National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 08/2000
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
8/31/00 22:35 Northampton (UK/England)
Triangle 10 mins I was walking across an open park area, when I noticed a strange light in the sky. The light was very bright, and far too big to be a s 9/17/00
8/31/00 22:00 Madisonville KY Disk thirty minutes UFO with flashing lights investigated by jets August 31 2000 9/17/00
8/31/00 21:30 Aquebogue NY Light
One star-like object in western sky approx. 45 degree from earth. Moving erratically in small, jerky circles. 9/17/00
8/31/00 21:15 Bouse AZ Light 10 min. 8/31/2000, "21:15-25" Bouse Az, friend and husband saw 6 bright amber lights appear in East and Northeast skies. 9/17/00
8/31/00 20:43 Columbia Heights MN Other 6 seconds It was reddish and had rays comming out of it like when you look at the sun. 9/17/00
8/30/00 23:05 Minden (Canada) ON Circle 4 min 40 to 70 foot sphere with approx. 40 to 50 red lights around outer sphere with 3 bright blue-white lights in the shape of a triangle in 5/14/02
8/30/00 21:10 Troy OH Light 1 minute Bright white light which appeared and disapeared in northern sky, in approx. one minute. 9/21/00
8/30/00 14:00 Abbotsford (Canada) BC Light 2 minutes White bright round light - hovering for a few minutes then disappearing. 8/5/01
8/30/00 05:40 Shropham Norfolk (UK/England)
Fireball 5 mins Bright light hovering unusually over trees , disappearing and reappearing at rapid speed. 9/6/02
8/30/00 01:34 Southampton (UK/England)
Triangle 5 minutes dark triangle shaped aircraft no sound could be heard however we did notice after it had gone what sounded like thunder in the distance 9/17/00
8/30/00 01:30 Everett WA Light 1 minute Basket ball sized ball of yellow light crossed highway at steady speed. 9/17/00
8/29/00 23:31 Streetsboro OH Light 15 min bright white light traveling west then reversed it's direction quickly and unlike convential aircraft did not have strobe or other iden 9/17/00
8/29/00 20:00 Claremore OK Unknown 30 minuts-1 hour I was go-karting and the i saw the ufo so i parked the go kart and ran inside and got a teliscope. 9/17/00
8/29/00 01:30 Hannover (Germany)
Circle 15 minutes 4 white circular lights moving into the centre to form one. 9/21/00
8/29/00 00:30 Shropham Norfolk (UK/England)
Fireball 15 Minutes A bright orange ball hovering in the sky . 9/6/02
8/28/00 23:00 Bracknell (UK/England)
Light 20 seconds bright light moving very quickly with no tail 9/17/00
8/28/00 22:30 Tolbert (Netherlands)
Other 5 sec. Suddenly a light grey object moved over us while we where starwachting in our garden. Is was almost ivisible, no lights ore rotations. 12/2/00
8/28/00 22:15 Lenexa KS Light 10 minutes What appears to be a very high, orange-like star or satellite moving across the heavens suddenly stops in its tracks. 9/17/00
8/28/00 03:30 North Tyneside (UK/England)
8/28/00 00:00 Wellington (New Zealand)
Fireball 1.5 seconds Glowing globe arcing over Wellington and disintegrating in atmosphere 9/17/00
8/27/00 23:20 Toronto (Canada) ON Fireball 5' a small object neither a plane nor a chopper made circular motions above Woodbridge area north of Toronto. It changed colors from pure 9/17/00
8/27/00 23:00 Eugene OR Changing one hour I saw erratic, colored lights in the sky last night 9/17/00
8/27/00 20:45 Carbondale IL Light 20-30 seconds Bright light moving across sky at very fast speed & very high alttitude 9/17/00
8/27/00 17:00 Middletown CA Other 5 minutes sperm like looking object with a long tapered tail, the whole object being very luminous yellow. 9/17/00
8/27/00 15:30 London (sw8.4jq) (UK/England)
8/26/00 23:30 Fairfield CA Light 180 seconds A white light, totally quiet, turned to yellow and then red before completely disappearing. 9/17/00
8/26/00 23:30 Goverment Camp OR Light 5 minutes Chrome Orange light circles campsite 10/12/01
8/26/00 22:00 San Diego CA Fireball 20 minutes Bight red light hovering for about 20 minutes then disappearing, reapearing as a white flash, spiltting into 4 faint objects and gone. 9/17/00
8/26/00 22:00 Trout Creek Recreation OR Light 2 minutes A bright large round light that moved in horizontal, vertical and circle, and left in rapid speed. 9/17/00
8/26/00 21:50 San Diego CA Circle 20 minutes Red, hovering, at times pulsating light seen above Pacific Beach area of San Diego, CA 9/17/00
8/26/00 21:30 San Diego CA Triangle 15 min three red lights forming a triangle. no sound. drifted . turned into a small white light dissapeared left a stream of sparks 9/17/00
8/26/00 21:05 San Diego CA Light 1 minute Red light in the sky, hovering no motion in any direction. Blinked white light and them seemed to grow brighter and explode. 9/17/00
8/26/00 12:15 Perth (Western Australia)
Disk 15 mins i Was walking in a field with some friends when two glowing lights appeared in the sky they were about 30 feet above us .my friend dave 9/17/00
8/25/00 23:10 Walnut Hill IL Triangle 1-2 min while outside on my deck i noticed a noise to the east and when i looked up there was a object just sitting there 9/17/00
