National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 04/2000
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
4/30/00 23:41 Port Washington WI Fireball 1 minute There was a extremely bright fireball in the South sky. 5/11/00
4/30/00 22:30 Portland OR Circle 10-13 minutes initially seen while I was "indisposed" of. 5/3/00
4/30/00 22:30 Corvallis OR Disk 20-30 secs Flying grey disk over Corvallis,Or 5/3/00
4/30/00 22:00 Layton UT Triangle 60 seconds Noticed a off grey triangle shape object moving from south to north just above horizon. 5/3/00
4/30/00 05:00 UK/England
Unknown 20 mins 500 moving lights 11/4/02
4/30/00 01:30 Southampton (UK/England)
Triangle 15 seconds large near black object triangle in shape 5/3/00
4/30/00 00:12 Franklin MA Diamond 10 minutes Black diamond shaped object with two white circles in the center and red blinking lights rotating around those white lights. Object had 5/3/00
4/30/00 00:00 South Lyon MI Disk 1 hour They were moving very fast across the sky and making quick turns. Also the spent alot of time hovering. 5/3/00
4/29/00 23:11 Butte Falls OR Light 20 seconds Slow moving bright light becomes extremely bright and ascends straight up and out of sight very quickly. 5/11/00
4/29/00 23:10 Eagle Point OR Circle 120sec britelightwentintobigdipperthenstraightup 5/11/00
4/29/00 23:00 Raccoon Creek State Park PA Triangle 3 minutes Three lights, appearing to move at same speed, when lights moved in front of stars, the triangle middle was shown to have mass, as the 5/3/00
4/29/00 22:30 Ogden UT Circle 4 min. i seen a red ball like thing coming from south to north along the mountains.and it was moving realy fast. 5/3/00
4/29/00 22:29 Floral Park NY Disk 15 seconds Was observing thru telescope for casual astronomy. Looked up in the sky to find a target star in Ursa Major when I saw due East at arou 5/3/00
4/29/00 20:30 Wittmann AZ Flash 2200 First spotted flashing light just above mountain ridge line to the south of my home, at first it was steady and would pulse, then it be 5/3/00
4/29/00 19:00 Santa Maria CA Oval
There was a oval shaped craft with lights flashing in a pattern: Red, green, blue, then a blinding flash. It appeared to be chasing a 5/3/00
4/28/00 23:59 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Light 5 minutes While getting ready for bed I noticed these lights that zoomed across the sky in various movements, it was not a shooting star 12/2/00
4/28/00 23:15 Des Moines IA Unknown 2 minutes What I thought was just a satellite, with binoculars I see 3 traveling together at the same speed. 5/3/00
4/28/00 22:28 Bossier City LA Chevron 10 seconds I was standing outside to smoke just before David Letterman tonight. I always smoke outside, never inside; but, I do not ever expect t 5/3/00
4/28/00 22:10 Seattle WA Other 3.5-4.0sec on 04/28/00 at roughly 22:10 i looked off my front porch and saw a big round bright light traveling verry fast ,it made no was 5/11/00
4/28/00 22:07 Seattle WA Light 1.5 seconds Bright green object flying fast northbound, north of University of Washington in Seattle 7/23/00
4/28/00 22:07 Federal Way WA Cigar one second At 10:07 pm Friday night I left my car to enter house. I looked skyward and saw a blue and saw a blue cigar shaped object streak from a 6/12/02
4/28/00 22:07 Federal Way WA Cigar second On that evening I had just returned home and was listening to the news on the radio in my car. The time was 10:06 when I got out and l 6/12/02
4/28/00 22:05 Seattle (Ballard) WA Disk 10 sec. A very bright object passed between the trees very fast with no sound. 5/3/00
4/28/00 22:00 Aldergrove (Canada) BC Oval 10 seconds We were driving down the road when all of a sudden a bright blue light appeared below the cloud and started to move very fast. 12/2/00
