National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 02/2001
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
2/28/01 23:50 Caldicot (UK/Wales)
Flash 5 minutes flashing white light taperingout as it moved then reappearing in a completely different part of the sky,as if it was attached to a huge 6/12/02
2/28/01 20:00 Vincennes IN Light 30 minutes 4 lights in strange formations over city 3/6/01
2/28/01 19:15 Browns Mills NJ Light 3 mins Object that moved in sky couldn't have been made in this world. 3/6/01
2/28/01 19:05 Ahmedabad (India)
Egg @ 5 Min. Dear all, Till today I was not believeing in this thing but yesterday we have found really very typical experience at Ahmedabad city in 3/6/01
2/28/01 05:00 Glasgow (UK/Scotland)
Cone 15-20 mins Cone shape crafts sighted on outskirts of Glasgow 4/28/01
2/27/01 23:15 Becket MA Disk 45 minutes Four eye witnesses observed three dish shaped crafts with lights near Becket, MA. 3/6/01
2/27/01 21:15 Irricanna (Canada) AB Triangle 15min dished out or fat triangle bright lights on each point dull gray with red blue green lights on the back making a low hum 3/6/01
2/27/01 20:00 Wilbur WA Circle 30 sec Circle of non rotating lights heading E to W over grand coulee dam 3/6/01
2/27/01 01:35 Duvall WA Egg 1minute saw an egg shaped ball of yellow light at night that flew like a slow plane but was below treetops 3/6/01
2/26/01 22:50 Levittown PA Light 5 seconds it was mostly clear just a few light clouds.there are a lot of lights around my house so only the brightest stars are visible to the na 3/6/01
2/26/01 20:30 Sun City AZ Light 20 seconds A Single White "STRING" light 3/6/01
2/26/01 20:30 Wadsworth OH Formation 5 to 7 sec. Six Star like objects in tight formation moving at a high rate of speed 3/6/01
2/26/01 01:34 Portland OR Chevron 2-3 minutes 2 V-shaped objects with bright lights seen near NW Portland. 3/6/01
2/26/01 01:25 Corvallis OR Unknown three seconds Not a shooting star, not an aircraft, quiet, green, large, and materialized out of thin air. 3/6/01
2/26/01 01:15 Charlotte NC Unknown several minutes 1:15am Feb 26 2001 red & white strobe like object moving rapidly 3/6/01
2/25/01 21:27 Rio Oso CA Triangle about 10 seconds I saw a bright triangluar object that split into two objects and went in opposite directions. 3/6/01
2/25/01 21:00 Bath PA Formation 45 secs. craft with five lights seen in lehighvalley pa 4/1/01
2/25/01 18:38 Salisbury NC Circle 5 to 8 seconds red light got larger as it dissapeared behind woods 3/6/01
2/25/01 17:45 Covington TX Egg 45 seconds UFO sighting Over President Bush's Tx White House? 3/6/01
2/25/01 16:00 Hartsville TN Light currently happening bright light hoovers over tennessee ski.... 3/6/01
2/25/01 16:00 Los Angeles CA Triangle
I saw the craft out of my hotel window with four other friends. 8/5/01
2/25/01 04:00 Emporia KS Circle 1 minute I saw a round, flying object in the middle of a field. 8/5/01
2/25/01 01:16 Plymouth MN
very brief One beam of light that was bright white, covered the whole sky as far as the eye could see, followed by another bright white flash 3/6/01
2/25/01 01:00 Sugar Land TX Sphere 10min red and white sphere craft in sugarland tx 4/28/01
2/24/01 23:32 Kettering OH Light 30 to 45 seconds On 02/24/01 at 11:32 p.m. I saw a difuse, moving red glow in the sky while I was driving 3/16/01
2/24/01 23:00 Baltimore MD Formation 20 mins Hazey, swirling, lights. 4/28/01
2/24/01 22:30 Seattle WA Chevron 2-3MINUTES ((NUFORC Note: Cryptic report of a "chevron." No other details provided. PD)) 4/1/01
2/24/01 20:40 Arlington (3-4 miles East of) WA Circle 15-30 seconds Come! Come Here Quick! See That up there???..... 3/6/01
2/24/01 19:30 Castle Rock WA Light 10 minutes Saw a bright white/red light moving very, very fast forward, up, down and backward in the approx. area of Mt. Rainier. 3/6/01
