National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 12/2000
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
12/31/00 23:59 Ybor FL Oval 20 Minutes Large object above thousands... and only a few reacted. 2/18/01
12/31/00 23:45 Eagle River WI

On 1/8/01 I submitted a report via your online report format regarding a sighting I witnessed over Anvil Lake in NE Wisconsin.In my rep 2/18/01
12/31/00 23:45 Eagle River WI Light unsure 2 large pulsating stationary red/grn lights with 6 balls of light moving rapidly below this,300ft away,<200ft high over lake in WI. 2/18/01
12/31/00 23:00 Fountain Hills AZ Unknown 15 seconds Low flying black craft flies over my house, no lights, and seemed to be too low for comfort. 2/8/05
12/31/00 23:00 Spirit Lake IA Disk 2 minutes Flash of light 2/18/01
12/31/00 23:00 Grant Park IL Triangle
It was a very unusual experience that I've had. 1/11/02
12/31/00 22:00 Capitola CA Triangle 2min. large triangular shape white lights on sides very high unimaginabley fast off to the south toward Big Sur. 2/18/01
12/31/00 21:40 Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)
Unknown 3 hours Globular whitish dim semitransparent form with bright orange yellowish light on its periphery. 1/3/01
12/31/00 21:00 Anchorage AK Changing 4-6 hours We could observe red lights dancing across the underside red lights were very bright and very active. 2/18/01
12/31/00 21:00 Laguna Salada (Dominican Republic)
Fireball 1 minute After 17 years we share with you an exclusive sighting of an UFO in Dominican Republic. The video is real and not modified, we are avai 11/9/17
12/31/00 20:30 Lodi WI Unknown 1 hour Strobing star 1/3/01
12/31/00 20:00 Pismo Beach CA Oval 20 minutes GLOWING LIGHT OVER PIZMO BEACH PIER ON NEW YEAR'S EVE. 2/18/01
12/31/00 20:00 Pismo Beach CA Oval 20 minutes THIS WAS NOT A PLANE OR HELICOPTER/ 2/18/01
12/31/00 11:45 Chicago IL Disk ufos the ray of light and something going up. 1/11/02
12/31/00 04:00 Kingsville TX Light unknown Nocternal Visitation 1/3/01
12/31/00 01:05 Lake Macquarie (NSW, Australia)
Flash 4 minutes bright red glow, that appeared outside window, on the horizon. The light then intensified, then disappeared. 1/3/01
12/30/00 22:00 San Francisco CA Formation 30 seconds triangle formation, up to twenty objects headed north west over city to pacific- silent, fast 2/18/01
12/30/00 22:00 San Francisco CA Triangle 6-8 seconds Four of us witnessed a large triangular formation of lites moving westerly directly overhead. 1/3/01
12/30/00 20:55 Calgary (Canada) AB Fireball 3-4 minutes We videotaped a fireball crahing to earth....newsreporter & scientist can't explain our footage.. 2/18/01
12/30/00 10:00 Simi Valley CA Formation 10:10 2 lights flashing in some sort of pattern moving rapidly across the sky making sharp turns 2/18/01
12/29/00 23:30 Eufaula OK Disk 20 mins UFO sighting southeast Oklahoma 2/18/01
12/29/00 22:00 Greenville SC Unknown 5-10 min. high bright light travelling west, then stopped. 1/3/01
12/29/00 21:00 Albrightsville PA Other 10 mins Two bright lights could be seen in distance over the mountain. 2/18/01
12/29/00 20:50 Franklin NH Disk 2 minutes Erratically moving object in sky 12/29/00 7/26/02
12/29/00 20:30 Shasta Lake CA Disk 2149+ white light with a blue flare when moving 1/3/01
12/29/00 20:30 Garden Grove CA Chevron 5-6 seconds Sharp V shape object, heading from Zenith toward West horizon, dim gray with evenly spaced white lights, appeared large at high altitud 1/3/01
12/29/00 20:00 Sisterdale TX Diamond 5 minutes Diamond shaped object that huvered above with a very brite glow.(not lights) 2/18/01
12/29/00 19:34 Orleans (Canada) ON Circle 6 minutes we were coming home from our chalet and we saw a total of seven crafts with bright red lights on them. 2/18/01
12/29/00 19:30 Berthoud Pass CO Triangle 5 minutes Up close and stealth-like on the backside of Berthoud Pass, Colorado 3/13/12