4/28/00 21:00 Seattle WA Fireball 2 seconds Fireball flying from SW to NE. Appeared white hot with "chunks" of burning material trailing. Round, very large or very low. Very fast, 6/6/00
4/28/00 21:00 Wheeling WV Triangle 30 seconds Huge triangular light formation. 5/3/00
4/28/00 04:30 Grants Pass (Murphy area) OR Circle 2 minutes Flying at high speed from West to East. White star like UFO. Wasn't staying in a straight flight pattern. 5/3/00
4/27/00 23:38 Plano TX Triangle 3 seconds I saw a craft moving at an incredible speed, from north to south. The object was lit on it's underside, but only in a pattern of a rod. 5/3/00
4/27/00 22:15 Hot Springs AR Cigar 10-20 seconds A large very fast moving craft. It had four bright white lights in a row angled downward. At first the lights looked like there were st 5/3/00
4/27/00 21:00 San Felipe, Baja de California (Mexico)

3+/- min Something in the night sky! 5/11/00
4/27/00 20:40 Dallas TX Light 10 seconds April 27 sighting in Dallas TX. Possibly the same object previously reported from Plano TX. 6/21/00
4/27/00 18:04 Coos Bay OR Light 3 sec.+20 sec. moving light,very bright not like meteor,but moving like one. left fine contrail. 5/11/00
4/27/00 13:00 Lewiston ME Light 00:2 It was about 1:00 pm. My friend and I were playing Wiffle ball when A very bright, orange ball appeared out of nowhere, probably a few 5/3/00
4/27/00 12:30 Orlando FL Other app. 15 I seen 2 star looking object move across the sky 4/8/02
4/27/00 12:20 Pretoria (South Africa)
Sphere 2min Was playing golf, saw white glowing object in the sky manoevering rapidly. Object was very high, almost in line with cirrus clouds as i 5/3/00
4/27/00 09:15 Palm Springs (outside of) CA Triangle 45 seconds Dull Black Triangle with unattached capsule hovering briefly, then took off at an unbelievable speed-no noise! 6/12/11
4/27/00 07:25 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Cylinder 5 min I was driving on Waverly in Winnipeg, MB Canada at 7:25 am and I saw a white cylinder object with no lights, no propulsion system. 12/2/00
4/26/00 21:30 Bolingbrook IL Oval 5 minutes Saw flashing light UFO while driving home, UFO in northeast sky. Lights went out on street. 8/19/00
4/25/00 23:30 San Rafael CA Light 3 seconds Green light came down in the western horizon 5/3/00
4/25/00 23:15 Carrollton TX Formation 4 mins I saw what looked to be like a mist coming across the sky to the west of where I was at. As I watched it I saw A formation of what look 5/3/00
4/25/00 22:00 Orangeville (rural)(Canada) ON Triangle 30 seconds Large, black object, moving silently & very slowly. 9/15/16
4/25/00 21:30 Kankakee (rural country area) IL Circle 0000 First noted as a bright star, but when looked at through binoculars it was noted to be green, red and white and spinning like police li 5/3/00
4/25/00 21:25 Grand Rapids MI
1-3 minutes Loud noise of an extremely low flying plane in Grand Rapids, MI, 4/25/08, from E or SE, sounded like it was going to crash. 6/12/08
4/25/00 19:00 Coventry (UK/England)
Formation not known Photographs of a strange formation the appears to be in the sky. 6/6/00
4/25/00 02:10 Wood Dale IL Other two minutes Driving home from work, I saw aircraft descending for ohara airport landing...four blocks from worksite, I looked back to watch descent 5/3/00
4/25/00 00:30 Wheaton MD Circle 3 minutes 19 yr old man describes UFO sights in Maryland at night and in broad daylight. 2/18/01
4/24/00 23:30 Great Falls MT Unknown 3-5 minutes Beam of light in field, no visble object and no noise, approximitely a mile or less away, 8/5/12
4/24/00 23:15 Eagle River (far east of) AK Light 60 seconds Far east of Eagle River, spotted a star and 2 lights in the sky between 2 mountain peaks. One of the lights was red, one was white. T 5/3/00
