National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 03/2001
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
3/31/01 21:10 Greenfield WI Flash 1 minute There were three quick trailing flashes in the sky; direction of objects were eastshotting south to north. This occurred 2 times within 8/5/01
3/31/01 20:00 Morrilton AR Diamond 1 hour My imagination is pretty normal and i am not one to make things up. 4/28/01
3/31/01 10:45 Lucerne Valley CA Other about 3 min. white,small,quiet,smooth,cigar shaped but pointy on both ends. 4/1/01
3/31/01 07:40 Dublin CA Cigar 2-4 min. White, cigar-shaped object flying over Dublin, CA 7:40 am most mornings. 4/1/01
3/30/01 23:00 Cloudcroft (outside of) NM Light couple hours White beams that shot high into the sky and a bright red glow that seemed to be coming from behind a mountain. 4/1/01
3/30/01 22:30 Orofino (16 miles east of) ID Unknown 2 hours Glowing deep red clouds floating against the wind going from horizon to horizon 4/1/01
3/30/01 22:00 Palmer AK Light 20 min Orange lights flying over Palmer Ak March 30,2011 4/3/11
3/30/01 22:00 Nipomo CA
Unspecified Red "glow" seen in clear night sky 11/20/01
3/30/01 21:35 Madison WI Light 10 minutes Hovering lights above Madison, Wisconsin seen by many 4/1/01
3/30/01 21:30 Disputanta VA Diamond 15 min Multitude of extremely fast flashing lights in a small area of the sky. 4/28/01
3/30/01 12:35 Phoenix AZ Oval 1 min 3 white oval objects flying very low and very fast in a tight formation, making no noise. 4/1/01
3/30/01 09:28 Fort Worth TX Disk 7 seconds Classical UFO seen to have 'dropped' from 11 o'clock high--hover in-place--then whisked off to the due NNW. Fort Worth, Tx. 4/1/01
3/30/01 09:10 Solihull (UK/England)
Cigar 25mins Cigar shaped object with flashing lights and a buzzing sound 4/1/01
3/30/01 01:12 Denver PA Triangle 10 mins was it a slient stacker looking to land? 4/28/01
3/29/01 20:30 Las Vegas NV Formation 30 MIN. The four red lights that buzzed Nellis A.F.B. && The one Orange one that played cat 4/1/01
3/29/01 20:09 Castle Rock WA Triangle
Triangle Object 4/28/01
3/29/01 17:35 Fresno CA Sphere 1 minute see above 4/1/01
3/29/01 15:30 Washington MO Other 6 minutes Spinning "Chrome-like" shiny square traveling on changing course. 4/28/01
3/29/01 13:49 Draper UT Other Unknown UFO not seen at time of photograph - but was later viewed on picture! 4/1/01
3/29/01 07:30 La Paz/Cochabamba/Potosi
3/29/01 02:30 Apollo PA Light 15 minuets Vertical shaft of light, traveling NorthWest in Southern Armstrong county Pa. 4/1/01
3/29/01 02:00 Orlando FL Light 1 min Two slowy flashing red lights observed flying just above tree level with no sound. 4/1/01
3/29/01 00:24 Bouse AZ Formation 10-15 minutes 3 very bright pulsating amber lights in a line appear again in SSW over Plomosa Mt.Range between Bouse/Quartzsite Az. 4/1/01
3/28/01 22:00 Taylorville IL Triangle Night time It was happened fast, it made my house shake, and I looked out the window and I saw a triangular-shaped object with lights on it. 4/1/01
3/28/01 21:00 Springview NE Unknown 10mn. We watched it for 10 to 15 minutes,it went to the east,appeared to be very large,or there was more than one 4/28/01
3/28/01 03:42 Savannah GA Light 3 seconds Dense , vertical, angular column of white light shines down in to my yard at 3:42 a.m. 3/28/01. 4/1/01
3/28/01 01:35 Mahnomen MN Oval 0ne minute to a minute an 150- 200 feet away from object !! 8/5/01
3/28/01 00:45 Bouse AZ Formation 15-20 minutes Saw 3 pulsating bright Amber lights in Triangle shape in SSW skies hover over mt. range between Bouse and Quartzsite Arizona. 4/1/01
3/28/01 00:30 Beloit WI Fireball 1 minute A yellow fireball diving straight down stops for a few seconds, changes color, then goes straight down again. 4/1/01
3/28/01 00:01 Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei)
Light 20 s Light emitting object sighted over Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. 8/5/01
3/27/01 23:58 Las Vegas NV Formation 1 minute Flying formation of several oval/cone shaped objects over Bellagio Hotel. 1/31/04
3/27/01 21:30 Phoenix AZ Light 90 seconds Small yellow light following jetliner 4/1/01
3/27/01 21:15 Ambala (India)
Fireball 10 minutes The glowing ball changing colors and moving in different directions. 4/1/01
3/27/01 21:00 Lowman NY Disk 3 to 5 mins clear night sky no clouds stars very bright...craft looked to be around 35 to 40 feet across. 9/9/04
3/27/01 12:10 London (UK/England)
Other 7 minutes thin shape that rotated around like a rectangle parachute 4/1/01
3/27/01 02:20 Montreal (Canada) PQ Fireball 1 second UFO followed by intense green flame sighted flying over residential area of Montreal, Quebec. 4/1/01
