National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 07/1998
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/31/98 04:00 Grass Valley CA Light 1 hour Saw a light in sky. It did a strange turn. Heard a slow hum, not like airplane. Hum lasted for over half an hour. Light reappeared 11/21/98
7/31/98 03:30 Las Vegas NV Triangle 3-4 minutes Triangular object travelling slow, and low to the ground 4/2/99
7/31/98 00:00 San Diego CA Other non-stop Strange bright, white light with 4 other smaller lights. All in a diagonal row. 11/21/98
7/30/98 23:45 Auanga CA Circle 2hrs I was abducted and have video proof 12/23/02
7/30/98 22:00 St. Helen MI Circle 15 minutes A red circle in the sky that was very high in the sky. Everytime the craft went by stars the stars disappered for about 10-15 seconds. 11/21/98
7/29/98 00:15 Aloha OR Light 50 minutes Looked like lights of a small plane approaching a local airport. But the object stayed in almost the same place for over 50 minutes mo 11/21/98
7/28/98 22:00 Tulare (close to, on I-5) CA Rectangle 10 minutes We were driving north on Interstate 5, around Tulare,CA. We saw something flying in the sky with three big lights, like spotlights. The 9/19/02
7/28/98 18:45 Bristol VA Disk
7/28/98 Bristol , Va. metallic disc 4 min. no sound , no lights , 3 windows , antenna on top , stayed in 1 spot, gone in a flash 9/4/03
7/28/98 18:10 Bristol VA Disk 4 minutes none of theese i had seen 10/11/05
7/28/98 10:56 Omaha NE Triangle 15 seconds Craft looked like a triangle in cind of a pivot so that what I think was the back. Craft allso looked as if it was engulfed in light 11/21/98
7/28/98 01:30 Yuma AZ Triangle 3 minutes My wife and I were on our way home from San Diego late at night when I noticed an aircraft flying over head. The craft was very bright 4/2/99
7/27/98 21:13 Castle Creek NY Circle 10 sec Driving home from work on a clear night, I saw in the middle of the sky four bright lights grouped together in the shape of a square. 11/21/98
7/27/98 13:00 Kamloops (Canada) BC Circle five minutes A saucer like object appeared in the sky, but my video camera shut down and stopped working. 12/9/03
7/27/98 04:40 Charleston WV Fireball 4 or 5 seconds A bright green fireball flew across the sky. It was about the size of the full moon and looked much brighter. 11/21/98
7/27/98 03:00 Southampton NY Changing 30 Minutes A lot of different lights bouncing around a center light. It had reappearing lights and lines. 11/21/98
7/27/98 00:49 I-84 exit about 1min off of highway. CT Unknown 5mins. We were looking up at the sky when my associate pointed out a dot moving across the sky, when I looked at it more closely it was moving 2/16/99
7/26/98 23:23 Corte Madera CA Triangle 1 second witnessed approximately 1 second of flight of an object unknown to me in the northern hemisphere of the night sky. 11/21/98
7/26/98 21:30 Ballston Spa NY Oval 30min. Several white lights with blue and green intermittently . Followed me while I was driving to my house ,hovered for 20 min outside my 11/21/98
7/26/98 18:25 Portland OR Cylinder 1 minute The object was flying at a very high speed(probably 3000 miles per hour) without making any sound. 1/3/01
7/26/98 12:00 Corrolejo (Fuerteventura) (Canary Islands)
Fireball appartments Everyone saw it! 9/19/02
7/26/98 00:30 Erie PA Light 15 seconds Two of my friends and I were sitting on a picnic table in southeast Erie, Pennsylvania. We were looking west when appeared what seemed 11/21/98
7/26/98 Cold Lake (Canada) AB Light 2 mins Large Manoeuvring Light which quickly accelerated out of sight 12/2/00
