National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 12/1998
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
12/31/98 23:59 Appleton WI Teardrop 1 minute I was at a party waiting for 1999 I saw 6 crafts which formed a triange. 5/24/99
12/31/98 23:50 Macuto (Venezuela)

5 sec. objects moving at high velocity over the sea, north to south coming from the caribbean sea. 9/9/03
12/31/98 23:49 Aruba
Circle 8 sec I saw a smal circel form coming from the north it stop and then rapidity moving to the south.It was about 45 degrees high looking at th 7/13/05
12/31/98 23:41 Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)
Egg 2 minutes Object was yellow ligthted egg moving north to south at a very low altitude and amazingly fast for a plane,no noise of engine. New year 5/24/99
12/31/98 23:30 Burnt Hills NY Light 2 minutes 3 bright white objects slowly flying, then hovering, with small orange sparks falling from each 2/16/99
12/31/98 23:00 Jonesboro (near) LA Changing 3 min Slow pink blob 11/26/03
12/31/98 22:50 Nassau (Great Harbour Key, 30nm nw of Nassau) (Bahamas)
Fireball 30 seconds Glowing ball flying parrallel to the earth at about 10,000 feet 5/24/99
12/31/98 21:31 Las Vegas NV Disk 5 min. I was standing on top of Parking Garage, looked up at sky, so.east, and saw to look like 12-15 disk, silver in color, and perfectly cir 10/2/99
12/31/98 19:30 Cherry Hill NJ Light 5 min. I just arrived home. It was about 7-7:30 PM. I was taking some items out of my van. I was facing north, stand at the back of my van. I 5/24/99
12/31/98 11:30 Bejuma, Edo. Carabobo, Caracas (Venezuela)
Light 4 minutes we saw a bright yellow-blue-red light in the sky very high and a very high speed 2/16/99
12/30/98 17:58 Spokane WA Fireball 4-5 seconds extremely bright light appearing to the south of our location moving straight down from upper atmoshpere to ground was not moveing hori 5/24/99
12/30/98 12:00 Vieques (Puerto Rico)

years Back in early 90's at area 51, when the media began to uncover most of what the government was working on and also the different types 10/31/08
12/30/98 02:00 Cape May Court House NJ Sphere < 30 seconds Driving home from my girlfriend's house during the winter break for Christmas I noticed a sphere-like object, silvery/chrome/reflective 10/30/06
12/29/98 00:16 Primm (5 miles west of, on I-15 Westbound NV Light 2 Min. Yellow in color. with a black rectangle in the yellow light. It was traveling from west to east. North of I-15 8/5/01
12/28/98 23:50 Silver Springs NY Sphere 10 minutes in the S by SW sky 3 fingers held at arms lenght above the horizon. This orange light ball moved erratically to the west maintaining al 2/16/99
12/28/98 22:35 Kure Beach NC Cone 5 min Craft approached as a star in the night sky - zig zaged extemely fast side to side. Hovered over ocean,motionless suspended for approx 2/23/00
12/28/98 21:30 Hilton Head SC Light 30 Min A fast moving light is observed over the ocean 2/14/06
12/28/98 19:45 Winter Park (just outside Orlando) FL Fireball 3 seconds Large green fireball seen through clouds falling diagonally for 3 seconds and terminating in a flash of white light. 5/24/99
12/28/98 05:45 Weatherford TX Light 15 min. Our dog was barking so I went to investigate. While watching the dogs outside I noticed a very bright light that seemed to be coming to 2/16/99
12/27/98 22:30 Hodgkins IL Light 5 min. Several co-workers and I were at work by the quarry in Hodgkins, IL and saw something in the sky. 2/16/99
12/27/98 10:30 Struthers OH Sphere
We saw two sets of crosses composed of five luminous spheres each. One cross was slightly higher than the other. The spheres were of v 4/26/99
12/27/98 04:38 Christchurch (New Zealand)
Unknown 12 seconds Moving extreamely fast, no sound, changed direction. >From one end of the night sky to the other in 11 seconds. 2/16/99
12/27/98 01:00 Stratham NH Rectangle 30 seconds? I saw a rectangular shape in the sky. One blueish light in the center, one "pearl" colored light at each end. No lights were flashing b 2/16/99
12/26/98 23:00 Modesto CA Rectangle 30 seconds On Saturday night 2 other persons and myself observed 4 primary targets in a parallel formation, traveling in the eastern horizon at ab 2/16/99