8/25/00 23:00 Loveland CO Disk 2 minutes saucer or disklike object with white strobe on top and orange, rotating band around circumference. 9/17/00
8/25/00 22:30 Lewiston ME Circle 60 min Third clear night UFO sighting observed in Western sky with red and greenish blinking lights, Lewiston, Maine. 9/17/00
8/25/00 22:05 Onoway-Gunn (Canada) AB Triangle 15-20 UFO sighting from directly under and watched moving in various directions,triangular shaped threelights. 12/2/00
8/25/00 22:00 Las Vegas NV Flash 15min Four or five identical bluish-white flashes. 9/17/00
8/25/00 21:30 Bootle (UK/England)
Triangle 15 min I was walking along the beach (north) towards Southport When I noticed a or really felt a strong warm breeze go past me. As I looked up 9/17/00
8/25/00 21:05 Hopkinton RI Light 2min Unexplained light 9/17/00
8/25/00 21:00 Bothell WA Other 30 minutes Unusual air traffic 9/17/00
8/25/00 05:03 Waverly KY Light 4 minutes An object that produced yellow/orange and red bursts of light, moved in a zig-zag pattern at near light speed. 9/17/00
8/24/00 23:20 Bow WA Fireball 2 seconds fireball with a tail streaking WSW really close and fast 9/17/00
8/24/00 11:00 Londonderry NH Oval 20 minutes Star like oject flashing was seen in Northwest Sky in Londonderry, NH 9/17/00
8/23/00 23:15 Burgess Hill (UK/England)
Formation 30 mins Semi-circle light formation 9/17/00
8/23/00 22:42 Casa Grande AZ Triangle 8 minutes I observed a boomerang shaped object above my vehicle on the I-10 freeway, suspended without motion and completely silent. 9/17/00
8/23/00 22:00 Albion IN Formation my home It was a long formation of lights. 12/2/00
8/23/00 20:10 Istanbul (Turkey)
Fireball 10 second On wednesday evening, after the earthquake which happened at time 16:41 at Hendek, Ankara, we were driving in atasehir , where is at, t 9/17/00
8/23/00 19:49 Bouse AZ Light 10 minutes total 6 bright Amber lights total, 1 seen rising in air, total time lapse 10 minutes East of Bouse Arizona near Harquahala Mountains. 8/25/00
8/23/00 18:30 Duluth MN Formation 5 min. Unexplained lights over Lake Superior 10/27/04
8/23/00 16:00 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Other few second there was only one object,it was like falling down, while the time it falling down, it shown a 'V' shape, i believe it was a UFO, becau 9/17/00
8/23/00 11:34 Saskatoon (Canada) SA Flash 30 seconds flashes of light, quickly dissapeared afterwards 4/8/02
8/23/00 02:17 Vail AZ Flash 5 sec 4-5 bright flashes of blue light. One light brighter (closer or larger) than others it disappeared last. 8/25/00
8/23/00 00:00 70 Mile House (Canada) BC Other Meteor shower It was as bright as a star, and it appeared as if it were avoiding them too, as was zigzaging away. 9/29/04
8/23/00 Kalispell MT

Peter, Got news of a crop circle formation around Hwy. 93 between Kalispell and Whitefish, Mt. was seen by a pilot flying over a wheat 8/25/00
8/22/00 21:45 Martinsville VA Unknown seconds star shaped,,,reddish in color 8/25/00
8/22/00 21:45 Wabasha MN Flash 15 sec The rate of speed and no sound 8/25/00
8/22/00 21:30 Seattle WA Unknown 30 seconds Bright slow moving object that became brighter during its path across the entire sky. 8/25/00
8/22/00 21:30 Marion VA Unknown
Far away 'thing' 9/17/00
8/21/00 23:00 Midland (Canada) ON Triangle 1 minute Triangular brightly lit object. 6/18/04
8/21/00 22:50 Federal Way WA Other until 1:00 am 08/21/00- My husband and I saw an object that defies earths current technological abilities moving through the night sky near Seattle. 8/25/00
8/21/00 21:45 Whitefish MT Fireball 2 sec + green &/or yellow 8/25/00
8/21/00 21:45 Camas WA Triangle 20 min(approx) Three lights made up shape of triangle, stationary. One big round red-orange sphere, moved across the sky, slowly, disappeared 8/25/00
8/21/00 21:20 Camas WA Sphere 4min A small light zigzaging and hovering then stopped and disappeared over southwest Washington. 8/25/00
8/21/00 20:30 Eatontown NJ Unknown approx 30 seconds Sighted an object of large white light that stayed on the horizon for about 1 minute then disappeared as if turned off. 8/25/00
8/21/00 19:35 Mt. Juliet TN Cylinder 1 minute Two cylinder shaped objects moving quickly across the sky making no noise. 8/25/00
8/21/00 13:15 Olympia WA Unknown 60 seconds Had returned to home. Was walking to the front door in a Southern approach. Noted a small single engine aircraft going over head at ab 8/25/00
8/21/00 05:15 Seattle WA Light 1 minute Bright white light, similar to Venus, moving northward in the northern sky, suddenly dimmed and faded from view. 8/25/00
8/21/00 03:30 Angus (Canada) ON Unknown 2:00:00 Swirling Light in the sky, pictures that have lights beside my head that move left to right and leave a green trail in a splt second 8/5/01
8/21/00 01:38 Blaine MN Changing 3to 4 minutes 4 shapeshifting craft checks out humans... 12/2/00
8/21/00 Fayetteville NC Unknown about a minute report in north carolina and a similar report in south carolina 9/17/00