12/29/00 16:10 Garden Grove CA Light 5-7 min Observed high altitude single white light traveling from south to north over Orange County, California 1/3/01
12/29/00 09:00 El Campo TX Other
12/29/00 Austin TX Formation
Three lights in triangular formation. One craft or three I could not tell. 4/22/03
12/28/00 19:10 Pasadena CA Fireball 2 sec Bright green fireball travelling east to west over Pasadena, California at 7PM Pacific on 12/28/00 1/3/01
12/28/00 18:20 Carson CA Disk 20-30 seconds Red disc shaped object over Los Angeles 1/3/01
12/28/00 18:00 Holyoke MA Diamond 45 sec We saw a diamond shaped craft hovering over the dark valley in between Holyoke and Springfield, Mass 2/18/01
12/28/00 17:51 Monument Valley UT Other 20 SEC. Adult male driving in a remote area of Monument Valley, southeastern UT, observed a star-sized blue-white light describing a path with 2/18/01
12/28/00 17:09 Houston TX Light 11 minutes Bright, burning, descending small, narrow oval shaped light over s/sw sky in Houston, late afternoon/Dec 28, 00 1/3/01
12/28/00 12:15 Murphreesboro TN Flash .30 seconds Shiny speck of metal or something. 1/3/01
12/28/00 12:00 Mansfield TX Flash 6 seconds Quick Flash 3/4/08
12/28/00 11:00 Cerrilillo NM Unknown 5-10 minutes Secret Jet propulsion system seen in New Mexico Sky 1/3/01
12/28/00 04:00 Havre MT Disk 5 min Toy top looking saucer 1/3/01
12/28/00 03:00 Bremerton WA Other 2 Hr 15 Min Comet-like geo-stationary objects in vicinity of Ursa Major 1/3/01
12/27/00 22:35 Leeds (UK/England)
Disk 6 sec's Sausage shape, bright white, traveling east to west. 1/3/01
12/27/00 22:10 Saco ME Triangle 3 minutes It was hudge and had 7 lights on its under side and one big one in the front of it, there was no tail to this craft !!!!!! 1/3/01
12/27/00 19:15 Ballater, Aberdeenshire (UK/Scotland)
Triangle 3 minutes Triangular Craft hovering above the trees at the roadside 5 miles from Queens summer residence, Balmoral Castle, Royal Deeside Scotland 1/3/01
12/27/00 15:00 Kea'au HI Sphere 5 -10 minutes 2 friends watch UFO watching us , disappears as we look through binoculars! 1/10/09
12/27/00 10:00 Santa Paula CA Light 30 sec I observed a light move across the sky traveling northeast, at a very high rate of speed. I am possitive it was not a satelite or meteo 10/12/01
12/27/00 07:00 Imperial AZ Light 5 mins lights zig zagged repeatedly, then would brake. lights higher than aircraft fly. 1/3/01
12/26/00 23:15 Prospect Park PA Oval 45 SEC OR LESS PROSPECT PARK PA OVAL LIGHTS APPEAR ABOVE 1/3/01
12/26/00 21:00 Cranbrook (Canada) BC Circle 30 - 45 minutes Soft lights in a large circle formation, turning counter clockwise, moved back and forth above a broken cloud cover. 1/3/01
12/26/00 18:30 Greenfiled MA Fireball 2-3 seconds I was traveling north on Rte 91 home to VT on the evening of 12/26/00 at about 6:30 P.M. when I was outside of greenfield MA and saw wh 2/18/01
12/26/00 18:30 Warren VT Fireball 5 seconds meteor like object flashes upon impact with earth 1/3/01
12/26/00 18:23 Brocton MA Oval 3 seconds large green object seen in Brocton, Ma: at 6:23 p.m. on 12/26/00 1/3/01
12/26/00 18:20 Walpole NH Fireball 4-5seconds Neon green fireballs over Cheshire County, New Hampshire. 1/3/01
12/26/00 18:20 Walpole NH Fireball 4-5 seconds Neon green fireballs streak across southwestern New Hampshire skies. 2/18/01
12/26/00 18:00 Montreal (Canada) PQ Fireball 10 -20 second falling object from the sky report please explain 2/18/01
12/25/00 23:30 ?? VA Unknown 4 hours Highway incident 6/10/03
12/25/00 21:00 Phoenix AZ Unknown unknown police searching for downed aircraft found nothing after neighbors reported debri falling from aircraft. 1/3/01
12/25/00 20:30 Atlanta (Dunwoody) GA Light few seconds An orange/gold ball of light hovered for a second then shot off at incredible speed directly over I-285 from west to east. 2/18/01
