National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 07/2000
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/31/00 23:21 Kuroki (near Saskatoon) (Canada) SA Flash 1 - 2 seconds After seeing an unusual flash in the night sky the previous evening, I was curious to see if the phenomenon would occur the following e 12/2/00
7/31/00 23:06 Flinn Springs CA Triangle 2 min. Huge bright light appeared right above my garage while I was looking at the stars. It had smaller white lights on each side, with color 8/5/00
7/31/00 23:00 Crescent Bar WA Fireball 5 sec While talking with friends and looking for satelites overhead 4 people witnessed an explosion that was half the size of the moon in the 8/5/01
7/31/00 22:00 Hopewell VA Fireball 3-5 secs Large neon-green fireball, travelling parallel to I-295 (south) at 200 mph and parallel to ground, behind treetops, near Hopewell, VA 2/18/01
7/31/00 21:00 Hopewell VA Fireball 3-5 secs Two witnesses saw a huge neon-green fireball travelling parallel to the ground, behind treetops, near Richmond VA on I-295 2/18/01
7/31/00 12:05 Kent WA Other UP TO 1 SECOND Noon 7/31/00 a 3 1/2 foot long torpedo or football shaped object flying horizontally at a high speed by freeway underpass. Blue color. 8/5/00
7/31/00 09:35 Snohomish WA Fireball 5 sec. Bright fireball trailing a little black smoke, headed straight down just SW of Snohomish, WA then vanishes at a few hundred feet. 9/17/00
7/31/00 09:23 Portland OR Fireball 1.5 sec. Spectacular day-time meteor or satellite re-entry 8/5/00
7/31/00 09:20 Kirkland WA Unknown 4 seconds VIEWED A FLASHING OBJECT WITH TRAILING FIRE IN THE SKY 8/5/00
7/31/00 03:20 Fortuna CA Fireball 5 min round ball of light. looked like suns light reflecting off of ball in the sky. stayed motionless and hovered for 2-3min then moved nor 12/2/00
7/30/00 23:38 Ashland OR Disk 30 sec Large object just hovered over the vehicle for about 30 sec 8/5/00
7/30/00 22:45 Deer Lake WA Unknown 30 seconds Red and green slow-moving object silently and slowly followed shoreline of lake. 8/5/00
7/30/00 22:40 Chandler AZ Cigar 3 seconds A bright green "string of round lights"- seemed to be connected. Falling fast vertically. 8/5/00
7/30/00 22:07 Humboldt (near Saskatoon) (Canada) SA Flash 3-5 seconds Bright flash directly overhead in night sky, lasting two or three seconds. 12/2/00
7/30/00 22:00 Columbus OH Light 10 minutes Dancing "star" over Columbus, Ohio 8/5/00
7/30/00 21:25 Bellingham WA Light 10 seconds A white object flew down a valley at dusk. 8/5/00
7/30/00 20:20 Ithaca NY Teardrop 00:00:10 Gigantic white teardrop plunges into Cayuga Lake, Ithaca, NY in late July, 2000. 8/5/01
7/30/00 01:30 Nags Head NC Light 1hr. 30 minutes Outer Banks is treated to spectacular "star" formations 8/5/00
7/29/00 23:30 Bellingham WA Changing 1-2 minutes Three people observe strange light in night sky 8/5/00
7/29/00 23:15 Nags Head NC Formation 1 hour Group of lighted objects at high speeds in Nags Head, NC 8/28/02
7/29/00 23:00 Bonham (northeast of) TX Light 3-4 seconds Light overhead in sky. 8/19/00
7/29/00 22:00 Amite LA Light 2 seconds On 7/29/00 at around 10:00 pm, I was outside admiring the sky because it was a very clear night. I am in a rural area that is wooded, 8/5/00
7/29/00 Rochester NY Other
lasting only 3 sec. a nean green glowing object heading north disapeared with out a trace 9/17/00
7/28/00 22:30 Woodinville WA Chevron 1 sec. While sitting on my patio with my head leaned back looking at the stars on a clear night, I saw something, shaped like a boomerang, ver 8/5/00
7/28/00 15:00 Seyssins (France)
Circle 03sec blue light ball cross the sky very fast i saw them about 3 seconde i dont remenber the date exactly 7/26/02
7/28/00 05:30 Tyler TX Sphere 5 seconds I observed a golden sphere in the southwestern sky at about 5:30 am moving slowly north. 8/19/00
7/28/00 03:15 Two Guns (MM 316) AZ Fireball 10 sec It was a blue-white fireball, with no tail or sparks. 8/5/00
7/28/00 01:50 Tonopah AZ Egg 8 seconds bright egg shaped object moving at an incredible speed west of phoenix 8/5/00
7/27/00 22:48 Sandy UT Triangle 5-6 seconds Caught in binoculars: two glowing triangles cruising in formation in silence 7/29/00
7/27/00 22:05 Redmond WA Light 2 seconds Brilliant object -5 magnitude or brighter traveling WNW and disappearing with unusual rapidity. 7/29/00
7/27/00 21:58 Bouse AZ Light 8 Seconds Ignorant to military aircraft on maneuvers 7/26/02
7/27/00 21:58 Bouse AZ Light about 8 seconds A few minutes after my husband and I saw the first set of amber lights, I waited outside and later saw another set. Starting in the No 7/29/00
7/27/00 21:37 Bouse AZ Light few seconds At 21:37, husband was outside compound and saw one amber light appear going from NE to Easterly direction lasted 5 seconds. Then second 7/29/00
7/27/00 20:15 Gilbert AZ Light 5 min i saw a red light in the south eastern sky it was stationary for 3 minites & then appeared to land this light was diffrent than the one 7/29/00
7/27/00 20:13 Chandler AZ Oval 15 minutes Red UFO videotaped from Chandler, looking east. 7/29/00
7/27/00 20:12 Gilbert AZ Circle 20:17 Bright red/orange, pulsating and circular object crossed the sky heading mostly West to East for 7 minutes 7/29/00
7/27/00 08:30 Taurangat (Tauranga) (New Zealand)
7/27/00 03:35 Portland OR Light 3 to 5 seconds object was reddish orange in color and the light flickered. 7/29/00
7/26/00 23:20 Brenham TX Light few seconds I saw a red light through the tree, a blue light scanned me up and down and went out. 8/5/00
7/26/00 23:15 Fulshear TX Fireball 5 seconds flashing ball of light in the sky 8/19/00
7/26/00 23:10 Smithville (south east of) TX
less than 1 minute When my roommate and I were sitting outside late last night when we witnesses two large white burst of light that lite up the entire sk 8/19/00
