National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 04/2002
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
4/30/02 23:15 Gaylord MI Other 2 minutes my boyfriends father called and had siad that there was a craft with red, white, and blue lights, and said that it was coming towards o 5/14/02
4/30/02 22:04 Woodinville WA Chevron 5 seconds Silent boomerang shaped craft without lights 5/14/02
4/30/02 21:45 Kelowna (Canada) BC Other 1 minute Delta or 'V' shaped object, moving silently, unlit aside from surrounding light sources moving south to north 5/14/02
4/30/02 20:15 Cheyenne WY Egg 5 minutes The EggBeamer! 5/14/02
4/29/02 23:30 Gates OR Unknown 5 seconds Can anyone identify this. 5/14/02
4/29/02 21:50 Seattle WA Light 2 seconds BRIGHT GREEN LIGHT "ZIPS" DOWN ACROSS SKY TOWARDS HORIZON Monday, April 2002 5/14/02
4/29/02 21:30 Evanston WY Sphere hours For many months myself and others have seen silver lighted spheres moving intelligently over city. 5/14/02
4/29/02 21:08 Seattle WA Light 7 seconds Bright green light descending due east of First Hill in Seattle. Appeared to be coming down between Bellevue and Issaquah. It descend 5/14/02
4/29/02 07:30 Kelowna (Canada) BC Light Few minutes This was reported by our local news outlet called Castanet. There is also a short video on their news site. 6/2/17
4/28/02 22:40 Tacoma WA Triangle 6 seconds At 22:40 pm three lights making a distinctive triangle in the sky was observe passing overhead at a high rate of speed silently. 5/14/02
4/28/02 22:15 Harrison & Mt.Plesent (between) MI Rectangle 10min I would'nt have believed it, I can only try and explain what we saw. 5/14/02
4/28/02 21:45 St. Charles IL Light 5 sec I first would like to thank you for acknowledging my e-mail regarding the "3 objects" that I saw last week and on am sorry for not gett 4/27/07
4/27/02 23:40 Portland OR Circle 4 minutes Crescent of lights, may have been edge of large craft. 5/14/02
4/27/02 21:58 Jacksonville FL Circle 4 seconds I observed an object with a peculiar flight path and unusual lighting characteristics. 5/14/02
4/27/02 21:00 Wilmington NC Light 10 seconds While looking toward the north at the night sky, I observed a bright star-like light moving slowly across the sky.

The light was as
4/27/02 19:00 Benicia CA Cigar
I saw something in the I have never seen before. My family and I were coming out of a local pizza parlor and had just enter 8/16/02
4/27/02 16:00 Steeleville IL Fireball 5 secs BALL OF FIRE STREAKED DOWN FROM THE SKY. 8/1/03
4/27/02 15:30 Galveston TX Other 20 seconds Strange shape observed gliding over Galveston island during a warm Saturday afternoon. 5/14/02
4/27/02 13:10 Germantown NY Sphere 6 minutes They really do look like orbs...? 5/14/02
4/27/02 12:30 Ottawa (Canada) ON Oval aprox 1 min on sat. april 27 at 1230 pm.i was on my lunch brack at the convent [were i work as a cook].i was in the yard when i looked up to se if 5/14/02
4/26/02 15:05 Jacksonville FL Cylinder 2min It was a UFO 5/14/02
4/26/02 15:00 Seattle WA Sphere 2 minutes Two silver spheres flying together. 6/12/02
4/26/02 15:00 Toma to Madison (Interstate 90-94) WI Other 3-4 hours Object appeared as a contrail,did not dissapate,cast a shadow as tho solid,travelled intact to the south 5/14/02
4/26/02 06:00 Westmont NJ Light 3 seconds Brilliant greenish white light streak in the Southwest sky at 6 AM EST 04/26/02 seen in Southern NJ, USA 5/14/02
4/26/02 00:20 Brighton (UK/England)
Cigar 1 min 20sec Problems flying 5/14/02
4/25/02 22:15 Stockton AL Triangle 1 minute A triangular craft 200ft high and 500 foot from my position..hovering 5/14/02
