National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 04/1997
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
4/30/97 23:30 Westboro/Marlboro MA Other 15 minutes Two friends of mine were driving back from a class last Wednesday when they spotted a strange object over a field. At first they thoug 1/28/99
4/30/97 23:00 Columbia MO Light 20 seconds 5 lights in the sky east of columbia dipping rapidly, disappearing then rising again rapidly 9/19/02
4/30/97 21:00 Twelve Mile IN Disk 3-6 minutes The kids & I saw several bright white lights in a row hovering over the tree tops that were along the edge of a field. 2/22/05
4/30/97 20:00 Toronto (Canada) ON
3 minutes at least our web camera captured images of a strange craft hovering and moving over toronto 12/2/00
4/29/97 17:00 Fresh Pond CA Formation 25 minutes Large green glowing ball of light over the Sierras 12/14/04
4/28/97 22:00 Houston TX light 30 seconds My wife and I witnessed around 10 to 13 amber lights flying in a 'V' formation at a high rate of speed over Houston. 1/28/99
4/28/97 00:25 Williamston SC Triangle 3 mins. 20ft. from the road and 150ft. up a trianguler craft was hovering silently. 6/6/00
4/27/97 01:00 San-Carlos mountains AZ Light hour A friend who hauls water from an artisian well on the reserve told us about her {friends}, in the mountains. We were on vacation in Phe 9/26/98
4/25/97 01:45 Delray Beach FL Light 5 minutes Single white light changes to multiple sources with red light, splits up. Red light moves differently and sparkle type exhaust noticed. 7/4/12
4/25/97 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Other 15-20 minutes Shape changing object 6/4/04
4/24/97 23:00 Depoe Bay OR
2 hrs. Group of 8 women witness complex light moving dramatically in night sky. Light moves over sea, joined by 2nd light, both disappear. 10/19/11
4/24/97 21:45 New Brighton MN Triangle 45 minutes 20-35 triangular shaped craft sighting.Bright flashing lights at corners. 3/7/98
4/24/97 21:30 Coos Bay OR Sphere 2 min. Woman looking at stars in E sky sees a "dark tan circle of flames" moving to the N. 10 min. later, same obj. going S; closer, larger. 11/2/99
4/24/97 01:00 Clarion PA Light ~2:00 min. It was a partly cloudy night in April 1997, the thursday following Easter Sunday. My two friends and I were hanging out on the roof of 1/28/99
4/23/97 21:30 Norwich (UK/England)
Light 3min Bright light floating in sky for 2minutes then slowly moved off and suddenly accelerated out of sight. 8/5/01
4/23/97 21:00 Orlando FL light 45-50 seconds bright light travelling east to west veryhigh in the sky similar to headlights comingthrough fog then disappeared suddenly 1/28/99
4/23/97 19:30 Houston TX Triangle 20 minutes Stationary hourglass-shaped object that appeared to be made of glass 4/27/03
4/23/97 18:00 Guntersville AL Oval 2MIN new glass like craft seen 2/14/08
4/23/97 00:05 Seattle WA
2 sec. Attorney/public employee sees peculiar white light move across cloudy sky very rapidly. "Looked like a lightbulb." Flew behind cloud. 11/2/99
4/22/97 01:00 Spokane WA Light 20 minutes Large bright red light, size of Venus at its brightest, observed over Spokane, Wa. at 1:00 a.m. on April 22, for about 20 minutes. Appe 3/7/98
4/22/97 00:34 Worcester MA Egg 30seconds It was a bright white/Yellow light, moving at an incredible speed. Too fast for any plane Went from west to East, The White light woul 3/7/98
4/21/97 21:20 Los Angeles CA
3 -10 sec. Man noticed a peculiar "star-like" obj. in sky; suddenly accelerated and moved N to S VERY fast. Obj. zigzagged twice, disappeared. 11/2/99
4/21/97 20:40 La Conner WA
20 sec. Woman sees extremely bright, oval shaped obj. streak down out of a clear evening sky to the W. 1/4 dia. of full moon. 11/2/99