7/26/00 22:00 Lubbock TX Fireball 30 minutes One large orange/amber fuzzy blob with hundreds of small fuzzy orange/amber colored spheres. 9/11/15
7/26/00 00:00 Hinchinbrooke (Canada) PQ Light 10 to 20 min. Fast moving white light in the distance 11/8/03
7/25/00 23:37 Waterford MI Sphere 25 minutes I looked and saw a sphere shaped object with many differntly colored rapidly flashing lights. 3/21/03
7/25/00 22:23 Sturgeon Bay WI Light 5 min. Red light seen over Door County 7/29/00
7/25/00 22:23 Sturgeon Bay WI Other 5min Army Airborne drills over the bay 2/24/07
7/25/00 22:00 Lampeter (UK/Wales)
Cylinder 10 minutes A cluster of lights that just stood still and, as if they were watching me. 2/18/01
7/25/00 22:00 San Diego CA Light 30 min Bright steady Neon red light moved from SW to NE in 10 min, turned bright white, then exploded in white shower. 8/19/00
7/25/00 21:57 Klamath Falls OR Light 5 minutes + "Light" flew as wingman to commercial flight. 7/29/00
7/25/00 21:30 Las Vegas NV Light 15-20 minutes Las Vegas Lights 2/18/01
7/25/00 21:20 Glendale CA Circle 5+ seconds Bright, Stoplight Red Craft 8/5/01
7/25/00 21:00 Holbrook AZ Triangle 30 Minutes Luminescent white wedge seen at high altitude flying at high rate of speed. 7/29/00
7/25/00 20:50 Gilbert AZ Unknown 15-20 min We saw 2 bright red lights, one blinked on and off and dropped very rapidly after ~8 minutes, the other blinked out ` 2 min later. 8/5/00
7/25/00 20:40 Gilbert AZ Light 5 minutes Two bright red lights moving slowly in the sky at high altitude, then quickley, one blinking,then disappearing. 7/29/00
7/25/00 20:15 Chandler AZ Light approx. 1/2 hour Two Red Lights Over Eastern Maricopa County, AZ on July, 25 2000 7/29/00
7/25/00 20:15 Gilbert AZ Light 15 mins Red lights hovering toward the east of Gilbert AZ. 7/29/00
7/25/00 20:15 Gilbert AZ Circle 5-7 minutes Two bright red-orange objects over Gilbert for 5-7 minutes with no sounds 7/29/00
7/25/00 16:00 Panama
Flash 2 MIN el movimiento en que se desplazaba la nave era muy lento con luz tan fuerte como la del sol flasheaba cada 10 segundos durante 2 min 4/28/01
7/25/00 06:33 Geraldton (Australia)
Light 60 seconds+ flashing lights,no noise,moved like a bee ,flew slowly,also very quickly 12/2/00
7/25/00 01:30 Kingston (Canada) ON Disk 2hr Three campers and myself witnessed three disk or saucer shaped multicolur emitting objects hovering in the night nky. 12/2/00
7/24/00 23:30 Vancouver WA Light 15 min Two lights moving at a high rate of speed and slowing down very fast, then turning faster than anything we've ever made. 10/12/01
7/24/00 23:00 Fire Island NY Circle 2 minutes silver orange craft clearly seen.. 8/5/00
7/24/00 22:26 Sept-Iles (Canada) PQ Circle several seconds Circular bright coloured sphere was seen very clearly above houses in small native community 1000 Kil. northeast of Montreal 12/2/00
7/24/00 21:30 Overcup AR Triangle 10min 3 ufo north on hwy 9 7/29/00
7/24/00 11:50 Antioch CA Disk 15mins Lengthly daylight sighting Antich, off pier,...object did 45degree turn...and vanished..and appeared constantly 11/20/01
7/24/00 10:00 Milwaukee WI Formation 10 seconds line of 4 balls of light three white and one red seen for 10 seconds moving straight across sky 3/19/09
7/24/00 New York City NY
20 seconds I have been following the SCI-FI WTC UFO video for some time. The person in the video is named Barbara Sicuranza. She is an actress, wr 3/21/03
7/23/00 23:30 Columbus OH Light 15sec. It appeared to leap into space almost institaniously 8/5/01
7/23/00 21:50 LeGrange WI Unknown 5 minutes Alternating lights on road become airborne, frightening at least three cars and their passengers. 7/29/00
7/23/00 20:30 Glendale AZ Circle
I was outside taking care of my truck something to you I look up to the east and there was a brown big look son looking shape it looks 4/3/15
7/23/00 18:30 West Seneca NY Light 10-12 min Very small, bright objects, about teh same apparent size as Jupiter or Saturn, 3-12 in number, showing no apparent movement 7/29/00
7/23/00 18:02 Vallejo CA Cigar 30 MIN Several objects seen in formation to the northeast of Vallejo California. 7/29/00
7/23/00 18:00 New York City (Bronx) NY Other
I was staring out my window wondering if I'll ever see it again now that I bought a camcorder then... 7/29/00
7/23/00 16:05 Everett WA Unknown 90 sec. Bright object, "apparently" hovering, suddenly vanished from sight. 7/29/00
7/23/00 15:00 Valley Stream NY Egg
I spotted a very fast reflective object not of this world. 12/9/00
7/23/00 11:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Oval 10 minutes we were looking in southeast direction from bathurst and harbourd,ten objects flying in formation (arch shape) some where silver others 12/20/00
7/22/00 22:45 La Crosse WI Light 6-8 seconds Object appeared in telescope field of view, and executed 90 degree turn before moving out of field of view. 7/29/00
7/22/00 21:50 Lavon TX Fireball 5 seconds Bright Firey ball hovering in sky. 7/23/00
7/22/00 19:15 Westminster CO Other 30 min We saw 2 unusual shapes early evening, both objects changed color and shape for approx 30min. 8/5/00
7/22/00 18:30 Pittsburgh PA Light 5 minutes Starlike light in the day sky then just disappeared 7/23/00
7/22/00 12:00 Petrified Forest National Park AZ Other 1 hour UFO caught on several different photographs/ same date/ same location (Arizona) 12/2/00
7/22/00 01:30 Ogallala NE Other 25 mins Multi Colored Panels. Could not have been a plane. To Fast to Be a Satellite. No Sound At All! 8/19/00
7/21/00 22:10 Riggins ID Fireball 2-3 seconds Large slow moving fireball seen in North central Idaho 7/29/00
7/21/00 22:00 Corona CA Light 15-20 seconds It looked like a star then all at once it moved in a northern direction a what appeared to be great speed then changed direction sudden 7/29/00
