National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 02/2000
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
2/29/00 22:40 Antioch CA Light 2 minutes Observed a bright orange glowing light in controlled flight which abruptly disappeared, replaced by spark like lights which continued o 3/7/00
2/29/00 22:00 Tumwater WA Egg 3 mins. UFO moving rapidly across the sky. Large sudden movement up,down and then up again. Possible twirling. Loss sight of ufo due to obst 3/7/00
2/29/00 21:50 New Haven MI Light 10:00 pm 6 lights in the southwestern sky... 3/7/00
2/29/00 20:45 Las Vegas NM Sphere unknown female called our office advised that about 2045 she saw a "very pretty green light in the sky" was north of Las Vegas NM 3/7/00
2/29/00 13:35 Hawaii's Volcano National Park HI Sphere 50 min. Bright metallic spheres that split into to smaller spheres and hovered for 50 minutes...... 4/1/00
2/28/00 21:30 Charlestown RI Light 30 min. Light over submarine base, Groton, CT. 3/7/00
2/28/00 20:05 Andover, Hants (UK/England)
Disk 6 mins Me, my brother and a friend were going out to meet two friends when i noticed a blinding light in the sky. It stayed bright for two min 3/7/00
2/28/00 19:30 Walworth WI Circle 3 seconds On Feb 28, 2000, 7:30pm, in south WI, I saw 5 circular, orange objects in formation moving extremely fast from SW to NE lasting 3 secon 3/7/00
2/28/00 14:00 Olancha CA Sphere 5 min. from my vehicle, I spotted dozens of small silverey spheres high above the mountains in a group that looked like birds, or how bats fly 3/7/00
2/28/00 05:15 Virginia Beach VA Chevron 10 minutes I saw what seemed to be 5 separate lights in the eastern sky. One bright light and 4 smaller and less bright lights. The lights were in 3/7/00
2/27/00 23:00 Portland OR Unknown 3 minutes Four bright lights with blinking light in the middle seen over Cornilius Pass 7/25/04
2/27/00 21:15 Bloomington IN Cigar 10 seconds I saw an object with four white lights on it speed across the sky and then disappear. 3/7/00
2/27/00 20:40 Perth (Western Australia)
Unknown 15 Seconds OK, I saw a flashing at very high altitude with a faint red light moving with it. 2/27/00
2/27/00 19:30 Chicago IL Triangle 3 minutes dull reddish orange triangles in a y formation flying north around downtown chicago 3/7/00
2/26/00 23:30 Goshen IN Light ~10 Min A light that approximated a full moon in appearance above the tops of tress that are approximately 200-300 yards from observation point 2/27/00
2/26/00 19:20 McClave CO Light 7 minutes Unusual orange-gold light in southern sky 3/7/00
2/26/00 17:18 Durham NC Circle 5 sec I witnesswed a light in the sky increase in size and brightness. As it reached its pinnacle it began to decrease in size and brightness 2/27/00
2/26/00 10:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Disk walk I was walking with my friends when I saw a saucer shaped object hovering about 100 feet above the ocean. It had 8 red lights around it 10/8/07
2/26/00 06:29 Tonawanda NY Egg 1 minute Orange egg shaped object traveling upward at 3 rates of speed and breaking the atmosphere or disintegrating-followed by a black triangu 2/27/00
2/26/00 02:00 Vandalia OH Light 2 hours,approx. What at first appeared to be stars, were not. The UFO's (numbering at least 75 in number) had definitive patterns and actions. 3/7/00
2/24/00 23:00 Hollywood CA Light 15 minutes Bright, bi-colored, stationary lights above clouds. Hundreds of witnesses. 3/7/00
2/24/00 21:55 Hebden Bridge (UK/England)
Teardrop 1.5 mins approx shaped like a tear drop but upside down i.e point down, seen through cloud cover, movment slow but erratic, someone a little further up 2/27/00
2/24/00 20:30 O'Brien FL Light 2 hours Very bright white to yellow lights lasting 5 to 15 seconds at various positions in the sky 3/7/00
