:10 Sedona AZ Oval 20 seconds In a wooded area - Saw what appeared to be a figure - glowing - all white light - black "straight" eyes; black diagonal/diamond strip o 8/16/02
7/28/02 01:30 Pocahontas AR Disk 1 hour Moved right to left, Flickered orange, blue and green. With binoculars, we could see it was saucer shaped. 7/30/02
7/28/02 01:00 Cheektowaga NY Triangle one minute A triangular shaped object with flames and green lights floats through the sky in my neighborhood. 7/30/02
7/27/02 23:00 Seattle WA Flash 20 seconds I was out in the backyard of the house at 1827 39th Ave. E. in Madison Park area of Seattle, looking at the stars and then observed a f 8/16/02
7/27/02 22:30 Mohawk NY Light 1 minute A stationary bright light appeared and started getting closer, than reversed and quickly moved away. 8/16/02
7/27/02 22:20 Brussels (40 km east of) (Belgium)
Light 30 sec Bright fast moving "satellite" changes from straight line movement to erratic movement and then disappears abruptly 12/23/02
7/27/02 21:45 Simi Valley CA Oval 1 minute faint yellowish color. Edges appeared to be vibrating I first noticed it near overhead. It was moving east steadily.

It disappeared
7/27/02 21:15 Derby (UK/England)
Flash 1 sec Been in the garden all day,at sunset the sky looked od so I got my dig cam and took a pic.on the pic there are 2 objects in the sky,one 8/16/02
7/27/02 20:15 Phoenix AZ Circle 30 minutes Hovering Circular Object West of Phoenix on 7/27/02 at 8:00 p.m. 7/30/02
7/27/02 18:00 Avebury (UK/England)
Cluster of oval UFO's by crop circles 7/30/02
7/27/02 16:00 North Little Rock AR Disk 2 minutes we saw a saucer shaped object silver chrome like,bright sunlight bouncing off of it. hovering in place. my adult daughter and I were h 7/30/02
7/27/02 14:00 Wilmington CA Rectangle 2 -3 min. Two Billboard Crafts fly over yard party moments apart then turning and riseing out of site over LAX air space 6/18/03
7/27/02 04:55 Holstein IA Light :00:15 shooting star look alike but didn't fade or travel in a straight line! 7/30/02
7/27/02 03:20 Troy MI Rectangle 3-4 seconds Gov't chased ufo ended up in Michigan; the reversed mini-van shaped object appeared in Troy on I-75 8/16/02
7/27/02 01:30 Namur (Belgium)
Triangle 1 minute two girls 13 years old have seen during the night in belgium; a triangle with 3 lights, one was red and the shape was glowing into th 8/16/02
7/26/02 23:50 Evans WV Changing 20 minutes Changing orange object over treeline. 8/16/02
7/26/02 23:30 Acme MI Light 60 seconds It varied speed and wobbled as it flew. 7/30/02
7/26/02 22:45 Portland OR Light seconds Pacific NW light in the sky moving fast from North to South. 7/30/02
7/26/02 22:30 Hazard KY Formation 2min moving stars. I saw 3 stars move and fly into deep space 7/30/02
7/26/02 22:15 Colchester (UK/England)
Light 30-40 seconds I was sitting in my back yard with my wife and daughter as it was a nice evening and we had been watching various aircraft on approach 7/30/02
7/26/02 22:10 Philadelphia PA Light 2 minutes Sight with sound & barking dogs! 7/30/02
7/26/02 22:00 None CO Flash 3 - 4 seconds Yellow strobe-like flashing disc rapidly heading east next to county road. 7/30/02
7/26/02 21:00 North Bennington VT Disk 6 minutes we were standing outside in the dark, when all of sudden we looked up and saw what appeared to be an airplane, but after we took a seco 8/16/02
7/26/02 21:00 Xenia OH Circle 1 sec. It was round with red lights on it 7/30/02
7/26/02 20:45 Wellington (New Zealand)
Fireball 15 seconds Fireball with tail, sparkling brilliant blue, wobled a little, travelled fast direccion N-S. Appeared and dissapeared suddenly. 8/16/02
7/26/02 20:00 Seville OH Oval
Bright object & 9 jets in the night sky. 8/16/02
7/26/02 05:45 Socorro/Belen (between) NM Triangle 45 minutes object is not the average lil green thing,, more like "we are about to learn stuff" we might not want to know 7/30/02
7/26/02 03:43 Mojave CA Light 5 minutes very bright light blinked out 1000 ft over Edwards Air Force Base. 8/16/02
7/26/02 02:00 Seattle WA Cigar 1 minute shiny cigar shaped thing with no wings 8/28/02
7/26/02 01:30 Waldorf MD Circle 20 minutes A U.F.O. was obseved being chased by f-16's in Waldorf, MD, which is located 20 miles from Wash D.C. 11/4/02
7/26/02 01:15 Arlington VA Light 2 minutes My son and I were in the back yard of our house a little after 1:00 in the morning last night. (about 1:15 am this morning). We had go 7/30/02
7/26/02 01:15 Andrews AFB MD Oval Not sure Sphere over Andrews Airforce base spotted by witnesses and NORAD Radar Thursday night, fighters scrambled. 7/30/02
7/26/02 01:07 Columbus OH Circle 1/2 second Blue Circle/Flame shooting across sky 8/16/02
7/26/02 01:00

7/26/52 7/26/02 exactly 50 years and they are back! 7/30/02
7/26/02 01:00 Waldorf MD Unknown 3 minutes Was awoken by a very loud aircraft of some sort that was flying way too low. 7/30/02
7/26/02 01:00 Washington, D.C. DC

while listening to pbs on sat early am news I heard this report: of 2 fighter jets scrambled over dc due to an unidentified aircraft sh 9/6/02
7/26/02 01:00 Waldorf VA Light short The report speaks for itself! 7/30/02
7/26/02 01:00 7/30/02
7/26/02 01:00 Washington, D.C. DC Circle UNKNOWN Military Jets scrambled and chased unknown flying object 9/6/02
7/26/02 00:30 Richmond (UK/England)
Light two mins Bright fast light 8/28/02
7/25/02 23:30 Sidmouth (UK/England)
Unknown 2 Seconds Flying Light 8/16/02
7/25/02 23:30 Johor Bahru (Singapore)
there were a circle with light on the sea , about 5meters from the water. appear about 1 - 2 minute , flew away in second. We have take 7/30/02
7/25/02 23:00 Portland OR Light
I was in my hot tub, and I looked at the sky, and a bright light moved across the sky,faster than a plane, slower than a shooting star. 8/16/02