7/21/00 21:57 North Judson IN Light 10 seconds Looking for the comet Linear through 7X50 binoculars, I observed an object barely bright enough to be visible passing from the star kno 7/29/00
7/21/00 18:15 na NC Triangle <5 minutes Unidentified triangular craft hovering in a cloud at 31,000 feet from a Delta 757 moving at mach .84. 9/17/00
7/21/00 18:00 Chula Vista CA Other 3 min Black, shaped like a clover, slowly rotating, surrounded by what looked like heat waves. 7/29/00
7/21/00 12:20 Sheffield (near) (UK/England)
Disk 3/4mins Craft was above my car. It was disc shaped and threw out a hundred speckled lights. It moved away slowly. 7/23/00
7/21/00 12:10 Nothridge CA Other 10 minutes Two completely different objects floating in the sky near Van Nuys CA. 8/19/00
7/20/00 23:30 Ocean Parkway NY Chevron 00:01:30 Lighted red Chevron, meneuvering rapidly newar Atlantic Ocean, on Southern side of Ocean Parkway, Long Island. 7/29/00
7/20/00 23:00 Trumansburg NY Light 5 minutes moving light disappears in starry sky 8/19/00
7/20/00 22:55 Watertown CT Triangle 1-2 minutes My two brothers and I witnessed two distinct, dark yellow lit, triangular objects stay still and then suddenly move to the left. 7/23/00
7/20/00 22:00 Highlands Ranch CO Light 10 minutes We saw a strange red light in the sky south of Denver. 8/5/00
7/20/00 22:00 Darien IL Light 30 seconds bright light in my window, stops, flies in oppisite direction. 2/18/01
7/20/00 21:30 Wallingford CT Light 5-10 minutes within a ten minute segment 3 seperate ojects appeared. they were bluish white single lights.they flew in opposite directions. one went 7/23/00
7/20/00 21:30 Deming NM Unknown 1 minute Huge beam of light comes from sky, no craft of any kind visible that could produce it. 7/4/12
7/20/00 21:00 Lakeville (Canada) NB Other 5 minutes A rock like craft slowly moved across the night sky, it emitted a smaller same shape craft and zipped away. 1/31/04
7/20/00 21:00 South Padre Island TX Oval 8 seconds Bright amber light, very high speed, no sound or trail, east to west over Padre Island, summer 2000. 5/2/11
7/20/00 13:00 Donegal, Atlantic Drive (Republic of Ireland)
Sphere 2-4 minutes 2 silver/see through balls in the sky moving int he same direction but iratically 10/30/06
7/20/00 01:30 Longbranch NJ Flash 20 THERE WAS A BRIGHT LIOGHT 8/10/18
7/20/00 01:30 Marshfield VT Light six minutes See the Barre-Montpelier Times Argus daily newspaper of 7/21/00 "Talk of the Town" column. Several people called in the report. A rel 7/23/00
7/20/00 01:26 Franklin PA Disk 15 minutes third time in two weeks 7/23/00
7/19/00 23:30 Boise ID Circle 4- 5 minutes Blue, pulsating, flashing lights....separate crafts. 7/23/00
7/19/00 22:35 Fort Hood TX Light 2 sec. Bright light moving fast and stopping over a Military base. 8/5/00
7/19/00 22:35 Wellington (New Zealand)
7/19/00 21:38 Dana IL Circle few seconds a large silver blue tinted object 7/23/00
7/19/00 19:00 Venice CA Cigar 3 minutes A single, silent, white, cigar-shaped craft was sighted in a clear sky, one hour before sunset. 7/23/00
7/19/00 17:00 Cleveland OH Circle 2-3 min. small whit globe-like objects seen on clear day doing srange things. 7/23/00
7/19/00 13:00 El Paso TX Sphere 2 hrs Spheres in a triangular formation over the skies of El Paso, TX show their beauty as well as their capabilities and intelligence. 10/7/03
7/18/00 23:10 Twin Falls ID Sphere 70 sec obserbed military air craft chase whit light sphere. intensity like a star in cassoipea from south to north in straight line. could 7/23/00
7/18/00 18:30 Marysville CA Disk 5minutes The object rose from the invertion covered horizon as if it was using the combined smog and partial cloud layer for concealment. The c 7/23/00
7/18/00 12:00 London (UK/England)
Disk 5 secs reflective disc hovering above the ground. 2/18/01
7/18/00 11:35 Huntsville AL Circle 4 minutes I watched the object from my front yard as it changed size, shape, direction, speed and finally disapeared. 8/5/00
7/18/00 09:20 Elk City OK Disk two seconds Flying disk that looks silver in color and is moving extremely fast 7/29/00
7/18/00 09:20 Elk City OK Cigar 2 seconds Simply amazing view of a ufo caught on tape 7/23/00
7/17/00 23:52 Woodinville WA Disk approximately 5 seconds From my bedroon window I saw an obejct with seven white lights and one red pulsating light underneath it move from south to west. 7/23/00
7/17/00 22:40 Cedar Rapids IA Triangle 45-60 seconds Sighting of a triangular-shaped object judging by distinct lights on three corners. 7/23/00
7/17/00 22:30 Lake City CA Light 1 min Bright at rapid speed in NE corner of Calfornia 8/5/09
7/17/00 20:50 Silverdale WA Fireball 21:15 Strange glowing objects and a fireball. 7/23/00
7/17/00 08:30 Adelaide (Australia) SA Rectangle 5 minutes I was walking to school with my best friend, we both looked up at the same time and seen a large rectangular shaped silver object in th 1/4/19
7/16/00 22:50 Rockford IN Oval 6 MIN At first appeared in the western sky and was mistaken as a star. Until I saw movement. Moving from west to east at varied speeds. From 7/23/00
7/16/00 22:45 Melbourne (VIC, Australia)
Circle 10min Fire ball rised up from the ground to about 500m.Drops of molten like fire coming from it. Loud explosion,green flash speed off. 7/23/00
7/16/00 22:00 Wenatchee WA
watched till 11:30 bright star to the north of Wenatchee moving West to East! 7/23/00
7/16/00 21:58 Ridgecrest CA Light 10 seconds Orange, transluscet, plasma-like sphere traveled overhead from west to east, observed 10 sec. 7/23/00
7/16/00 20:00 Wenatchee WA Unknown
Wenatchee star-like object is Betelgeuse 7/23/00
7/16/00 18:05 Auburn WA Disk one hour Starting at 18:05 I witnessed at least 7 rounded/circular/oval objects in approx. a 140 degree arc approximating a line southeast to no 7/23/00
7/16/00 09:00 Issaquah WA Changing 1..45 I live in Issaquah Washington and viewed the following around the middle of July 2006.