4/24/00 22:30 Chino Hills CA Circle 30sec. A big green circle came out of the sky suddenly and then desinigrated just above me 4/26/00
4/24/00 22:30 Cincinnati OH Egg 30 Seconds At about 10:30PM, I was on westbound I-275 and Highway 128 when a Huge EGG or Top shape object was right above my vechile moving north. 5/3/00
4/24/00 20:00 Venice CA Diamond 10:00 one diamond shaped flying object with blue, gold and red lights. It was circle with a diamond shape inside it. It was at night approxim 12/2/00
4/24/00 19:52 Tulsa OK Fireball 6 minutes + Large fireball traveling rapidly in a SW direction 4/26/00
4/24/00 18:08 San Jose (approx. 15 miles east of) CA Sphere 2 seconds A bright, shiny, metallic-object, seen from commercial passenger aircraft. 4/26/00
4/24/00 00:20 Palmetto (just east of, off I-85) GA Triangle 5-7 min Silent black triangle the size of a 747. More acute than equilateral in shape. 2 strobes toward the back; rapidly flashing in perfect t 4/26/00
4/23/00 23:00 Eugene OR Disk 10 min. It followed me for about 10 minutes. 2/8/05
4/23/00 22:00 Arivaca AZ Other 2 minutes riders on the storm 7/23/00
4/23/00 21:30 Scarborough (Toronto) (Canada) ON Disk 10 seconds I was looking west watching a commercial jet fly overhead and noticed three disc shaped objects that formed a triangle move quickly and 12/2/00
4/23/00 21:00 Riverside CA Light 2 or 3 min I saw a bright light 6/21/00
4/23/00 18:40 Nevada (On west bound airplane over northern) NV Disk 12 seconds Round silver object as seen from above with rounded top as a shadow was cast. 5/3/00
4/23/00 02:30 Singapore
Light 15 mins 4 oval white lights circulating in the night sky. 4/26/00
4/23/00 01:30 Las Vegas NV Circle 3 to 5 minutes In the parking lot of Excalibur, We saw a pyramid of six lights flying above the hotel. 5/3/00
4/22/00 23:30 Burke VA Disk 23.31 We think we saw a ufo with very bright lights. 5/3/00
4/22/00 23:15 Lake Charles LA Triangle 10 min. My girlfrind and myself were out stargazing when i noticed 3 trianular shaped craft slowly moving north in the sky she also saw the sam 4/26/00
4/22/00 22:20 Victor IA Fireball 5 seconds I was outside, it was partially overcast. Object passed over me from west to east, first saw the object straight above me. Object sped 4/26/00
4/22/00 22:00 Birmingham AL Changing 30 min A bright objeck was seen in the Southwestern sky, about 22:00 hrs. I had just gone onto my back porch when I saw the object. I Thought 4/26/00
4/22/00 17:15 Sullivan MO Cigar 2 min + Driving East on I44 saw object moving very slowly against broken clouds in view 2 min then disappeared. 5/3/00
4/22/00 15:00 Piqua OH Unknown 5 min. It was covered with a misty glare. 1/27/05
4/22/00 01:23 Manitowoc WI Light 35 seconds Lights traveling in a north-northeast direction 5/11/00
4/21/00 23:15 Healdsburg CA Triangle 2 min. while going home from work, traveling north on 101 from Santa Rosa I saw a large light in the sky. I stopped to look at it. It was abo 4/26/00
4/21/00 22:00 Marion IN Disk 5 min I was taking out the trash when i looked up and sawa metalic dick shaped object moving eradicly in the air and then flew off. 6/6/00
4/21/00 17:00 Harrison AR Cylinder 3 minutes I just saw a craft that looked like a cylinder or cigar. 5/3/00
4/20/00 23:00 Rockport MA Oval 25 minutes In the northern sky, right at Halibut Point, my son and I witnessed an oval shaped craft 5/3/00
4/20/00 23:00 Redlands CA Unknown unknown the event occured on a dark night in the smiley hills out by the hospital in Redlands I had a bad day so I decided to go driving and I 4/26/00
4/20/00 22:30 Joshua TX Unknown
Geen light 1/11/02
4/20/00 21:35 Clearfield UT Circle 5 minutes 5 seperate appearances of round tinkerbell lights in the sky in chevron formation in sets of 7,7,3,14,7 flew overhead at amazing speed 4/26/00