2/24/01 16:00 Lynnwood WA Sphere 4min 9 objects reddish orange in formation east of lynnwood 3/16/01
2/24/01 04:00 Fredricktown PA Triangle unknown triangle lights spinng then disappeared 5/24/05
2/23/01 22:00 Cincinnati OH Disk 10 minutes 2 saucer like objects that moved from place to place then sped towards the sky. 11/8/03
2/23/01 21:00 Long Beach MS Circle 5 seconds I witnessed a large circular row of lights that appeared directly over a jet I was watching and moved away at a rapid rate of speed. 3/6/01
2/23/01 20:35 Stamford CT Triangle 15 to 20 seconds I saw 6 bright lights with blue triangular lights between them on a triagular shaped object hovering low in the sky. 3/6/01
2/23/01 17:15 Poteau OK Unknown 10to15minutes A commercial jet liner dodged a ufo at roughly 30 to 40 thousand feet in broad day light to avoid having in air collision. 4/1/01
2/23/01 17:00 Fillmore CA Disk 1-2minutes? See for your self, here is the address: 3/16/01
2/23/01 00:00
VT Unknown
((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling stars? PD)) I have seen and still see the same lights that my neighbor in Littleton, NH saw. 4/1/01
2/22/01 23:30 Toledo OH Other 5.5 sec. Midnight car drive, unexpected visit by an object 2/24/01
2/22/01 20:15 Rogue River OR Diamond 10 minutes The shape of the craft was a diamond.The craft had circular lghts that were bright.It had a glare coming from the craft that was grayis 2/24/01
2/22/01 20:15 Rogue River OR Diamond 10 minutes Bright diamond shape light nortwest sky right sbove a ridge line in the bac of our house, we wacthed the light pull apart from the side 2/24/01
2/22/01 20:15 Rogue River OR Diamond 10 minutes Bright diamond shape light at first it didn't move. Then it started getting lighter and brighter and smaller and bigger. Then it star 2/24/01
2/22/01 20:00 Dearborn MI Formation 6-8 seconds I never would have believed but I saw something that was definetly not normal 3/6/01
2/22/01 19:45 Carroll IA Light 30 seconds unbelievable, five large orange/yellow bright spheres appearing one after another moving quickly across the sky and disappearing. 2/24/01
2/22/01 19:20 Millsap TX Cigar 2 minutes We saw one craft. It travelled left to right with very bright lights that were luminous of yellowish green. The lights disappeared, all 2/24/01
2/22/01 17:19 Murdock/Port Charlotte FL Other :02-:03 min. Possible exotic new stealth aircraft witnessed. 2/24/01
2/22/01 08:00 Ruston LA Light 2 to 3 Hours Red And Blue Lights were on it, slow moving with a white light between the red and bue lights. 8/5/01
2/22/01 05:30 Bowmansville PA Unknown 1-2 minutes An obect initialy with a tail and then with 3 circular lights cleared the entire sky line in about 1 minute. 4/14/09
2/21/01 22:10 Columbus GA Triangle 5-10 minutes I want to state first that my co-worker and I were both recently retired military individuals and very familiar with all kind of aircra 12/15/16
2/21/01 22:00 Leesburg VA Triangle 6 seconds TRANSPARENT, TRIANGULAR SHAPED OBJECT 2/24/01
2/21/01 20:45 Rogue River OR Disk 15 to 20 min. It started about 8:30 pm or so went by sliding door and saw a bright light, I thought that that was strange too see a plane with it's l 2/24/01
2/21/01 20:45 Rogue River OR Disk 15 to 20 min I saw a disk or saucer and it was glowing.It made the sky brighter than what the sky usually is.It also looked like it had a beam comin 2/24/01
2/21/01 20:15 Fishkill NY Diamond 10 Minutes Black diamond-shaped object w/three bright white lights crossed I-84 and headed west paralleling highway towards Hudson River. 2/24/01
2/21/01 06:10 Norwich CT Oval 4 seconds lighted oval shaped object flew overhead,very fast,dead quiet leaving whiteish yellow trail. 2/24/01
2/21/01 03:00 Surrey (UK/England)
Flash 2 mins to giant flashes in the sky ( bright white ) with no sound 9/4/03