12/26/98 12:30 Eagle River AK Oval 15 min. Girlfriend and I, were driving down a remote road, and we wittnessed a oval shaped craft land on top of a mountain. It was a very clea 9/6/02
12/25/98 23:30 Vance SC Circle 3 Frightening & beautiful at the same time, but we definitely have never forget that experience. 5/14/19
12/25/98 22:50 Jamestown PA Light 1-2 min. I saw what I thought was a planet because it was in the ecliptic plane. Further observations concluded no lights or becons, no sound a 2/16/99
12/25/98 22:00 Carmel CA Circle 10 minutes My friends and I were sitting on Carmel Beach facing west. It was pitch black outside. Approximately three to four miles of the cost we 9/12/19
12/25/98 19:04 Salt Lake City (south of) UT Circle 3-4 seconds We were traveling south on I-15 to Utah County from Salt Lake county and to the right as I watched incoming airplanes from the south I 2/16/99
12/25/98 16:00 Haltwhistle (Near) (UK/England)
Light 5 minutes Bright light followed our car in fog; happened near Hadrian's wall in England, Christmas of 98'. 1/17/04
12/25/98 14:00 Fountain Hills AZ Sphere 10 seconds We saw a spherical, metallic object in the west. Moving extremely fast to the west. No way to determine the size of the craft as we d 2/16/99
12/25/98 13:30 Kansas City MO Chevron 5 minutes On Christmas Day 1998 we saw a boomerang north of Kansas City. 2/24/01
12/24/98 21:00 Hathaway LA Cylinder 5 min. It was Christmas Eve "98. My girlfriend was leaving my house and I walked her outside to her car. All of a sudden, we both saw a cylind 10/2/99
12/24/98 19:00 Fairfax VA Unknown 1.5 sec. I was ouyside my cousin's home smoking a cig. before getting ready to go to work at Dulles airport as a aviation mechanic. I was watchi 11/20/02
12/23/98 22:35 Manitowoc WI Chevron 20 minutes We were looking out in the easterly direction when we saw a chevron shaped object hovering above the lake 4/2/99
12/23/98 22:00 Miami FL Circle 3 minutes Big round red pulsating, plasma like ball in S. FL heading west & disappearing from view 4/22/03
12/23/98 19:57 Toa Baja (Puerto Rico)

4 seconds The Object was Trianglar in shape there was no sound are Lights. It moved slowly.and was only visible with the stars as a backround.I'v 1/17/04
12/23/98 17:20 Grand Canyon AZ Other 45seconds a friend and I were waiting for the sunset at the far west observing area when I watched a stingray shaped craft cruise in from the sou 7/5/99
12/22/98 23:30 Missouri City TX Formation on going The back yard at 11:30 Pm was lit up like dog was several pictures..enclosed is best one... 2/16/99
12/22/98 21:00 Rome (GA)/Cedar Bluff (AL) GA Changing 2.5 hours At 9PM, in Cherokee, AL while leaving my lakehouse, I saw the first one hovering, then moving. I used perspective to ensure movement. 2/16/99
12/22/98 20:05 Indianapolis IN Circle .5 sec. Appx. 1/4 mile east of SR135 8 miles South of Indianapolis a green ball appx. the size of 1/16 of a thumbnail at arms' distance traveli 2/16/99
12/22/98 18:30 Phoenix AZ Sphere 15 minutes three sphere shaped lights in a trianlge formation above camleback mt. 3/21/03
12/22/98 12:00 East Bethel MN Unknown 5 minutes Well, i just recently looked at a picture that was taken late last year. Now, I don't know if it's a jet, or a ufo. i was hoping some 11/17/99
12/22/98 07:25 Denver CO Oval 5-6 sec Going to work, ahead of me at a stop light I saw a small object moving at a fast rate. It was crossing my direction of travel at an est 2/16/99
12/21/98 18:30 Rupert (5 miles north of) ID Disk 10 minutes Dark night, craft "sliding" erraticly from NW to SE, bright white lights spaced around in circle with millions of "sparklers" inbetween 9/12/99
12/21/98 06:30 Mansfield OH Sphere 30 seconds Pewter spheres over interstate 3/18/14
12/21/98 02:10 Myrtle Beach SC Disk 30 seconds Spotted Medium Speed moving object heading NNW, below the clouds. 2/16/99
12/20/98 20:30 West Palm Beach FL Triangle 10 seconds Triangle UFO sighting 1/5/11
12/20/98 19:30 Charleston SC Sphere 3 seconds Green flaming ball streaking from north to south with tail behind 2/16/99
12/20/98 02:30 Kansas (on interstate) KS Unknown 2 minutes Low flying object with light shining down on road , apparently a helicopter which made no noticeable noise.