7/25/02 21:30 Shirley NY Formation 3 Minutes I sighted 6 fiery lights in formation of the southern coast of Long Island while I was flying an airplane in the vicinity. 7/26/02
7/25/02 21:30 Galt CA Diamond 15 min It was diamond shape with three or four lights that change color every few minutes. 8/16/02
7/25/02 21:30 Shirley NY Light 3 minutes or more 6 lights seen over ocean @ smith point park, shirley, NY @ 930PM on 7/25/2002 8/16/02
7/25/02 20:50 Summerfield FL Sphere maybe 5 sec 3 balls of light 7/26/02
7/25/02 20:45 Allora (Australia)
Other approx 4 minutes I was driving along the street in my home town of Allora, Queensland, Australia. I obserbed three flashing lights in the sky so i stop 7/26/02
7/25/02 14:00 Greenfield IN Circle 1 minute Silver object following plane formation. 7/16/03
7/25/02 11:55 Beachwood OH Oval 20 seconds White oval or disc on edge, low and moving north, possible puttering or sputtering noise with it. 7/30/02
7/25/02 09:20 Polk City FL Sphere 1minute sev sec Bright Metallic Sphere Flies Over Florida Prison 2/14/06
7/25/02 02:00 Beaumont (Outside) TX Light 2 hours Bright light (Venus-like), green, red and white, stationary for 2+ hours. 7/30/02
7/25/02 00:37 Wichita KS Formation 30 seconds White dim lights in formation similar to constallation. 7/26/02
7/25/02 00:30 Washington, D.C. DC Light 5 minutes coloured moving lights over washington 5/15/06
7/25/02 00:15 Zrenjanin (Yugoslavia)
Fireball 20sec driving a car ;pink ball(flashing in all directions); 7/26/02
7/24/02 23:45 Montreal (Canada) PQ Light night yellowish baige light shaped like a small rectangular shape but with design hard to say but easy to draw 7/26/02
7/24/02 22:00 North Huntingdon PA Sphere 20 seconds Small Sphere Observed At Close Range 9/13/02
7/24/02 10:00 Pauls Valley OK Diamond 5 min Diamond shaped craft seen during the day. 12/23/02
7/24/02 04:00 Glenrothes (UK/Scotland)
Light 15 Two very bright lights in the sky they where both hovering together then one craft left the other one it went stright then stopped and 7/30/02
7/24/02 02:50 Everson WA Unknown 20 seconds Two five-second bursts of multi-color lights accompanied by unusual mechanical sounds 8/16/02
7/24/02 01:00 Haines City FL Unknown 10 minutes huge pulsing red/white light in the orange groves 7/30/02
7/24/02 00:30 Albany NY Fireball 5-10 seconds An incredible bright white orb sped past at an anormous rate heading east. 8/16/02
7/24/02 00:30 Albany NY Fireball 5-10 seconds An extremely bright white light zoomed past my window at 12:30AM July 24th. 7/30/02
7/23/02 22:30 Reseda CA Triangle 10 minutes My husband and I were bringing in the trash cans and I was looking out at the northwest sky and saw a cluster of red and blue lights wi 7/26/02
7/23/02 22:30 Sequoia National Park CA Triangle 1 1/2 min. V shaped aircraft at Sequoia National Park. 7/30/02
7/23/02 22:30 Exeter CA Triangle 30 mins red lit triangle 7/26/02
7/23/02 22:30 Avalon CA Triangle 30sec. Very, very, big slow flying Triangle with flasing red lights covering the outside edge of each of the two wings that made up the Triang 8/16/02
7/23/02 22:30 Avalon CA Formation About 3 minutes Triangle shaped light formation seen over Catalina Island by many people. 7/30/02
7/23/02 22:18 Marina del Rey CA Chevron 2 Minutes Multiple rotating red beacons attending main jet-like craft without evident connection to superstructure... 7/30/02
7/23/02 22:15 Deer Lodge MT Disk 20 seconds UFO above mountain 8/16/02
7/23/02 22:15 Avalon CA Triangle 30sec. Triangle. 8/16/02
7/23/02 22:10 Valencia CA Unknown 1:30 (min/sec) Eight objects flying in a modified V formation; seven smaller objects all with one red light, white light on larger object 7/26/02
7/23/02 22:05 West Hills CA Formation 2 minutes Uneven "V" formation of white and red lights, trailing ones flashing red, with trail extending over time of a minute or two. 8/16/02
7/23/02 22:05 West Hills CA Formation 2 mins Chevron/triangle formation of lights (central white, trailing red flashing) travelling north-south over San Fernando Valley; silent 7/30/02
7/23/02 22:05 Los Angeles CA Changing 10 Minutes By now, I have read a number of accounts from others who witnessed what I did this night. (I am reporting this over one year following 10/31/03
7/23/02 22:00 Kernville CA Chevron 1 minute Chevron Shaped vehicle with blinking red lights 8/16/02
7/23/02 22:00 Tehachapi CA Other 22:05 A wide arc shaped object with redish and white blinking lights traveled north to south over Tehachapi, CA at 10PM, on 7/23. 7/26/02
7/23/02 22:00 Los Angeles CA Chevron 7 to 10 minutes A large chevron shape of red twinkling lights slowly moving across the sky in the Mid-City area of Los Angeles, CA 7/26/02
7/23/02 21:50 Outer Banks NC Light 30 seconds 07/23/02 - Outer Banks, NC - red light 7/30/02
7/23/02 20:00 Montreal (Canada) PQ Triangle 2 hours i was supposed to stay home the day this happened..thank god a didn't ,cause it was a night i'll never forget 12/23/02
7/23/02 18:00 Spring Hill FL Sphere 30 seconds A small silver floating ball, the size of a soft ball. 5/2/11
7/23/02 14:30 St. Albert (Canada) AB Other 5 minutes 4 Black squares that met in the sky, then suddenly disappeared. 5/27/03
7/23/02 03:00 Colorado Springs CO Sphere 20 seconds Glowing silver-blue sphere which vanished. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Iridium satellite "flare?" PD)) 7/26/02
7/23/02 00:15 London (UK/England)
Unknown 30 seconds Triangular formation of lights over North London , England 7/26/02
7/22/02 21:30 London (UK/England)
Cigar 5-10 mins Cylindrical craft sighted in London. 10/7/03
7/22/02 15:00 Maugenhard (Germany)
Disk 2-3 minutes Not just another ordinary UFO sighting!!! Must Read! 12/23/02
7/22/02 02:00 Mississauga (Canada) ON Triangle 1 hour + I find it odd to be writing another report of a weird occurrence. It was 2.00am last night a storm had rolled through Mississauga and t 7/26/02