4/21/97 20:40 Stanwood WA
3 sec. 2 males witness an extremely bright light descend in W night sky. 5 times size of bright star. 80 deg. angle of descent. No sound. 11/2/99
4/20/97 23:00 Las Vegas NV Light 2-3 seconds zig zagging light in the sky 2/22/02
4/20/97 20:05 Lakewood WA
3 sec. Man sees 5 prominent shafts of "emerald green" light in N sky radiating in a "fan pattern." Seemed to come from one point in the sky. 11/2/99
4/20/97 19:30 Penryn (UK/England)
Sphere 2 minutes Mir incident 12/9/00
4/20/97 19:00 Billings MT Light 10 minutes One arc light over billing montana. 12/20/12
4/20/97 04:28 Greentown IN Formation 20 mins 4 UFO's spotted, In Northwest Sky, near the Big Dipper constellation. They all moved in roughly the same direction.(N-NE) 3/7/98
4/20/97 04:00 Reno NV
5 sec. Couple in hotel room witness a very bright, white light streak from E sky to N. VASTLY faster than any aircraft. Unblinking. 11/2/99
4/20/97 02:00 Carlinville IL Other 1 hour In the night, I was awoken by the prescence of a groteque, glowing ship, with a glow as so sinister in a cloak of shadows IT was with. 7/25/04
4/19/97 22:00 Suisun (North S.F. Bay Area) CA Circle 30-45 min Hwy12 & 113,8 mi.SE of TravisAFB./Color-bright,shimmering,"traffic light"green/Elev.-2k'/Char.-Silent,mutate frm- rnd(dime) to lg (silv 3/7/98
4/19/97 01:30 Reno (north of) NV Other 4 to 5 minutes When first seen, it was a huge, brilliant white, "bow-tie" shaped object which exploded into a much larger sphere filled with red, gree 9/26/98
4/18/97 23:59 Tampa FL Triangle 5 minutes ET Stops for Big Gulp? 5/15/06
4/18/97 20:40 Cleveland/Euclid OH Triangle 2min It was dark and the craft flew slowly over us! There was no sound at all coming from it.It had round lights on the bottom of it and app 2/23/00
4/18/97 07:05 Dallas TX Diamond 15 minutes Looking East, saw bright red light descendingdown thru cloud layer, then back up into clouds,repeating twice. Red light had a diamond s 3/7/98
4/18/97 04:20 Hartford SD
3 sec. Man sees a large, white disc in the night sky. Obj. splits into 2 smaller orange orbs, one of which maneuvers, then 2 orbs rejoin! 11/2/99
4/17/97 22:45 Bismarck/Caddo Valley (between) AR Light 30 seconds Orange burst of light that sped out over the lake 9/28/02
4/17/97 22:45 Lake DeGray AR Fireball 30 to 40 sec Just found your sight and saw listed a sighting from Arkansas (4/17/97 22:45 Bismarck/Caddo Valley (between) AR Light 30 seconds Orange 4/27/07
4/17/97 20:23 West Memphis AR Light 1 minute Two lights merge together due south thenproceed rapidly to the southwest where theydisappear at the horizon 3/7/98
4/17/97 17:30 Okanogan WA
3 sec. Woman near Tunk(?) Valley sees large, very bright ball of light streak down out of the sky. "Layers" of light: green, red, green. 11/2/99
4/15/97 22:45 Coolidge/Casa Grande (between) AZ light 10 minutes On different nights in April a co-worker and I were on our way home from work. I saw some lights in the sky and he thought they were li 1/28/99
4/15/97 22:30 Harrisburg (area) PA Formation 20 min Formation of lights observed over Three mile Island area. Exactly the same formation and sequencing of lights as seen in Pheonix about 8/10/99
4/15/97 22:30 Bakersfield CA Light 2 seconds I was looking up at the sky for Hale-Bop,when from the south a round yellowish light zoomed across the sky at a very high speed. 3/7/98
4/15/97 22:00 Charlotte NC Unknown 10 sec In mid conversation we both looked up to the sky simultaniously. We saw what we thought was a shooting star very high in the eveni 6/12/08
4/15/97 22:00 Lincoln NE Sphere 20 min On a spring night in 1997 I was sitting in a car at a park with a friend talking. I would periodically look out my window for no reaso 5/24/99
