National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 10/2001
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
10/31/01 22:10 Denver CO Triangle 10 sec taking pictures of blue moon. of 5 pictures it was it was there long enough for only 1. the 3rd pic. i took 11/20/01
10/31/01 20:00 Grimsby (UK/England) ?
Other 10 MINS The objects where T shaped, and travelled north, moved up/down every 10 seconds or so. 11/20/01
10/31/01 23:30 Clinton MS Fireball 3-5 seconds Green fireball seen shooting up from the ground 1/29/02
10/31/01 22:00 Biloela (Australia)
Light Night time It was there about 9pm to 11pm hoving the woods abuot distance 2000metres and after 11pm it had disapear!!!!!!!!! 11/20/01
10/31/01 21:15 Springfield MO Light 10 s MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: White ball of light over Springfield, MO moving south to north very quickly and low at 9:15pm. 11/20/01
10/31/01 20:45 Nevada MO Other 3 seconds The object was bright neon green and shot through the sky for just a few seconds, then disappeared. 11/20/01
10/31/01 20:35 Atlantic IA Sphere 1-1.5 seconds A glowing blue ball quickly passed in and out of low hazy clouds right above me. 11/20/01
10/31/01 20:30 Independence MO Light 3 seconds orange and blue streak of light going from east to west very low. if it was a meteorite it was very low and very bright. and 8:30 pm wa 11/20/01
10/31/01 20:00 Glendora CA Disk unsure Saucer in the San Gabriel Valley 3/4/08
10/31/01 20:00 Roswell NM Unknown photo 3 high speed objects caught on film. 11/28/07
10/31/01 20:00 Tinley Park IL Light 15 minutes Three Red Lights in Illinois. 11/2/04
10/31/01 20:00 Glendora CA Disk unsure Saucer seen in the San Gabriel Valley 3/4/08
10/31/01 20:00 George Town township MI Other 25 min A halloween night sky and a craft 12/23/02
10/31/01 20:00 Arcadia CA Disk five minutes A large flying saucer with white lights all around it, in the greater L. A. area, 11/20/01
10/31/01 19:11 San Antonio TX Formation 2 - 4 min/24 ttl Very large UFO sighted while masked/hiding in rolling cloud bank at sunset. 11/20/01
10/31/01 19:00 North Scituate MA Disk 1 minute North scituate, halloween, 3 friends saw flying saucer, it was gone in seconds. 3/11/03
10/31/01 17:30 Monterey CA Changing 20 seconds As I was panning my Iphone from the sun to the shore line I captured what appeared to be a RED glowing object with a WHITE center resem 11/21/10
10/31/01 08:25 Sevierville TN Circle 35seconds Brillant round craft that hoovered in the morning sky in Tennessee... 11/20/01
10/31/01 02:25 Rancho Cucamonga CA Fireball 6 min.? fireball /2 nights in a row / no thanks! 11/20/01
10/30/01 21:45 Johnstown PA Rectangle 5 minutes Monolith in front of the almost full moon 10/4/19
10/30/01 17:00 Syracuse NY Unknown 5 minutes ? thin black line moving accross moon 10-30-01 12/12/09
10/30/01 10:30 Charlotte NC Sphere 10 minutes White dots in a clear blue sky. 11/20/01
10/30/01 06:30 Lakewood CO Fireball 2-3 minutes orange-yellow glow balls, This sight doesn't give you the information. None of the below options really apply. 9/28/02
10/30/01 00:30 Austin TX Fireball 3 sec Firework like flash looking like one lighted point hitting another and creating short spark shower, then dissapears. 11/20/01
10/29/01 22:30 Shorewood IL Disk 30 seconds Very large disk with a blue light on the bottom and 2 or more red lights on the sides. Made no noise whatsoever. 8/11/04
10/29/01 22:30 Rancho Cucamonga CA Fireball 8-9 minutes Pulsing orange light, hovering, sparking, and dimming until fading completely. 11/20/01
10/29/01 22:00 Aberdeen WA Fireball 2minutes well this the first time to this site but after seeing the reports of the same sighting i need to report this. at about 10pm i was doi 11/20/01
10/29/01 22:00 Clarendon NY Sphere 5 min. glowing sphere and small sphere seen, thought it was another plane crashing after September 11th. 5/24/05
10/29/01 20:00 Lexington SC Circle 30 minutes Three aircraft hovering in different locations for long period of time. Alternating green, white, red lights. 11/20/01
10/29/01 19:30 Surgoinsville TN Unknown 11:00 pm Mufon has confirmed sightings here before. 11/20/01
10/29/01 12:30 Martinez GA Light 10seconds Light spotted over Martinez, GA in middle of day. 1/11/02
10/29/01 10:45 Lindos (Greece)
Oval unknown a strange object on my photo 11/20/01