3/26/01 22:00 Los Angeles CA Flash seconds On Monday night when we visited a friend my friend spotted two flashes that appeared to be coming from the beach area but I told him th 4/1/01
3/26/01 21:35 Durham NC Triangle 10-12 minutes very large triangular object with two very bright lights on the front and a reddish looking light on the bottom center 4/1/01
3/26/01 21:30 San Bernardino Co. (I-15, Oak Hill Road Exit) CA Cone 35 to 45 sec. "Hay! those two planes are going to run into each orther" is what I said 11/20/01
3/26/01 21:00 Valentine NE Cigar 5 minutes extremely large cigar shaped craft, i'd say at least 200 yards long, 2 flashiing lights on each end. 4/1/01
3/26/01 20:10 Wauconda WA Light 20 sec Slow "satelite" stops,changes color and fades out. 4/1/01
3/26/01 20:10 Valencia CA Light 1 minute Two dull lights moving in tandom across the sky. The trailing light moved closer to the leading one at one point. 4/1/01
3/26/01 16:00 La Paz (Bolivia)
Disk 3 hours I'm not sure of the full details of this sightings as a friend of mine in Bolivia reported it to me. The story goes that a huge silver 4/1/01
3/26/01 13:00 San Jose CA Disk 5 mintues Small disc hovers over our backyard. 12/12/09
3/26/01 07:20 Cochabamba (Bolivia)
Disk 70 min + UFO sighting in Cochabamba Bolivia, local TV stations have closeups-- 4/1/01
3/26/01 04:40 Minneapolis MN Light 1:00 minute We were at FL330/33,000ft ((deleted)) bound ((deleted))-Chicago 3/26/01 @ 0440 Central Time. 4/28/01

3/25/01 23:00 Loveland OH Light unknown Stationary light that changed from yellow to green to red and was hovering below the clouds. 4/1/01
3/25/01 22:30 Kingston (Canada) ON Fireball 30 seconds Green fireball 4/28/01
3/25/01 22:15 Paris (Antony) (France)
Triangle 5 minutes Triangle sighted near Orly airport in France 4/1/01
3/25/01 22:00 Dutzow MO Other at least 1 hour Unusual movement pattern of bright light with an aura at times. 4/1/01
3/25/01 21:03 Morgantown WV Disk 2 minutes On the evening of March 25, 2001, I was out riding my horse over the foothills of the Appalachain mountians. It was getting dark, so I 4/28/01
3/25/01 19:35 Loganville GA Light 40 minutes A Brilliant Blue Light that moved at extreme speeds and moved even faster when aircraft came nearby. 4/1/01
3/25/01 19:00 Chicago IL Chevron 8-20 secs. CHEVRON CRAFTS RACE OVER CHICAGO SUNDAY 3-25-01 4/1/01
3/25/01 17:00 Jefferson City MO Cross about 2-3 minutes My friends and i saw many red lights above jefferson city 4/1/01
3/25/01 13:30 Hayward CA Disk Anniversary UFO as clear as day! What you can find in YOUR videos. 12/23/02
3/25/01 11:05 Prescott AZ Oval 6 minutes Really large white object moving west to east at very high altitude 4/1/01
3/25/01 11:00 Burnaby (Canada) BC Cigar 20 seconds A picture of a UFO flying over a high school. 4/28/01
3/25/01 03:50 Black Canyon (N. of, on I-17 AZ Unknown 1-3 seconds A hi-speed ball of light passing E. to W. N. of Black Canyon City. 4/28/01
3/25/01 03:30 Phoenix AZ Changing about 30 secs Strangely silent object streaks accross sky in desert southwest. 4/1/01
3/24/01 23:30 Dunedin (New Zealand)
Flash 30-60secs Flashes of white light the size of a bright star in the New Zealand night sky. 4/28/01
3/24/01 19:50 Fort Collins CO Other 4sec An object burned up it seemed then I could see it moving across the sky movinf east to west. I could see it about 2 seconds afetr it pe 10/12/01
3/24/01 19:30 Kalamata (Greece)
Other 20 min A red spot in the west side of the sky. 4/28/01
3/24/01 02:00 Gainesville FL Light 10-15 seconds Unexplained light/sound phenomenon 4/1/01
3/24/01 00:06 Granite Bay CA Chevron 3 minutes While driving home from Pete's house, a friend of mine (Greg) and I saw a very white bright point of light up in the sky, and we though 4/1/01
3/24/01 00:00 Mersin (Turkey)
Light 2 sec. I am a private in Turkish Armed Forces based down south in a city called Mersin (TURKEY) which is 30 min away from the famous (ADANA)In 4/1/01
3/23/01 23:30 Roma (Italy)
Cigar 1h percorrendo via della nocetta ce sta tipo n'incrocio anzi e' n'incrocio li ce sta l'amichetto blu e verde 4/28/01
3/23/01 21:00 Centralia WA Triangle 2-3 minutes the hair on my neck is still standing,theres,no dought in my mind this was a UFO 4/28/01
3/23/01 20:50 Springfield VA Unknown 3 minutes Large unknown object over Northern Virginia. 4/1/01
3/23/01 20:30 Blythe CA Fireball 30 minutes Meteor-like fireballs near Blythe California on the night the Mir Space Station plummeted back to earth 8/5/01
3/23/01 19:33 Hot Springs AR Disk 3 minuets Arkansas grocery store clerk and older gentleman get airshow by eight unknown craft. 4/1/01
3/23/01 07:30 Dublin/Pleasanton CA Disk 10 minutes A small saucer hoovering over the 580/680 interchange, helicopters surrounding it. 4/27/04
3/23/01 02:15 Mumbai (India)
Oval 2min. its great green glow. 4/1/01