500 Lights On Object0:
12/19/98 21:00 Quartsite/Phoenix AZ Oval 20 minutes that we saw Me and my boyfriend were on our way to California on I-10. I saw a bright light, bluish in tone and told my boyfriend to look. It proce 4/2/99
12/19/98 20:00 Riddle OR Light 15 seconds Was looking at the night sky on a clear night and noticed an object about the brightness of the North star moving West across the sky. 2/16/99
12/19/98 18:20 Fleetwood/Dryville PA Light 1 to 2 seconds Saw a red dot in the sky, which then appeared to change shape and streak away. 2/16/99
12/19/98 03:57 Phoenix AZ Fireball 3 minutes I saw a green fireball in the sky and there was definitely an aircraft behind the ball of light. 2/16/99
12/19/98 03:30 Kansas (location unspecified) KS Light 1 minute What I thought was a helicopter made no noise as it flew over my car. 10/30/06
12/19/98 00:57 Magnolia TX Light 50 minutes I am located about 35 miles slightly northwest of downtown Houston, TX and about 12 miles directly east of Magnolia, TX. I observed tw 2/16/99
12/18/98 22:00 West Richland WA Unknown 1 hour I saw 2 lights settled in a constellation, which appeared to be stars, but had a sudden abnormal movement. One below the belt of orion 2/16/99
12/18/98 22:00 Boca Grande FL Disk 5 minutes Football field size saucer with blinking white lights, made no sound as it traveled across the sky near Boca Grande, FL 5/15/06
12/18/98 21:00 Mechanicsburg PA Unknown 20 minutes Craft of undetermined shape with a single strobe light hovered in the area. One had a white strobe, which turned red, then white again. 2/16/99
12/18/98 19:27 Utica NY Light 45 sec. two very bright lights in southern sky descended slowlyand dimmed to gray then back to bright and disappeared. 2/16/99
12/18/98 06:30 Port Angeles WA Diamond aprox 10 min Night time sighting, 3 large gold lights on corners, one red light on nose of diamond, couldn't see any body but heard FAINT JET ENGINE 2/16/99
12/18/98 00:25 Ironton OH
5 to 10 seconds If this was an aircraft I've no knowledge of the type. 12/9/00
12/17/98 22:00 Seattle WA Light 3-4 sec. Definitely a meteor, IMHO. steady white light, falling roughly parabolically ~ENE of me. Lasted about 3-4 seconds. 1/28/99
12/17/98 20:38 Severn MD Fireball 5 Seconds Observed green fireball in South sky falling straight down 1/28/99
12/17/98 19:00 West Plains MO Unknown 2 HOURS bright orange lights in perfect horizontal formation 5-8 sec & went out 1 by 1. Also object traveling very fast, then bright light and 1/28/99
12/17/98 14:12 Bossier City LA Circle 3 minutes I was looking into the bright blue sky wathing a trail from a high speed us aircaft. When I was looking I saw a bright circular item s 1/28/99
12/17/98 09:00 Escondido CA Oval second I glanced up and saw a small white oval traveling very rapidly across the sky. I ran outside to get a better look as I had been looking 4/26/99
12/17/98 07:10 Decatur AL Changing 10 min. Driving east just before dawn the sky was cloudless. Suddenly a cloud appeared very dence about the size of a football field. it was at 1/28/99
12/17/98 02:15 La Habra CA Fireball 5 seconds First appeared as a huge meteor, but instead of burning out it exploded out; left a "dark hole" where it dissapeared followed by a stre 1/28/99
12/16/98 23:33 Plantation Key FL
at least 1 min It was 11:33 PM on Wednesday 12/16/98 on our way home from Miami to Marathon Florida. |At about 89 mile marker,my wife said : Do you se 1/28/99
12/16/98 23:33 Port Charlotte FL Disk approx.1-3min silent ship close enough to hit with a rock(but i didn't) 5/24/05
12/16/98 23:30 Long Key FL Fireball 20-30 seconds We saw approx. 12 comet-like objects moving from the SW to the NE. They were in a ununiformed formation, & all had massive comet-like t 1/28/99
12/16/98 23:18 Bakersfield CA Fireball 2 minutes Orange glowing fireball with structures radiating from the light source 1/28/99