10/28/01 00:30 Rolla MO Light 10 minutes Pink anomali and the red pulsing light 11/20/01
10/28/01 21:00 Laramie WY Fireball 35sec I saw a bright very bright light apear in the sky it held possition for about 20 sec. than bolted off and disapeared the same thing hap 11/20/01
10/28/01 23:00 Paramus NJ Light 1:30 4 bright white dot that was followed by a traail of light that moved around in oval shaped orbits and crossed paths. 11/20/01
10/28/01 20:00 Everett WA Unknown 10 minutes In the early evening at around 8pm, we noticed a white light in the sky. It seemed too bright to be a star and appeared to be slowly m 11/20/01
10/28/01 17:05 Little Rock AR Cigar 1 minute My wife an observed a cylindrical metal body craft that was flying a course from South to North or slightly Southwest to Northeast. The 9/28/02
10/28/01 16:21 China Grove NC Unknown 5-8 seconds I was driving on Mt. Hope Church Road near my home,and I glanced toward the right and saw a jet with a very long jet stream,and then I 11/20/01
10/28/01 13:00 Memphis TN Light 1/2 hour Star-like object moves slowly and hovers at high altitude over Memphis at mid-day. 11/20/01
10/28/01 04:10 Montello NV Unknown one minute Three trucks, seven people, heading out hunting. 18 miles north of Montello, Nevada. Stars shining brightly. No evidence of dawn ye 11/20/01
10/28/01 03:00 Alma MI Sphere 1 hour Floating illuminated nighttime sphere west of Alma, Michigan 11/20/01
10/28/01 01:20 Carlisle IA Chevron 5 Seconds Green Chevron Shaped Craft Drops from Sky and Disappears 11/20/01
10/28/01 01:00 Bangor ME Changing ???? still there I am an overnight DJ at WKIT in Bangor, a little before 1 PM, I received a call from a listener asking me if I knew about the odd light 11/20/01
10/28/01 00:28 Beaver WV Disk 15 minutes Silver disk. lights in middle, windows, gaseous haze around disk 6/20/05
10/28/01 00:28 Beaver WV Disk Not sure, 15 minutes or s silver, gray, twice car size, round discus, silent, gas ring around craft, white lights around middle, windows?, green/blue light 3/21/03
10/27/01 23:59 Skipperville AL Formation as long as we watched 3 oddly moving stars 11/20/01
10/27/01 23:15 St-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Canada) PQ Formation 15 min It was 7 or 9 aircraft flying in a cricle formation or a big one with spotlight below it 1/11/02
10/27/01 23:00 Durban (South Africa)
Disk few seconds comman disk 11/20/01
10/27/01 22:38 Houston TX Light 10 seconds Light at great speed ,no sound. 11/20/01
10/27/01 22:00 Sebastopol CA Disk 10 minutes Corroborating my friend's UFO siting - it really happened. 5/24/05
10/27/01 22:00 Sebastopol CA Disk 10 minutes Our car began to stall and the craft showed up and was hovering over our car all the way home. then hovered over our house at a ang 11/20/01
10/27/01 21:00 Reedsburg OH Triangle 10 minutes Saw a big triangle hovering silently over busy state rte. and then after It "watched" traffic for a bit, it sped off to the southwest F 1/21/08
10/27/01 19:30 Abbotsford (Canada) BC Triangle 5 to 9 seconds Large meteor or other object enters sky west of Mission BC at approx 1930 hrs 01/10/27 11/20/01
10/27/01 11:50 Huntsville TX Other
Im part of a marching band and we're from Houston. We went to a competition in Huntsville and for our lunch break we headed back to the 11/20/01
10/27/01 06:30 Napoleon ND Light 10 minutes Bright star like light doing loops, circles, then darting off. 1/11/02
10/27/01 06:30 Napoleon ND Light 10 minutes Looked like a satelite, but made turns and loops 11/20/01
10/26/01 20:45 Santa Monica CA Light 30s to 1min. something with lights giving off sparks and then disappeared into the night 11/20/01
10/26/01 20:45 Burbank CA Other 5 seconds Fireball over San Fernando Valley, CA 11/20/01
10/26/01 19:00 Tulsa OK Light 3 minutes 2 bright lights with sparkling trails moving in figure 8 pattern 11/20/01
10/26/01 09:40 Adams TN Disk 2 minutes Silver disc the width of the jet stream of a jet appeared between two jets heading for each other. 11/20/01
10/26/01 09:00 Clarksville AR Cylinder 1 minute Two of us observed a shiny, silent, cylindrical craft at 5000 feet or less on October 26. 12/5/01
10/26/01 05:00 Potomac MD Light ONE MINUTE STEADY RED LIGHT GOING EAST TO WEST 11/20/01
10/26/01 01:30 Kountze TX Light 40 minutes UFO seen by 3 over Texas 11/20/01
10/26/01 00:30 Woodbridge VA Rectangle half hour Two red lights, flying in a circular pattern with several repetitions over a period of at least a half hour. 11/20/01
