National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 04/2001
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
4/30/01 23:59 Panorama City CA Sphere 2 minutes Cloaking craft, Invisible to the sight but can be see in specific conditions 8/5/01
4/30/01 20:00 Baltimore MD Light 25 minutes Slashes of light in an oval shape off of I-895 in mid-spring. 8/5/01
4/30/01 15:47 Marietta GA Triangle 10 seconds Triangle shaped craft hovered over trees and then disappeared into nothing 8/5/01
4/29/01 23:59 Flint MI Triangle 3 seconds my brother and i was leaving our other brothers house. i looked up at what i thought were geese flying in formation. they were not gees 8/5/01
4/29/01 22:20 Moorehead MN Light 5 Minutes Two lights to become three, a rescue mission? 8/5/01
4/29/01 21:48 Quebec City (Canada) PQ Other 10 sec two lights one object without any sound flying 8/5/01
4/29/01 21:45 Englewood FL Light 5 minutes At night I saw two red lights too apart from eachother to be an airplain. 8/5/01
4/29/01 21:13 Memphis TN Other 3 min the star at the top and at the bottom right were not stars but planets the other object was bluesh and jetted off quickly. 8/5/01
4/29/01 21:00 Greensburg PA Disk hours colorfull ,blinking object 8/5/01
4/29/01 21:00 Tecopa CA Light 2 minutes Stationary light in Tecopa CA 4/29/01 8/5/01
4/29/01 19:30 Los Angeles (Westwood) CA Chevron 30 seconds Chevron shaped flying object with round lights... 8/5/01
4/29/01 17:30 Norfork AR Other 2 min White Capsule (pill) shaped object, low altitude, slow speed, no sound 8/5/01
4/29/01 16:35 London (Canada) ON Light 25 minutes Stationary lights in the day sky over London Ontario. 8/5/01
4/29/01 14:00 Nashville TN Light 5-10 minutes Slow moving lights in the sky over Nashville. 8/5/01
4/29/01 04:30 Jalandhar (India)
Fireball 3 hours The fireball is continously seen here up in the sky at night for last three days. I think that Indian army don't know how to make conta 8/5/01
4/28/01 23:55 Morganton NC Light 20 seconds Fast moving cluster of erratic white lights spotted over western NC. 8/5/01
4/28/01 23:10 Lancashire (UK/England)
Sphere 10mins 4 spheres apeared from nowhere and left at high speed. 8/5/01
4/28/01 23:00 Amherst VA Unknown 60 sec Mother and daughter see UFO once again on farm road in Amherst county, Va.

My daughter and I again saw the same lights on the road
4/28/01 22:00 New Delhi (India)
Triangle 7 mins Triangular metal craft seen in new Delhi around April 2001 8/5/01
4/28/01 20:12 Antioch TN Circle Not that Long An Orange/Yellow Ball of Light from No where. 8/5/01
4/28/01 14:01 Portland OR
2-5 min. Woman reports hearing sharp explosion, witnessing fireball, and seeing smoke over north Portland. 8/5/01
4/28/01 14:00 Portland OR Fireball about 3 min. Immediately following a very loud, sharp explosion there was a large burst of flame in the sky, followed by dark smoke. of 8/5/01
4/28/01 13:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Oval apx. 10 secs Sighted two craft oval in shape and white in color on two separate occasions. First was at apx. 1300 hrs. both objects wre traveling si 8/5/01
4/28/01 13:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Oval apx. 10 secs. Being that I live in an area over which returning flights to Laguaria Airport fly, I am constantly looking up to watch the aircraft as 8/5/01
4/28/01 11:48 Cairo WV Fireball seconds I just saw a bright green light moving across the sky from east to west, south of town then it exploded into orange sparks. It was prob 8/5/01
4/28/01 04:50 Point Pleasant NJ Unknown 2 minutes Fast moving object late night/early morning over the Jersey Shore. 8/5/01
4/28/01 03:20 Salt Lake City UT Light seven seconds Above cloud layer radical course change. 8/5/01
4/28/01 00:45 Georgia GA Disk
4/27/01 23:20 Ferrisburg VT Triangle 5 to 10 min Many bright lights 4/28/01
4/27/01 23:00 Alpine CA Triangle 5 seconds Sighted a triangle object, dark moving at a tremendous speed, silently out of sight past the horizon in 5 seconds. 4/28/01
4/27/01 21:55 Seattle WA Diamond 10mins 8-9 identical hovering, stationary objects with oscillating diamond shaped white light patterns. 70-100 feet above Seattle I-5 corridor 8/5/01
