National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 01/2000
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
1/31/00 22:21 Escondido CA Circle 8 mins approx 22:21 saw a bright light hovering just east of my front driveway. No noise. The brightness would intensify then subsided then in 2/16/00
1/31/00 21:00 Cape Canaveral FL Light 1 minute Glowing green light came up right side of moving ship, stayed even then made sharp right turn 90 degrees, took off. 10/8/07
1/30/00 23:15 San Francisco (Farallon Island) CA Triangle :15 Encountered large triangular object while night fishing off Farlon Island and fired 100 rounds of 22 ammo at it. 2/16/00
1/30/00 10:30 New Wilmington PA Circle 2 minutes An airplane like object was witneesed in the sky but the lights were positioned incorrectly. Upon slowing down to get a better look th 2/16/00
1/29/00 13:00 Beaverton OR Cylinder 15min Traveling from Portland to Beaverton Saturday afternoon our family again spotted a laeger white object in the southwestern sky. It lef 2/16/00
1/29/00 10:00 Seatac WA Fireball 5 minutes Fireball streaking in southeast direction, looked at first like a gigantic meteorite burning up in the atmosphere. 5/11/00
1/29/00 07:30 Northbend (5 mile west of) WA Cross 1-2 min. spotted object from I-5, 5 miles west of Northbend. object hovering over top of mountain. lights visible change from white to red. 2/16/00
1/29/00 02:00 Prince Albert (Canada) SA Triangle 1 hour A triangle-shaped craft or object, with red,green,and yellow lights flashing in seqences. Seemed to be hovering in the southern sky at 12/2/00
1/29/00 01:30 Prince Albert (Canada) SA Diamond 2 Hours Seemed to stay in one area for approx. 2 hours, is still there at 03:17 and during the event the object seemed to change color and inte 12/2/00
1/28/00 21:08 Prince Albert (Canada) SA Unknown
A star looking light flashing red, white, blue 12/2/00
1/28/00 20:58 Laguna Niguel CA Sphere about 30 seconds I was lying down, and I look in the sky. I see a sphere and I thought it was a plane. I look closely, but I see it is not like a plane 2/16/00
1/28/00 20:40 Prescott Valley AZ Circle 5-6 min. Large bright yellow-orange object moving NNW to SSE; turned South towards Phoenix 2/16/00
1/28/00 19:15 Rohnert Park CA Light apx 15 sec Brite white light with a downward tail 2/16/00
1/28/00 17:30 East Rutherford/Secaucus NJ Triangle 2-3mins. driving west on n.j. turnpike extenstion on 1/28/00 @ 5:30 'ish pm. my passenger says look at that! what is it?! And as we looked north 11/20/02
1/28/00 07:30 Beaverton OR Cylinder 20 minutes AS we left our home I spotted two large bright shapes in the southwestern sky. With outstretched arm the two shapes were lentil size. B 2/16/00
1/28/00 00:00 Damascus (Boring) OR Fireball 2 seconds Massive green appearing fireball, appeared to have slammed into the earth, somewhere South of Damascus (Boring) Oregon. 2/16/00
1/27/00 22:00 Tucson AZ Cylinder
i just walk out side to look at the stars and i looked up and a saw two brightly shape objects that you cylinder shape and the moved i 2/16/00
1/27/00 20:00 Monticello IN Light 15-20 minutes Golden/Amber bright star like light glows for 3-5 seconds and fades. Reappears 10-15 seconds in another location. 3 jets scramble the 2/16/00
1/27/00 19:40 Leavenworth WA Fireball 10 minutes It was an orange ball, circle type, it glowed somewhat. It seemed to be a circle with something above it that seemed to be either carry 2/16/00
1/27/00 12:00 San Gabriel Valley CA Triangle 30 min. Craft was more or less in a holding pattern where it's path was none directional... and apered to rotate 180 degrees on its axis..or to 2/16/00
1/26/00 21:45 Sante Fe (near) NM Other 3 min 3-5 round yellow lights appearing on parallel course at tip of wing of commercial aircraft then changing position to parallel back of w 2/16/00
1/26/00 21:11 Omaha NE Teardrop 10-15 seconds Saw a black object move from eastern horizon to the western horizon that seemed to be decending at approx. a 30 degree angle 2/16/00
1/26/00 21:00 Parrish FL Triangle 05 minutes Two witnesses saw six lights like domino dots for the six domino, but it was in a triangular or boomerang shape above the tree line,per 3/7/00
1/26/00 19:37 Seattle WA Fireball 8to15sec. Driving to a meeting in Seattle Capitol Hill area, s. bound I-5 exited at Roanoke, I was stopped at light to turn, very clear winter ni 3/16/00
1/26/00 19:10 Westminster CA Light 4 minutes I observed an unusually bright pure red light by itself, it was the size of a pea held at arms length. It was coming from the South Wes 2/16/00