2/21/01 02:47 Grand Ronde OR Disk driving to mcminville My name is ((deleted)) and I have just seen a U.F.O.Iwas going to Mcminville and I looked out the window and saw a shiny disk ty 3/16/01
2/21/01 01:00 Mesa AZ Diamond 2 hours and still out the Amber diamond shape in Mesa night sky. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of a star or planet. PD)) 3/13/12
2/21/01 00:00 Cottage Grove OR Changing 5 hours The object changed shapes and turned different colors. 2/24/01
2/20/01 23:00 Chardon OH Sphere 3-4 minutes Blue orb hovering over trees, then crosses feild. 2/24/01
2/20/01 21:00 Whittier CA Other 10 seconds Green Meteor like object bright! 2/24/01
2/20/01 19:10 Las Vegas NV Unknown 20 minutes Strange light formation over Las Vegas sky. 2/24/01
2/20/01 17:15 Lewiston ID Oval 18 Min While playing ball with my children at a local airport park. we observed a small dot in the Northwest sjy. thinking it was a small plan 3/19/02
2/20/01 13:45 Kearny AZ Light 20 minutes Stationary, then oddly drifting white, nearly glowing object, mid-day, with military jets in area 2/24/01
2/20/01 01:15 Farmington NM Fireball 1 minute lg green fireball! 2/24/01
2/19/01 22:30 Sequim WA Circle 2245 An object emitting lights when it became larger 2/24/01
2/19/01 21:30 Sedalia MO Changing less than 1 second Spotted an entity moving rapidly. 2/24/01
2/19/01 21:00 Rockville VA Circle 1hr. at least I know this was not normal aircraft. It stayed in one place for a very long time and then simply vanished. 2/24/01
2/19/01 20:00 Cayuga IN Unknown Unknown Unusual bright white light in the sky 2/24/01
2/19/01 19:30 Cutchogue NY Diamond 5 minutes No movement whatsoever detected after observing the object for approximately 5 minutes. 2/24/01
2/19/01 19:00 Carmel IN Light 1 1/2 hours Carmel, Indiana on US 31. On several occasions have noticed a bright light to the south west. Thought it was venus, however, this eve 2/24/01
2/19/01 18:48 Irwin PA Light 4 minutes (?) Very slow-moving, silent, triangular formation of lights; some RF interference 2/24/01
2/19/01 09:00

You may not get this information. But I will try Yesterday at 9am Hawaiian time.AN object flew over our houses. Shook the water tanks 2/24/01
2/19/01 05:37 Lilburn GA Circle
It started out as a bright light but as it got nearer, I saw it was a circle. 2/24/01
2/18/01 22:00 Scottsdale AZ Sphere 10 sec spereical shaped , object flying by Sirus downward toward the ground 2/24/01
2/18/01 21:17 Colorado Springs CO Triangle 2min+ 3 triangular craft moveing in erratic patterns, then dissappeared. 2/24/01
2/18/01 21:05 Rochester NY Formation 10 seconds Pair of lights, travelling East to West at extreme velocities 2/24/01
2/18/01 19:00 Mead Valley (to Riverside to Ontario) CA Teardrop 20-30min NO DEFINITE SHAPE COLORS LIKE THE MOON BUT WITH LIFE BIG AND FAST AS A PLANE BUT WAY BIGGER AND NO NOISE 2/24/01
2/18/01 19:00 Riverside CA Disk 2-3 minutes possible explanation for sightings at Redlands, Mead Valley, Cabazon this date 10/15/02
2/18/01 19:00 Redlands CA Oval 2 minutes Large glowing oval object hovering in field over Redlands(San Timoteo Cyn.) ranch 2/24/01
2/18/01 18:58 Long Island NY Diamond
I was driving with my mom to get pizza. I was looking in the sky to stargaze when I saw three flashing lights that were red. On the w 2/24/01
2/18/01 18:25 Irvington AL Light 5 sec blue light mobile alabama fast moving 2/24/01
2/18/01 17:00 Cabazon CA Cigar 5 min Cigar shaped object, heading west from east, that glowed in the sky like a floresent light bulb. 2/24/01
2/18/01 14:30 Los Angeles CA Diamond 5 minutes black, odd-shaped object sighted in los angeles in broad daylight 11/26/03
2/17/01 20:30 Kenosha WI Light 5 minutes We saw 2 lights over some tree tops in our back yard. 8/5/01
2/17/01 19:10 Woodland Park CO Rectangle 2 minutes Lights and a thin retangular shape. 2/18/01