7/22/02 02:00 Littleton CO Circle 1 minute A Pulsing Red Orb shaped object came accross the foothills eastward above Dear Creek Canyon. 7/26/02
7/21/02 23:35 San Gwann (Malta)
Unknown about 30secs A small "thing" in d sky blinking 3 different colours and makes a sound of a jet fighter, but not that loud. 7/26/02
7/21/02 22:52 Deer Lodge MT Cigar 15 minutes UFO spotted near City in Montana 7/26/02
7/21/02 22:34 Blacksburg VA Oval 15 minutes Bright green object seen in Blacksburg VA. 3/28/04
7/21/02 21:44 Javea Port (Spain)
Not seen by naked eye, but visible on digital image after 1.5 sec exposure @F2.8 on a Fuji Finepix 6900 digital camera 2048x1536 pixels 8/16/02
7/21/02 20:31 Gilbert AZ Fireball 2 minutes a shooting star but whiter object flew over our heads and started blinking with blue lights all over it 8/16/02
7/21/02 14:00 Barvaux (Belgium)
Light 1minute Moving lights 3/11/03
7/21/02 14:00 Kitimat (Canada) BC Disk seconds There is allot of detail on this saucer shaped object. 7/30/02
7/21/02 09:04 Dundee WI Light 2-5 minutes Numerous lights maneuvering and making formation 7/26/02
7/20/02 23:35 Carrollton TX Teardrop 3 seconds Black teardrop shaped object seen passing across the moon leaving shadow on moons suface. 7/26/02
7/20/02 23:05 Brampton (Canada) ON Other 10 seconds There were two sightings over the Professor's Lake in Brampton. First , one object in the form of 7 - 8 ligths of various colors place 7/26/02
7/20/02 23:00 Dorrington CA Light 15 Seconds Golf ball sized object shoots across sky. 6/12/08
7/20/02 23:00 Restoule Provincial Park (Ontario, Canada) ON Rectangle 5 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Black rectangular observed around the Moon. 8/1/03
7/20/02 22:30 Maybrook NY Fireball 5 seconds I have seen the same fireball object as recently reported by someone else. 6/18/04
7/20/02 22:15 Chittenango NY Unknown Approx 20 secs. Single bright white light observed in eastern sky of northern hemisphere moving from south to north approx. 40-45 degrees off horizon. 7/30/02
7/20/02 22:00 Olivet MI Unknown 10 minutes A bright light that first hovered then ascended up and north... 3/21/03
7/20/02 21:40 Ford City PA Unknown 1 minute Three steady, red lights were observed at tree-top level in SW sky on an object which emitted NO SOUND. 7/26/02
7/20/02 21:40 San Jose CA Other 1 minute Amber wedge shaped object with a companion object. 7/26/02
7/20/02 21:00 Anaheim CA Teardrop 8 minutes One object , bell shapes, was observed at approximately 2130 to 2138 It came from the south and at changing speeds moved across the sky 7/26/02
7/20/02 20:00 Carolina Beach NC Formation 10 minutes formation of red flashing lights in sync about a half mile long 9/24/03
7/20/02 19:15 Washington, D.C. DC Fireball 2 minutes Green Object in the Night sky over the nations capital 9/6/02
7/20/02 08:30 Phoenix/Glendale AZ Cylinder 10 seconds cylindrical object with an exterior glow 7/26/02
7/20/02 03:51 Surrey (Canada) BC Other flyby Very Quiet, No Lights 9/19/02
7/20/02 02:00 Stampede Lake NV Other seconds My husband saw above tall evergreen trees near the lake two dark, boomerang shaped objects very high up in the sky - they moved rather 7/26/02
7/20/02 02:00 Vancouver (Canada) BC Triangle 25-30 minutes Triangle spoted high up from a park at 2:00 am pacific. 7/30/02
7/20/02 00:35 Fairfeild ME Disk
UFO seen on I95 in Maine near exit 35 8/16/02
7/20/02 Skegness (UK/England)
Light 1 hour Star like craft emmits two red orbs 2/4/13
7/20/02 Pinckney MI Unknown 10 seconds Two bright lights above us. they were there then gone. no view of it coming or leaving. just 2 lights. 2/1/07
7/19/02 23:40 Squamish (Canada) BC Cone outside for a smoke A very bright cone shape object flying in all different directions, on the left bottom of the moon. 7/26/02
7/19/02 23:30 Toronto (Canada) ON Circle 15 seconds 2 sightings on the same night one hour apart 8/16/02
7/19/02 22:00 Heber Springs AR Fireball 116 Hwy. 25 Not alot of motion. 8/16/02
7/19/02 22:00 Fair Play MO Fireball 10 Min. Small orange fireball crafts flew above Stockten Lake late at night. 3/2/04
7/19/02 21:00 Bessemer AL Disk one minute Encounter of the first kind with video and photographs to back up account. 9/13/02
7/19/02 19:50 Nashville TN Changing 10 minutes Star-like ovoid with revolving object seen before dark, separates, approached by two triangular objects; disappears. 7/26/02
7/19/02 18:00 Pembroke Pines FL Cylinder 20 Minutes In Conclusion, the 3 objects were seen by several people in my neighborhood, only to remain unidentified by local authorities. 8/28/03
7/19/02 11:35 Van Nuys CA Disk 5 mins for me 7/19/02 at 11:35 A.M. I saw a flat slivery object with no wings climb the southwesten sky going notrheast. 7/26/02
7/18/02 21:30 Hoover AL Light 5 minutes A point of light starting moving very fast then vanished. I saw the same thing a few minutes later. 7/26/02
7/18/02 21:30 Mill Valley CA Light 30 seconds Wedge-shaped group of multiple amber lights enter field of vision of binoculars, dart about, interact with aircraft. 8/16/02
7/18/02 21:00 Sydney (NSW, Australia)
Light 2 seconds Distant white light moving at high speed 7/30/02
7/18/02 00:30 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Other 20 minutes Zig Zagging Star 7/26/02
7/17/02 22:55 Duluth GA Triangle 4-6min On 7/17/2002,10:55pm I was traveling south bound on hwy 141 when just off to my left less then a quarter mile away approx 100-150 feet 7/30/02
7/17/02 22:30 Harbor Beach MI Light 5 minutes Strange lights over Lake Huron 12/23/02
7/17/02 22:00 San Felipe (Baja California) (Mexico)
Cylinder 30 minutes there are objects in the baja area not yet identified!!!!!!!! 7/26/02
7/17/02 21:33 Jacksonville NC Flash 2-3 mins I saw something an i have no earthly idea what it is 8/28/02