12/16/98 21:38 Demotte (viewed from) IN Teardrop 4 - 5 seconds Green round glowing fireball with short glowing tail, fell slowly from below cloud cover to very near ground level, viewed at distance. 1/28/99
12/16/98 20:53 Conroe TX Light 7 seconds Fast point of light (no tail) decending rapidly towards the earth at a down angle of ~45 degrees of 45 degrees 1/28/99
12/16/98 19:40 Lubbock TX Chevron 3 minutes Object southbound, displaying three white lights, slowed, hovered, quickly accelerated and made a low, banking turn to the east and the 1/28/99
12/15/98 23:30 Orlando (Disney World Resort) FL Unknown 1 minute Three or four red lights int he shape of a squre or triangle way up in the sky moving at a rapid pace. 1/28/99
12/15/98 23:30 Fort Myers FL Light 5 seconds 3 lights with a very large flame trail traveling west to east 2/16/99
12/15/98 23:00 Grand Prairie TX Disk 20 If anyone is really listening, or cares, we are NOT ALONE! 2/18/01
12/15/98 22:50 Senftenberg (Germany)
Other 1 minute lightsoder shades, that´s turning around a center 1/28/99
12/15/98 22:30 Hinton WV Light 5 minutes Two lights at extremely high altitude and speed, travelling parallel to each other, in an Westerly direction. They first appeared to b 6/6/00
12/15/98 22:00 Middletown OH Circle 10-min I was driving to work at approx.22:00p.m. going down rte.4 heading toward Middletown,Ohio from Dayton,Ohio where I reside. as I approac 1/29/02
12/15/98 22:00 Millington TN Circle
Well on that night i was sitting at home when my dad called me from his car on his way home from work.He told me that i should go outsi 9/12/99
12/15/98 22:00 Albuquerque NM Cross 15 seconds large cross shaped ship flew over the city . 2/16/99
12/15/98 21:00 Bethlehem PA Triangle 4 minutes Dark equilateral triangle outlined by lights, no noise, east to west movement, very slow speed. 4/2/99
12/15/98 20:00 Fairbanks AK Formation 5 minutes formation of brilliant amber-orange lights completely silent over Fairbanks, AK 12/12/09
12/15/98 19:30 Easton PA Cigar 5 min. While driving home with family, heading south on 25th St. Saw a cigar shaped craft, with lights flying low, slow and heading east tow 11/9/99
12/15/98 17:40 Saratoga Lake/Saratoga Springs NY Changing 15 minutes While videotaping a craft hovering silently over Saratoga Lake, a second unlit craft shot up from the lake,lit up and hovered. 5/24/99
12/15/98 17:10 Oroville CA Light 20 minutes A pair of lights joined by another light. They separate back into pair and single. 1/28/99
12/15/98 17:00 Saratoga Springs (Crescent & Kaydeross Ave.) NY Sphere two minutes Glowing,spinning rapidly,displaying quickly changing multi-colored patterns and repeating designs,hovering silently at 70ft.Videotaped. 5/24/99
12/15/98 17:00 Carmel IN Fireball 1 hour I went outside to pick up the trash cans and i saw 10-15 jets heading in the same direction towards two fireballs. I remember thinking 2/16/99
12/15/98 15:15 Cincinnati OH Egg 30secs. It was fast, at a very high altitude. It looked very small and had an odd contrail. Clear sky. 4/2/99
12/15/98 10:00 Rocky Point/Hampstead (Rural area outside of) NC Sphere 5 minutes Hunter views UFO and is later buzzed by two military aircraft. 8/30/99
12/15/98 09:25 Arab AL Sphere 45 minutes Bright orange sphere in southwest quadrant of sky which appeared to be at an altitude of approximately 40,000 feet close to Atlanta/Bir 2/16/99
12/15/98 09:07 Atlanta GA Sphere 15 minutes Shiny golden metallic sphere gliding across the skies of Atlanta, GA. December 15, 1998, 09:07am. 4/26/99
12/15/98 07:10 Atlanta GA Egg 2 minutes On approach to downtown atlanta via automobile (traveling east on I-20) I noticed what I thought was a military helicopter or transport 1/28/99
12/15/98 03:30 Petaluma CA Circle 1 second Bright white disk, traveling rapidly in a straight line from Northwest to North toward the horizon. 2/16/99
