National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 01/2001
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
1/31/01 23:45 Georgetown, Penang (Malaysia)
Disk more than one hour Orange UFOs 2/18/01
1/31/01 21:20 Washington NC Circle 20 minutes Three rotating round orange lights in the south-southeastern sky. 2/14/06
1/31/01 21:00 Jerome ID Formation 1 min. four lights, amber colored, faded out one at a time from right to left in the southwest sky of southern idaho 2/18/01
1/31/01 21:00 Muscatine IA

They're out there. Area couple reports UFO sighting By The Muscatine Journal MUSCATINE, Iowa - A Durrant couple spotted an unidentified 2/18/01
1/31/01 17:50 Roanoke VA Formation 8 to 10 minutes Unusual cloud-like formations with precise activity from at least three moving lights 2/18/01
1/31/01 12:00 Santa Rosa CA Circle 4 minuts It was 12:00 noon I was walking with my friend at lunch time. I was about a block away from the building I worked in when I notice som 4/27/04
1/31/01 08:00 San Dimas CA Oval 30 minutes Unusual objects videotaped over San Dimas, Ca 4/28/01
1/30/01 22:00 Shreveport LA Light 3 nights (at least) My family saw 15-20 UFOs that appeared as lights for 3 consecutive nights. 2/18/01
1/30/01 22:00 Independence KS Light 20-30 minutes Giant white 'Sparkler' wedged in tree during snowstorm 4/27/07
1/30/01 21:00 Keizer OR Triangle 1 minute While observing a cluster of "stars" three stars swooped down and headed south at a great rate of speed. 2/18/01
1/30/01 12:30 Virginia Beach VA Cylinder 2 minutes A silver cylinder hovering in the sky near Oceana Naval Air Station. 2/18/01
1/30/01 03:00 New Smyrna Beach FL Fireball 10 SEC HALF-MOON FIREBALL,NOT MOVING,DISSAPEARED AFTER 10 SEC 2/18/01
1/30/01 02:00 Chicago IL Sphere
3 new ufos taken in the chicago area view images at ((address deleted--commercial website??)) 10/31/08
1/29/01 21:00 Houston TX Diamond 10 minutes Diamond Shaped UFO in Houston 2/18/01
1/29/01 19:20 Como MS Triangle 15 sec A rounded shape triangle with bright florscent lights. 2/18/01
1/29/01 18:30 Wahiawa HI Other 5 minutes Unique shaped object in Wahiawa sky...did anyone else see this thing? 2/18/01
1/28/01 18:30 Orlando FL Cigar 6:30:45 Look at the superbowl replay if you saw it or not ask the take they will show the score board and juste at the left of it a fearly fast 2/18/01
1/28/01 17:15 Mira Loma CA Egg 5 minutes I rolled my telescope out to look at venus against a Light/Dark Blue dusk Sky.I panned the scope to Venus. About 10 seconds later an Eg 2/18/01
1/28/01 09:30 East Providence RI Other 3 to 4 mins 2 VERY BRIGHTLY lit craft were observed flying in clear, sunny skies, and one became stationary; both were at high altitude. 2/18/01
1/27/01 22:00 Des Moines IA Other 5secounds Grenn trailing orb seen in Iowa woods! 2/18/01
1/27/01 21:15 Winterset IA Fireball 2-3 seconds look like a crashing ship 2/18/01
1/27/01 21:10 Sacramento CA Light 5-10 MINS Light seen pulsating from white to completely red then completely orange and back to white seen west of Sacramento 2/18/01
1/27/01 20:45 Johnson's Creek WI Light 6-10 seconds I was travelling west on I94 towards Madison from Milwaukee, at the time I was near the Johnson's Creek area. I saw a moving light for 2/18/01
1/27/01 19:40 Reno NV Unknown 3 minutes An object with lights blinking in succession moving very slowly over Reno Nevada Saturday night, January 27, 2001. 2/18/01
1/27/01 19:30 Glendale Heights IL Light 45 min Saw a bright, soundless light hovering for 45 min., that slowly moved off to the north. 2/18/01
1/27/01 12:00 San Francisco CA Disk
I found this photo when I was downloading individual frames unto my computer. 3/11/03
1/26/01 23:45 Liverpool (UK/England)
Diamond 30 seconds A Diamond shaped, silent, fast, object travelling across the sky. 2/18/01
1/26/01 22:30 Edmonds WA Oval 2-3 minutes Large bright white oval ball of light hovering over lynnwood or edmonds on 1/26/01 around 10:30 pm 2/18/01
1/26/01 21:45 Andover MA Disk 1 minute Hi Folks- All I can tell you is that I am very well versed on aircraft...I live 15 mi from Logan Logan Airport..I see approaches all th 2/18/01
1/26/01 21:10 Crescent City CA Light 1/2 hour There was a very bright orangish light out over the Pacific Ocean gradually moving to the was accelerating up and down... 2/18/01
1/26/01 21:08 Carlisle (UK/England)
Circle 2mins Fast moving bright light seen in sky over Carlisle 2/18/01
1/26/01 20:10 Rowlett TX Unknown 7 seconds burnt-orange, amber colored luminescent object traveling at high rate of speed makes instant 90 degree turn 2/18/01
1/26/01 07:45 Branford CT Egg 2-3 minutes shiny object in the sky 2/18/01
1/26/01 01:30 Oceanside CA Triangle 30 seconds 25 mph, 50 ft. in diameter, 300 ft. above, dark-camo-green, shaped like a tall slice of pie. Two 10' white pods underside. 2/18/01
