National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 06/1998
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
6/30/98 23:00 Los Angeles CA Unknown 30 minutes Lit object stayed stationery about 20 minutes, then went south and up in about 2 minutes. 1/21/08
6/30/98 21:30 Waldorf MD Oval 45-60 seconds Noticed singular exceptionally bright light which appeared to rotate around a soild oval or disk shaped object, bottom of which was fai 11/21/98
6/30/98 21:30 Brooklyn MI Oval 15 minutes Round probe which appeared to be emiting sparks. 9/18/14
6/30/98 20:40 Pasadena MD Cigar 2 minutes A long, white cigar shaped object flew across the sky, disappearing a couple of times, then shooting straight up. 11/21/98
6/30/98 18:40 Rome GA Sphere 3min Craft connecting balls black with connecting rods no noise or light emmision. speed est. 80-100mph. low altitude and decending west to 11/21/98
6/30/98 13:00 Urbana IL Cylinder seconds Silver Metalic cylinder over Urbana 6/12/08
6/30/98 10:00 Commerce Township MI Changing Six hours Followed by men in black cars and suits. 7/16/06
6/30/98 04:15 Algonac MI Triangle 20min there were three lights which made a triangle in the skys over Canada. the light would grow bright enuff to light up the sky and then d 6/20/11
6/30/98 03:58 Bettendorf IA Light 3-5 seconds I saw a pair of strange lights in the early morning sky that disappeared in a strange fashion. 11/21/98
6/30/98 03:00 Port St. Lucie FL Disk 1-3 minutes 2-3 UFOs sighted in Port Saint Lucie estimated date-Saturday or Sunday in 1997-1999. Mentioned on local news as well. 6/12/08
6/30/98 02:00 Indianola IA Diamond 1-2 MINUTES Orange-Copper Glowing Diamonds... 5/15/06
6/30/98 01:30 Quartzite AZ Flash 5-10 sec. When this object made its turn to the south, it was a 90 o turn in an instant, not a radius trun like an aircraft. 2/1/07
6/30/98 01:00 South Bend IN Unknown 5 minutes gray in my room 1/5/11
6/30/98 Jackson MS Cylinder 3min ((HOAX??)) This event happen in the late 90s. 11/28/07
6/29/98 23:45 Waterford WI Flash 11:45pm a blue-green streak of light very fast went by in the southern sky very low.very scary. 9/6/02
6/29/98 23:30 Corbin KY Unknown 5 minutes it was seen in the clouds during a storm. a glowing cloud with bright round lights not unlike car headlights were on some of the time. 9/19/02
6/29/98 23:01 Yakima WA Fireball 10seconds A large, bright green was moving south. It was coming from the Ellensburg area. It was moving slow, stopped in mid air, then shot off a 2/22/02
6/29/98 12:00 Reno NV Circle 45 minutes objects appeared stationary at first, some floated like a hang glider. after about 15 minutes objects began to dart around sky and disa 11/21/98
6/28/98 23:20 Sacramento CA Cigar 15 minutes With binoculars, I saw a flat object with several steady white lights and two or more flashing red and white lights. 11/21/98
6/28/98 23:00 Central Point OR Light 05 SECONDS late June 1998 two bright "stars" briefly chase each other over Southern Oregon 9/2/05
6/28/98 23:00 Goat Island/Isle of Palm (between, Intracoastal Waterway) SC Fireball @10 seconds saw a glowing sphere with a tail shoot across the sky from the West to East (from US toward Atlantic Ocean) 11/1/98
6/28/98 22:00 Craig (5 miles east of) MT Oval 10 seconds On the above date and time, myself and two others were camping on my property 5 miles east of Craig, Mt. in the Big Belt Mts. The sky w 8/5/01
6/28/98 22:00 Fitchburg MA Circle 5 minutes There was an extremely bright white light - in a very cloudy sky. It was skipping about in the sky very fast, couldn't keep track of it 11/21/98
6/28/98 05:00 Ellicott City MD Sphere 06:00 glowing golden with red flashes at 78 degrees north east. Alt about 2000 feet . had wobbling effect when red fashes occoured about eve 11/21/98
6/28/98 02:30 Blossburg (5 miles east of) PA Light one (1) minute Sudden brilliant light, faded to very dim blue light, which travelled slowly north. 8/5/01