7/25/98 22:00 Tucson AZ Light 15 minutes 3 green/blue, non flashing lights hung in the N/W Tucson sky, the space between the objects varrying as they hovered. 11/21/98
7/25/98 22:00 Cascade Range (central, near north sister) OR Light 5seconds Unusual large bright light lingering in sky for about five seconds. Drifted and slowly faded back. Definetely not a shooting star or ai 1/29/02
7/25/98 21:00 Vancouver WA Triangle 15 min close encounter at the clark county fair 8/5/01
7/25/98 20:00 Moscow Mills MO Cigar 1 min Bright green cigar shaped with bright flashing light 12/12/09
7/25/98 18:30 Jefferson (near) CO Oval five minutes Black Oval-Shaped Object Hovering Near Jefferson, Colorado. 8/5/01
7/25/98 16:30 Tigard (suburb of Portland) OR Oval 30+ minutes A silver, oval shaped object hovered directly overhead at high altitude for at least 30 minutes. A jetliner passed near by the object. 11/21/98
7/25/98 02:30 Baker/Las Vegas (Between; 30 mi. NE of Baker on I-5 East) CA Teardrop 3 minutes Flouresent Green with yellow/red trailing fire, dropping at a 60-70 degree angle to floor of desert, 1/2 mile each side of freeway. 11/19/98
7/24/98 23:30 Seely Lake (near) MT Light 8-10 secs One object--thought was satelite. Flying high alt. (satelite area) E to W Extreme speed- Brilliant light flash of 1 sec duration anoth 11/21/98
7/24/98 22:55 Tucson (due N, low below an a/c) AZ Fireball 30 seconds we were sitting in our hot tub gazing at stars and looked up and saw this low intense white fireball moving north as an 11/20/02
7/24/98 14:30 Washington, D.C. (Capitol Hill) DC Cigar split second Visiting the capital and city, did not see object at all while taking the pictures, object was unseen at the time. Took two pictures, 11/21/98
7/24/98 01:40 Portland ME Other 10 SECONDS As I looked to the northern sky as I stepped from my car, I looked up into a constellation of stars. Soon thereafter, it was if one of 11/21/98
7/24/98 01:30 Townsville (QLD, Australia)
Circle 5 minutes I was watching television at 01:30 when I heard a loud boom sound.The power then blacked out.I thought that the cut off switch had went 11/21/98
7/24/98 Plymouth, Devon (UK/England)
Cigar 1.5mins we saw some lights in the sky in the shape of a cigar' no sound was heard and no jetstream trailed behind. It went in a straight line a 11/21/98
7/23/98 23:45 Kirkby in Ashfield (UK/England)
Other 10mins It was just like 2 stars circling each other. 10/20/05
7/23/98 22:30 Fort Smith (about 20 miles SW) AR Light 10 minutes My instructor pilot and I were coming back from Bentonville AR I had just taken my instrument check ride. We had somehow lost all of th 3/7/00
7/23/98 20:00 Nanaimo (Canada) BC Cigar 30 seconds small cigar shaped craft, slowly moved across the sky. 12/2/00
7/23/98 Hubbard, (approx 30 mi. south of Portland OR Other na I'm messaging to report a "possible" crop circle found near the town of Hubbard, Or. I heard the report on a local radio station called 11/21/98
7/22/98 17:43 Athens AL Disk 10 seconds UFO sighting in Athens, Alabama 7/26/02
7/21/98 23:19 Napoleon OH Unknown 10 minutes It started as a "cloud" that had lights(red,green,yellow) and then branched out, then dissappeared. Several craft seen circling. 2/16/00
7/21/98 21:45 Leo IN Light 1 minute During a severe thunderstorm a single light appeared moving unevenly (up and down) from east to west. 11/21/98
7/21/98 21:00 Houston TX Other 15 minutes Recalled childhood experience 3/11/06
7/21/98 12:00 Rochester NY Other 2,minutes I was with my brother in my front yard, when I noticed a slow blinking light up in the sky. I knew it wasn't a satilite because it was 6/23/99
