National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 12/1999
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
12/31/99 23:59 Bellflower CA Fireball 16 minutes n amber colored star. It moved under a lot of clouds often seeming to stop cmpletely or to 'bob' up and down. Thank You. 1/7/00
12/31/99 23:59 Sydney (NSW, Australia)
Light 3 mins there were 3 of them , maybe more but they were there and observing EVERYTHING. 3/16/01
12/31/99 23:55 Rome (Vatican Square,Vatican City, on CNN live telecast)
Disk 10 to 15 seconds(on CNN) I noticed a disc with a dome on bottom.Color was white to light gray. 1/22/00
12/31/99 23:50 Gold Coast (QLD, Australia)
Light 1min australia newyears eve , three brights stars spinning in the night sky above the goldcoast , ufos wanted join the celebration 7/11/00
12/31/99 23:48 Keys/Ceres (between, right over Hyw 99) CA Changing 3 min At a familly gathering new years eve night 6 lit up object that where almost set up in a V formation exept for 1 that was down and in t 1/7/00
12/31/99 23:47 Keys/Ceres (between) CA Other 10mins On New Years Eve Night I witnessed 6 glowing objest in the sky moving very slow. I wasn't seeing things because I only had 1 Drink all 1/22/00
12/31/99 23:42 Santee CA Formation 1 minute After having just watched a video tape a friend had recently taken of lights above Cowels Mountain (looking south from Santee) I saw th 1/7/00
12/31/99 23:30 Rockford IL Light 3-5 minutes 3 orange lights hovering in the sky east of Rockford, IL, on the outskirts of town toward Belvidere, IL. 3/16/00
12/31/99 23:20 Loves Park IL Circle 1 minute Orange ball-shaped object soaring fast across the sky in a NE direction. Had no sound or blinking lights 1/22/00
12/31/99 22:00 Rockford IL Sphere
sightings by various people in Rockford, Illinois between 22:00 and 23:00 p.m. of reddish-orange lights. Not picked up by local airpor 1/7/00
12/31/99 20:30 Dover FL Circle 10 SECONDS SMALL ROUND FOLLOWED BY STEALTH 5/3/00
12/31/99 19:30 Florissant (St. Louis) MO Unknown 2-5 minutes Origin in vicinity of Orion. Orange glow, fairly bright. Definitely no blinkers. Moved slowly, about east to west. Several observers. 1/7/00
12/31/99 17:30 Las Vegas NV Circle 10 min. New years eve 1999 I went to work and parked on the very top of the parking garage at work at Caesars Palace. Iwalked to the elavators 3/2/04
12/31/99 11:00 Cranbrook (Canada) BC Unknown 1min I dont know what it could have been, it rocketed skyward at an extremely high rate of speed and looked like an up-side down tornado ris 2/11/03
12/31/99 09:00 Cali (Colombia S.A.)
Fireball 4 hours One very big metallic UFO and 17 lights near noon seen on the sunny sky on Cali-Colombia -12-31-99 12/3/04
12/31/99 00:30 Sudbury (Canada) ON Circle 5 min 2 bright orange balls of light followed one another in-line across the sky and then stopped and moved up and down vertically, changing 12/2/00
12/31/99 00:23 Newman Lake WA Other
It looked like a mother ship. 4/28/01
12/30/99 19:30 Gansevoort NY Sphere 5 seconds While driving home with a friend, we both simultaneously witnessed a sort of dull greenish ball or sphere with a yellowish center cross 1/7/00
12/30/99 18:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Diamond Winnipeg Standing still in the air and was very bright. Was going to go closer but when i moved to get a better look at it, it disapared. 12/2/00
12/29/99 21:45 Hong Kong (Lamma Island; PRC)
Other 15 seconds It was spotted quickly, not looking for it, we all saw the same. It had two balls of light, diagonal shaft of light attaching them. 1/7/00
12/29/99 19:20 Huntington WV Light 10-15 sec. Watched a bright luminous light approach low over city From the S/W. Made no sound as it moved at a slow steady rate speed. As it came 1/7/00
12/29/99 18:00 Denver CO
na strange phenomenon after sighting 9/17/00
12/29/99 17:50 Denver CO Chevron 10 minutes I was driving home down 13th street, I saw a object hovering over 13th street very low, at first I could not tell how low as I was appr 1/7/00
12/29/99 05:00 D'Hanis TX Unknown 20 minutes 5 miles South of D’Hanis, Texas on Farm to Market Road (FM) 2200 December 29, 1999 approx. 5 AM I stepped out of the back door and stoo 2/16/00
12/29/99 04:15 Stockbridge GA