10/25/01 23:15 Amherst VA Unknown 2 hrs + Mother and daughter- and now father- see ufo on farm road in Amherst, Va. 1/5/11
10/25/01 23:00 Hamilton (UK/Scotland)
Cigar 2 mins. hovering lights,silent, making cloud 9/2/05
10/25/01 22:45 Lawrence KS Other 4sec. fast moving v shaped dull white object over Lawrence Kansas 11/20/01
10/25/01 22:20 Phoenix AZ Triangle 4 sec witnessed a triangular shaped craft flying approx. 1000' going north to south at a high rate of speed. 11/20/01
10/25/01 22:20 Phoenix AZ Triangle 4 sec thursday oct 25 10:20 pm myself and and 1 other individual wittnessed a triangular shaped craft flying aprox 1000 feet coming from nort 11/20/01
10/25/01 21:00 Klamath Falls OR Light 5 minutes Bright blue fireball, no train, then odd , slow movement in opposite direction of multi-lit object 11/20/01
10/25/01 14:30 Terrel TX Oval 15 seconds Large Circular Ball ufo Videotaped in Terrel Texas. 11/20/01
10/25/01 01:31 Houston TX Oval 1 minute A dark gray object traveling across the night sky. 11/20/01
10/24/01 23:00 Evanston WY Oval 5hours observed a oblong green glassy object starting at 2300 hrs on 10-24-01 while driving through wyoming untill 0400 10-25-01 seemed to mis 11/20/01
10/24/01 20:00 Manchester NH Light 30sec Bright light sundenly vanished when telescope is trained on it. 11/20/01
10/24/01 14:45 Miami FL Changing 5 MINUTES A BLACK HORIZANTAL ROPELIKE OBJECT 11/20/01
10/24/01 06:02 Hayward CA Cross 5 min I walked outside with my dogs early wed morning and noticed how bright and pretty the stars were. I noticed a bright bright light up in 11/20/01
10/23/01 21:30 Durban (South Africa)
Triangle 1 second lightning craft 11/20/01
10/22/01 23:00 Sturgeon Bay WI Light 30 mins strange light 2/22/02
10/22/01 07:23 Denver CO Sphere 6 sec. Silver ball moving in Denver sky 11/20/01
10/22/01 02:49 Peterborough (Canada) ON Chevron 3 sec 5 chevron lights - canada 11/20/01
10/22/01 00:35 Verona WI Triangle 7 seconds Transparent object of unknown origin, exhibiting previously unknown capabilities, appears overhead. 11/20/01
10/21/01 22:00 Avon NY Fireball few seconds Neon Green Glow 9/6/02
10/21/01 22:00 Centerburg OH Light 3 minutes Me and my friend saw a pulsating red light that deployed a smaller red light that fell towards the ground. 3/11/06
10/21/01 19:00 Whycocomagh (Canada) NS Oval 5 minutes whycocomagh,margaree valley mountain 2/1/07
10/21/01 14:09 Downey CA Oval 5-6 minutes Bigger than anny ballon 11/20/01
10/21/01 14:00 Mound MN Other 1 minute large boeing 747 followed by two smaller craft. 11/20/01
10/21/01 14:00 Pittsburgh PA Diamond a minute UFO at a Steelers game. 9/1/04
10/21/01 08:30 Durham NC Fireball 2 min. (my portion) aprox. 8:40 EST, white flame shape heading fast for ground, turned 90 degree then looked like short white line 11/20/01
10/21/01 06:30 Murfreesboro TN Oval 30 minutes An oval shaped object with brillant multi colored lights in the north sky not moving.Was very hard to distinguish with my eyes but it w 11/20/01
10/21/01 06:00 Callahan County (cross plains in rural area) TX Light 15 seconds glowing round object approaches at a distance ,turns away suddenly and disappears. 11/20/01
10/20/01 23:59 Chelsea MI Diamond 5-10 minutes Diamond like, greenish craft flew overhead into distance. 11/20/01
10/20/01 23:30 Revelstoke area (Canada) BC Flash 5 seconds Very large bright light came down and contacted the mountain side late at night and went out but produced no fire. 11/20/01
10/20/01 20:00 Eagle Rock CA Changing still going on circling hazy light with a small red light below and some times blinking from top 11/20/01
10/20/01 15:00 Terrell TX Circle 3min UFO Outflys Gov Bomber in Terrell Texas 9/28/03
10/20/01 13:00 Riyadh/ Saudi Arabia
Circle mid night i have seen a 3 flying objects at the mid night while i was waching the moon. there description or the descreption of the ufo's that i 12/5/01
10/20/01 13:00 Cocoa Beach FL Triangle 30 seconds The triangle shaped object seemed just a few yards above us, it made no sound, no wind and no lights. 1/17/04
10/19/01 22:05 Wendell ID Light 7-8 minutes Brite lite in sky over southern Idaho. 11/20/01
10/19/01 22:00 Bothell WA Unknown 3 min. flshing lights, darting around very quickly. 11/20/01
10/19/01 20:45 Phoenix AZ Triangle 15 seconds On Oct.19 2001, Phoenix Az.