2/24/00 20:30 Tallahassee (Williams and St. Joe Sts.,) FL Triangle five mins Mother and two children, twin boy and girl, were driving home from shopping and the son saw three lights, two orange/red at the base of 2/27/00
2/24/00 01:15 Huntsville AL Disk one second I saw a green-yellow light flash across the sky. It was too fast to be a plane and it wasn't a searchlight or anything. It flashed acro 2/27/00
2/23/00 22:55 Wrightsville GA Triangle aprox.15 min On the above date and time I was patroling the perimeter of the Prision I work when I observed a triangle shape object hovering behind 4/26/00
2/23/00 22:00 Helsinki (Finland)
Other 20 minutes A star-like object moved slowly but clearly until disappeared behind trees. 2/23/00
2/23/00 19:00 Billings MT Circle 30+ seconds Red disk like object, super fast, shot around the sky over billings then circled to the ground 2/26/16
2/23/00 17:00 Ridgecrest CA Cigar Several seconds Ridgecrest CA Documented 20 Sept., 2003 Sighting of unknown flying craft: Date: Wed 23 Feb. 2000 Time: Late afternoon, estimated abou 9/28/03
2/23/00 08:18 Kenai AK Cone 30-40 sec While bringing my children into school we all witness a white object in a cone shape moving across the horizon. My daughter saw it firs 2/23/00
2/22/00 19:00 Ogden UT Light 40 seconds We saw a bright, blue laser in the south east sky just to the left of orion for about 40 seconds before it was gone. 35 miles south is 2/27/00
2/22/00 06:00 Prescott Valley AZ Cylinder 10 min. When leaving for work, I saw two orange, glowing objects in the sky. They were in the shape of a cylinder with lights in the bottom tha 2/23/00
2/22/00 06:00 Prescott Valley AZ Cylinder 10 min. I witnessed two cylinder shaped objects slowly floating along and rotating at the top of their bases, with orange lights in the shape o 2/23/00
2/22/00 06:00 Prescott Valley AZ Cylinder 10 minutes Flying "Coke can figures" that were rotating at the top with the shape of X lights at the bottoms. 2/23/00
2/21/00 23:30 Pennien Hills (UK/England)
Light 2 mins the ship was flashing in red green and yellow sort of bobing up and down and side to side it was very fast thir was no sound 2/27/00
2/21/00 21:45 Los Altos Hills CA Disk <2 seconds Object resembled two inverted teacups.Backlit by emerging full moon. No sound. In and out of line of sight in less than 2 seconds. 2/23/00
2/21/00 20:40 Tupelo MS Cylinder 30 sec cylinder object seen in front of moon. after 10 sec slowly decending 2/23/00
2/21/00 20:00 Orland Park IL Fireball Approx 10 Min. Unexplained bright white lights over Southwest Cook County IL 2/24/01
2/21/00 19:43 Corvallis OR Fireball < 10 sec Neon green fireball trailing orange-red tail visible less than 10 seconds, moving NNW above Corvallis, OR. 2/23/00
2/21/00 19:43 Klamath Falls OR Fireball 20 sec green fireball size of basketball, in southeast going northeast with short white tail and behind it was a bright red tail and vanished 2/23/00
2/21/00 18:00 Lodi CA Other 2 seconds Floating rod with 4 to 6 sequentially flashing lights appeared over freeway near an airport. Object was clearly seen but appeared and d 2/23/00
2/20/00 22:30 Cottage Grove OR Formation 2 minutes They were strange looking objects that had a very wierd look to them 2/24/01
2/20/00 21:45 Gresham WI Unknown over an hour Flashing star like object, red,green,white. has not moved for over an hour. 2/23/00
2/20/00 18:00 Orlando (SW Orange Co.) FL Oval 1 minute Craft hovered slowly at low altitude then took off. No sound. Metalic, setting sun reflected off it From - Sun Feb 20 21:32:29 2000 Re 2/23/00
2/20/00 13:04 Athens OH Cylinder 30secs/1min+ Witnessed silvery white cylinder travel across sky and then vanish. 2/27/00
2/19/00 23:45 Malo (Ferry County) WA Fireball Unknown My 19 Year old son saw this from his room window while he was up late doing homework. 3/7/00
2/19/00 23:45 Molson (East of) WA Fireball 3 to 5 seconds Bright white object traveled approx due east leaving a neon green, blue tail with red within it. Tail changed between green & blue and 11/20/02