4/25/02 21:15 Flagstaff (near; over US 40) NV Other ~60 seconds Quad-pod light metallic brushed metallic green craft sighted above US 40 outside Flagstaff. 5/14/02
4/25/02 11:30 San Jose CA Circle 2 seconds very small spheres, three one frame flashes at equal time and distance intervals 7/1/02
4/25/02 00:30 Winston-Salem NC Light 2-3 minutes A bright and wavering light in the east. 5/14/02
4/24/02 23:30 Port Orchard WA Light 2 hours Constantly recurring Light (over years) that changes direction too fast to be anyhting known. 5/14/02
4/24/02 22:00 Bellflower CA Light approx. 5 min red floating, swaying light orb thing- asceding into the sky reverse of a falling feather and much slower 4/25/02
4/24/02 21:45 Meriden/Wallingford CT Light seconds NOT a shooting star; but entered the atmosphere and dissappeared in similar fashion. Very bright, white light. No tail as in shooting 5/14/02
4/24/02 21:00 Leslie AR Sphere 1 minute Two light spheres followed by three smaller ones 5/14/02
4/24/02 19:00 Coeur d'Alene ID Sphere 35 minutes A sphere with a sail on top that changed into triangular shape then back to spherical, that would shrink then expand & blink lights 9/19/02
4/24/02 07:30 Salt Lake City UT Diamond 30 seconds Vanishing UFOs 5/14/02
4/24/02 01:40 Lake Havasu City AZ Light 5 minutes Lights in LHC Arizona AGAIN 4/25/02
4/24/02 00:30 Elm Mott TX Triangle 1.5 min. Lighted triangular craft seen north of waco tx. 5/14/02
4/23/02 23:34 New York City (Manhattan) NY Changing 10 minutes Above My building 4 metallic crafts were observed flying low level and adjacent to each other. THey changed shapes 3 times before takin 4/25/02
4/23/02 22:00 St.Charles MI Changing 3 hours UFO's spotted for three hours. After flashing the primary object with a flashlite, a object from the south west chased me. 4/25/02
4/23/02 16:00 Silute (Lithuania)
Languance of Lithuania ai nou spyk inglich.

Turiu nufilmuota nežinoma skraidanti objekta (UFO). Filmavau sprogdinama murini kamina
4/23/02 13:00 Berkley Springs MD Disk 2.00 min. Bright disk in sky 10/20/05
4/23/02 02:00 Greenville SC Light 10 minutes I am sure that I was awake, and I wasn't hurt at all. 4/25/02
4/22/02 23:45 Everett WA Triangle 10-15 sec. Three triangler shaped crafts flying in formation over Everett WA. 4/25/02
4/22/02 22:15 Dover AR Flash 25min there were 4 objects first two were flashing three times per second high alt.the trailing one caught the leader at a very high speed a 4/25/02
4/22/02 21:30 Primm Springs TN Light 2-3 seconds Myself and two witnesses observed a light, not a meteor, moving at low altitude across the sky; its duration was no more than three sec 4/25/02
4/22/02 21:00 Lemont IL Fireball 10 minuts big fire balls 20ft tall and 30ft wide. when they left they left burn marks. 4/25/02
4/22/02 19:00 Conroe/Houston (between) TX Diamond about 20 mins I was cruisin south on I45 between Conroe and Houston when i noticed two lights hovering near the freeway. 2/22/05
4/22/02 03:55 Escondido CA Circle approx. 15 sec. IT APPEARED OUT OF NOWHERE AND TOOK OFF AT INCREDIBLE SPEED! 5/14/02
4/21/02 19:00 Mammoth Cave KY Other 2 hours Crashed metal flying machine. 6/18/04
4/21/02 16:00 Lancaster CA Circle 4 minutes Looking at the moon which was visible during the day I noticed a white dot approaching the moon east to west. At first I thought it was 4/25/02
4/21/02 04:00 Iowa IA Changing minutes? Bright white translucent roundish object changed shape 4/25/02
4/21/02 04:00 Manchester (UK/England)
Light 10 mins We went outside to watch the conjuction of the planets.we did not see the conjuction as it is only visable at dusk.I focused on a fixed 4/25/02