12/25/00 19:00 Woodland CA Fireball 7 min two fireballs moving swiftly then just hovering in the sky too bright and big and steady for an airplane then disappeared. 1/3/01
12/25/00 18:30 Buffalo NY Formation 1-3 MIN. On 12/25/00 I witnessed a boomarang shaped object traveling quite fast in the sky, it's shape defined only by it's glowing white light 1/3/01
12/25/00 17:00 Canton MI Fireball 5 minutes we saw a fireball in the sky while we were eating christmas dinner. 2/18/01
12/25/00 12:20 Tucson AZ Cigar 3-4 seconds Shiny silver object that reflected the sun emerged in the south sky moving east to west then abruptly disappeared. 1/3/01
12/25/00 11:30 Miami FL Egg 10minut it muve slow to the southwest it pass an airplane it was silver and a 1/4 of the airplane. 2/18/01
12/25/00 03:00 Charlotte NC Cross Unknown I was going out on a walk i the woods because I couldnt get to sleep. I went to a cow pasture that I like to visit. There were not any 8/24/04
12/25/00 01:00 El Baul (Venezuela)
Changing a few secs Object entered atmosphere and disappeared 5/24/05
12/25/00 00:00 Tlaltenango (Mexico)
Light 1 hour Bright light on and off for about an hour 8/5/01
12/24/00 23:15 Unknown (Australia)

seconds Man and wife withess multiple orange lights maneuvering in formation. 2/22/02
12/24/00 22:00 Plymouth (rural) OH Fireball 5 seconds my husband and i were returning from son's home, heading northeast on state route 598, around l0 p.m. when i saw a bright green firebal 2/18/01
12/24/00 21:20 St. Maries ID
15 - 20 minutes Swooshing sound, bright white/red lights,light up whole area obove and surrounding house in Idaho 2/18/01
12/24/00 20:00 Evansville IN Fireball 4 plus hours while driving home from pre christmass dinner, OUr family began to pay attention what we thought was an airplane. However, the object a 1/3/01
12/24/00 18:00 Fortuna CA Circle 2 minutes Circle shaped orange object sighted in southeast over Fortuna CA with two black dots in circle and no trail or tail 1/3/01
12/24/00 08:32 Moses Lake WA Triangle walking home The craft was Triangle it has 3 lights it was very big. It was as big as the college here. It stared to follow me and whinI stop it sto 2/18/01
12/24/00 05:00 Charlotte NC Unknown unsure I had a triangle on my arm unaware of what and how this may have happened. 10/12/01
12/24/00 00:10 Lake Havasu City AZ Egg 20 mins Egg shape UFO on Christmas Eav. over Western Arizona 1/3/01
12/23/00 22:00 Chandler AZ Light 5-10 minutes I was outside the front door , looked toward the East and saw a red pulsing light. 4/1/01
12/23/00 20:15 Sydney (NSW, Australia)
Disk 5-10 min Photo taken showing bright orange lights 6 in total one moved back and forth rapidly 1/3/01
12/23/00 20:00 Seattle WA
1-6 min cop car lights at 500 to 1000 feet above seattle. 1/3/01
12/23/00 19:00 Chandler AZ Light 1 1/2hrs southbound,az.ave from US60,35degrees above,bright light,unmoving, then was gone 1/3/01
12/23/00 19:00 La Madrid (Mexico)
Sphere 1 hour White orb of light hovering over Sierra Madre Mountains during Christmas week. 11/21/10
12/23/00 16:30 Zumbrota MN Cigar 30 sec. Silver cigar shaped object travelling low, and at great speed on US 52 in SE Minnesota. 1/17/04
12/23/00 08:00 Oliphant PA
unknown Fiery object falls in Oliphant, PA 1/3/01
12/23/00 06:50 Three Rivers (Canada) PQ Egg 5 sec Red object with trailing red tail travelling at extreme velocity slows and changes color 1/3/01
12/23/00 04:00 Toomsuba MS Oval about 2 (two) minutes A silent solid red oval shaped craft with no blinking lights is sighted in Toomsuba, MS. 1/3/01
12/22/00 14:25 London (Canada) ON Sphere 10seconds Three metallic hotrods crossing the sky in perfect weather. 1/3/01
12/22/00 03:30 Kettleman City CA Light 20 minutes Red/Orange glowing light near powerlines. 2/18/01
12/22/00 03:00 MM 110 AZ Circle 30 seconds Large blue/green circular object with same colored outer ring 2/18/01