2/17/01 19:10 Blackpool, Lancashire (UK/England)
Fireball 3 Minutes Single light source definately not aircraft (I worked with aircraft for 8 years) extreme speed west to east faded rather than go out of 2/18/01
2/17/01 16:00 Nashville TN Cross 30 mins White, cross shaped object with the sun reflecting off a little. 2/18/01
2/16/01 22:17 Mesa AZ Egg 2 minutes Black,grey,and white egg shape low to the ground and NO LIGHTS! 2/24/01
2/16/01 20:50 Deland FL Light 10 minutes I saw a blood red light in the sky moving to the north west. 2/18/01
2/16/01 20:20 Aberdeen (UK/Scotland)
Light 5mins+propably more star like objects travelling fast 8/5/01
2/16/01 20:20 Burbank CA Light 5 minutes Odd beam of light transversed the sky. 2/18/01
2/16/01 19:30 China TX Light 30 min. Strange lights appearing over the skies of China, Texas 2/18/01
2/16/01 19:00 Lemoore/Hanford CA Other approx 2 minutes Unidentified Silent Aircraft near Lemoore AirForce Base 8/5/01
2/16/01 18:30 Willerby (near Hull) (UK/England)
Light 10 mins we saw 2 lights in the sky following each other they were not planes there was no noise 2/18/01
2/16/01 18:20 Kingsford MI Light 2 minutes Two starlike objects, traveling west to east, one behind the other, making no noise and travelng faster than normal jet traffic. 2/24/01
2/16/01 18:20 Nottingham (UK/England)
Light approx 40 minutes Strange pairs of lights seen at night over Nottingham, England, UK. 2/24/01
2/16/01 12:15 Sarasota FL Sphere less then 1 minute bright white Object darting cloud to cloud near Sarasota FL. 2/18/01
2/15/01 23:00 Sullivan WI Light 10-15 min. South-eastern Wisconsin's Herr Road is a UFO hotspot that has to be seen to believe!! 8/5/01
2/15/01 20:05 Pownal VT Light approx 60 secs Large dark helicopter at treetop level follows orange light thru rural community. 2/18/01
2/15/01 20:00 Sandy City UT Circle ~30 seconds The easiest way to describe the sighting is to get a windows 7 program start or open or re boot the program.If you are at the programs 2/10/17
2/15/01 13:45 Port Coquitlam (Canada) BC Unknown 2-3 minutes Impulse engine contrail. 2/18/01
2/15/01 12:00 Currumbin (Australia)
Cylinder 2-3 mins best footage i have ever seen 5/11/05
2/15/01 11:16 Spartanburg SC Cylinder 5 minutes It seemed to have lights all around it and it seemed to be in the shape of a cyclinder. 2/18/01
2/15/01 01:00 Portland OR Oval 1-2 minutes Brightly lit, kind of glowing, oval shaped, object moving at a steadily paced speed across the sky. 10/27/04
2/15/01 00:30 Selangor (Malaysia)
Circle 3 to 5minutes Round orange light moved across the sky then stopped and got smaller 2/18/01
2/15/01 00:05 Wichita KS Flash 1MINUTE Glowing Green SKY MIR 10/30/06
2/14/01 22:00 Calgary (Canada) AB Cylinder approx: two hours HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Object caused a power outage? 3/17/04
2/14/01 22:00 Ninety Six SC Light 1 minute A flash of light went across the lake 2/18/01
2/14/01 21:40 Kapiti Coast (New Zealand)
Light 3 minutes Strange light changing size & making zig-zag movements. 8/5/01
2/14/01 19:02 Brawley CA Triangle 1 min Indiviual green lights that made a triangle , traveling at a good rate of speed. 2/18/01
2/14/01 18:55 Fortuna CA Light 10 minutes An orange light, circled by two planes, then moves up and out of the sky and vanishes. 2/18/01
2/14/01 09:25 Mt. Popocatepetl (Mexico) Live Cam
Disk 35 minutes For the past 3 days now I've seen some objects hovering over Popocatepetl Volcano for upwards of 15 minutes, on the Cenapred live cam. 2/18/01
2/14/01 08:45 Oradell NJ Other About 1.5 second Huge white spotlight moving behind clouds; no object or light source visible 2/18/01
2/14/01 06:48 Chatham VA Other 20 min It was beautiful 2/18/01