3/22/01 21:00 Princeton WI Unknown 5 seconds Four bright redish white flashes of light then they vanished. 4/1/01
3/22/01 20:50 North Canton OH Cylinder 5-6 seconds Unusual object with very dim, steady lights darts across sky 4/1/01
3/22/01 20:17 Cleveland OH Fireball seconds Very Large Ball of Fire Scattering and Sparking 4/1/01
3/22/01 20:10 Warren MI Unknown 5 mins seemed as though heaven spilled a bucket of fire flies. first as a wave traveling east to west. breaking into seperate v shaped formati 4/1/01
3/22/01 18:30 Jackson MS Oval 1 minute Heavenly object spotted near Jackson, Miss. 4/1/01
3/22/01 06:00 Russell Springs KY Triangle 3 min. triangeler hoops of fire 4/1/01
3/22/01 04:30 Hartford CT
several minutes hi, somepeople i know experienced something weird several days ago. They were awoken on the morning of 4.22.01 around 4:30 a.m. They cl 4/1/01
3/22/01 03:30 Tacoma WA Other 2 hours UFO observed visiting several homes in my neighborhood 8/5/01
3/22/01 02:30 Moretown VT Formation 15 sec VT,Moretown-VERY BRIGHT greenish(?) VERY LARGE formation descending and VERY RAPIDLY almost vertically; no crash,no flames;disappeared. 10/12/01
3/22/01 00:40 Las Vegas NV Formation 3 minutes 12 burnt-orange lights -- each zipping from DIFFERENT directions -- maneuvered around an oval black shape. 4/1/01
3/22/01 00:30 Orlando & Daytona (between) FL Triangle 10 Minutes I4 Eastbound between Orlando/Daytona. Triangular craft hovered with car for aprox 10min, then moved forward, up & dissapeared fast 1/10/09
3/21/01 23:10 Eugene OR Fireball 2.5 seconds Fireball of bright white light traveling from South to North. 4/1/01
3/21/01 22:30 La Pine OR Triangle 2 -3 minutes Dark triangle with strange strobing lights seen south of bend Oregon 21 mach 22:30 PST moving slowly at first then acelerating to the S 4/1/01
3/21/01 19:50 Rockaway Beach OR Unknown 3-4 min. Weird lights over Oregon Coast 4/1/01
3/21/01 19:00 Mulberry IN Flash
I heard a loud roar and went outside to look and suddenly two very big bright orange lights appeared. 4/1/01
3/21/01 18:50 Hamden CT Oval 40 seconds ((NUFORC Note: Female witness describes a second sighting of a bizarre object. PD)) 4/1/01
3/21/01 04:00 Braga (Portugal)
Light 8 minutes A very strong light and then something like an earthquak during almost 10 minutes, that makes marks in the fiels... 4/1/01
3/21/01 03:21 Arlington TX Unknown 15-25sec. Very fast moving "object", blinking blue, red, and green. In that pattern. 4/1/01
3/21/01 02:30 Moretown VT Formation 15 sec VT,Moretown-VERY BRIGHT greenish(?) VERY LARGE formation descending and VERY RAPIDLY almost vertically; no crash,no flames;disappeared. 4/1/01
3/21/01 Port Carbon PA Light
Me and my friend saw 3 blinking in the mountains no where near civilization 4/1/01
3/20/01 23:45 Southern Pines NC Flash 10 - 15 min Erraticly moving craft emmitting light pulses. 4/1/01
3/20/01 21:45 Detroit MI Triangle 10 /15mins Detroit Mi. 3/20/2001 VERY LARGE TRIANGULAR OBJECT SIGHTED 4/1/01
3/20/01 19:30 Portsmouth RI Chevron 30 seconds Chevron shaped object seen in Rhode Island sky on night of Vernal Equinox. 4/1/01
3/20/01 16:00 Newington CT Circle 20 minutes Formation of shiney dots travels in same traffic lane as normal aircraft. 4/1/01
3/20/01 16:00 Hamden CT Other 3 to 5 minutes We saw a lg.bullet shaped object rise,vertically upwards. 4/1/01
3/20/01 10:15 Austin TX Cigar 3-5 minutes Driving soutth on Mo Pac Expressway, I saw two black cigar shaped objects hovering. 4/1/01
3/20/01 08:16 Adelaide (Australia)
Rectangle 2 minutes Chrome Rectangle Box UFO floating in sky. 1/12/12
3/20/01 03:00 Klamath Falls OR Flash 20 minuts two flashing red lights moving around eachother. 8/5/01
3/19/01 23:59 Pittsburgh PA Circle 30 minutes A luminous object seen in pittsburgh for over a year with distinct bright lights that can be seen by the naked eye. 4/1/01
3/19/01 22:56 Wilkes-Barre PA Triangle 20-30 sec. I was in y room wathcing T.V. and I heard a faint humming noise,like alot of bees very far away,.So I went to my wndow to see what it w 7/26/02
3/19/01 21:15 Roger's Mesa (northwest of Hotchkiss) CO Light 3-5 min. Saw a slow moving bright star-like yellow,white light mid-sky that pulsated bright and dim and drifted towards the horizon 4/1/01
3/19/01 21:00 Wisconsin Dells WI Light 4 seconds Three sightings of three to four orange round lights in a line that moved in the night sky and then disappeared. 4/1/01
3/19/01 21:00 Olympia WA Light hour or more light changing colors over olympia, wa 4/1/01
3/19/01 20:00 Saukville WI Unknown 30 minutes I have never seen anything like this object and its movements and lights before. 4/1/01
3/19/01 19:30 Tolleson/Avondale Area AZ Light 15minutes I have seen the same thing when it had happened before it looks just like the last incidents that has happened. 4/1/01