7/21/98 02:00 Mohrsville/Centerport PA Formation 5 minutes Bright white "landing lights" in straight line formation moving south to north at just above tree-top level. No sound; moving slowly. 12/16/99
7/20/98 22:00 Sun City CA Formation 1 minute 2 lights following each other really high in the sky, and really fast. 7/5/99
7/20/98 22:00 Canton MI Fireball 1-2 minutes While at work I was looking in the sky when I seen a Blueish/Green ball in the sky.It had a blueish/Green tail to it,the direction was 11/1/98
7/20/98 21:00 Clearfield IA Sphere 10-15 sec Disappered at a 90 degree angle 5/15/06
7/20/98 21:00 Pembroke Pines FL Triangle 2 mins the triangle shaped craft had 5 bright white strobe lights. 7/23/00
7/20/98 21:00 Callaway MN Fireball ? maybe 10 min. Red Large Fireball flying up from earth 9/28/03
7/20/98 20:00 Brownstown MI Light driving in truck The object was orange and moved in a square pattern in the sky. 3/21/03
7/20/98 18:30 Romulus (Metro Airport) MI Formation 45 min. I have film of 5 ufo's and some one else filmed this too. 7/1/02
7/20/98 14:00 Sydney (Canada) NS Sphere 15mins Floating shining sphere in Sydney Nova Scotia 5/24/05
7/20/98 12:00 Des Moines IA Other 7 minutes It made no sound, but you could see the rear was lit up like a jet and it was as if it was looking for something. 3/11/06
7/20/98 02:00 Fort Frances (Canada) ON Rectangle 15 seconds rectangular metalic object with red glowing underside at low altitude, no noise! 10/31/08
7/20/98 02:00 Tinley Park/I-57 (Between, on I 80) IL Light 5-7 minutes It looked like two strobe lights flying together 11/21/98
7/20/98 01:35 East Finchley (London) (UK/England)
Triangle 20 seconds A Trinangular shape with a slightly concave back edge flew acroos the sky. It was glowing gold. 11/21/98
7/20/98 01:00 Ogden (northeast of) UT Disk 15 minutes Past Ogden exit, hw-82 going east. Saw Ufo above trees on our right about 3,000 yards away. 11/21/98
7/19/98 16:40 Calgary and Black Diamond (between) (Canada) AB Diamond 10 minutes The two white saucers were flying parallel for most of the time. For approximately 5 seconds they became one then they were parallel a 12/2/00
7/19/98 15:00 Newberry MI Cylinder 5 minutes We all heard a humming, ran outside and for whatever reason, we all knew to look up. We saw a cylindrical object, white silver in c 1/11/19
7/19/98 11:30 Hicksville (Broadway & Old Country Road) NY Egg 12:15 a.m. Craft resembled size of three blimps and changed shapes, then turning into giant metal island. (See below) About five vehicles stopped 11/21/98
7/19/98 05:00 Winchendon MA Sphere Weeding I was weeding a garden on a sunny day late in the afternoon i looked up in the sky and saw a sphere reflecting off lihgt 9/12/99
7/19/98 00:30 Arcadia KS Unknown 5 mins Silent, Possible Saucer shaped object with Single light, followed us aprx 5 miles then simply vanished. 5/24/05
7/18/98 23:22 Kingston (Canada) ON Other 10seconds approx We were siting with friends on their patio when I looked up and saw what appeared to be a star heading off just off the tip of the top 12/2/00
7/18/98 22:00 Rimrock Lake WA Formation 20 seconds witnessed 3 pink lights travel in a cluster from north to south at satellite altitude. they moved slowly in a straight line for approx 1/22/00
7/18/98 21:00 Ramsgate (Kent) (UK/England)
Light 1 min Thre lights High Level >40,000ft over Ramsgate in Kent UK in 1998 at about 9PM+ 4/18/12
7/18/98 10:07 Longmont CO Triangle 3 to 5 minutes Traingle craft about 60+ feet in diameter was sighted flying west of Longmont CO. 11/21/98
7/18/98 02:15 Chandler AZ Light 24 minutes UFO drops liquid mettalics into my yard. 2/18/01