12/22/00 03:00 Shiraz (Iran)
Circle 10 to13sec It was a round object pulsating green light all over it. It was there and then suddenly vanished. 8/5/01
12/21/00 23:56 Amhearst OH Unknown 2 seconds 2 seconds of blue light that covered the whole sky 1/3/01
12/21/00 19:10 Bellingham WA Sphere 30 seconds I saw the moon, too low in the sky, disappear into a purple glow, followed by an illuminated trail. 1/3/01
12/21/00 17:54 Mojave CA Triangle 4 min It was something I can't explain! 1/3/01
12/21/00 16:15 Gilbert AZ Chevron app. 45 secs Thursday afternoon, 12/21 at app. 4:15 pm mst., I spotted an object that made me grab my binoculars with great haste. Upon a quick obse 1/3/01
12/20/00 23:15 Whaley Bridge (UK/England)
Other 2 mins Glowing fuzzy ball that seemed to crash into a valley of forest. 3/16/01
12/20/00 22:00 Concord CA Fireball 1 sec Fluoresent-green short lived fireball over Concord, Ca 1/3/01
12/20/00 22:00 Monroe CT Triangle 5 Min. Big, triangular craft with 3 large lights flying quickly across the sky and joines two similar objects to form a huge triangular format 2/18/01
12/20/00 21:00 Pine Mountain GA Fireball 15 minutes I saw two objects hovering and move in a strange manner from a park overlook at 21:00pm. they sped away when an aircraft approached. 2/18/01
12/20/00 20:38 Kingston (North of) (Canada) ON Circle 2-4 seconds Green fireball spotted between Toronto and Kingston Ontario Canada Dec. 20/2000 -- 8:38 PM EST. 1/3/01
12/20/00 17:00 Elizabeth City NC Chevron 10 sec Chevron shaped object, alternating dark/white pattern, 10 sec duration, moderate speed, disappeared. 1/3/01
12/20/00 05:45 Roseville CA Triangle 5:00 min. Triangle shaped object seen in No. Calif 1/3/01
12/20/00 Fort Collins CO Oval camping The ufo was oval with lights on the side 8/16/02
12/19/00 23:30 Woodland CA Light 20 minutes Yolo county: 3 Orange lights with wings? 12/20/00
12/19/00 20:00 Orlando FL Triangle 6 minutes Craft was flat black, noiseless and massive and boomerang in shape all smoothe in detail outline. 8/7/07
12/19/00 17:15 Foxboro MA Oval 15 secs Blimplike object over Foxboro Mass stadium at sunset illuminated by sun. Out of season and disappeared too fast 2/18/01
12/19/00 03:09 North Port FL Changing 45 seconds Plate like object of unique color disappears into air with a convergence of light. 12/20/00
12/18/00 21:20 Show Low AZ Light A few seconds Object races across the night sky at a high rate of speed 12/20/00
12/18/00 21:00 Pittsburg KS Triangle 15 sec. The trianlular object flew over my car 12/20/00
12/18/00 18:45 Enterprise AL Oval
Blue Oval Object Sited. 1/3/01
12/18/00 17:00 Spokane WA Light 2 hours We have actually seen a light very bright on three different occasions all three times have been at night. The first time we watched fo 1/3/01
12/18/00 12:30 London (UK/England)
Light 3 minutes i was amazed and i stared and fixed on the image. just like other members in the hall 12/20/00
12/18/00 07:00 Loon Lake MN Changing 10min. One Loony Lake you might want to fish! 12/20/00
12/18/00 06:15 Lasalle (Canada) ON Circle 2 seconds Bright White Falling star w. tail that changed direction then shot back up into the atmosphere all within a few seconds. 12/20/00
12/18/00 02:30 Highland Park NJ Changing 30 I was up that night writing my Fling Article when suddenly an intense blue light shone through my window. At once, I felt a feeling of 12/20/00
12/17/00 20:40 Baton Rouge LA Light 5 mins 3 "blinking" objects traveled at different times from the same side across the sky fairly fast. 12/20/00
12/17/00 20:17 Kennewick WA Light 1 minute Two objects viewed in the night sky moved at a very high rate of speed from instant stop to a very fast new direction. 12/20/00
12/17/00 19:30 Medina OH Triangle 3-5minutes Black Triangle followed by Orange Orb. 2/18/01