6/27/98 22:40 Penfield NY Circle minute A small bright object accross the sky and disappeared. No glamorous close up sighting, but extremely high for an airplane, much, much t 11/21/98
6/27/98 21:15 Trenton (Hamilton Township) NJ Disk 5 minutes The craft hovered over a neighbors home. 11/21/98
6/27/98 20:50 East Amwell Township NJ Oval aprox 10min the craft seemed to float parallel to the hills very very slowly and at a constant speed then it seemed to turn or "widen" so that one 11/21/98
6/27/98 20:06 East Amwell NJ Circle 5 minutes While playing football in the backyard with my sons, my 9 year old son asked me what i Thought this circular black mass in the sky was 11/21/98
6/26/98 19:30 Apple Valley CA Other 30 min 3 observers witnessed a "manta-ray" shaped craft move west over mountain range for 30 min. No lights or windows were visable.VERY LARGE 11/21/98
6/26/98 10:15 Trumann/Jonesboro AR Other 1 hour 45 mins There was a full moon this night, so the shapes were very easy to make out. Circular, rectangle,,and diamond were the smaller ones. The 11/21/98
6/25/98 22:18 Las Cruces NM Circle 3 minutes My father and i were driving home from El Paso, Texas, to Las Cruses, New Mexico. Half way to las cruses,(which is about a 30 min. driv 11/21/98
6/25/98 20:30 Mykonos Island (Greece)
Fireball 30 sec. While videoing some boats docked in the marina I happenned to video a yellowish glowing trail, 25 degrees off horizon, far away, during 4/2/99
6/25/98 13:00 Plymouth WI Circle 1 min I was on the deck behind my house and i saw the craft. it flew across the sky and disappeared over the horizon. 5/24/99
6/25/98 11:00 Boise ID Sphere
sphere seen right on the outside of boise, idaho. 2/16/99
6/25/98 10:23 Flagstaff AZ Sphere 2 min NE of Winona 3 miles Arizona at an archaeological site called Ridge Ruin. Spheres, glowing red to yellow settle down, move above site, 11/21/98
6/25/98 10:15 Moab (near, in Arches National Park) UT Light one hour We were on vacation in Arches National Park, watching a satellite and shooting stars on an exceptionally dark, clear night. Then, in t 11/21/98
6/25/98 02:00 Cleveland OH Sphere 7 minutes eight perfectly round balloons passed over head and dissapeared into a cloud 9/19/02
6/24/98 22:00 Austin (area) TX Other 45 min. my fiancee' and i were driving to her mother's house in hutto after work for a visit at about 11 o'clock at nigt. it was clear out, whi 10/12/01
6/24/98 18:30 Lewiston (In Maine near) ME Light Felt like a second Blinded 12/2/00
6/23/98 20:58 Richmond VA Unknown 5 minutes At about 9:58 last night, I was letting my dogs out. I then saw 5 craft in what was almost a "W" formation. I was confused. I went back 11/21/98
6/23/98 01:15 Apex/Holly Springs (between) NC Triangle 90 seconds Town of Fuquay, NC had power blackout -10PM - 06/22/98. Hwy 55,north of town, saw BRIGHT white light-southern horizon. Shaped like quar 11/21/98
6/23/98 00:30 Neshkoro WI Other 2.5 hours Fireballs, streaks of bright light followed by objects flying at high altitudes 11/21/98
6/22/98 22:30 Santee SC Cylinder 5min. I was fishing and as I looked up I saw 3 cylinder-shaped objects in a triangle formation. They had a wierd white glow to them. That ( 11/21/98
6/22/98 04:30 Austin TX Triangle 3-4 minutes I saw a triangle craft, huge, black, white light in each corner, red light in center, hovering above me at about 200-300 feet altitude. 2/16/99
6/22/98 01:30 Belgrade (outside, Dry CreekRoad) MT Unknown 1 hour 6.22.98-1:30 am : red flashing lights (flashing in two different sequences)hovering over a rural of the lights was near belgra 11/21/98
6/22/98 01:00 Ellsworth WI Light 15 minutes A friend told me that he and his family were in their car when they saw a bright white ball of light just above the horizon. They stopp 5/24/05