3/19/01 19:29 Raleigh NC Light 2 min. Unidentified object that did not have required flashing light travels alongside and aircraft with normal lights. 4/1/01
3/19/01 19:15 Canterbury NH Changing 30 min. Large Orb,red&green lights surrounding, capable of breaking into 3 triangles, or smaller orbs. 4/1/01
3/19/01 19:10 East Dover VT Light 45 seconds small green light, high altitude, changing direction. 6/12/02
3/19/01 18:50 Austin TX Fireball ?20 minutes? HUGE blazing falling object (NOT the Mir). 4/1/01
3/19/01 18:01 Austin TX Other
This is in response to the orange lights seen west of Austin.... This is exactly where Fort Hood is located. The largest ARMY base in t 4/28/01
3/19/01 13:00 Cambridge (Canada) ON Diamond 5 minutes Five bright objects over Ontario engaged in dogfight, daylight sighting. 4/1/01
3/19/01 10:00 ((unspecified)) NM Disk 1 minute Short timed sighting over mountain 4/1/01
3/19/01 01:46 Los Angeles CA Other 02:15 It was about 1:46 A.M. March 19 2001 when I saw it. I was listening to Power 106, and was just about to fall asleep when I heard this w 4/1/01
3/18/01 23:15 Donora PA Light 45 min. bright star-like object , surrounded by green and red lights 4/1/01
3/18/01 22:40 Rockford IL
15 Minutes More lights over Rockford's East Side 4/1/01
3/18/01 21:45 Rockford IL Light 2 minutes Over a hill we had seen 4 or 5 lights in a semi-circle. They were flashing in unison from yellow to white. After about 2 minutes they 4/1/01
3/18/01 21:30 Rockford IL Light 3-5 min. At about 21:30 this evening, I observed six orange lights in the eastern sky over Rockford, IL. 4/1/01
3/18/01 21:15 Rockford IL Light 15-20 minutes Directly above the Boylan High school, there were a series of 9+ lights. The first 3 were in a triangle formation , then a tail, and th 4/1/01
3/18/01 21:15 Rockford IL Formation about 3 minutes For about three minutes, we watched a formation of orangish lights all taking turns twinkling, then fading out. 4/1/01
3/18/01 21:00 Las Vegas NV Light a long time Aliens being seen in the Excalabur spotlight 4/1/01
3/18/01 20:36 Kannapolis NC Unknown 5 minutes It shot from one side of the car to the other,it was a yellow color of light with a squarish circle shape. 4/1/01
3/18/01 20:00 Köniz (Switzerland)
Circle 50sec Hello Everyone, This is the first time i see such an object. We the human civilization are not capable of inventing such Circle glitter 4/1/01
3/18/01 19:20 Machesney Park IL Fireball < 10 min moved stopped flashed moved BIg flash diisapear 4/1/01
3/18/01 15:00 Kelseyville CA Circle 15-20 seconds White disc moves perpendicular to wind in clear sky, then suddenly disappears. 4/1/01
3/18/01 14:50 New York City NY Circle 10 sec UFO and Black Choppers over New York 4/1/01
3/18/01 14:15 Albion IN Oval almost 5 minute Daytime sight 4/1/01
3/18/01 05:04 Whittier CA Light 30 seconds? Pale, ruddy starlike object 4/1/01
3/18/01 03:00 Orangevale CA Fireball 5 seconds Bright fireball 4/1/01
3/18/01 00:30 Goetzville MI Light 00:45 We had three sightings of bright white lights shooting across the sky at extreme speeds, with the third one seeming to land/crash. 4/1/01
3/18/01 Rockford IL

rockford, il lights 4/1/01
3/17/01 15:00 Gilbert AZ Cylinder 15 min white strong light changed to fire almost looking colors -shape cylinder and again changed to white brigh light 4/1/01
3/17/01 14:00 San Jose CA Triangle 8 minutes White triangular craft over San Jose CA in broad daylight. 4/1/01
3/17/01 04:00 Guanica (Lajas) (Puerto Rico) PR Oval 5 MINUTES SIGHTING FOR MY FAMILY 8/5/01
3/17/01 02:46 Orchard Park NY Cigar approx 7minutes Very intense light flying together in a group of three with short sparadic motions. 4/1/01
3/17/01 01:45 Huntsville TX Disk 3minutes It was one Saturday night at the state park in Huntsville TX. It was about 1:45am I just look at my watch and told my wife I was going 4/1/01
3/16/01 19:45 Cabot AR Triangle 20 Min. An object, in the shape of an upside-down V with white lights on both sides of this V. No motion observed. 4/1/01
3/16/01 01:35 Washougal WA Light 10-12 seconds bright light approaching form the north 4/1/01
3/15/01 03:30 Oslo (Norway)
Light 7min. First i thouhgt this was a sattelite,because it was moving and looking just like one until it zic-zaced four five times, and broke its 10/12/01
3/15/01 23:46 Wilkes-Barre PA Triangle
well,i was having trouble sleeping when i awoke to a very loud and high pitched humming noise and then my room began to shake,and my t. 4/28/01
3/15/01 22:00 Atwood IL Unknown 2 minutes something overhead causes house to shake 8/5/01
3/15/01 21:00 Frontenac MN Unknown 15 sec Soundless fast moving craft with red pulsing light on bottom 2/1/07
3/15/01 20:00 Melton (Australia)
Oval 7min I saw something that i know cound not be man built and not possible to do what it did 8/5/01