12/15/98 00:45 Montreal (Canada) PQ Unknown 10 seconds Meteor with a green tail shooting straight down towards eastern canada or north-eastern us. 12/2/00
12/15/98 00:30 Baltimore MD Disk 10 minutes ..An armada in formation flying over the Baltimore beltway 8/25/00
12/15/98 00:00 Waterford WI Rectangle 5 min silent Large slow moving rectangle shape close to ground . waterford wisconsin 1998 11/28/07
12/14/98 21:05 Littleton MA Disk 1 second Faint disk travelling parallel to I495 southbound in Littleton MA. 2/16/99
12/14/98 20:15 St. Charles MO Fireball 15-30 seconds Myself and my wife while sitting at a traffic light saw what looked like a green fire ball, slightly smaller than my pinky finger if he 1/28/99
12/14/98 19:30 Albany (Western Australia)
Flash 10 Minutes Looking up at the sky for Meteors and Come across a real Bright Star but was moving and had red flashing light on it then disserperd to 1/28/99
12/14/98 15:25 Redmond (Due east of, beyond Issaquah, near mtns.) WA Disk 1 minute Work at Microsoft Redwest, was crossing to Cafe for coffee break, and looked to east at Cascades, suddenly saw 2 objects coming north t 11/20/02
12/14/98 05:50 Bloomington IL Formation 30 sec walking my dog early in the a.m. just happened to look up and saw what looked like two stars at about that distance folllowing each ot 1/28/99
12/14/98 04:00 Spokane WA Fireball 4 seconds I saw a greenball of light fall from the sky. 1/28/99
12/14/98 00:50 Mukilteo WA Formation 5 - 10 seconds Saw formation of 5 translucent lights coming out of the south 1/28/99
12/14/98 00:00 Wharton TX Light 1-2 sec Driving in the country roads 1/28/99
12/13/98 23:25 Cottontown TN Other 30 min Many shooting stars spotted 1/28/99
12/13/98 23:20 Sikeston/Morley (between) MO Sphere 5 sec. object seen traveling from south to notrh 1/28/99
12/13/98 23:20 Sikeston/Morley (between) MO Sphere 10 sec. earth bound from south to north. 1/28/99
12/13/98 23:10 Leavenworth KS Fireball 2-3 seconds The ufo appeared as a falling star except that it was falling more straight down instead of arching across the sky. It was blue W/Blue 2/16/99
12/13/98 23:10 Indianapolis IN Fireball 4sec I saw a green-white fire ball moving west southwest. It looked like(size and shape) the HailBop comet but, moving much faster. 1/28/99
12/13/98 23:00 Baton Rouge LA Light about 5 sec It was a long light, blue with a purpleish tint. Resembled a shooting star, but appeared and disappeared but ended before the horizon. 1/28/99
12/13/98 20:45 Fort Smith AR Light 2min First off I just want to say I have no idea what is going on in Ft smith Ark Also I just want to say I was not going to report this at 1/28/99
12/13/98 20:00 Massachusetts (Loc. Unknown) MA Fireball about 15 minutes A light was moving at extreme speeds in a sharp circle it was changing from blue to white on route 2 east bound. 7/5/99
12/13/98 19:00 Hauser OR Light 30econds noticed a flash of light while driving looked up and saw nothing then a few seconds later a saw the a bright ball of light travelling a 1/28/99
12/13/98 14:00 Denver CO Formation 5-10 minutes A formation of a constant group of 1 dozen metallic/lights near DIA 1/28/99
12/13/98 12:30 Fall River MA Light 5 seconds i seen a flash and looked in the sky,then i seen a green streak going from right to left for about five seconds. 2/16/99
12/13/98 06:45 St. Peters MO Light 8-10 minutes Observed extremely bright object in the sky. 1/28/99
12/13/98 05:00 Clayton/Chesterfield/Ladue MO Oval 1 hour 15 min I first spotted two objects west of my position. They were 1000 feet above ground level in the night sky. One was greenish blue and a 1/28/99
12/13/98 02:00 Ashburton (UK/England)
Cigar 2 minutes Four large white lights surrounded by a luminus edge 5/24/05