Standing in my living room,we have a panaram
7/16/00 04:30 Mananita CA Sphere about 6 seconds bright green ball of light 8/19/00
7/16/00 03:00 Dunville (Canada) ON Light all night 3 unusual lights in sky over music festival 2/18/01
7/16/00 02:30 New Braunfels TX Circle in a car I SAW A FLYING OBJECT IN THE SKY, ROUND-LIKE AND REAL FAST 4/1/01
7/16/00 01:00 Portland OR Light 4sec Jade Comet? 8/5/00
7/16/00 00:34 Portland OR Light 1.5sec. Bright Green, Orange, and White lights 7/23/00
7/15/00 17:15 Orange CA Circle 15-20 sec. On a perfectly clear day I observed the shadow of an object 125-140 ft wide moving at 150 mph. 11/20/01
7/15/00 23:50 Vancouver (Canada) BC Changing 8 Min We noticed an object that at first looked strikingly like a distant comet but then behaved unlike any comet that we know of. 12/2/00
7/15/00 23:50 Bakersfield CA Triangle 15-20 sec. TRIANGLE SHAPE WITH TWO LIGHTS AT EACH END 1/22/04
7/15/00 23:00 Luna Pier MI Oval 4 minutes Seen UFO in Luna Pier Michigan. 8/5/01
7/15/00 22:30 Manistee Forest MI Unknown 20 sec Brightest light in the sky 7/13/05
7/15/00 22:30 Apopka FL Sphere less than 1 sec Routine sightings of round,lumenescent orb over the night sky in Apopka, Altamonte Springs FL...flies very fast ,fairly regularly. 9/17/00
7/15/00 22:20 Bath (UK/England)
Fireball 6 mins i saw it moveing from east to west it looked like a very slow fireball it had a pulsating light then it just turned off 7/23/00
7/15/00 22:00 Houston TX Other
We were all quite shaken up and we strained our ears for a sound even though the craft was slow and silent. 4/28/01
7/15/00 22:00 Clio MI Circle 10 minutes pulsating circular light moving SO to NW slowley at very high altitude 8/5/00
7/15/00 22:00 Loves Park IL Triangle est 3 minutes Trianglular object no sound flew over us as we were looking at stars. 10/30/06
7/15/00 22:00 Aloha OR Light 15 seconds This was a stationary large white light that then moved slowly south then picked up speed quickly disapeared. 7/23/00
7/15/00 21:30 Wichita KS Other 2 minutes Strange, unlit object on a low, straight path over city. 7/23/00
7/15/00 21:30 New City NY Triangle Saw a UFO i saw 2 different sightings of UFO's and someone else saw them too. They have come back to haunt me in dreams and scaring me! 12/2/00
7/15/00 20:50 Madison OH Cigar 2 seconds Very Fast Moving Object 7/23/00
7/15/00 20:25 Naperville IL Disk 45-60 sec Object was circular to oval shape with 3-4 dark areas (perhaps trapazoidal) on bottom and moved silently. 7/23/00
7/15/00 20:00 Geneva IL Sphere 5-6 seconds Blue Orb seen in Illinois. 5/4/04
7/15/00 19:30 Gilbert AZ Light 20 min Just reviewed your website. By the way, I enjoy your segments with Art Bell. Anyway, I saw the report on the red lights over Gilbert ov 2/18/01
7/15/00 18:50 Enochville NC Cylinder 30 seconds tube like object 12/2/00
7/15/00 18:00 Los Angeles CA Triangle 1 minute Brief sighting of a group of black triangles that suddenly disappeared. 8/14/07
7/15/00 16:00 Aurora/Woodburn OR Sphere 20-30 min I was on I-5 South around Aurora to Woodburn. The craft was a white sphere approximetly 5-10 miles away on the left side of the road. I 8/16/02
7/15/00 13:00 Amherstburg (Canada) ON Sphere 30 sec. Saw a cluster of silver orbs standing stationary in the sky in broad daylight ,while on our motorcycle .I told my husband and he looked 9/6/02
7/15/00 12:00 Vernal UT Disk 1-3 minutes Silver disk. 2/14/19
7/15/00 09:00 Windsor (Canada) ON
3 Days Woke up to a circular dounut shaped bruise on my left bicep which was NOT there when I went to bed! 2/18/01
7/15/00 09:00 Billerica MA Disk about 3:00 Two discs seen one loud one quiet. 2/14/06
7/15/00 07:00 Vancouver WA Circle 5 minutes siting over vancouver, Wa. 7/23/00
7/15/00 03:15 Guelph (Canada) ON Light 20-30sec Bright light moving from SSW to NNE that pulsed slowly from cool blue to brilliant white. 12/2/00
7/15/00 02:30 Jordan Valley (Jordan)
7/15/00 01:15 Cheshire OH Oval 3minutes I was outside in my yard when I saw the bright orange objects in a triangle patteren as they move across the sky. 7/23/00
7/15/00 01:00 Belgium
Fireball 3 seconds It was night and cloudy. It was like a fire ball going straight and very fast with an orange colour. We were on the road with my wife, 2/22/02
7/15/00 01:00 Miami FL Cigar 5 seconds The object in the sky was not identifiable or familiar to me at all. 4/27/07
7/15/00 01:00 Sayreville (near) NJ Cylinder 30 seconds Cylinder with round top and blue lights, in the sky above route 9 south jughandle 5/20/16
7/15/00 00:30 Palos Hills IL Unknown 5 seconds Green plasma ball style object over Chicago, IL 4/27/04
7/15/00 00:00 Lakinsk (Russia)
Light 40 seconds SPACE CIRCUS - Two UFOs were flying toward each other in the space. Before collapse, one stopped, the other made a half circle around. 3/8/07
7/14/00 23:30 Thibodaux LA Fireball 5h5m Riding in my uncles boat we saw a dome shape craft that flew at tree level, it was orange and accasionally changed white. 7/29/00
7/14/00 23:30 Sikeston MO Chevron 15-20 minutes Chevon Shaped Craft in Southeast Missouri 7/23/00
7/14/00 23:00 Olympia WA Light 1-2 seconds Unexplained bright light at satellite level which did not conform to ordinary sky sightings. 7/23/00
7/14/00 23:00 Little Rock AR Light 3 minutes A "star" looking object traeling across the sky, dissapearing behind a tree, then coming back out brighter then fading to blackness. 8/19/00
7/14/00 22:30 Tooele UT Unknown unknown I am reporting this information as secondhand only, but it sounded intriguing and was corroborated by two additional parties so I thoug 7/23/00
7/14/00 22:20 Quincy CA Egg 15 seconds Bright oval light covering 30 dgrees in 15 seconds on 07/14/00. Winked out of sight. 7/23/00
7/14/00 21:00 Ragly LA Unknown none The lights kept disappering and reappering. 6/20/05
7/14/00 18:00 Memphis TN Triangle less than a minute another triangle seen in memphis tennessee 7/29/00
7/14/00 17:40 Oklahoma City OK Cigar @ 1 minute Shining silver cigar, suspended in the sky, reflecting the sun, then turning dark, then disappearing... 7/23/00
7/14/00 03:00 Greensburg PA Other 10 minutes Strange glow in the woods 2/22/05
7/14/00 03:00 Troy NY Disk 30 seconds I watched a very bright object flying west for about 30 seconds before it took off at great speed . 7/23/00
7/14/00 03:00 Fresno CA Unknown not sure, possibly a coup A Rumble over Fresno California, at aproximately the same time as both a craft of some sort and a shooting star with a silver streak. 7/23/00