2/19/00 23:00 Swansea (UK/Wales)
Other 7 mins dart shaped craft flying silently along the streets in swansea ,wales, uk 5/15/06
2/19/00 23:00 Tacoma (going north on I-5) WA Changing 5 seconds North on I-5, looked to west and could see UFO heading east. Object was larger than moon that night, was a green glowing light that tur 2/23/00
2/19/00 22:30 Dallardsville TX Changing 10 seconds An object went from the northeast to the southwest. It took the same path as the UFO sighting on 02/16/00. It was lit up like lighteni 2/23/00
2/19/00 21:15 Los Banos (remote east 156 near ) CA Other half hour or so traveling 156 we noticed what appeared to be a satalite or plane but to close to ground as we got closer a told my sun to look at the m 2/23/00
2/19/00 19:05 Seatac WA Light 10 SECONDS An extremely bright light in the sky very high up and moving west to east. 2/23/00
2/19/00 18:24 Wilmington OH Triangle 15-20seconds i was driving down st rt 73 south three miles south of wilmington.i saw a black triangle ahead,just above the horizon.i saw another one 2/23/00
2/19/00 14:18 Miami FL Light 5 seconds While observing the western sky thru binoculars, saw dim light for about 5 secs (near Epsilon Leo) light changed directions twice. 2/23/00
2/19/00 13:30 Superior CO Rectangle 30 seconds While traveling South on McCaslin Blvd. my son and I observed a shiny object in the sky at about 30 degrees above the horizon. It seem 2/23/00
2/19/00 Columbus OH Unknown
Was it a dream or was I abducted? 3/6/01
2/18/00 22:50 Glendale AR Light 2minutes using the restroom, had my window open about4" seen what looked like an aircraft. It caught my eye. Itwas heading southwest it then Sto 2/23/00
2/18/00 22:00 Jacksonville FL Triangle 5 min total Triangle shaped craft hovering about 70ft at old kings and baymeadows-quiet hissing sound. 2/27/00
2/18/00 20:00 Prescott Valley AZ Fireball 4 min We watched 2 fire like lights cross the sky from the northeast to the southwest in a synchroniced fashion. 2/23/00
2/18/00 19:00 Pasadena CA Light 5 MINUTES It looked like a small tuft of cloud, but didn't move like one 2/23/00
2/17/00 21:30 Pine Hill NJ Chevron 30 seconds Black Metallic Boomerang-Shaped Craft Hovering Motionlessly 2/23/00
2/17/00 20:00 Cornwall (Canada) ON Light ten seconds Saw a cluster of red lights moving through the sky at high speed with no sound 12/2/00
2/17/00 19:35 Wisconsin Dells WI Light 20 minutes 6 Rapidly moving lights... then down to 1 3/16/00
2/17/00 19:00 Rockford IL Disk 40-sec. driving down road looked out window and saw bright orange light,? looked like the back lights to a car did not blink or no noise. 2/23/00
2/17/00 18:30 Auburn WA Triangle 15 seconds Driving N. on C St. and noticed plane or ? coming from the west and directly overhead--traveling faster than any I've ever seen--but ve 2/23/00
2/17/00 00:00 Ashgrove MO Light 4 minutes Bright orange light hovering above the trees 8/5/01
2/16/00 22:15 Rockford IL Sphere 15-20 minutes 5 objects in formation, disappeared, 4 more appeared in different formation 2/23/00
2/16/00 22:00 Glasgow (Ayrshire) (UK/Scotland)
Light 2 min. 4 lights in the sky stopping from high speed to 0 then moving across the sky eraticly no sound. 11/28/07
2/16/00 22:00 Dallardsville TX Rectangle 30 seconds I saw something flying over the tree tops. The wings were all lite up and it was shining on the tree tops. Over the wing there was a 2/23/00
2/16/00 22:00 Walkerton IN Light 5 minutes it had 3 white lights almost like an up side down triangle. In the center it had a red light which never blinked or flashed. 2/23/00
2/16/00 21:30 Rockford IL Fireball 15 minutes There were 5 orangeish fireballs , 3 of the objects were in a triangular flight pattern. The other 2 were lower and to the left, almost 2/23/00
2/16/00 21:30 Rockford IL Triangle 25 min Orange fireballs, upon closer observation appeared as delta shaped crafts. Moving in formation of a triangle with remaining crafts in a 2/23/00