2/14/01 04:00 New Rochelle NY Diamond 4 seconds UFO Flying through New Rochelle, NY at Hyperspeed at 4:00am February of 2001 with a witness. (taxi driver and passenger) 5/15/06
2/14/01 01:00 Austin TX Changing 30 mins two others and I saw a number of lights in the sky 2/18/01
2/13/01 23:59 Courtenay (Canada) BC Light minutes Single point of light moves silently at jet speeds at night in a clear sky. 12/12/11
2/13/01 22:00 Castle Creek NY Other 3 hrs two glowing balls that seemed to stay still and then move abroutly place too anouther 3/23/11
2/13/01 19:30 Tucson AZ Oval 10 minutes the ovel shape went faster then the jets , and could do moor movements of flight 2/18/01
2/13/01 19:00 Springfield OR Circle 1minute I viewed a moving object, traveling southwest and it split-up into two moving objects, exchanging a red light beam. 2/18/01
2/13/01 18:20 Rochester NY Light 30 seconds Red and white lights moving in unison at high speed with very quick zig zag directional movements ((90 degrees). 2/18/01
2/13/01 13:25 Boston MA Light 2 Minutes from my view Jet's Chasing Lights in Sky Over Boston 2/18/01
2/12/01 22:30 Cottage Grove OR Disk 7 minutes they were glowing disk shaped objects 2/18/01
2/12/01 20:50 Olympia WA Light 20 minutes Light hovers over western Olympia, WA for over 10 minutes. 2/18/01
2/12/01 20:12 Wadsworth OH Triangle 15 min Red lights on a triangular object with 2 others hovering paralle 2/18/01
2/12/01 18:30 Glasgow (UK/Scotland)
Disk 3 mins weirdest thing we have ever seen certainly not an aircraft 3/6/01
2/12/01 09:45 Vancouver WA Egg Silver Ball This morning at 9:45, when I went driving up on I-5 north of Vancouver to Hazel Dell Chiropratic, I saw and keep it watching what is th 2/18/01
2/12/01 02:30 Pompano Beach FL Unknown unknown we were visited and possible abducted last night. 2/18/01
2/12/01 00:00 Medford OR Triangle at least 40 mins. I went Bright flickering light in southwestern sky. 2/18/01
2/11/01 22:35 Virginia Beach VA Diamond 1-1.5min. Solid diamond shaped craft moving incredibly slow and silent E/SE in VA Beach on 2-11-01 2/18/01
2/11/01 22:30 St. Albans (UK/England)
Formation 5 minutes One bright flare-like light with 3 pinpoint lights moving towards it 3/6/01
2/11/01 22:00 Chatham VA Sphere 2 minutes A silver, perfectly shaped, sphere was spotted. 2/18/01
2/11/01 20:30 Ballston Spa NY Light 60 minutes It looks like a star , it looks like a planet but its moving across the sky above our heads. 2/18/01
2/11/01 20:00 Cold Lake/Sherridon (Canada) MB Oval 1.min the craft had a oval shape and it also had a sphere at the bottom of it. the craft had some lights going around it's side.the sphere wa 8/5/01
2/11/01 19:00 Phoenix AZ Light ? Strange lights in Phoenix sky reappear in formation. 2/18/01
2/11/01 18:00 Gulf Breeze FL Oval 5 minutes I was driving home I pullued into my driveway when I noticed several bright lights at tree top level.I thought it was someone shooting 2/12/04
2/11/01 06:45 Baldwin/Jacksonville MD Light 20+ mins 7 bright objects in formation moving upwards toward sky. 2/12/15
2/11/01 01:30 Mt. Pleasant/Texarkana (Between, on I30) TX Unknown A second A ghostly, lumiscent object darts over car on Texas highway. 2/18/01
2/10/01 22:30 Rockford IL Circle 10 minuts Saw nine yellow lights in groups of three, moving slowly in diagonal formation on my way to work. 2/18/01
2/10/01 22:30 Rockford IL Fireball 3 minutes Eight golden/orange objects hovering above Rockford. 2/18/01
2/10/01 22:25 Rockford IL Formation 15 minutes It was a formation of 9 lights that were changing position relative to each other (about the size of the big dipper or bigger) 2/18/01
2/10/01 22:15 Rockford IL
15Min Nine objects moving North to South at various speeds and direction.Emitting an orange glow. 2/18/01
2/10/01 21:50 Rockford IL Formation 45 min 9-11 orange-red lights in formation appear twice in 1 hour which can remain perfectly still then travel exceedingly fast. 3/6/01