I was sitting out side of the shop I work at and was having a cig. It was about 8:45pm, I was waiting to
10/19/01 20:05 Buckley WA Triangle 25 seconds Triangular objects with blue, white, and red lights, very bright strobes in unison along with bigger white lights at 3 points 11/20/01
10/19/01 19:50 Vanceburg KY Fireball 5 minutes flashing light making sharp irregular turns 11/20/01
10/19/01 18:30 Anguilla
Light 1minute Well a lite very far mouving up and down slitghly mouving and then its gone lite went of thanks for beliving guys not many peaple do ch 11/20/01
10/19/01 04:00 Conowingo MD Light
2 lights & red glowing object 11/20/01
10/19/01 00:30 Wicklow (Republic of Ireland)
10/18/01 22:30 Bedford IN Rectangle 15 minutes Craft searching a field 12/5/01
10/18/01 22:00 Pilot Mountain (near) NC Sphere 3 min. A lit pulsating,moving spiroghraph design. 11/20/01
10/18/01 18:32 Sarasota FL Other lasted 2 mins My friend and I saw 2 caucers and 1 triangler prism being chased by 2 U.S. jets. 1/11/02
10/18/01 17:51 Fort Payne AL Circle
Hunter with video camera captures round object he's seen before. 11/20/01
10/18/01 07:36 Houston TX Light 2 minutes UFO was slow but left very quickly. 11/20/01
10/18/01 01:30 San Antonio TX Light 5 seconds Last Friday nite my wife and I traveled back to San Antonio from Victoria,Texas after a High school game. My daughters are on the danc 11/20/01
10/18/01 00:00 Regina (Canada) SA Light 2 min red and white strobing light moving oddly, not a jet, looked far off. 11/20/01
10/17/01 22:29 Crowley TX Changing
teardrop shape changed into two fireballs. 11/20/01
10/17/01 22:25 Jacksonville FL Triangle 5 seconds A nighttime triangle type craft. 11/20/01
10/17/01 21:30 Battle Ground WA Light 5 minutes Observed two hovering UFO's, one following the other. It was dark, partly cloudy with few stars visible. The area I was in was rural 11/20/01
10/17/01 20:45 Bonita Springs FL Circle 5 mins Large white stobe light over Gulf of Mexico at about 5 miles away- flashed bright green strobe and jumped about 5 miles to the south in 11/20/01
10/17/01 17:00 Cadiz-Wallonia area KY Other 25 minutes While I was working outside on my fence rows, I was burning tree branches in my garden. The wind shifted and I looked up to make sure n 11/20/01
10/17/01 17:00 Las Vegas NV Formation 5 minutes High altitude trangular grouping - high speed takeoff 3/4/08
10/17/01 15:10 Denver CO Sphere 20 minutes Bright sphere in sky, completely stationary, then disappeared 1/11/02
10/17/01 00:00 Johnstown OH Fireball 30 sec I was actually staying up all night trying not to go to sleep 2 fireball shaped ufos they were zig zaging all over then lights started 10/31/03
10/16/01 20:30 Plymouth WI Triangle 5 minutes A large quiet moving object that has dim star like lights that formed a triangle like shape. 11/20/01
10/16/01 22:45 Haworth OK Changing one hour multiple crafts as they were orchestraiting something 11/20/01
10/16/01 22:15 Assouan (Egypt)
Triangle 2 min My freind and i were watching the stars lying on a long chair on the deck of a boat on the Nil. The night was clear without any moon. T 1/11/02
10/16/01 22:00 Nashville TN Chevron 1 minute Very clear view of something that was NOT an airplane gliding in the night sky ; a "v" like shape with lights 11/20/01
10/16/01 21:30 Petit Jean Mountain AR Light 5 min or less Star moving at right angles 8/7/07
10/16/01 20:30 Plymouth WI Triangle 5 minutes A very large, quiet, moving, object with dim lit star like lights that formed a triangle like shape. 11/20/01
10/16/01 20:00 Doaktown (Canada) NB Unknown hours bright object bobbeb & weaved in the air and moved unconventionally for 2 nights in a row. 2/22/02
10/16/01 00:00 Polk County OR Unknown 2 minutes. Close encounter over roof in Polk County - submitted by OUFOR. 11/20/01
10/15/01 23:59 Mt. Olive WV Unknown around 1min Flying object over Mt.Olive West Virginia 11/28/07
10/15/01 23:00 San Antonio TX Light 15 to 30 sec. No shadows but me> 11/20/01
10/15/01 22:30 Wahpeton ND Egg
It lasted about 10 min. but seemed longer. 8/16/02