12/17/00 19:10 Bolingbrook IL Light 35 minutes Bright twinkling light hovered for 35 minutes southwest of Chicago, IL. 12/20/00
12/17/00 18:15 Estes Park CO Chevron 3 to 4 seconds As a guest in a friends home, sitting in the living room in a corner chair, I happened to glance out the window to my left and observed 12/20/00
12/17/00 18:00 Sebastopol CA Circle 10-15 minutes Glowing yellow disc north of SF Bay. 12/20/00
12/17/00 09:30 Fargher Lake (WA Hwy. 503) WA Unknown 5 minutes Large bright ball of light in the morning sun, appearing to come from a craft. 11/20/02
12/17/00 03:45 Palm Beach FL Triangle approx: 8 sec. at approx. 3:45, myself and a friend observed a triangular ufo traveling slowly above at stratosphere height 1/3/01
12/17/00 03:00 New Port Richey FL Other 20-30 minutes X-shaped object hovered above my house for 20-30 minutes. 3/16/01
12/16/00 22:30 Johannesburg (near) (South Africa)
Triangle 4-5 min. Triangular craft in South African skies. 4/22/03
12/16/00 19:00 Athens TX Light 1 minute We saw a light in the night sky which appeared to be a satellite, but was moving much too fast. 12/20/00
12/16/00 19:00 Walnut Creek CA Cross 20 seconds Moving lights on aircraft 1/3/01
12/16/00 00:45 Pioneer TN Light 30-45 seconds sun-sized light after midnight 6/12/08
12/15/00 22:00 Brandon MS Fireball 10 seconds bright light that appears to be aircraft planning to land but then suddenly changes course and flies in opposite direction like a bulle 11/20/01
12/15/00 22:00 Greenville SC Light 45 sec Dancing Star 9/18/14
12/15/00 21:30 Gillsville GA Fireball 3 sec white light traveling horizontal in the tree line 12/23/02
12/15/00 21:00 Austin TX
.5 seconds Flare-like object blasts across sky at unthinkable speed over Austin Texas 2/18/01
12/15/00 20:00 Orlando FL Triangle ? Fast, object with lights 8/5/01
12/15/00 18:25 Beaver PA Disk 10.00 A white strobe flashed on a short appendage, which was off to one side of the graphite-colored disk. 12/20/00
12/15/00 18:25 Beaver PA Disk 10.00 The disk looked very black except for the small surface area being illuminated by its white strobe illuminated by its flashing strobe. 12/20/00
12/15/00 18:00 Hong Kong from Bangkok (flight to)
Disk ? a shot of a cloud formation. Then after development I noticed what looks like on saucer, maybe 2 more. In two pictures taken after a f 8/5/01
12/15/00 16:36 North Pole AK Sphere 60+ minutes Bright Orange Sphere hovering low on horizon, rotating with "outer aurora" glow. Identical to objects reported in 09/24/98 and 02/10/99 12/20/00
12/15/00 16:20 New York City NY Changing 10 minutes a report of the incident that occurred today, December 15th 2000 involving a siting of unknown flying objects over New York City. 12/20/00
12/15/00 15:00 St. Thomas (Canada) ON Cylinder 3o mins. Two barrel shaped objects that were rotating and giving off reflective flashes about every 2 to 3 seconds and drifting against the wind 2/18/01
12/15/00 10:00 Savoonga AK Disk 20 seconds Looked like a spinning disk on apple computers when waiting for a program to load. 5/13/12
12/15/00 09:00 Palo Alto CA Disk 1 minute Hovering bright disc 12/20/00
12/15/00 05:30 Waldorf MD Light 10 seconds A bright green fast moving light. 3/6/01
12/15/00 04:05 San Diego CA Light 4 seconds Fast flickering light over San Diego, CA 12/20/00
12/15/00 01:09 Redwood Valley CA Light 5 seconds A soundless, bright blue light that moved very fast and felt as though it was not a thing but a person. 4/1/01
12/14/00 19:30 Antler Lake (Canada) AB Changing 15 minutes 15 minute sighting of a glowing cloud which produced a beam of light. It hung in the air and several people witnessed. 2/18/01
12/14/00 00:30 Casablanca (Morocco)
Oval less than a minute One winter night, my Mom and I saw 3 oval-like ships moving in a strange way in the sky, for less than a minute. 6/3/03