12/13/98 02:00 Lafayette CO Other 2 hours Event was a meteor shower. 5 meteors spotted in one hour plus 6 regular shooting stars. 1/28/99
12/12/98 23:30 Bradenton/Palmetto FL Light 1.5 sec Green light moved extremely fast over the sky in the north. seemed to move downward to the horizon. no meteor. not a plane. Duration ab 1/28/99
12/12/98 18:45 Atlanta (E of, near the LA border) TX Fireball 20 seconds I was sitting in a stand hunting when I caught the reflection of a light on my glasses. I looked up and thought it was a planet which 11/20/02
12/12/98 18:00 Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Circle 5 min. great circle with lights over Amsterdam 2/1/07
12/12/98 02:30 Bangor/Falmoth (Between) ME Light Until I gave up looking a We were driving extremely early in the morning, when I looked up at the sky to watch the stars. I noticed an unusually bright looking 5/24/99
12/12/98 02:00 Ashburton (UK/England)
Cigar twice Subj: two sightings since dec98, also sky news report covered up why? Date: 18/01/02 To: In december 98 my gir 7/26/02
12/11/98 23:00 Milton (Canada) ON Circle 3-4 sec Bright glowing object 12/2/00
12/11/98 22:30 New Boston NH Light 40 minutes Hovering light with flashing blue and red; movement was irratic and non-airplane like. Appeared as large (moving) star. Another small 1/28/99
12/11/98 19:50 Pensacola FL Fireball 4 minutes illuminating firey red ball that slowly sunk over the bay between Pensacola and Gulf Breeze 1/31/04
12/11/98 19:00 Culver City CA Light 5 seconds While driving home I saw a light high in the sky, moving from east to west in a straight line, except at one point it acted like it wen 1/28/99
12/11/98 16:45 Colorado Springs CO Disk 15 min In twilight a disk shaped object "about the size of a dime held at arms length was seen by a husband and wife. They grabbed field clas 2/16/99
12/10/98 21:30 Santiago (Chile)
Cigar 3 seconds very bright elongated light in the sky,must had been more than 200 meters long 7/5/99
12/10/98 21:11 Plymouth MA Diamond 10 minutes i am 14 and was coming back from my football banquet in a car with my father going north when i noticed a very bright diamond shaped ob 1/28/99
12/10/98 19:50 Hesston KS Triangle 10 minutes Triangle shaped with a very bright light on each corner with a flashing red beacon in the middle. 1/28/99
12/10/98 18:27 Santa Rosa CA Light 70 seconds Strange, projectile-firing light over northern california. 1/28/99
12/10/98 04:55 Lincolnshire IL Fireball 7 seconds Red fireball travelling south to north with tail 4 or 5 times size of object. Lasted 7 seconds then winked out. 1/28/99
12/10/98 03:19 Manchester NY Fireball 3seconds green fire ball seen in the sky 3/4 the size of the moon. 9/28/02
12/10/98 03:05 Fort Mill NC Disk 10-12 seconds The object was a dull orange glow, shaped like a flattened image of Saturn. It crossed in front of Orion and I caught it in my binocula 1/28/99
12/10/98 01:15 Camp Pendelton CA Sphere 3 1/2 HRS Blue Sphere 5/24/05
12/10/98 01:00 I-81 (northbound between mile marker 34 to 38 aprox.) TN Triangle 3 min. UFO hovered over my vehicle while traveling on I-81 , late at night. 1/28/99
12/9/98 20:43 Chagrin Falls OH Light 10 sec I was outside looking up at the western night sky at 8:43:30pm est, at about 2 o'clock high. I saw a small point of light move from the 1/28/99
12/9/98 08:05 Phoenix AZ Circle 20 seconds strange light moving at high speed 1/28/99
12/9/98 07:15 Eureka (sighted from) CA Teardrop 15 min. Looking out window of house and saw a massive object descending in a straight path to earth near the horizon in the far distance. 1/28/99
12/9/98 06:25 Jerseyville (north of) IL Light one minute A moving, brightly lit object was about the cross the highway in front of my but vanished. 1/28/99
12/9/98 01:30 Alamosa CO Oval 45 seconds I am a police officer in alamosa colorado. on the date and time above, i was on routine patrol, i was traveling northbound along a coun 1/28/99