6/22/98 00:45 Evansville IN Light 5 minutes TO: National UFO Reporting Center From: ((Deleted)) Dear National UFO Reporting Center, I live in the city of Evansville, loca 11/21/98
6/21/98 23:30 Waveland MS Oval 5 minutes I was on my pourch talking to my neighbor latr at nite.I looked up in the sky across the power lines about 1000 feet up and i saw a sma 4/2/99
6/21/98 22:30 Saskatoon (Canada) SA Other <2 seconds Wing-shaped or boomerang-shaped craft at high altitude directly overhead. 12/2/00
6/21/98 22:30 Corpus Christi TX Cylinder 7-8 seconds Gentlemen I have always been someone who relies on experiential knowledge. I have always felt that the likelyhood of other intelligence 11/21/98
6/21/98 22:10 Moundsville WV Light 2 min I was scanning the night sky with 7x50 binoculars when I noticed a light much higher than commercial aircraft usually fly. 11/21/98
6/21/98 21:30 San Bruno CA Disk 10 minutes A huge saucer with a 2nd story on top was in the air ahead of us. It was fully lit as if w/ONE light; slowly floated/glided thru air w 11/21/98
6/20/98 23:30 Cary NC Circle 45 sec A red light from zero to light speed, no time flat. 8/16/02
6/20/98 23:00 Wrightwood CA Circle 5 minutes Lights in the sky at summer camo 5/11/05
6/20/98 22:30 Rochester NY Chevron 120sec. My girlfriend and I were sitting on my deck looking at the stars and this Triangular shaped craft "floated" or slid directly overhead. 12/2/00
6/20/98 22:00 Eustace TX Oval 1 minute Oval object streaking through sky, high rate of speed, trailing yellow and orange smoke, or dust particles behind it. 11/21/98
6/20/98 21:30 Wilmington NC Other USA/Night sighting There is "NO" aircraft that can fly that slow, with the exception of a helicopter/glider, and have enough "air lift" to stay aloft. 9/29/04
6/20/98 20:00 Medford MA Cylinder
I was going to Staples(the store) and all of a sudden I saw a bright light like a star appeared.It was moving in a funky way. Then a p 7/5/99
6/20/98 18:00 St.Helens OR Fireball 5 secs brass/gold sparkling, no tail taveling east to west, rather slowly. tennis ball size at arms lenght in size, low in the horizon, no sou 9/28/02
6/20/98 17:50 Covington WA Circle 20 min. In backyard, looked up admiring sky and saw bright lights moving. 11/21/98
6/20/98 14:00 Claremore OK Sphere 15sec. Nothing on this earth moves that fast! 1/3/01
6/20/98 07:00 Morris MN Egg 00:20 UFO in morning sky...jets following 4/26/99
6/20/98 03:30 Jacksonville FL Circle 5s-10s Completely Silent Small UFO with Spotlight Illuminated my bedroom durring early morning. 4/27/07
6/20/98 02:00 Hartsgrove OH Light 10-15seconds Strange lights in the small town of Hartsgrve 8/5/01
6/20/98 02:00 Dover DE Rectangle 30 seconds In the Summer on 98 Myself and 2 friends were on our way to q shore house on the Indian River in Delaware, I was driving Interstate 95 6/23/04
6/20/98 00:39 Superior MT Triangle
Object was a blue triangle with a long tail on either ends of the rear it 11/1/98
6/19/98 21:00 Charlottetown (Canada) PE Triangle 15 min Hovering craft over water 3/2/04
6/19/98 16:00 Tucson AZ Unknown 10 seconds Weird Light Beam 5/24/05
6/18/98 23:44 Marina CA Teardrop 2 minutes I witnessed a teardrop shaped object hurling across the night sky.... the event lasted for only a minute or so... it was strange... ver 11/21/98
6/18/98 23:05 Victoria (Canada) BC Light 25 sec from west to east , high in sky,20% less bright than venus,25 sec to traverse one third of sky,no change of direction,no sound 12/2/00
6/18/98 22:30 Kirkland WA Diamond 3sec The crafts made no sound, we were watch stars saw oval plane, saw same 9/3/96 @2145hrs.nosound 6ufoformation-2second across horizonship 6/18/98
6/18/98 18:45 Narcoossee FL Light
"bright light" that lit up the sky 11/21/98
6/17/98 23:17 Annapolis MD Teardrop 30 seconds On the night of June 17th me and a few of my family members decided to take a walk to this go to this park you had to walk thro 4/15/00