2/16/00 21:30 Rockford IL Circle 10-15mins 8 orange lights in 2 clusters of 3 and 1 moving very slowly west to east then disappearing 2/23/00
2/16/00 21:30 Rockford IL Changing 1 hour Seen glowing lights that changed shapes,and rotated around each other. 2/23/00
2/16/00 21:30 Rockford (southern skies of) IL Light 10 minutes On Wed. Feb.16,2000 I had just come out of the logli's grocery store on State st. in Rockford, IL. I placed my groceries in the van and 2/23/00
2/16/00 21:30 Rockford IL Circle 21:45 well thare wer eight balls of light almost like fire thay wher vary brite like a star. thay wher redish orang in coler & shine'd vary b 2/23/00
2/16/00 21:30 Rockford IL Fireball 15 minutes Came out of a meeting on E. State street and looked up along with several people to see several fireballs forming formations in the Eas 9/24/12
2/16/00 21:05 Seattle WA Light 1.5 min Bright star disappeared from sight. 2/23/00
2/16/00 21:05 Riverside CA Light several minutes Stationary star-like light suddenly disappears 8/16/02
2/16/00 20:30 Dawsonville GA Triangle 5 to 10 min. The "v" shaped object was so low, you could see that it was not lights. It was not from Earth. 3/21/03
2/16/00 18:35 Atlantic IA Formation 13 min. Bright white flashing lights in the sky. Four objects flying in the shape of a "W". Followed them approximately 13 minutes, keeping th 2/23/00
2/16/00 12:30 Stevinson (area; Merced County) CA Other not applicable Saw two mutilated adult cattle disposed for pickup in little-travelled area 2/23/00
2/16/00 04:45 Black Canyon City AZ Circle 5 minutes A friend was drivg west on Cavecreek Hwy toward Blk Cnyn Cty when 3 lights with a bluest tint appeared. The objects circled around each 2/23/00
2/15/00 23:00 West Memphis AR Light 10 seconds IT SHOT STRAIGHT UP!! 5/24/05
2/15/00 23:00 Hubbard OR Rectangle several minutes Rectangular, enormous (football field size?), black and silent Hubbard, Oregon 2000 8/12/08
2/15/00 23:00 Tijuana (Mexico)
Flash 30 minutes la estrella estuvo estatica por lo menos 30 min y su uida fue espectacular ni el mas moderno avion aria eso! 6/4/04
2/15/00 22:30 Peru
Changing 15min It was at night.. summer in my country I was sleeping and my mom woke me up... suddenly a strange object was in the sky movins strangel 8/28/03
2/15/00 22:15 Fairbanks AK Light 2 seconds Ball of light, came down then disappeared. 3/6/15
2/15/00 21:20 Fredericktown (Outside of) OH Egg 10 minutes I saw two bright white objects in the night sky swoop down and out of the horizon. 2/23/00
2/15/00 21:00 New Canaan CT Unknown 1 min Saw a large dark object 50 ft across hovering silently in the air with three lights on the bottom searching the ground. 6/12/02
2/15/00 20:00 Kosovo
Light 2min There was 3 of us standing outside having a smoke when a light object appeared and hovered over the town for approx 30 secs then sped o 3/11/06
2/15/00 20:00 Little Rock AR Other 10 minutes The orange, white, pink, and maybe red lights of a boomerang shaped object flying west at slow speeds. 7/11/00
2/15/00 19:11 Barnum MN Teardrop 00:05 I had been driving home from work and I seen lights rotating. I stopped and backed up to get a better look. While backing up the UFO 2/23/00
2/15/00 16:30 Scottsdale AZ Fireball 4 seconds Fireball seen in North East sky with short contrail, ending in flash with contrail pointing downward. 2/16/00
2/15/00 14:30 Bahia Blanca, BsAs (Argentina)
Light 15 see full description 5/3/00
2/15/00 12:30 Honolulu HI Disk 1 Minute Grey disk flying over Hickam AFB. 4/14/09
2/15/00 04:00 Petrified Forest National Park AZ Oval 15 seconds Petrified Forest strobing ufo 12/7/06
2/15/00 04:00 Petrified Forest National Park AZ Oval 15 seconds Landed Craft with strobes and bright light near Petrified Forest 10/30/06