2/10/01 21:30 Rockford IL Light unknown More lights over Rockford, Illinois 2/18/01
2/10/01 21:00 Abita Springs LA Triangle 3 mins The widely seen BLACK TRIANGLE UFO 7/25/04
2/10/01 21:00 Tell City IN Disk 1hr15min 75 minute film close up of ufo 10/12/01
2/10/01 18:30 Calgary (Canada) AB Oval 1 1/2 hours Two cloud-shrouded craft, joined by a cylinder, traversed the night sky; a power outage occurred as they passed overhead. 8/16/02
2/10/01 17:30 Clingman's Dome (Great Smoky Mountains National Park) TN Rectangle one minute Very fast, bright metallic silver rectangle spotted, was pursued by military-style jets 2/18/01
2/10/01 16:40 Selinsgrove/Williamsport (between, on Route 15) PA Changing 40 seconds Metallic cigar shaped object observed on a clear day. 2/18/01
2/10/01 03:25 Zimmerman MN Triangle 1-2 minutes two triangular crafts emitting a blue-silver light that "danced" in the sky before zooming eastward. 2/24/01
2/10/01 00:30 San Diego CA Fireball 10 minutes Object was more bright and circular than any we had seen before, swaying in the beginning. 2/18/01
2/10/01 00:10 Seattle WA Circle 5 sec. Looking straight up, I saw a rectangular object with only a faint outline travelling East to West, no noise, no flashing lights but dim 2/18/01
2/10/01 Moravian Falls NC Sphere unk a round object with a trail color turning to blue thought to have crashed near constrution site of new school 3/16/01
2/9/01 20:30 Kanab UT Triangle 10 minutes triangular in shape, it had red white and blue lights on the back corners and a sigle yellow light in the front. 2/18/01
2/9/01 20:00 Portland OR Light 1 hour What I thought was venus was moving ! 2/18/01
2/9/01 13:00 Kingston Springs TN Light 2 minutes A LOUD NOISE AND BLINDING LIGHT AND THEN A ACTUAL ENCOUNTER. 2/18/01
2/9/01 03:00 Wheaton IL Unknown 90 sec. ?? strange sound 2/18/01
2/8/01 20:30 Macon GA Oval 45 minutes When I first saw this object it looked a very bright star.Two friends pointed it out to me.We were one and one half miles east of Gray, 2/18/01
2/8/01 20:15 Rochester NY Light two hours White circular light seen in sky, splitting into four distinct white lights, dancing in a circle. and converging with a kiss. 2/18/01
2/8/01 20:00 Lancaster OH Sphere 1.25 minutes A Bright light in the shape of a sphere that moved southeast at a steady spead and appeared to have flames pulsating behind it. 2/24/01
2/8/01 19:44 Wakefield (UK/England)
2/8/01 19:41 Bolton (UK/England)

3seconds 1 aircraft red light rear white light front disappeared clear night full moon. 2/18/01
2/8/01 19:00 Ventura CA Other 5 minutes odd shape object with lights around it traveling in a southern direction. 2/18/01
2/8/01 18:50 Lexington KY Triangle 1 minute Triangular craft with bright white lights across the back and flashing red light near front tip 4/1/01
2/8/01 18:36 Manchester TN Fireball approx 4 sec My wife and I were traveling east on US 55 and were approximately one mile west of Manchester, Tn.. The time was 6:36 PM CST And the we 2/18/01
2/8/01 11:00 Okmulgee OK Triangle 5 min Was driving south on my road when I noticed a spark of light, thought it was a power line broke cause there was a south wind blowing ab 8/27/09
2/8/01 06:30 Oakton VA Light 1 minute small glowing object moving slowly among the trees 2/18/01
2/8/01 Ocala FL

The Cylinder moved from West to East at about 50 miles an hour 4/16/05
2/7/01 23:30 Pandamaran, Port Klang (Malaysia)
Formation 15 minutes Triangular formation of 3 crafts in the sky for 15 minutes 2/18/01
2/7/01 22:24 Liverpool (UK/England)
Changing 12 minutes its shape started off as an egg shape then changed into a dimond shape, it was bright orange then it turned a pale green when it shrunk 2/18/01
2/7/01 20:50 Manchester (UK/England)