4/20/02 22:00 Cortland NY Unknown 15 seconds Seven points of light continuously changing position with each other, yet all moving in the same direction. 4/25/02
4/20/02 22:00 Willow Springs MO Triangle 20 minutes Large bright orange object seen twice in the same night 5/14/02
4/20/02 21:30 Killeen TX Triangle bout 10 seconds Triangular with lights on the corners with the ability to fly at high and real slow speeds. 8/28/03
4/20/02 20:50 Tucson AZ Diamond 1-5 minutes Diamond shape, with colored flashing lights and a strange noise. 4/25/02
4/20/02 20:00 Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Triangle 45 minutes A bus group sited and witnessed this UFO landing, and take off and investigated the site together later. 5/14/02
4/20/02 11:00 Cuernavaca (Mexico)
Oval 45minutes Sighting of Motherships retrieving aproximately 50 other smaller ships. 11/16/02
4/20/02 02:30 Rocky Mount NC Light 2 minutes The light in the sky 4/25/02
4/20/02 02:00 Skytop PA Circle 1 minute bright moon shaped light with smaller disc of light to lower right in front 4/25/02
4/19/02 23:06 Folsom CA Triangle 10 seconds Triangular shape over Folsom, CA 4/25/02
4/19/02 22:00 Lakeside CA Triangle 1 minute Massive, silent, triangular craft that flew slowly overhead (NO LIGHTS). 12/20/12
4/19/02 21:30 Hemel Hempstead (UK/England)
Circle 1-2 mins big red object flew by me. 4/25/02
4/19/02 21:30 Carterville IL Egg 25-35 minutes Flat craft with egg-shaped profile 7/30/02
4/19/02 20:11 Melbourne Beach FL Sphere 15 minutes disk circled by point, explosion 4/25/02
4/19/02 20:00 Bloomingburgh NY Unknown 1 1/2 Hours Numerous objects w/flashing red & blue lights on either side of a white light silently gliding through the night sky. 5/14/02
4/19/02 03:15 UK/England
Light 15 mins Glow on the moon 4/25/02
4/18/02 21:45 Buffalo (south of) NY Formation 15 secs I was sitting on my back porch observing the planet configuration,I'm an amateur astronomer 20 years. This seven light boomerang shaped 4/25/02
4/18/02 21:45 Santa Cruz CA Triangle 30 seconds I saw a black triangular aircraft flying at an altitude between 300 - 500 feet - it was HUGE (bigger than any plane I've ever seen), c 11/26/03
4/18/02 21:30 Port Orchard WA Chevron 1 hour moves around very slowly; doesn't appear to be going in a straight line 4/25/02
4/18/02 20:30 Hilliard OH Disk 0:45 UFO went overhead at a high rate of speed and continued north-northwest. 4/25/02
4/18/02 20:30 Tubac AZ Light 20 minutes Unusual lights in southern Arizona 4/25/02
4/18/02 05:30 Whittier CA Light until dawn bright light that hovered forward/backward and side to side. 4/25/02
4/18/02 03:00 Highbridge WI Light one -two minutes "Urgent" unknown object caught on tape. 4/25/02
4/17/02 23:45 El Reno OK Other 55 min Strange Sights into the night! 4/25/02
4/17/02 21:45 San Antonio TX Unknown 20 minutes Seven UFOs spotted on a beautifully clear south Texas night over San Antonio 4/25/02
4/17/02 21:45 McMinnville OR Oval 5 seconds Glowing oval and flying triangle observed in McMinnville Oregon 5/14/02
4/17/02 21:45 McMinnville OR Triangle Short Oval object and triangle shaped craft seen traveling together from bedroom window. 5/14/02
4/17/02 21:30 Pensacola FL Light appr.30 seconds Two stationary lights on the western horizon suddenly moved simultaneously upward then began to move southwesterly. Both were whitish l 4/25/02
4/17/02 21:20 San Antonio TX Light 2-3 minutes NIGHT LIGHTS 4/25/02
4/17/02 21:00 Fresno CA Disk 3minutes Horizontal lights appear connected and moving at high altitude and high rate of speed Fresno CA 4/25/02
4/17/02 20:55 San Jose CA Circle 35 seconds Looked like very bright stars over San Jose Ca, but stars don't float that fast across the sky! 4/25/02