10/15/01 22:30 Milford CT Unknown 40 minutes Working at sikorky airport in stratford. mid overcast evening w/ rain about 5500 foot ceiling. Facing South/Southwest about 5 miles awa 7/16/03
10/15/01 22:17 Manassas VA Light 30 seconds strange lights in the sky 7/1/02
10/15/01 22:00 Seattle WA Fireball evening hour green fireball ocross nite sky 11/20/01
10/15/01 21:22 Smiths Ferry ID Fireball 5 seconds fireball was blue green in color moving approximately nnw to ssw seemingly horizontal and either flamed out or went behing tree line 11/20/01
10/15/01 21:00 Garden Valley CA Fireball 2 seconds Witnessed bright green "fireball" object moving over a hilltop while driving. 8/16/02
10/15/01 20:45 North Bend WA Fireball 3 seconds Falling Fire Ball seen in North Bend area of Washinton State. 11/20/01
10/15/01 20:23 Moses Lake WA Fireball 20 sec A round green flare dropped slowly from the sky and landed on the ground 12/5/01
10/15/01 20:22 Renton WA Cylinder 5 sec. Blue/Green cylinder shaped object falling from the sky 11/20/01
10/15/01 20:22 Port Orchard WA Circle .05 seconds Large blue circular object observed falling at a 45 degree angle in Kitsap County. 11/20/01
10/15/01 20:22 Kent WA Circle 1 sec. Green ball of light 11/20/01
10/15/01 20:22 Vashon Island WA Fireball 2 seconds bright green flare like object descended vertically. 11/20/01
10/15/01 20:22 Seattle WA Circle 5 seconds i saw a large flaming blue sphere west of seattle 11/20/01
10/15/01 20:21 Ferndale WA Circle 3 sec Quick white round ball heading in a east to west downward trend 11/20/01
10/15/01 20:00 Findlay OH Teardrop
I walked home about 8:00 when i saw about 20 teardrop shaped things. 11/20/01
10/15/01 19:35 Rapid City SD Triangle 30 seconds I have never seen anything like this before. It kind of scared me. 11/20/01
10/15/01 17:30 Aurora CO Formation 3-5min 6 crescent shapes in the sky southeast of denver 10/27/04
10/15/01 17:25 Harrisonburg VA Sphere 3 t0 4 sec. Circular object offwhite in color, emiting no sound traveling at supersonic speed. 11/20/01
10/15/01 17:00 Valdese NC Triangle 2 minutes Metallic Triangular object hovers over Valdese 1/5/11
10/15/01 16:30 Swadlincote, Derbyshire (UK/England)
Circle 10-20 seconds Two objects seen flying over Derbyshire, UK. Both keeping exact pace. 3/19/02
10/15/01 15:00 New York City (Manhattan) NY Changing 5 minutes Black, elongated shape-shifter, floating/hovering in Manhatten NYC. 4/8/02
10/15/01 15:00 Chico CA Other 30 sec. Unidentified flying man 8/16/02
10/15/01 14:00 New York City (Queens) NY Triangle 45 seconds - 1 & 1/2 minu It looked kinda like a triangle, but it had flat edges around the edge's.

It was a Chrome like color, as big as at least a 1 story b
10/15/01 13:00 Atlanta GA Sphere 10 minutes UFO fleet of 40 plus objects some connected by tethers float across Atlanta clear daylight skyline. 12/12/09
10/15/01 12:00 Santa Cruz CA Disk 30 minutes A large, metalic disc over the silcon valley region of California. 7/26/02
10/15/01 10:00 Newport NC Circle an hour or so Completely black huge circle covered at least a mile 7/16/06
10/15/01 10:00 Layton UT Sphere 1 minute pefect pace ;straight line;stopped dead in mid air hovered momentarily went straight up in clouds 11/26/03
10/15/01 09:15 Bentonville AR Formation five min five gold colored reflective or metalic orbs in formation. 9/19/02
10/15/01 06:30 Martin TN Triangle Minutes Letter "A" Shaped Glowing White sharp edged object seen near slivered-moon 11/20/01
10/15/01 03:00 Chugwater WY Light 30 seconds F.E. Warren AFB Wyoming sightings 9/9/03
10/14/01 22:00 Savanna IL Light 5 minutes We were outside. saw a light. joined by another light 11/20/01
10/14/01 22:00 Aurangabad (India)
Triangle 12 It resembles very closely to a delta formation photo on your website. 10/28/02
10/14/01 21:03 Des Moines IA Light 5 Seconds Red ball of light plummits towards ground and dissapears. 11/20/01
10/14/01 20:45 Lake Elmo MN Chevron 5 minutes Six lights as bright as staium lights on chevron shaped object hovering over grove of trees.6 1/29/02
10/14/01 19:50 Demming (Canada) NS Circle 10 to 20 sec white very brigt just east of mars. about 6 times the size of mars. became brighter and larger. began to fade and then shot off and dis 11/20/01