12/13/00 20:40 Cleveland TN Triangle 3 minutes i was coming home from church ,on a country road iseen a v shaped ufo flying from the right, it flue over me and landed in a w 4/22/03
12/13/00 20:00 Harwich (UK/England)
Light ? Bright horizontal light 2/18/01
12/13/00 19:45 Stradbroke, Suffolk (UK/England)
Disk 3 minutes White and red bright flashing lights ion the shape of a Saucer. 12/20/00
12/13/00 18:50 Mission KS Triangle 5-10 sec 3 lights in triangle configuration moving south to north,VERY FAST,NO SOUND. 12/20/00
12/12/00 23:30 Greenville NC Light 30 minutes Strange lights that hovered then moved rapidly, then stopped and moved rapidly again over great distances. 12/23/02
12/12/00 23:10 Concord NH Circle 7 secs i was going to move the car in the driveway when i looked above me and saw a roundish green object with redish light around the edge of 12/20/00
12/12/00 22:00 North Pole AK Unknown 2-10 minutes Strange black craft that blocks out stars. 5/24/05
12/12/00 18:45 Madison OH Teardrop 1min 30sec We were just sitting outside back by the woods when I saw two different color lights which were red and green. They just streamed acros 2/18/01
12/12/00 18:30 Miami FL Unknown 20min There was a big white light in the sky over the miami international airport tonight at first we thought it was a plane or a helicopter 12/20/00
12/12/00 15:45 Kittery ME Light 15 mins. Craft being chased west south west by 4 military aircraft on the Maine New Hamphire border on 12/12/2000 at 3:45 pm. 8/5/01
12/12/00 07:00 Raleigh NC Disk 5-7 minutes Close view of stationary disk, top and side visible, prior to rapid its acceleration and departure 3/16/01
12/12/00 06:35 Cupertino CA Unknown 15-20 min. 7-9 very bright yellow lights in equal spacing, some hoovering, very fast, no sound, cupertino 12/20/00
12/11/00 23:45 Gilbert AZ Light 5 seconds third personal sighting, of big, red, low flying, ball of light over gilbert/higley area 12/20/00
12/11/00 22:45 Zuerich (Switzerland)
Formation 2 minutes midst in the city of Zuerich in Switzerland i observed, at 22:30 hrs CET, two formations each one comprising some 25 to 30 ufo's.the ni 12/20/00
12/11/00 21:15 Springfield MO Fireball 15 seconds Green fireball over Springfield,MO 2/18/01
12/11/00 17:18 Norwalk CT Unknown 3 minutes object displaying what appeared to be flames appeared out of the north at 1200-1500 feet 12/20/00
12/11/00 15:20 Grantham (UK/England)

1 minute A string of lights just below cloud level. 12/20/00
12/11/00 06:24 Alexandria KY Diamond around 30 seconds My father and I were leaving on our way to take me to shool. When my father stopped, pulled to the side of the road and pointed to a fo 4/28/01
12/11/00 00:01 Bloomington CA Oval 25 seconds ORANGE OVAL LIGHT WITH RED LIGHT ORBITING ORANGE LIGHT. . . 12/20/00
12/10/00 22:00 Longwood FL Other 5 minutes I filmed a craft for about 2 minutes moving in differing directions. Definietly not a helicopter or plane. 12/20/00
12/10/00 17:30 Las Vegas NV Triangle 5-7 seconds We saw a totally dark, silent triangular (boomerang) shaped object flying over a casino in Las Vegas. 12/20/00
12/10/00 15:00 Marshfield WI Light 45 sec Flashing lights in Wood County, WI 11/21/10
12/10/00 03:30 Mankato MN Other 45sec Four dim lights in a row, flew over my head. One object or four seperate objects 10/30/06
12/10/00 01:10 Glen Allen VA Oval less then 5 seconds A glowing, riding lawn mower after a thunderstorm?!?! 8/5/01
12/10/00 00:10 Russellville AR Unknown 5 minetes I was awoke by a variable beeping noise,persistant and different from anything my husband and I have ever heard.It lasted approx. 5 min 12/20/00
12/9/00 21:00 Beaver PA Triangle 1.30 Like a red traffic light, behind the trees, it flew in unison with a light too, bright to be an approaching plane. 12/20/00
12/9/00 19:30 Mesa AZ Light 15 minutes Red Light over east valley of Phoenix 12/9/00
12/9/00 18:00 Carlsbad NM Light 45 seconds We saw two very fast-moving objects take off. 12/20/00