4/27/01 21:25 Tempe AZ Oval 60-90seconds Large, shape changing, luminescent changing , direction changing, object traveling at a constant speed from East to West in the South 4/28/01
4/27/01 21:25 Las Vegas NV Formation 5 seconds Silent and extremely fast-moving V-formation of 8 orangish lights. 8/5/01
4/27/01 21:00 Marlboro MA Sphere 20 mins Circular object with rotating lights. 8/5/01
4/27/01 19:47 Spokane WA Sphere 12 seconds A black spherical object was sighted in Spokane, WA traveling a NorthEasterly direction, during a thunder-storm. 8/5/01
4/27/01 11:00 Gilbert AZ Oval 40 minutes Object observed for 40 minutes in daylight fits no known aircraft descriptions. 8/5/01
4/26/01 23:58 Wildwood IL Sphere 10-15 Minutes At night saw 2 objects in the distance which remained stationary for about 10-15 minutes then seperately moved away 4/28/01
4/26/01 23:30 Brendon (UK/England)
Unknown 12-15 seconds FAST SNAKING AND RISING GOLDEN STAR. 8/5/01
4/26/01 20:50 Madison AL Flash 5+ minutes Purple and green blinking stationary object. 4/28/01
4/26/01 20:10 Jackson MI Unknown 8minutes fast moving over Michigan 4/28/01
4/26/01 19:00 London (UK/England)
Oval 30 seconds Grey oval shaped object seen moving across Primrose hill, London 8/5/01
4/26/01 18:45 Norwich (there was officer's on the port side) (UK/England)
Sphere 3mins approx Dome shaped UFO in Norfolk, England 4/28/01
4/26/01 04:55 Las Vegas NV Changing 1 1/2 minutes Group of five lights crossed Las vegas sky from south to north constantly changing formation early am. 4/28/01
4/26/01 03:00 Albuquerque NM Light 3 min. Upon driving from Albuquerque to El Paso, TX I came upon two red lights that were going across the sky following a star pattern. They m 12/12/11
4/25/01 22:50 Powell River (Canada) BC Triangle 5 seconds 22:50pm April 25/2001. Sighted a dark triangle shaped object with 4 lights travelling west to east at high speed. 8/5/01
4/25/01 22:45 Chandler/Queen Creek AZ Other 3 to 5 min It looked like a cat paw on fire. 4/28/01
4/25/01 22:00 Wickiup AZ Light 2 minutes mysterious lights in the desert night sky somewhere between Kingman and Phoenix Arizona. 4/28/01
4/25/01 22:00 Laramie WY Light 8 seconds Three pinpoints of light flying in unison, then making extremely fast erratic movements, before flying in unison again. 4/28/01
4/25/01 21:35 Roseau MN Light 1 minute It looked like dissapearing satellites 4/28/01
4/25/01 21:05 O'Brien FL Light 4 seconds At 21:05 hr's my 23 yoa neice and I stepped outside my home for a cigarette, as we stepped off the steps we both saw a red light flash 4/28/01
4/25/01 20:30 Houston TX Light one second Green streak of light covered about 1/3 of the sky in one second, changed to white as it neared the horizon and faded out. 4/28/01
4/25/01 19:00 San Felipe (Mexico)
Cylinder 0:2:00 Bright light following cylindrical nose, near ground, moving linearly southward without noise or trail. 8/5/01
4/25/01 18:10 Ajax (Canada) ON Cone 20 seconds Cone shaped object seen in daytime. 4/28/01
4/25/01 03:40 Buena Vista VA Triangle 5 minutes Triangle Shaped Craft Hoovering over small town in VA. 4/28/01
4/25/01 01:19 Auburn WA Fireball 4 to 5 sec. Tonight I was driving southbound on M st. in auburn. Directly in front of me through my windsheild I saw a very bright falling globe. I 4/28/01
4/25/01 00:18 Valmy NV Cylinder 12 minutes Cylinder flying object west on I-80 before Winnemucca, Nevada with bright strange lights. 10/12/01
4/24/01 23:55 Bristol TN
35 minutes Man reports witnessing a very bright light, below solid overcast, in the southern sky 4/28/01
4/24/01 22:15 Boise ID

Woman reports witnessing strange light in the eastern sky, against the foothills. 4/28/01
4/24/01 21:25 Manhattan Beach CA Chevron 8 seconds Flight of 6 cheveron shaped craft . 4/28/01
4/24/01 19:20 Robert Moses Causway North landfall NY Unknown 2 minutes Ufo's near Robert Moses causway 24th April 2001 4/28/01
4/24/01 18:25 Hillsborough NC Other 60secs. Large plane with triangle wings in rear with long fuselage with short set of wings up front,silvercolor with engines that whine . 4/28/01