4/20/00 21:35 Clearfield UT Formation 3 to 5 min. Formation of small lights flying from South to North -- first two groups of 7 followed by 3, another of 14 and last of 7. Each group to 4/26/00
4/20/00 21:23 Magna (west of) UT Light 1 second An Orange point of light. a Orange point of light came from over the great salt lake comming East swinging to it right (South) and then 5/3/00
4/20/00 21:05 Santa Clara CA Egg 20 to 25 sec. Saw orange colored light moving across the sky 4/26/00
4/20/00 21:00 Melbourne (VIC, Australia)
Light 5 minutes A drifting flashing glow of orange, which went from dim to bright simultaneously - floated across the sky and dissappeared 4/26/00
4/20/00 19:55 Tonasket WA Light 2min I was standing in driveway (rural area no exterior lighting) taking a smoke break, it was dark, no moon, very quiet, when i noticed it 4/26/00
4/20/00 19:00 Burlington Township IL Triangle 1 hour I was driving South on Rt. 23 just prior to dusk when I noticed luminous objects to the East. I decided to investigate and travelled E 7/23/00
4/20/00 17:00 Austin TX Fireball 0:02 objects over central texas so bright look like stars except its broad daylight 6/18/04
4/20/00 09:30 Longlac (Canada) ON Formation 12 minutes Northwestern ontario sighting while ice fishing! 5/24/05
4/20/00 05:38 Palm Desert CA Cigar 1 minute I am 64 yrs old, female, very pragmatic, extremely well educated and read, recently retired from being a stock broker and certified fin 4/26/00
4/20/00 05:25 Ainaro (East Timor)
Unknown 45seconds There were three to four evenly spaced lights approx. 3 to 4 feet in diameter, no craft visible, no sound. 8/1/03
4/19/00 23:50 Chicago IL Other 1 minute craft was "hoovering" but no fluctuations in space.As if it were somehow anchored.hoovering over an over array of lights on bot 4/26/00
4/19/00 23:09 Delray Beach FL Chevron 15 sec. looking in the sky to the south,I saw a greyish silouette heading north,looked for lites,listened for sound,None of either.Whatched it 4/26/00
4/19/00 22:20 Secunderabad (India)
Disk 3 minutes Sighting of 2 UFO objects in Secunderabad, India, spotted by several other people. 6/6/00
4/19/00 20:20 Culver City CA Light 1min 30 sec Very bright light, approx altitude 50,000 feet, moving SSE direction at steep upward angle. 4/26/00
4/19/00 19:10 Alabaster AL Egg 1 minute One at a time appeared each in a different direction, a total of 3. Then all 3 disappeared instantly, and reappeared all at once in dif 5/3/00
4/19/00 18:15 Jellico TN Disk very short taking pictures ,found object on a picture when we got home . 4/26/00
4/19/00 13:30 Arroyo Seco CA Light 5-10 min Blue glowing cloud shape. 5/3/00
4/19/00 07:30 London (About 200 miles west of) (UK/England)
Triangle ? Triangular object photographed out airplane window near London, UK. 6/6/00
4/18/00 22:00 Cocoa Beach (near) FL Cylinder 10-11 seconds Gigantic unconventional craft flying 75-100 feet over I-95,no sound, blue and white lights with big panels 5/24/05
4/18/00 19:00 Cottonwood AZ Cylinder 15 Sec. Witnessed object for about 15 seconds. Looked like a rocket launch 4/26/00
4/18/00 18:00 Randfontein (Gauteng) (South Africa)
4/18/00 12:00 Aztec (northwest of) NM Triangle 2 minutes Black triangular object emits buzzing sound. 6/1/16
4/18/00 11:32 Tacoma WA Other five minutes Sighted from a Cessna C206 by 20,000 hour pilot and passengar. Bright as the sun, very unusual sighting. See full description 5/3/00
4/18/00 Arizona (on highway) AZ Circle
saw a bright yellow circular object break apart in sky it left one piece and sped off. 5/3/00
4/17/00 22:54 Corvallis OR Fireball 10 seconds What may have been another Corvallis fireball lit the night sky for 10 seconds above the cloud deck at 2254 PDT. 4/26/00