Light 45 seconds 4 bright yellow/orange light appeared.descended towards the ground.after a while headed up towards the sky and completely disappeared. 2/18/01
2/7/01 20:45 Boston MA Light 5 minutes Boston sighting..Wednesday 2/7 at around 8:45 PM 2/18/01
2/7/01 19:30 Raleigh NC Light 7:31-8:17 it was a bright and hazy light that changed colors 2/18/01
2/7/01 19:00 South Egremont MA Changing About 45 minutes we have The Object changed shape, it looked like many white lights(dots)put together outlined in a thin red line, travelling north very slowly. 2/18/01
2/7/01 18:35 Wheaton/Kensington MD Changing 16:35 SHAPE CHANGING OBJECT IN WASHINGTON DC AREA 2/18/01
2/7/01 18:05 Old Hickory TN Circle 3 seconds Round flying object. Very fast and quite 2/18/01
2/7/01 16:00 Linthicum (BWI airport) MD Rectangle 15 min This was not any aircraft I have ever seen and was not ballon or moon. 2/18/01
2/7/01 14:23 Bowling Green KY Changing 5 minutes cigar shaped that turned into a triangle 2/18/01
2/7/01 10:00 Laramie WY Light ? Light seen, Laramie, WY looking North 10/12/01
2/6/01 22:50 Carlisle (UK/England)
Disk 15mins Three dark grey saucers in the air hovering. 8/5/01
2/6/01 22:15 Palestine TX Light 5 minutes Small orangish red pulsating object moving slowly from West to East across the night sky 2/18/01
2/6/01 20:42 Clackamas OR
7 sec Shooting Star, Meteor, or ? 2/18/01
2/6/01 20:30 Milwaukee WI Circle 4 minutes A large Red dot floating above the horizon and one or two small red dots zooming up after it 2/18/01
2/6/01 19:30 Phoenix AZ Disk appox. 1 min. or more 4 domed circular craft. Each were brightly illuminated. Traveling in a diamond formation. 2/18/01
2/6/01 18:45 New Orleans LA Cylinder 30-90 seconds Black Cylinder object seen in the French quarter of New Orleans 2/18/01
2/6/01 18:10 Redmond WA Triangle 1 minute It was then right overhead about 1 mile up or higher, shaped triangular, 3 strob lights, white, red and blue, no sound. 2/18/01
2/6/01 17:00 Dallas TX Changing 5 Mins 3 hovering/slow moving objects in Dallas, TX, during rush hour. 2/18/01
2/6/01 07:00 La Pine OR Rectangle 5 mins I just got to school when I looked up I saw it the school is shaped like a U there were no sounds from the engines it was flying low th 6/4/14
2/6/01 03:30 Valencia CA Triangle 5 minutes Did I witness a ufo at about 3;30am, Feb. 6? 2/18/01
2/5/01 23:50

2/5/2001 While I was walking home I saw a flash light in the sky and it dissapeared after 2 seconds. 5/24/05
2/5/01 23:10 Adairville KY Triangle 15 minutes 3 craft, triangular shaped with dome top with yellow light, red light on one wing blue light on other. No engine noise. 2/18/01
2/5/01 22:00 Laurens SC Light 30 minutes +- Bright light and several others and it went completely out 2/18/01
2/5/01 21:15 Saluda SC Unknown 30 minutes A bright colored light was 200 feet above the trees going very slowly without sound in Saluda County 2/18/01
2/5/01 21:00 Sierra Vista AZ Unknown approx. 20 minutes I'm not sure if this was even a "craft." At approx. 2100 hrs I was returning home from Cochise College where I teach. On the way I n 2/18/01
2/5/01 20:30 Scottsdale AZ Light 2-5min Lights over Scottsdale early Feburary of 2001. 4/22/03
2/5/01 18:40 Boise ID Diamond 5-10 minutes A kite-shaped object with white lights in each corner was seen flying over central Boise and toward Meridian. 2/18/01
2/5/01 17:50 Riverside CA Oval 3-5 Oblong or ovoid luminous object, 2/18/01
2/5/01 15:30 Mira Loma CA Formation 20 minutes 40+Lights seen in daylight with spiral formation of 25+ lights over Mira Loma,California(Ontario,CA) 2/18/01
2/5/01 13:00 Melbourne (Australia)
Other 40 seconds Seen spacecraft. 4/8/15
2/5/01 11:00 Fort Lauderdale FL Triangle 20 sec. Small triangular objects seen near i-595 in fort lauderdale floating. 2/18/01
2/5/01 05:00 Fayetteville AR Other 5 seconds Fireball seen in the sky North of Fayetteville, Arkansas. 2/18/01