4/17/02 20:55 Sebastopol CA Light 1 min. two "star-like" objects traveling in parallel 4/25/02
4/17/02 20:55 Long Beach CA Light 40 sec. Two fast movers over L.A. 4/25/02
4/17/02 20:50 Mt. Carmel PA Light five minutes approx 2 light objects in the night sky not corresponding to know jet flying patterns or noise. 4/25/02
4/17/02 20:46 Oxnard CA Light 3-5 minutes On Wednesday April 17, 2002 I had just returned home from attending a Centennial Committee meeting that had finished at Oxnard City Hal 5/14/02
4/17/02 20:30 Moscow PA Cigar 5 minutes very large and slow moving object 4/25/02
4/17/02 20:30 Virginia Beach VA Light 2 minutes 2 sets of moving parallel lights, 1 nrth/south of each other which criss crossed, 1 ea/wst which moving fast 4/25/02
4/17/02 20:20 Mesa AZ Unknown 1 minute Small satelite object that moved, stopped and faded away. 4/25/02
4/17/02 20:20 Greers Ferry AR Unknown 25 min. 3 orange lights brighten then fade away aircraft in area observing also UFO sighting over lake in Ozarks 4/25/02
4/17/02 20:20 Lakewood CO Light 5 minutes Saw two star-like objects traveling southeast 4/25/02
4/17/02 03:30 Needles CA Circle 10 seconds I was driving west on I40, west of Needles, CA. about 3:30 am. There were many semi trucks on the road who probably saw this, too. It 5/14/02
4/17/02 00:30 Philadelphia PA Disk 30-40 seconds A round pitch black craft with a small triangle shape tail and some gray area with ridges on what looked like small round wings 8/28/02
4/17/02 Australia
Cone 2 6 humming cone objects 4/22/03
4/16/02 22:24 Nashua NH Disk 3-4 seconds Circular pulsating lights on sides of large, silent, disk shaped object 4/25/02
4/16/02 22:24 Nashua NH Disk 3-4 seconds Circular craft with rotating pulsating lights on the sides only 4/25/02
4/16/02 21:45 Highlands Ranch CO Cylinder 1 to 2 min LIghted cylinder unexplained object was spotted in Douglas County Colorado 4/25/02
4/16/02 21:05 Byram NJ Circle 15:00 Silver-blue-red flashing light seen above northwestern New Jersey 4/25/02
4/16/02 21:00 Connecticut (unspecified) CT Circle
Well,it was me (n/a) and a friend (n/a) and i was inside she was outside and she called me outside and said come outside and look at th 5/14/02
4/16/02 01:00 West Liberty KY Changing appox. 45 min. The object that I saw in the night sky was round, flashing different colors and moved around in the same area for 28mins. 4/25/02
4/15/02 21:00 Imperial CA Light approx. 20 minutes Lights along the desert mountains 4/25/02
4/15/02 20:30 Clarksburg PA Other 3-4 minutes Fat Object Hovers Over Trees 9/13/02
4/15/02 13:00 St. Louis area MO

4/15/02 13:00 Peerless Park MO

4/15/02 06:30 Westminster CO Triangle 5 MIN Triangle craft seen in Westminster Colorado. 4/25/02
4/15/02 03:00 Lyndhurst NJ Other 15 minutes Small creatures from the sky 3/4/08
4/15/02 01:25 Raahr (Finland)
Light 1 minute Fast lights from N to S. Speed mayby 3000 mph 4/25/02
4/14/02 22:22 Invercargill (New Zealand)
Unknown 9-12 sec. object seems to disintergrate as if re-entering the aptmostphere 5/14/02
4/14/02 20:59 Ville de La Baie (Canada) PQ Formation 10-30 seconds Kite shaped ufo moving softly and without a noise in the night sky over Saguenay 4/25/02
4/14/02 20:40 Tweed Heads (Australia)
Other 5 min squar ufo very brite head light no noise 5/27/03
4/14/02 20:40 Tweeds Head (Australia)

I have already sent this report in but I for got to say if you want to you can e-mail me at NUFORC Home Pa 6/18/03
4/14/02 20:00 Peoria AZ Light 30-45 min. as i looked at the moon, i noticed what first appeared to be a planet. after a few seconds, i concluded that it was far too bright, and 4/25/02