6/17/98 22:45 Corvallis OR Sphere 5 seconds a green sphere heading from east to west at a very high speed, 9/19/02
6/17/98 02:00 Kamloops (Canada) BC Cylinder approx: 10 sec. HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: A cylinder shaped illuminated craft flew over my head. 8/1/03
6/17/98 01:30 Roseville (Memorial Field) MI Light 5 min. Me and my friend and his brother were swimming in my pool around 1:30 a.m when we saw a oval shaped object hover over my pool about 125 11/21/98
6/16/98 23:30 Aspers PA Circle 10 minutes Friends were sitting in back yard talking and all of the sudden they start yelling to get a camera. When my friend walks out she spott 6/18/98
6/16/98 20:46 Vincennes IN Light 3to4,min. seven lights, two miltiery jets. ((NUFORC Note: No other reports of military jet activity. Possible hoax. PD)) 10/30/06
6/16/98 14:00 Meadville PA Teardrop seconds shiny metalic double teardrop shape, silent fast in a clear sky 11/21/98
6/16/98 08:46 Vincennes IN Light 3TO 4MIN. seven lights, two miltiery jets 12/7/06
6/16/98 02:15 Stainforth (UK/England)
Other 5 min A very strange thing 12/19/03
6/16/98 Broken Hill (Australia)
regular sightings of massive "intergalactic" craft in or around Broken Hill NSW australia 12/23/02
6/15/98 23:00 Edmond OK Fireball 00:05 confirm fireball over Edmond OK. 12/23/02
6/15/98 23:00 McHenry IL Light 00:04:00 light in sky chased away by two jets. 3/6/01
6/15/98 22:34 Healdsburg (due S of) CA Fireball 2 sec a green fireball wi blueish tints- disappearing above the horizon-15 degrees(?) burned up out (?) 11/20/02
6/15/98 22:10 Bryan TX Light 1min observed light above normal airways moving at a high rate of speed seemed to be swerving. watched it until could not see anymore. From 6/18/98
6/15/98 22:00 New Haven KY Triangle 1 hour It was a triangular shaped vessel that gave off a light blue light. It was night so I couldn't tell much more. 11/21/98
6/15/98 22:00 Perry OK Unknown 5 minutes Lights came overhead quickly stopped Fir little past I-35 overpass two bluish rectangular glowing lights. ((anonymous report)) 6/7/19
6/15/98 22:00 Campwood TX Circle 35 sec large light stoped then shot off 4/27/04
6/15/98 22:00 Perry OK Unknown 5 minutes I'm the one that all ready ready reported this sighting would like to add the ending, most important also my info in case others that s 10/4/19
6/15/98 21:30 Valley Springs CA Other Unknown Object sighted, no sound, no lights 5/24/05
6/15/98 21:00 Bensalem PA Disk 15 minutes My first and only UFO sighting in Nottingham Village on Delancy Drive 4/18/12
6/15/98 20:30 Rochester IN Light :30 My friend and I saw two bright lights that moved at a incredible rate. 2 jets followed the lights and they disappeared. 1/28/99
6/15/98 20:00 Pontoto/Thaxton (between) MS Triangle 35min ME,my dad and two of my friends where coming home from bible study one night when I spotted a large craft above the road it appeared to 4/26/99
6/15/98 20:00 Stoddard Valley CA Other 60 Minutes Hypersonic Spacecraft Test near TRW's hypersonic test range. 9/2/05
6/15/98 14:00 Lancaster NY Circle 1Minute On a partly cloudy day, a shiney, silver ball hovered and then shot straight across the sky moving south at great speed. 5/10/04
6/15/98 11:00 Navajo Lake NM Sphere 10 secs A Shiny (metalic) sphere was seen, by me, above a ridge. It was slowly moving away from my position at an altitude of apr. 500ft. The S 4/2/99
6/15/98 11:00 Kalkaska MI Cigar 5 min. Daylight sighting of object passing while I was making my rounds at gas processing plant. 8/28/03
6/15/98 08:23 Beavercreek OH Other 5 min I thought it was ORINS BELT, it was something i thought i would never see in my lifetime 4/27/07
6/15/98 05:47 Kingsville TX Light 1 minute Star like object that appeared moving slowly due south then increased speed. Did not change direction. 6/18/98