7/14/00 02:30 Pasquag RI Circle 2:40 it was 40 yards in diameter round had to bright white lights in the front and back to flashing lights on each side that randomly chang 7/23/00
7/14/00 02:00 Portland OR Flash 15 sec big blue flash and a blue zigzaging light 1/5/11
7/13/00 23:40 Summit NJ Disk 2 mins Couple of people in our house saw a brigh Saucer/ circle shaped object moving west to North on clear skies. The object was emitting wh 7/23/00
7/13/00 23:15 Norristown PA Light 15 minutes The objects I observed looked like just any other star in the sky,except they moved ... 7/23/00
7/13/00 22:23 Onalaska WI Fireball 8 minutes 2 "objects" or "fireballs" travelling at high speeds over West Central Wisconsin 7/23/00
7/13/00 22:00 Monterey Park CA Cigar 25 min brightlights it moved like a snake or wave motion look like a sting of lights with curves at each end 4/28/01
7/13/00 21:30 Addison NY Circle 15 min i thought it was a star till it started moving. 7/23/00
7/13/00 20:10 Gilbert AZ Circle 11:00 A bright red object, pulsing high in the sky, hovered for approximately 11:00. It made no sound nor had a jet trail. 7/23/00
7/13/00 20:00 Glendale AZ Fireball 12min. This time I went out to a hill to try to video tape the UFO again. And it came back at about the same time. I video taped the red UFO f 7/23/00
7/13/00 20:00 Gilbert AZ Light 10 minutes Looked like a red dot or few red dots just below the cloud level. 7/23/00
7/13/00 19:54 Gilbert AZ Diamond
7/13/00 19:25 Gilbert AZ Circle 25 minutes A red brilliant light hovered above my community for approximately 25 minutes, quickly disappearing into the sky. 7/23/00
7/12/00 23:30 Sherman NY Light 30-60 sec Me: I think I saw a streak or some sort of flashing that lasted for an unimaganably small amount of time (I saw this part out of the co 7/23/00
7/12/00 23:00 Casa AR Cigar 2 hours TINY GREEN SKIPPING LIGHTS IN CASA NEAR PETTITJEAN MT. 11/28/07
7/12/00 23:00 Route 280 Exit 1 NJ Egg
Dear Sirs: I like to report the UFO witnessing. On July 12, 2000 around 11 PM I was driving back home from New Jersey Route 280 West 4/28/01
7/12/00 22:00 Falfurias TX Light 5 minutes While traveling with my husband and two friends, we saw bright red lights flying low. 7/23/00
7/12/00 20:35 Gilbert AZ Light 2min red bright pulsating light 7/23/00
7/12/00 20:30 Glendale AZ Light 5min. I saw and then video taped a red ufo that would pulsate ,and then a white ufo shot over the top of the red one I was taping. 11/20/01
7/12/00 20:19 Chandler AZ Circle 12 minutes blood red object videotaped with 2 camera over Phoenix valley 7/23/00
7/12/00 20:10 Gilbert AZ Diamond 5 MINUTES It look like a red diamond in the sky...... 7/23/00
7/12/00 20:10 Gilbert AZ Diamond 5 MINUTES The shape appeared to be more of a "collapesed star or diamond" it was a bright red light moving very slow. The shape move slowly eas 7/23/00
7/12/00 20:10 Gilbert AZ Fireball 5 MINUTES A very slow bright & shiny red fireball. It looked like the fireball was from space because it was higher than the airplanes. 7/23/00
7/12/00 20:00 Gilbert AZ Unknown 10 minutes Observed a bright red large glowing light moving very slowly over Gilbert, AZ from the west to the east 8/5/00
7/12/00 20:00 Scottsdale AZ Fireball
wierd object 8/5/01
7/12/00 20:00 Gilbert AZ Light 10 to 15 minutes The object was south of the phoenix area. It was red in color and pulsated dim to bright. It appeared to be stationary. It also puls 7/23/00
7/12/00 19:50 Spring Glen NY Disk 3-5 seconds Observed a typical type saucer traveling from Northwest to Southeast at approximately 2,000 to 2,500 feet above ground. The Saucer was 7/23/00
7/12/00 18:30 Portland OR Cylinder 30-45 seconds I saw a cylindrical object hovering and moving in a "square" pattern and then it sped away at a great rate of speed. 7/29/00
7/12/00 09:57 Rim Rock AZ Circle 17 minutes Date: Wednesday, July 12, 2000 10:39 PM 7/23/00
7/12/00 01:56 Franklin PA Disk 1 hour Disc shaped object over NW Pa 7/23/00
7/12/00 Manooth (Canada) ON Disk around 1h 30m I'm 14 yrs old and have a interest in ufos. this happen while I was having a stay at my cottage we had just arrived and upacked. we at 1/3/01
7/12/00 Nashville TN Sphere 25:00-25:40 while driving on a backroad two passengers saw a sphere hovering in the sky. It dissapeared in a white flash after 30 minutes. 1/3/01
7/11/00 09:00 Torrington CT Sphere 15 minutes It seemed to hover ,change color and take off 7/23/00
7/11/00 03:30 Bridgewater CT Changing 3 minutes A slow moving white light that came to a halt and then formed a circle of five small white lights which rotated in a clockwise directio 7/11/00
7/11/00 02:30 Shohola Falls PA Light Approx: 2 minutes After having pulled off the road at the Shohola Falls gameland access, I was enjoying a star filled sky which was "very clear" tonight. 7/11/00
7/11/00 00:30 Salem (approx. 30 miles north of) OR Unknown 5-8 sec. Slow moving, horizontally flying object. 7/23/00
7/10/00 23:30 Flagstaff AZ Other around 2 hours I was on my way home, when I noticed some flashing in the sky around the mountain thinking it was the towers then one shot out northeas 7/23/00
7/10/00 23:15 St. George Island FL Triangle 5-7mins We were sitting on the front porch of our beach house and out of no where big orange lights with no sound appeared 7/23/00
7/10/00 22:45 Wellington (New Zealand)
Changing round 4 hrs It was changing shape and the colours were beautiful 7/23/00
7/10/00 22:30 Lithgow (NSW, Australia)
Cross 1 minute My family,friends and I were camping at Newnes a camp site near Lithgow inside a National Park. We had done a Canyon that day and every 12/2/00
7/10/00 20:30 Redland/Estacada OR Circle few seconds Bright metallic object at base of Mt. Hood 7/23/00
7/10/00 20:00 Downers Grove IL Sphere 2-3 min The gaurd of the building I work in was called by the gaurd of teh sister building asking what the "lights " were. he proceded outside 7/23/00
7/10/00 19:00 Tomah WI Cigar 2-mins A co-worker and I were having our break outside at the factory at which we work. We both saw a cigar shape object to the north and o 7/11/00
7/10/00 17:00 Big Pine CA Other 15-30 seconds strange car occupants? 2/14/06
7/10/00 13:00 Virginia Beach VA Unknown 2 seconds last summer while recording a low flying airplane at my rc club field,something above the airplane flew by with great speed super fast, 8/5/01
7/10/00 12:15 Commerce City CO Light 30 minutes Three star like objects seen in broad daylight on two seperate days 7/29/00
7/10/00 03:00 Evanston IL Other one minute I saw a bright light similiar to a starburst fade out and disappear and then faded back to a very bright light. It was about 3:10 a.m. 7/23/00