8/20/00 23:05 Placerville CA Unknown 5 min Bright orange object moving in a east/northeasterly direction 8/25/00
8/20/00 23:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Light 2min. Saw 5 bright lights in a straight row in Bklyn. NY sky for about 2 mins. and then they spead away. 5/12/09
8/20/00 23:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Light 2 mins. I saw 5 bright lights in a row in a Brooklyn sky and they suddenly sped away. 6/12/08
8/20/00 23:00 Weissenburg (Germany)
Circle 1.5 min the object grew big and schrank again then flew away like lightning 10/12/01
8/20/00 22:30 Middletown NY Other 5minutes UFO almost hit my house! 11/16/02
8/20/00 22:30 Maybrook NY Other 2 minutes UFO flew over my house. 2/14/06
8/20/00 22:00 Pottstown PA Disk 7 minutes I observed a shiny, transparent disc with multi-colored lights over power plant in Pottstown, Pa. 8/25/00
8/20/00 21:00 White Bear Lake MN Unknown 10 minutes 2 flashing lights in the sky, circle counter clockwise one on right goes behind moon and they moved away from each other 6/4/04
8/20/00 19:00 Russellville AR Light night Two different occasions of seeing very small lights at a very far off distance. 8/25/00
8/20/00 15:01 Dickson City PA Cylinder 30 minutes Multiple sighting report! 9/21/00
8/20/00 15:00 Palm Springs CA Oval 15min Bright light over Palm Springs 9/17/00
8/20/00 15:00 Oceanside CA Disk 1 hour + My girlfriend and I noticed a cresent shaped object over our house. The object would rise or fall slightly but for the most part remain 8/25/00
8/20/00 14:00

30 seconds it was summer time about 2.00pm clear day,looked to the south and in the sky and there it was a snow white egg shaped obeject it looked 1/3/01
8/20/00 11:00 Troy MO Diamond
I was rock hunting in a warsh out when a hafe a Diamond shape was sicking out of the hill it was in sandston rock it was soft too the 12/3/04
8/20/00 09:35 Palm Beach Gardens FL Changing Appx 1 hour Solid white, round stationary object for 1 hour 8/25/00
8/20/00 08:00 Bellevue (Capehart) NE Teardrop 10 seconds Black Tear Drop Shape over Offut Air Force Base. 9/17/00
8/20/00 06:00 Fairfield TX Cylinder 1 1/2 hrs. A cylinder object with red and turquoise colors that had been moving back and forth, then stationary. 9/17/00
8/20/00 05:30 Santa Fe NM Light approx10sec I am a college graduate and I was an officer in the US Army. I am almost 60 years old and I have never seen a UFO before. The date th 2/18/01
8/19/00 23:00 Lake Havasu AZ Other 3 1/2 hours Black Tent 9/17/00
8/19/00 22:15 San Francisco CA Triangle 3 Seconds Bright green triangle flying at tremendous speed, creating a flash as it passed by the window. 8/25/00
8/19/00 22:00 Gay Head (Aquinah) MA Circle 1 minute Amber red pulsating circular pinwheel just over the ocean 12/9/03
8/19/00 18:45 West Seneca NY Egg 5 min. Egg shaped metallic objects flying slowly in perfect sycronization without noise. South, south west flight path 8/25/00
8/19/00 16:00 Sedona AZ Sphere 5 seconds silver sphere sighted in sedona 8/25/00
8/19/00 08:30 Wildomar CA Disk 45 seconds Suddenly, the object started to move quite quickly in short abrupt movements back and forth. 8/25/00
8/19/00 05:10 Roslyn WA
30 seconds Horrific sounds and odor 8/25/00
8/18/00 23:45 Widdrington/Morpeth, Northumberland (UK/England)
Light 5 seconds two bright lights traveling in circular movement going northward across northumberland 8/19/00
8/18/00 23:23 Newcastle CA Fireball 3 seconds Bright green fireball comes close, but no explosion. 9/17/00
8/18/00 22:51 Gerlach NV Other 2 minutes Three satellites moving across the sky in a perfect triangular formation. 11/20/01
8/18/00 22:08 West Covina CA Disk 4 to 5 minutes While looking North my husband noticed a reddish object rising from the Northern Hemisphere. He directed our attention to the object, 8/19/00
8/18/00 21:00 Dupo IL Diamond approx. 20 mins The object hovered directly in front of us and appeared to be watching US! 12/9/03
8/18/00 21:00 Gerlach NV

8/18/00 20:30 Chickamauga GA Light varies Real regular timewise, looks like a real bright star. 9/17/00
8/18/00 20:15 Warrington FL Chevron 2 min chevron boomerangs near radio tower 9/17/00
8/18/00 20:00 Prairie Grove AR Cigar 30 Seconds Strange white cigar shaped light in the sky, observed for 30 seconds. 4/22/03
8/18/00 20:00 Zortman MT Other 2 hours Object able to change its direction at anytime without having to slow down. Very erratic behavior 9/17/00
8/18/00 12:28 Saint John (Canada) NB Circle ONE TO TWO MINUTES UFO OBJECT SEEN IN MIDDLE OF DAY 4/28/01
8/18/00 06:00 Sun Prairie WI Formation 45 sec / 2 min Stange light seen same spot several times and then tried to make contact 12/2/00
8/18/00 04:08 Yreka CA Diamond 7sec. it was diamond shaped ,very white,the speed it traveled at shocked me.i seen it very made no sound. 8/19/00
8/17/00 23:50 Millis MA Circle 30 min. 20 yr old paraplegia and 48 year old father. Silhouette in window, very bright white light, dog frightened, dog will not go into area o 8/25/00