7/17/98 22:51 Portland OR Light 1 second Object appeared in the western sky. Very Bright. Dropped suddenly to the west and disapeared behind the horizon of Portland's west hill 11/21/98
7/17/98 22:00 Tukwila (Viewed from, looking east) WA Light 2-3 minutes 4 bright, platinum white, round lights, were seen on top of a hill. The lights were situated in a circle. From our car in Tukwila, WA 11/21/98
7/17/98 22:00 Fort Lauderdale FL Flash ten mintutes It was giant blue flashing object in the sky. 8/16/02
7/17/98 21:00 Scunthorpe (UK/England)
Unknown 10 seconds Lights shining on the floor next to me. 12/2/00
7/17/98 16:00 Cleveland OH Other less than 30 seconds I was looking at the clouds and trying to guess if there was a storm brewing over the lake, when just for perhaps 30 seconds, I saw a b 9/19/02
7/17/98 07:45 Indianapolis (Carmel) IN Sphere 4-5 minutes Saw far away in the sky. Looked like a star but there were no other stars in the sky. 11/21/98
7/17/98 02:10 Jacksonville (Interstate 10, heading E) FL Diamond 30 Seconds Diamond Shape Object Glowing incadescent Yellowish, The object was to our front right hovering just slightly below cloud level. It was 11/21/98
7/17/98 02:02 Jacksonville (I-10 Milemarker 238, heading E) FL Other 2 Min Object was Metalic shinning silver saucer shaped with arch hanging down on the left and right side. Me and my wife observed for about 9/13/02
7/17/98 02:00 Jacksonville (I-10, 10 Milemarker 235, Heading E) FL Light 1Min Object was a saucer shaped cloud glowing white heading north to south about 700 feet up. 9/13/02
7/16/98 23:00 Carson City NV Sphere 5 sec. I was sitting outside, looking toward the mountains, Carson in almost 5k ft, Mts. 7k to 8k, object appeared and shot off in a straight 11/21/98
7/16/98 22:00 Pine Bush NY Sphere 20 seconds Red/orange orb seen hovering over trees lighting the tips of said trees before vanishing in motion to the left. Pine Bush NY 1998 5/24/05
7/16/98 15:00 Puyallup WA Other
ufo in wa state in 1998 8/5/01
7/16/98 09:30 Muscatine IA Oval 1 minute Very brilliant green oval traveling silently moving north to south. Clear blue sky. Object appeared shiny and metallic with sun shini 11/21/98
7/15/98 23:55 London (UK/England)
Other 40 seconds I saw a silent unlit grey banana shaped ufo 8/19/00
7/15/98 23:30 Whitehall MI Light about 1 hour 3 to 4 colors emanating in the sky darting back and forth and disappearing and reappearing for about an hour. 1/29/02
7/15/98 23:30 Salem NH Circle 12 hours while night fishing we watched a silent craft slowly hover over a large pond over a 4-6 hour period making its way across the body of w 1/22/00
7/15/98 22:30 Killeen/Willow Springs (area) TX Flash 5 seconds flash of light while talking outside with my girlfriend 8/16/02
7/15/98 22:30 Chapel Hill TN Formation 4-5 seconds I never knew there was a way of reporting this without being exposed or ridiculed. On the approximate date at roughly the time indicat 7/11/00
7/15/98 22:00 Lynnwood WA Triangle 10 minutes witnessed very bright light,it rose into the sky very large,the size of a football field. It had lights placed in a sporadic fashion on 1/22/00
7/15/98 22:00 Warsaw (A few miles outside) (Poland)
Diamond About 3 minutes A bright light that hovered and then disappeared below the treeline. 10/12/01
7/15/98 21:30 Chiricahua Mountains AZ Circle 10-15 Minutes Circular object in the night sky in the mountains of South Eastern AZ. 9/2/05
7/15/98 21:30 Scales Mound IL Light 3 minutes Three, what we thought were satellites, converged in to a triangle and flew off in a different direction. 3/19/09