30-45min + On 29Dec99, my 13yr old son and I both experienced intruders (beings) in our individual bedrooms. On 03Jan00 my 16yr old daughter tele 1/22/00
12/28/99 23:05 Lakeland FL Fireball 1 minute 12/28/99 lakeland florida orange ball 7/11/00
12/28/99 22:00 SC/NC (I-85) SC Fireball Under 2 minutes As my ex-husband and I were driving to NC (North on I85), I was looking out the car and noticed 2 very bright orange red obj.. 7/5/08
12/28/99 22:00 Elisabeth CO Light 1-2 mins White light moves and disapers 7/26/02
12/28/99 20:00 Saint Charles Township IL Triangle 5 min. We were heading south on Randall and I saw a large triangle moving slowing across the sky about 1000 feet off the ground. It had all k 3/7/00
12/28/99 16:28 Kota Kinabalu/Sabah (Malaysia)
Disk 2 minutes Shiny metallic object, disc shaped, silent and hovering. 12/2/00
12/28/99 05:13 Brigham City UT Fireball 30min going out side for a smoke we looked to the southwest and seen what we thought to be a plane but after looking at the lights for a time 1/7/00
12/28/99 05:00 Sterling IL Disk 20 minutes Limited contact with ufo and aliens. 7/29/00
12/28/99 02:00 Dallas TX Unknown 1-2 minutes Saw very large object emerge from behind a hill in front of me on 408 Spur. Long row of lights too bright for me to see shape of craft 4/26/00
12/28/99 02:00 Lake Shasta CA Light 5 seconds A friend and I were driving from Tacoma to Los Angeles for vacation. We were about half-way over the Lake Shasta bridge, and off to th 3/4/08
12/27/99 21:30 Salem OR Diamond 2 hours Standing in my kitchen window I noticed a multi colored light flashing in the Southeast about 3 or 4 miles up. Shaped as a diamond and 1/7/00
12/27/99 19:30 Reno NV Sphere 4 minutes Sphere with Spikes 2/18/01
12/27/99 00:00 South Berwick ME Light 30 min+ Object with a white and red light appeared to be "dancing" in the sky. At times it would make quick moves up/down and diagonally, and 1/7/00
12/26/99 23:30 San Diego CA Triangle 10 secs Three lights in a triangular formation,one at the "nose",one at each "wing tip" flying very fast directly overhead from the north east 1/7/00
12/26/99 23:00 Toowoomba (Australia)
Circle 1\2 hour Blue pulsing light 6/6/00
12/26/99 23:00 Ponchatoula LA Diamond
I was washing dishes and I looked out my kitchen window and seen 4 diamond shaped objects circling my field. They were about 11 feet fr 1/7/00
12/26/99 22:30 Temple City CA Sphere not sure maroonish orange sphere possibly fireball, completely still, very low, silent 2/16/00
12/26/99 22:30 Portland OR Unknown 1-1/2 minutes Fast moving object with multicolored lights crossing east to west. 1/7/00
12/26/99 21:00 Spring Creek NV Unknown about 3 hours Almost looked like a colorful lightning bolt traveling up and down, side to side- never losing it's lined shape 1/7/00
12/26/99 20:25 Jamaica Estates NY Light 3 hours and still going 3 light blue lights circling and colliding at regular patterns and intervals in the sky starting at 8PM and still continuing 3 hours af 1/7/00
12/26/99 20:25 Jamaica Estates NY Light 1 or more hours At night, there were 3, very light, blue lights circling and colliding in the sky with regular patterns. They seemed to be moving from 1/7/00
12/26/99 20:00 New Orleans LA Light 15-20 sec.s ufo streaked across the sky, like to know what we saw. 1/7/00
12/26/99 20:00 Boca Raton FL Light 45 minutes it all started when my neighborwas trying out his new we were waiting for him to locate a star so we could check it out,my 1/7/00
12/26/99 19:55 Larose LA

Amendment to previous report filed yesterday as reported in The Times-Picayune 12/29/99 1/7/00
12/26/99 19:30 Dallas/Grant Counties AR Fireball 15 seconds At ten degrees above the horizon, above treeline on 200 ft. above sea level hills (70 ft. pine trees.) Globular Orange fireball size a 2/23/00
12/26/99 19:00 Springfield (South of) MO Light 40 seconds +/- Crew of B757 at FL330 passed on south side by white light making at least 200 knots more than we were. We were at .80 Mach and G/S of 1/7/00
12/26/99 18:12 Vancouver WA Unknown 10 - 15 seconds Fast flying lighted object from North to South, lights dimmed, then went out and object was then not perceivable. 1/7/00
12/26/99 17:00 Sparks NV Triangle 6:00 min It was triangular in shape, two sides were bright orange the color of the sun, but the bottom and inside was transparent. 1/7/00