1/26/01 00:30 Hamilton (New Zealand)
Cone 30MINUTES UFO sighted South Waikato area New Zealand by twelve independent reports to Auckland Observatory at same time 2/18/01
1/26/01 00:10 Beaufort SC Diamond 30 min Three silent objects seen in Beaufort, SC for nearly thirty minutes 2/18/01
1/26/01 Barnaul (Russia)

Thought you'd be interested. Yahoo! Asia - News Technology Saturday, January 27 7:52 AM SGT UFO shuts down Russian airport: report MOSC 2/18/01
1/26/01 Barnaul (Russia)

I read the following in Ananova strange news: UFO closes Siberian airport A Siberian airport closed down after staff said a UFO was hov 2/18/01
1/25/01 22:45 Callahan FL Formation 5-10 min it was in a formation, like six lights ligned up, silent, bright, huge and it was featured on unsolved mysterious many times. 2/18/01
1/25/01 22:33 Seattle WA Fireball one secaond While driving noth on I-5 I observed the white fireball dropping out of the sky as I looked in the direction over northeast Seattle. I 2/18/01
1/25/01 21:30 Sidney OH Sphere about 3 minuets Sphere that emitted blue & red flashes & disapered without a trace. 2/18/01
1/25/01 21:03 Filion MI Diamond 32 min. dimond shaped object in michigans huron county sky. 2/18/01
1/25/01 21:00 Porterville CA Disk 2 minutes I watched a ufo cruise by my house at 21:00 at low altitudes, noiselessly with ferriswheel lights wit a strangesaucer shape. 2/18/01
1/25/01 19:00 Avondale AZ Light 2 hours A very bright stationary light,not an aircraft. 2/18/01
1/25/01 06:10 Isle of Wight (UK/England)
Circle 19 minutes The sighting was seen at 06.10am on Thursday 25 January 2001 in Ventnor on the Isle of Wight, England. My name is Mary Short and I am 2/18/01
1/25/01 02:30 Prospect Park PA Light 30+ min. Ball of flashing, sparkling multicolored light 7/1/02
1/24/01 14:00 Chicago IL Other
on 1-24 01 as i was leaving chicago heading to phoenix arizona at appox. 2;00pm on the highway going west . i happen to look in to the 2/18/01
1/24/01 04:30 Mesa AZ Unknown unknown Mesa, AZ: "Helicopter" with bright light outside bedroom at 4am. 2/18/01
1/24/01 North Pole AK Disk 10 seconds ufo by an air force base 12/23/02
1/23/01 20:00 Salisbury NC Disk 1 minute The saucer hovered directly above and kept pace with my car ((NUFORC Note: No date indicated. Possible hoax. PD)) 5/24/05
1/23/01 20:00 Salisbury NC Disk approx. 1 min. I felt a strange presence around me as I was driving and looked up to see a saucer directly above my car. 10/11/05
1/23/01 19:50 Martinez CA Light 10 minutes Light in sky that constantly dulled and brightened while moving. 2/18/01
1/23/01 18:15 Belleville WI Sphere 30 seconds blue spherical light traveling very fast 2/18/01
1/23/01 17:40 Rahway NJ Light 15 seconds Two stationary lights shone then faded out in the evening sky near Venus. 2/18/01
1/23/01 15:30 Ansbach (Germany)
Other 4 min Unknown object @ 50,000 ft.+(?) spotted in Germany. 2/18/01
1/23/01 15:15 Tallahassee FL Light between 20 min and 45 min UFO sighted in downtown Tallahassee, Fl, boomerang shaped, scalloped, made of light... 5/27/03
1/23/01 01:30 Huntington NY Diamond 45 min Spotted a bright light, observed it for 1 to 2 hours at 10 minute intervls, the last time I went to look it was gone. 2/18/01
1/22/01 22:30 Gopeng, Perak (Malaysia)
Disk 25minutes 6 UFOs appeared above an orphange in Malaysia entertaining kids with unique flight formations 2/18/01
1/22/01 22:22 Lynn Haven FL Disk hovering A strange moving light in the sky. 2/10/17
1/22/01 21:00 Cape Town (South Africa)
Fireball 20 minutes While walking through the bushes and keeping an eye out for lions we saw a number of fiery objects flw slowly through the sky not far f 3/16/01
1/22/01 20:32 Sandpoint ID Light 5 min Large flickering light low in the night sky that faded slowly away, but did not move. 2/18/01
1/22/01 20:00 Wolfeboro NH Circle 15 minutes very very bright light;it keep speeding away and then would speed back to original position;the light would also fade in and out;we hav 2/18/01
1/22/01 19:45 Frankford DE Light 40 minutes Very very bright light. ((NUFORC Note: We will await further information. Possible advertising light?? PD)) 1/27/05
1/22/01 18:20 Corvallis OR Fireball 2 seconds Fireball ? 2/18/01
1/22/01 17:12 Burnaby (Canada) BC Other 3 seconds Just before sunset a huge green/yellow streak of light shot accross the sky (north-east) so fast and disappeared without a trace left. 2/18/01
1/22/01 09:55 Manchester (UK/England)
Teardrop 2-3 minutes transparent teardrop/bauble UFO 2/18/01
1/22/01 02:50 Leicester (UK/England)
Oval 10 Minutes oval shaped blue light 2/18/01
1/22/01 01:30 Cumberland MD Triangle unknown 2 black free floating objects in picture 2/18/01