6/15/98 04:15 Groningen (Winschoten - Groningen Highway) (Netherlands)
Sphere 15 minutes My sister was driving with four people to home(it was morning). Than they saw that something was following them a whole time in the sky 11/21/98
6/15/98 03:00 Stockton (east of) CA Fireball 2min explosion in the sky 2/18/01
6/15/98 03:00 Irwindale CA Light 1 minute Huge Bright Illuminating 'Ball Like' Object , underside has three green triangular lights, no sound. 9/6/02
6/15/98 01:00 Glide OR Sphere 30 sec A blue round light right in front of us 7/16/03
6/15/98 01:00 Port Perry (Canada) ON Light 2hrs MANY LIGHTS 12/2/00
6/15/98 01:00 CA (Interstate 40) CA Unknown 5 min. Three very bright lights close to the ground. 10/31/03
6/15/98 00:30 Boy Scout Camp Royenea CA Disk 10 minutes There were many green colored objects moving quickly around a portion of the sky and one by one the objects flickered out 2/18/01
6/15/98 00:01 Cartago CA Sphere 5 mins huge white light alongside my vehicle on the highway late at night... 6/12/02
6/14/98 04:30 Columbus OH Formation 3 mins. Formation of lights, arranged in the pattern of an "arrow symbol" or "christmas tree." Hovered, moved, and hovered again. Afterwards, 4/2/99
6/13/98 23:40 Gresham OR Cross <3min I was driving home and on 201st and holgate. I saw what I thought was a very low, slow plane. 11/21/98
6/13/98 19:00 Gresham OR Circle 10 minutes Object crossing low in the sky over rooftops of homes. About 1 mile from where we were, and it was approx. A basketball size from our 11/21/98
6/12/98 22:45 Montebello CA Light 2-3 seconds Two to three second display of synchronized lights travelling really fast. 5/2/14
6/12/98 22:30 Perris CA Light 3 minutes I was driving south on Perris Blvd. when I happened to glance east towards lake Perris and saw a small, dull orange light hovering abou 11/21/98
6/12/98 22:00 Kent (UK/England)
Circle 15 mins there were 2 craft one was higher than the other and we followed them home in my car when we arrived home i decided to go to the meadow 7/16/06
6/12/98 21:35 Santa Monica CA Formation 5-7 seconds A 'V' shaped formation of lights passed overhead with no sound at high speed. 11/21/98
6/12/98 21:00 West Chicago IL rectangle 3 minutes We were standing in my driveway and this enormous thing flew over my house about 100 feet in the air. It was a dark mass in the sky wi 1/28/99
6/12/98 14:00 Halsey OR Unknown 1 minute Loud noise, similar to that emmited when propane tanks on hot air balloons, but much louder. Skies bright, few clouds. Traveled betwe 11/21/98
6/12/98 10:30 Grayling MI Sphere 5 minutes We observed a large orange sphere in the night sky change into two. Then others were seen. 5/24/05
6/11/98 21:58 Kansas City MO Light 5 minutes Single white light, no flashing green, red or white light. Traveling from WNW to ESE. Followed about two minutes later by similar lig 6/18/98
6/11/98 21:00 Tampa FL Light 30 seconds I saw a craft that probably was not from earth. 9/2/05
6/11/98 19:00 Karachi (Pakistan)
Circle 30 minutes We 3 cousins seen ufo thing in our area. We thought that was a electricity lights glowing but bit by bit its come over head then we saw 5/9/19
6/11/98 18:15 Patterson CA Disk 5 min Just before Dusk I saw, 50 feet from my car a Flying Disk that had two Rings Rotating around its main body. It was trully awesome! 12/16/05
6/11/98 17:25 Lincoln City OR Changing UNKNOWN Digital camera shots which contain unknown object not seen until photos were downloaded to computer. 6/18/98
6/11/98 13:00 Palm Springs CA Circle
I just got some pictures back from my vacation in Palm Springs. In one of the pictures it looks like there is a UFO in the sky. 5/24/99
6/11/98 00:15 Gateshead (UK/England)
Triangle 30 seconds black trianglur craft with colour lights underneath it. 10/31/03
6/10/98 22:00 Newalla (Canada) OK Other 60 seconds Fast, tiny, lights, glowing not giving off light like a flashlight. 12/9/03
