National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 12/1997
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
12/31/97 21:05 Puerto Nuevo (Puerto Rico) PR Cross 3.5min While visiting relatives in Puerto Rico in December, we witnessed a UFO in Puerto Nuevo, PR. I have been searching all over the interne 3/7/98
12/31/97 20:30 Warren OH Other 15 seconds Gigantic wing, with 12 blue orbs across the rear, flys across the sky over highway. 1/10/09
12/31/97 20:30 Manassas VA Formation 30 sec observed a formation of approx fifty craft in upper atmosphere traverse night sky. formation was traversing sky fromwest to east and h 3/7/98
12/31/97 17:45 Gulfport MS Triangle under 1 min Triangle UFO near Gulfport, MS 12/31/97 12/2/00
12/31/97 17:45 Gulfport MS Triangle unknown NOTE: I received a letter from the witness on 07/16/00. I sent her a letter asking if she would like to file an offfical report with 7/23/00
12/30/97 19:30 Milton (north of) FL Triangle one min Saw triangle craft with 5 white lights on front and 1 red light on bottom. elev approx 500-1000 ft, moving approx 50 mph in a SW direct 3/7/98
12/30/97 17:40 Victorville (east of) CA Circle 4-5 seconds glowing circular object about 30 degrees above the southwestern horizon. Was moving slowly down and had no trail like a meteorite. Ob 11/20/02
12/27/97 20:00 Spokane WA Light 2 hours ultra-violet sphere hovered two hours no sound 200 yd.s away 100Ft in air 3/29/04
12/26/97 22:30 Dale City (Interstate 95) VA Triangle 45 seconds 3, medium blue, grapefruit-sized lights in a triangular formation in the sky. It moved rapidly a short distance and then stopped in th 1/28/99
12/26/97 21:35 Bonham TX Unknown 2 to 3 minutes Red object moving west to east, person looking southward. Appear as large as airplanes approaching Dallas/Ft.Worth airport but travel 3/7/98
12/25/97 09:00 Los Angeles (Eagle Rock) CA Disk 2 hours 12-25-97 a disk shaped U.F.O. - top half silver, bottom black - hovered over Eagle Rock from 9am to 11am. 10/30/06
12/25/97 02:00 Charlotte NC Light 20-30 sec Similar UFOs sighted exactly a year apart 6/4/04
12/24/97 20:08 Watford (UK/England)
Circle 5 seconds Dim, orange, circular object (centre of disk brighter than outside edge), travelling from NE across sky to SW, changing direction by ap 2/16/00
12/24/97 10:05 Phuket (Thailand)
Formation 10:15 12 slow moving red/orange pulsating objects over Phuket, Thailand about 10:05 on Christmas Eve. 3/7/98
12/23/97 20:00 East Woodstock CT Oval 5 seconds or less My brother and i were going down a road with my mother driving the car, when we happened to slow down to go around a sharp curve. my br 5/24/99
12/23/97 20:00 Brewster MA Unknown 3 seconds While looking at the stars on a clear night, I saw an object, yellow/orange, travel from North to South (nearly 0 to 180 degrees almost 8/30/99
12/22/97 22:27 Costa Rica
12/26/97.. A mass sighting of UFOs over Costa Rica, C.A. was reported on CNNs web site this morning.. you might want to check it out. 3/7/98
12/21/97 05:25 Harrisonburg VA Light 1 minute(?) five stationary lights in a row in the southeastern sky 3/7/98
12/20/97 23:00 Las Vegas NV Disk
I discovered images on old film from '97, with magnifier. I have 4 6x6 transparencies of New York hotel with UFO on the black sky. 6/23/99
12/20/97 22:00 Prescott (North of) AZ Sphere 1-3 minutes While driving through Arizona My wife and I witnessed a white object in the sky. 4/26/99
12/20/97 02:24 San Jose CA Triangle 15 sec IT WAS ABOUT 2:20 IN THE MORNING I SEEN A DARK OBJECT ABOUT 40-45 FEET IN THE AIR.