4/24/01 18:23 Denver CO Oval 4:00min green,blue and red flashing lights. 4/28/01
4/24/01 13:15 Bellevue ID Changing 2 minutes A large clearly visible object that moved at low and high rates of speed and joined 3 other objects. 4/28/01
4/24/01 08:00 London (Ontario) (Canada) ON Egg 5 min 04/01 Below London Ontario Flattened Egg 10 feet of ploughed feild paseing my Van 11/01 12/7/06
4/24/01 Fords NJ Disk
Two objects sighted near a rainbow. Close examination of the objects in the photos look to be craft of some kind. 9/24/03
4/23/01 22:30 none CA Circle 1-1/2 min. us navy ship see ufo 4/28/01
4/23/01 21:30 Lancaster NY Flash 15 minutes stationary flashing object high in sky 8/20/01
4/23/01 17:45 Jacksonville FL Triangle 3-4 mins I was driving down i-95 south and just over the trees on the right I saw a triangle UFO with one light up top a few on the bottom and a 5/24/05
4/23/01 06:00 St. Petersburg FL Light 45 sec Star size object traveling north tosouth 4/28/01
4/23/01 05:30 Olympia WA Triangle 10 seconds Triangle of dots zipping accross the morning sky in Western Washington. 4/28/01
4/23/01 02:00 Phoenix AZ Diamond 30 seconds Craft with 5 lights in a tight diamond shape 5/9/19
4/23/01 01:15 Burtonsville MD Circle 2 minutes very low slow flying, very strange sounding craft near DC 4/28/01
4/22/01 20:50 Huntington WV Triangle 2 minutes 30 foot triangle shaped, constant humming, static electric which made face and arms tingle, disapeared toward the west. 4/28/01
4/22/01 20:40 Kansas City KS Circle 2 minutes Globe like the moon, but in the wrong place and at the wrong time of the month. 4/28/01
4/22/01 06:33 Fairhaven MA Sphere 5 minutes Unknown brilliant spheres baffles Massachussetts teacher 7/26/02
4/22/01 03:28 Wyoming MI Disk 3 min I was looking east at the Lyrid meteor shower,when 3 virtical disk shaped objects silently moved overhead. They seemed to be in a loose 4/28/01
4/22/01 03:00 Niagara Falls ON Chevron Moments Silent propulsion, chevron shaped, flying low overhead. 6/22/17
4/22/01 00:20 Fort Worth TX Other 4 minutes Ring-shaped object with lights around the outside flying over Fort Worth. 4/28/01
4/21/01 21:45 Arlington TX Triangle 1 minute Three objects traveling east to west at an inconsistent speed but in a straight line, color white to yellow but observed in bright city 4/28/01
4/21/01 20:00 Glasgow KY Triangle 7 minutes Triangle shaped craft with 5 white lights at the Cumberland Parkway tollbooth in Barren County, Ky. on 04-21-01 @ 08:00 p.m. 4/28/01
4/21/01 10:06 Ringgold FL Circle
4/21/01 04:33 Dawson Creek (Canada) BC Circle seconds A very bright light green ball shaped light travelling soundlessly and rapidly in a horizontal direction at 800 to 1000' at 4:33am. 4/28/01
4/21/01 04:30 Oakdale CA Oval 10 minutes oval shaped iridescent object. 4/28/01
4/21/01 03:05 Ionia MI Light ongoing Approximately 3am eastern time we observed a light in the sky appearing brighter than a star. We immediately observed rapid movement of 4/28/01
4/21/01 01:30 Livermore CA Other 10 seconds We where driving on tesla road when we turned the corner we seen a brown object floating above the road and also wider then the road an 4/28/01
4/20/01 23:00 Powell River (Canada) BC Triangle 3 seconds speeding triangle at night 4/27/04
4/20/01 22:30 Columbus OH Diamond 1 min It few over then stopped in a hover position. It looked like the crafts were in a fighter like formation then dispearded. 4/28/01
4/20/01 22:07 North Vancouver (Canada) BC Triangle 10 seconds very fast moving object with 3 lights forming a triangler pattern, this craft was very stealthy moving quickly with no noise, small cr 4/28/01
4/20/01 21:00 Watertown WI Sphere 1 hour squadrons of orange balls pass over Watertown, WI 4/28/01
4/20/01 18:00 Bellingham WA Rectangle 20 seconds The craft had no sound or lights at all. 4/28/01
4/20/01 12:10 Westport (County Mayo) (Republic of Ireland)
Disk 30-45 seconds A disc or saucer about the size of a Boeing 767 jets tailplane seen at 35,000 feet over Westport Co.Mayo ,Ireland. 8/5/01