4/17/00 22:30 Antioch CA Fireball 10 minutes We observed an orange fireball moving slowly, under the cloud layer. First moving in an easterly direction, then turning north. 4/26/00
4/17/00 20:00 Santa Fe NM Cylinder 2-3 hours I was closing the kitchen curtains when I glanced upward and saw a bright, yellow cylinder, very sparkly moving slowly--I thought it wa 4/26/00
4/17/00 19:20 Sultan (approx 5 mi. SE) WA Light 2.5 seconds Witnessed a very bright meteor in broad daylight. It changed in color and was followed by a low boom noise minutes later. 4/26/00
4/17/00 16:00 Los Angeles CA Sphere 20 seconds Green tennis ball-like object above Los Angeles Airport. 8/5/01
4/17/00 06:15 Tulsa/Oklahoma City (between) OK Cigar 10secounds Large shadow going across moon surface, no clouds clear sky. 4/26/00
4/16/00 20:00 Omaha NE Fireball 20 seconds A white ball of light being followed by something that took off at a speed I never knew existed. 2/22/05
4/16/00 19:40 Sanibel Island (causeway between mainland and island) FL Unknown 35 minutes approximately A U-shape that at first appeared to be jet exhaust - but it never moved. It never got larger or smalled and stayed in the exact spot un 4/26/00
4/16/00 14:00 San Diego CA Cylinder 35 Minutes Cylinder object, sighted on Naval Medical Center spys on music festival for all to see. 4/8/02
4/16/00 12:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Disk 15 Secs. Objects Round and White - 1st sighting speed apx. 400 mph, 2nd apx. 800 mph, this is just a estimate. Hight apx. 5000 ft. 12/19/03
4/16/00 10:25 Albuquerque NM Rectangle 5 min saw first light, then second light, parked car to better observe, and saw third light light seemed very high alt. light intensity fluct 4/26/00
4/16/00 01:30 Santee (San Diego) CA Light 3 minutes A slow moveing amber light that would increase and decrease brightness, sustaining its brightness in 5 second intervals. Turning at a 8 4/26/00
4/15/00 23:45 Prescott Valley AZ Sphere 5 min my wife and my mom and myself saw 2 red ufos by glassfofd hill 11:45 pm they were moveing towards hwy.89a at about 100mph 4/26/00
4/15/00 23:00 Sedona AZ Sphere 2 minutes saw a huge yellow "moon" rise over the Red Rocks, then found out it wasn't the moon at all 12/12/11
4/15/00 22:30 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Triangle 45 minutes At the time of my UFO siting I was on a business trip with two of my colleagues in Malaysia. We were having dinner at one of the restau 9/24/12
4/15/00 22:00 Beatty NV Formation three hrs Dear sir, I saw the program on ABC tonight and discovered there was someone Who would take a little time to hear what Me and my brother 5/24/05
4/15/00 22:00 San Diego CA Formation 9 seconds 3 stars pyramid shaped roaming slow then disappeared one by one. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly NOSS satellites in formation? PD)) 12/3/04
4/15/00 22:00 Meraux LA Rectangle about 1 minute Rectangular shaped flying Huge box kite looking thing (about 15 ft across) 6/20/05
4/15/00 15:35 Torrance CA Disk approx. 2 minutes Bright daylight sightinh of disk shaped opject moving westward, taking a turn northward and climbing out of sight. 4/26/00
4/15/00 15:00 Tokeland WA Unknown 10 min shimmering transparent object floting over the water by North River bridge in Washington St. 11/8/05
4/15/00 13:45 Gig Harbor WA Disk 30 seconds From a distance of 3 miles, I saw two silver colored suacer-shaped objects engaged in aerobatics before disappearing into a cloud 6/21/00
4/15/00 12:25 Phoenix AZ Changing 20 minutes Two small objects float over the runway at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. 4/26/00
4/15/00 02:00 Gulf of Mexico FL Sphere 30 seconds My wife and I were on the last night of a Western Caribbean cruise aboard the msRyndam. I had put our luggage out in the hall of the sh 4/26/00