10/14/01 17:00 Franklin MA Other 3 minutes Flashing light object jets straight into air and continues climb. 7/5/05
10/14/01 10:00 Miami FL Disk 20 minutes UFO disk over Miami 2001 7/12/19
10/14/01 06:00 Adkins TX Diamond 2:00 Erratically moving bright object with red and blue aura 11/20/01
10/14/01 03:30 Chicago (downtown, on L. Michigan) IL Other 15 mins Brightly lit, digital-moving flying fish-shaped object with a crest of white-yellow fire emitting from its tail. 5/24/05
10/14/01 01:30 Gray TX Circle All Night Moving lights in the sky 11/20/01
10/14/01 00:30 Hialeah FL Other 06:00:am Wierd object flying above Miami skies. 11/20/01
10/13/01 23:00 West Carrollton OH Circle ? I was taking pictures outside of the Moon because it looked so pretty. I did not see anything with my own eyes. I downloaded the pict 11/20/01
10/13/01 22:00 Stockton CA Triangle 1 or 2 min. triangle stealth like object. 11/20/01
10/13/01 19:55 Minneapolis MN Light 10 seconds Very bright star disappearing quickly (10sec) 11/20/01
10/13/01 19:00 Avondale AZ Triangle 2 min triangle craft flew low overhead it made no sound 3 orange lights 11/20/01
10/13/01 17:30 Franconia Notch (I-93, southbound) NH Cigar 3 SECONDS UFO AT CANNON MOUNTAIN INT 93, N.H. OCT 13, 2001 1/11/02
10/13/01 15:00 Franconia Notch/White Mountains NH Cigar 2 seconds SIGHTING at FRANCONIA NOTCH, New Hampshire October 13, 2001 1/11/02
10/13/01 00:45 Poughkeepsie NY Triangle 45 min Triangel in the sky 11/20/01
10/12/01 23:08 Eagle River AK Other 10 seconds The stealth-shaped object was traveling at low altitude at a high speed with no sound and lights that flashed intermittently. 11/20/01
10/12/01 22:00 Miami FL Disk 15 minutes UFO disc-shaped object hovering over sky. 2/12/15
10/12/01 20:30 Cannock (UK/England)
Triangle 5-10 seconds a triangular object moving in a southeasterly direction 11/20/01
10/12/01 19:40 Sainte-Suzanne (near Switzerland) (France)
Other 2 secondes The craft was too dark, but behind i have seen a long and large light blue flame, and all disapeared after a zigzag of 2 sec. The direc 10/12/01
10/12/01 18:30 Phoenix AZ Formation 2 min Cluster UFO over Phoenix AZ 11/20/01
10/12/01 15:40 Denver CO Disk 2 Minutes As I was driving in my car on the way home from work, I stopped at the red light turning west on Colfax Avenue. I was on the intersect 11/20/01
10/12/01 12:34 Dublin (Republic of Ireland)
Light 12:34 it was just threefashhes of ight in the sky 11/20/01
10/12/01 05:30 Miami FL Disk hour or more Craft hovered high in the atmosphere, changed colors or flashed lights. Red, White, Green Moving so slightly 11/20/01
10/12/01 01:30 Miami (Kendall) FL Circle 15-20 min On Oct.12,2001 at 1:30am, I witnessed a dark disk over my neighborhood in Miami,Fl. 9/2/05
10/11/01 23:49 Lima OH Teardrop 5 Minutes We saw three teardroped shaped crafts with slowy flashing lights moving very slow then taking off very rapidly. 10/12/01
10/11/01 20:35 Grass Valley CA Triangle 1 minute Three bright white lights in a row, in the sky. 10/12/01
10/11/01 08:15 Columbia MS Teardrop 5 minutes short vapotr looking teardropped object, always beside the sun!!!noticed from 10/11-10/26/01 11/20/01
10/11/01 05:15 Denver CO Light 15 minutes Odd Lights in Colorado Sky 10/12/01
10/11/01 02:15 Fairbanks AK Other 30 minutes It looked like a star but it would move and after a few seconds a red aura would appear around it and emit objects. 10/12/01
10/11/01 01:00 Somerset WI Light 3 hours+ My brother and I went outside to have a smoke and then noticed a moving, multicolored light in the sky.... 11/20/01
10/10/01 23:00 Virginia Beach VA Triangle 30 seconds shaped like a stealth bomber (boomerang like, but more triangluar) flat-black in color, made a deep humming sound either really low to 7/26/02
10/10/01 22:00 Phoenix AZ Triangle less then a minute Triangle shaped craft spotted flying west to east over mid town Phoenix on 10/10/01 at 22:00 hours 4 light dim making no sounellow 11/20/01
10/10/01 21:30 Fresno CA Changing 15 min. apprx Objects were sighted driving north on Highway 5 in California's central valley after night fall, not far past "Kettleman/Fresno" exit s 11/20/01