1/26/00 06:45 Ottumwa IA Disk 10 minutes Daylight sighting of domed disk near Ottumwa 8/5/00
1/25/00 21:40 Montluçon (France)

6 minit SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH !!! a yellow light on north/ouest montluçon .the light was different than stars after five minits of no mouvement 2/16/00
1/25/00 21:30 Gold Bar WA Cigar 14 secs. ((deleted)) saw it before I did. It was a cigar-shaped thing. It was moving at a high rate of speed through the mtns. It glowed on one 2/16/00
1/25/00 19:55 Edinburg TX Light ? Due to the hight of it's location, the objects had 3 things in common. 1. dimming of light, 2. shifting it's destination, and 3. co 11/20/02
1/25/00 17:00 Cairo (Egypt)
Cigar 23:15 again for 15 minute Famous writer and 3 others saw bright white sausage object hovering over Giza pyramids 6/4/04
1/25/00 17:00 Montevideo (Uruguay)
Fireball 3 min One fireball, in slow motion. Direction est-west. 5/11/00
1/24/00 13:00 Mammoth Lakes CA Disk 1 minute Two white craft, flying in close formation. 3/21/03
1/24/00 01:10 Hull (The Quadrant Estate) (UK/England)
Changing 10-20 mins It looked like a star but circular shaped, with blue paricles dropping from it, then appeared to split in two and appeared white, them 2/16/00
1/23/00 18:50 Fontana CA Disk 5 minutes The UFO was completely illuminated by light and spunned extremely fast. It's shape was of a saucer and it hoovered slowly over the cit 2/16/00
1/23/00 18:30 Covina CA Oval about 2 or 3 mins a lighted object moving across the sky... west to east... no sound, in a cloudy sky... 2/16/00
1/23/00 15:00 Rio Rancho NM Sphere 3 hrs Black object hanging in the sky possible cause of geese flock disappearance 8/16/02
1/23/00 11:05 Petaluma CA Disk 2 to 3 min. Object moved from South to North, at the speed of a plane.Appeared metallic. Saucer shaped, but about as tall as wide.About pea-sized, 2/16/00
1/23/00 01:18 England (latitude 55 north) (UK/England)

30 minutes + two ufos heading due east, latitude 55 north on sunday gmt 1:18 on jan. 23, 2000 reported by ground observers and possibly radar; latt 2/16/00
1/22/00 23:00 San Diego CA Changing a few hours As I was walking at the La Jolla cove, I saw 3 star like objects at the horizon. They stayed there for about 10 minutes and then change 2/16/00
1/22/00 19:00 Sacramento area (Citrus Heights) CA Triangle 10min 1900hrs 3 orange/yellow lights appeared in the south east sky. Moving very slowly in the north west direction. 2/16/00
1/22/00 17:30 Aurangabad.Maharashtra (India)
Fireball 1 minute NUFORC Note: Witness reports fireball. PD)) 12/2/00
1/22/00 11:30 Tacna AZ Triangle 3 minutes Iseen three objects coming out of the south at 11;30 a.m. about the 22 of jan. 2000one of the craft flying in the center was about 100 4/1/01
1/21/00 18:30 Highland Park IL Unknown +/- 1 minute I was driving with my daughter. I saw this fast moving object come from the behind the moon. I told my daughter,(she's 16), to look a 2/16/00
1/21/00 17:15 Whitefish MT Fireball 10 min. we witnessed a large ball of light decending from the sky. it had 2 streamers of bright fire trailing from the back. judging from the s 9/6/02
1/21/00 11:30 Intersection of HWY 6 and HWY 375 Nevada NV Rectangle Momentary While on vacation, I stopped to take a picture of the "Extraterrestrial Highway" sign at the intersection of Hwy 6 and Hwy 375 in Nevad 2/16/00
1/21/00 00:12 Valencia, Carabobo (Venezuela)
Triangle 15 seconds Después de observar la eclipse Lunar del 21 de Enero de 2000, vi en el cielo una formación en V de 5 objetos color naranja. No se sinti 2/16/00
1/20/00 23:15 Pembroke Pines FL Light 45 sec. At approximately 11:15 PM on January 20, 2000 my wife and I went out by our pool to watch the Lunar Eclipse. Just before returning int 1/22/00
1/20/00 23:10 Belcamp MD Triangle 2 min While viewing the lunar eclipse I saw a triangle of 11 small dim lights pass between me and the moon. The formation traveled to the sou 1/22/00
1/20/00 22:50 Puntarenas (Costa Rica)
Triangle 5 seconds Black Triangular Craft moving north to south at time of lunar eclipse. Well camoflaged, it appeared as if a piece of the sky had moved. 2/16/00
1/20/00 22:30 Hialeah (561 w. 4th ave.) FL Other 10 seconds I saw a shooting star coming into earth and the light went off and this big object with two wings(not feathers) appear and all of the s 2/16/00