2/15/00 02:30 Rocky Mount NC Unknown 20mins 2:30 2000 feb. Rocky Mount N.C. Space Traverlers Object came throgh a circle in space then emitting smaller objects . 12/3/04
2/15/00 02:00 Alton VA Circle
i saw a gold orb in the south sky about 30 degrees up the horizon. It was 1/2 the size the full moon. it seem to slightly pulsate. a 4/15/00
2/15/00 01:30 Mahanoy City (outside) PA Light about 1 minute Two atvs followed by a hovering blue light. 1/29/02
2/14/00 21:48 New York City (Staten Island) NY Oval short UFO on Staten Island NY WHITE bright and quiet object! 1/29/02
2/14/00 18:00 Barocay Island (Philippines)
Light 20min The half-moon was directly over head, it looked like a star,same brifgtness, size, moving n.e. 1st one 6;50 PM IT TOOK acount of 40 mi 2/16/00
2/14/00 16:26 Hermitage AR Sphere 1 min Small white bright object observed while using scope on day moon--object split into two and disappeared. 2/16/00
2/14/00 15:34 Todmorden (UK/England)
Light 1 minute a small ball of light or a highly reflective surface was following an aircraft, i looked up and saw a plane with a smoke trail flying h 2/18/01
2/14/00 05:20 Jackson MI Diamond 30 min never going hunting alone!!! 9/17/00
2/13/00 20:00 Clermont FL Light varied 2 large red/orange lights on the Southern horizon, observed every night for nearly a week. 3/7/00
2/13/00 18:55 Yuma (20-25 miles West of) near I-8/Mexican border. Proba CA Unknown 3 hours 10 minutes I saw 2 unidentified craft performing up and down and around movements over the course of about 3 hours between Yuma, AZ and El Centro, 8/5/01
2/13/00 18:42 Sandpoint (NE of) ID Light 45 sec. Bright light moving from west to east, which went from the horizon to directly overhead in less than a minute, with no sound. 2/16/00
2/13/00 02:00 Salem OR Circle 10 minutes Orange orb 8/5/00
2/12/00 22:00 Rockford IL Sphere 15min my wife and I saw a bright orange ball decending out of the east then leveling off then going about half a block then turning to the no 2/23/00
2/12/00 20:45 Fort Lauderdale FL Fireball 3 sec i was wallking back to the car and i saw a light off to my right in the night sky at about 45 degrees. it was greenish yellow in color 2/23/00
2/12/00 20:00 Dundee/ Lake Wales FL Fireball 5-10 minutes WELL THEY ARE BACK AGAIN!!! while at a church youth group meeting we were let out for a break as we left the building we observed two f 2/23/00
2/12/00 17:00 Buffalo/Amherst NY Circle 10-15 minutes Circular jet black object remained motionless in the sky for 10 minutes then smoothly moved away out of sight. 2/23/00
2/11/00 22:00 Houston TX Other 2 minutes Silver thin ribbon like thing going slowly south. Seen in Houston at 10:00 pm. It was spotted in early nov. 2000. 12/9/00
2/11/00 21:15 Rockford IL Fireball 10-15 minutes While out for a family night we observed five orange glowing objects three times larger than visible stars flying in formation and doin 2/23/00
2/11/00 21:00 Rockford IL Formation 15 minutes Saw 5 orange lights in the sky viewed them for awhile they formed the big dipper then dimmed out 2/23/00
2/11/00 20:15 Rockford IL Light 20 mins. Orange lights, flying low. Fire balls shooting out of one. Another flew off into space. 2/23/00
2/11/00 19:20 Tucson AZ Unknown 15 MIN A series of 4 or 5 lights, blinking and moving in a westward direction. No pattern at all to the lights. 2/14/08
2/11/00 17:10 Sotira
Other 4 minutes A bell shape purple color object passed by me 8/20/01
2/10/00 21:14 Toronto (Canada) ON Triangle 2:oo min the car died and in the sky was a triangle shape object 12/23/02
2/10/00 19:30 Alturas (SE of) FL Fireball 8 minutes We saw two bright lights traveling SE of Alturas. Both bright orange-yellow lights, bigger than a plane, almost as big as a the moon, 2/16/00
2/10/00 04:20 Kirkland WA Other 8 SECONDS Driving to work at 4:20 am I saw a green light and trailing left wingtip angle over my car at 200 mph & 100-200 ft altitude. 6/21/00
2/10/00 03:00 Easthagbourne, Oxfordshire (UK/England)