12/9/98 00:00 Kalamazoo MI Light about 1 minute a little ball of light making little circles in the sky 1/28/99
12/8/98 23:02 Belton (5mi south on SR Y) MO Fireball 2 sec. Green fire ball with orange sparkles trailing behind 1/28/99
12/8/98 20:05 Lake Fork TX Light 3 seconds A previous report of a very bright light was a satellite. 9/12/99
12/8/98 20:00 Vilonia (Just south of) AR Circle 5 min. aprox. I was talking to some friends outside. I saw an arch of light shaped object moving south slowly, I had to use binoculars to see the arc 9/28/02
12/8/98 18:30 De Leon TX Light 5 minutes my daughter and I were returnung from town which is about six miles from our house when we saw three round orange colored lights in the 11/17/99
12/8/98 06:30 Fort Smith AR Triangle 5min I own a Telescope as of a few days ago, tonight was the first night it was clear since I bought it, anyway I as I looked off to the no 1/28/99
12/8/98 03:00 Houston (Canada) BC Light Unknown HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Light/Object sitting on the ground. 3/17/04
12/8/98 outer space
Circle 1-2 seconds During the space walk on Monday, I was watching CSPAN and saw something strange. At one point during the space walk the robotic arm or 1/28/99
12/7/98 22:15 Soddy Daisy TN Sphere 7 minutes We saw a round object hover about 200 feet above the cooling towers of the Sequoia Nuclear facility. The object emitted a soft white gl 1/28/99
12/7/98 18:00 Anchorage/Girdwood AK Light 12 min Bright white light moving swiftly over Anchorage & Elmenforf AFB, followed by red flashing lights (helicopters?), also radio call in re 1/28/99
12/7/98 16:10 Alloa (UK/Scotland)
Oval 5 minutes The UFO in the sky we saw it on a birthday of my friends!!!!! 5/14/02
12/7/98 10:00 Soddy Daisy TN Sphere 5-10mins Bright sphere seen over Sequoia Nuclear plant in Soddy Daisy TN 3/23/11
12/7/98 04:30 Medina OH Fireball 5 - 10 seconds Red/Orange fire ball, Baseball size with sparks, smoke, and trail. 2/16/99
12/7/98 00:00 Plano TX Circle 1/2 sec. On tape, I have cicular objects moving across screen to fast to be an airplane. Defenatly not a weather ballon. 1/28/99
12/6/98 23:58 Orange (W/B SR-22, Garden Grove Fwy, @ Main St.) CA Fireball < 1 second While driving on the freeway at 2358 hours on a Sunday night, I observed a green fireball with an orange tail shoot straight down. 5/24/99
12/6/98 21:30 Philipsburg PA Disk 4hours Last evening my wife first saw 3 craft with red and white strobe lights flying horizontal and vertical in the clear sky outside my son' 1/28/99
12/6/98 20:30 Culpeper County (location unspecified) VA Circle 25 minutes See Full description ((Police officer reports sighting of a "bright ball of light.")) 1/28/99
12/6/98 19:40 Santa Rosa CA Light 15 minutes Pale red light, approx. 1000 foot altitude, very slowly elevated to 1500 feet,then proceded towards our direction, so we continued driv 1/28/99
12/6/98 19:00 Tjorn (Sweden)
Sphere 2.5 seconds A blue/greenish sphere suddenly appeared above the horizon, and then fell right down and faded. 1/28/99
12/6/98 18:45 Phoenix AZ Cylinder 45 seconds While working security I seen a object enter earths atmosphere, then glide over mountains east of Phoenix. 1/28/99
12/6/98 18:25 Las Vegas NV Triangle 5 minutes Came over Mountain to East which has Antenni and banked to South and flew just below broken cloud cover. It had no running lights but 1/28/99
12/6/98 08:30 Rome GA Fireball 5-7 sec NE to NW Very fast and low flying, White light changing to Bright blue, then blueish red glow, turning to red, then turning solid yello 1/28/99
12/6/98 07:30 Washington C.H. OH Fireball
We spotted a green fireball flying over the city as we were coming home from a near by resturant. It looked similiar to a fire work of 1/28/99