6/10/98 20:00 Mechanicsville IA Triangle 2 minutes V-shaped large hovering object. 5/20/16
6/10/98 02:30 Chicago IL Circle 35 min Three pearl like or chrone pin ball like objects in figure eight formation in sky 7/26/02
6/9/98 21:30 Brownsville TX Light 15min. I just called a friend that also witnessed the UFO to verify the time. As for the sighting goes. About ten of my closest friends and my 12/14/04
6/9/98 06:20 Lynch Mountain KY Other 18:20 IT was a glowing like person without a neck a big head at the top and small at the bottom. 12/2/00
6/9/98 00:00 San Bernardino CA Diamond 10:00minutes A 3 dimentional diamond spacecraft that just spinned arround it stayed in the same place for at least ten minutes,It spit out 4 colors 11/26/03
6/8/98 22:20 Chesterfield MO Unknown 7 min. See three UFO in a diamond formation causing electrical disturbances in area. 6/18/98
6/8/98 21:00 Newport RI Light 25 minutes Clear night+high visability,2 yellow lights,even shading,no vertical movement,close proximatey,very long visual time 2/18/01
6/8/98 04:00 Winnipeg (Canada) MB Disk 10 minutes at 4 am by a military airport a circular object with 5 flashing white lights was watched for 10 min fly across sky then disappear 9/1/04
6/7/98 23:06 Chesterfield MO Fireball 5 minutes 2 fireballs chasing each other, one runs into another, hear a soft explosion, and it vanishes. 5/24/99
6/7/98 23:00 Watertown NY Circle 2 minutes Two lights traveling in sync dissapeared behind the moon. 5/4/04
6/7/98 22:00 Cornville AZ Fireball 10 seconds Large object, possibly a meteor or space debris flew into view in the southern sky, between Cornville and Phoenix, Az . 6/18/98
6/7/98 21:05 Phoenix AZ Fireball 2 seconds Bright flickering, lightning like flash, white/yellow glowing sparks, followed by three dull booms after 2-3 minutes 5/24/99
6/7/98 17:00 Caracas, D.F. (Venezuela)
Changing 2 min Observe a unos 3 Kilometros Dos Objetos que se acercaban a velocidad impresionante hasta el vehiculo que yo conducia 11/21/98
6/7/98 14:00 Los Angeles CA Triangle 30 Secs Expanding pencile share very long and thin. 5/24/99
6/7/98 07:00 unknown TX Circle 9 minutes a circle, not moving, hovering over a mountain... 5/24/99
6/6/98 23:15 St. Louis MO Diamond 2-4 seconds Saw hourglass shape object travel at a great speed across horizon going east to west. object covered distance in about 3 or 4 seconds. 2/22/02
6/6/98 22:00 Elba NY Light 15-20 seconds Saw brief white light travel allong the horizon, stop midflight and then continue on a different course, at extreem rates of exellera 6/12/08
6/6/98 21:30 Tampa FL Light 25 seconds 5 G light, only alien, or they figured out how to reverse gravity, or the sense of. 5/15/06
6/6/98 19:30 Durban (South Africa)
Oval 5 minutes Myself and my wife were returning home when we spotted a craft which we thought was a aircraft.Both of us were hesitant to mention to o 11/20/02
6/6/98 19:00 Salinas CA Fireball 10 seconds Fireball flickers to a huge tumbling black potato, eyes and all, looking rock 6/9/09
6/6/98 17:00 Edinburgh (UK/Scotland)
Fireball 5 mins moved slowly in one direction, paused for 3/4 mins before turning 90 degrees and moving away from us. 11/21/98
6/6/98 16:15 Clifton NJ Sphere 10 minutes I was sitting down when it came from the north. I call my wife, she saw it slow and hovering towards the eastern sky.It was visible for 5/24/99
6/6/98 14:18 Reno NV Formation 2 minutes My wife and I were on our way to Reno. I was looking at a large cloud formation that was pouring out an unbelievable amount of rain. Wh 6/18/98
6/6/98 14:00 Skelmersdale, Lancashire (UK/England)
Sphere 10'' 10 metre diameter red orb, moving slowly, event followed by lightening 6/18/98
6/6/98 04:30 Ashland OH Cone 5 minutes two silver cone shaped objects 7/16/06