7/17/02 17:00 Addison TX Other 1 minute Unidentified shape near airport 7/30/02
7/17/02 16:30 Fremont OH Circle 2-3 minutes A small silver craft... 8/16/02
7/17/02 14:30 Liverpool (UK/England)
7/17/02 04:45 Cleveland TX Flash 6 min My daughter and I were traveling on Hwy 105W between Moss Hill and Cleveland TX about 4:30 am. There was not much traffic on the road 7/30/02
7/17/02 03:30 Port Liberte NJ Disk 2hours At 3:20 am I noticed a few lights flashing and as it got closer it was like a rapid flashing of the light starting with dim lights then 7/26/02
7/17/02 02:50 Barton City MI Fireball about 3 minutes Multiple silent orange lights flashing on and off, then going all out after a few minutes, followed by sound of jets but none visible. 2/12/04
7/17/02 02:33 Mobile AL Changing strange one turned into 3 and went diffrent directions. 7/26/02
7/17/02 02:30 Jacksonville AL Circle 15seconds bright light hoovering over trees and then shot down to ground behind trees. 7/26/02
7/16/02 23:00 White River (Canada) ON Light 5 Minutes Starlike object traversing night sky 12/3/04
7/16/02 22:00 Riverhead NY Light 50 minutes Phoenix Lights on Long Island 7/26/02
7/16/02 21:00 Shelbyville TN Triangle about 45 minutes My friend had been saying for the last week that he had seen the object in the sky, but ofcourse knowone believed him. Until last night 7/26/02
7/16/02 21:00 Broomfield CO Teardrop
I was amazed! They moved across the sky at super fast speeds. 6/4/04
7/16/02 10:30 UK/Scotland

Subj: Fwd: UFO Sighting in Scotland 16-7-2002 Date: 7/18/2002 9:51:17 AM Pacific Daylight Time From: Sent fro 8/28/02
7/16/02 10:00 New York City (Manhattan) NY Unknown
crazy 7/26/02
7/16/02 01:30 Washington, D.C. DC Sphere 45 seconds On July 16, 2002 at 1:30 am, I went to photograph a building called the Carpenters Building. It had started to rain, and I didn't want 9/6/02
7/16/02 00:10 Lemington (UK/England)
Other 10 mins Low flying square ufo seen over Lemington, England, passed over twice and had a main beam. 7/26/02
7/16/02 00:00 Bridgewater (Canada) NS Unknown 15 minutes Strange light in woods, weird sounds. 12/19/03
7/16/02 Portland OR Sphere 5 min. Jets slowly chaising object 7/26/02
7/15/02 23:15 Hughson CA Light 12;00 seconds Last year Mid summer I was in my front lawn in the evening at bouts 11:30 PM. I was looking at the stars directly at 12:00 high. I noti 5/27/03
7/15/02 23:00 Hyvinkää (Finland)
Formation 30 seconds Strange formation of objects seen by 2 witnesses over the town of Hyvinkää, Finland. 8/1/03
7/15/02 23:00 Rhinelander WI Other 1 hour as stated above, the vehicle moved across the sky, all the while looking strangely similar to a star. 3/4/03
7/15/02 22:30 Nampa ID Light 5 sec Just west of Nampa, ID. Bright white light moves away rapidly. 9/29/04
7/15/02 22:30 Cold Spring NY Circle 6-10 A very large circle flying just above ground with flashing blue, red, and yellow lights 10/30/06
7/15/02 22:00 Pittsfield ME Unknown 10 min. the one thing we will never foreget was that there was no noise just a pulsing vibration in the air......?? 4/22/03
7/15/02 22:00 Bothell WA Oval 15 min There was a really bright light moving slowly west over town. It just sort of hung in one position much to long for a helicopter and i 7/26/02
7/15/02 22:00 Duck NC Formation
a very short line of 3 greenish lights 8/16/02
7/15/02 22:00 Tillamook (15 miles SW; Cape Lookout) OR Light approx. 1.5 hrs My family and I observed a large bright as it moved north out over the Pacific ocean off of the northernm Oregon coast. 7/30/02
7/15/02 21:30 Arnes/Gimli (R.M. of) ?? (Canada) MB Circle Frequently Since,1999-2002 on many occaions have seen two diffent types of U.F.O. crafts well out at the cabin. My cabin is around the town of Gim 8/16/02
7/15/02 21:30 Debrecen (Hungary)
Cigar 1 minute Silent, Windless "Helicopter" Up-Close Night Sighting In Hungary 3/19/09
7/15/02 21:00 Atlantic NJ Unknown 1 minute UFO Seen Over Atlantic (Ocean) on the same night as major new jersey sighting last year. 8/16/02
7/15/02 20:45 Pomfret VT Circle
Light dot moving over trees. 8/28/02
7/15/02 20:01 Missoula MT Fireball 1 minute Unexplained objects photographed over Mount Sentinel in Montana. 7/26/02
7/15/02 18:45 Bethel NC Disk 2 minutes Saucer shape. ((anonymous report)) 4/8/19
7/15/02 18:00 Burbank Heights WA Cross 1 minute Silent plane-shaped shadow passing on ground in daylight when no planes are anywhere above. 7/16/03
7/15/02 15:00 Rock River (southeast of) WY Oval 2 minutes Carrier retrieves two small craft southeast of Rock River, Wyoming. 10/31/03
7/15/02 15:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Fireball
7 bright lights in the sky. 7/25/04
7/15/02 15:00 Fowlerville MI Triangle 5 min. The shape is what cought our attention 11/28/07
7/15/02 14:00 Beauval (Canada) SK Unknown 20 seconds HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: A gray object in the sky 7/16/03
7/15/02 13:00 Hong Kong (China)
Oval 2 min Oval Shaped Flying odjects seen in Hong Kong Tuen Mun "Noon Time" 10/11/05
7/15/02 11:30 Yardley PA Triangle twenty seconds Tirangle shaped object with eratic lights over Yardley in summer 2002 7/16/03
7/15/02 10:00 Franklin County MO Disk seconds Disc sighting, my odd reaction, visiting my father's grave 8/5/12
7/15/02 09:30 Campo Alegre (Huila) (Colombia)
Al momento de tomar la fotografia no se observo ningún objeto extraño. Al momento de descargar las fotografias en mi computador se obse 9/28/02
7/15/02 09:00 Harrisburg PA Sphere 30 seconds small silver sphere moving and rotating 7/30/02
7/15/02 07:45 Aloha OR Circle 5 minutes Oregon UFO Review Case: Three crafts seen overhead. 7/26/02
7/15/02 05:00 Hastings (UK/England)
Light 5 seconds slow moving bright ball of light like a white flair 11/2/04
7/15/02 04:30 Kingsland TX Light 5 seconds Bright ball of light saw over top of house 5/9/03