3/15/01 19:42 Sun City AZ Chevron 4 minutes Video on bright amber lights in Flight Path of Luke Air Force base 03/15/2001 4/18/12
3/15/01 18:01 San Jose CA Changing 2 minutes Elongated, ablong, all black object floating end-over-end and quickly accelerating out of view to S. San Jose. 3/16/01
3/15/01 18:00 Singapore
Teardrop 10 minutes Two Dots 3/4/03
3/15/01 18:00 San Francisco (Golden Gate Bridge) CA Other 10 Seconds Military Fly By in San Francisco Bay 8/5/01
3/15/01 16:31 Arlington WA Fireball 10 to 15 Sec I saw lights over Mt. Baker 4/1/01
3/15/01 16:30 Oklahoma City OK Triangle 7 min The 3 Capitol Lights 1/27/05
3/15/01 16:00 Penha do Capim (Brazil)
Unknown 30min stationary white-pot-light in blue sky blinking varios colors 3/16/01
3/15/01 15:45 Gilbert AZ Flash 2 min. just a Bright white light not a normal airplane light 3/16/01
3/15/01 10:30 Wellpinit WA Fireball
There was a red colorer object that flew through the air slow then accelerated fast and disappeared. 3/23/11
3/15/01 10:00 Benson AZ Cigar 15 secs. White cigar-shaped object flew straight into mountains and between peaks without stopping 4/1/01
3/15/01 08:10 Penrith (Australia)
Other 5 mins An objected flew up fast, darted from place to place(whith no lights on) then turned on a orange and blue light, flew over me ,no sound 4/28/01
3/15/01 06:38 Minneapolis MN Changing 2-3 minutes Dark object seen in early morning sky , vanishes. 3/16/01
3/15/01 03:00 Utah UT Oval 8 seconds we saw a glowing ovalish ufo that followed us at 70 mph, we saw it with in inches!!!!! 7/1/02
3/15/01 03:00 Seattle WA
unknown detail of a dream...not when you have time...thanks 3/16/01
3/14/01 22:37 Chandler AZ Triangle 10 seconds Fuzzy triangle sidewinds Arizona night sky 3/16/01
3/14/01 21:00 San Francisco CA Other
Half moon shape over San Francisco Bay 3/16/01
3/14/01 20:45 Lawrenceville NJ Egg 5 seconds I exited my car and I look up and this egg shaped object streaked across the sky. It traveled faster than anything I've ever seen befo 3/16/01
3/14/01 20:30 Munroe Falls OH Changing 3 Min Object seen 3-14-01 changing shape and size in Northeast Ohio 4/1/01
3/14/01 20:15 Alacanti (Spain)
Other 20 secs transparent object 4/1/01
3/14/01 19:15 Atlanta GA Light 3-5 min Report on the evening newscast of an object with multicolored lights in a parallel flight pattern with the Mir spacestation. 3/16/01
3/14/01 18:30 Redding CA Light 30 secs Unknown object cruising over town suddenly changes direction and accelerates up and out of sight, witnessed by 4 people. 1/5/11
3/14/01 05:30 Wichita KS Other 30 seconds Very Bright Fireball I was driving to work along 47th street, just south of McConnel AFB, aroung 5:30 in the morning. I usually observe 3/16/01
3/14/01 02:10 Falls Church VA Unknown 7 seconds At 2:10am, March 14, 2001, 2 dimly lit craft observed mirroring one anothers movements 8mi. west of the Washington Monument. 3/16/01
3/14/01 01:00 Elizabethtown KY Triangle
Woman witnesses triangular, arrowhead-shaped object over home. 4/28/01
3/14/01 00:32 Las Vegas NV Disk 3 minutes It's You, What happen? Somebody set up us the bomb. Take off every Zig. 4/28/01
3/14/01 00:32

S16923 is a hoax. 4/28/01
3/13/01 23:51 Seattle WA Light 10seconds I saw a very fast moving light heading due north along Puget Sound at approximately 11:30 PM March 13 2001. 3/16/01
3/13/01 23:51 Shoreline WA Circle 2-3 seconds Out of the corner of my eye I first noticed a bright orange object, across Puget Sound, traveling west to east at a very high speed. I 3/16/01
3/13/01 23:50 Seattle (Skyway area) WA Fireball 10-15 seconds After finishing a late even business meeting, at the home of a friend, myself and two (2) other associates, were saying our final goodb 4/1/01
3/13/01 23:50 Seattle WA Cigar 10 seconds 23:50 on 3/13/01, an object with orange lights flew at remarkable speed, silently, from south to north over Puget Sound. 3/16/01
3/13/01 23:50 Bellevue WA Light less than 10 seconds At 11:50 PM on March 13, 2001 I saw a fast moving, bright orange light traveling south to north. 4/28/01
3/13/01 23:45 Ladysmith (Canada) BC Circle approx 30 secs. Orange glowing object spotted heading East over Ladysmith harbour at 23:45 on March 13th 2001. 4/1/01
3/13/01 23:00 Milwaukee WI Circle 10-20 minutes Very loud noise and bright light 4/28/01
3/13/01 22:50 Woodinville WA Sphere 1-2 minutes Golden/brass colored sphere travelling south to north over Woodenville at speed comparable to jet hellicopter 3/16/01
3/13/01 22:00 Roseburg OR Unknown 10 minutes Large object travelling North. 2 Large Yellowish Bright lights and other lights on object. NO SOUND. Alt. <2000 feet, vel. <100mph 8/5/01
3/13/01 22:00 Granite Falls WA Flash 4 min Heard 3 Pings Then A Boom. 3/16/01