6/6/98 00:30 Bailey/Fairplay (between, off Hy 285) CO Circle 5 minutes Myself and a friend witnessed a bright, white cirle of light about 20 yds across.It was about 500 feet above us.Everything went silent. 11/1/98
6/5/98 22:05 Kelowna (Canada) BC Triangle 22:10 Triangular object seen at night at close range flying over Kelowna British Columbia Canada 8/27/09
6/5/98 03:31 West Paterson NJ Disk approx. 2 min. at approx. 3:30 a.m. est I was awaken by an intense wind tunnel like sound coming from outside my window.Upon looking out my window, I 6/18/98
6/4/98 22:30 Panama City Beach FL Triangle 10-15 Minutes : Panama City Beach FL Back Beach Road 12/2/00
6/4/98 08:30 Chicago (downtown) IL Sphere 2 to 3 min. i was taking my kids to school in the morning,i was on highway 290 heading east when i noticed a shining chrome like object in the sky! 9/19/02
6/4/98 06:19 Ocotillo CA Triangle 12 minutes On a morning hike, we settled to rest after walking 4 miles on a desert trail. We stopped to drink some water and eat some snacks. My 5/24/99
6/4/98 Rydal (Johnson Mt. Rd.) GA Light
It was a bright when first sighted. The object came straight for us when my boyfriend flashed his headlights at it.I was completly terr 9/13/02
6/3/98 17:30 Waco/Amarillo (enroute to) TX Cylinder 2 minutes Burning fire tube. 6/12/11
6/2/98 19:15 Lake Weir FL Triangle 5 minutes I saw a trangular craft near US 441 and Sunset Harbor Rd on June 4th 1998 about 300 ft off the ground, moving slowly 8/5/01
6/1/98 23:55 London UK/England)
Other ? Space Napped 8/1/03
6/1/98 23:00 The Hague (Netherlands)
Cigar 10 seconds Dark brown completely soundless very big cigar shaped without lights low flight altitude flyover. 8/27/09
6/1/98 23:00 Aransas Pass TX Circle 4 minutes I saw a huge circle of lights in front of me, not very far off. 8/23/19
6/1/98 23:00 Rancho Tehama CA Disk 10 minutes I was alone 1/24/12
6/1/98 23:00 Conches (France)
Formation 2 min Les objets ce déplacer en V silencieusement. Cette formation était constituer de 11 points lumineux (6 à gauche, 5 à droite) 12/23/02
6/1/98 22:00 Cochin (India)

30 it was "V" in shape and had red lights and i t just came acroos the sky and took a steep turn and went off into sky very slowly upwards 4/28/01
6/1/98 22:00 Portland OR Triangle 10 seconds TR-3b low flyover Lake Oswego, Oregon. 8/6/15
6/1/98 22:00 Waitati, Dunedin (New Zealand)
Hundreds of lights and operative beeping sounds, hovering above my house bus.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
6/1/98 22:00 Rishon Lezion (Israel)
Cigar 30 seconds Cigar shapped UFO formation flight . 7/4/12
6/1/98 22:00 Liberty County (on highway) MT Other 20 seconds pyramidal, invisible/black UFO sighting on the highway in Liberty county Montana 5/12/09
6/1/98 22:00 Bayfield (near, Lake Superior, south shore) WI Fireball 5 sec. white/green ball with trailing tail and falling debris -slow moving 11/21/98
6/1/98 22:00 Valencia CA Triangle 3 minutes black triangle masks stars in Santa Clarita 3/4/08
6/1/98 22:00 Destrehan LA Light minute One reddish light splits into two smaller lights of same color & intensity, then they travel in different directions. 8/5/01
6/1/98 21:45 Persian Gulf
Light 30 secs. Light going back and forth and left to right very smoothly across the sky. 3/21/03
6/1/98 21:30 Wendover UT Triangle 10minutes Huge dark Triangle in West desert sky 3/4/08
6/1/98 21:30 Mt. Airy NC Light 1 hour We where at a drive in movie, it was my family and my fiance. My mother first noted the objects. Due to her recent outpatient surgery 8/10/99
6/1/98 21:00 Salem OR Other 30 minutes We were stargazing, when we saw a dot of light weaving between stars. 3/23/04
6/1/98 21:00 Dumfries (UK/England)
i remember it well when i was out side in my back garden i saw this light it was coming from the sky so i looked up it was this huge tr 3/11/06
6/1/98 21:00 Sulphur LA Sphere 2-3 seconds Orb / Sphere seen over football Stadium 1/10/09
6/1/98 20:30 Lake Wales FL