7/15/02 04:00 Lexington KY Cylinder 2 Minutes Plane disappears into belly of hovering craft over Man O'War Blvd. In Lexington KY, and witnesses forgot about it temporarily. 3/21/03
7/15/02 03:20 Worthing (UK/England)
Light 3MINUTES White light diamond shape moving from west to east along the south coast.Light was continuously moving in various directions and no tra 7/26/02
7/15/02 03:00 Manchester NH Unknown 1 hour Life changing, amazing, frightening, best experience of my life. 7/16/03
7/15/02 02:00 Tantoora Beach (Israel)

i was standing few meeters from sea line and at my righat side about 1000 meeters apear a ball av lighat in red and the same on my left 8/28/02
7/15/02 01:30 Port Angeles WA Light 10 seconds(approx) Very bright light around me and overhead shooting light motion 7/26/02
7/15/02 01:00 Moxee WA Light 5 seconds. Bright Light Over Yakima County 7/4/12
7/15/02 00:30 Cala Gonone (Sardaigne) (Italy)
Unknown 4,30minutes boule lumineuse en suspention au dessus de la mediteranée, qui se deplaca a plus de mag3 en disparaissant 8/28/03
7/15/02 00:00 Sears Point (BLM property) NM Light 90 minutes Light being directed straight at us? ((NUFORC Note: Celestial body, perhaps? PD)) 7/25/04
7/15/02 Pewaukee WI Flash
Me and my friend have a UFO on tape. It was all by luck but I dont think it is a plane because it is this dot of light that just is ver 3/4/03
7/14/02 23:30 Windsor (Canada) ON Circle 5 min light off and on different speeds 7/26/02
7/14/02 22:25 Salem OR Circle 5 minutes Oregon UFO Review Case: Baseball sized pink object over head. 7/26/02
7/14/02 22:00 Rochester Hills MI Circle 30-45 min. Circle with hole in the middle and pulsating, moving in eastern direction 7/26/02
7/14/02 22:00 North Myrtle Beach SC Circle 1 minute/3 times Yellow balls staying stationery in linear formation, then disappearing. 7/20/14
7/14/02 20:03 Modesto CA Changing 16 minutes rectangular light changed colors to half circle as well as shape in eastern sky from northern California 7/26/02
7/14/02 17:00 Edgeworth (near Bolton) (UK/England)
Cigar ? Disk caught on digital cam noticed day after. 4/27/04
7/14/02 16:00 Falls Church VA Disk 1 minute A gray object hovers in mid air and vanishes. 7/26/02
7/14/02 13:00 LaGrangeville NY Oval 10-20 sec we saw a grayish (oval) object hover over a spot that stuck there for about 10 seconds. 3/21/03
7/14/02 04:00 Ashland WI Unknown 10 minutes Flash of brightlights & weird noisies appeared and strange happennings went on. 7/26/02
7/14/02 03:30 St. Catharines (Canada) ON Light 2 minutes bright light cruses through canada 7/26/02
7/14/02 03:00 Cobmoosa Shores (Shelby) MI Light ~5 min. Three satelites in close formation flew on a NE heading, a fourth may have pealed off, then vanished. 9/19/02
7/14/02 02:30 Hamilton OH Other 2 minutes saw dome shaped object in yard w/ whirling white light on top, flew off straight ahead as fast as lightning 3/11/03
7/14/02 00:15 Taylorville IL Circle 1-2 min bright, white circular light 7/26/02
7/13/02 23:59 Northport NY Light 3 minutes blue light changing shape and brightness 7/16/03
7/13/02 23:10 Paramus NJ Formation 70 seconds Three unknown objects maneuver, pulse, then fade out on a clear July night over northern New Jersey. 7/26/02
7/13/02 22:00
TX Formation

7/13/02 21:10 Lawrence KS Cigar about 2 min Long Cigar shaped object that was far off but giant hovered for about 2 min 7/26/02
7/13/02 20:30 Portland OR Oval 3 minutes. When I was about 10 I was staying at my grandmothers house in Portland. It was pretty warm that day and it was not subsiding, so my gra 11/28/07
7/13/02 15:00 Cascavel (Brazil)
Sphere 20 secs White object flying high in the sky, shifting its traveling direction. 7/26/02
7/13/02 14:00 Indianapolis IN Disk 1 minute Metallic disk observed in the sky in broad daylight. 9/9/13
7/13/02 11:00 Denver CO Triangle 15 min we taped a triangle shaped object changing shape and color then just disappeared within 15 min 7/26/02
7/13/02 06:39 Saxonburg PA Changing 6:39 2002 it was in the evening when I saw it shine in the sky. 7/5/05
7/13/02 04:30 Lake Of The Ozarks MO Cigar
It was the strangest thing I have ever seen. 3/21/03
7/13/02 03:30 Nova Gorica (Slovenia)
Other 10 seconds Traveling with car, I saw the object flying in the sky ( very fast ) and disapeare above a mountain 7/26/02
7/13/02 02:24 Memphis TN Chevron ~1 minute It was a glowing, dull yellow/green, silent, three dimensional horizontal triangle. with verticle cylinders on the end. 7/26/02
7/13/02 01:50 Newcastle-upon-Tyne (UK/England)
Unknown 5-mins I was driving back to my base in my Truck I was looking to the sky to my right when I saw what I thought was the headlights of a plane 7/26/02
7/13/02 01:30 Vancouver (Canada) BC Fireball 02:10 8-15 fireballs seen moving at different speeds, mostly landing (probably) in water, one exploded 7/26/02
7/13/02 01:00 Hamlin PA Fireball 3 mins. i saw a ufo 8/28/02
7/12/02 23:15 Bangor ME Cigar 1 minute two bright white lights(front and back), no noise, moving slow, low to ground, near airbase/airport 7/26/02
7/12/02 22:50 Franklin PA Light 1 minute A light moved across the sky. 7/26/02
7/12/02 22:08 Clinton MS Triangle appx. 2 minutes Triangular object seen twice within one hour, in a city area, 4 witnesses. 7/26/02
7/12/02 22:00 Hillsboro OR Changing 10 minutes fire in the sky 7/26/02
7/12/02 19:30 Beaver Meadows PA Oval 4 seconds The noiseless, glowing oval orange craft hovered above just to disapear as I look away to tell friends. 7/23/03
7/12/02 18:42 Buffalo NY Unknown 5-6seconds I was standing in the backyard (house is double - built facing west) when i obseved pigeons on the roof. I made jestures in an attempt 7/26/02
7/12/02 17:00 Snohomish WA Circle 45 seconds to 1 minute Tiny, white dots 7/26/02
7/12/02 14:45 Barrie (Canada) ON Circle 5 minutes Circular white/silver object appeared in flash of light, hid still in cloud, then in flash of light disappeared. 7/26/02