12/8/00 20:00 Beaver OH Light 2 hrs. to ? Three bright objects would appear and disappear covering great distances in the night sky. 12/20/00
12/8/00 19:15 Mesa AZ Light 10 Pulsating bright red light in the east sky. 12/9/00
12/8/00 19:09 Gilbert AZ Oval app. 18 min Red oval shaped ufo known as Bubba appeared over Mesa/Gilbert, Az. last night 12/08/00 12/9/00
12/8/00 19:00 San Jose Del Cabo (Mexico)
Sphere 5 min. It was the most amazing sight I've ever seen. 2/18/01
12/7/00 22:30 Perth (Western Australia)
Rectangle 10 mins craft sucks water out of pool in australia 12/9/00
12/7/00 19:56 Fresno CA Disk 20:01pm bright lights 12/9/00
12/7/00 19:30 White Rock (Canada) BC Unknown approx 1 hour It was a foggy evening, I was looking out of my window at the sky. I was drawn to a star which was in a westernly direction from where 2/18/01
12/7/00 17:50 West Chester PA Sphere 5 seconds Small, spherical white light object traveling rapidly [horizontally] with no noise. 2/18/01
12/7/00 17:00 Shanghai (China)
Triangle 10mins Poor English, But ture! 1/11/02
12/7/00 12:45 Sydney (NSW, Australia)
Changing 20 seconds it was very big. the craft flew across the sky very quickly. it changed shapes a few times. it was red and then green. 2/24/01
12/7/00 10:50 Hollywood CA Sphere 20-minutes Shimmering daylight orb casually traveled in a north-west direction near the Hollywood Bowl in December 2000 6/18/04
12/7/00 08:50 In-flight (over the North Sea, between England & Denmark)
Cylinder 5 minutes Bright lights suspended above teh clouds 12/20/00
12/6/00 20:00 Milton WV Light 1 minute Two lights collided and made one. They shot off like in star trek. 11/20/01
12/6/00 21:30 Sunderland (UK/England)
Triangle 5 minutes Large grey tringular hovering object 12/20/00
12/6/00 18:40 Forks WA Cigar seven min. Two paralell light were jolting back and forth around the moon. 4/1/01
12/6/00 18:16 Roswell NM Triangle 5-6 Minutes Helicopter into a triangle at Roswell 1/11/02
12/6/00 12:30 Pueblo CO Unknown 15 seconds Fast moving object in middle of day 12/9/00
12/6/00 04:55 Tonawanda NY Light 25 minutes Three bright, distinct objects, each "bouncing around". Near object had fainter white and red pulses around it. Observed 25 minutes. 12/9/00
12/6/00 04:00 Thorntown IN Unknown 30 seconds I don't know if I saw something or not! It was coming in my direction in the sky. It startled me when I saw it because is was coming 12/9/00
12/5/00 20:15 Lake Havasu City AZ Other 1 1/2 - 2 minutes We saw a silent object with multiple lights that changed colors and a bright flash that appeared to be a 2nd object ejecting. 12/9/00
12/5/00 20:03 Ardmore OK Unknown 4 minutes a deep sound flying over to the SW 12/9/00
12/5/00 19:40 Brooklyn Park MN Triangle 1 minute 2 people witnessed a large, low flying, triangular object with 3 dim, non-blinking lights moving to the North East. 12/9/00
12/5/00 17:10 Portland OR Light 2 minutes Object was motionless and did not emit sound while motionless in the western sky. 12/9/00
12/5/00 16:20 Corvallis OR Fireball 20 minutes A bright spherical object moved across the sky in daylight, then appeared to split into multiple bright lights. 11/4/02
12/5/00 15:27 Darrington WA Other seconds Three Super Load Sonic Booms 12/20/00
12/5/00 00:00 O'Fallon IL Triangle 5-6 minutes Watched Triangular Object Hover Over My Barn For At Least 5 Minutes 2/12/04
12/4/00 21:40 North Tonawanda NY Other 10-15 minutes lighted stealth-like craft with white searching beam sighted flying low near Erie Barge canal, North Tonawanda 12/9/00
12/4/00 19:00 Beaverton OR Triangle 20 seconds Triangle shaped, 3 lights, at night, gliding over the city, seemed transluscent in a way 10/12/01
12/4/00 19:00 Pomona MO Flash 15 to 20 Min. I saw pinpoints of light that flashed, disappeared and appeared again and another time, a large, metallic disc. 12/9/00