4/15/97 13:00 South Point OH Egg 10 minutes I and a co-worker were traveling on Route 52, just past the bridge into Ashland, Kentucky. A large, silent, matte silver object appear 1/28/99
4/15/97 11:33 Punta Arenas (Chile)
Unknown 3 min 30 sec UFO watched over Punta Arenas, Chile on april 15th. 1997. 3/7/98
4/15/97 10:00 Hawthorne CA Light 2 seconds A light flashed by a man at close range. 6/9/09
4/15/97 05:40 Atwater CA Unknown 10 mins Very bright light hovering over central california 3/19/09
4/15/97 02:30 Fort Pierce FL Fireball 2 minutes While traveling north on I-95 we saw what we thought was a shooting star but as it kept coming down it seem to burn up or burst into a 11/1/98
4/15/97 02:30 Plainwell MI Diamond 5 mins. Diamond-shpae object in the Southeastern sky, heading northwest at a underterminate speed. 10/2/99
4/15/97 01:30 Fullerton CA Changing 30 minutes the object made no noise,as it changed colors,and hovered in complete silence until it was ready to move. 5/4/04
4/15/97 01:00 White Mountains AZ Other 2 hours one object was in the shape of the number six on a piece of dice. 2/18/01
4/14/97 18:00 Big Bear City CA Oval one minute The object hovered over the airport then disappeared. 3/17/04
4/14/97 02:15 Edison NJ Triangle 50 seconds Large, triangle shaped ufo that emanates light at each corner, moves on straight a straight linear axis while in 360 degree rotation. 10/12/01
4/13/97 19:07 San Diego CA Light 4-6sec 4/13/97 approx.7:06pm I video taped an object flying through the tail of the Hale Bopp comet. 9/24/03
4/12/97 23:15 Monrovia CA Formation about 1 minute Three (3)objects flying over Monrovia 3/7/98
4/11/97 02:30 Monreal (Canada) PQ Disk 40 seconds two seperate UFO sightings, moments apart 12/2/00
4/10/97 23:00 Lubbock TX Triangle 30 minutes Black triangle with three solid white lights and a forth blinking light in the center of the other three solid lights. 9/11/15
4/10/97 01:30 Tompson GA Light 4 hrs. At around 1:30 am. we saw a light searching the top of the trees.We discounted it as a hellicopter of poachers.After aboout an hour,hou 3/7/98
4/10/97 00:30 Little Rock (east of) AR Disk 4 seconds My son saw a craft with 8 white lights under it as it flew right over our car about 150 feet above us . 5/12/09
4/9/97 00:00 Sarnia (Canada) ON Unknown 30 seconds On this particular night my sister and I went out to our side porch to have a cigarette when she noticed something suddenly appear to t 12/2/00
4/8/97 20:00 Las Vegas NV Rectangle 15 sec large, erratic, black object, movement reminiscent of paper falling, almost invisible edge on. 9/26/98
4/8/97 19:45 Sonoma CA Chevron 4 sec. Extremely massive matte grey/black boomerang with no center section; jets scrambled; no lights, possible aura. 5/11/05
4/7/97 21:07 Hastings On Hudson NY triangle
Wedge shaped ship hovering over school. Lights on the points of the ship. Bigger than a park. 1/28/99
4/7/97 17:00 Austin TX Triangle 30 mins I was driving northbound on I-35, and was around 5 miles south of Austin when I noticed an intensely bright white light far ahead on th 1/10/09
4/7/97 14:00 Milwaukee WI Other 5 MINUTES Strange objects descend to tree tops, cruise across tree tops and vanish into Lake Michigan. 8/5/01
4/7/97 05:30 Colorado Springs CO Cylinder 5 minutes Dark. Between Fontaine and Drennan Rd. A tall, brightly litobject descended in field near reservoir west of Powers Rd. Tieredwith mul 3/7/98
4/5/97 19:50 Randle (near) WA Light 45 Seconds Large bright object moving horizontal in the evening sky, very low, made no noise. 3/7/98
4/5/97 14:00 Fairhope AL Other 30 SECONDS Witness observes tire-shaped object w/windows. 1/28/99