8/17/00 10:24 NJ Turnpike (near Exit 11) NJ Sphere 30 seconds A fast moving silver ball following the New Jersey Turn Pike 8/19/00
8/17/00 03:00 Redding CA Unknown 03:30? A light above Redding, Ca 8/19/00
8/16/00 23:10 Yorba Linda CA Other 5 minutes saw an object hover flash 2 times and completely dissapear 10/30/06
8/16/00 22:50 Grantsville UT Fireball 10 Seconds Green Ball with a trail of fire behind it. 8/19/00
8/16/00 22:42 Salt Lake City UT Fireball 3-5 seconds 08/16/00 22:42 hrs fireball from south to north salt lake county 8/19/00
8/16/00 22:05 New Delhi (India)
Light 5 minutes Two UFOs sighted in the Southern sky of New Dlehi. 8/19/00
8/16/00 22:00 Hemel Hempstead (UK/England)
Disk 3minutes the craft was large,golden in color,sphere shaped ,travelling fast........ 8/5/01
8/16/00 11:30 Sebastopol CA Sphere 3 minutes a large round hot pink balloon object with golden rays of light shooting out under it. 8/19/00
8/16/00 03:30 Nottinghamshire (UK/England)
Circle 20 mins Circular UFO sited in the wymeswold area between Nottingham and Leicester.UK.on the A606.16.8.00/3.30am 9/17/00
8/16/00 02:45 Portland OR Other 45 seconds Early morning sighting of two red, square shaped objects preceded by a deep rumbling. 9/17/00
8/16/00 Fort Lauderdale (near) FL Light Less than a minute I normaly wouldn't report seeing anything because I have seen many odd things and think most of them were mostly my imagination. I don 9/17/00
8/15/00 23:00 Wapakoneta (near) OH Cone about 30 sec large cone shaped blue white object apparently entering atmosphere 10/30/06
8/15/00 23:00 Mackinaw (20 min south of; on hwy 75) MI Changing 30 seconds Craft changed from circle to triangle in flight. 3/27/14
8/15/00 22:00 Newbury Park CA Disk 10 sec It came over the mountain range, hovered for approximately 10 seconds, before backing behind the mountain side. 9/17/00
8/15/00 21:44 Dallas TX Cigar 1-1.5 seconds Pie shaped craft ignited rocketlike engine ,skipped across the sky and vanished silently at tremendous speed. 8/19/00
8/15/00 21:30 Grand Prairie TX Fireball 20 sec Today's technology has nothing on what me and a neighbor wittness 8/19/00
8/15/00 21:20 Gilbert AZ Light 2min red light seen in west direction of gilbert light disapeared after 2 min this is my fifth time seeing this light in the last 6 weeks 8/19/00
8/15/00 21:02 Little Rock AR Disk 1 minute Me and Family watched object hover over downtown. Gone a minute later. 8/19/00
8/15/00 21:00 Burke VA Circle 10-20 mins while waiting for a party with my littel sister for aparty arond 9;00pm i saw a round metalic object 8-10 ft high. 4/27/07
8/15/00 20:20 Chandler AZ Light 5min RED LIGHTS OVER CHANDLER!!! 9/17/00
8/15/00 20:15 Tyler TX Triangle 5 seconds max On the ride home from dinner, it flew quickly across the sky into a cloud. It was boomerang shaped and gave off solid white light. 8/19/00
8/15/00 20:15 Gilbert AZ Light 7 min 2 bright red lights tracked and filmed over Phoenix area. 8/19/00
8/15/00 20:14 Chandler AZ Light 10 min. two red lights 8/19/00
8/15/00 20:10 Gilbert AZ Light 2015 A radiating sextant in red. 8/19/00
8/15/00 20:05 Mesa AZ Circle about 10 min. Two bright red lights in the southwestern sky 8/19/00
8/15/00 20:05 Phoenix AZ Light 20 min two bright lights red or bright orange in color moving very slowly across the sky over south pheonix before suddenly dissapearing 8/19/00
8/15/00 20:00 Gilbert AZ Light 10 minutes 2 red lights appear to be sitting above Gilbert, Az for 10 min 8/19/00
8/15/00 20:00 Gilbert AZ Unknown 20 minutes Two bright red lights in the sky rising higher and higher until they were over our heads. 9/17/00
8/15/00 20:00 Chandler AZ Light 5 minutes Two Stationary Bright Red Lights Over Phoenix Area 7/1/02
8/15/00 18:30 East Petersburg PA Circle 2 minutes two dull black circles in the sky. Ufo probes maybe? 8/19/00
8/15/00 17:00 Beaumont TX Unknown 15 to 20 minutes Shiny object flying a rectangular grid pattern along the path of Highway 90 in Beaumont, Texas 4/27/07
8/15/00 10:30 Sydney (NSW, Australia)
Sphere 20 minutes + Watching an unmoving dot in the sky over Sydney. 10/15/02
8/15/00 10:15 Noxapater MS Cone ufo Too fast to be normal and unusual silence along with the craft changing to multiple colors very rapidly. 1/11/02
8/15/00 09:00 West Tisbury MA Circle 3-4hours Small dot in daylight sky, moved with exceptional speed after staying in one place for three hours. Strange 7/5/05
8/15/00 03:00 Victoria (Canada) BC Other 10 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: City bus size flying tube. 7/23/03
8/15/00 01:50 Ringgold GA Triangle 10-15 minutes Unusual aircraft spotted near Ringgold, Ga...what was it??? 8/19/00
8/15/00 01:30 Liberty WA Light 20 sec. Bright round light 2/25/03
8/15/00 00:40 Smithville TX Circle seconds Translusent circle very large falling and then blinks out of sight directly south in the sky. No visible trail left behind it. 8/19/00
8/14/00 22:00 Millbrook (Canada) ON Light
There were 3 bright lights forming a triangle in the sky. 8/28/02
8/14/00 19:30 Luna LA Rectangle approx. 5 to 10 seconds I observed one black rectangular object flying at a high rate of speed with no lights, noise, tail, trail or wings. 8/19/00