7/10/00 01:40 Milwaukie OR Light 30 sec I was going out to roll up windows in car. Just stepped one foot onto porch when this bright light caught my eye in the sky. It was whi 7/29/00
7/10/00 00:10 New Westminster (Canada) BC Circle 2 HOURS I watched what i thought was a satalite untill it stopped and stared to move eraticly across the sky 7/23/00
7/9/00 20:30 Satellite Beach FL Other 3 SECONDS Flat, grey objects soar through nite sky near Kennedy Space Center in Florida 1/11/02
7/9/00 18:00 Salt Lake City UT Oval 13 mins The ufo appeared to wobble in the sky moving very slowly North bound. I'm not sure how large the craft was. but it was a donut or ring 7/23/00
7/9/00 12:00 Palmer MA Unknown Approx. 1 Min. Unknown black object caught fling straight up on video tape by accident. 9/12/03
7/9/00 09:15 Franklin Square NY Unknown 50 sec Long Conta-trail 7/23/00
7/9/00 08:30 Torrington CT Light 20-30minutes It was a bright light that took off at a fast speed. 7/23/00
7/9/00 07:45 Klamath National Wildlife Refuge OR Cylinder 10 min. Bright silver cylinder approx. 3000 ft altitude; silent; hovering motionlessly; clear blue sky, sun at my back; no markings, engine, wi 7/23/00
7/8/00 23:25 Paint Lick KY Unknown one minute In conclusion, I do not think it was a conventional craft . 7/11/00
7/8/00 22:50 Salem OR Unknown 10 seconds very fast low unknown shape red lights only NO noise covered half the horizon in 10 seconds or less going north to south not a plane ! 1/11/02
7/8/00 22:00 Santa Rosa/Forestville CA Light 1 sec Fast moving greenish object going from east-to-west somewhere southeast of Santa Rosa, CA at about 22:00 on 07-08-00 7/23/00
7/8/00 21:50 Stanwood - I-5 corridor WA Fireball 3 minutes? two dancing fireballs, one red light 7/11/00
7/8/00 20:30 Poway CA Unknown 30 minutes Very strange, luminous blue "cloud" at around 8:pm. 7/23/00
7/8/00 20:00 Ceres CA Unknown 8 minutes Blue Streak with UFO Trailing in Ceres, California 7/11/00
7/8/00 15:22 North San Francisco CA Disk 3 or 4 minutes 2 aircraft circilling each other 4/22/03
7/7/00 22:30 St. George UT Light 26minutes lights in the sky 7/11/00
7/7/00 22:10 Winnemucca NV Light 3 minutes We spotted a beam of light coming from a bright circle, that left a green residue in the sky. 7/11/00
7/7/00 22:00 Kingston Springs TN Fireball 3 @ 5" ea first sighting - white light / red light disc shaped low flying / near interstate exit second and third sighting - both occurred off 8/25/00
7/7/00 21:35 Sacramento CA Rectangle 4 Minutes Long Lasting Fireball blazes accross Sacramento Sky 7/11/00
7/7/00 21:35 Riveside CA Light ? very bright ball of light looked like a huge flashlight shining down from the sky , disapeared up into the sky in a blink of an eye aft 7/11/00
7/7/00 21:30 Pacific Palisades CA Other 20 Minutes White glow in large plume of clouds, white glow changed to blue then green. 7/23/00
7/7/00 21:30 Tacna (approx) AZ Light 30 minutes A bright light appeared leaving a glowing cloud behind which lasted approx 30 minutes 8/19/00
7/7/00 21:30 Tonapah NV
12 minutes My sister-in-law, nephew and I were driving from Las Vegas toward Reno last Saturday (July 8, 2000). It was around 9:30 (?) and we wer 7/23/00
7/7/00 21:30 Kingman (desert, out of) AZ Light 10 mins Light over the Arizona Mohave Desert , Hoover Dam. 7/23/00
7/7/00 21:30 Covina CA Oval 20 minutes Grey Object hovers over house in Covina, surrounds observer with a beam of light then bright blue shape remains in sky. 7/11/00
7/7/00 21:30 Santa Rosa CA Light 30 seconds A bright lit flying object, with trailing blue/green streak, bright light instant vaporized, leaving blue/green streak for 20 minutes. 7/11/00
7/7/00 21:30 Sacramento CA Fireball 15 seconds light in sky, exiting atmosphere, which then exploded. 7/11/00
7/7/00 21:30 Los Angeles CA Sphere 5 mins I was driving uphill to my home, and was pointing upward to the sky, i noticed the sky was clear and can clearly see the moon...To the 7/11/00
7/7/00 21:30 Thermal (near, Torres Martinez Indian Reservation) CA Light appx 1 minute A bright white beam and a large, bright blue beam and the white beam object disappeared behind an out of place 'cloud' . 7/11/00
7/7/00 21:30 Las Vegas NV Light 20-30min. I was driving with a friend and saw this illuminating bright white light shining through a green haze. 7/11/00
7/7/00 21:25 West Covina CA Light 5mins (OBject may have be I saw a bright white light, the light disappeared and left a cloud of GLOWING blue smoke. 7/11/00
7/7/00 21:22 Red Bluff CA Fireball 2 minutes We were driving south on Interstate 5 when we witnessed it. Other cars were pulling off the road also, to observe. 7/11/00
7/7/00 21:21 Red Rock Canyon NV Oval 23 Minutes Silent craft within 3 miles comes to with in 1/2 mile, very close to ground; observed for 23 minutes. 7/11/00
7/7/00 21:20 Visalia CA Light 5 minutes we were in the back yard and watched as the object moved and left a glowing blue contrail or cloud which stayed in the same position 7/11/00
7/7/00 21:20 Sunnyvale CA Circle 10 minutes. Slow horizontally flying noiseless oject with cosmic blue beam suddenly switched off lights, lifted vertically and disappeared 7/23/00
7/7/00 21:20 Sunnyvale CA Circle 10 minutes Slow horizontally flying noiseless oject with cosmic blue beam suddenly switched off lights, lifted vertically and disappeared. 7/11/00
7/7/00 21:15 Los Angeles CA Light 5 - 10 minutes Bright white light w/ Halo around...backing away from us....Emitted a BLUE BEAM.. halo turned blue and object backed out of view. 7/23/00
7/7/00 21:10 Woodland CA Cone 3-5 minutes Clear night sky, object traveled upward at 40 degree angle moving from southeast to northwest. At first it almost looked like a jet tak 7/11/00
7/7/00 21:00 Citrus Heights CA Other 5 to 7 min. 7/7/002100 hrs 7 people saw a disk shaped ?flaming from the sw and left a bluegreen haze that lingered for a long time 7/11/00
7/7/00 21:00 Los Angeles CA Light 2MIN As I was driveing on the 10 from west covina to Santa monica I seen this Light in the sky it was brite white and still then it moved up 7/11/00
7/7/00 21:00 San Diego (Mira Mesa) CA Light 10 minutes Bright central white light with green triangular light in sky 7/23/00
7/7/00 20:30 Santa Clara CA Light 10 minutes? turqoise light in the sly ((NUFORC Note: Missile launch from Vandenberg AFB. Many reports. PD)) 7/11/00
7/7/00 12:05 Cadillac MI Oval 2 or 3 minutes I saw an oval-shaped thing in the sky, turning several times, high above the clouds. 7/11/00
7/7/00 11:00 Torrevieja (Spain)