1/22/01 00:30 Camano Island WA Light 1 hour It looked like a star & wasn't an airplane, planes can't fly like that! 2/18/01
1/21/01 21:00 Bayonne NJ Unknown 30 min Bright Light Over New Jersey 2/18/01
1/21/01 19:30 Los Angeles CA Triangle 20 seconds Unidentified Craft Hovering Over Los Angeles Freeway 2/18/01
1/21/01 05:30 St. Petersburg FL Changing 5 seconds This is not an untrue personal statement as I witnessed what I believe to be an intelligent subset of life. 2/22/02
1/21/01 03:23 Kaeo (New Zealand)
Triangle 4 minutes This will make your hair stand up. 2/18/01
1/21/01 00:40 Toronto (Canada) ON Sphere 5min Follow up to fireball/sphere- video tape viewed -no explanations worthy 2/18/01
1/21/01 00:40 Toronto (Canada) ON Fireball 10 min+- slow moving orange fireball picked up on video 2/18/01
1/21/01 00:30 Portland OR Other three seconds I saw a very low-flying and large craft without lights or sound in a northerly direction. 2/18/01
1/20/01 22:30 Cape Town (South Africa)
Triangle +-40mins bright arrow shape lights over Cape Town South Africa 2/18/01
1/20/01 22:00 Cascavel, Paraná (Brazil)
Light 50 minutes A huge bright point in the sky. 2/18/01
1/20/01 19:40 Fleetwood (UK/England)
Circle 10 minutes 5 orange or amber lights changed formation moved away ot to sea slowly. 2/18/01
1/20/01 19:15 Kailua-Kona HI Fireball 5 seconds bright fire ball cfrossing the sky blueish/green with a tail. 2/18/01
1/20/01 19:00 Ridge NY Light 10 sec BLUE LIGHTS....shinning in my window 2/18/01
1/20/01 09:53 Poughquag NY Circle 5 minutes Fast moving saucer like object over Dutchess County. 2/18/01
1/20/01 06:00 Cumbrland ME Light 15 min Maine012001 2/18/01
1/20/01 02:00 Newport OR Light 5 seconds Two parellel luminescent lights decended from sky and vanished over ocean without sound. 2/18/01
1/19/01 23:35 Aberdeen (UK/Scotland)
Light 5 to 10 mins It was trully Amzing but frightening at the same time i would like nothing more than to find out what they were. 8/5/01
1/19/01 22:30 Jamaica NY Unknown 5-7minutes My girlfriend and I were on our way to her gradnmother's house and I saw something in the corner of my eye. So we stoped to get a bette 8/5/01
1/19/01 21:15 Omaha NE Oval 9.30pm Circle object with mutiple white light seen on the wext sky over Omaha Ne. 2/18/01
1/19/01 19:00 Vancouver WA Fireball minute Taking an evening walk facing west and saw a very bright, large orange fireball go overhead toward the west and then vanish. What was 3/6/01
1/19/01 18:30 Hillsboro OR Fireball few seconds Happened to glance over to the southwest part of the sky from my backyard and saw a very bright and very green fireball heading at an a 2/18/01
1/19/01 18:00 San Francisco CA Light 25 seconds HOVERING white light. 2/18/01
1/18/01 21:15 UK/England
Light 10 mins Two bright moving lights, silent and pink in colour ! 2/18/01
1/18/01 17:54 Hudson (Canada) PQ Cylinder 30 seconds A tubelike object with flashing lights that hovered above the tree tops and then moved off very fast was seen in the dark on 01/18/01. 2/18/01
1/17/01 23:22 West Warwick RI Circle 4 min. Large, circular object with a ring of flashing red and white lights zigzag in night sky. 2/18/01
1/17/01 19:45 Chatham NY Oval 15 seconds The object was traveling north at a low altitude. The only ilumination appeared to be the flourescent blue green lights. 2/18/01
1/17/01 07:00 Wanham (Canada) AB

1/17/01 06:55 Brimfield MA Sphere about 1 minute It was a hovering metallic object that vanished in an instant. 2/18/01
1/16/01 06:30 Ithaca NY Sphere 5 min I saw a brilliant sphere, that a search light came out of...the search light went out, and the sphere disappeared. 2/18/01
1/16/01 00:30 Kent WA Light 1 hour Bright lights seen moving in the sky executing 90 degree turns, and flickering colors between red, blue, and bright white. 2/18/01
1/15/01 20:00 Los Angeles CA Light 15 secs POSSIBLE UFO SIGHTING. 2/18/01
1/15/01 19:45 Vancouver WA Changing 1hr./15min. Bright object seen in sky north of Vancouver Wa. 2/18/01
1/15/01 19:30 Sheffield (UK/England)
Other 5 minutes i have top footage of this event , and i dont think anyone can question it 2/18/01
1/15/01 18:00 Glasgow (Near) (UK/Scotland)
Other 5 seconds Falling bright light 7/1/02
1/15/01 07:45 Chester CA Rectangle 3 min Late evening I was cuting wood when a very bright light cought my attenson behind me I turnd around to see a light that was so bright I 2/22/02
1/15/01 00:20 Iowa City IA Formation 6-7 Minutes A large flight of glowing discs sighted over Iowa City 8/5/01
1/14/01 20:43 Evergreen CO Light 10 minutes Object was 10x bigger than an aircraft, hovered for approximately 10 minutes before it headed west 2/18/01
1/14/01 03:00 Moses Lake WA Diamond 1 minute Early morning dimond light 2/18/01