all year Sightings in our area have persisted for one year. The individuals kept these sightings silent so as not to create a "hot spot"until th 4/26/00
6/1/98 20:00 O'Fallon MO Triangle at least 20 mins 1998 BT over hwy 70 - OFallon Missouri 2/14/06
6/1/98 20:00 New Rochelle NY Light few seconds Blue illuminated round object 5/15/06
6/1/98 19:00 Trowbridge (UK/England)
Light 5 mins 3 large orange lights, stationary in a line, suddenly vanished one by one. 1/29/02
6/1/98 19:00 Bundaverg (Australia)
Circle 5 secs i just went outside before i went 2 bed and saw it mooving around high above in the air 1/3/01
6/1/98 18:00 Hunstville AL Changing 15-20 seconds Blacker than black, shape changing floating object. 10/30/12
6/1/98 18:00 Denmark SC Triangle 5 min. Triangle shape object, black with light with no sounds in the summer of 1998. 2/14/06
6/1/98 17:00 Toledo OH Oval 3 sec. i was riding my bike out of my drive way and out of the woods across the road a ball of light about 20 inches in diam. shoot out seemed 8/30/99
6/1/98 17:00 Victoria (Canada) BC Light 1 minute Silent Red Ball of light. 5/15/06
6/1/98 16:30 Colville WA Other 2 seconds Halogen like dual lights race across highway, taking 90 degree turn north. 3/19/09
6/1/98 14:00 Boston MA Disk unkown encounter with approximatley seven saucers each about 3 inches in diameter 11/21/98
6/1/98 14:00 West Richland WA Oval seconds screaming large round ball metal ball crossing the afternoon sky caught on film around 1998 6/12/02
6/1/98 14:00 West Plains MO Triangle 1 minute or less Dear Pete, December 09,2008 My brother told me he saw "a wing" fly-over very low. I suspec 1/10/09
6/1/98 13:00 Nanaimo (Canada) BC Sphere 3 min. I really need a responce to my email please... Its very Important to me... 2/1/07
6/1/98 13:00 Port Sydney (Canada) ON Disk 20sec saw it, flying across sky, silver disk shaped object, went behind a cloud and dissapeared 12/2/00
6/1/98 12:30 Los Angeles CA Disk 18 minutes Very small disk shape like a bug silver and white. 11/26/14
6/1/98 12:00 Bozeman MT Disk ? actually i did not see this one till i developed the film...i was out taking pictures of an area i is open treeless meadows w 12/2/00
6/1/98 11:00 Manila (Philippines)
Other 5 minutes Boomerang Shaped Silver-Gray UFO hover the sky of Manila 12/12/09
6/1/98 11:00 Kelseyville CA Triangle 10 minutes It was low alt. very close, slow, had a spotlight, and looked like a black triangular stealth aircraft 7/26/02
6/1/98 10:30 Winston-Salem (north of) NC Circle 3 min white light moving at very fast speed then going verticle 10/31/08
6/1/98 10:00 Ellensburg WA Light 8 seconds 10/10/1998 Bright white light moving very fast 3/19/09
6/1/98 09:30 Wilmington DE Oval 3/14/98 2 whitnesses see flying oval blinking uncontrollably, fliping several times in the sky and then suddenly dissapearing in a bright orang 8/16/02
6/1/98 02:00 Pensacola Beach FL Light 1 minute insects near a light 4/2/99
6/1/98 02:00 Nipomo CA Light 15 minutes approx My roomate and I were out early mending a horse fence in a very rural area, very dark and quiet. We were the only witnesses as far as 2/16/00
6/1/98 01:00 Danville OH Disk
Outside on warm summer night with a high school friend. At the small farm house I grew up in outside of town. Everything was quiet, w 12/12/13
6/1/98 01:00 Mechanicsburg OH Oval
This event happened many years ago, 4 to be exact. I had been asleep in my bedroom, at about one am. My mother ran into my room, wrap 7/26/02
6/1/98 01:00 Bakersfield CA Triangle 1 minute Black triangular object moving slowly through the night sky. 7/25/04
6/1/98 00:15 Denver CO Circle 4 seconds I was looking towards the Mountains, west, when I saw a large bright golden circle shaped light raise from that area. It went accross 6/18/98
6/1/98 Andrews NC Cylinder
clear day seen object in western sky...2 military aircraft flying together toward the object 5/24/99