12/18/97 22:50 Oxnard CA Cigar 20-30 seconds Huge cigar shaped craft followed our power lines, continuing west out to sea. 8/30/99
12/17/97 11:45 Burlington VT Diamond 3 minutes Large object at above 50,000 feet: est speed around 3,000 kts: diamond design. no visable trail: est 300 x 300 feet. Have seen in ar 3/7/98
12/17/97 11:45 Colchester VT Light 45 seconds Saw bright green light, about 11:45 pass over head going to northeast. No sound but radio was out for about ten to fifteen seconds. W 3/7/98
12/17/97 00:20 West Hollywood CA Unknown 10mins i saw a glowing object moving from east to west, i noticed at about 25 degrees from horizon and followed it to 90 degrees where it appe 9/6/02
12/17/97 00:15 Ocala FL Fireball 10 seconds Midnight White Oval / Fireball UFO 12/12/09
12/16/97 23:23 North San Diego CA Fireball apx. one second Green fireball. Seemed to be too low for a celestial event. Definitely not fireworks. 3/7/98
12/16/97 19:55 Allison Park PA Hexagon 3 to 4 minutes A long hexagon shaped object crossed the sky just north of Pittsburgh,PA, with heading northeast and moving at a speed that I estimate 3/7/98
12/16/97 18:30 Baltimore MD Triangle
i think i was abducted. 3/19/02
12/16/97 02:30 Tarzana (San Fernando Valley) CA Triangle few minutes a sharp geometrical(triangular shape) large, low flying,bright lights and took place in san fernando valley- california 2:30 at night. 8/10/99
12/16/97 02:00 Mediterranean Sea
Light 5 minutes I was serving in the U.S. Navy at the time, working as a radar operator on P-3 Orion aircraft. ((NUFORC Note: US Navy report.)) 6/27/19
12/15/97 23:35 Marlette MI Circle approx. 3 minutes A large solid noiseless object, possibly round, with four lights, passed slowly over a residential neighborhood in Marlette, MI. It ha 3/7/98
12/15/97 22:30 Gardiner ME Disk 10-15 minutes Saw Disk-like object above trees. Hovering then doing a oval orbit. Watch for about 10-15 minutes. Disapeared behind tree line. 1/28/99
12/15/97 22:00 Iola IL Fireball 10to20min ((HOAX??)) A massive flaming/glowing eyeball floats by then min later a streak of light from space making a 60* angle above us. 1/10/09
12/15/97 22:00 Scranton PA Circle 20 seconds I looked outside my window and saw a circular object fly overhead. It had red and green lights in the front 3/21/03
12/15/97 20:00 Salida CA Light 10 Seconds Two lighted circular UFO's play follow the leader 10/31/03
12/15/97 03:30 Naperville IL Disk 5-10 minutes I was retiring for the night and got into bed. The room was dark and the window was slightly open. As I turned my head to the left as I 4/27/04
12/14/97 23:30 Prescott Valley AZ Other 30 minutes In Arizona-A light attached to something floating. 3/7/98
12/14/97 20:30 Aurora CO Unknown 5 Min Object seen shooting across the sky at a very high rate of speed and the stopped and started blinking a white light. Object was moving 3/7/98
12/14/97 06:45 Auburn IN Sphere 2 minutes We saw 3 unexplained, white orbs of light hovering over a church we were driving to. We saw them from our car, and they hovered over t 1/28/99
12/12/97 02:03 Lubbock TX Other bedroom sleepover. flashing lights. blankets ripped off bed. tall thin figures "spoke" to us. abduction. woke with strange triangular marks on 3/7/98
12/11/97 21:27 Kinaid IL Triangle 4-5 Seconds Triangular flash of 7 fast moving lights-speed of sound. 9/2/05
12/11/97 19:15 Seattle WA Light 3 seconds Extremely rapid, silent, non-streaking bright light moving from north to south at probably 15 to 25 degrees along the eastern horizon a 3/7/98
12/10/97 21:30 Williamsburg OH Diamond 20 seconds 4 dimond lights in ohio 2/5/03
12/10/97 20:00 Fort Ann NY Other 3 minutes giant ufo over southern adirondacks 2/14/10
12/10/97 19:00 Walsall, West Midlands (UK/England)
Unknown 5 seconds I saw two circluar lights attached to a dark shape, which moved silently and quickly and disappeared. 4/26/99
12/10/97 10:00 Australia
Triangle 1 to 3 hrs the object was just still in the sky above aus making a huming noise 8/24/04