4/20/01 12:00 Moses Lake WA Triangle 10 minutes I wasn't a believer... but obviously the gov't hides this stuff with a bunch of media, otherwise: public panic! 9/2/05
4/20/01 10:00 Moscow ID Changing 3 min Pulsating objects, hovered, absorbed, left. 4/28/01
4/20/01 02:33 Reisterstown MD Fireball 3 sec flying fire ball in baltimore county, maryland 8/5/01
4/20/01 02:30 Owings Mills MD Flash 5-7 sec a stationary object appeared in the sky for 10 seconds and its brightness increased over this time and disappeard w/ a trail of light. 8/5/01
4/20/01 01:30 Reidsville NC Cigar 20 minutes Reidsville Prom Sighting 8/5/01
4/19/01 23:55 Cadiz OH Light 5 mins I witnessed what seems to me as a very unusual craft flying over my small town ohio residence. 4/28/01
4/19/01 22:25 Croswell MI Other 8 seconds Very Weird!!! 4/28/01
4/19/01 20:30 Hamilton AL Other 5 minutes Craft downed-emitting powerful-magnificent & intelligent lights in color. Affected witnesses. 11/6/14
4/19/01 04:30 Middletown IN Triangle 20 MIN. Orange hovering object branches off into a shooting star like object then disappears. 4/28/01
4/18/01 23:30 McLouth KS Circle 5 mintues UFO on rock road 3/4/08
4/18/01 22:00 Grimes IA Light 2-3 min moving, non flashing light that disapeared 4/28/01
4/18/01 21:21 Omaha NE Fireball 7 to 10 seconds BrillianBrilliant green fireball (meteor?) seen arcing toward the ground while moving from the northeast to southeast horizon 4/28/01
4/18/01 21:20 Lincoln NE Fireball short As we were approaching Lincoln from the west we saw a really bright green fire ball or falling star or what ever,it went from the north 4/28/01
4/18/01 21:07 Poipu HI Light 5 seconds Strange, fast moving light seen off shore of Kauai. 4/28/01
4/18/01 21:00 Lame Deer MT Disk 35 to 45 minutes Town sees ufo. 1/17/04
4/18/01 18:30 Denver CO Circle 2 min One pinpoint of light moved northward across the sky joining another before I lost them in the haze. 4/28/01
4/18/01 16:35 Houston TX Oval 1:30 An airplane was flying overhead emitting a long contrail and as my eyes went down the contrail a small white craft came out of the plum 4/28/01
4/18/01 01:30 El Cajon CA Chevron 20-30 minutes Light changing sppeds, direction and brightness in san diego 4/28/01
4/18/01 01:00 Seward AK Triangle 12 hours Seward Alaska, April 2001--massive sighting of battleship sized black triangle and other UFO's could not be confirmed. 4/28/01
4/18/01 Illinois State line (close to) IN Circle under 1 min. clear starry night sky.crosslike or starlike object seen in the sky.very bright white...(opaque).larger than surrounding stars.object s 4/28/01
4/17/01 21:24 Cave Creek AZ Triangle 30 seconds Triangular pattern of 3 moving lights north of Phoenix. 4/28/01
4/17/01 20:45 Cancun (Mexico)
Light 20-30 seconds A small star like light, making sharp turns in the area of Ursa Major (The Big Dipper) 4/28/01
4/17/01 16:35 Yorba Linda CA Cone 2 min Spinning cone shaped object over Yorba Linda California area. 4/28/01
4/17/01 16:00 Los Angeles CA Sphere 20 seconds Green tennis ball-like object above Los Angeles Airport. 8/5/01
4/17/01 10:20 Rancho Santa Margarita CA Unknown < 1 second Brief pulse of visible, white light from an unknown source, which made daylight appear to be extremely bright 4/28/01
4/17/01 04:05 Barnstaple (UK/England)
Light 2 minutes Earth Orbit Altitude 3 Object White Triangle Formation 4/28/01
4/16/01 23:00 Denver CO Changing 2 minuites aprox. (see discripton) 8/5/01
4/16/01 22:00 Central U. S. (in-flight; Chicago toTampa Bay)
Oval 30 seconds I saw a green ufo while in a airplane between Chicago and Tampa Bay. 4/28/01
4/16/01 22:00 Cancun (Mexico)
Triangle 1 minute Perfectly shaped triangle of stars, extremely fast moving, two stars circling each other. 8/5/01
4/16/01 13:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Sphere 15 Sec. Sighting one, 1300 hrs., two white, round objects spotted by me coming from the north/east turning to the east. Both objects identical 1/17/04
4/16/01 12:55 Tampa FL Other 1 minute Black line in sky running from horizon to top of sky. 4/28/01
4/16/01 11:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Disk 12 seconds My first sighting on this day was at apx. 11:00 hours.