1/13/01 19:50 Damascus MD Disk 2 minutes A disc shaped craft with lights, other than a usual aircraft, was seen flying overhead during the night in damascus 2/18/01
1/13/01 19:15 Aurora CO Light 18 minutes Four unusual lights flying over Colorado Skies 2/18/01
1/13/01 18:01 Sheffield (UK/England)
1/13/01 18:00 Cortez CO Light 4to5 min Golden point of light traveling west to east as bright or slightly brighter than a jet liner . NO stobe effect to light . From east end 2/18/01
1/13/01 13:00 Los Angeles CA Sphere 1 min White/metallic spheres circling each other above west Los Angeles 2/18/01
1/13/01 08:00 Jayton TX Diamond 10 min. Two diamond shaped objects on farm in Texas. 3/28/04
1/13/01 07:08 Chicago IL Oval 6 minutes - I had to then I saw 3-4 gray oval-shaped objects moving in the morning sky; one blinking orangish lights. 2/18/01
1/12/01 22:30 St.Leonards-on-Sea (UK/England)
Formation 2-3 mins Four or five vapour trails seen travelling at high speed through the sky. 12/5/01
1/12/01 22:00 Hyde Park NY Triangle
Dark, directly overhead triangle shaped, three points, off in the distance rwo more 4/1/01
1/12/01 21:30 Covington VA Circle 3 minutes I know what I saw this is not a hoax 9/6/02
1/12/01 21:05 Lancaster OH Cigar 10 minutes We watched a cigar/cylinder shaped object about ten degrees above the horizon. 2/18/01
1/12/01 05:30 Moultrie GA Light
I was walking outside,and suddenly something caught my eye in the sky.I looked up to see this golden light.It didn't flash like plane l 4/28/01
1/12/01 02:00 Princeton WV Unknown 2 minutes Visitation, followed by MIB encounter? 8/17/17
1/12/01 01:45 Las Vegas NV Other 30 minutes They were dancing in the sky and the air was VERY cold 2/18/01
1/12/01 01:30 Burbank CA Changing 30seconds It appeared to be cascading down the tree outside, a huge fir with a slanting shape. The object curled down in puff-like shapes of smok 1/11/02
1/11/01 23:53 Nederland CO Cylinder 3 to 4 seconds Great, colorful UFO viewing in Boulder County,on Nov. 11.001 at 11:53 PM. 8/5/01
1/11/01 23:24 Rockford IL Other several minutes 14 all together, then they separated and the one I remember most followed East State Street in an easterly direction, approx. 2000 ft 2/18/01
1/11/01 23:20 Fort Collins CO Light seconds Bright greenish/blue ball flying diagonally across sky 2/18/01
1/11/01 23:00 Rockford IL Light 10 minutes Lights seen in Rockford, Il when coming home at night. Color sort of off pink like street lights. 2/18/01
1/11/01 22:53 Nederland CO Cylinder 3 to 4 seconds Great, colorful UFO viewing in Boulder County,on Nov. 11.001 at 11:53 PM. 2/18/01
1/11/01 22:45 Beloit KS Fireball 1-2 seconds Fireball Over North Central Kansas 2/18/01
1/11/01 22:00 Thornton CO Fireball 5 seconds Blue fireball, close to anf falling from sky 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:50 Silesia MT Fireball 1-2 seconds I saw on the west horizon what looked like a huge falling star travelling from the north to the south and disappearing behind the west 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:50 Brush CO Disk 2 seconds A bright shooting light. 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:50 Las Vegas NM Fireball 2-4 seconds Green fireball, falling from 15 to 20 degrees above the horizon in a straight line to the horizon from my view, leaving a trail. 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:50 Dubois WY Fireball 1.5 sec Bright , fast falling light 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:50 Pueblo CO Fireball 5 seconds The picture window in my living room faces almost due north. With the curtains drawn and the room lighted, I saw the outline of a fire 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:45 Loveland CO Circle 60 sec A large bright blue/green light with a long white tail was traveling south at a fairly fast speed. It was above the horizon, but not a 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:40 Rockford IL Light 15 mins same as above 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:30 Rockford IL Light 20 minutes Ten orange lights in a circular formation non blinking non moving in the east direction. There was a blink then they were gone. When 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:30 Rockford IL Fireball 10 minutes My Wife and I noticed 9 Redish Orange Lights floating west to east 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:30 Boulder CO Fireball 5sec 01/11/01 fireball over western skies was different color and headed in a different direction. 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:20 Rockford IL Light ? While taking out the garbage thursday night, I saw two groups of bright amber lights hanging in the sky on the east side of Rockford, h 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:15 Rockford IL Circle 21:45 Looked up to the Northen sky and saw a set of 9 orange pulsating Balls, as soon as those 9 disappeared a second group of 9 appeared. 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:15 Rockford IL Light 15-20 minutes Several orange lights moving about each other across the sky, but as a pack and then disappeared. 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:15 Rockford IL Formation