1/20/00 22:22 Memphis TN Other approx 6 seconds An arc-shaped object, moving at possibly a high rate of speed, was seen moving from overhead to south. The object was almost invisible, 1/22/00
1/20/00 22:14 Houston TX Diamond 45 seconds two diamond shaped 'craft' during eclipse 1/22/00
1/20/00 22:10 Houston (Clear Lake Area) TX Triangle within a 15 sec. span Observed two triangular (side by side) profiled object during eclipse.. 2/16/00
1/20/00 22:00 Columbus NE Triangle 5-8min Triangular craft seen by three females. 3/19/02
1/20/00 22:00 Vancouver (Canada) BC Chevron 00:00.30 Black Chevron object, camoflauged with the dark sky. no lights, no sound. 1/29/02
1/20/00 21:35 Bradenton FL Fireball 2min Bishop planetarium ,luner eclipse, telscopes were set on saturn,jupiter and the moon.We were sitting under a covered set of tables when 2/23/00
1/20/00 21:30 Bradenton FL Fireball app. 1 min. Waiting for the lunar eclipse at Bishop planetarium,I noticed it in the sky due east and didn`'t realize it wasn't a plane at first. 2/23/00
1/20/00 18:00 Wilmington CA Light 1/2 hour I saw three lights come together and then split apart continously for 30 min. over S Los Angeles. ((NUFORC Note: Ad' lights?? PD)) 1/22/00
1/20/00 18:00 Columbus OH Fireball 5 sec. Yesterday, 1/20/00 at exactly 6:00p.m., I observed a "green meteor"? falling from north to south in Columbus, Ohio. My wife and son an 1/22/00
1/20/00 17:07 Bryant WI Circle 4 seconds I'm in Northern Wisconsin, object was seen in southern horizon going from east to west - 4 seconds from horizon to horizon, probably me 1/22/00
1/20/00 13:30 Salt Lake City UT Disk 10 minutes Saucer, 15' diameter, nw direction, no sound 1/22/00
1/20/00 10:39 Cairo WV Circle 15 to 20 seconds Rotating in circles and then disappeared after about 15 seconds. 1/22/00
1/19/00 22:30 Potters Bar (UK/England)
Formation 10 minutes 7 objects bright, glowing in diamond formation. came very close then rapidly flew away changing speed and direction at incredible rates 1/22/00
1/19/00 03:19 Lake Worth FL Egg about a minute While walking to the corner store this morning, I saw a large object travelling north, actually bow-tie shaped, flitting along the sky 1/22/00
1/18/00 19:45 Wilsonville OR Unknown 1 minute Pulsating (like a strobe light) object in the sky, traveling south to north, then turning east. 1/22/00
1/18/00 18:39 Los Angeles CA
10 seconds Bright white light appeared over the city, slowed, and disappeared. From - Wed Jan 19 10:09:11 2000 Received: from (www. 1/22/00
1/18/00 18:30 Ely NV Sphere 2 minutes Me and my mom were driving along the road and as soon as we were passing the KOA campground in the corner of my eye I saw a rounded obj 1/22/00
1/18/00 18:30 Pleasanton (35miles due East of SFO) CA Light 30sec & 5min Saw a Very Bright Light Moving slowly/silently for 30secs. it had a very large fan-like projection of light behind it. when it disappea 1/22/00
1/18/00 18:30 Van Nuys CA Light 1 minute A light appeared in the sky over Van Nuys Golf Course, and then disappeared. 1/22/00
1/18/00 18:25 Los Gatos CA Other 15 minutes A vibrant white cone of light that faded leaving a glowing blue phenomenon which persisted for many minutes and witnessed by three. 1/22/00
1/18/00 18:20 Sixes/Port Orford (between) OR Light 6-10 min. A brilliantly lit ball with a beam or shaft of light either coming down from it or pointing up to it on a 45 degree angle. It (the ball 1/22/00
1/18/00 18:15 Dayton township NV Oval :30 A bright light shone straight out of an object which appeared to be oval and surrounded by a smoke or fog like cloud. The light cut thr 1/22/00
1/18/00 18:15 Crescent City CA Fireball 5 min Saw a bright light (looked like police chopper with spotlight). watched a few sec, noticed a blue tail of smoke??? Saw light beam g 1/22/00
1/18/00 07:45 Juneau AK
10 minutes event reported to be a meteorite streaked through the skies at aprox o745 hrs Tues 18 Jan. It was reported to have impacted in the mts 2/16/00
1/18/00 01:15 Blackwell (08 mi. north of) TX Light 30 sec. Light, like a star moving fast and staright. 12/23/02
1/18/00 01:00 Buttonwillow CA Cylinder 20 seconds Large glowing cylinder object don't know what it was, don't wanna know 6/21/00
1/18/00 00:24 Flamingo (Costa Rica)
Changing 1 minute Out of the corner of my eye a glowing bright, bright orange shape appeared. 1/26/15
1/17/00 22:10 Pittsburgh PA Light 5 minutes At 10:15 PM a bright shining object was seen ,low in the sky,hovering,going back and forth,and then slowly flying away.It was shining i 1/22/00