12/26/99 06:45 Huntington WV Unknown 10-15sec. At ~6:45 a.m. on 12-26-99, I watches a football shaped light approached from the S/West and travel N/East,it remained as constant starl 1/7/00
12/26/99 05:17 Lahore (Pakistan)
Cigar 25-30 seconds As we were walkinh through the thick blanket of fog we saw what we think was a UFO. 1/7/00
12/26/99 01:17 Deer Lake PA Light 2 hours 4 Unidentified AirCraft , 1 blinking a bright red , 3 others blinking a blueish green in a quad formation 1/7/00
12/26/99 Gold Canyon AZ Light 30minutes multi colored lights hovered over superstition mountains changed to single extremely brightlight extreme climb rate first one object th 1/7/00
12/25/99 23:00 Mt Vernon MO Chevron unknown MISSOURI INVESTIGATORS GROUP Report: UFO seen above I-44 rest area just outside Mt Vernon, MO 4/28/01
12/25/99 22:30 Spring Hill KS Triangle 3-4 secs. I looked up and saw an object fly over my house from south to north, it was triangular shaped, but the points looked rounded. 8/19/00
12/25/99 19:30 Lake Elsinore CA Triangle 10 minutes orange light moving west to east, then made sharp turn to the south then broke up into 5 orange lights, faded to the south 1/7/00
12/25/99 19:30 Pleasanton TX Cigar 2 min going outside to say goodbye to family when I looked into the sky and seen two lights one front of the other. Knowing to myself it look 1/7/00
12/25/99 19:30 Poughkeepsie NY Chevron 30-35 sec. While standing on the deck of my home, I happened to look up to the NE and saw a large chevron/boomerang object moving from the north t 1/7/00
12/25/99 11:40 Wellington OH Oval 10 seconds Two UFO's were spotted ofer the Wellington airport by my father and myself. 1/7/00
12/25/99 09:30 Mansfield OH Other 5 or 6 min. on christmas day morning(Dec.25) 1999,upon my wife and I waking up,I was using the restroom when she said "come here and look at this 5/24/05
12/25/99 04:00 Nashville TN Light 1 hour+ Viewed a UFO through bedroom window on Christmas Eve, as its bright lights woke me up; kept me awake for over an hour as it moved slowl 1/7/00
12/25/99 03:30 Columbia MO Triangle until the sun came up was it a phenonmen ,usual star, or ufo? 11/20/01
12/24/99 23:55 Milton TN Triangle 10-15 MIN The object appeared to be a very large star. From underneath it appeared to be triangular with lights around the base with a vapor trai 1/7/00
12/24/99 23:30 Cupey (San Juan, Puerto Rico) PR Circle 2 minutes we were celebrating xmas when ,we were outiside beign tropical,I saw first a red object coming out under the very low clouds. 9/19/02
12/24/99 23:30 Armadale (Australia)
Cigar 12 seconds A cigar shaped object beaming across the sky with a trail following. 10/12/01
12/24/99 23:24 Youngstown OH Triangle 10 SECONDS 3 TRIANGULAR SHAPED OBJECTS MOVING IN FORMATION 1/7/00
12/24/99 21:00 Miami FL Circle 2 minutes Large circular object, glowing red in color with an aura around it..moved much faster than an airplane across the sky north to south di 1/7/00
12/24/99 11:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Unknown 20 min. a dark object seen against face of sun. disc in profile??? 3/16/01
12/24/99 07:45 Augusta MT Oval 10 min. A small,brilliant light low in the sky, when observed thru binoculars was seen to have a shimmering,unstable quality. Slowly drifted d 1/7/00
12/24/99 04:00 Atlantic City area (north or northeast of Hammonton) NJ Light 1 hour -maybe Light remained stationary- unlike any star-large-disappeared with the horizon 1/7/00
12/23/99 22:15 Howard CO Light
Some witnesses thought it was "CHRIST'S SECOND COMING" as the light was so profound 3/6/01
12/23/99 20:30 Fulton AR Triangle 5 minutes Triangle Black Object too Big, Quiet, and Fast. 7/16/06
12/23/99 17:20 Norman OK Sphere 40 seconds Seen 4 yellow balls of light lower than airplanes usually fly coming very fast from Northwest to Southwest. They looked to be the size 1/7/00
12/23/99 17:00 Moses Lake (West of, I-90) WA Other 5 minutes large umbrella shape of a Strob light emitting a light every 5-8 seconds apart 1/7/00
12/22/99 22:30 Baton Rouge LA Other 12 seconds Green object appears in digital camera shots of the Moon taken on the night that the Moon was at it's brightest. 1/7/00
12/22/99 19:15 White Sands NM Light 2 min A starlike object descended vertically for 2 minutes changing color from a very bright white to gold the closer it got to the ground. 1/7/00