10/10/01 21:15 Ottumwa IA Rectangle 3-5 minutes We saw a square object at night, which had 2 blue & 2 red lights at corners, hovering in sky above us. 11/20/01
10/10/01 20:10 Vancouver (Canada) BC Other +5 Minutes I observed an green object significantly above a house with the address ((deleted)) Dunbar Street. 5/12/11
10/10/01 04:33 Sydney (NSW, Australia)
Formation 3 minutes formation and impact 11/20/01
10/10/01 03:00 Rockwell City IA Triangle 4 min.s Large,silent,slow,low to the ground dull-black Triangle UFO with round red lights at it's corners that were off .I drew it. 7/1/02
10/9/01 22:00 Saugus MA Sphere 3min Shooting star stops moving. 10/12/01
10/9/01 21:15 Bowling Green KY Oval 5-7 MINUTES Oval light changes to 5 lights forming a triangle between Hwy 68-80 and Hwy 31-W. 7/8/04
10/9/01 18:50 Emeryville CA
3-4 min oakland-bay bridge sighting? 11/20/01
10/9/01 07:00 Sacramento CA Disk 30 sec Being clear sunny early morning that made it so unbelevaible that i just can't deny what i saw. for the second time. 4/25/02
10/8/01 23:55 Zalka (Lebanon)
Circle 10 minutes UFO spotted over Lebanon. 10/12/01
10/8/01 22:30 Miami FL Other 10 minutes I could certainly not call it a "craft," but rather a bright object in the ski that looked like a star.

My wife had been walking the
10/8/01 21:00 Heredia (Costa Rica)
Other 6 seconds I saw an object shaped like a butterfly, with flapping wings or layers, coming down and sharply made a u-turn upwards. It was just abov 11/20/01
10/8/01 20:00 Norfolk VA Formation 10 sec i was haveng a late coffee brake in my backyard when i look up at the sky and saw an object that seemed circular, because these 2 dim y 11/20/01
10/8/01 01:45 Pittsburg IL Triangle 1-2 minutes It was there then it was gone like a bolt of lightning. 10/12/01
10/8/01 01:15 Mt.Vernon IL Triangle about 3 minutes Bright lights shaped as a triangle 10/12/01
10/8/01 00:00 Wigan (UK/England)
10/7/01 23:30 Lake Elsinore CA Light 10 minutes UFO sighting from the Ortega Mountains, dim red turned to bright light moving towards us. 10/12/01
10/7/01 17:30 New Philadelphia OH Cylinder 1 minute or so missle shaped craft, without jetstream, without wings, flying on a clear day In NE Ohio, flying SE. 10/12/01
10/7/01 14:00 Richmond KY Other 5 Min I have a picture. 11/28/07
10/7/01 11:28 Northford CT Triangle na I was taking a picture of the sky to use for my desktop. When I downloaded the image I noticed a small black dot on the upper left cor 11/20/01
10/7/01 01:30 Kennett MO Triangle 3 seconds 3 lights shaped a pyramid without sound low to the ground 10/12/01
10/6/01 20:50 Wisconsin Rapids WI Unknown still going after 1/2 hou There was a light source larger than a star with several colors moving erratically in the sky. 10/12/01
10/5/01 23:00 Myrtle Beach SC Circle 10-15 seconds My brother, husband and I were on vacation in the Myrtle Beach area during Oct. of 2001. I was on the balcony looking at the ocean and 3/4/03
10/5/01 21:00 Henderson KY Oval 20 sec. Green meteor? That altered heading?? 10/31/03
10/5/01 19:00 Page AZ Circle 10-15 min Red fluxuating light that changed from sphere to doughnut in appearance. 10/12/01
10/5/01 15:00 Key West FL Rectangle 10 MINS U.F.O HOVERS OVER CRUISE SHIP KEY WEST FLORDIA 2001 .. 8/12/08
10/5/01 13:30 Provo UT Circle 15 minutes White Floating object in Utah County 10/12/01
10/5/01 07:05 Federal Way WA Fireball 10 minutes A ball of fire with a tail movng from north to south in the western ski 10/12/01
10/4/01 22:00 Ashgrove MO Light 1 MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Investigated ufo reports by witness(es) in Ash Grove from 11/17/99 to 10/4/01 10/28/02
10/4/01 21:03 Ashgrove MO Diamond 14 minutes Dimand shaped craft 10/12/01
10/4/01 20:00 Victoria (Canada) BC Light 10 seconds star-like object making erratic movements 10/12/01
10/4/01 19:00 Barstow CA Circle 1 hour I was traveling on Interstate 40 at 7:00 when I saw a beautiful sunset of the desert, on vacation on the colorado river, in Needles. I 10/12/01
10/4/01 16:30 Mt. Bethel/Pa-NJ border PA Unknown 30-45 minutes Traveling on a darkened backroad (no assisted lighting) about 5 miles into my journey I noticed the lights above the power plant seemed 11/20/01