7/12/02 14:00 New Brighton PA Cigar 00:00:25 In the middle of a narrow chemtrail's haze, hovered a luminous diagonal white line. 8/28/02
7/12/02 02:00 Pocatello ID Triangle 30 Minutes Multiple Objects 4/27/07
7/12/02 01:20 Rapid City SD Light 2 minutes spooky light that shines at you but tries to act like a star in a constellation afterwards. 8/16/02
7/12/02 01:00 Kincardine (Canada) ON Disk camping our car wouldent start before we saw it. 7/26/02
7/12/02 00:30 Liverpool (UK/England)
Sphere 1 minute I walked out of my front door to go to work somthing made me look up at the stars i was puzzeled at what seemed to be three very bright 7/26/02
7/11/02 22:50 West Chester OH Light 15 sec very bright white light stayed stationery 10 sec then faded to nothing. 7/26/02
7/11/02 22:25 Seymour CT Disk 10 minutes A saucer that mimicked our plane and helicopter blinking lights. 7/26/02
7/11/02 22:00 Newark OH Circle 45 min huge moving star like light 7/26/02
7/11/02 21:30 Toronto (Canada) ON Changing 10 minutes This is not the first time I have seen weird objects in the sky over Toronto, but this one was the best yet.... 7/26/02
7/11/02 21:30 Easton MI Circle 2.5-3.0 min On 7/11/02 at 21.30 hours a white flashing light with a ring of red lights was seen over Easton Ma. 7/26/02
7/11/02 21:15 Baltimore MD Flash 22:15 Light Invasion In The Sky 7/26/02
7/11/02 08:46 Vaughan (North of Toronto) (Canada) ON Rectangle 5m30s 2 odd-shaped objects hovered for 5 minutes, vanished, then immediately re-appeared about 15 kilometres away, then vanished again. 7/26/02
7/11/02 08:16 St. Charles MO Disk On way back from Karate I saw a UFO keeping up with my car that vanished behind a tree. 7/26/02
7/11/02 01:00 Fort Collins CO Triangle one minute 3 flashes then 7 dim lights flying in a "V" shape. 7/26/02
7/11/02 01:00 Sandy UT Light 3 seconds(e) I saw an unusual falling star. 7/26/02
7/11/02 00:01 Cold Lake (Canada) AB Light 06 min bright light silently travelling from north to east various altitude. 7/26/02
7/10/02 23:56 Corona CA Light 2 minutes Flying light object observed flying in a precise motion in the Northern sky 7/26/02
7/10/02 23:00 Cape Coral FL Circle 10 seconds I saw a bright star like light moving around thousands of feet in mere seconds 1/17/04
7/10/02 22:40 Redmond WA Light 4 minutes Star like light crawls across Washington Sky. 7/26/02
7/10/02 22:30 Canadian TX Unknown 10min there were three lites traveling across the sky in formation exactly the same distance from one another and it was huge and there was n 8/16/02
7/10/02 22:15 Commack NY Light 20 seconds An extremely bright light spec moving very slowly across they sky and soon fading making no sounds. 7/26/02
7/10/02 22:13 Farmington WV Light 10 seconds Small light seen zig-zagging over West Virginia camp 7/26/02
7/10/02 22:00 Big Sur CA Unknown 5 Minutes + Hot wind followed by bright light. 7/5/05
7/10/02 21:50 Charlotte NC Light 5 seconds Blue light traveling at high rate of speed. 7/26/02
7/10/02 19:24 Rochester NY Unknown 1 - 11/2 min Large star like object moving slow and vanishing. 7/26/02
7/10/02 19:00 Mount Prospect IL Disk TIME STOPPED IF FELT SHOR summer nights 2/1/07
7/10/02 09:30 West Luther (Canada) ON Disk 20 minutes Metallic Disc Shaped UFO seen hovering at low altitude. 7/26/02
7/10/02 03:00 Greater Manchester Area
Triangle 45 minutes Black triangular craft was hovering over my town area for over half an hour, it looked to be inspecting or looking for something. 9/1/04
7/10/02 01:30 Tooele UT Fireball 1 minute Ball of light with helicopters in persuit. 9/12/03
7/10/02 01:00 Hercules CA Cigar 12 seconds Cigar-shaped UFO witnessed by a group being chased down by Military Jets at a high speeds. ((anonymous report)) 4/8/19
7/10/02 01:00 UK/England
Circle 20 seconds triangular shape object 4/22/03
7/9/02 23:45 Abbeville SC Triangle 2 minutes UFO visits small town USA. 7/26/02
7/9/02 22:09 Strawberry Plains TN Unknown out of view 3 stationary objects 2 looked like stars 1 looked like planet all moved within 10 minutes of me watching. 7/26/02
7/9/02 21:50 Bel Air MD Triangle 10-20 minutes per night Me and my friends each 12-14 were talking when we suddenly spotted three stars in the sky flashing and then they moved away. 8/16/02
7/9/02 21:30 San Antonio TX Circle 1 hour bright light,possible spinning,moving west 7/26/02
7/9/02 21:15 Modesto CA Light 5 minutes Four Fighter jets chasing a bright light in Modesto, CA 7/26/02
7/9/02 19:00 Sudbury (Canada) ON Rectangle one minute Spotted a rectangular-like object, pure white in colour in Sudbury, Ont. Canada on July 9 or 10 at around 19:00. 8/16/02
7/9/02 12:28 Clearwater FL Other 1 minute Over the city of Tampa Bay a big thunderstorm was developing around 12.15 pm 07/09/2002. A jet flight came out from the storm flighting 7/26/02
7/9/02 03:55 Klamath Falls OR Light 90 seconds 7/9/02. Klamath Falls , OR 03:55, object travelling from SSE towards NNW accelerates at high speed and does 180 still accelerating 7/26/02
7/9/02 01:00 Whiteswan Lake (Canada) BC
Minutes Wife and husband witness a cluster of objects maneuvering in the morning sky. 3/21/03
7/9/02 00:15 Brookhaven PA Triangle a few seconds Strange noise bothering my dogs came from a hovering triangular light 7/26/02
7/8/02 23:15 Chihuahua (Mexico)
Triangle 3min Vimos una nave triangular con luz roja en cada punta del triangulo, volaba a una velocidad baja a unos 200 mts de altura, la noche esta 7/26/02
7/8/02 23:00 Miami FL Triangle 10 Seconds A triangular shape approximately two house lengths completely black hovering above the treeline across the street 10/31/03
7/8/02 21:15 Chilliwack (Canada) BC Triangle approx 1 hour The crafts were quiet, fast, hovering and illuminated by several lights lining them. 7/26/02