1/17/00 21:40 Orland CA Triangle 10 minutes Small triangular object flying low to ground flashing green then gold light. 6/12/07
1/17/00 18:20 Oroville CA Cone 20-30 sec. saw a bright orange light with a cone of yellow light trailing 1/22/00
1/17/00 18:05 Philadelphia (south) PA Rectangle 6 sec I was visiting my mother. It was bitterly cold (approx. 15 degrees Far) And very windy. At appox.6: 02 PM I went out back into her smal 1/22/00
1/17/00 Columbia KY
2 minutes I would like to respond to a sighting that was posted here in 2000 from someone in Columbia, Kentucky. I read the post and knew finall 10/15/03
1/16/00 21:00 Lyons GA Light less than 10 secs Flash in the southern sky, according to others this was similar to the night of the meteor just off the east coast, except of course th 1/22/00
1/16/00 20:50 Hagerstown (sww of, on I81, Intersect.I70 & I81) MD Light 1-2 seconds In west, brilliant point of light (larger than star or planet) & streak fell nearly vertical from sky. 1/22/00
1/16/00 19:00 Davis CA Circle ~ 1 minute Observed bright object (mag. ~ 1) moving NE to SE. Assumed that it was a satellite until I noticed 2 blinking lights. 1/22/00
1/16/00 18:00 Becker (approx. 5 miles W of, on Hwy 10 towards St. Cloud) MN Triangle 10sec Traveling east along Hwy 10 around dusk, triangular craft spotted between Hwy and power plant. 2/16/00
1/16/00 13:10 Tifton GA Disk 3 min. In response to your request, I filled in the date above. I do not know 1/22/00
1/16/00 01:30 Christiana TN Rectangle 5 min. I witnessed a elongated, triangular shaped object glide/float across a nearly full moon. 4/26/00
1/15/00 23:45 Houghton Lake MI Flash 20 minutes Rendezvous of 2 white lights, followed by enormous, pulsing light rings. 10/31/03
1/15/00 23:00 Kalamazoo MI Circle 10 minutes A spinning lighted low down circle UFO. 12/2/00
1/15/00 22:30 West Fargo ND Sphere 15 minutes Bright glowing red orb. Did not emit any smoke, noise, or apparent heat. Moved at about 10 mph from northwest horizon to southeast hor 10/30/06
1/15/00 22:00 Channelview TX Unknown 1 hour I was arriving home from work on the night of 1/15.I happened to look up to see two two large chemtrails crossing each other.I knew tha 1/22/00
1/15/00 22:00 Milton WV Light 10 minutes A huge, bright , glowing light was seen in the sky above the hills of our property, making no sound whatsoever.... 3/19/02
1/15/00 21:00 Karachi (Pakistan)
Light 2 minutes 2 star like things travelling in a curve shape from west to north east, at equal speed, without blinking in the night for 2-3 minutes. 9/17/00
1/15/00 20:15 Lake Macquarie (NSW, Australia)
Circle 15 min At the approx time of 8.15pm a bright circular red light was spotted north east of Lake Macquarie NSW Australia. 4/1/00
1/15/00 20:00 Lake Charles LA Light 40 minutes There was a UFO in Lake Charles, Louisiana in 2000. 1/10/09
1/15/00 20:00 Houston TX Triangle 15 seconds triangle object bearly moving,then almost disappears,then dozens of aircraft start appearing and circling sky 4/15/00
1/15/00 19:10 Skowhegan ME Oval 5 minutes Large UFO. Oval Shaped. Brilliant white lights around it with intense red light on top. 1/22/00
1/15/00 19:00 Keystone Heights FL Circle 1 hour Video taped approx. 3 minutes of stationary round object that darted on video screen. Numerous colours. 1/22/00
1/15/00 18:00 St. Louis MO Unknown 5-7min flashing hot pink lights, no particular pattern, shooting across the sky, up and down, side to side just above the interstate. glowing 2/27/00
1/15/00 18:00 Longview TX Cigar Two min. I was standing on my patio looking around my back yard, I glanced up straight ahead. Not up to the sky.I saw two very large red lights 1/22/00
1/15/00 13:52 Kelowna (Canada) BC Circle 30 seconds We were returning home from the mall and my attention was drawn to a redish object moving at a very considerable speed in the clear ski 12/2/00
1/15/00 02:45 Monroe (Fairfield County) CT
3 hours My friend and I went out to a club, stopped for McDonalds on the way home. Arrived home around 2:45 AM friday night. As we pulled in 1/22/00
1/15/00 Elgin (UK/Scotland)

Bright light seen hovering above a treeline near Scottish Air Base. 2/5/03
1/14/00 20:05 Louisville KY Light 1 hour Traveling southeast on Bardstown road, light appeared to the Northeast, the light had an absolute vertical shape with a glow in the upp 2/16/00
1/14/00 17:45 Charlesbourg (XXèm Rue ouest, Québec) CA Rectangle 10 seconds J'ai observer 3 objets (2 en forme triangles)(1 en forme de point)direction du nord-ouest vers l'est. 8/5/01