12/10/97 01:30 Oakland CA Triangle 30 seconds I was looking at the night sky and noticed a few stars dissapear then reappear. At first I thought it was a little strange and almost a 7/25/04
12/9/97 18:00 Reno NV Circle 30min. I was driving home on freeway going north and looked out drivers side window when i see a bright red round object in the sky right over 2/16/99
12/9/97 17:55 Reno NV Light 18:10 Stationary bright red light, simular to jupiter in brightness but red eventuily moved to the south of reno and dimed.and Flashed Three 3/7/98
12/9/97 17:30 Reno NV Light 5 Minutes Bright red light over Reno, NV 3/7/98
12/9/97 17:00 Reno NV Light 30 min. I was driving home on the freeway going north and i looked out the drivers side window and i saw a bright red light over down town Reno 2/16/99
12/9/97 08:30 Kent (Auburn, Over S. King Co. Valley) WA Circle 5 minutes Circular, bright metallic object hovering, seemingly dissapearing and reapearing in the same place high in the sky in South King County 4/25/02
12/8/97 19:40 East Wenatchee WA Light 3-5 minutes It was a ball of light that was orange in the center with a red haze around it. When it passed overhead it broke in two and continued o 1/28/99
12/8/97 Wenatchee WA Light 5 minutes Our newspaper did a story on this site and picked out stories from our area. One incident caught my attention as I believe that it was 4/25/02
12/7/97 20:16 Mount Pleasant SC Unknown 3 minutes At 8:16pm on 12/07/97 An oblect with three bright lights was stoped in the road. When I tried to get out of my car to look...I don't kn 3/7/98
12/7/97 03:00 Ashland (right over Highway 63) MO Triangle 1 minute Triangle shaped object with lights on each corner. Bright strobe lights leading in direction it was going. Going very slow and then sto 3/7/98
12/6/97 01:45 Birkenhead (UK/England)
Other 6>9 secs Hello.

First may I say I had great dificulty in trying to register my details, I hope soon you will open a website that will encom
12/5/97 22:00 Ferndale WA Unknown 5 to 6 minutes The last night of the eight planets lining up. Huge craft flew over. NO SOUND. Thought it was a shooting star, went really fast then 5/24/99
12/5/97 18:00 Salton Sea (Over) CA Disk 1/2 minute Unidentified Flying Object on commercial Flight From LAX to TUC on 12/05/97 in the PM. 1/28/99
12/5/97 03:00 Clearwater Beach FL Oval 30 min UFO encounter at Clearwater Beach, during meteor shower 3/11/03
12/5/97 02:32 Guarenas, Miranda (Venezuela)
Fireball seconds I was just listening music from the sat reciever when I looked to the window facing S.W. when I saw the fireball coming down diagonaly 8/10/99
12/2/97 20:30 Birch Run MI Chevron 5 min I went to the door to put my dog out. I saw red and green lights coming across Birch Run Rd toward my house through the trees. I watch 3/7/98
12/2/97 20:00 Birch Run MI Disk 1 min Craft was smaller than light aircraft was flying very low and seemed it was decending. It had 5 very bright lights 4 being red on the o 6/2/98
12/1/97 23:30 Paramus (souh of) NJ Fireball minutes Large white fireball over New York City 2/1/07
12/1/97 22:00 Greentown IN Cigar 20 seconds Orange cigar shaped object 2/14/08
12/1/97 21:45 San Jose CA Triangle 2-3 min. It was a clear starlit night when I noticed an object in the south-eastern sky. At a distance I assumed it was an airplane on the flig 3/7/98
12/1/97 21:15 Santa Cruz CA Triangle 5 min It was night and I saw large lights coming toward my house in Santa Cruz California. I was standing outside in my driveway when I saw 1/28/99
12/1/97 12:00 San Francisco (Observed from) CA Other 20 seconds Large sphere and cylinder space junk reentering atmosphere southeasterly of San Francisco probably in Central Valley or Nevada. 8/10/99
12/1/97 03:30 Naperville IL Oval 15 minutes ? I was retiring for the nite and got into bed in my darkened bedroom and as I turned my head toward the two windows to my left that I co 12/20/00
12/1/97 00:00 Warwick RI Circle 1 hour I was watching Deep Space Nine which airs at 12pm when a unusual bright object caught my eye I quickly got up and looked out my front w 6/2/98