4/15/00 00:00 Canon Frome Court (near Ledbury-Herefordshire) (UK/England)
I was sleeping in my bed but was not slept yet.Regarded a spining light on my bed.Looked out the window of the room and saw a huge fire 9/19/02
4/14/00 21:45 New Haven CT
5 sec. only saw it for a few seconds it had a mass of lights mostly white with a few red. it was rooftop level and heading North East. 4/15/00
4/14/00 21:00 East Killingly CT Disk 10 minutes Large saucer shape object moving slowly across the sky, bright illumination which appeared to come from the inside, red light on the bo 4/26/00
4/14/00 03:42 Montauk NY Disk
We were fishing off the pier at montauk point, and i see a blazing light flash in the sky. Then i see 3 disk shape objects hovering abo 4/15/00
4/14/00 03:27 Newfields NH Unknown 3-4 minutes Clear night and very quiet. Newfields, NH is very rural. I was looking up at the stars and noticed a moving object. The object was movi 4/15/00
4/14/00 03:00 San Luis Obispo CA Oval 60 seconds Oval/egg shaped metalic craft hovered 3am over San Luis Obispo, then accelerating South at blinding speed. 4/1/01
4/13/00 22:30 Pittsburgh PA Triangle 2 min Saw arrowhead shaped object, no light, pass near the area of sky with the moon. Object was lit by moonlight or would not have been not 4/15/00
4/13/00 22:30 Eugene OR Sphere 4 minutes Yellow to Golden Orange object moving over central Eugene, appeared just smaller than a lentil at arms length, moving slowly west to ea 4/26/00
4/13/00 21:30 Texarkana TX Other quick fly by I was sitting outside in my backyard at night watching the stars as the moon was not out that night.....when from the northeast came wh 5/24/05
4/13/00 20:00 Waite Park MN Light 30 seconds A bright light was seen in the sky that remained stationary. We lost track of it and then noticed a similar light in the northern sky. 4/26/00
4/13/00 05:30 Antioch CA Light 30 + minutes Glowing orange light, much lower to the ground than any kind of aircraft. Saw similar event on 12/31/99 - three lights at that time. 4/15/00
4/12/00 21:45 Alamo Lake State Park AZ Unknown < 10 seconds A bright orange light appeared high in the sky while camping at Alamo Lake State Park. Within minutes we heard the sound of non commer 4/26/00
4/12/00 20:58 Eugene OR Light 3:00-3:30 Observed an approaching light traveling from the east. The light was below the clouds, and contiunued to approach until at a 75 degree 4/15/00
4/12/00 20:50 West Palm Beach FL Circle Less than a minute While doing some astronomy an object zoomed across my vision (while looking through the eyepiece) it was small and bright, but it wasn' 4/15/00
4/12/00 20:30 Puerta del Zapatero Mazamitla (Mexico)
Light 5 minuets Me and two other witnesses seen 3 lights in the sky on a evning walk. 3/19/09
4/12/00 19:30 Fayetteville (outside of) AR Light 10-15 sec Witnessed a object, first mistaken as satalite, until it changed direction. 5/11/00
4/11/00 19:00 Wiltshire (UK/England)
Teardrop 10 mins bright tearshaped craft flying erraticaly 12/2/00
4/11/00 05:10 Tonasket WA Light 10 seconds Very bright light came from West directly under big dipper. 4/15/00
4/10/00 23:00 Owls Head ME Diamond minute UFO, most likely a space probe of some type 6/20/05
4/10/00 21:30 Brentwood, Essex (UK/England)
Unknown 10 seconds Two brigt lights were moving towards us. 7/16/06
4/10/00 18:00 Greers Ferry GA
2 min Silent Triangle Lights over Greers Ferry Lake 12/12/09
4/10/00 10:00 South Whitley IN Other 30 seconds Bumbbell shaped ship sighted. Beings onboard! 3/11/06
4/10/00 08:13 Fresno CA Chevron 30 sec View a Chevron shaped object 4/15/00
4/10/00 Sunflower AZ Triangle 12 minutes My sister and I were driving to tonto Basin Arizona, from Phoenix As we topped the Mountain the whole valley below was lit up bright r 10/30/06