1/14/00 12:25 Houston TX Disk 2 mins Disk shaped object observed at close proximity by two adult females and one juvenile male. 1/22/00
1/14/00 09:23 York Mills/Leslie (over the intersections of) (Canada) ON Cigar 5 miutes or so Clear blue sky ,temperature -12 C . After leaving our garbage route for morning break,I noticed a bright lightin the sky to the east. F 12/2/00
1/14/00 06:30 Mt. Vernon WA Disk 15 seconds strange red lighted craft, wobbling right to left then shooting straight up 1/22/00
1/13/00 23:30 Brisbane (QLD, Australia)
Fireball 5 seconds OK, this, I'm sure wasn't a UFO - but I found a link, and I thought I'd share it anyway... I had just got home and was locking my car d 1/11/02
1/13/00 23:30 Motherwell (near Glasgow) (UK/Scotland)
Sphere 2 minutes While doing some amateur astronomy, I observed a large pulsating orange sphere moving very slowly from north to south. The sphere was t 12/17/11
1/13/00 22:30 Louisville KY Fireball 2 minutes We saw an object that glowed blue/orange/yellow, and flickered like a candle, yet it hovered within a half-mile of us, and disappeared 3/7/00
1/13/00 15:45 Phoenix AZ Circle 5 seconds Silver ball, approx 500-1000 feet altitude, .5 to 1 mile N. of Freeway 101 @ 59th ave 1/22/00
1/13/00 06:30 Pine Mountain AR Light 2 min went out to warm up truck at 06:30 and i saw a light to my south;i thought it was venus but it was to far south for that time was there 1/22/00
1/13/00 03:00 Jacksonville FL Unknown moments THEY WOKE ME UP, I am terrified and if the government IS involved I believe that reporting this puts my life in danger. 1/22/00
1/13/00 00:00 Galesburg IL Fireball
Event was televised on the 10 PM news. A man had video footage of the event north of Galesburg. Many orange lights were seen going on 1/22/00
1/12/00 18:20 Snohomish WA Triangle 2 minutes Triangle shaped object hovering above farmland 1/22/00
1/12/00 01:31 Los Angeles CA Disk 1 min 30 sec It was a metalic looking object with blue and yellow flashing lights. 12/2/00
1/12/00 00:22 Northbrook IL Disk
This was large. I was not near it at all. I had just left the highway and was headed east on Lakecook Road comming to the intersectio 1/22/00
1/11/00 22:40 San Diego CA Oval 1.5-2.0 Already left message on answering machine. My son was out jogging about a block and a half from our home,and stopped in his tracks whe 3/16/00
1/11/00 22:10 Denver CO Fireball 4 seconds Bright aqua green flashing roundish ball with orange sparkles coming out the back in a triangular shape, may have had a red dot near th 1/22/00
1/11/00 22:00 Atlanta GA Sphere
A brite blue ball flying at a high rate of speed.I have seen oject two times before over a three month period.All three times on the sa 1/22/00
1/11/00 21:00 Boise ID Unknown all night During the night I saw lights moving like battling in the sky. Movements were evasive in nature, random ziz zaging and spiralling in s 1/22/00
1/11/00 11:15 Brownell KS
5 seconds I saw 3 bright flashes,light up the sky. I looked up and saw large bright windows, and red,one white, and blue lights which appeared to 1/22/00
1/11/00 02:00 Westchester IL Triangle 10 minutes I observed a very bright white light in the sky, approx. 3-4 miles away. It didn't appear to be moving. As I drove towards it, the li 1/22/00
1/10/00 22:00 Erie (area) PA Unknown less than a minute dark object with strobe/beacon.stationary over Interstate 90 near Erie,PA 12/7/06
1/10/00 21:30 San Diego CA Light 10 seconds Green ball of light flying up from bushes. 4/26/00
1/10/00 21:00 Conroe TX Light more than 30 min three lights in triangl form moved in " L " shape patern.....seemed to be one object.... 9/2/05
1/10/00 20:30 Sevierville TN Oval 15 mins i walked outside to get something from the oval shape custer of lights flying really low was flying west,north-west very slowly. 1/22/00
1/10/00 19:15 Mannford OK Oval 6 to 8 seconds Two bright objects perpendicular to one another and appeared to be heading on a fast collision course, when one passed over the other, 1/22/00
1/10/00 09:15 Brentwood TN Disk 4 minutes Saucer shaped craft,that faded in out of view 3 times. 1/22/00
1/9/00 23:25 Sanford ME Light 3 seconds i saw a fast bright object streak towards the earth, with no explosion or fire visible. 2/18/01
1/9/00 23:00 Amarillo TX Light ongoing Stationary light 2/16/00
1/9/00 19:07 Guyton GA Circle 3 seconds Glowing circle flying east->west twice the speed of a jet. 1/22/00