I was on my way to the supermarket and while crossing the street I noticed tw
4/16/01 07:00 Murfreesboro TN Disk 3 to 5 minutes Mysterious Disk seen lying on ditch of Tennessee Highway 840. Seen from an adjecent non-connected road. Then the Disk Vanished. 4/28/01
4/16/01 04:00 Briarwood (Queens) NY Oval Unknown Abuction with temporary awareness 2/14/06
4/15/01 23:30 Salt Lake City UT Disk 2 minutes My husband and I were driving East on 2100 S.I saw a bright light by the mountain. I pointed to it and said, &quot; What is tha...&quo 1/4/19
4/15/01 22:30 Mount Juliet TN Light over 70 minutes red light go fast, white light means it stopped and pulse fast red before moving. 4/28/01
4/15/01 22:25 Black Forest CO Triangle 5 minutes Passed underneath and to the side of 3 lights that were stationary above tree tops at low speed. 10/11/05
4/15/01 22:00 Mansfield LA
3 hours Not a quick, here then gone event, lasted several hours and witnessed by 6 people 4/28/01
4/15/01 20:30 Batavia IL Fireball 5 Minutes My mother and I were driving home from the last choir concert of the year when I was in 8th Grade...we came up to the corner just befor 7/16/03
4/15/01 19:45 Melbourne (VIC, Australia)
Fireball 3-4 mins fast moving orange luminus balls of light 4/28/01
4/15/01 19:00 Princeton WV Light 3 minutes Light hovering over tree top 3/29/19
4/15/01 14:30 Hanford Nuclear Reservation WA Sphere 3 min Brilliant perfect silver sphere in broad daylight. 6/12/08
4/15/01 14:30 Eau Claire WI Oval 2 minutes Oval craft moving slowly across the sky, silver gray, one bright lite, and silent. 8/5/01
4/15/01 14:00 Lewisburg WV Light
unexplained beams coming from the hoizon. 2/22/02
4/15/01 12:00 Lower Lake CA Sphere 10minutes 2001/daylight/ sighting/ bright,sphere/about,5to 10 min/Low /slow/silent/two eyewitnesses/ 5/24/05
4/15/01 11:00 Dalaman (Turkey)
Light 3 seconds a bright light source moving towards car 9/2/05
4/15/01 10:30 Soap Lake WA Triangle 1 to 1-1/2 min Several white, noiseless, triangular objects, no lights, sighted in North Central Washington State 12/12/09
4/15/01 10:00 Las Vegas NV Circle 30+ minutes 3 unknown objects hovered over eastside highrise for 30 minutes 3/21/03
4/15/01 03:00 Härnösand (Sweden)
Circle 30sec-1 min Round metal object , size of a big orange, slowly cirkeling with colourlights in mid air above my bedsidetable 3/11/06
4/15/01 02:20 Schaumburg IL Diamond 2 Minutes The Titanic tear appeared with a gust and vanished without a trace. 4/28/01
4/15/01 00:25 San Antonio TX Sphere 2 seconds Bright Blue/White Light, North Of San Antonio Texas Moving East To West in a slight downward slant. 4/28/01
4/15/01 Burnt Hills (Ballston Lake) NY

Burnt Hills/Ballston lake sightings?...mabee not 8/5/01
4/15/01 East London (South Africa)
Light N/A Photograph of who knows what! Your Guess is as good as mine. 4/28/01
4/14/01 22:30 Long Beach NY Circle 3 min aprx Three what looked to be large stars traveling in an unnatural manner. 4/28/01
4/14/01 22:15 Gaylord MI Oval 3 seconds Set of three and set of four 'lights' shotting east to west quickly, no sound. 4/28/01
4/14/01 21:45 Brick NJ Triangle 0:20 Afterwards I could not taste for a week. 10/12/01
4/14/01 16:30 Tempe AZ Disk 10 minutes Two disc/round objects were observed by 4 people Saturday April 14 4:30pm for approx. 10 minutes in Tempe AZ 4/28/01
4/14/01 16:30 Tempe AZ Circle 10 min. i witnessed a craft that had one bright light seperate into 3 smaller lights, form a triangluar pattern and then they began to rotate a 4/28/01
4/14/01 02:30 Reading PA Oval around 30 seconds this happened in the middle of the night on my easter break from school. i was watching tv in my room when my tv flickered off then bac 4/28/01
4/14/01 00:30 Meridian TX Fireball about 2 minutes bright light flash then a fireball flying across the sky low to the ground 4/28/01