4/14/02 03:00 Las Vegas NV Changing 20 minutes Illuminated object that seemed to change shape flying over The Strip at night 5/14/02
4/13/02 23:00 Wellington (New Zealand)
Unknown <5 secs Brief unusual star-like flare 5/14/02
4/13/02 22:00 Palm Springs CA Formation 1/2 hour on april 13, 2002, at 10 pm against a clear, starry nite, i observed a formation flying east to west above my home...very large formati 11/26/03
4/13/02 21:55 Leicester (UK/England)
Sphere 35 Minutes On the 13 April 2002 i witnessed 7 spheres circuling each other in many different directions where i got out of the house which they we 4/25/02
4/13/02 21:45 Green Bay WI Other 5 sec Stealth shaped object. No lights and NO sound. 4/25/02
4/13/02 20:00 San Antonio TX Sphere in neighborhood white with probaley 3 lights and there was no sound and no gasoline coming out and a sphere shape object 8/16/02
4/13/02 12:20 Muskego WI Circle approx 5 min UFO's rendezvous over SE Wisconsin Sat April 13th 2002. 1220PM 4/25/02
4/13/02 11:00 Magna UT Sphere 30 minutes Saturday morning UFO's over Magna Utah. 7/1/02
4/13/02 10:00 Tucson AZ Sphere 3-5 minutes Orb at Red Roof Inn, Tucson, AZ 3/4/08
4/13/02 09:30 Atenas (Costa Rica)
Other 5 sec. on the morning of April 13, 2002 I was working taking photos of a construction project for my client. I did not notice this object unti 4/25/02
4/12/02 22:30 Superior WI Light approx 1 minute three lights moved in formation in the sky. 4/25/02
4/12/02 22:00 Lonsdale MN
1.5 hours At 10 PM my wife observed a light in the southwestern sky that was odd because it was moving erratically. I joined her on the deck and 4/25/02
4/12/02 20:40 Lynnville TN Light 3 minutes fast, bright, white burn of light, unbeliveable 90 degree turns 4/25/02
4/12/02 18:00 Oxford NC Triangle 2 minutes Triangle UFO spins and splits 3/19/09
4/12/02 16:30 Barrie (Simcoe) (Canada) ON Fireball 1 minute Fireball In The Sky. 8/1/03
4/11/02 22:30 Calgary (Canada) AB Unknown 45 min. A red and green flashing light hovering in the sky for about 45min. 4/25/02
4/11/02 22:10 Suwanee GA Cigar 6-10 seconds At approximately 22:00 pm I went onto my deck in the back of house to call our friends that live in the San Francisco area. I went outs 4/25/02
4/11/02 22:00 Hilo HI Changing couple seconds huge silver disappearing object 10/28/02
4/11/02 22:00 Doniphan MO Light Aprox 1 minute UFO? 4/25/02
4/11/02 21:10 Watertown NY Other 15-20 secs. flashing object moving north across constellation Leo, then turning sharply to the west (a 90% turn). 4/25/02
4/11/02 14:00 Midland TX
5 minutes White light establishes message to two witnesses in Texas 5/29/12
4/10/02 23:30 Phoenixville PA Light 30 min it was changeing shapes and it was to far to make out the shape but it was turning from a dull red to a bright moved very slow 4/25/02
4/10/02 23:20 At a pullout on the highway ID Triangle 10 seconds Three star like objects moved slowly then faded one by one 4/25/02
4/10/02 23:00 Barrie (Canada) ON Flash 45 sec A zig zagging light at low altitude travelling east south east at a speed beyond human capability. 5/14/02
4/10/02 22:30 Naples FL Light 30 seconds or so 4 circular lights that spun in circles, than became one, than repeated the cycle over again. ((Advertising lights??)) 9/1/04
4/10/02 22:20 Indianapolis IN Triangle 30sec Boomerang shaped object heading east to west.Transparent glow almost like metal starting to glow from heat,,orange and light green in c 4/25/02
4/10/02 22:15 Azle TX Cigar 2-3 MINUTES Silent ,cigar-shaped UFO with round,gold lights and orange tail traveled alongside car at tree level 6/12/08