1/9/00 17:30 Los Angeles CA Sphere 2 minutes The object was was a cross between a sphere and a disk. It was very bright. It omitted a very bright orange like color, that seemed a 1/22/00
1/9/00 15:30 Worcester (Midlands) (UK/England)
Light 2mins We had just turned off a slip road to get on to the motorway, as I was heading back to University, when I saw a light in the sky which 4/26/00
1/9/00 00:20 Las Vegas Blvd. NV Light 10-15 minutes We saw two clusters of stars moving in a strange but uniformed direction. 1/22/00
1/8/00 17:00 Maitland FL Light ~ 45 mins 20 to 30 bright lights, star like, flying wnw (?) , in formation, one red, the others were white, flying very fast, but due to distanc 1/22/00
1/8/00 17:00 Kent/Warren (between; on Rte 341) CT Changing 3-4 minutes While driving, saw an unusually large bright triangular light in the distant sky; upon slowing, it appeared above as a grouping of brig 1/22/00
1/8/00 16:45 Maitland FL Formation 1:00 Formation of lights of varying degree. Yellow to orange. Moving slowly from west to east above all airplane traffic. Have video from 1/22/00
1/8/00 08:36 Beech Hill, Berkshire (UK/England)
Sphere 1 minute Metallic sphere spotted in the sky, object was reflective, didn't move, after a minute it had vanished from sight... 6/4/04
1/8/00 07:30 Knoxville TN Cigar 15 min 2 Cigar shaped ships flying over Knoxville TN 5/24/05
1/8/00 02:20 Darwin (NT, Australia) NT Fireball
very bright orange light travelling slowly 1/22/00
1/7/00 23:00 Montgomery AL Triangle 4to5min low slow bright light, no sound 1/22/00
1/7/00 22:45 Citrus Heights CA Light 15? There were six light that changed formation then they disappeared. 1/22/00
1/7/00 21:40 Westwood (Los Angeles) CA Formation 30/40 seconds Saw, sitting in the garden, 4 star like dots, similar to satellite but moving much faster,heading in V formation (no leader) East-West 3/16/00
1/7/00 21:35 Three Rivers MI Fireball 00:10 The night of January 7th I spotted a very bright lime green firebal? streaking past our living room window. Irt was between 1st and 3rd 1/22/00
1/7/00 19:00 Citrus Heights CA Unknown 15 minutes We saw 6 lights that seemed to hover in like a triangular formation. They seemed to be suspended in air. When they moved they all seeme 2/16/00
1/7/00 16:20 Las Vegas NV Unknown 10 min. hypersonic arcraft entering Nevada Test Site airspace 1/22/00
1/7/00 05:15 Rock Island IL Circle 2 seconds Green fireball in the ENE, visible from about 40 degrees above the horizon to about 5 degrees, seemed to fall straight toward the groun 2/18/01
1/7/00 00:10 Edgewood WA Sphere 10 minutes two very bright amber colored orbs on a trajectory 2/18/01
1/7/00 Phelps WI
10 minutes I have been visited since 1974, I had a missing time that time, over the past 44 years. 1/12/18
1/6/00 22:00 Austell GA Fireball 6 sec bright blue or white fireball flying at a high rate of speed. me and my boyfriend were heading to work when we saw the object in the sk 1/22/00
1/6/00 16:00 Riley County KS Teardrop 1.5hrs Saw 2 craft white in color. 5 small jets were circling crafts. saw third craft half hour later. one jet following aircraft. 1/22/00
1/6/00 15:00 San Francisco CA Chevron 4 minutes translucent, silvery boomerang shape, totally silent, with short, feathering discharge from the back edge 2/16/00
1/6/00 10:25 York PA Cigar 15 seconds Daytime UFO siting in York, Pennsylvania by two witnesses at place of employment. 1/22/00
1/6/00 05:45 Rock Spings, 2miles west of WY Unknown aprox 2min Driving truck along I-80 west when i noticed the truck that had just passed me swirve from the outside lain to the inside lain then bac 1/22/00
1/5/00 22:45 Lakemoor IL Triangle 10 min a brite lite in the east moveing southwest two rows of 3 lites under craft high rate of speed when overhead a flash of lite then craft 2/23/00
1/5/00 21:00 Ramona (NE San Diego) CA Light 2 minutes Bright lights seen in Ramona mountains, California 2/18/01
1/5/00 20:00 Galesburg IL Triangle
l large triangular object reported on our ten oclock news. Also their broadcast showed excellent footage of the craft. We called the st 2/16/00
1/5/00 19:55 Hawkinsville (3 miles north, 100 miles south Atlanta) GA Triangle 5 minutes Object with 3 large spotlights making absolutely no noise as it flew over us. 1/7/00
1/5/00 09:50 Exton PA Cylinder 6 second 3 cylinder objects moving east to west, 9:50 am, no sound, white with two rings in black on each craft. No wings visible. 1/7/00
1/5/00 05:00 Milton MA Triangle 1:30 m I noticed a very bright light in the western sky at 5 AM while taking in my morning paper. At first, I thought it might be a star, but 1/22/00