7/15/98 21:00 Medford OR Circle 30 seconds Huge, round, white light hovering over freeway overpass 1/29/02
7/15/98 20:00 McMinnville TN Oval
I was walking home one night at about 8 o'clock and something green and oval in the sky caught my attention.It was just hovering in one 9/2/05
7/15/98 19:00 Sterling VA Disk 15 min Close encounter in Sterling near the water tower.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
7/15/98 19:00 Aurora CO Unknown 4 sec 7/00/98 aprox aurora co looked like star 4-5 seconds object moved slowly westward 4/7/03 4/22/03
7/15/98 15:00 Bristol RI Egg 4 min. there was no heat allmost like it was floating but was all medal blow my mind. 8/30/10
7/15/98 15:00 Spokane WA Oval 30 sec white oval craft travelled east to west over Spokane,estimate 10,000 ft,speed aprox 200mph,seemed to be dark line around edge. 4/2/99
7/15/98 14:30 Dublin OH Flash 3-5 sec. I was driving in my car, about 35 miles per hour, nice weather, I look up and see this object going acrossing the sky. 1/7/00
7/15/98 14:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Other 20 Minutes A torroidial (Donut) shaped glowing plasma. The color of which I would closest describe as molten gold, but not exactly. 10/8/07
7/15/98 08:00 Columbus OH Other 10 seconds No joke, a giant Teddy Bear shaped UFO. 4/27/07
7/15/98 05:00 San Bernardino CA Light Approx. 3 min. A flying ball of light with no structure, no sound, and no strobes or anticolision, navigational lights. Moved too fast for a STOL. 11/21/98
7/15/98 03:00 Taber (Canada) AB Triangle 10 seconds "Huge"gray triangle with dim, white, red and blue lights on it. It hovered, and shook the house, gone instantly. 2/22/05
7/15/98 01:30 Council ID Triangle 35 min. Krackowski "Fast-Proton" Detection Vessel 8/1/03
7/15/98 01:30 Albuquerque NM Fireball 1-2 minutes Green Fireball Sighted Near Albuquerque Moving Directly Up From the Ground 5/15/06
7/15/98 01:00 Rachel NV Other
The strange object I saw looked like a streak. It can be found at: I did not see it when I 8/10/99
7/15/98 01:00 Minneapolis MN Disk 10 seconds I saw a disk hovering above some suburbs with a light shinning down below before disappearing in a streak of light. 10/8/07
7/14/98 23:00 Shanadoah IA Triangle 20 Min Triangler Craft was moving from the east to west about tree top high over our house in the country outside of Shenadoah IA. 8/7/07
7/14/98 22:34 York PA Unknown
My parents and I were outside at a concert and they were eatching the sky. When I looked up we saw 3 lights flash around the sky in an 12/16/99
7/14/98 22:30 Bay City TX Unknown 15 - 20 minutes My friend and I were out in the back yard letting his dogs go to the bathroom and in the distance we saw a giant sphere that kept on re 6/23/99
7/13/98 23:05 Idaho Falls ID Triangle 20-30 Seconds Saw two triangular objects in near proximity of each other with circular white lights near the points of each of the objects. I soon r 11/21/98
7/13/98 21:00 Chocowinity NC Disk ? It really just appeared, it was only a few feet above me, I an not sure but I think I touched it. It was a silverish metallic color, I 11/21/98
7/13/98 15:38 Bakersfield CA Unknown 3-5 seconds Electrical interference (TV/lights), massive, fast-moving shadow covering whole yard and more. Silent. 11/21/98
7/13/98 08:45 Schererville IN Sphere 4-5 minutes Red dot split in two pieces - shot in different directions 11/21/98
7/13/98 02:00 San Francisco International Airport CA Changing 30 minutes I was taking pictures of commercial airliners - arriving and departing. These crafts seemed to be "Playing" in and about the air traffi 5/24/99
7/13/98 00:00 McCook Lake SD Unknown 9 seconds Four white lights, 60 - 80 mph, completely silent in close proximity. 10/8/07