8/14/00 18:45 St. Petersburg FL Sphere 10 minutes Translucent red globe dances with the clouds over St. Petersburg, FL. 8/19/00
8/14/00 04:45 Denver CO Triangle 2-3 min ufo setting over the denver tech center 8/25/00
8/14/00 01:30 Nevada City CA Sphere 20 minutes A red glow changing to blue green circular craft . This is the second idental spotted craft tonight 45 minutes apart. 8/19/00
8/13/00 23:30 Nevada City CA Changing 20 minutes A red glow changing to blue green circular pattern coming from an object almost stationary , then shifting shapes rapidly 8/19/00
8/13/00 22:00 Corte Madera CA Fireball 4 seconds I saw a glowing, spherical object in the sky tonight that accelerated in speed, then disappeared. 8/19/00
8/13/00 22:00 Buffalo NY Light street The UFO was just a light that blinked different colors like purple over and over and it also had no sound., it was also very fast. 3/21/03
8/13/00 21:15 Duncan OK Unknown 30 seconds Luminous flying snake 12/2/00
8/13/00 20:00 Big Horn Mtns WY Fireball 30-40 minutes Bright light that divided, disappeared then repeated several times. 2/24/01
8/13/00 11:30 Los Angeles (north) CA Disk 1 hour We was on the Area were we was filming the Sun effects at 11am when suddenly we see one flyer object that have a shape of a disc with s 4/28/01
8/13/00 10:15 Calistoga CA Triangle 1 hr. 40 min. four triangular shaped crafts moved slowly over our heads...joining others accross the valley... 8/19/00
8/13/00 02:15 Dana Point CA Light 5 minutes Blue light in sky performing amazing manuevers for five minutes 8/19/00
8/13/00 00:00 Bothell WA Rectangle 1 minute Rectangle, looked sepia toned against night sky. Moving due south, quickly. Making an occasional counter clockwise spin. 8/19/00
8/12/00 22:00 Central Coast (NSW, Australia)
Other 30 mins Spooky stuff!!, the truth is no longer out there, in my opinion 12/2/00
8/12/00 22:00 Derby KS Triangle 10 to 20 minutes a triangle with lights flipping through the sky 8/27/09
8/12/00 22:00 Ann Arbor MI Oval less than 5 seconds A flat gray oval made a 90 degree change in direction in less than 5 seconds. 8/25/00
8/12/00 21:10 Gilbert AZ Light 5 minutes red light seen in south western sky ive seen this light 4 times in the last 5 weeks between 2100 & 2130 & ive reported it every time wh 8/19/00
8/12/00 20:45 Wallingford CT Triangle 10 sec REAL SIGHTING V SHAPE UFO 8/5/09
8/12/00 20:20 Chandler AZ Other 15-20 min. Red Glowing Light seen over Chandler, AZ. 9/17/00
8/12/00 20:15 Chandler/Gilbert AZ Light 1MIN RED LIGHT HOVERING 8/19/00
8/12/00 20:15 Chandler AZ Other 15 to 30 minutes Red light that remained still high above us for over 15 minutes and then dissapeared. 8/25/00
8/12/00 19:57 Chandler AZ Disk 20:19 5th video of red light in Gilbert area 8/19/00
8/12/00 17:48 Lokeren (Belgium)
Sphere 1 minute first it changed color then it just vanished... 12/9/00
8/12/00 17:00 El Cajon CA Circle 30 min Was outside watering palm tree, my brother and friend had just left, I looked up for a second to the southeast and saw what I thought w 5/24/05
8/12/00 02:00 Fresno CA Triangle 30 seconds OK it's been some years since I experiment this sighting.. but I remember it like it was yesterday. This is what happens that night it 6/1/16
8/12/00 01:30 Portland/Boise (between) OR Other 1.5 hrs. Wife and adult kids in two cities at same time confirm visible energy waves radiating down from the north, many pulses. pattern? 8/19/00
8/12/00 01:30 Stockport (UK/England)
Cigar 7 seconds observed 2 dull brown cigar shaped objects travelling very fast from east to west in a staggered parallel formation 8/19/00
8/11/00 23:00 Fort Collins CO Other 30 minutes A birght light that was moving around and around then it would come straight down, as if to earth and then back up. 8/5/01
8/11/00 22:40 Mammoth Cave National Park KY Formation 3-4 minutes Very high altitude triangular formation of lights moving in a southernly direction. 8/19/00
8/11/00 22:00 Frimley (UK/England)
Circle 30 seconds Bright white light that did not flicker or fade 8/19/00
8/11/00 21:45 Portland OR Unknown 2-3 minutes Bright light at high altitude, weaving from side to side 8/19/00
8/11/00 21:30 Fresno CA Rectangle 1.5 min South on Highway 5, rectangular object w/blue lights charged the freeway -- thought it was going to run me off the road. 9/17/00
8/11/00 21:00 Franklin TN Formation 4 minutes This object was two(2) bright lights, approx. -1 magnitude, travelling northwest to southeast. Lights maintianed equal distant separati 8/19/00
8/11/00 18:45 Lakeland FL Cigar
it was dark out side as i stepped off the porch to go feed my dog, i heard that he was barking at somthing towards the woods so i walke 12/9/00
8/11/00 12:00 Arlington WA Triangle 15 Min. I am a pastor at my church. Today we held a special serman for a couple to be married. After we were through we stepted onto the porch 8/19/00
8/11/00 10:30 Torrance CA Sphere 2-3 minutes White/silver round balloon like object that behaved uncharacteristically of a balloon over SW Los Angeles by moving up and down. 8/19/00