3/13/01 22:00 Ketchum ID Unknown 1 minute High-altitude craft with red glow, executed brief series of non-Newtonian manouvers over Sun Valley, Idaho. 3/16/01
3/13/01 21:30 Beaverton OR Light 5 min 3 ligkts seen floating up Hwy 26 at aprox. 9:30 PM, looked kinda orange and connected to each other! 4/1/01
3/13/01 21:15 Beaverton OR Light ten minutes I saw three, big yellow lights in the south that didn't move. 4/1/01
3/13/01 21:00 Leon KS Disk Few minutes UFO in Leon kansas not to far from wichita, serveral reports same night. 4/1/01
3/13/01 19:30 Mexborough/South Yorkshire (UK/England)
Other 15 mins an object the size and brightness of a star was seen zig zagging over South Yorkshire , before moving out of view. 3/16/01
3/13/01 19:30 Wagontire OR Flash 15-30 No, aircraft I am aware of can accelerate horizonally like this.. 3/16/01
3/13/01 19:00 Salt Lake City UT Unknown 20 minutes Hello I saw an object a few years ago and also took pictures .I was outside and saw a very bright object. At first I thought it might 4/27/07
3/13/01 19:00 Pontotoc MS Light 15 minutes Twice I saw a bright light in the Direct West Sky in Mississippi, then it suddenly disapeared, UFO may-be? I hope so. 3/16/01
3/13/01 18:20 Timbo (nearest) AR Other 10 minutes Was this demise of object sighted in Seattle? 8/5/01
3/13/01 18:20 Timbo AR Cone 45 minutes This is not a new report but regarding my report of an event on March 13, 2001, Timbo AR and a telephone report of another to you on Ju 5/2/11
3/13/01 17:20 Irvine CA Unknown 5 minutes At the above date and approximate time, I was travelling northbound on Interstate 5 in south Orange County, CA area. It was early to m 3/16/01
3/13/01 16:00 Glasgow (UK/Scotland)
Sphere 5 seconds singal object. then splits into two objects. small roung glowing object. travelling fast 3/16/01
3/12/01 22:53 Collinsville IL Fireball 2 sec. Was on my backporch smoking a cigarette when all of sudden a dime size at arms lenght fireball appeared in North East skies.A very bril 3/16/01
3/12/01 22:30 Antioch CA Other 1 hour Extremely bright green object, with red lights and a strob, randomingly changing its position in the sky. 3/16/01
3/12/01 22:15 Granite Falls WA Light about 1min lights, three pings, then a whoosh 4/1/01
3/12/01 22:05 Granite Falls WA Light aprox40secs. other witness says it was tuesday night but I think it was monday, we were standing in a barn looking to the south east a green light l 3/16/01
3/12/01 21:30 Thunder Bay (Canada) ON Circle 15 seconds strange round light object 3/16/01
3/12/01 21:00 Reliance TN Light over an hour 2 bright lights-not planets or stars 3/16/01
3/12/01 21:00 Beaverton OR Light 10 minutes 3 Red nocturnal "visitors" seen in Washington County Skies. 3/16/01
3/12/01 20:25 Miami FL Light 10 minutes A light, similar looking to star, appeared and made sharp curves, only to disappear and reappear all the way on the other side. 10/12/01
3/12/01 20:22 Las Vegas NV Light 20+min 4 bright orange lights over the mountains north of Las Vegas - fading in and out and slowly moving 3/16/01
3/12/01 07:45 Dublin CA Cigar 3 min. White, cigar-shaped, silent object flying at low altitude. 3/16/01
3/12/01 02:30 Baton Rouge LA Triangle about10 minutes. the craft was tringular in shape and there was lights allover the craft, A strobe light would dicribe it better. the craft was moving i 2/14/06
3/11/01 21:45 Jonesboro AR Diamond 1min. a square shaped object slowly flying about 50ft. off of the ground, it had a white light on each of the 4 corners. the person driving i 3/16/01
3/11/01 21:40 Fort Erie (Canada) ON Triangle 5 seconds An oblect approached from the west from over lake erie, and traveled from across the skyline in a few seconds heading toward Niagara Fa 3/16/01
3/11/01 19:30 Livonia NY Light 30 min sky lights western n.y. 3/16/01
3/11/01 15:00 Avra Valley AZ Chevron 15 seconds I noticed a big black V making a banking turn then descend and dissapear behind the treeline. 4/28/01
3/11/01 14:00 Marana AZ Chevron 60 seconds I saw a UFO land at an undercover CIA airfield in the Arizona desert. 7/26/02
3/11/01 09:45 Sarasota FL Disk 5-6 seconds Two silent west bound objects gulf coast of Florida 3/16/01
3/10/01 23:30 Beaverton OR Light 5 min 3 people saw 3 flickering orange lights moving slowly away from each other. 3/16/01
3/10/01 23:30 Clifton NJ Unknown 2 hours Pulsating lights over Northern NJ 3/16/01
3/10/01 22:30 West Middlesex PA Sphere 15 seconds UFO sited over field, street map included. 11/21/10
3/10/01 21:35 Beaumont/Moreno Valley CA Diamond 15-20 sec Very big black diamond shaped but slightly flat oval object with bright red lights. The object darted around a few times. 3/16/01
3/10/01 21:00 Dollard des Ormeaux (Canada) PQ Fireball a few seconds Large blue fireball streaking through the sky 8/5/01