12/4/00 14:30 Auburn WA Unknown 2-3 SECONDS OBJECT SIGHTED NEAR CHEMTRAILS AGAIN 12/9/00
12/4/00 14:00 Monticello NY Triangle
Triangular formation of lights 12/9/00
12/4/00 07:30 Schnecksville PA Teardrop 15 secounds Very scary 12/9/00
12/3/00 23:30 New Forest (UK/England)
Cigar 1 min it was flying low hovering at first the moving off slowly before it dissaperd 12/9/00
12/3/00 23:20 Maple Valley WA Formation 5 MINUTES 3 LIGHTS SEEN IN FORMATION ABOVE MAPLE VALLEY, WA. (USA) ON 12/3/00 @ 11:20PM. 12/9/00
12/3/00 22:05 Concord CA Circle 25 minutes Large bright light and circular disk shaped object that hovered for nearly 25 min and disapeared with out a trace. 12/9/00
12/3/00 22:00 Dallas TX Light 2 seconds what i saw could only be descibed as a green laser beam coming from the sky and it had a red "flame" coming from the back as it shot do 12/9/00
12/3/00 19:10 Fort Wayne IN Other 5sec Black boomerang moving north to south at 3000' with very faint amber lights below and made no sound at all. 12/9/00
12/3/00 17:30 Phoenix AZ Disk 45 min plus large stationary saucer-shaped object visible from I-10. At some point, a military plane flew over it. Object at least 10 times larger 12/9/00
12/3/00 16:34 Anthem AZ Light 16:37pm Siting of 2 crafts in Arizona, just about into Sedona. 12/9/00
12/2/00 22:50 Seldon NY Triangle 5 seconds Viewed large dark silent triangular object with dim steady red lights at triangle vertices 12/9/00
12/2/00 21:30 Lake Tahoe (about 30/40 miles southwest of) CA Fireball under 10 seconds Southwest of Lake Tahoe- a large, bright neon green fireball suddenly appeared high above the gap between two mountains and vanished. 4/27/04
12/2/00 21:00 Gloucester MA Light Less than 5 minutes White light bobbing around sporadically for several minutes. 12/20/00
12/2/00 17:40 Hamburg MI Light
I saw a bright light in the sky (similar to Venus, but opposite Venus ), then it dimmed to a tiny dot and dissappeared. 12/9/00
12/2/00 08:22 Lemon Grove CA Cross 35-100 seconds two oddly shaped craft flew over me & my house 12/9/00
12/1/00 23:30 Kabul (Afghanistan)
Cylinder 5 mins No sound. Incredible vertical speed. 4/27/07
12/1/00 22:43 Longwood FL Triangle 10 minutes A bright, triangular series of white lights, which rose slowly, then suddenly accelerated and was gone. 12/9/00
12/1/00 20:23 Avoca IA Light 1.5-2MIN AT ABOUT 20:23 ON 1 DEC. 2000 (I BELEIVE) I was driving westbound in an 18 wheeler on I-80 at mile marker 60, near Avoca Iowa, when I 10/31/03
12/1/00 19:20 South Bend IN Light 5 seconds saw light/western sky/thought it was planet/mars?(red hue on white)/no movement/observed for four five seconds/looked away/back-gone 12/9/00
12/1/00 18:45 Avondale AZ Triangle
Formation of triangle near South Mountain 12/9/00
12/1/00 17:20 Devils Lake ND Diamond 5 minutes zig-zag moving craft, with four white lights, at a great speed 12/5/01
12/1/00 17:00 Grand Blanc MI Triangle 3-4 minutes I have seen the same black/dark triangle shaped plane/ufo at a standstill at least 3 different times throughout the past 3-4 years. Th 2/18/01
12/1/00 15:00 Bogota (Colombia)
Other ten minutes THERE WERE DESAPEARS... 2/18/01
12/1/00 04:35 Lawai HI Light 5 seconds A bright light/flash with an explosion. 12/9/00
12/1/00 04:30 Kilauea HI Fireball 10 seconds As I lay conscious but half asleep with my eyes closed, I perceived an intensely bright bluish light illuminating the entire sky. It w 12/9/00
12/1/00 04:30 Lawai HI Unknown 5 minutes An extremely bright light which flashed and a delayed rattling of home windows. 12/9/00
12/1/00 04:30 Lawai HI Flash At least 2 sec. Only witnessed A bright 2 second flash of light from inside the house and the house shook about 20-30 second thereafter. 12/9/00
12/1/00 04:29 Kilauea HI Fireball 5 seconds I witnessed a large blue-colored firefall with orange tail falling from the sky at a 35 degree angle, duration 5 seconds. 12/9/00