4/10/02 22:05 Middletown NJ Flash 5 minutes radically strobing lights form triangular shape followed by 15 lights in random alternating strobing patterns. 4/25/02
4/10/02 22:00 Rockford IL Cigar looking at the stars I was looking at the stars outside on the ground on Saturday and I seen three shaped cigars following each other they four lights on ea 4/25/02
4/10/02 22:00 Newcastle (UK/England)
Teardrop 10 m Road sighting 4/25/02
4/10/02 21:00 Ragley LA Light one hour Two friends and myself were grilling steaks outside. All outside lighting was off so we could star-watch on this clear night. As we rec 4/25/02
4/10/02 19:46 Saratoga Springs NY Light aprox. 2 hrs Strange light 4/25/02
4/10/02 16:35 Austin TX Sphere 5minutes I was headed for work and was dropping off my trash at the Trash dumpster and looked up and saw a Silver Sphere just hovering. It was a 4/25/02
4/10/02 09:00 Coventry RI Formation 00:37 It was scary! 4/25/02
4/9/02 22:00 New Albany IN Rectangle 20 seconds Two red objects moved across the sky from east to west about 30 degrees above the horizon 4/13/17
4/9/02 20:00 Green Valley AZ Circle 45 secs. Had I not watched the Peter Jennings report, I probably would not have reported this to anyone! 5/24/05
4/9/02 12:00 South Elgin IL Formation 5-10 minutes White-silverish round objects that started out perfect V formation, split up, circling and doing other shapes till disappeared. 4/22/16
4/8/02 23:48 Middletown (suburb) OH Triangle 6 seconds A triangular shaped object seen late at night. 7/26/02
4/8/02 22:00 Wodonga (Australia)
Circle 8 mins three round bright lights in formation 4/8/02
4/8/02 20:30 Adelaide (South Australia)
Light 5-10 minutes 6 Bright orange lights in pyramid formation heading NW to SE moving as fast as comets, but as far away as stars 4/25/02
4/8/02 11:50 Oldham (UK/England)
Light 5 mins oval light 11/20/02
4/8/02 09:45 Tampa FL Light 15 seconds Firefly type light seen in Tampa knight skies. 4/25/02
4/8/02 08:30 Pulaski WI Changing 5 minutes Object seen in Pulaski, WI that changed shapes and threw out a plethora of colors. 4/25/02
4/8/02 03:30 Adelaide (South Australia)
Light 3-4 minutes Yellow ball of light 10/15/02
4/8/02 02:35 Australia
Flash 2-3 seconds A brief field of white light travelling at a fast speed early in the morning. 4/25/02
4/7/02 21:15 Granite Falls WA Light 20mn a bright ???? 4/25/02
4/7/02 04:30 Montreal (Canada) PQ Light 1mn 5 lights like big star dancing direction NNW - SSE looks high in the sky looks bigger than artificial satellite colour : orange no soun 4/25/02
4/7/02 02:00 San Diego CA Light 3-4 minutes Bright Stationary Object off Ocean Beach San Diego 6/12/02
4/6/02 22:10 Preston, Lancashire (UK/England)

0:05 One big bright light travelling from west to east visable for only 2 minutes at best. bright light that faded out with a slight hint o 4/8/02
4/6/02 22:00 Maui HI Oval 5 mins. An oval shaped spacecraft with bright lights hovered above our car on a deserted Hawaiin road, one humid night in Maui. 6/12/02
4/6/02 20:15 Ilford (UK/England)
Triangle 22.45 The Triangle shaped object was in the sky at a distance hovering in one place for quite some time with bright flashing lights of red gr 4/8/02
4/6/02 06:45 Clinton (Canada) BC Disk approx: 2 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Witness has encounter with two saucers. 11/26/03
4/5/02 22:24 Ellensburg/Thorp WA
6 mins. millitary stealth Low Alt."spy craft"...silient powerd (elect. ,?)GLIDER. intelligently controlled. USA/Canada. 4/8/02
4/5/02 19:00 Depew NY Triangle 4minutes the fist craft was a triangle aprox. one football field per span on each side. there where lights down each side with on incredible lig 5/14/02