Triangle 1 hour we all stopped at a shop in torrevieja / alicante spain and heard whizzling . as we looked up to the sky , we saw three triangle shap 7/11/00
7/7/00 04:15 Cleveland OH Unknown
bright orange light, no sound. 7/11/00
7/7/00 03:00 Pointe Claire (Canada) PQ Light 1.5 sec I was stargazing by river,3 AM,saw a very bright meteor trail,lasted 1.5 secs,,prob is ,it took a quick turn and vanished. 7/23/00
7/7/00 01:45 Frederick MD Sphere 5 minutes Bright metalic sphere rotating fast in a circular pattern. 5/15/13
7/7/00 01:25 Pembroke (Canada) ON Unknown 4-5 seconds I saw something unexplainable and was concerned for the Military Base 8 miles away! 4/8/02
7/7/00 01:00 Highland Park IL Fireball 2 Minutes A fireball like object floated in the sky ahead for about 2 minutes and then dropped into the woods below never to be seen again. 2/24/07
7/6/00 23:20 Babylon NY Formation 10-15 min My girlfriend and I saw a formation of 3 lights fly overhead and re-enter space one by one. 7/11/00
7/6/00 23:14 Salt Lake City UT Other 20 sec. a boomerang shaped object moving northwest to the southeast over salt lake city. 7/11/00
7/6/00 23:00 Airdrie (Canada) AB Light Unknown HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Bright lights, possible missing time. 12/9/03
7/6/00 22:00 Barstow CA Cigar 10 minutes Two white (non blinking) lights at the end of a short cigar shaped light came on between them. 7/23/00
7/6/00 21:30 Columbia MO Triangle 5-10 minutes 07/06/00 21:30 Columbia, MO Huge black triangle, bright lights at tips hovering over city 5-10 minutes. Slowly moving east then gone! 9/29/04
7/6/00 20:45 South Ontario CA Cylinder Three minutes Bright, white lights blinking in random pattern coming from very translucent cylinder that made no sound and was lit up by a jet. 8/25/00
7/6/00 20:30 Thornton CO Cylinder 5-10 minutes Yellow cylinder heading east bound towrds DIA. 7/11/00
7/6/00 20:30 Marinette/Menominee WI Cylinder 30 min. My wife and I watched a bright cylinder-shaped object descend at sunset over Green Bay bay for 30 minutes. 7/23/00
7/6/00 20:30 Thornton CO Cylinder 05 minutes Long yellowish cylinder, narrow in the middle, passes steadily and slowly east of DIA, then vanishes after halfing. 7/11/00
7/6/00 20:15 Rockford IL Changing 2-3 seconds small orange light suddenly changed shape and disappeared! 7/11/00
7/6/00 09:59 Koenigsleten (Austria)
Disk don't know Webcam shot of UFO in Austria. 7/11/00
7/6/00 01:30 Blood-Vein River (Canada) MB Unknown 7 seconds Unknown military aircraft over wilderness in Manitoba 2/18/01
7/6/00 01:00 Easton PA Sphere 10 seconds object flashed on then blinked out after 10 seconds 7/11/00
7/6/00 00:30 Lincoln City OR Cross 15 sec late saturday night camping at a koa 7/11/00
7/5/00 22:15 Corvallis OR Other 1-2 seconds White, illuminated cresent seen at high velocity, lit up cloud, no sound. 8/5/01
7/5/00 21:00 Kingman AZ Other 2 minutes The object remained above the atmosphere, dipped, became slightly larger, went back up and was gone. 7/11/00
7/5/00 20:20 San Diego CA Cigar 2-3 minutes a cigar shaped object with a light at the end seen in La Jolla, which made no noise, and was pursued by military jets. 7/23/00
7/5/00 19:30 Schnecksville PA Oval about 5 seconds On my bike when i saw a shiny silver oval not in motion and when i came out of some trees it was gone. 7/11/00
7/5/00 16:00 Wildwood Coast NJ Cylinder 1 minute Saw shiny, metallic, coffee can-shaped object while flying in plane south along New Jersey Coastline at 4 PM 7/23/00
7/5/00 05:47 Seattle WA Light 2-4 second On my way home entering the Ballard bridge I look up in the sky to enjoy the scienery. At the same time I notice a bright green light p 8/19/00
7/4/00 23:30 Graham WA Cigar still occuring cigar shaped craft to the south with red and blue-green lights 7/11/00
7/4/00 23:30 Roslyn WA Light 1 1/2 to 2 hrs Bright light sighted for 1 1/2 to 2 hours bouncing eratically in a specific area of the sky. 2/18/01
7/4/00 23:15 Interlochen MI Light 2 - 3 Minutes At about 11:15 pm on July 4th, while watching a fireworks display in a rural area south of Interlochen, MI, I noticed a fast moving lig 7/11/00
7/4/00 23:00 Toledo OH Triangle 20 minutes A white triangle formation was seen along northern Ohio toll road. 12/9/03
7/4/00 23:00 Oakland MD Triangle 4 min Triangle with lights no sound 8/5/01
7/4/00 22:30 Tacoma WA Light 10 - 15 min Absolutely stationary red light for 10 - 15 minutes, then abruptly took off towards the South. 7/11/00
7/4/00 22:30 Tacoma WA Other 5.Minets 7-4-00@ 10:30 pm my wife and three others sowe large craft over MT Ranier very bright redish orange lite 2/14/06
7/4/00 22:30 Houston TX Fireball 20 MIN. two beautiful bright red fire like balls, but really shape like footballs, just standing still for about twenty min., then just gone!! 2/18/01
7/4/00 22:25 Tacoma WA Light 5 minutes bright red light hovering above the clouds, then accelerating away. 7/11/00
7/4/00 22:15 Riverview FL Circle <5 minutes Similar orange lights viewed simultaneously by people in two states in two time zones, (IA and FL). 7/23/00
7/4/00 22:15 Puyallup WA Circle 8-10 minutes red ball streaks across the sky 7/11/00
7/4/00 22:00 Tacoma WA Circle 15 min bright red and stayed stationery for sometime 7/11/00
7/4/00 22:00 Des Moines IA Light 10 minutes Red Light in the Southern Sky on the Fourth of July 3/16/01
7/4/00 22:00 West Des Moines IA Circle 1 hour Red Light Hovering over West Des Moines Iowa 7/23/00
7/4/00 21:50 Tacoma WA Light 20.min 7/4/00 red light in tacoma wa 7/11/00
7/4/00 21:45 Conyers GA Light 5-10 seconds Simple unmoving red light close to the moon that simply disappeared. 8/19/00
7/4/00 21:30 Des Moines (metro area) IA Light 45 minutes Light in sky from which (twice) descended another smaller light. Moved AGAINST wind no matter what direction. 12/2/00
7/4/00 21:00 Windsor Heights IA Light hour We saw a bright red light during a fireworks display in Des Moines. 12/2/00
7/4/00 21:00 Urbandale IA Light 1 hour Red Light in Urbandale Iowa July 4th 2000 6/20/05
7/4/00 21:00 Pacific City OR Light 5-10seconds I'm sure I saw a real alien aircraft! 7/16/06
7/4/00 20:40 St. Louis (Webster Groves) MO Fireball 5-10 minuts looked like fireballs size of a bead compared to moon diffrent colored trails (according to individual balls) slowly moving trails were 9/2/05
7/4/00 18:00 Potsdam NY Triangle 3 minutes I do not know the exact date, but it was late summer in Potsdam NY during the 4th of july weekend around 3 or 4 years ago, I think it w 10/27/04