1/5/00 04:30 St. Louis (MO)/Columbia (IL) MO Unknown 10 seconds January 5th, 2000, 5 Dupo lights. 3/4/08
1/5/00 04:15 Summerfield, (approx.1/2 mile west of) IL Changing approx.4-5 minutes After being dispatched to the north side of Lebanon,I saw two large,very bright white lights that changed into one,then when I got clos 1/7/00
1/5/00 04:00 Caseyville IL Other 1:00-02:00- high altitude glitering streak-too red orange 40' high ball lookig like jap riseing son of ww2,tree high . 2/16/00
1/5/00 02:00 Florissant MO Rectangle 3-10 seconds Dark Rectangle sighting in heavly populated St. Louis county flying low and silent 11/9/04
1/5/00 02:00 Florissant MO Rectangle 3-5 seconds two story rectangle flys low and silent over the city of Florissant 12/3/04
1/5/00 Spokane WA
1min. i saw three beings about 4ft tall looking into a cars window. they spotted my dog an i walking toward them.they lined up, one behind th 2/14/10
1/4/00 23:35 Dupo IL Triangle 5 minutes A delta shaped craft slowing moving within a few miles of downtown St. Louis, Mo. Within hours of a similar craft reported by police. 12/9/00
1/4/00 21:30 Coleman TX Fireball 30 minutes Light in the sky - much larger than a star, and looking like a flare gun's flare, but suspended in place. Would flicker out and then r 1/22/00
1/4/00 20:30 Scottsdale AZ Light 10 seconds Emerging, pivoting array of lighted objects. 7/6/10
1/4/00 19:00 Duryea PA Oval 7-10 secs. The UFO was a perfect blue oval. 2/18/01
1/4/00 05:51 Mono (Town of) (Canada) ON Cylinder 10 minutes Blue glowing cylindrical object very low to the ground moving very slowly across the sky. 11/20/01
1/4/00 03:15 Union MO Triangle 1 hour Trangluar Craft over Union, MO Jan. 5th 2000. ((NUFORC Note: Report from law enforcement officer. PD)) 10/30/12
1/3/00 22:43 Reno NV Light 3 seconds At 22:43 Jan 03, 2000 I observed in the night sky, a bright white object traveling at a very high rate of speed from north to south. It 1/7/00
1/3/00 21:30 West Manchester OH Light 30 seconds to 1 minute Flashing white light approx. tree top level. 1/7/00
1/3/00 15:18 Union City TN Cigar 3-4 minutes me and a friend were target shooting and saw saw this thing in the sky 1/22/00
1/3/00 07:30 El Centro CA Other 10 min max To date I am still quite upset of what I (and later my mother) saw. I was standing at a nearby corner, looking up at a no-longer-in-us 12/20/00
1/2/00 00:00 Jacksonville FL Rectangle 2hrs A rectangle shape object like a cigar box (maybe three times the size) touched down in my back yard. ((NUFORC Note: Hoax?? PD)) 1/10/09
1/2/00 23:00
NV Triangle 30 seconds triange shaped craft with three bright lights came within ten yards of our car on hwy in Nevada 6/18/03
1/2/00 22:40 South Pasadena CA Chevron 10 seconds Boomerang with 6 lights passed directly over my head. 1/7/00
1/2/00 22:00 Tustin CA Light 15 seconds I saw a bright blue stream of light with a long trail behind it directly compass north of my home. It flew level accross the horizon fr 1/7/00
1/2/00 21:50 Sierra Madre CA Fireball 1 minute While traveling east on Grandview St. and approaching Santa Anita Ave. I saw..a green first I thought it was a pyrotechnic 1/7/00
1/2/00 21:40 San Fernando Valley CA Triangle 7 sec. I was traveling East in the middle lane on the 118 freeway in the San Fernando Valley area of California. Immediately in ahead of me ap 1/7/00
1/2/00 21:40 Jurupa CA Light 10 seconds White light moving towards earth got bigger, faster, and became bright pale blue, split and burned up. 1/7/00
1/2/00 21:37 Vista CA Disk 3 seconds We saw a disk from the side so it appeared like a cigar. It was bright, "neon" green with a bright orange, firey trail running behind i 1/7/00
1/2/00 21:36 Claremont CA
approx 10sec pulsing colored lights streaking across the sky northwest to southeast 1/7/00
1/2/00 21:35 La Quinta CA Formation 5-10 sec 4 lights in diamond shape formation 1/7/00
1/2/00 21:35 Big Bear Lake CA Other 6-7 sec. I seen a object low on the eastern sky traveling to the south almost horizonal maybe 5 degrees down the object was blueish front trali 1/7/00
1/2/00 21:33 Glendale/Eagle Rock (Los Angeles) CA Fireball 2 seconds Apparent meteor apparent meteor 6/6/00
1/2/00 21:30 Redlands CA Fireball approx. 2-3 min. Flaming Green Fireball reported over mountains in San Bernardino County Sunday Jan. 2, 2000. 1/7/00
1/2/00 21:30 Anaheim Hills CA Light 1:30 We witnessed 3 green and 1 pink light flying in formation 1/7/00