4/13/01 23:37 Middlefield (on county line, Geauga/Trumbull Counties) OH Light 3 min (approx.) While driving westbound on state route 87 by the geauga and trumbull county line, another car was approaching towards the east. A brigh 4/28/01
4/13/01 22:30 Worcester MA Circle 5 minutes Four unidentified flying objects in night sky, like four reddish stars moving like no aircract can move. silently. 4/28/01
4/13/01 22:30 Kensington CT Cigar about 15 min Possible UFO sighting over Kensington Conn on 4/13/01. 4/28/01
4/13/01 22:30 East Lansing MI Formation 5 seconds triangle formation of 3 saucers in East Lansing. 4/28/01
4/13/01 21:00 Bentonville AR Unknown 2 or three seconds out of control object over bentonville AR 4/28/01
4/13/01 13:00 Baltimore MD Sphere 3:00 Observed high flying sphere moving slowly to the NW then blink out. 8/5/01
4/13/01 13:00 Capitola CA Triangle 5 minutes Small Black Triangle flying over surfers in Capitola, CA midday at about 750 ft. altitude perfectly quiet and flying level 8/5/01
4/13/01 04:00 Mykonos (Greece)
Unknown 8 - 12 seconds Fast moving and violently zig-zagging orange light over the Greek Island of Mykonos 4/28/01
4/13/01 02:37 Evansville IN Disk side ways It was like seeing a fleet of plates all grey except for the lights flying through the air. 4/28/01
4/13/01 00:00 Rothschild WI Unknown no longer than a minute We were driving home friday night and when we got near the house we looked up and saw four bright lights that resembled stadium lights 4/28/01
4/13/01 00:00 Rothschild WI Unknown 15-30 seconds An object with four lights was seen hovering and when approached it sped away at an extreme speed. 4/28/01
4/12/01 23:30 Little Falls NY Triangle Unknown I was walking my dog last evening when all of a sudden he started acting very very strange.All of a sudden he started elevating about t 4/28/01
4/12/01 23:30 New Delhi (India)
Light 1 min Red Light in Indian Capital 6/4/04
4/12/01 04:17 Houston TX Light 1 second it was a while blurr of light, nothing trailing it, second from horizon to horizon at at 3 oclock level. 4/28/01
4/12/01 03:33 Bay Mills Township MI Fireball 0:02 Fireball in the sky over small lake in Michigan's EUP. 8/5/01
4/12/01 00:25 Gosforth (UK/England)
Circle don't know, about 5 mins A large circular flying object with flashing lights on it. 4/28/01
4/11/01 22:45 De Pere WI Disk 20 sec. Disk approach from S to N over us, then made hair pin turn above us heading S again. Disk passed less than 300 feet above us. 4/28/01
4/11/01 21:00 Marianna FL Oval 2 min This thing was oblong. It was flying west to east. It was incredible... I would say the thing was aprox 2000 feet up. The color was alm 4/28/01
4/11/01 12:15 Los Angeles CA Light 2 minutes It was like a bright light,hovering left to right,and after a couple of seconds it streaked across the sky and dissapeared. 8/5/01
4/11/01 12:00 College Park MD Unknown several minutes Heard booms, saw flashes, and sky was green in that direction 12/23/02
4/11/01 07:40 Trenton (Canada) ON Circle 10 seconds There was a bright circular object like a star that was slowly movin across the sky. 4/28/01
4/11/01 01:00 Riverview MI Disk 5 minutes 10 saucers seen close to ground, rapidly switching places with one another. 4/28/01
4/10/01 21:09 Bristol CT Changing 1:30 mins. Shape changing object. 4/28/01
4/10/01 16:30 Las Vegas NV Other 10 minutes Sighting of U.F.O.'s above Las Vegas during daytime 4/28/01
4/10/01 08:45 Welland (Canada) ON Light i minute or so One being in the water and one light in the sky. 4/28/01
4/9/01 22:53 Ontario (Canada) ON Other 20 to 30 seconds Silent slow moving large arrowhead shaped object dull black in colour with pin prick dull orange lights on the leading edge of the wing 4/28/01
4/9/01 22:00 Corvallis OR Fireball 6-8 seconds Fireball Sighted by Child in the Northwest 4/28/01
4/9/01 12:05 Las Pinas (Philippines)
Oval 5 mins Daytime UFO with Alien on Board. See pictures at: 4/28/01