12/22/99 19:14 Lackawaxen PA Triangle 15 Seconds Since the first sighting of this craft, my son has seen it on a number of other occasions. Each time it was traveling in the same gener 2/16/00
12/22/99 19:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Unknown 40min large objects hovering over n.y. city unbeleiveable how can this go un seen radars had to pick these objects up. 6/21/00
12/22/99 10:05 Hot Springs AR Flash minute I have been seeing a light above Hot Springs as I drive from Malvern Avenue to Bath House Row. It flashes very fast, stobelike, not lik 1/7/00
12/22/99 07:30 Salt Lake City UT Formation 5-7min three gold lights in the shape of a triangle , the lights dimmed and disappeared then reappeared in an inverted v. the v shape then had 1/7/00
12/22/99 07:00 Merrimac WI Diamond 4 HR. 7:00pm went to pick my son up from work.glanced to my right in the sky seen a object rotating red,green,white strobe in was m 1/7/00
12/22/99 06:30 Clinton IN Light 7 minutes Amber light hovered and visible for seven minutes. 1/7/00
12/22/99 02:00 Jacksonville FL Disk .10 driving west on I-10 drizzeling rain, low clouds, passing a well lited lot I noticed a small cloud reflecting the lots lights. behind t 2/18/01
12/21/99 22:20 Onodaga twp. MI Diamond 3-5 minutes I was coming home at aproximately 10:25 on Bellevue Highway in Eaton county at the southeastern tip of the county where the southwester 1/7/00
12/21/99 20:00 Lakewood CO Disk 20 minutes i was driving home with my sister and in the north there was a brightly colored, and changing colors disk-type thing hovering over the 1/7/00
12/21/99 17:00 Portland OR Light 3min. Bright light hanging in sky then zig-zagging downward and disappearing. 1/7/00
12/21/99 13:30 Seatac WA Sphere 30 seconds Metalic silver sphere at a height of about 500-700 ft. up roughly 6-8 miles from me over the area of Southcenter Mall near Seatac airpo 2/16/00
12/21/99 06:45 Toledo/Salkum (Between) WA Oval 15min aprox one of the ufo's did zig zag manuevers across the sky west of Mt Rainer and the other one stayed fairly stationary...the the one doing 1/7/00
12/21/99 03:00 Point Arena CA
two hours Two hour light show of craft over Pacific Ocean on last full moon in 1999 5/15/06
12/20/99 23:30 Trenton IL Light 3-5 min. My friend and I were coming home from seeing The Green Mile when I noticed a brilliant light changing colors in northern sky. 1/7/00
12/20/99 23:00 Eastern Passage (Canada) NS Fireball 10 Minutes This evening I was driving my can and saw what looked like a fire over a hill. When I came past the hill and was on the water front lo 9/6/02
12/20/99 22:00 Woodbridge CT Formation 3 minutes three different crafts. Each comprised of 3 very bright making a triangular formation. It made like a low whirring or humming sound. 1/7/00
12/20/99 20:00 Murrieta CA Light 7 min group of red/orange objects over plateau followed car down road 5/24/05
12/20/99 18:54 Canton MA Circle 5 minutes While driving to Canton, near Stoughton, MA, my son and I both saw a very bright round shape which emmitted a bright, strong beam of li 1/7/00
12/20/99 18:00 Villetaneuse (France)
Triangle 4 minutes hello if i send this description it is because i have seen a triangular craft in the air…((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD)) 1/10/09
12/20/99 15:30 Sweden
It moved over the sky in high speed and the air controler in Gothenburg and Malmo and even pilots have seen it. It has been on the news 1/7/00
12/20/99 04:00 Browns Valley/Marysville (near Beale Air Force Base) CA Disk 30 minutes +- object appears to remain stationary 20-30 minutes, has many greenish-blue flashing lights some rapidly moving white lghts. No noise. So 1/7/00
12/20/99 01:00 Branford CT Light 10min. very high altitude.made several stops and direction changes. 1/22/00
12/20/99 Sweden

I read today in Jonkopings Posten that strange lights were reported in the sky over the waters between Denmark and Sweden but I have no 1/7/00
12/19/99 18:30 Kent WA Oval 1.5 min two objects passed east to west at an altitude of about 1000 feet. No noises and no lights. propulsion method not obvious. objects dark 1/7/00
12/19/99 15:00 Rio Piedras
Rectangle 00:20:00 I remembered this about 4 years after the fact. It came backs suddenly.