1/2/00 21:30 Temecula CA Fireball 8 seconds White light, changing to green, trailing flame, disintegrated, probably a meteorite. 1/7/00
1/2/00 21:00 Studio City (San Fernando Valley) CA Rectangle 2 SECONDS BRIGHT BLUE RECTANGLE FLYING LOW AND "QUICK" FROM NORTH TO SOUTH. 1/7/00
1/2/00 20:00 Oroville CA Light 10+minutes These lights(egg shape)put on a dazzling show they would go in a long oval circle probably a football field in length the egg shape lig 1/7/00
1/2/00 19:34 Kennewick WA Light 5-10 seconds Northern angle of sight 30-45 degree angle from ground Bright light came down zig zaged then straight down and fizzeled out. Saw same 1/7/00
1/2/00 19:33 Murrieta CA Fireball 3 seconds From intersection of Las Alamos and Hancock, looking east I witnessed a single whitish object break into 3 or 4 pieces across the sky 1/22/00
1/2/00 19:30 Vancouver (Canada) BC Light 2-3 secs Point of light moving quickly 12/2/00
1/2/00 19:00 Tinaquillo (Venezuela)
Oval 15 seconds I saw three silver colored lights moving all in the same direction without any sound being heard. 1/3/01
1/2/00 18:30 Chandler AZ Diamond short driving on hwy 10 out ochandler, my brother saw 5 triangle shaped objects, he said they wern't jets. no noise. hovered and moved slow 1/22/00
1/2/00 02:00 Aegean Sea (Turkey/Greece)
Unknown 10-20 minutes 1/2/2000 Aegean Sea 6/18/04
1/2/00 00:30 Mesa AZ Oval 5 min. golden orb's flying about. 1/10/09
1/1/00 23:00 Erath LA Egg 2:00 Yellow egg shape craft displays of technolegy 5/15/06
1/1/00 22:00 Evansville IN Cigar 2 seconds Long black cigar-shaped craft flew over at low altitude and was extremely quick despite no engine noise (only wind) 2/24/01
1/1/00 21:35 Houston (NW ) TX Sphere 10 sec Bright green sphere hovering then accellerating exponentially. 1/22/00
1/1/00 21:00 Patoka IL Triangle 5 minutes Triangular shaped object flying very low to the ground over my parents yard in rural Illinois. 6/12/08
1/1/00 20:30 Houston TX Flash 5 seconds Myself and a friend were driving east on Loop 610 South in Houston near I-45. As we drove up the elevated roadway, our eyes were natur 1/7/00
1/1/00 17:00 Rockford IL Diamond 5 minutes Diamond Shape taking samples from Rock River 6/7/19
1/1/00 17:00 Medford OR Formation 5 mins the quick flash of an object that looked like a boomarang 8/5/01
1/1/00 16:20 San Francisco CA Light 15 minutes It's a cold, clear, sunny, windy day, with large, rapidly moving clouds. probably preceeding a storm front. Observed a bright, starlike 1/7/00
1/1/00 14:45 Gurnee IL Light 1 min. 30 sec. Driving to movies with my daughter and mother and just before arriving daughter noticed a light in the sky to the wasn't movi 1/7/00
1/1/00 05:00 Clovis CA Light 1 min It's a plane, it's a star, NO it's a UFO! 2/24/07
1/1/00 03:30 Nellis AFB (Near) NV Light 2 hours stars that seem to move in an unstar-like manner..... 2/18/01
1/1/00 03:00 Bellefontaine OH Light 10 sec. After we ( my girlfriend and I ) got done skiing at the Mad River Mt. walking back to my car, I look up in the sky and see two red obje 1/7/00
1/1/00 02:13 Laporte TX Other 10 sec Spotted unusually shaped, unlit object moving north. 2/16/00
1/1/00 01:00 Healesville, Melbourne (Australia)
Unknown 20 minutes Light darting around over resevoir 8/28/03
1/1/00 01:00 Zurich (Switzerland)
Light 20 min. Large red orange light was seen traveling slowly over Zurich on New Year's Eve under a cloudy sky. 3/7/00
1/1/00 01:00

Light 10 minutes Red/Orange light in the sky. 7/11/00
1/1/00 01:00 Washington, D.C. DC Cylinder about 1 minute Near end of 1AM fireworks while standing outside Metro station in DC observed at least 5 cylindrical things moving at high speed across 9/6/02
1/1/00 00:45 Canouan (Caranage Bay Resort) (Grenadine Islands)
Changing 1 minute Witness and I both viewed an object which appeared very close then moved across the sky changing shape, then moved off slowly out of si 4/1/00
1/1/00 00:23 San Diego CA Light 15 sec Instense Green light traveling from NW to SE. Paused momentarily (3-5 sec) before turning in a Southerly direction. 1/7/00
1/1/00 00:03 Los Angeles CA Unknown 2 minutes High speed weird noise over Los Angeles midnight new years 2000. 3/6/01
1/1/00 00:01 New York City NY Sphere 2 minutes I was celebreating with my friends, when I saw spheres flying around. I was ontop of my friends building, I can assure you that it wa 3/7/00
1/1/00 00:01 Bakersfield CA
rock hunting I have found the proof we all been waiting for Reply and ill show you 4/8/02