4/9/01 05:22 Talkeetna (Matsue area) AK Triangle 6:00 sitings in alaska 4/28/01
4/9/01 01:30 Marina di Avola (Italy)
Fireball 1 ora circa luce bianca-giallastra molto splendente ma non accecante.Era Bellissima. 6/12/02
4/8/01 20:30 Ormond Beach/Daytona Beach FL Light 10 seconds Two fast moving red lights obsereved from the ground manuevering in formation near aircraft in Northeastern Florida. 4/28/01
4/8/01 20:00 Portage IN Unknown 20:00 unknown blue object that stooped car engine then turn red and disapeared. 8/16/02
4/8/01 11:00 Little Dixie Lake MO Unknown 15 sec. Invisible Object? 8/5/01
4/8/01 02:27 Lackawaxen PA Light 3 Seconds Brighter than a welders torch and diamond white! 4/28/01
4/7/01 23:23 Antioch CA Egg 11:28 I was driving to my paper route (east bound). It was a full moon here in Antioch and no clouds were in sight.The time was 11:23pm, I lo 4/28/01
4/7/01 22:54 Eynsham (UK/England)
Disk 2minutes 1 landed and abducted the dog 8/5/01
4/7/01 22:15 Milwaukee WI Cigar 30-45 seconds Object entered atmosphere as a streak, emitted a momentary high frequency, zig-zaging effortlessly from east to west 4/28/01
4/7/01 21:00 Las Vegas NV Formation a long time I heard noises like jets warming up at Nellis,Ilooked up into some clouds over head & saw 4 white balls going back & forth from a white 4/28/01
4/7/01 20:21 New Brunswick NJ Disk 2 minutes 4 blue flying objects hovered in the sky for two minutes, sudden reverse of flying direction during flight. 4/28/01
4/7/01 19:00 Canton IL Triangle west Saw ufo spining with lights 4/28/01
4/7/01 17:00 Canton OH Egg
It was a large, egg shaped craft that had a glow of blue. there were 3 of them traveling very fast in circles, up and down, side to sid 4/28/01
4/7/01 15:30 Pepper Pike OH Cigar 10 seconds Large, silver cigar, hovering low on horizion, half the size of my finger at arms length, in northeast. 8/5/01
4/7/01 00:05 Hamersville OH Light 30 min Blue green lights over southen ohio 8/5/01
4/6/01 22:30 Vancouver (Canada) BC Circle 1 hour Large circular energy mass moving slowly across horizon 4/28/01
4/6/01 21:00 Mount Carmel IL Fireball 20 minutes At an area just west of Mount Carmel Il, my wife and I both witnessed fire-like orange lights that varied in speed size and brilliance. 4/28/01
4/6/01 16:34 London (UK/England)
Formation 10 mins Dark blue with green lights and moving very fast. 8/5/01
4/6/01 02:00 Jonesboro GA Flash unknown I had just gotten off the phone with my wife and i was getting ready to go to bed. All the lights flickered and then they all went out. 4/28/01
4/5/01 21:56 Florissant (St. Louis) MO Triangle 3min Object seen in sky 04052001 9:56pm,triangular in shape,surrounded by lights, one red light in center of object 4/28/01
4/5/01 21:00 Butte NE Flash
2 big dots surrounded by 10 or 20 small flashing dots in no pattern. 4/28/01
4/5/01 16:35 Zahle (Lebanon)
Formation about 40 seconds Seven glowing spheres reported in LEBANON 4/28/01
4/5/01 11:45 Wildwood Crest NJ Other 5 minutes White trail travelling north, making abrupt U-turn, then trail becoming erratic, losing altitude and disappearing from sight. 4/28/01
4/5/01 01:05 Rancho Bernardo CA Light 4-5 minutes It was starting to get cloudy, but I had a fairly large area of clear sky. I was at work, and stepped outside. I looked up into the sky 4/28/01
4/5/01 00:53 Santee CA Unknown 25min 100 Star sized UFOs move in formation over southwest! 4/28/01
4/4/01 23:47 Franklin PA Disk 20 minutes Object of 11JUL00 Reutrns....... 4/28/01
4/4/01 23:30 Westville IN Diamond 30 seconds A diamond shaped craft with 4 bright lights - 1 at each corner - moving silently, at great speed - seen in NW Ind. on 04-04-01 @ 11:30 4/28/01
4/4/01 23:20 Saskatoon (Canada) SA Disk 50 minutes stationary, flat disk like shape with white red and green lights flashing intermittenly seen south of Saskatoon, April 4, 2001 11;20pm 4/28/01