Rockford, illinois formations shown on TV news program today. 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:15 Rockford IL Formation unknown Red dot formations 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:15 Rockford IL Light 15 min. appr. Bright lights floating East over the city of Rockford, IL. 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:15 Rockford IL Circle 30 minutes Looking up I observed a formation of 5objects that appeared to be circular & were orange in color moving in a northeasternly direction. 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:15 Rockford IL Circle 20 Minutes A number of orange/yellow lights appeared and began moving erratically in two groups. 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:10 Rockford IL Light 8-10 minutes 13 orange lights moved steadily and at times flew closely and eventually faded away. 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:03 Rockford IL Light 25 minutes Red balls of light that change to green before they disappeared 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:00 Rockford IL Light 35mins First thought to be an airplane, but its color, shapes, and hovering motion was unexplainable. 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:00 Rockford IL Formation 0:20 Formation of 10 yellowish glowing targets (night sighting) drifted SW to NE at 5-10 MPH, 1500' AGL then extinguished one at at time. 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:00 Rockford IL Light Half Hour Confirming: 8 years later I saw Them lights Two {on 1-11-01} 12/12/09
1/11/01 21:00 Loves Park IL Light 15 min possible explaination of mass sightings in rockford illinois on january 11th 2001 5/24/05
1/11/01 21:00 Rockford IL Circle 35 minutes 9 round objects moving independently. Orange/Yellow in color 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:00 Rockford IL Light ? several orange lights hovering in formation. 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:00 Rockford IL Other
You probably got this report already but if not, let me know and I will forward article from Chicago Sun Times. I did not see object bu 2/18/01
1/11/01 21:00 Rockford IL Sphere 20 minutes 24 total golden colored, orbed lights in configurations similar to the big dipper moving slowly from NW to East 2/18/01
1/11/01 20:50 Castle Rock CO Fireball 3-4 seconds We saw a very bright white light, looked like the moon setting very quickly. 2/18/01
1/11/01 20:50 Rockford IL Other 3 sec Computer shuts off during light sighting in Rockford 2/18/01
1/11/01 20:45 Pueblo CO Fireball 30 sec Blue fireball lights up the skies of colorado and nebraska. The fireball was spotted my many people 2/18/01
1/11/01 20:45 Nottingham (UK/England)
Light 2 minutes 3 flashing lights verticle formation in sky, 1 dissapears, some moments later other 2 dissapear. 2/18/01
1/11/01 18:00 Norwich (UK/England)
Changing 6 minutes Static oblong UFO which changed shape. 1/29/02
1/11/01 09:06 Kilkenny (Republic of Ireland)
Sphere 5 mins 3 balls of light seen at Kilkenny ireland. 2/18/01
1/11/01 01:00 Nekoosa WI Circle 20minutes We were watching tv,I notice a light I tought it was a reflection from a light in the kitchen we dont have drapes on the side that face 1/11/02
1/10/01 23:00 Torrance CA Flash
I saw weird light. It was really bright green flash that lase about 1/2 second. 2/18/01
1/10/01 20:00 Victoria/Port Angeles (BC/WA) (Canada) BC Formation 5 minutes Formation of lights in shape of Great Bear Star System moving west above Port Angelos. 8/16/02
1/10/01 19:36 Friendship WI Formation 15 minutes From Friendship, Wisconsin, bright orange lights seen in eastern sky below full moon on 1/10/01. 2/18/01
1/10/01 19:00 Littleton NH Sphere
Blinking colors 2/18/01
1/10/01 18:20 Eagle Rock CA Cigar 2-4 minutes 1/10/01 6:20 PM. Saw a large elongated tube cigar like object. Dark outside. Several long stream blinking lights. I was bewildered 2/18/01
1/10/01 17:15 Bellingham WA Triangle 2-3 mintues Black triangular object moving erratically in sky. 2/18/01
1/10/01 16:30 Waldoboro ME Cigar 10-15-min red cigar shaped object in sky over Waldoboro, Maine 2/18/01
1/10/01 15:00 Berlin MA Disk 20 min I can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that what I saw was not manufactured by a human being. 4/22/03