7/12/98 23:00 La Motte D'Aveillans (France)
Other 2 minutes Strange satelites in the french sky 5/2/03
7/12/98 22:25 Mt. Morris PA Light 1 minute 9:25pm, noticed a small light high in the sky. The light did not blink and traveled at a high speed. A second high speed light follow 11/21/98
7/12/98 22:00 Angola NY Formation 5-10 min I saw 4 distinct shapes in the sky flying very slowly . They flew in formation eastward , then wheeled back west . After a few min. of 5/24/99
7/12/98 21:45 Salisbury (E Ridge Rd.) NC Fireball 20sec. Bright self illuminated object traveling SE to NW Changed direction at least twice at very high speed and at very sharp angles say at l 8/5/01
7/12/98 21:30 Cairo (Egypt)
Disk 4 sec It was night and I was sitting alone in the balcony. The in the north, something apeared suddenly from space but it was at least 1 km a 6/18/03
7/12/98 20:00 Decatur AL Other 2 min or so i ran in scar 8 Tentcle type things made of beams attached to a circular craft. 8/11/04
7/12/98 19:00 Albert Falls Dam/Reserve Ntl (South Africa)
Light 6mins mimicry of torchlight flashes by light in sky 6/21/00
7/12/98 02:50 Centerville OH Light 1 minute Bright flashing light in an orangish color from the sky. 11/21/98
7/12/98 02:00 Lock Haven/Renova PA Unknown 60 min a brilliant object appeared and moved in a sporatic manner along horizon changing color often and location colors of red blue and white 11/21/98
7/11/98 22:43 Franklin Park (60131) IL Circle 00:01 Yellow circle in northeast sky moving northward 11/21/98
7/11/98 22:20 Chicago IL Light 1 minute Series of star-like points, approximate visual magnitude +3, shifting positions among each other, but as a group moving uniformly in a 11/21/98
7/11/98 17:00 Lincoln MA Sphere 5 minutes Sole witness to object. At Hanscom Field/Hanscom Air Force Base watching aircraft. I am a self taught expert on all types of aircraft 11/21/98
7/11/98 13:35 Hwy 30, heading west PA Other 15 secs A black jet chasing a prop plane with unusually long wings at extremely high speed. Jet was right on planes tail a plane was twisting b 11/21/98
7/11/98 12:00 Medina County OH Light 45min was driving in car going into medina. ilooked in sky and seen light thought it was the moon. then i look at the other side of the sky a 8/30/99
7/10/98 22:15 San Angelo TX Formation 5 seconds We saw five lights in the southwest sky that changed formation and disappeared. All within a matter of about 5-10 seconds. 11/21/98
7/10/98 22:00 Westford VT Disk 2-3 minutes summer of 98... saucer shaped ufo with bright blue lights sighted 10/28/02
7/10/98 20:29 Morristown NJ Unknown 15 sec Object was small, dark colored and shape was not distinct (possibly flat?) Every 2-5 sec entire back end of object emitted bright red g 11/21/98
7/10/98 20:00 Brick NJ Sphere 5 minutes On the evening of July 10, 1998, I was walking near my home in Brick, NJ when I spotted an object approaching in the sky. It moved slow 11/21/98
7/10/98 17:30 Arnold MO Light less than 5 seconds Bright ball of light appears briefly in suburban St. Louis 10/30/06
7/10/98 15:00 New Rochelle NY Cigar 10 seconds A Shuttle Like UFO hovering in the West End part of New Rochelle, New York for seconds before vanishing 5/15/06
7/10/98 01:05 UK/Scotland
Light not known Several light's reported seen in the Sky over Scotland,on the West Coast 11/21/98
7/10/98 00:45 South Prairie WA Other 5-7 min. I noticed an object approx. the size of the full moon moving slowly towards the West. All of the sudden it made a sharp turn towards th 11/21/98
7/9/98 22:27 Sea Ranch CA