4/4/01 21:30 Acme PA Diamond 8 seconds Low Level Diamond shaped Object Reported 8/5/01
4/4/01 20:30 Charlottesville VA Other 3 minutes Five-Sided Craft Spotted in Charlottesville 4/28/01
4/4/01 19:00 Sedona AZ Other 10 seconds Two separate and distinct yellow-gold lights streaking low across the sky, appearing to have tails, but moving swiftly and in unison. 4/28/01
4/4/01 16:00 Eden Prairie MN Circle 3 minutes 2 red illuminated objects "zig zagging" in the day lit sky over a heavily populated area, 3 minute sighting. 4/28/01
4/3/01 21:00 Bigfork MT Light 2 -3 seconds Don't know what this was. It looked like pictures of comets I have seen. The head of the light was large in the sky, comparing it with 4/28/01
4/3/01 20:05 Granby CT Flash 5 seconds Breif Green flash in eastern night sky 4/28/01
4/3/01 19:30 Owasso OK Other 4 minutes Shiny black object that flew a little faster than an airplane, had a glow, and glided gracefully. 4/28/01
4/3/01 15:40 Corning CA Circle 40 minutes The original statement sent to you earlier today stated that we had seen one "craft" at approximately 15:40 hours in the sky above our 4/28/01
4/3/01 15:40 Corning CA Circle 5-7 minutes small circular object seen over our house, traveling north, then it turned back toward us, then started moving slowly to the east. It 4/28/01
4/3/01 11:53 Isanti MN Teardrop
we were just walking along the highway whean we saw 11 tear drop shapes hovering above us it had a lot of light on the sides of them th 4/28/01
4/3/01 02:00 Vancouver (Canada) BC Light 1.5 hours Over a hundred UFO's flying the skys of Cancun, Mexico. 4/28/01
4/2/01 22:00 Barre NY Triangle 2 to 5 min ((HOAX??)) Ship consisting of 3 orange white lights passed by my living room window the shape of the ship was a near perfect triangle. 4/8/02
4/2/01 20:45 Salem OR Other 20 looked like satalight's but they were not,, 8/5/01
4/2/01 18:00 Roslin (Canada) ON Triangle 16 Triangle shaped UFO near Belleville Ontario 4/28/01
4/2/01 09:00 Green River (40 miles west of) UT Triangle 30 seconds Aurora contrail,with 2 triangular objects in the sky,where found in the picture by a friend 4/28/01
4/2/01 07:25 Anderson SC Light 5-7 min Pinprick of blue-white light seen from the interstate that blurred in almost a digital fashion , seen early in the morning. 4/28/01
4/2/01 02:00 Secunda (South Africa)
Disk 30 min Ufo sightings in South Africa at Secunda (Sasol = South African Coal and Oil Industry) 4/28/01
4/2/01 00:05 Vestal NY Light 10 seconds A large, green ball of light streaked across the sky, and looked if it were going to crash into the ground 8/5/01
4/1/01 22:00 Cedar Rapids IA Triangle 4 min or so Hovered over tree tops next to I380 and angled toward highway before speeding off with flashing lights 3/19/02
4/1/01 21:37 Pelican Rapids MN Other less than 3 seconds i looked up for no apparent reason, and i saw a flash in the sky, it made no sound, it was a bluish color, like a flash of a camera. i 4/28/01
4/1/01 21:00 Woodland WA Oval 10 seconds A bright white light that zipped away and within an instant disappeared 10/30/06
4/1/01 21:00 Stillwater MN Triangle 3-5 minutes About two weeks ago my wife and I (living in Stillwater, MN) were driving to our new apartment. In fact it was the first night we were 12/5/01
4/1/01 21:00 Pahrump NV Light 10 minutes possible explanation for strange sights around Nellis AFB 3/30/01 4/28/01
4/1/01 20:30 Moscow ID Changing 12 minutes Pulsating Orbs, molding into and out of each other. 4/28/01
4/1/01 19:05 Stillwater MN

4/1/01 19:00 Bangalore (India)

5-10 seconds
4/1/01 17:05 Tucson/Marana AZ Disk 35 min Returning South from Picacho Peak on Interstate 10 eight miles north of Marana Az on the way returning to Tucson hovering over the city 4/28/01
4/1/01 03:30 Port Angeles WA Unknown 5 Minutes Sighting of a UFO that could not be explained by a physics professor / pilot. 8/27/09