1/10/01 12:10 Graham NC Egg @ 15 min 1/09/01 I had contact with Peter Davenport as to a questionable sighting of circular or egg shaped objects in southern sky shortly afte 2/18/01
1/10/01 06:45 Vaudreuil (Canada) PQ Changing 6 min. A bright object seen from a far distance on a cold winter morning which changed shape as it moved and left a trail of light. 2/18/01
1/10/01 06:00 New Carlisle IN Light ten minutes I saw two stationery lights hovering over an open field early in the morning sky. 4/1/01
1/10/01 05:13 Arden NC Cigar 30 secs High SPeed Cigar Shaped Object - Sky Turning Brighter Than Noon for 1000 Miles For Over 20 Secs 9/24/03
1/9/01 23:45 Tulsa OK Unknown ? Tonight my daughter call me from work to let me know a local FM radio station "Z104" was reporting on a current UFO sighting in Sperry, 2/18/01
1/9/01 22:45 Stafford (UK/England)
1/9/01 18:00 New Richmond WI Changing 20 min. Four lights in a row, in the sky, faded and flew off in the same direction. 1/11/02
1/9/01 17:30 Spokane WA Cigar
i was rideing my bike home from shcool and saw a cigar saped object in the sky it had two lights on each of the sides and one bright li 2/18/01
1/9/01 11:00 Arnolds Park IA Sphere 30 seconds silver sphere, cars shut off that drove under it 2/18/01
1/9/01 08:00 Williamsport PA Cone 5 min The object my friend and I saw was two huge red ball like objects with a long neon blue trail. 3/6/01
1/9/01 07:55 Sonderborg (Denmark)
Rectangle 6 minues On a road in between Sonderborg and Graasten in Denmark, on the way to work at the parent Danish firm that I work for in the USA. At ab 2/18/01
1/8/01 21:00 Fulton AR Oval 1.5 hrs I was watching this oval object from my house on a full moon night and the sky was clear as it appeared to change to red and green. 2/18/01
1/8/01 21:00 Crookston MN Other 2 secs At approx 2100 hrs. local I was southbound on US Highway 75 approx 8 miles north of Crookston, MN. I was heading almost due south. I no 2/18/01
1/8/01 20:00 Molalla OR Light continuing Now 20 minutes....extremely bright, non-moving light, hovering low, no way to guess altitude nor distance (after dark) but in a pla 2/18/01
1/8/01 18:30 Gillette WY Changing 18:30 to 22:00 Bright light follows me. 2/18/01
1/8/01 18:20 Gilbert AZ Other 1min or more The object was the shape of a sombero saucer, bigger than an airplane very quiet but moving it had all the same size and shaped lights 2/18/01
1/8/01 07:00 Santa Fe NM Cigar 15 minutes large cigar shaped craft 2/18/01
1/8/01 05:40 Kamuela HI
3-5 seconds While walking my neighbor and I saw three very fast-moving lights in the pre-dawn sky. 2/18/01
1/7/01 18:00 Marietta OH Light 5 sec. Bright light go's threw 1/2 the sky and over the horizen in 5 sec. 2/18/01
1/7/01 15:26 Seattle WA Light 2min Ravena St and I5 two men were looking at the sky and pointing up, i believed they were bird watching,but i realized they were pointing 2/18/01
1/7/01 05:00 Miller (outside of) MO Triangle 1:00 a wild night after work 5/24/05
1/6/01 21:15 Tulsa OK Light 10 seconds Quick moving light that faded out. 2/18/01
1/6/01 20:30 Tempe AZ Light 15 Observed a slow moving, vibrant red light that eventually turned 90 degrees, began blinking and then accelerated before disappearing. 2/18/01
1/6/01 20:30 South Point OH Sphere 10 minutes the object had a bright white center and a weblike bright white formed structure forming the bottom, could not be a star because it van 2/18/01
1/6/01 19:00 Payette ID Light ~ 1 hour Third consecutive night of sighting. Very active tonight. 2/18/01
1/6/01 18:30 Vancouver WA Other Current String of pearls witnessed over Washington State 2/18/01
1/6/01 18:30 Woodinvile WA Light 10sec Flashing light 2/18/01
1/6/01 07:15 Payette ID Light 45 min. Flashing light moving erratically for sustained period of time. 2/18/01
1/6/01 07:05 Sharjah (UAE)
Light 4 Sec I was on the was to drop my wife to her school as She is a teacher and I'm a network Eng. We saw a flash light or a triangle shaped bri 2/18/01
1/6/01 04:45 Gilroy CA Light still experincing Twice in the same place 2/18/01
1/6/01 03:00 Vancouver WA Diamond 20 seconds 2 diamond shaped craft, each with 6 glowing red "lights" on the bottom of the craft were viewed for approx. 20 seconds 2/18/01
1/6/01 02:30 Purmerend (Netherlands)
Formation +/- 30 sec ? stunt show made by 3 objects.... 8/5/01
1/6/01 00:10 Edgewood WA Sphere 5 minutes two orangeish red orbs floating slowly west 2/18/01
1/6/01 Edwardsville IL Circle Do not know It was 3 circles of small, pulsating lights. 2/18/01
1/5/01 23:53 Lebo KS Triangle 20 minutes I was outside on my back porch having a cold one with my friend when we heard some loud kind of poping noise and we looked up in the so 2/18/01
1/5/01 22:00 St. Paul MN Light 30 seconds small airplane like, light, all of a sudden turn hugh and then speed off like a shooting star. 2/18/01