3/10/01 19:00 Venice CA Cylinder 5-10 seconds Observed 3 or 4 fast-moving, silver-copper-colored oblong objects for up to ten seconds as they whizzed by my house. 8/12/01
3/10/01 19:00 Morrilton AR Unknown 2 hours Say some strange stuff 3/16/01
3/10/01 18:00 Union/Pullman/Whitman county WA Cylinder over20 seconds A coeworker his son was driving with his girlfriend and they saw this one red light in the sky and they tought it was an airpline. The 3/16/01
3/10/01 18:00 New Washington OH Unknown
Multi-colored lights on craft(not Plane) 4/28/01
3/10/01 17:57 Seattle WA Circle 10 mins Dark Object in flight path of Airplanes heading south to King County Airport 3/16/01
3/10/01 01:23 Yorkshire (UK/England)
Sphere 8 seconds 25 see metalic ball in the yorkshire moors. 3/16/01
3/9/01 20:19 Bozeman (I-90 west, 20-30 miles before) MT Oval 2 min. three seperate object, the center light was a red triangle in a light fog 4/1/01
3/9/01 19:00 Belleville WI Other 1hour 30 minutes I have reported 3 other sightings (3/4/01, 3/5/01 and 3/6/01) and during 3/7/01 and 3/8/01 there were clouds in the sky and we didn't s 3/16/01
3/9/01 11:15 Kansas City MO
5 minutes MCI 3/16/01
3/9/01 03:36 Simi Valley CA Fireball 10 sec. A green fireball passed over my car north of the San Fernando Valley at 3:36 a.m. on 03/09/01. 6/12/02
3/8/01 23:59 Shippensburg PA Disk 10-15 seconds Ship darted in front of me and friends, took pictures, then ship darted away into the darkness. 4/28/01
3/8/01 23:30 Huntington WV Circle 1+ mins. circular object that was amber in color suddenly appeared in the sky 3/16/01
3/8/01 22:30 Las Vegas NV Oval 30 seconds I saw a bright purplish colored orb floating by my bed. 3/16/01
3/8/01 20:30 Massillon OH Cigar 3 minutes Was a small looking cigar/bone shaped white thing with a little red on it in the sky heading N.W at 6:30 EST on Friday March 8, 2001. 3/16/01
3/8/01 20:00 Lucedale MS Light baseball game A circle of light 3/16/01
3/8/01 19:45 Mt. Lincoln (?) VT Flash seconds and minutes Tonight, at about 6:45 PM EST I was traveling home south to my home in the Northeast Kingdom of VT when I saw two white strobe lights h 3/16/01
3/8/01 17:30 Portland OR Sphere 10 minutes 100 or so golden spheres hovering and moving up and down in a corkscrew fashion in bright sun. 8/5/01
3/8/01 01:30 Wayland MA Light 1hr 3Large Orbs and many smaller Orbs in plain view in woods adjacent to my house. Moved with intellegence 3/11/06
3/8/01 Clover VA Unknown ? Clover VA sighting 3/16/01
3/7/01 21:30 Hamburg NY Disk 5 min At about 9:30 p.m. on 3-07-01 I saw a disk shape craft flying up toward space with red, green, yellow, lights, spinning around. It was 8/5/01
3/7/01 18:45 Saranac NY Light ongoing It looks like a star but is much to bright. 3/16/01
3/7/01 05:50 Perry FL Triangle 15seconds large black triangle moving at high alitiude from south to north visability was unlimited 3/16/01
3/7/01 01:04 Duvall WA Fireball 20 sec Saw the eggshaped fireball again ! 3/16/01
3/7/01 00:30 Mnichovo Hradiste (Czech Republic)
Light one hour Circle object, made of regular white light shapes ( rectangles ) for cca 1 hour it followed up our car... 7/16/06
3/7/01 00:02 Santa Monica CA Fireball 3-5minutes Glowing object in the sky, which sparked with sparks, that moved very unlike an airplane or helicopter. 3/16/01
3/6/01 23:56 Forestville CA Other 2 minuets red diamond light object western sky just before midnight 3-6-01 3/16/01
3/6/01 23:18 Elk City OK Fireball less than 1 min Oklahoma fireball 3/16/01
3/6/01 22:15 Rockford IL Circle 3 min There were seven of them. Five were bunched up and 2 were spread out. They kept moving at high speeds. They were round and shining l 3/16/01
3/6/01 20:30 Belleville WI Light 4 minutes white to yellow to orange light in the Southern Wisconsin sky 3/16/01
3/6/01 20:02 Belleville WI Light 1-2minutes White to yellow to orange single bright light in Southern Wisconsin sky. 3/16/01
3/6/01 19:00 Marcy NY Disk Two Hours I saw a very bright disk in the sky spinning with red and green lights on the bottom. 4/1/01
3/6/01 19:00 Gillette WY Triangle 10 minutes On march 6th 2001. I was in the foothills area of Gillette Wyoming. I looked to the sky and saw a blue light gliding across the sky to 3/16/01
3/6/01 18:50 Belleville WI Other unknown I have reported sightings on the two previous days and today again it looked different. It almost looked like one giant sparkler. The 3/16/01
3/6/01 18:00 Weiser ID Disk 10 minutes large disk shaped craft emitting bright light 3/16/01
3/6/01 10:30 Webster TX Triangle 30 Sec's On March the 3rd of this year I was taking a drive with my wife just recovering from a Gall Bladder operation. I was in the passenger s 8/5/01
3/6/01 01:15 Frazer PA Light 10 sec While driving down road I saw a BRIGHT LIGHT moving very fast across the sky,much faster than any aircraft.As it moved across the sky i 3/16/01