5 minutes Three Objects Looking Like Planets Moving in fast and odd directions: 11/21/98
7/9/98 21:30 Hubbard OH Triangle
what i seen was a larg dark triangular object. 7/23/00
7/9/98 21:30 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Disk 1 minute My son had seen the UFO when he went to look out the window. He was looking straight when he saw a huge UFO with white bright lights at 9/28/02
7/9/98 20:24 Fernley NV Triangle 10 minutes Was driving home and saw a black triangle craft in the air. Aplane flying by near it and I noticed it was aout 3,000feet higher than th 11/21/98
7/8/98 23:00 West Bloomfield MI Other 3 mins It was aclear summer night,. a silent ship shaped like an iron with alternateing flashing lights,out of nowhere hovered a few mins.I 10/8/07
7/8/98 17:16 Hilongos (Leyte) (Philippines)
Changing 10minutes the object had landed in the other hill on the other side of the village we could still see it 11/26/03
7/8/98 07:30 Albany NY Rectangle 5 min silver cube with rubic cube like center 2/16/99
7/8/98 02:00 Lakin KS Triangle 1-2 minutes Around 2am I saw a triangular shaped object hover for some time and suddenly move out of sight off my back porch. 2/18/01
7/7/98 23:50 Liverpool (UK/England)
Light 5 seconds Liverpool July 98, bright star like UFO. Moved at varied unexplainable speeds before disapering 1/17/04
7/7/98 23:10 Danville PA Sphere 15 minutes I witnessed a reddish ball hover for about 10 minutes after witnessing it streak across the sky like a shooting star. Then it appeared 11/21/98
7/7/98 22:00 Hull GA Oval five minutes small, luminous, silent, gliding craft 6/12/07
7/7/98 21:00 Livermore CA Other 4 Minutes+- A star-like object inscribed rectangles in the sky and then vanished!. 11/26/03
7/7/98 17:00 Denver (above) CO Sphere all afternoon and evening Strange object, stranger events that followed on seeing the object in the Mountains above Denver 9/2/05
7/7/98 01:35 Massillon OH Formation 5-7 minutes Object moved through sky slowly 11/21/98
7/7/98 01:00 Camdenton MO Other All Summer Red star movement in sky awesome All Summer. 3/17/17
7/7/98 00:30 Marty SD Egg about 2 minutes Amber egg-shaped craft,ascended at slow speed. 10/12/01
7/6/98 17:40 Rapid City SD Other 10 Seconds Looked towards a thunderstorm approaching from the west. First saw a bright shape in the sky in the northwest direction. The light wa 11/21/98
7/6/98 13:30 Elkhart IN Cigar 8 seconds Silver Cigar-Shaped Object, Elkhart, IN, 8/19/00
7/6/98 01:24 Loomis WA Flash Bright lights I have seen UFO,s before but this one really freaked me out. 9/17/00
7/5/98 23:30 Cook MN Light seven to eight minutes a point of light which flew zig-zags, loops and back and forth over an area of minnesotas north woods. it was nearly midnight. 12/2/00
7/5/98 21:00 Portland ME Triangle 25 Minutes Triangle object made up of several balls of light, the back of the triangle was missing, almost like the lesser sign. 5/15/06
7/5/98 03:00 Panora IA Sphere brief Iowa lake ufo 10/31/03
7/5/98 02:00 Manasota Key FL Formation ~1 hour Mother ship with smaller ships encircling moving slowly white lights. 11/11/13
7/5/98 01:00 Boundary Waters MN Egg 10 minutes blueish/orange football size object over fishing spot- no sound 8/5/01
7/5/98 00:34 Round Lake Beach, Illinois IL Light 10 seconds Two brighter than star objects first observed at zenith; appeared that one was "chasing" or following the second which was, at times,zi 11/21/98
7/5/98 00:00 Lake Vermillion MN Disk 1 1/2 hours Massive craft seen for an hour 6/12/02
7/4/98 23:45 Holland MI Light 30 seconds I saw the bright light slowly streak in the sky and it turned around and went back in to space and disappeared. 11/21/98