8/11/00 04:45 ((name of town deleted)) OK
8/11/00 02:00 Wakefield MA Other approx 5 minutes Time seemed to stand still as I looked at this traingle shape that was "no plane" moving through the sky...what was I seeing? 8/19/00
8/11/00 01:30 Flippin AR Circle 5- 7 seconds Looked like shooting star, but then changed direction by 90 degrees as it flew across the skies 8/19/00
8/11/00 01:00 ((town name temporarily deleted)) OK Cone ? I saw aliens and their space ship 9/17/00
8/10/00 23:30 Karlstad (Sweden)
Fireball 10 minutes We was sailing and it aperard infront of us. weard. 8/19/00
8/10/00 23:00 Abilene and Ft. Worth (Interstate 20 East between) TX Cone 40 seconds Two conical craft moving through a sky full of weird lights. 8/5/01
8/10/00 22:30 West Danville VT Light 3 minutes 3 faint objects in wedge formation travelling very fast, high ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of U. S. Navy NOSS satelites.)) 10/7/03
8/10/00 22:30 Maybrook NY Other 1 minute Moderate Sized UFO Almost Hits My House (Updated - Wrong Info Given Originally) 2/14/06
8/10/00 22:18 Lakewood CO Light 3 to 4 Minutes While watching the sky and standing east I saw one light with the naked eye about 150 degrees up from the left traveling south. Looked 8/19/00
8/10/00 22:05 Redfield NY Formation 15 seconds A string of 5 to 9 lights flying in a horizontal formation nearly equidistant apart then turning abruptly away to their left. 8/19/00
8/10/00 22:00 Indian Lake NY Formation 10 minutes Unmoving horizontal formation of about 8 very bright lights in the West from Indian Lake low to the horizon 8/19/00
8/10/00 22:00 Elkton OR Changing appr. 3 hrs. four objects seen at roughly 45 min. intervals, all different. All bright and moving. Came roughly from the S' and S'E'. 8/19/00
8/10/00 21:45 Long Lake NY Formation 15 minutes Formation of 3 lights, followed by fomation of 6 retangular white lights hovering in sky with no noise 8/19/00
8/10/00 21:30 Jacksonville FL Light 10 minutes Red light in the southern sky, low just above the tree line. Suspended in the same spot for over 10 minutes 8/19/00
8/10/00 20:00 Bloomfield (Canada) ON Disk 10-? My daughter, who was appx. 13 years old at this time, and I had just arrived home from shopping. As we were entering our door, we were 4/18/12
8/10/00 10:15 Waltham MA Other 1minute Strange object 8/19/00
8/9/00 23:50 Lake Tawakoni TX Unknown 4 minutes I write this as unusual having seen many rainbows in my life this was vere strange Im driving south on fm rd. 429 four miles out of the 8/19/00
8/9/00 23:30 Victorville CA Fireball 5 Minutes Dancing Fireball-type Lights with succeeding Flash, Sonic Boom. 9/21/00
8/9/00 22:00 Starkville MS Fireball 20-40 seconds I thought, I was about to see a shooting star, when a lime green ball of light erupted and trailed downward for over 30 sec. 8/19/00
8/9/00 21:50 Houston County TN Sphere 1 minute Two large gold low flying sphere's move slowly, silently, across the horizon. 8/19/00
8/9/00 21:48 Culver City CA Light 3 minutes While siting out on my balcolney at around 9:48pm Pacific time, I saw a Flying object about the size of a large star fly over head at a 8/19/00
8/9/00 13:30 Lawrence KS Other 10 min + Spectacular "rainbow" cloud in Kansas, too! 8/19/00
8/9/00 12:48 Albuquerque NM Circle 20 seconds i was taking pictures of the sunset and didn't notice until later what had passed in front of my lense. 5/24/05
8/9/00 00:15 Uniondale NY Fireball 10-12 sec I saw 1 object move quick from the east stop for about 2 seconds, cut at a 15-25 degree angle then i lost sight for a second behind tre 8/19/00
8/8/00 23:41 Arnold MO Light 15-20 minutes Three lights came out of the sky and circled and dissapeared. 8/19/00
8/8/00 23:25 Saint jean de monts (France)
Fireball 25seconds a totally weird paranormal experience. 9/17/00
8/8/00 22:45 Edinburgh (over) (UK/Scotland)

15mins cloudy sky light kept going round in circles over edinburgh hidden behind clouds clouds app 01:15 09/08/2000 police were reporting ligh 9/17/00
8/8/00 22:25 Shorewood MN Sphere 5 minutes Orange Orb seen flying around town in Minnesota. 8/19/00
8/8/00 22:15 Canton NY Disk
it was following on the left side 8/19/00
8/8/00 22:00 Garden City SC Light 2 hours Orange balls of light over the ocean fading in and out 8/19/00
8/8/00 19:35 La Pine OR Disk 2 minutes My daughter and I were driving down a rural road on the way home at about 7:35 p.m. on August 8th, 2000. She looked up at the moon whi 9/17/00
8/8/00 19:00 New York City (Staten Island) NY Changing 5 minutes gray shiny object changing from oblong to round to flat disk traveling from south to north in daytime sky. 8/25/00
8/8/00 17:30 Hillsborough NJ Sphere 10 MINUTES I saw a round metalic object that had indentations. It was moved slowly across the sky. the object appeared to move under its own pow 8/19/00
8/8/00 17:30 Hillsboro NJ Sphere 15 Minutes Spherical Object seen in Hillsboro by many witnessess for over 15 minutes 8/25/00