4/5/02 05:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Light about 15 sec flying lights 7/26/02
4/4/02 19:45 Laramie WY Changing 30 seconds A cluster of approximately 15 lights appeared and fanned out into a V shape while appearing to fly overhead. 4/8/02
4/4/02 19:15 Sinking Spring PA Light 45 minutes 2 family members spot a UFO in Pennsylvania 4/25/02
4/4/02 15:30 Marianna FL Other 1 min, +or - Marianna, Fl, Football shaped object close to I-10 4/25/02
4/3/02 21:36 Birmingham AL Disk
A disk was hovering then disappeared then re-appeared then there was a flash and it disappeared again. 4/8/02
4/3/02 21:30 Sacramento CA Other 45 minutes About 9:30 P.M., 4/3/02, a large Y shaped, lighted object hovered south of Sacramento and west of CA Hwy 99 for about 45 minutes. 4/8/02
4/2/02 23:30 Canandaigua NY Light 5 minutes Light in the ski like a star hovering 4/25/02
4/2/02 22:35 Annapolis MD Other 3/4 seconds While on my balcony, I watched flights, some local, some commercial. Thje sky was slightly overcast with high haze, moving west to east 4/8/02
4/2/02 22:30 Lookout CA Circle 30 min It was above the cemetary, you could see the circular shape of it and it was spinning. There were white and blue lights on it they woul 4/8/02
4/2/02 22:15 St-Truiden (Belgium)
Light 3 seconds It was tuesday and there were verry few stars at the sky. We were chilling out from the sauna and I pointed at a star, on my left, aski 4/8/02
4/2/02 21:43 Springfield OR Unknown 3min clear night, but not body, rotating lights, not fixed and not a plane or any know air craft. 4/8/02
4/2/02 20:55 Cornelius NC Triangle 6 seconds amber triangles night time sighting with aircraft 4/8/02
4/2/02 20:50 Rio Rancho NM Light 10 second It covered half the sky in just three seconds, stopped, did a half circle and faded to nothing. 4/8/02
4/2/02 20:05 Chiuahua (Chiuahua state) (Mexico)
Light 5 minutes or less Looking at the sky,while visting my parents,we saw what we thought to be at first sight a satelite,except going at least 4 or 5 times t 9/19/02
4/1/02 23:30 Orangeville (Canada) ON Rectangle 15 seconds The following incident took place Monday night (April 1st but this is no joke) sometime around 11:30 p.m., in a rural area about 15 min 4/8/02
4/1/02 23:00 Lincoln County NM Light 45 min. More details on the New Mexico Light Shows 6/18/03
4/1/02 22:00 Sneads Ferry NC Rectangle Saturday April 27,2002 Hello its me agin,the person from Sneads Ferry.I just saw another space craft last night,but it was not over the same house,this time i 5/14/02
4/1/02 20:00 Coatesville PA Circle .30 White dot meets with another white dot that was moving in the speed then disappeared into nothing. 4/8/02
4/1/02 19:45 Beaver Falls PA Light 2 seconds Star turns OFF like a light bulb. 6/12/02
4/1/02 16:30 Santa Fe NM Cylinder 45-60 minutes+ Large cylinder object hung in sky for long time until bottom came off & moved beside the top-2 pieces flew off together into the clouds 4/13/17
4/1/02 15:00 Seattle WA Rectangle one minute A large rectangular shadow 6/12/02
4/1/02 15:00 Jacksonville FL Sphere 30 seconds ((HOAX??)) One april day i saw a Ufo and it has changed my life. 2/1/07
4/1/02 12:00 Flora Vista (north of; Hwy. 574) NM Triangle 3 mins Black Triangular Craft Emits Buzzing Sounds. 8/7/07
4/1/02 10:50 Columbia MO Sphere 2 minutes Small metallic sphere flying slowly South to North in broad daylight 4/8/02
4/1/02 10:50 Columbia MO Sphere 2 minutes MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Metallic sphere flying from south to north, relatively slowly. 10/31/03
4/1/02 01:30 Lake Havasu City AZ Light 5 minutes Pulsating Lights Make "Drops" in Arizona 4/8/02