7/4/98 23:15 Hillsboro MO Sphere 3 minutes Red ball of light low to the east, which hung in the air motionless, for 3 to 4 minutes. 11/21/98
7/4/98 23:00 Huntsville AL Light 5-10 MIN. I was at work when I noticed what appeared to be a tower which was southeast from my location.It had a red flashing light on the top an 6/23/99
7/4/98 23:00 Boston MA Sphere 2 minutes Large spherical object floating over the Charles River amid the smoke following a Fourth of July Fireworks display. 6/21/00
7/4/98 22:55 Burien (looking SW, three tree point to Vashon Island) WA Light 7 min Ball of light trailing tail, white. changed direction several times, no noticeable lights blinking or sound. 2000 to 2500 ft elevation. 1/11/02
7/4/98 22:30 Nags Head NC Light 15 Minutes I was outside at around 22:30 and i saw three circular lights in a triangle formation. They moved through the sky pretty fast, and then 2/16/99
7/4/98 22:00 Boston MA Sphere Unsure UFO spotted above Charles River during July 4th fireworks (1998) 7/16/03
7/4/98 22:00 Akron OH Other 2 minutes There were fireworks going off downtown due to the fourth of July celebration. I was on a roof 3 stories high. On the opposite side of 11/3/17
7/4/98 22:00 Richmond IN Cone feilds coneshape flat bottom slowmoving that's it 8/5/00
7/4/98 19:00 Fenton MI Diamond 5 to 8 minutes Sunset 15 degrees above horizon Black diamond 12/16/99
7/4/98 10:23 Hawii (Waikiki) HI Light 15 min an object in the sky was making weird formations this ment it couldn't be plane. The space ship was moving it circles,up and down and 11/21/98
7/3/98 21:30 Huntsville AL Light 15 minutes red ball of light hovering and moving without sound, shot sparks which produced three white lights that formed a vertical formation und 11/21/98
7/3/98 00:30 Campbell River (Vancouver Island) (Canada) BC Triangle 3-5 seconds It had 3 points of light forming a triangle. There were 2 more lights side by side near the center and front within the triangle shape. 12/2/00
7/2/98 04:30 Bluewater Lake NM Light 20 min my son and i witnessed an orange light fly above the lake shore five different times in about a 20-25 min span. it made no sound and th 1/28/99
7/2/98 01:30 Kalamazoo (Cooper Township) MI Cone 3 minutes I went outdoors to chain up our dog, seen an orange cone shape glowing object slightly above our trees. Went back in house to get spou 11/21/98
7/1/98 22:00 Lockwood CA Cigar 10 minutes UFO sighting in Lockwood, California 2/1/07
7/1/98 20:45 Fresno CA Triangle 2 min. While on the roof of a 10 story building, looking north/east, I saw what appeared to be a trangle object flying very slow, then increas 11/21/98
7/1/98 17:40 Lithgow (NSW, Australia)
Light 15sec star light appeared travelled a short distance then faided away 11/21/98
7/1/98 17:20 Casa Grande AZ Circle 10 min. 2 large orbs westsouthwest hovering yellow orange in color from about21:00 until 21:10. This also happend a year ago in June 1/11/02
7/1/98 10:30 Garfield NJ Unknown 3 seconds I was observing the night sky in my friends backyard when I saw a bright small object crossing the night sky at an incredible rate of s 8/10/99
7/1/98 02:00 Rapid City MI Sphere 1 hour ((HOAX??)) ufo help 12/12/09
7/1/98 01:35 St. Catharines (Canada) ON Formation 17 seconds Four round lights traveling in a diamond formation traveling at a very high rate of speed. All four lights appeared attached to a small 12/2/00
7/1/98 01:00 St. Thomas (U. S. Virgin Islands)

not sure craft from st thomas 8/7/07
7/1/98 Roseville CA Circle 15 min. Observed from Roseville, Ca. and Sierra Nevada mountains, 1/21/08