12/6/98 00:30 Columbus TX Fireball 4 seconds Was heading back to Houston Tx, when I saw a green fireball streak across the sky from west to east. Only it sorta dashed across like s 1/28/99
12/5/98 21:21 Pahrump NV Circle 1 minute enroute to las vegas I observed a green orb from my rearview mirrior and the in my windsheild. It made a slight change of directions 1/28/99
12/5/98 20:30 Las Vegas NV Unknown 10 seconds Bright light shining directionally out of a cloudy shape or object, got bright and smoky and then disappered. 1/28/99
12/5/98 19:00 Ajijic (Mexico)
very bright pinpoint light w/ cone shape vapor trail. Observed for 5 min, looked to be at 3 to 5 k ft. pinpoint started to move and dis 1/28/99
12/5/98 19:00 Valle de Bravo (Mexico)
Light 2 MINUTES White bright light like a headlight with a cloudy proyection though heaven was clear. It suddenly disspareared leaving just the bright 1/28/99
12/5/98 18:15 Glendale AZ Other 60 secs Object appeared from behind mesa, ascended at about a 70 degree angle, taking maybe a minute to ascend 8-10,000 ft, passing into cloud. 1/28/99
12/5/98 17:02 Marina del Rey/Los Angeles CA Unknown full minute While walking with three other witnesses at about dusk, I viewed a contrail headed toward me from a direct West compass heading. The o 1/28/99
12/5/98 03:00 Atlanta GA Fireball 1-1.5sec. Atlanta "meteor" fireball, December 5th 1998, approx. 03:00am Image computer recreation of event mailed to 'images site'. 1/28/99
12/4/98 22:25 Stanford CA Light 15 seconds I am a senior in college, and was walking northwest in a campus parking lot. I looked up and noticed a very distinct formation of light 1/28/99
12/3/98 23:30 Kirkland WA Triangle 1minute + I saw a wedged shaped craft with very bright lights, approx. 150 feet above the street near my home on December 3,1998 at 11:30 pm. 1/28/99
12/3/98 23:30 Kirkland WA Triangle 1minute + On Thursday night, December 3, 1998, I was driving alone toward my home. At approximately 11:30 pm, I turned right onto Slater Street, 1/28/99
12/3/98 18:30 Albany NY Light unknown Search lights??with no apparent origin from ground. 1/28/99
12/3/98 18:15 Albany NY Oval
Four oval lighted shapes, flying rapidly in circle, coming together in single center point for a few seconds, then apart again. 4/2/99
12/3/98 18:00 San Saba County TX Formation 40 minutes Glowing amber lights hovering in formation and morphing from 1 to 5 1/28/99
12/2/98 17:00 Columbus OH Disk 5 minutes It was a round/disk shaped object that reflected the sunlight. It was hovering at an angle. I say hovering cause it moved like that, no 1/28/99
12/1/98 21:20 Fort Wayne IN Other 2 minutes It hovered slowly and silently over us just above the trees on a NE - SW course. It was covered in bright white lights that did not pr 1/28/99
12/1/98 18:00 Westfield (5 Miles North of) IN Fireball 10-12 Seconds This was observed while driviing north on US 31. Object flying WNW from ESE app. 500 ft. alt., at 4-500 mph. Medium brightness yellowi 8/5/01
12/1/98 17:50 Culpeper VA Oval 5 minutes While on patrol. Noticed an eye ball shaped object. that was very bright in the sky. 9/19/02
12/1/98 15:50 Malmoe/Copenhagen, Skåne (Sweden/Denmark)
Cigar 30 min This was the second time within 10 days that these "Fire-Cigars" was seen above Malmoe city. The first time (on the 20th of November 98 6/23/99
12/1/98 07:10 Glenhaven CA Cross 6 seconds 4 objects flying in close formation in a southwest direction at high speed, low altitude, making no sound accept the wind passing by th 1/28/99
12/1/98 06:30 Traverse City (M-72 West outside) MI Fireball 10 to 20 seconds A flaming ball according to my dad and what I saw was a flash through the clouds. 2/23/00
12/1/98 04:30 Houston TX Fireball
i could not sleep so i went to get a cup of water. then i looked out of the window to see a lager light that was multi. colored and the 12/16/99