Triangle 3 hours 60 or more UFOs seen by 5 witnesses over fields near a small village.......... 11/20/02
2/10/00 01:30 (Norway)
Circle 3 mins. Hovering "Venus" then zig-zags for a couple mins. 9/17/00
2/9/00 22:12 Prescott Valley AZ
15 minutes Three bright orange in color, objects came across the sky, seemed very close. hovered in a triangle, then went into a single file. Move 2/16/00
2/9/00 22:00 Seattle WA Circle 2-3 seconds While stargazing, a dark black object entered into my line of sight and headed toward the city. Very fluid and fast. No sound. A little 2/16/00
2/9/00 21:03 Lake Elsinore CA Sphere 3-4 sec. I was watching TV, started receiving interference, I went out for a cigarette I looked up to a sky covered with clouds when I saw 2/16/00
2/9/00 21:00 Northport (5 miles north of) WA Changing 45 minutes The evening was clear and I was looking off to the west/southwest up into the sky at about a 10:00 position. I suddenly noticed a clust 4/1/00
2/9/00 21:00 Sea Tac Airport WA Triangle 1 minute Sighting at Sea-Tac 5/24/05
2/9/00 20:45 Toledo WA Oval 1-2 minutes Oval object bright green in color transverses sky from NNW .. stops .. hovers .. accelerates to East .. stops .. hovers ... accelerates 2/16/00
2/9/00 20:30 Ranger TX Light 1 minute Brief stationary lights above horizon with not movement 2/16/00
2/9/00 20:25 Columbia MO Unknown 1 minute While driving to work this morning we saw an unusual object in the sky... 2/16/00
2/9/00 19:30 Tucson AZ Other 1/2 hr Apx. In the western sky there were a semi circular formation of lights twinkling. White and brilliant in a formation. The sky apeared to hav 2/16/00
2/9/00 19:10 Deer Park NY Light 5 seconds While driving on Commack Rd. I looked up and saw a bright light moving slowly. At first I thought it was a plane, but it suddenly took 2/16/00
2/9/00 18:50 Harrington (10 miles south) WA Other 5.min? My Husband, and I had been coming from the Ritzvill, Wa area driving torwd Harrington, Wa. We seen what appeared to be the back side o 2/16/00
2/9/00 18:15 Bristol VT Triangle 5 minutes Luminous triangular shaped object, very large, moving to Northeast. Object changed to four distinct lighted objects, travelling in a s 2/16/00
2/9/00 08:25 Columbia MO Unknown 1 minute MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP REPORT: While driving to work this morning we saw an unusual object in the sky… 8/24/10
2/8/00 23:00 Southbury CT Circle 30 seconds me and a couple of friends were having a party out in an abandoned sand pit one night. We had a bonfire going and everything then sudde 4/1/00
2/8/00 21:00 Tucson AZ Unknown
I was driving in SE Tucson and noticed a strange ball of light accompanied by another smaller light in the sky. 2/16/00
2/8/00 19:30 San Antonio TX Other 10 minutes seen while driving...stationary bluish flashing lights high in sky..pattern involved. 2/16/00
2/8/00 19:07 Seattle WA Fireball 1 minute Large glowing Red Firebell as I looked to the North/NorthEast from my home in Magnolia/Seattle. So bright -- the light emanted into 2/16/00
2/8/00 18:00 Glendale CA Disk 2 seconds proceeding north on #2 FW in east Glendale. Noted lights to left and above. Turned head approx. 110 degrees. Noted classic saucer sh 2/23/00
2/8/00 17:40 North Hollywood CA Oval 12 minutes I was driving eastbound on the 101 freeway when a very bright object suddenly appeared on the horizon and began travelling east at appr 2/16/00
2/8/00 17:15 Avon Park (N of, to as far S of L. Placid) FL Fireball 1.5 hours Driving east towards avon park on hwy 98 look up in the sky and saw a burnt-orange fireball. It would fade out and and glow back in ano 2/16/00
2/8/00 09:10 Harbor City / San Pedro CA Circle 3 minutes My girfriend & myself looked up northeast and watched a jet. We then saw this object appear at 3:00 (position to plane)and had a circul 2/23/00
2/8/00 05:15 Canton MA Triangle 5 minutes Traveling south RT 95 and observed bright lights west of RT 95 in Canton 2/16/00