7/8/02 21:10 Pembroke Pines FL Unknown 10 Seconds Glowing Green Orb shot across the sky. 2/24/07
7/8/02 21:00 Sylacauga AL Circle current walked outside and noticed extreme white light in distance..not overhead. Called neighbor and he took binoculars which my grandson had 7/26/02
7/8/02 20:45 Chicago IL Flash
it was bright white and fast 7/26/02
7/8/02 20:30 Edisto Island SC Sphere 3 min's Watch what in the sky's you mite be surprised & if the Gov't sayes your crazy well look at them. 7/26/02
7/8/02 18:00 Waterbury CT Disk 10 min. I witnessed an abduction from my backyard.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
7/8/02 18:00 Sydney (NSW, Australia)
Disk 20 minutes a disc shaped object was seen hovering in the Australian night sky 4/27/04
7/8/02 Henryetta OK Fireball NK UFO reported near Henryetta, Oklahoma on July 8 by many witnesses. 7/26/02
7/7/02 23:46 Malton (UK/England)
Circle 10 minutes it was sunday night and i had just turned the tv off and i heard something out side when i looked there where 3 bright disks in the dis 7/26/02
7/7/02 20:03 Belleville (Canada) ON Cigar 1 minute Blinking out Cigar 8/16/02
7/7/02 14:00 Chagrin Falls OH Cross 5 MIN Digital photos of high altitude object over Chagrin Falls, Oh., 07/07/02. "Popping" sound(distant) behind object. 7/26/02
7/7/02 12:00 Charlotte NC Circle 20 seconds A perfect circle... 6/4/04
7/7/02 09:45 Eagle Butte SD Light 20 min. Red and blue lights, turning real bright. 4/13/10
7/7/02 04:37 Cedar Hill TX Formation 3 minutes Large triangle formation of white lights slowly move across sky, as one light crosses behind its path. 7/26/02
7/7/02 01:30 Myrtle Point OR Cigar 4 to 5 seconds I was coming back to Oregon from Lake Havasu on sunday 07/07/02 and almost got run over by a U.F.O. on hwy. 42 about 10 miles east of M 8/28/02
7/7/02 01:00 Bend OR Triangle 2 hours Triangle object and accompanying lights descend rapidly from sky 7/26/02
7/7/02 00:15 Bend OR Triangle 1 1/2 hour Oregon UFO Review Case: Triangle craft decends to ground level. 7/26/02
7/6/02 23:45 Middleton (Annapolis Valley) (Canada) NS Light 10 minutes Light Show Over The North Mountain 8/16/02
7/6/02 23:00 Clarksburg WV Unknown 6 minutes A "star" that wasnt a star 7/26/02
7/6/02 23:00 Pittsburgh PA Rectangle 00:10:00 I noticed a light flashing in the night sky just over the little dipper. At first glance it seemed like an airplane but the more I loo 7/26/02
7/6/02 22:41 Yreka CA Sphere 10 seconds Two very large, very bright lights arcing across the horizon in succession... 3/11/03
7/6/02 21:45 Longmont CO Circle 90 secs Five circular bluish-white objects moving north to south, 3 first followed by two more in a vertical pattern. 7/30/02
7/6/02 21:45 Longmont CO Circle 1.5 minutes Three small circles of light in a constantly changing pattern. 7/26/02
7/6/02 21:15 Cincinnati OH Triangle 3-5 seconds UFO at Cincinnati Reds stadium 7/26/02
7/6/02 21:00 Cloverdale CA Other 15min a ufo in the sky at night 7/26/02
7/6/02 21:00 Napa CA Fireball
it looked like a slug on fire in the sky 7/26/02
7/6/02 21:00 Moose Mountain (Canada) NB Triangle 5 MIN NEW BRUNSWICK FARMER 11/2/04
7/6/02 20:30 Clearlake CA Fireball 15 minutes Fire ball object at high altitude heading north to south over Lake County California . 7/26/02
7/6/02 11:45 Houston TX Triangle 10-11 secs Black Triangle with Green Lihgts! 7/26/02
7/6/02 07:30 Waukesha WI Fireball 10 sec. There was a bright, but small light near the horizon that slowly dissipated to nothing. 3/21/03
7/6/02 02:00 Waukesha WI Circle 1-5seconds A dot of light moving very quickly and quietly 3/11/03
7/6/02 01:30 Edmonton (Canada) AB Disk 10 seconds Huge, motionless craft hovers silently above an army base 7/26/02
7/6/02 01:00 Franklinton LA Triangle 01:30 We spotted a UFO we think! 7/26/02
7/6/02 00:30 Saskatoon (Canada) SK Triangle 1 minute Large Black Triangle, no lights or sound, south to north, night-time, 3/4 moon, partly cloudy 1/22/04
7/6/02 00:01 Salt Lake City UT Other 3 - 4 sec On the morning of July 6,2002 3 sets of clusters over Salt Lake city. 7/26/02
7/5/02 23:45 Capitola CA Chevron seconds A wing shaped, lightly glowing (smoky white) thing flying out towards the Montery Bay each night for 2 nights in a row. 7/26/02
7/5/02 23:45 McDonough GA Triangle 2min It made no sound and moved very slow! 7/26/02
7/5/02 23:01 St. Catharines (Canada) ON Light 5-6 seconds Satelites don't "zig zag", so what did I see? 7/26/02
7/5/02 22:30 Seattle WA Light 30 minutes Bright light appeared to (perhaps) be hovering closely outside of earth's atmosphere 7/26/02
7/5/02 20:40 Worcester (South Africa)
Formation 5 seconds Three bright lights traveling like a shooting star. 7/26/02
7/5/02 20:00 Granville OH Circle 2 min. It was red the shape was like a circle it was very far away.It flew to the right and down in one movement.Then it went to the right and 8/16/02
7/5/02 04:09 Cambridge MA Light
spinning colors--red, green around immobile object 7/26/02
7/5/02 03:15 Portland ME Light 2.5 sec Aircraft with bright white blinking light. Velocity 200- 500 mph 0315 hrs 7/26/02
7/5/02 02:00 Las Vegas (leaving; near Baker) NV Chevron 3 minutes probably a secret from area 51 7/26/02
7/5/02 01:25 Brampton (Canada) ON Flash 15 Seconds Two bright flashes in Eastern sky 15 seconds apart. 7/26/02
7/5/02 Forest Grove OR Unknown unknown Oregon UFO Review Case: Crop Formation appears in Forest Grove wheat field. 7/26/02
7/4/02 23:10 Toronto (Canada) ON Light 10-15 secs. Strange bright light pops out of cloud, then back in, over Toronto Canada. 7/26/02
7/4/02 23:02 Hudson Bay (?) NJ Unknown 1-2 seconds FLASH of light along the water! 7/26/02
7/4/02 22:45 Hillsboro OR Fireball 1/2 second A bright flash of white light shot across the sky in an instant with no sound 7/26/02
7/4/02 22:45 Seattle WA Changing 4 min i had seen a flying obect change shape, color and even blink! 2/11/03