7/4/00 17:30 Loves Park IL Cigar 40 minutes long worm type object that changed shape. never decended but gained altitude and disappeared into clouds. 7/23/00
7/4/00 03:00 Columbus GA Light 10 seconds Light grows and shrinks in size, brightens and dims, then disappears. 7/11/00
7/4/00 02:30 Colorado Springs CO Light 45sec Slow moving, solid light moving across the sky, then 30-35 sec. later a light shot down at very high velocity. 7/11/00
7/3/00 22:30 Colebrook NH Changing half hour Green glowing craft which changed shape and color when it landed on the highway. 7/23/00
7/3/00 21:45 Anderson/Redding CA Light 2 minutes Redding/Anderson Fireworks July 3rd, 2000 3/16/01
7/3/00 19:00 Boston NY Light UFO i saw a bright light rising very slowly by a tree. 9/17/00
7/3/00 17:00 Meridian ID Other 10 - 15 sec. Was observing another aircraft when I saw this object, making no sound, travel in a straight line from west to east an go out of sight. 7/11/00
7/3/00 17:00 Cottage Grove WA Rectangle 30 SECONDS SKY SEEMED TO OPEN AND RETANGULAR CRAFT APPPEARED 7/11/00
7/3/00 15:30 Las Vegas NV Oval 2 min When I saw the objects I thought they were pretty amazing 7/11/00
7/3/00 02:45 Dedham MA Unknown 1 min Green light beam from the sky. 11/16/02
7/3/00 01:00 Kewaunee WI Disk 2-3 minutes Very calm night, saw an orange light from underneath, and on the sides of it. . It made no sound. 3/2/04
7/2/00 22:30 Ice House Campground (Hiway 50) CA Formation 20 minutes Triangular formation of lights (not one object) + additional objects 7/11/00
7/2/00 22:10 West Windsor NJ Disk
I was driving at night and saw a bright saucer shaped object moving very rapidly from right to left across the sky. 7/11/00
7/2/00 22:00 West Fork AR Light 30+ minutes White lights in distant sky travelling rapidly in separate directions observed by group for over 30 minutes. 4/28/01
7/2/00 21:45 East Windsor NJ Oval 3 Minutes Driving home with wife, son and cousin and saw it as we were driving. I stopped to looked at, and lost it behind the trees. 7/11/00
7/2/00 21:15 Mount Pleasant SC Circle 3 min 3 red orbs silently crossing the sky 7/4/11
7/2/00 13:30 Largo FL Cigar 5 min pulsating cigar shaped object,shiny &transparent 7/26/02
7/2/00 01:20 Land Between The Lakes KY Triangle 5 seconds My wife and I were camping and the sky was very clear that night, unfortunatly she was sleeping and missed it. The triangle shaped obje 8/5/01
7/2/00 00:30 Orcas Island (San Juan Islands) WA Formation TEN MINUTES possible UFO sighting over Orcas Island, San Juan Islands, Washington on July 2, 2000 7/29/00
7/1/00 23:00 Leiden (Netherlands)
Rectangle one minute Fast moving object in night sky. 5/13/12
7/1/00 22:30 Sierra Nevada Mtns (Big Five Lakes) CA Unknown 1-3 minutes Extremely large fireball with gas trailing behind it for at least a minute and appeared as if it was going to crash. 7/23/00
7/1/00 22:30 Salinas CA Fireball 15 seconds One brightly lit ball that left a trail. 7/11/00
7/1/00 22:15 New York City (Staten Island) NY Triangle 5 minutes triangle shaped,lights on bottom,silent,no aircraft tail,flat 8/16/02
7/1/00 22:15 San Jose CA Fireball 25 sec Long, steady flight path leaving a trail the width of a finger held at arms 7/11/00
7/1/00 22:00 Banbury (UK/England)
Fireball 5 mins Two orange lights travelling at high speed above the Burton Dasset hills, England 7/11/00
7/1/00 22:00 Palmyra NY Unknown 6-7 seconds. I saw two rows of well lit windows suspended over the trees. 4/18/12
7/1/00 21:00 Sewell NJ Rectangle 30Sec. a black rectangular void in which unknown objects were going in . 12/7/06
7/1/00 21:00 Phoenix AZ Formation 1 or 2 minutes The lights stretched out in a arc type fashion, stationary, evenly spaced and appeared to be as big as Camelback Mountain. 6/18/04
7/1/00 19:00 Stockton CA Disk 15 minutes Saucer hovers three stories above car, lights around rim, no sound, 1/21/08
7/1/00 19:00 Bellingham WA Triangle unknown Drove up to Triangle craft hovering in front/above farmhouse next to county road, at one point was above our car. 1/31/11
7/1/00 17:00 Waco TX Circle west A light in waco, TX. 12/12/09
7/1/00 16:00 Austin TX Cigar 00:15 Needleship? Bright straight line of light over Austin, Texas. 1/12/18
7/1/00 16:00 Ogden UT Oval 2-3 seconds Our family was discussing the day’s events while driving in the car. 4 people in the car. My daughter and myself in the front seats. I 8/5/12
7/1/00 15:00 Defiance OH Cross 5 minutes Small silent aircraft like object observed in rural area that did not "behave" like any known object, such as a bird or toy plane. 2/18/01
7/1/00 14:00 Ponca OK Light 30seconds mid day above water appearing to land and then submerge in the water no noise aproximate 3 ft in size 1/17/04
7/1/00 13:00 Naugatuck CT Sphere ~10 minutes A sphere seen low in the sky hovering, but making no noise. Vanishes in an instant with no sign of propulsion.Just gone. 3/24/16
7/1/00 11:45 San Pedro CA Oval 10-15 seconds Black oval moving without lights in the night sky. 7/11/00
7/1/00 04:30 Ottawa (Canada) ON
5 min Case.Visit. We live in a highrise in Ottawa.28 of june walking outside approximately 11 clock pm we saw a large light in the sky roughl 12/2/00
7/1/00 04:00 Tylertown, MS/Memphis,TN MS Light hours orange light getting closer by the hour; 2 aliens seen by my own eyes.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
7/1/00 03:50 Ojai CA Triangle 20 min. Saw one Small craft and one large craft ,Both very bright. 7/11/00
7/1/00 03:30 Baker CA Cigar 30 mins? the object was fast quiet and meant business as it chased us, we then knew we were in danger!! 7/11/00
7/1/00 03:30 Baker CA Cigar 30-40 minutes it was aclear night in the desert.this craft chased our car three times at speeds of 90mph almost touching car. 7/11/00
7/1/00 03:11 Midland MI Light 4 minutes Observation of stationary then moving bright light in sky, possibly linked to large dark object passing overhead 10 min later. 12/2/00
7/1/00 03:00 Indianapolis IN Triangle >1 minute Triangular UFO, with protruding windows, over a field in Indiana 10/21/16
7/1/00 03:00 Crystal Beach TX Triangle 45 sec large black triangle completely silent with very dim lights on each corner 12/16/05
7/1/00 02:30 Bismarck ND Light 10 min. A small light slightly bigger than the surrounding stars darting to and fro for about ten minutes. 12/2/00
7/1/00 01:00 Santa Rosa CA Sphere 4-5 hours lots and lots of lights 1/10/09
7/1/00 00:10 George WA Light 2 sec Vivid green tailed light seen slightly arcing in the SE sky,lasting less than 2 sec , while driving on a remote road in Eastern WA 7/11/00