8/8/00 03:40 Placerville CA Unknown 15-30 seconds unusual light seen traveling in a northwesterly direction near Placerville, CA 8/19/00
8/7/00 22:10 Malone NY Circle 30secs or more circle/round object above field in upstate ny. 8/19/00
8/7/00 21:00 Katy TX Oval 5 seconds My nine year old daulter and her friend came in the house telling me they just had seen this oval object with red lights in the middle 8/19/00
8/7/00 17:00 American Falls IL Disk 1 minute My son, his cousin and I observed a blue-silver disk shaped object about 500 feet in altitude and less than 1 mile off the Interstate . 9/29/02
8/7/00 12:45 Molalla OR Disk 1+min. observed a disc shaped object hovering above me, which accelerated to the East at a highe rate of speed covering 140 degrees in 3 secon 8/19/00
8/7/00 04:20 Arizona (city unknown_ AZ

Woke up with black-inked teeth 8/19/00
8/6/00 23:59 Twin Falls ID Fireball
Well, me and my friend were out watching the stars and then we saw one big glowing light that was pretty bright. We wathced that one fo 9/17/00
8/6/00 23:00 Florence OR Light 2 hrs Sighting of two brilliant orbs of light over ocean in Florence Oregon, August 2000 6/4/04
8/6/00 21:30 Fresno CA Light 10min. Two nights in a row. We were not scared, even though we knew they could not possibly be planes. 8/19/00
8/6/00 21:13 Portland OR Light 3+ min. bright light moving South to North, then turns due East over Portland, Or. Above airliner traffic, and faster. 9/17/00
8/6/00 20:00 Pottsburo TX Light 5 Minutes BRIGHT Light 9/17/00
8/6/00 18:00 Portland OR Other 10 minutes Yellow slow flight pulsing bag object above 35000' 8/19/00
8/6/00 00:30 Las Vegas NV Formation 4mins 6 red and white strobing lights travling in the eastern sky above Las Vegas 8/19/00
8/5/00 23:55 Le Sueur MN Light 4.5 to 5 minutes Saw 3 satellite-like objects move from Big Dipper to SSE part of sky in varying formation over about 5 minutes. 9/17/00
8/5/00 23:30 Maple Falls WA Formation :30 Triangular formation (3 light points) sited traveling from north to south on a clear evening - east of Bellingham, WA. . 8/19/00
8/5/00 22:05 Concord (SE) NH Light 3 to 5 seconds My wife was outside having a cigarette when she looked up and saw an object and then it just shot off to the South west. She said it wa 8/19/00
8/5/00 22:00 Bellingham WA Triangle 20 seconds We saw three lines of lights in a triangular shape. It seemed that the lights kind of flickered back and forth along the lines. It mov 8/19/00
8/5/00 22:00 Fontana CA Circle 1 minute Dark round object flying low having no lights and making no sounds. 5/15/06
8/5/00 21:43 Lake Havasu City AZ Cone 15 minutes red cone shape with orange base low flying no noise flight east to west the west to north over Lake Havasu AZ 8/19/00
8/5/00 21:30 On the Mass Pike: Rt. 90 MA Formation 5 minutes Large square shaped craft with four other smaller craft flying below it. 11/4/02
8/5/00 20:35 Phoenix AZ Circle 12-15 secs A round black object that flew over N. Phoenix at 8:35 p.m. 8/5/2000 8/19/00
8/5/00 17:00 Wayne NJ Sphere 15 mins ((NUFORC Note: Witness cryptically reports witnessing a sphere.)) 9/17/00
8/5/00 07:30 White Sands NM Circle momentary Older relative has picture taken at dusk with 3 glowing white round lights with cone shaped metal tops barely visible. Was vacationing 1/31/04
8/5/00 01:30 Bothell WA Other
Three bright lights in th form of a triangle,, when zoomed in on they appear to be round shapes with a hole in the middle 8/19/00
8/5/00 01:26 Beirut (Lebanon)
Other 17 minutes Arabian Extraresstrial Aircraft 8/5/00
8/4/00 23:51 Trout Lake WA Formation 4 minutes Three satellite appearing objects traveled from NNW to SSE never breaking from an obtuse triangular formation. 8/19/00
8/4/00 23:00 Tacoma WA Light 1.5 MINUTES A bright object in the southern sky began brightening then dimmed and moved accross the sky toward the west. 8/5/00
8/4/00 22:30 London (Canada) ON Oval about 2 or 3 sec. We were driving, and it shot across the sky from the left to right. Thought it was a meterite but it was green.. 12/2/00
8/4/00 22:04 Shoreline WA Light 35sec a bright light in the south-western sky 8/5/00
8/4/00 22:00 Tupper Lake NY Cigar 30 mins 6 lights in a straite line stood directley over a barn for about 30 mins b4 completly disapearing 12/9/03
8/4/00 20:30 Indianapolis IN Flash 3 sec. I can't remember the exact date, but at about 20:30 I was driving through my neighborhood on the way home from work when I noticed some 9/17/00
8/4/00 20:20 Gilbert AZ Sphere 15 min we were in the back yard when we saw two red lights fly over us as if they were following each other but with no sound 8/19/00
8/4/00 20:10 Gilbert AZ Light 2min a red flashing light was in the south direction object did not move this is the third time ive seen this object in the last 4 weeks i w 8/5/00
8/4/00 20:00 Chandler AZ Oval 17 minutes 2 red UFOs over Gilbert 8/5/00
8/4/00 20:00 Gilbert AZ Light 15 min 2 red star-like lights, western sky, moving towards the south east. 1st disapeared, the next disapeared in the same spot. 8/19/00