1/5/01 21:45 La Mesa CA Circle 5-8 min. Bright red light in the night sky.Sometime later separate fluorescent white light falls from the sky to the ground. 2/18/01
1/5/01 21:45 La Mesa CA Circle 5-8 min. I was sitting on my terrace when I saw a bright red light in the sky.At first I thought it was an aeroplane but I noticed that it didn' 2/18/01
1/5/01 21:00 San Diego CA Light 5 minutes A hovering bright red light which blinked off and on. It appeared to be a cluster of red lights which iluminated a triangle. 2/18/01
1/5/01 20:18 Gilbert AZ Light 13 mins Red light floating very high in the sky 2/18/01
1/5/01 20:05 Chandler AZ Light 20min. red light ,hovering in north east sky .blinked on and off many times before going out . many airplane fly by during event. 2/18/01
1/5/01 20:00 Jackson MI Light 30sec-5min Very bright light from east, shoots off in to north sky? 2/18/01
1/5/01 19:00 Houston TX Unknown still there As far as I know it still could be a plane but planes don't set in the same place for so long. 2/18/01
1/5/01 18:50 Cotton MN Unknown 1 minute A stationary red light accerated incredibly fast and changed to orange color and traveled away at a high rate of speed 2/18/01
1/5/01 17:50 Ballston Lake NY Teardrop 3 mins Teardrop shaped, small craft hovering about 50 ft from the road above Route 50 in Saratoga County on a snowy evening January 5, 2001. 2/18/01
1/5/01 17:30 Seattle WA Sphere 1 minute I was walking home from work, and was within a block from home. I looked up and saw a object, very quiet, and I was wondering what kind 2/18/01
1/5/01 17:20 Ada OK Fireball 6 minutes While driving home in the evening I saw four objects I can't easily explain away moving fast in the western sky and then were gone. 2/18/01
1/5/01 17:00 Las Vegas NV Circle 5minutes after a few second, I was dreadfully surprised. That big figure moved little bit, then suddenly disappeared!! 2/18/01
1/5/01 17:00 Bloomington/New Unionville (between) IN Triangle 2min On my way home from work tonight I saw a slow moving triangle-shaped craft with a white light in each of the three wing tips 2/18/01
1/5/01 16:20 North Bay (Canada) ON Fireball 20 min Fireball over lake Nipissng the day of MIR controlled crash 8/5/01
1/5/01 10:00 Munising MI Triangle thirty min triangular UFO seen in munising, mi 2/18/01
1/5/01 05:00 Punta Gorda FL Light aprox. 45 min Somthing in the eastern sky off SW FLORIDA And it is not the airforce.Toomany people to know 2/18/01
1/5/01 01:30 Surrey (Canada) BC Fireball 4 sec i was watching tv at night in my apt on the 7th floor facing ne when i seen a hudge fire ball out my window coming downon a 45 degree a 2/24/01
1/5/01 00:10 Glen Ridge NJ Oval less than one minute Transparent, glowing sphere soon followed by glowing oval. 2/18/01
1/4/01 22:00 Raleigh NC Light 2 minutes Blinking light zig-zags and merges with a star. 2/18/01
1/4/01 20:05 Wichita KS Circle west sky none 2/18/01
1/4/01 20:00 Oakham MA Light
huge bright star 2/18/01
1/4/01 19:20 Bouse AZ Light
Dad called me out to witness strange flashing blue and stationary amber lights he saw when going out to feed the goats. 2/18/01
1/4/01 19:20 Bouse AZ Light 5 minutes While going to feed animals, I saw flashing blue lights rise out of the desert floor and stationary amber lights appeared 2/18/01
1/4/01 16:00 Anderson SC Cigar 12-20 min White large object without wings,above 30,000 feet moving very slowy toward the NNW 2/18/01
1/4/01 06:00 Beeville TX Flash 5 sec. A star turned very bright and then fade away in the southern early mourning sky. 2/18/01
1/4/01 01:24 Atlanta GA Changing 15 min Strange Light emiting object changing shape and intensity of light, caught on video 2/18/01
1/3/01 22:27 Hamilton (New Zealand)
Light 8 mins or so lights like ET 1/3/01
1/3/01 22:00 Burnley (UK/England)
Triangle 15.min 25 v shaped objects flying in formation at low altitude,then climbed quickly to high altitude, were stationary then disappeared 4/28/01
1/3/01 20:20 Portland OR Sphere 20 seconds As my daughter and I were headed home from the store it was dark, cloudy, and raining hard. We turned a corner and right ahead but not 2/18/01
1/3/01 19:00 San Clemente CA Light about 1.5 hours. 3 lights close to horizon, 2 lights fade slowly, one very bright, until it vanished. 2/18/01
1/3/01 18:45 Fairfield CA Other 1-2 mins. Thought at first it was a falling star ??????????????????? 2/18/01
1/3/01 18:20 Cambridge (UK/England)
Other 30 to 40 sec grey boomerang almost tye same colour as the sky 3/6/01
1/3/01 15:00 none TX Sphere 5 minutes golden ball in the daytime. 2/18/01
1/3/01 00:00 Birmingham (UK/England)
Unknown 2 minutes Fluttering amorphous shape in night sky, transparent or camoflaged against stars and not moving 3/29/04