10/4/01 16:00 Minneapolis MN Oval
a medium sized round metallic object that was suspended motionless at about 100 or so feet in the air 11/20/01
10/4/01 14:00 South Fork CO Cigar 2 min Shinny Cigar shape in sky on clear day. 11/20/01
10/4/01 12:30 Port of Spain (Trinidad)
Sphere 40 seconds Round, white sphere, moving at incredible speed, stopping and moving at right angles. 11/20/01
10/4/01 09:45 London (UK/England)
Disk 30 sec Transparent disk leaves nuclear plant 10/12/01
10/4/01 05:00 Altus (sw of) OK Light 20 sec two lights one revolved around the other, and emitted a blue flairlike object. 6/18/03
10/4/01 03:30 Hoffman IL Triangle 10 min. approx. A triangular shaped craft,three bright blue-white circular lights on underside,pulsating red light in the middle. 7/8/04
10/3/01 22:32 Columbia MO Triangle five minutes the object changed colors changed direction and speed 10/12/01
10/3/01 21:30 Devore/Muscoy/San Bernardino CA Other 30 minutes The craft was shaped like the planet Saturn. It was translucent, with thousands of orange lights flashing in random order. It was hug 9/24/03
10/3/01 20:20 Dunbar WV Light 5:00 2 singular lights traveling south to north with a third appearing to go straight up till fading out. 10/12/01
10/3/01 20:15 Bellevue WA Other 2 seconds Fixed object passed overhead, silently and with no running lights, in clear night sky. 10/12/01
10/3/01 20:15 Wilmington MA Circle 2 mins Circle 10/12/01
10/3/01 11:00 Bonifay FL Rectangle 5 seconds Silent, at tremendously high speed object seen flying north to south toward Panama City, FL 1/11/02
10/3/01 09:00 Mission (Canada) BC Light 2 hours a bright baby blue light about twice the size of a normal bulb. 10/12/01
10/2/01 21:30 Maple Valley WA Other 1 or 2 seconds The object sighted was the same size, shape, and color of a medium sized star traveling diagnally but seemed strange. 10/12/01
10/2/01 19:45 St.Johns MI Other 3 sec. Green lights,burning flame, plane like object! 10/12/01
10/2/01 19:39 Howell MI Fireball 3 seconds At 7:39 pm Tuesday, October 2, I was driving east on Clyde Rd., which is a dirt road 4 miles north of Howell, MI. I was 1 mile west of 10/12/01
10/2/01 19:30 Latrobe PA Fireball seconds Fireball Reported From Various Locations of Pennsylvania 10/12/01
10/2/01 17:00 Boston PA Disk ?? Picture from a recent trip in PA. Did not notice the object until I downloaded the picture 11/20/01
10/2/01 07:15 Easton (forks twsp.) PA Triangle 5-7minutes Craftt in the treetops 11/20/01
10/2/01 06:50 Sandyville WV Egg 5 min or so Red Glowing Blimp-Like Object Hovering over a field 10/12/01
10/1/01 22:30 New York City (Staten Island) NY Triangle 411 Liberty Ave This sighting took place shortly after 9/11 which leads me to believe that the craft was curious and was conducting an investigation. 9/17/03
10/1/01 22:30 Albany NY Flash 2 seconds Bright flash witnessed near Albany, New York 6/12/02
10/1/01 22:00 Lynden WA Light 30 seconds Outline: 1) Clear dark night.

2) directly above me 3) appeared to be an orbitting satellite but was bluish and smaller than most.

10/1/01 21:00 Lafayette NY Changing 3 minutes Low flying object changed from bright blue square to red diamond shape...loud ..then silence and it was gone. 10/12/01
10/1/01 21:00 interstate 5 or tributary between Vasilia and Sacrammento CA Triangle 5 minutes black triangle , 3 lights, silent swift movement, near air force base 1/31/04
10/1/01 20:35 Greene ME Oval 10 seconds Incandescent light-greenish Orb with Red Halo spotted in sky over Northern woods.................. 10/12/01
10/1/01 20:30 Houghton Lake MI Triangle 5 Minutes Spotted Triangular object while exiting highway, almost crashed into cop, was not even pulled over. 11/8/03
10/1/01 19:00 Kansas City MO Light 15 minutes 3 bright lights at high altitude west of Kansas City at 2100 hours on 10/1/01 in a general westward movement. 10/12/01
10/1/01 01:05 Seattle WA
1 sec just a meteor sighting... 10/12/01
10/1/01 Chulucanas-Piura La Vieja (Peru)
Other 2 years go to: for a 15 min report that aired last Feb 2nd on Peruvian TV P 3/4/03