2/8/00 04:00 Ventura CA Light 15 min I noticed a bright light over the Santa Barbara island it didnt move for about 5 min then it began to move east then west then north an 2/16/00
2/8/00 00:30 Prescott Valley AZ Circle 2-3 min. Wife and I observed two bright yellow-orange objects moving NNE separating 'til they dissapeared over horizon. 2/16/00
2/7/00 21:00 Ionia MI Triangle 15 minutes Coming home from a basketball game in Palo I saw 2 UFOs flying in formation. 4/1/00
2/7/00 19:40 Pima AZ Fireball 5 min Round, silent, stationary ball motionless in NW sky disappearing when approached by jet fighters. 2/27/00
2/7/00 19:35 Sebring FL Light 30 minutes 2 yellow stationary lights floating above Lake Jackson in Sebring, FL multiply in diagonal formations. 2/23/00
2/7/00 13:00 Bullhead City AZ Other 15 minutes We witnessed two dark black lines in the west sky running straight down as if from twelve o'clock to six o'clock, they were very dark 2/16/00
2/7/00 11:00 Shepparton (VIC, Australia)
Other 10secs 3 box shaped object appeared for about 10 seconds and then disappeared as if they teleported 3/7/00
2/7/00 05:30 Alton IL Triangle About 1 minute I watched a ship pass from my left to right, right in front of me. 2/16/00
2/6/00 23:00 Duluth GA Other 2 seconds Enormous SR71-like UFO sighting, silhouette in front of full moon. 8/10/18
2/6/00 22:30 La Crosse (3-3.5 miles south of; Goose Island Park) WI Unknown 5 minutes Driving south on Hwy35,Isaw what appeared to be an air craft crossing the Mississippi river with two white lights which did not strobe. 2/16/00
2/6/00 19:30 Las Vegas NV Other 5-10 sec. Grey box-like craft, no lights, silent, being followed by a helicopter 2/27/00
2/6/00 06:30 St. Albans WV Changing 30 seconds Witness recalls recent witnessing of Unidentified object in WV skys. 2/18/01
2/6/00 01:00 Black Creek (Canada) BC Light 1 hour Over several nights, we saw stars/lights that appear to move in erratic fashion, these stars flicker in colour and intensity, But they 12/2/00
2/5/00 19:30 Pollock Pines CA Light 15 minutes Light got brighter and closer and larger, moving in circles, then darting off left then to right 2/16/00
2/4/00 22:40 Osceola IN Other 1 second a large shaft of blue light that appeared more or less perpendicular to the horizon 2/16/00
2/4/00 21:30 Sharm El Shiekh, Sinai (Egypt)
Circle did'nt notice until seein Just to clear up the witnesses thing... I was taking pictures across a bay at night, i did'nt see anything before or after the picture 3/16/00
2/4/00 21:30 Prescott Valley AZ Circle 3 min. Yellow-orange objects moving NNW and N 'til they formed a perfect "V" formation on the horizon. 2/16/00
2/4/00 20:30 Prescott AZ Circle 2 min. Bright yellow-orange circular objects flying in a "V" formation directly overhead heading NNE. 2/16/00
2/4/00 19:40 Houston TX Triangle 2 Min. Driving on freeway looked up and saw two steady white lights (like headlights) in the sky. As we passed under the object a third light 2/16/00
2/4/00 19:30 Olympia WA Light 1.5 minutes light appeared far away in the sky, moved at same speed for about 1 min. then disapeared. 2/16/00
2/4/00 05:55 Youngsville NC Light 5 seconds Object looked like star went across sky north to south to fast to be airplane. Object pulsed bright to dim. 2/16/00
2/3/00 21:50 Sealy TX Light 2330 I went out my back ddor at about nine fifty pm and happen to look to the southeast about at a 25 degree angle and saw a light changing 2/16/00
2/3/00 20:00 Temple City CA Unknown 5-8seconds observing sky, northward, slight overcast,usual to observe satelites. noticed a light as a lense, brightening in intensity, like a spot 2/16/00
2/3/00 19:45 Crystal River FL Light 10 minutes Unusaual object moved across the sky at a rather low altitude, twice dropping some kind of glowing embers from the bottom. 2/16/00