2/4/01 00:00 Mantorville MN
45 min I saw color circles on t wall and they were turning Duffy I sat this creatures standing all around me on my bed. Their was 5 or six and 7/25/19
2/4/01 23:58 Vancouver (Canada) BC Changing 10 sec What looked like a floating garbage bag at first quickly travelled across town in seconds. 2/18/01
2/4/01 22:30 Killeen TX Oval 2 1/2 hrs viewed bright white lights in oval shape that conitinued to flash to smaller white lights nearer the center of the oval. 8/5/01
2/4/01 21:30 Bakersfield CA Cone 1.5 hours Very bizzarre hovering bright object displays laser-type light activity. 2/18/01
2/4/01 21:00 Greenfield Township PA Fireball 1 minute My sister and I were coming home one evening @ 9:00 PM. We were coming up on a stop sign, when out of the eastern sky came this huge f 2/18/01
2/4/01 20:00 Pleasant Mills IN Light at least 1 hour Bright object that stayed in one spot for approxametlly one hour. 2/18/01
2/4/01 17:50 Fairmont Township (Luzerne Co.) PA Sphere 7 seconds Pale yellow sphere near nuclear plant in PA. 12/14/04
2/4/01 17:00 Columbia KY Oval 2 min. Oval, with red and orange pulsating lights. 2/18/01
2/4/01 16:45 Denver CO Light ~45 seconds A star-like object flying past the moon, faster than a jet 2/18/01
2/4/01 13:10 Los Angeles area CA Light 2 to 3 mins. standing still round white high up object. 2/18/01
2/4/01 11:04 San Francisco CA Disk
San Francisco International Airport saucer overflights recorded on tape. 2/18/01
2/4/01 10:51 Phoenix AZ Rectangle 5 minutes Chrome garbage can in my field of view of high flying jet. 2/18/01
2/4/01 08:05 Wrangell AK Light 25 minutes light, going from very bright to very dim, west of Wrangell island,slight rocking movement. Partly cloudly skies. Flash of red light ne 2/18/01
2/4/01 00:01 Canyon Lake TX Light 2-3 hours Star/Plane looking Red,Blue,and White flashing light,slowly moving 2/18/01
2/4/01 Garden Bay (Canada) BC Oval 30 mIN Bright , round with fin like things on the end 2/18/01
2/3/01 20:30 Covingtion TX Light 45 minutes Looked like a star,but 10 times biger, 2/18/01
2/3/01 20:15 Wrangell AK Light 10 minutes Unmoving, blue-white light , faint pulse. 2/18/01
2/3/01 18:00 State College PA Oval 1 minutes or less 2 oval/egg shaped objects sped overhead with no sound 2/18/01
2/3/01 10:30 El Dorado CA Circle about 1 minute round or circular multicolored shimmering object just suspended without moving for almost a minute then it streaked away toward the no 3/6/01
2/2/01 23:40 Bullhead City AZ Light 25 minutes I was out front of my house with my dogs and as always looking at the stars and I observed a red light in the sky flashing and moving v 2/18/01
2/2/01 21:00 Hampton AR
5 minutes Bright lights in Hampton? 2/18/01
2/2/01 19:20 Hull (UK/England)
2/2/01 19:20 Bristol TN Light 10 minutes bright multi colored object moving north over east tenn and southwest Va 2/18/01
2/2/01 19:10 Chilhowie VA Unknown Couple mins Object NOT Sirius 2/18/01
2/2/01 18:00 Colorado Springs CO Sphere 30 min Dark Spherical UFO sighted in the early evening in the colorado springs CO area. 2/18/01
2/1/01 20:00 Bowling Green KY Fireball 5-10 minutes Fireball Light Seen 8/5/01
2/1/01 20:00 Amsterdam MO Formation 15 Minutes Bright light coming from Southeast to Northwest, then returning partway and dissappearing, anyone else seen this tonight? 2/18/01
2/1/01 18:00 Bowling Green KY Diamond 10 Minutes I am responding to your recent new web posting of a "bizarre object" sighting by the Aerospace Engineer on Wednesday afternoon of July 9/2/05
2/1/01 16:05 Salem NH Disk ten min. 4-5 silvery objects weaving in and around clouds. 2/18/01
2/1/01 05:45 Bellevue WA Circle 1 hour 3 hovering lights above Lake Washington 4/27/07
2/1/01 03:00 Exeter CA Triangle 30-40 sec. FLOATING LARGE CRAFT AROUND 100 FT. LONG 4/1/01