I was on the roof of my house about to clean the leaves wh
12/19/99 02:30 Santa Fe NM Circle 10 seconds UFO floats over, truck stops, distributor is stuck to inside of roof, magnetized. 10/31/03
12/19/99 01:15 Houston TX Disk 5 minutes I spoted a copper/amber colored object moving from the se to the west. Observed it through a telescope. Seen a cluster of 15 to 20 disk 1/7/00
12/18/99 22:30 Groveland/Dillion (between) IL Triangle 15 mins THREE BRIGHT LIGHTS HOVERING ABOVE. BOYFRIEND AND I FOLLOWED THE LIGHT FOR 15 MIN. 1/22/00
12/17/99 23:15 Windser CA Changing 15 min. I was driving home from work when an large orange glowing light the size of my thumb at arms length, was hovering in the night sky. it 1/7/00
12/17/99 22:15 Ashgrove MO Other 1min.? orange or amber craft darting around the trees in back of my house, slightly above the trees maby 30 feet or less, probubly less 1/7/00
12/17/99 19:00 Guayaquil (Ecuador)

at this time Hola En diciembre, de 1999 fui embarazada por un hombre que solo lo veia en holograma pero el me dijo que se llamaba Jhon , estaba con 2/18/01
12/17/99 17:00 Stockholm (Sweden)
Changing 10 sec. We were walking down the street when a changing color and changing shape was flying past us it was visible for about ten second then it 1/7/00
12/17/99 05:45 Marietta GA Light 5-7 min. Light in N/NE sky headed S/SW-VERY HIGH UP in atmosphere...had appearance of a star, moving relatively slowly and straight (much like a 1/7/00
12/17/99 03:00 Charlotte NC Triangle
I was sleeping in my room and I woke up went to work and I came home and took a shower and relized that I had a triangle that was upsid 1/7/00
12/16/99 22:00 Orangeville (Canada) ON Oval lasted 2 hours about 3 crafts took formation and hovered about 200 meters above ground. The odd glowing object would zip through the sky near the 3 cr 12/2/00
12/16/99 21:30 Plainview NY Triangle ~5 mins Saw triangular shaped object w/3 lights. 1/7/00
12/16/99 20:00 Rock Hill NY Light 2 min Two lights following an aircraft 1/7/00
12/16/99 19:45 Sun Prairie (Token Creek) WI Light 2 minutes (?) A disk-shaped light travelling at an extremely fast rate of speed cut across the sky in a non-aircraft flight path from approx. 85º fro 1/7/00
12/16/99 10:30 Greensboro NC Cylinder 10min. a cylinder shaped object,say three miles away.heading into a cloud bank. a jet, it looked like millitary jetwas off to the right of it. 1/22/00
12/16/99 09:50 Pico Rivera CA Cylinder 5 minutes cylindrical object flying slowly north to south at arox 2000 ft, we (two of us) watched until it disappeard over the san gabriel mounta 12/16/99
12/16/99 07:15 Gibsonville NC Sphere 2 minutes Yellow-Orange soccer ball sized sphere photographed in my backyard. 7/4/12
12/15/99 00:00 Wilkinson County GA Sphere 0945 white rocket looking craft with no wings a tail fin no smoke fire or trail moving real fast tree top high another person told me thy sa 1/7/00
12/15/99 20:00 Omaha NE Circle <1 minute Dark brown circular object flew silently South-Southeast. 1/7/00
12/15/99 19:30 Mountain Grove/Cabool MO Light 8 minutes 3 Orange/yellow lights in a perfect line formation. 12/16/99
12/15/99 19:00 Katy TX Fireball aprox. 8 seconds looked like a really BIG .. long lasting.. blue/green shooting star. appeared from top of my windshield and vanished in the distance. 2/16/00
12/15/99 17:45 Woodville (from, to Weeksville (approx. 16 mi.)) NC Diamond 45 min-1 hr. I 1st saw it while heading no. on int. 17 in woodville and followed it all the way to was NOT a plane, OR a helicopter. 11/20/02
12/15/99 17:30 Athens OH Triangle
The u.f.o. was alinged with 7 lights that mad a triangle with out a botom. I lost sight of it when i reached Athens city. 6/21/00
12/15/99 07:10 County Cork (Republic of Ireland)
Light 3 seconds Waiting for a bus when a n object, travelling at tremendous speed, past my line of sight. it was travelling to fast to be man made. ver 1/7/00
12/15/99 North Syracuse NY Light 3 minutes the object was stationary then moved horizotally and away at the same time across the night sky 5/24/05
12/14/99 21:30 Atlanta GA Fireball 5 seconds each Witnessed 5 fireballs streaking across the sky at a very rapid rate between 21:30 and 22:30 on 12/14/99 in the Atlanta area- from diffe 12/16/99
12/14/99 16:52 Roanoke VA Teardrop 2 seconds At 16:52 under partly cloudy skies I witnessed a luminescent(white hot) teardrop shaped object which appeared in the Notheast and moved 12/16/99
12/14/99 07:45 Santa Cruz CA Light 30 seconds I was looking at the North Western skies at approx 07.45 A bright light came from the South It seemed to hover for a moment then shoot 12/16/99
12/14/99 05:04 Seagrove Beach (Walton county) FL Light 37 minutes 0504 cnt 5 bright,colorful lights at 230 deg to 250 deg Magnetic moving in many directions within degrees for 37 min. Ret. military wit 12/16/99