4/5/97 14:00 Fairhope AL Circle 1 minute Man walking dog sees tire-shaped object w/windows. No sound, no animal reaction. 9/26/98
4/5/97 01:00 Palm Springs (Moreno Valley) CA Oval desert my self and two other cousins were in palm springs califorina back from a track meet. we were in the middle of no where in the desert t 7/16/03
4/4/97 20:30 Winsted CT
5 sec. Man sees "movement" in E sky, notices 7-9 faint orange lights in "boomerang" formation. Lights move from E to NW sky in 5 sec.. 11/2/99
4/4/97 02:15 Atlanta GA Sphere 4 minutes Daytime sighting of spheres over Midtown Atlanta. 8/11/04
4/4/97 01:00 Regina (Canada) SK Fireball 1 and a half hours I was driving down a stretch of highway, just outside of regina. I was about an hour or so from reaching moosejaw. With me was my mothe 8/11/04
4/3/97 21:00 Phoenix (far west) AZ Oval 5min it was a bright light which moved kind of fast, it was making a humming sound which hummed for a couple of seconds then it was silenced 11/20/02
4/3/97 21:00 Kosciusko MS Light 5 minutes Flashing Lights Seen Over Treeline in Kosciusko, MS 1997 5/2/03
4/3/97 20:45 Melbourne (VIC, Australia)
Egg 10 seconds ? At aprox. 20.45 I noticed 2 light emitting pinkish egg shaped objects n/w of my position. They were aprox 50 miles away travelling extr 3/7/98
4/3/97 19:50 Gaston OR

Woman repts. seeing a bright yellow light streak across S sky, turn bright green. Obj. went to the horizon, disappeared from sight. 11/2/99
4/3/97 17:30 Seattle WA other 2-4min I was on highway 520 going home and saw a black, silent "elongated key" shape traveling south over lake WA dissappered (cut into clouds 1/28/99
4/3/97 01:35 Port Wentworth GA Other 5 minutes object travelled at approx 800feet. moving north to south over savannah international airport at about 500 mph. no engine noise or exha 3/7/98
4/2/97 20:15 Lebanon MO Sphere a few secs. A giant red ball of light( about 5 time the size hale-bopp was)flew across the sky at well over 1000MPH. 3/7/98
4/1/97 23:05 Brush Creek TN Unknown approx. 45 sec. The object came up over a group of trees at what seemed to be a very low altitude. Proceeded NNE until I guessed it to be somewhere nea 4/2/99
4/1/97 22:00 Sedona AZ Sphere 5 minutes bright red pulsing orb that performed anti-gravity manuevers, seen from first plateau at Cathedral Rock... It was a little north of whe 4/2/99
4/1/97 22:00 Santa Fe NM Unknown 10 seconds 1997 Santa fe, MN A enormous "metropolis" looking ship landing and our memories wiped away, lost time 8/7/07
4/1/97 21:00 Homestead FL Unknown 2 hours Red lights along the side, white light in front, in a search-like pattern: slow over water, very fast over land. 6/20/05
4/1/97 20:10 Scarborough (Canada) ON Triangle 30 sec. Mom & 3 daughters see "rounded, triangular" obj. w/ approx. 20 lights on leading edge streak overhead to S. Bigger than fist overhead. 11/2/99
4/1/97 20:00 Singapore
Disk 5 seconds i saw this couple of years ago. never know abt this site until recently. i was staring at the skys for stars that nite, suddenly, i saw 8/28/02
4/1/97 10:00 Round Rock TX Triangle 15:00 We never heard any aircraft noises. 8/28/02
4/1/97 04:00 Houston TX Other 1-2 minutes Large Bus sized cloud - emanating several beautiful colors from center but not making it past outer edge of the cloud 2 minute sighting 10/7/03
4/1/97 01:00 Foster VA Cigar 2 minutes From Halle-Bopp's distance, a huge ship sped into the atmosphere, slowed silently and closely overhead, and zoomed back into space. 8/5/09
4/1/97 00:00 Gardena CA Other still Many small lights in sky all the time,unsure what.Fire flylike,some dark some white,move fast.Not everyone can see them.Dont understan 9/12/99