4/9/00 22:30 Schuyler County area IL Oval 25 seconds Observed bright red ovals 3/19/09
4/9/00 22:30 Springfield (??) (Schuyler County) IL Oval 25 seconds Observed bright red ovals. 2/24/07
4/9/00 21:00 London (Canada) ON Oval
it was late, and i saw these things in the sky about 300ft over my head and there was no noise at all and no other cars or plains aroun 12/2/00
4/9/00 20:00 Temple City CA Light 7-9 sec as i had submitted in march, again a satelite passing over due south, unnoticeable otherwise, initiates a strobe lens opening, intensif 4/26/00
4/9/00 16:30 Hot Springs AR Cigar 5-6 hours i was driving home and saw an enormous cigar shaped metallic object fying torward my vehicle at about 100 ft off the road 4/15/00
4/9/00 15:20 Singapore (Orchid Country Club golf course)
Circle not sure I took some photos from the balcony of a guest house at a golf course and later noticed an object in one of those photos. 5/3/00
4/9/00 01:30 Richmond IN Circle 30 exceedingly odd stationary aircrafts, w/irregular flight patterns & height. 4/15/00
4/9/00 01:11 Santa Barbara CA Fireball 5-10 sec flurscent green fireball the approx size of a half moon coming from sky over ocean over highway to mountains on otherside of us.very br 4/15/00
4/9/00 01:11 Newport Coast CA Fireball 2-4 seconds As with three other postings to this sighting. It was around 1:10AM in the south south east sky. But from my location the fireball ap 4/26/00
4/9/00 01:10 Oceanside (5-10 minutes drive /miles south of) CA Fireball 0.5 to 1 sec. Bright fireball low in the southeast sky. Primarily white, although with a greenish tint. 4/15/00
4/9/00 01:10 Menifee CA Fireball 3 seconds "Observed a craft similar to a green roman candle during nighttime, background black. Falling in an arch downward, with orange droplet 4/15/00
4/8/00 18:35 Seattle WA Egg 2-3minutes Ufo's over Downtown Seattle 4/15/00
4/8/00 18:00 Seattle WA Egg 20 minutes UFO's are for real! 6/6/00
4/8/00 01:30 Vero Beach FL Diamond 5-10 minutes I was driving through this wildlife conservation area route 60 towards Fl's toll road, there was hardly anyone on the road, very eery, 4/15/00
4/7/00 21:30 Streetsboro OH Unknown 15 secs Rumbling Sound 4/15/00
4/7/00 05:26 Des Moines--4 blocks east of the Marina, Wash WA Oval 4 secs~ A large, very bright, light of the approximate color of a mercury vapor lamp, seen streaking north to south above southern Seattle Metr 4/15/00
4/7/00 01:15 Cardross (UK/Scotland)
Fireball 10 seconds it was a green fireball like a firework or a flare coming from the sky and it lit up the road which i was driving on, it then flew acro 4/15/00
4/6/00 21:10 Mackay (QLD, Australia)
Flash 21:40 Sky clear with little extremly high cloud Object sighting approx 30 mins white to gold un random light flashing movement slowly to very 4/15/00
4/6/00 21:08 San Antonio TX Light 5-10 seconds appeared first as dim satellite, gradually becoming very bright, and finally dimming until no longer seen 4/26/00
4/6/00 20:35 Arlington TX Light 12 Sec. Two, bright Green Lights, orbs or UFO's, traveling at a High rate of speed with one orange companion object dancing around the lead obj 4/15/00
4/6/00 20:34 Tuckerton NJ Sphere 7 seconds the 2 objects seem to be following one another. 4/15/00
4/6/00 20:00 Chattanooga TN Other 2 hrs. I am a TV Meteorologist in CHattanooga, and I received a number of calls about the aurora borealis..This is rare in this part of the wo 4/15/00
4/6/00 20:00 Tehachapi CA Light 5 minutes a flashing stationary white light with two constant red lights on the same side- then a moving light further away traveling fast with a 4/15/00
4/6/00 20:00 Highlands/Sandy Hook area NJ