12/14/99 01:47 Pocasset (6 miles south of, on Hwy 81) OK Other Approx.1 min. I was driving north on highway 81,when I saw 3 round bright light's, triangle shape flying at about 200 feet high. Dropped down at a 45 1/7/00
12/13/99 23:40 Las Animas CO Fireball Few Seconds noticed 2, one folllowing the other, meteors, space junk... coming from the north of Las Animas going south. The first blew up, the sec 1/7/00
12/13/99 21:00 Puyallup WA Triangle 6 secs Was in back yard of a trailer,/drive way near street. Happen to turn to my right and facing upperward out of the side of my right eye I 8/5/01
12/13/99 15:40 Michigan (location unspecified) MI Light 2 min. There was 1 small orange light that apeared in the sky that I had been watching, after about 2 minutes, the light just turned off. 1/7/00
12/13/99 05:30 Savannah GA Unknown seconds About 530am I was up getting ready for work when I saw a streak of light that didn,t look like a shooting star it looked all togetther 12/16/99
12/12/99 21:30 Longmont CO Triangle 1 minute Many small lights, boomerang formation, going due south. Saw same 3 weeks ago. 12/16/99
12/12/99 20:15 Orlando FL Diamond 10 minutes On Sunday night December 12, 1999 I went outside on my patio and bend down to pick up my matches. When I lift my head up and was looki 5/14/02
12/12/99 06:30 Sunnyside WA Other 2 minuts I saw a ufo whith two triangles. 3/19/02
12/12/99 03:30 La Plata MD
1:00+ min saw hovering over a field, then slowly moved away as we approached. made almost no sound. U.S. Military probable. 12/16/99
12/11/99 21:00 Lamar/Las Animas CO Disk 7 seconds four lights in a row, same thing see a few days previously 10/12/01
12/11/99 18:00 Rocky Mount NC Fireball 30sec my son and myself looked up to see a bright flash of light,i thought it was a plane crashing.It streakrd across the sky changing shape 1/7/00
12/11/99 18:00 Stilwell OK Formation ? it looked like three stars in the shape of a triangle and all the sudden they all went in opposite directions. 6/6/00
12/11/99 03:00 Smithton IL Fireball 2 seconds Driving home, Saw a white meteor falling in NW sky. Shortly afterward the entire electrical system in the car went dead for a split sec 12/16/99
12/10/99 22:29 Woodbridge NJ Teardrop 3 minutes On 3 separate occasions over a 3 minute span, we saw objects moving around and interweaving with each other at a high speed and they ap 12/16/99
12/10/99 22:15 Columbia (east of city) MO Triangle 3-4 minutes Looked like Stealth Bomber but dropped from about 200 yards to 40 feet in seconds... 1/22/00
12/10/99 22:00 Woodinville WA Light 5-10 sec Blue lights that appeared to be backlit in the clouds. Sort of in a line but some closer than others. Approximately eight - not sure 12/16/99
12/10/99 21:30 Grand Rapids MI Other 3.5 seconds big triangle rotating counter clockwise,9 triangulated mini-lights made the appearance of one big triangle,in cruising formation,silent 4/27/04
12/10/99 16:45 Sherman Oaks CA Other 5 min? A single small cloud moved from WNW to WSW over a 5 min. period in an otherwise clear sky. Faintly comet-shaped. Military rocket launch 12/16/99
12/10/99 16:30 Cochin (near) (China)
Other 10 sec a bullet like object in air very close to earth,so directional and path changing 10/11/05
12/10/99 15:32 OSU Experiment station OR Egg 3-4min. Egg shaped silver object flying approximately 2000ft directly below a comercial airliner. 1/7/00
12/10/99 02:30 Auckland (New Zealand)
Disk 2-3 minutes spoted and watched multi-disk ship of huge size 5/14/02
12/9/99 22:30 Big Spring TX Light 15-20 min The first appeared from the south as a light. I first thought it was a meteor, but then it turned east, and then went west. It slowly w 1/7/00
12/9/99 22:00 Rupert ID Light few minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Cluster of lights formed one large object. 4/9/04
12/9/99 21:50 Scottsdale AZ Changing 2 minutes At 10 minutes to 10 PM on 12/9/99 in Scottsdale, Arizona I saw something that I have never seen before. Traveling North West above the 12/16/99
12/9/99 18:15 Lyle WA Fireball millisecond Incredible...full moon sized bright orange fireball in the North sky near Mt.Adams..fell straight down and exploded..2 small fire-balls 12/16/99
12/9/99 17:30 Fort Lewis (I-5 freeway) WA Sphere 2 seconds Very large bright white sphere moving almost as fast as a shooting star disappearing into cloud cover within seconds. 12/16/99
12/9/99 11:00 Reno NV Disk 5 seconds Saucer visible from University of Nevada, Reno looking to the east. Color was silver with golden glow, possibly reflected sunlight. A 12/16/99