3/5/01 22:30 Zonhoven (Belgium)
Other 15min I am just a normal student and I am 15 jears old I saw a UFO it was has small like a car it looked like a plane but it hassend any weel 4/1/01
3/5/01 21:30 Duluth MN Triangle 5 min Aurora type of craft seen 1/11/02
3/5/01 20:33 Belleville WI Formation about 10 min White to yellow to orange light moving N or NW in the S. Wisconsin sky 3/16/01
3/5/01 20:04 Dublin (Republic of Ireland)
Diamond 1.25 mins we were out camping when a bright light brought our attetion to the sky. all three of us looked up to find several beams flashing in se 3/16/01
3/5/01 19:00 Granite Falls WA Fireball 60sec Blue lookig small fireball to slow for falling star first seen traveling E.2nd person saw traveling N. disappeared to the NE.Did 3/6/01
3/5/01 18:40 Belleville WI
1 hour 50 minutes I reported an object for the previous date and for todays date, the object was quite different in appearance. The direction was again 3/16/01
3/5/01 15:30 Roscoe and Ft. Justice (between) TX Cigar 45 minutes I noticed a very strange airplane flying low to the ground. It would circle and then hover, circle and then hover. 3/16/01
3/4/01 20:00 Burton TX Light 20 min a light in the washington county sky 3/16/01
3/4/01 19:45 Belleville WI Other approx 45 minutes I was looking West to Northwest when I saw a very bright object in the shape of a star with red and blue lights which seemed to be floa 3/16/01
3/4/01 19:38 Wexford Town (Republic of Ireland)
Light Less than a minute It was like a star, sounded like a plane, but too fast even for a concorde. 3/6/01
3/4/01 19:30 Pewsey (UK/England)
Light 1 minute a star or a UFO but it moved? 3/6/01
3/4/01 14:00 Zanesville OH Circle 1-2 minutes a friend and i saw a bright circular craft moving from left to right 3/16/01
3/3/01 22:45 Springdale AR Disk ~3 hours 2 crafts seen in springdale arkansas with police and FBI notification and documentations. 3/16/01
3/3/01 21:30 Chandler AZ Light 40 minutes Bright orange lights, that disappear and reappear. 3/6/01
3/3/01 21:15 Madison WI Light approx. 10 mins. I am a member of an organization that helps people stay sober. (Just so you realize the context of this story, and the fact that NONE o 9/28/02
3/3/01 19:00 Pontotoc MS Light about 1 hour Bright light in the sky. UFO or What? 3/16/01
3/3/01 04:34 Waterdown (Canada) ON Light 8 min I saw 6-8 huge incredibly bright lights over a house, with a cluster of smaller colourful lights next to it, which suddenly disappeared 4/28/01
3/3/01 02:40 Bakersfield CA Circle 10+ sec. Many different colors and lights................. 2/22/02
3/2/01 22:00 Pueblo (70 miles south of) CO Cylinder 6 min ASTONISHINGLY HUGE FAST BRIGHT CRAFT 3/6/01
3/2/01 21:37 Hooper (near) NE Triangle 3 minutes Triangle and companion craft spotted over Hooper, Nebraska. 3/16/01
3/2/01 20:24 Puyallup WA Egg 10 seconds Glowing, Egg-shaped object sighted over Puyallup, WA on March 2nd. 3/6/01
3/2/01 18:50 Fleetwood (UK/England)
Triangle 8 minutes 3 bright triangular lights,(red) with another a short distance from the triangular base on the right side as observed ( the triangle wa 3/16/01
3/2/01 12:31 St. George SC Oval 36 sec. It was oval shaped with several lights, and about the length of a pickup. 3/6/01
3/1/01 23:15 Seattle WA Circle 40 seconds Bright circular light fell straight down, had rectangular unlit form behind it. 3/6/01
3/1/01 23:00 Madison AL Circle 15-20 sec. the moon apeard far to north of its usely path and moved so fast that it could not be moon as I know it. 2/8/05
3/1/01 22:00 Clarion PA Disk 1 minute Silent low-flying upright symmetrical disc shaped craft rotating like a wheel moved slowly over town of Clarion and continued ENE 12/7/06
3/1/01 19:45 Henderson (Las Vegas) NV Light 5 minutes Four bright orange/yellow lights in the Las Vegas Valley 3/6/01
3/1/01 19:30 Bothell WA Circle 20 sec The light came out of the eastern sky. The light was dimmer than aircraft of any sort. It had one brighter light and two other lights 3/6/01
3/1/01 19:00 Indialantic FL Sphere 1-2 minutes Glowing blue sphere, escorted by military fighter aircraft. Indialantic, Florida 2/14/08
3/1/01 10:35 Leeds (UK/England)
Disk few seconds A UFO mistaken for an aeroplane, caught on camera. 3/6/01
3/1/01 10:00 New York City NY Oval 5 minutes small black oval, moving extremely slowly in broad daylight, about 6 or 7 stories off ground 5/24/05
3/1/01 04:50 Gates OR Triangle 2 minutes Triangles seen flying in thin layer of clouds. 8/5/01
3/1/01 02:00 Chiloquin OR Triangle 2min,4min Three UFO's seen flying over the Klamath sky. 3/16/01
3/1/01 02:00 Las Vegas NV Sphere 1 hour well i was closeing the curtins when i noticed some brightlights cicrleing each other in the beam of light that is projected from the t 3/6/01