7/4/02 21:30 Howell NJ Disk 15 Silver disk at low altitude , Howell , N.J. 7/26/02
7/4/02 21:20 Murrieta CA Light 3 minutes Erraticly wandering star-like object travels from north to south at a consistent, slow pace 7/26/02
7/4/02 21:00 Blue Eye MO Unknown 2Hrs. The object has appeared every night in the western sky. It is the first object to appear at dusk. It is very bright and to close to be 7/26/02
7/4/02 21:00 Vista CA Unknown 9min Floating lamplike UFO 8/16/02
7/4/02 21:00 Strong OH Sphere 10:40pm-12:27 A comit like spacecraft. 7/26/02
7/4/02 21:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Cross 2 minutes Cross shaped light that didn't move. 7/26/02
7/4/02 20:48 New York City NY Triangle 15-20 minutes Triangular Starlike Object/Craft at the 2002 NYC 4th of July East River Fireworks 7/26/02
7/4/02 20:23 San Bernardino CA Unknown 15 sec, Flash of halogen-quality light on fast moving object 7/26/02
7/4/02 19:00 Bremerton WA Oval 4-5 minutes As I was sitting watching the 4th of july festivites at our back yard bar-b-q, I noticed an Silver Oval object moving slowly from West 7/26/02
7/4/02 17:30 Pembroke Pines FL Sphere 1 minute Black sphere traveling steadily at low altitude 7/26/02
7/4/02 17:00 Elysburg PA Fireball 5 seconds Fireball 11/26/03
7/4/02 16:30 Junction City KS Cigar 30 seconds We were on our boat at milford lake and approximately 4 miles away, not far above the hills we saw a long, perfectly straight shiny obj 7/26/02
7/4/02 15:00 Sherman NY Cigar 45 seconds Chrome appearance; slow moving 12/23/02
7/4/02 10:00 Henryetta OK Unknown 15 min Well first of all I never knew there was a sight like this where I could tell my story. It was the Fouth of July 2002 and we where havi 6/4/04
7/4/02 02:00 Cumberland TN Circle 2 minutes No lights, no noise just floating through the sky. We wouldn't have seen it if it weren't for all the clouds that were out that night, 5/24/05
7/4/02 01:30 Naples ME Circle 20 mins 3 Lights play together over Maine skies. 7/26/02
7/4/02 00:10 Dorena OR Triangle 4 min. 7 people see lights in triangle formation move across sky. 6/4/04
7/3/02 23:50 Longueuil (Canada) PQ Oval 5 to 10 seconds unexplained oval shaped lights in the sky. 7/26/02
7/3/02 23:30 Cumberland WI Flash 20 seconds Five streaks of light that were too bright and too constant to be meteorites and too fast for a satelite or aircraft. 7/26/02
7/3/02 23:00 I-355 (Cook County) IL Light
I was driving on Interstate 355 South when I saw a huge lit up object in the sky 4 miles away. When I got closer to it I could see tha 7/26/02
7/3/02 22:45 Fresno (Merced, more than one) CA Triangle 50 minutes A machine with amazing lights that can swoop to ground level and go dangerously fast. 7/26/02
7/3/02 22:35 Invercargill (New Zealand)
2 saucer like crafts flew by with 3 helicopters after them 8/16/02
7/3/02 22:30 Montreal (Canada) PQ Light not sure maybe 5 minute. 2 bird over east of Montréal? 7/26/02
7/3/02 22:00 Greensburg PA Diamond 1 hour new sighting 7/26/02
7/3/02 19:10 San Diego CA Cone
this was the freakest min. of my life ever i am never going outside by my shelf ever again 7/26/02
7/3/02 17:00 Atlanta GA Oval 2 seconds Fastest moving object ive ever seen 9/1/04
7/3/02 14:10 Currie MN Cigar 4 minutes Metallic, cigar-shaped craft over Eastrn Murray County, MN. 4/30/15
7/3/02 12:30 Wall NJ Circle 10 seconds An object traveling from the North to the South in less than a second and had zigzagged at one point, than flew off. 7/26/02
7/3/02 03:10 Scituate MA Light 35 minutes far away small blinking light moving around quickly but shortly 8/16/02
7/3/02 01:45 Las Cruces NM Cylinder 3 seconds Huge bright lime green Cylinder Shaped Object 7/26/02
7/3/02 01:00 Akron OH Oval 20 seconds white oval object seemed to move out of our site straight up and gone 8/16/02
7/2/02 23:40 Formby (UK/England)
Triangle 3mins it was a large triangular object 7/26/02
7/2/02 22:30 Varennes (Canada) PQ Triangle 5 seconds triangular object with a light in each corner traveled soundless across the sky 7/26/02
7/2/02 22:10 South Paris ME Sphere 30 sec. Bright sphere star looking craft sighted in South Paris ME. 7/26/02
7/2/02 22:00 Kristianstad (Sweden)
Disk 1 minute fast encounter 7/30/02
7/2/02 21:30 Goodyear AZ Light 20 min. An amber light in the west sky. 7/26/02
7/2/02 15:13 Rivers (Canada) MB Disk One Minute Disc sighted over Rivers Fair 8/16/02
7/2/02 14:30 Boise ID Sphere 45 seconds Shining sphere speeds accross sky towards Southeast. 7/26/02
7/2/02 13:00 Los Angeles CA Unknown 5 minutes Unexplainable Jet noise in the LA sky 7/26/02
7/2/02 02:30 Duanesburg/Mariaville NY Light 2 hours The objects we saw appeared at first to be satellites, but would change direction and drift back and forth. 1/19/05
7/2/02 02:15 Kansas City MO Oval 3 minutes Freight Pilot Sees Rapidly Moving Oval Object Near Kansas City, MO. 7/26/02
7/2/02 02:00 Topeka KS Other 15 seconds Whitest flash of Light I've ever seen 10/8/07
7/2/02 01:00 Mantua OH Disk 10 seconds spinning lights 1/19/05
7/1/02 23:30 Kilkenny (Republic of Ireland)
Unknown 3 seconds Flashing Lights in night sky come for second visit. 7/26/02
7/1/02 23:00 North Java NY Triangle 10 minutes three lights flew overhead at night 10/30/06
7/1/02 23:00 Newport News VA Circle 00:00:15 Single orb starts in the sky, then becomes encircled by other orbs, then spins away. 12/12/11
7/1/02 22:00 Napa CA Changing 5 min The object appeared to be rectangular with fire under it, then rose very high and appeared round and on fire. 7/26/02
7/1/02 21:30 Rohnert Park CA Changing
7/1/02 09:21 Sumner WA Disk 10sec At 09:21 I saw what is referred to as a daylight Disk. The sky was fifty percent overcast. the clouds were cumulus, big,white and puffy 7/26/02
7/1/02 01:30 Huntsville (Canada) ON Oval 2-3 sec I thought it was a shooting star. 7/26/02