12/8/99 21:30 Columbia MO Triangle 5 min. My wife, Daughter and her friend were traveling East on Rt. HH when the object was observed at the intersection of HH and Kircher Rd. 12/16/99
12/8/99 19:30 Millersburg MO Chevron 5 minutes On the date shown, two search lights from an aircraft seen a few times before since 1995 were observed from the aircraft which was at a 1/7/00
12/8/99 18:15 Greenville NH Triangle Approx 1 Minute Trianglular object, lights at each apex, larger diameter light in center, travelling south to north. 2/22/05
12/8/99 17:40 Seattle WA Light 5sec intense blue light travelling se across entire sky 12/16/99
12/7/99 23:00 Royal Deeside (UK/Scotland)
Light 1/2 hour Followed a car 5 miles, then hovered over a building and then disappeared. Sighted the following night. Last night there were several i 12/16/99
12/7/99 21:30 Red Deer (Canada) AB Disk 45 seconds I witnessed an object pass over my neighborhood at an unknown altitude but below the cloud cover(1000-2000 ft.). I'm assuming from my 12/2/00
12/7/99 21:00 Columbus OH Light an hour It was big, it was bright and a huge light. Kinda like a white railroad light but triple the size and gave off a floating effect to it 12/16/99
12/7/99 20:05 Emory TX Sphere 3 seconds Earlier event Your log 9/8/98 2130 observed again. Was watching a very faint satellite track south to north when it reflected sun extr 3/16/01
12/7/99 20:00 Tomah WI Chevron 2-min Saw a Chevron type of object with green and white lights on it. It flew very slowly across the interstate by Tomah. Witnessed by 5 o 12/16/99
12/7/99 19:30 Naples ME Light at least an hour My dad told me to come look at the sky, when I went outside I saw several bright lights moving around, some would blink, they didnt app 12/16/99
12/7/99 18:30 Dawsonville GA Triangle 5-10 minutes the object just floated across the road in front of us, and suddenly just "blinked-off" / it disappearred in front of our eyes! 4/27/04
12/7/99 03:30 Indian Springs AFB (Just outside) NV Light 20-30 minutes Traveling down the Highway towards Vegas. We noted it flying,actually staying with us for several miles,probably about 2-3000 feet-due 8/16/02
12/6/99 16:45 San Diego CA Unknown 5mins short,bright contrail,west over ocean.heading north and descending approx 45deg.gone. reappeared parallel to horizon. reversed directio 12/16/99
12/6/99 11:30 Costa Mesa CA Unknown 1-2 mins. Extremely brillent object glinting in the mid-day sun seemed stationary and then took off straight up and was out of sight in 1 or 2 se 12/16/99
12/6/99 São Paulo (Brazil)
Unknown varias minutos em vários está em vídio bem nitido é colorido, tenho a noite e durante o dia, enclusive mosta uma nave pequena entrando na maior, um avião passan 3/4/03
12/5/99 23:00 San Diego CA Fireball 7 sec. saw a fireball go N. to S. with tail, the coyotes started howling in the canyon right after event. 12/16/99
12/5/99 22:14 Lutz FL Light 20 seconds The witness saw the object obove the tree line, in the distance which he could not determine and it moved from NE to NW at 8 degrees ab 12/16/99
12/5/99 22:00 Alliance OH Other
It was dark about 10:00 PM on a saturday me, my 12 yr. old brother, and my bestfriend (I'd like to keep our names a secret b/c "they" m 4/1/01
12/5/99 21:00 Dallas /Ft. Worth area, South of the TX Light 5 min I was traveling north on Hwy 342 when I looked to the West and saw 5 to 6 lights traveling horizontally south. 12/16/99
12/5/99 20:30 Cleveland NC Circle 10 minutes it was an orange glowing circle 7/1/02
12/5/99 17:50 Guyton GA Circle <1 second Circular 2D light "thing" appears up close range out of nowhere after dark, travels to the east. 12/16/99
12/5/99 05:45 Cassville GA Cone 1 minute round bright light,made sky like daylight, going s on I75 on right, saw it come from sky as a comet, then went over low trees, could se 1/7/00
12/5/99 05:15 Knoxville TN Fireball 10 seconds Green fireball falling from sky 12/16/99
12/5/99 05:05 Dalton GA Circle 15 Seconds? A bright yellow object traveling from west to east, ending in a bright flash 12/16/99
12/5/99 04:30 Toney AL Fireball three seconds There was a bright fireball in the southern sky that was so intense that it not only illuminated the ground but also hurt your eyes to 12/16/99
12/5/99 04:25 Sterrett (15 miles south of Birmingham) AL Disk 1.5 hours 4:30 AM Sunday morning December 5, 1999. I witnessed a light that lit up my entire back yard and then an explosion sound followed. I a 12/16/99
12/5/99 04:20 Weogufka AL Fireball 7 sec ((Witness reports fireball over Alabama. Many other reports.)) 12/16/99
12/5/99 04:20 Colombiana AL Rectangle 5 sec 15-20 people witnessed an unexplainable event on dec. 5th 1999 which lit the sky as if daylight 10/30/06
12/5/99 04:00 Manchester TN Light 10 seconds At around 04:00hrs while stopping a traffic violator the complete southern sky lit up bright blue. This event illuminated the entire ar 12/16/99