1 1/2 hour Large pinkish with green streak cloud. It seem to move like the Northern Lights. 4/15/00
4/6/00 16:00 Glendale AZ Circle 30min I video taped a black ufo sit in the sky for 30 min. And at the end of the tape the ufo went down below the roof line.It looked like it 11/20/01
4/6/00 15:28 Seagoville (City of, and Dallas City) TX Circle 4 seconds Driving on Highway 175 West towards I-635 north beltway of Dallas; less than one-half of a mile to I-635 north exit I saw a flying obje 4/15/00
4/6/00 14:00 Perris CA Circle 15 minutes Two USAF Jets from March Air Force Base fly in circles over my house! I saw the UFO! 4/14/09
4/5/00 23:00 Cortez CO Other 15 minutes Huge craft sighted at Hovenweep National Monument. 9/30/16
4/5/00 22:00 Ocean City MD Disk 4 minutes We saw two strange lights coming up over the ocean. The lights (that were alternating blue, red and white) were at the same height but 4/15/00
4/5/00 18:30 Hazelwood MO Cylinder 10 minutes A cylinder object was seemingly to hang from the sky until airforce jets started to close in on it. The object turned and left. 4/15/00
4/4/00 21:05 Bouse AZ Light 5 secs each On Ap.4,2000 approx. 21:05hrs, NNE direction as in previous sightings (towards Prescott). With 3 witnesses, 5 amber ball of light brig 4/15/00
4/4/00 17:20 Cumbernauld (UK/Scotland)
Oval 5-6sec oval black with white or silver underside going very fast 4/15/00
4/4/00 16:30 Clearwater FL Other 25 sec. Heard loud low flying jet or aircraft pass over me. NO CRAFT! 4/15/00
4/4/00 05:20 Sedillo Hill NM Light 5 min. Ball of light eminating several red "beams". 4/15/00
4/4/00 02:00 Fort Wayne IN Oval ~5 minutes Seen from I-69 between Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, Indiana. Object had strobing lights that seemed to circle around it. 4/15/00
4/2/00 18:00 Fairbanks AK Oval 30 secs Rolling oval, tumbling through the sky. Every rotation, half of the object appeared to be extremely shiny and reflecting sun light. No 4/15/00
4/2/00 14:00 Fremont IA Unknown 15 sec I had an encounter with a creature who was doing a Reptilain Hosting or demonic possession of my exwife. 2/8/05
4/2/00 02:00 Indianapolis IN Triangle 2 minutes UFO chased me 4/15/00
4/1/00 22:15 Young City (approx 9 mi. SE of Graham) TX Disk 01-01.5 minutes at first sight, a very bright light aimed horizontially in our direction as we travel south on HWY 16 south of Graham, TX. The light th 2/22/02
4/1/00 22:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Light 45 seconds red ball in sky 12/2/00
4/1/00 22:00 Los Alamos (Near) NM
5 seconds Meteor Sound 1/29/02
4/1/00 21:50 Copemish MI Circle 5 - 10 minutes We spotted the object hovering over the road at tree top level directly in front of us. As we drove closer It moved above the trees on 4/15/00
4/1/00 21:30 Dallas/Duncanville area TX
30 mins Saucer shaped object with red, green, and blue lights observed approx. 1/4 - 1/2 mile away. Object hovered then appeared to land in woo 4/15/00
4/1/00 21:00 Huntington Beach CA Light 2:15 Bright star with red flashing 4/15/00
4/1/00 19:00 Del Mar (Rancho Sante Fe) CA Formation 10 minutes Line of orange lights that would go off, on and slowly floated rising and falling. 2/4/13
4/1/00 17:50 Chicago IL Sphere 20-30 seconds "glass" sphere tracking plane en route to Chicago Airport - April 2000 4/27/07
4/1/00 16:00 Elizabethtown KY Disk 20 seconds Silver disk shaped object 7/16/03
4/1/00 13:00 Mission Viejo CA Formation 2-3 MINUTES Formation high-flying 'pearls' in a daylight sky. 8/5/01
4/1/00 06:28 Evansville IN Sphere 10 minutes noticed a dark stationary object hanging just below the cloud base 4/15/00
4/1/00 05:20 Lake Havasu City AZ Light 10 minutes Two reddish white lights moving nw direction, lights were not flashing we saw bright lights being dropped from these two moving lights. 4/15/00