1/2/01 22:00 Ponca AR Triangle 5 minutes Citing of a triangle shaped craft on the river. 2/18/01
1/2/01 21:45 Seattle/Tacoma WA Light 10 minutes 6 to 8 bright lights standing still for at least 5 minutes, some getting brighter then dimmer. 1/3/01
1/2/01 21:20 Sydney (50 miles north of) (NSW, Australia)
Light 1-3 minutes truly bizarre "anomolous satellite-like" observation 2/18/01
1/2/01 17:05 Merrillan WI Light 2-min Saw a very bright light in the north eastern sky. 1/3/01
1/2/01 17:00 Santa Barbara/ Highway 154 CA Chevron 1 minute Huge boomerang-shaped object seen over San Marcos Pass/Highway 154. 11/20/01
1/2/01 16:50 Luka IL Chevron 6 minutes At approx 4:50pm I had come to my kitchen to get a drink of water, while standing at the sink facing north west i caught a gilps of som 2/18/01
1/2/01 02:30 New Hampshire (southeastern) NH
unknown I was awakened by blue lights and ahumming noise in the middle of the night. 2/18/01
1/2/01 Santa Barbara CA Chevron
This kirk carpinteria I would like to get in contact with the person who gave the report about Chevron over Santa Marcas Pass. I spoke 2/18/01
1/1/01 22:30 Miramar FL Formation 4 minutes 5 bright burgund lights flying in formation over I-75 and Miramar, FL area. 1/12/12
1/1/01 22:07 Woodland CA Light 5 minutes Another sighting, same golden lights in the Northwest sky. As I was typing up a report for last nights sighting my husband came in teh 1/3/01
1/1/01 22:00 Croton-on-Hudson NY Fireball 2 secs A fireball shaped UFO changed colors and disapeared. 2/22/02
1/1/01 22:00 Kellyville OK Changing 45 min object that changed from cylinder to triangle,no sound. 2/24/01
1/1/01 22:00 Burnaby (Canada) BC Teardrop 40 sec UFO checks out abnormal heat source,thinking it could be a heat vent.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
1/1/01 22:00 Green Ridge MO Light 5 minutes? single light sighted 2/18/01
1/1/01 20:30 Los Angeles CA Circle 20 min Several dark objects traverse the moon on the night it was historically closest to the earth. 9/24/03
1/1/01 19:00 North Whitefield ME Light 3 1/2 hours I have seen this craft for years and would like to know what it is please. 1/3/01
1/1/01 19:00 Manitoulin Island (Canada) ON Other 5 minutes Comet shped UFO's video taped over Manitoulin Island (US Canada border). 2/18/01
1/1/01 18:00 Oceanside CA Light Minutes First off, I apologize for the length of the "report" however, it took quite sometime for me to actually be interested enough to find o 3/19/09
1/1/01 17:00 Copenhagen (Denmark)
Cigar 1-2minutes I was visiting my mother in Copenhagen together with two of my children and my brother. We we in the livingroom, the window here is ver 1/11/02
1/1/01 07:30 Victoria (Canada) BC
some minutes I am always interested in "fireball" description sightings because some years ago I had a strange one that I posted to your site. It w 7/19/10
1/1/01 07:30
CO Circle 20 -30 minutes A silver craft that seemed to be on a pleasure cruise. 12/12/11
1/1/01 07:30 Bellevue WA Circle ten minutes small white circles that fade in and out and remain motionless for minutes at a time 2/18/01
1/1/01 03:00 Crescent City CA Fireball
This was a bright orange ball that was seen by others above ocean. 2/18/01
1/1/01 01:00 Sacramento CA Circle 10 SECONDS Big Bouncing Light 10/31/08
1/1/01 00:50 Beirut (Lebanon)
Light 2 minutes They were 2 red dots moving quickly in the sky at night 2/18/01
1/1/01 00:25 Brisbane (QLD, Australia)
Disk 2mins single object made up of two clusters of lights,visible only on video,no sound,at 3000/5000 feet travelling very fast 2/18/01
1/1/01 00:15 Brisbane (QLD, Australia)

3/4minutes u.f.o. seen at 0015hours e.s.t brisbane australia.craft definately NOT conventional plane/balloon/satellite or a joke. 4/1/01
1/1/01 00:02 Woodland CA Light approx 8 minutes this is the third sighting of these golden lights we have seen. Just after midnight on New Years we stepped out side and we notice our 1/3/01
1/1/01 00:01 Progresso (Mexico)
Fireball 15 min 2001 New Years Sighting 3/4/03
1/1/01 00:01 Lakeland FL Circle two minutes Unknown circular object in the sky near a fireworks show in lakeland. 8/5/01
1/1/01 00:01 New Plymouth (New Zealand)
Disk 4 minutes Outside of Inglewood and New Plymouth - New Zealand me and 4 other people spotted 5 circular disc shaped objects in the sky. 1/3/01
1/1/01 00:01 Bremerton WA Disk
It was saucer shaped, flashing scary sight. 8/28/03
1/1/01 00:00 Constitucion (Chile)
Light 15 minutes Red, Green and Yellow lights over the Pacific in Constitucion, CHILE. 3/2/04
1/1/01 00:00 Monroeville to Seven Springs PA Fireball 15-30second Flying green ball of light/ have a mind of it's own. 1/17/04
1/1/01 00:00 Flagstaff AZ Unknown 6 hours UFO Seen Manuevering in Impossible Ways with No Apparent Reason 9/2/05