12/5/99 00:05 Coolidge AZ Triangle 40 secounds I saw a truangle shape thing in the sky with 4 light one each on the ege and the othe in the center .the center one looked red. 12/16/99
12/4/99 21:00 Fort Meade MD Light 2 minutes Driving along road that runs parallel to military base, a bright white/amber light shot over the sky at an extremely low distance, coul 12/16/99
12/4/99 15:30 Shanghai (China)
Cylinder 2 hours This report is seen in which has a picture of the said UFO as well, Video footage is available but not fo 12/16/99
12/4/99 11:00 New York City (Bronx) NY Light 2 minutes I was looking up at the sky and saw what appeared to be a very very fast moving star like object moving very fast from west to east 12/16/99
12/4/99 04:45 Glasgow (UK/Scotland)
Light 2 minutes Glasgow, Scotland. 12/2/13
12/4/99 02:00 Deming NM Changing 40-60 Min Driving I10 west of Las Cruces NM a random shape object visable for more than 60 mins seem to follow my U-Hall truck. 12/7/06
12/4/99 00:40 Union City (east of) on Hwy. 138 GA Fireball
Dec.04 99 Explosion over Bir.Ala. 5/11/00
12/3/99 22:00 Corralitos CA Disk 5 SECONDS flying disk with erratic stop and go movement 12/16/99
12/3/99 21:00 Colorado CO

I was on my way to work and as I approached my vechicle I looked up and noticed two lights on a cloud(partly cloudy that night). At fi 9/19/02
12/3/99 19:30 Lodi CA Fireball approx. 41/2 hrs Strange fireballs on Dec. 03, 1999 on the West side of Lodi. They hung around for about four hours, and military planes flew over. 12/2/00
12/3/99 16:50 Santa Clarita CA Circle 1/2 second Streak across the sky moving from SE to NW, color was teal/silver irredescence. Holding out hand, size was thumb nail, above cirrus clo 12/16/99
12/3/99 16:00 Saddle Mountains WA
30 min. Jets? With only white lights, one emitting bright white flashes every minute or so 12/16/99
12/3/99 02:15 Rochester NY
1hrs 45min Abduction to underground facility. 2/16/00
12/3/99 00:08 Warm Springs (approx. 15mi. East of 6) NV Sphere two sec. Object came into view 135 above horizon white sphere streaking down near verticle seeming to have a tail. At 25 degrees above horizon 12/16/99
12/2/99 21:00 Kent WA Circle 10 seconds Between 9 pm and 10 pm an amber colored circle passed over my house 12/16/99
12/2/99 19:30 McLean VA Unknown 30 seconds Craft which looked to by cylendrical with one moderatly bright, bluesh light on the front and a dimmer, redish light on the back flew o 12/16/99
12/2/99 17:10 Seattle (Univ of WA) WA Light 30 sec Two lights moving eratically over Lake Washington traveling South 12/16/99
12/2/99 02:00 Fairborn OH Unknown 10 minutes There were intensely bright lights about the height of stadium lights in a place where no stadium existed. 10/30/06
12/1/99 23:00 Reidsville NC Disk about ten minutes i was trying to sleep and.... 11/20/02
12/1/99 23:00 San Bernadino CA Unknown 3 seconds While driving north on Interstate 15, me and a business associate who was driving, saw what appeared to be a meteor falling in the sky. 12/16/99
12/1/99 23:00 Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)
Teardrop 2-3 seconds I saw through a 5" telescope a black tear shaped object against the moon,s disc. It moved spinning its backwards directed narrow end. 8/19/00
12/1/99 23:00 Kennesaw/Marietta GA Light 5-10 minutes One object to the south & one to the southeast of Kennesaw Mtn. They kind of looked like stars but a little bigger and changed colors f 12/16/99
12/1/99 22:00 Madison WI Formation 10 seconds We saw 3 lights, as bright as stars in the city, move due south. They seemed to be 1000's of feet above us and moving quite fast. The v 4/1/00
12/1/99 21:55 Columbia MO Triangle 5 minutes Visiting with friends when I looked out the patio door and saw an unusually bright light coming from the west. 1/22/00
12/1/99 21:45 Columbia MO Triangle 4-5 min i saw 3 very bright lights coming toward us at very fast rate of speed. they were coming out of the south when it slowed down and dropp 12/16/99
12/1/99 20:00 Grandview WA Formation about 5 minutes Two groups of lights in formation 10/31/03
12/1/99 16:00 Chanute & Humbolt (between) KS Changing 3 to 5 mins. Driving south to Chanute saw a starlike object in western sky that flooted down givingimpresion of2 or 3 zig zag metal appendages appea 1/22/00
12/1/99 06:00 Ceder Lake IN Light 3 minutes I went out this morning to get the newspaper and walk my dog around and I was looking at the stars and saw a bright red light. It appea 12/16/99
12/1/99 04:50 Pasadena (outside Houston) TX Flash 4 seconds a very large bright flash that moved to the right very fast than got smaler then disapered. it was about 150 yards in the sky. 12/16/99