2/3/00 19:10 Dillon SC Triangle 2 minutes Very bright light with flaring out particles. long trail behind it. no pulsation of lights, just a bright steady white light, as if a c 2/23/00
2/3/00 18:32 Summerville SC Teardrop 5 minutes While driving down the road we noticed a funny shaped light in the sky. I first thought it was a plane, but realized it was like no ot 2/16/00
2/3/00 07:00 Castle Rock WA Light 10 min. Shortly before dawn observed a white strobe light flying above tree line, object moved and lights changed to red, green and white, hove 2/16/00
2/3/00 01:00 Peten (Ecudad)(Guatemala)
Cigar 10 minutes A ufo streaked across the sky. 10/21/16
2/2/00 00:00 Silverlake WA Diamond 2 min Four lights showing through overcast in a diamond shape patter. Then a a fifth light appears on right and drops in a curve toward gro 2/16/00
2/2/00 21:30 Bagdad AZ Other 5-7 minutes Out stargazing, I noticed an unusually bright yellow light just above the eastern horizon It proceeded to climb accross the sky. As it 2/16/00
2/2/00 20:00 Kent WA Cigar 20 seconds I saw two craft in the sky headed northwest, on a precise landing path for Boeing Field in Seattle. They reappeared ten minutes later 2/16/00
2/2/00 20:00 Rock Hill (and surrounding cities) SC Light All night Balls of lght in a snowstorm. 2/22/02
2/2/00 20:00 Seattle (Ballard) WA Chevron 2 minutes From south facing window, witnessed two aircrafts heading north, low and close together. Each had two very bright headlights and they 2/16/00
2/2/00 19:49 Seattle WA Other 3 min Two Jumbo Jets flying low and slow. 2/16/00
2/2/00 19:49 Seattle WA Other aprox. 2 min Watched two flying objects headed NW, very low, very slow, at junction of Duamish River and West Seattle Bridge. 2/16/00
2/2/00 19:33 Bouse AZ
Each a few seconds Driving through Plomosa Pass towards Bouse Looking NE towards Prescott about 60 degrees up from horizon myself,husband and daughter wit 2/16/00
2/2/00 19:00 Seattle (corner of Mercer and Queen Anne Avenues) WA
30 seconds I heard a loud aircraft sound.Looked up and saw two very large unidenified aircraft. flying very slow, very low,and very close together 2/16/00
2/2/00 18:00 Mattawa WA Other 5 minutes Orange Jet?, but thicker, not streamlined. Really orange. Odd contrail, like three going out like a fan. Going West to East, with low 3/7/00
2/2/00 16:00 Denver CO Other 60 seconds White object looked like upside down Y left strange trail no sound and seemed to come out of the mountains west of Denver 5/15/06
2/2/00 10:00 Long Island NY Triangle New York I was outside taking my dog out, when suddenly an object caught my eye. I looked at it more closely, and I noticed it had green, red, a 2/16/00
2/2/00 03:00 Area 51 and Mercury NV Light 3 hours returning to Mercury and then on to Area 51 to watch the "dancing stars" 2/18/01
2/1/00 23:30 Flagstaff AZ Unknown 4 sec Huge cloaked UFO over Flagstaff 3/10/11
2/1/00 23:00 Babbitt MN Other 8-10 minutes Opaque white beams of light that repeatedly hit a lamp, turning it on and off... 10/31/03
2/1/00 23:00 Paraparaumu
Circle 10 minutes A steady white light approaches from the north, dances erratically overhead then fades and disappears 12/2/00
2/1/00 20:30 New York City (Bronx) NY Other 15min spaceship,like a football,flying low,over a park, no sound, detail of the ship was veary good. 5/15/06
2/1/00 10:00 Houston TX Chevron 30 seconds 2 boomarangs high and fast over houston on night of lunar full eclipse 4/1/00
2/1/00 09:00 Cottage Grove OR Triangle 1 min black silent triangle flighs over dorena lake ruinning my fishing trip 6/12/08
2/1/00 02:30 Lynn AL Triangle 15 minutes In February of 2000, I was on routine patrol at approx. 0230 hrs CST. As I drove behind the local High School, I observed three lights 12/12/11
2/1/00 01:00 Flagstaff AZ Unknown
I was lite up by a clear blueish light, traveling on Hwy 40, just outside of Flagstaff Az., which stayed with me for several miles. 11/21/10