8/4/00 19:52 Gilbert AZ Unknown 25 minutes Observed 2 bright red glowing objects over Gilbert, AZ appearing at 7:52 pm, moving southeasterly, and disappearing at 8:14 and 8:17pm 8/5/00
8/4/00 11:45 Renton WA Formation 5-10 seconds UFO's in Formation 8/5/00
8/4/00 09:30 Santa Monica CA Triangle 10 sec daytime sighting over Santa Monica Mountains by two 11 year olds at Summer Camp 8/25/00
8/4/00 09:15 Diamond Bar CA Circle 10 min. I was looking out the backyard at the mountains toward orange county border, and saw a white ball of light around the 57 freeway, about 8/19/00
8/4/00 03:00 Springbrook WI Light 5 minutes A small red light what seemed to be a radio tower light grew larger and moved above the tree line and finally disappeared. 12/20/00
8/3/00 23:30 Red Bluff CA Cylinder 5 seconds cylindrical shape,looked like the alein space craft from the startrek movie IV:the voyage home,minus the floating ball beneth it. 4/1/01
8/3/00 23:00 Marathon Key FL Sphere 20 seconds basket ball shape and size crome ball flying in the fl keys making a varaity of 90 degree angle turns 10/30/06
8/3/00 22:30 Bridgeport MI Circle 10 Minutes Glowing object descends from sky and changes color from white to green - followed almost ten minutes later by strange flash in the sky. 8/19/00
8/3/00 22:30 Las Vegas NV Fireball 15-30seconds Burning object spotted over the Las Vegas strip 8/19/00
8/3/00 22:27 Valley City OH Flash 2 seconds It was a green light, going across the sky, faster than any normal aircraft sighted in the area. 8/5/00
8/3/00 22:00 Chatsworth CA Unknown north east it was small and it blinked 3 times ,the first very bright,i thought it a satelite untill it stoped and turned around and speed off in 8/5/00
8/3/00 22:00 Pierceton IN Other 5to10 min. These things were definitly in our area that particular week hovering very low just above the tree lines and houses. 9/21/00
8/3/00 21:00 Chandler AZ Circle 2 hours Towards the north sky, there was a red circle of light hovering motionless and without sound. My family and I wathed this red circle of 12/2/00
8/3/00 21:00 Surprise AZ Light 10 minutes A red light that traveled across the sky, then dissapeared. 2/18/01
8/3/00 19:20 Libby MT Disk few minutes We were watching the white oval object moving east in the clear blue sky, then it just disappeared! 8/25/00
8/3/00 14:30 Georgia (off the coast of) GA Disk 2 minutes flying saucer sighted near coast in flight 12/2/00
8/3/00 12:25 Vancouver WA Disk 45 seconds my mom and I saw a metallic object fly very quickly in a diagonal line downwards from left to right then a tree blocked our view 8/5/00
8/3/00 11:15 Kirkland WA Disk 10 minutes Bright light traveling north to southwest and another bright light crossed it's path going from south at almost noon. 8/5/00
8/3/00 07:40 Delta (Canada) BC Cigar about 5 minutes Silvery cigar hovers over Boundary Bay 12/2/00
8/2/00 21:30 Long Beach (Southport) NC Light 1.5 hours 6 of us saw three bright lights appearing next to each other for about 1.5 hours, several crafts appeared to be searching for it. 8/19/00
8/2/00 21:30 Key Peninsula WA Light 20 mins + At approximately 9:30 pm (9:30-10:00) I was standing on my porch looking South. There was a pulsing light with red strobing suspended 8/5/00
8/1/00 23:00 Campo CA Changing at least 15 min Green point of light in the night sky expanded into a large triangle. 10/19/11
8/1/00 23:00 Derby (UK/England)
Unknown Still in progress My wife just happend to look up from watching T.V. and was engaged by the vividness of the colours. 8/5/00
8/1/00 22:55 Erie PA Rectangle 5 min Slow moving rectangular craft with 2 white lights and 2 blue lights, one blue light turned on at a time. 8/5/00
8/1/00 22:00 Auburn WA Light
it was one night i will never foget. 8/5/01
8/1/00 22:00 Newcastle-upon-Tyne (UK/England)
Light 5 secs A bright light was seen to be moving at great speed across the sky. My dad and I were sat in the garden watching it until it disappear 1/11/02
8/1/00 21:25 Springfield MO Oval <10 sec. MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: Oval craft with two sets of dual blinking white lights over Springfield, MO. 8/5/00
8/1/00 21:00 Argos IN Light 1-2 Minutes UFO seen over Argos, IN 12/19/03
8/1/00 18:00 Los Angeles CA Triangle 30 Seconds Three motionless black triangles above West LA. 5/15/06
8/1/00 13:00 Turkey TX Circle all day a bunch of small silver ones and one big black triangle 8/5/09
8/1/00 12:00 Roslindale MA Changing 30 SECS TRIANGULAR ,3 SPHERES,CHANGED INTO A CYLINDRICAL SHAPE 12/20/00
8/1/00 07:30 Bellevue WA Triangle 3 minutes Strange Triangular Lights Flying Over the Seattle Area 4/28/01
8/1/00 02:17 Seattle WA Light <30 seconds high altitude dogfighting lights 9/17/00
8/1/00 02:00 River Falls/Prescott (between) WI Light 5 minutes Pacing light between Prescott and River Falls 5/24/05
8/1/00 02:00 Hingham MA Triangle minutes A triangular shaped UFO hovering at a slow pace at a low altitude. 8/5/01
8/1/00 00:00 Stockholm (Sweden)
Sphere 15 min Flew over the river then one at a time disappered into the night sky. 4/27/04