National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 10/1996
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
10/31/96 02:15 Boerne TX
30 sec. Sec. officer at hospital sees very bright blue light. Silhouetted by cloud, appears as "coffee table w/ shirt box on top." Erratic. 11/2/99
10/31/96 22:00 Wichita KS Light ~5 minutes Another report of the 3 flashing lights in the sky Halloween '96 6/12/07
10/31/96 22:00 Rockford MI Flash 5 seconds It was on a Halloween night and I saw a flash in the sky and zoomed off in the air with a bunch of colors following it. 12/16/05
10/31/96 09:00 Murfreesboro TN Circle halloween 10/31/1996 shape of a circle white light like the moon can move at very fast speed 2/8/05
10/30/96 22:25 Kokomo IN
2302 Young couple in car see 3x lights approaching slowly in air. White on sides, flashing red in middle. High-pitch hum. Big; solid. 11/2/99
10/30/96 19:30 Richmond OH Triangle a few minutes orange triangle metallic looking object sighted from window

I was sitting on couch and saw a plane? coming in the distance. No surpr
10/30/96 18:50 Rose Hill / Wichita KS Light 20 Minutes I saw 3 bright, parallel red lightst 30 degrees above the horizon, lighting up one at a time from right to left. They covered a large p 1/28/99
10/30/96 16:00 Goose Creek SC cigar 1 minute blue lighted cigar slanted sighted over subdivison. was stationary then turned angle and shot up disappearing fast. 2 nights before s 1/28/99
10/30/96 07:30 Pittsburgh PA Disk 3-4 minutes Saw a disc shaped object from a distance to close. 8/30/99
10/28/96 14:00 Manchester NH Diamond 2min not moving at all 2/14/10
10/26/96 20:30 Marksville (Spring Bayou, 1st landing) LA Triangle 5 minutes Triangluar object moved very slowly over the trees appr. 100 yards from me without a sound, stopped, tipped up and lowered itself into 10/2/99
10/26/96 02:00 Newport Beach CA Changing 2.5 minutes Object defies physics in Newport Beach, CA. 3/27/14
10/25/96 11:08 Laurel MD
25 sec. Man, entering Hwy. I-95, sees 2 round objs. hovering motionless in clear sky. Color of pencil lead w/ copper. Objs. STREAK in 1 sec. 11/2/99
10/24/96 09:18 Springfield OH Triangle 1.min 30sec. It Looked Like A star and then I seen three lights that formed a triangle and i told my brother, and cousion and they seen it to ,we st 10/2/99
10/20/96 20:20 Odessa TX Diamond 5 minutes Driving down busy street at night, quarter of mile or so, thought we saw several helicopters in sky. Drove right up to it and under it 1/28/99
10/20/96 18:20 Wichita/Rose Hill KS Light 15 Minutes While driving observed 3 parallel bright red lights lighting in turn from left to right. These covered sizable area of night sky. Small 1/28/99
10/20/96 11:18 Tipton IN Sphere 15 minutes Sphere shaped craft hovering above field 6/23/04
10/18/96 23:30 Memphis TN Unknown 5 MINUTES I was spending the night at a friends house when we went outside to check on his dog and my we saw something in the sky.

They were a
10/15/96 23:30 North Jersey NJ
4 hours I was out walking my dog when a bright object flew tward me at an incredible speed, hitting my arm. The next thing I knew, I was insid 9/6/19
10/15/96 23:00 Roanoke VA Triangle 1 hour I saw a triangular craft with only red light from front to back on it. Craft stopped over my back yard and shone light down. 2/18/01
10/15/96 23:00 Roanoke VA

Here's my case I rerported to It's horribly written so I'll rewrite it here to tell more of the details. It was not hunting 3/4/08
10/15/96 20:30 Blaine OR Sphere unknown 2adults - collaged MA degreed - viewed sphere silver/white 90% upper red/orange/blue 10% lower approx. 3mi. away size:approx 400meters 11/17/99
10/15/96 18:00 Delano TN Other 30 seconds If you don't believe in ufo's you better keep your mind open and be prepared for the unexpected. 12/7/06
10/15/96 15:00 Milwaukee WI Triangle Boy Scouts A large triangular ship with a large white light in the center and 3 smaller red lights that made a triangle outside the white light. 3/19/02
10/15/96 06:00 Bonham TX Unknown Unknown Crash evidence/aftermath seen and multiple reports heard from callers into morning radio program - then nothing. 9/28/17
10/15/96 03:00 Austin TX Triangle 5 minutes It was floating right above the tree tops over the houses about 75 feet from the tops os the houses. 4/15/00
10/15/96 03:00 Cazadero CA Unknown 2 minutes You won't believe what happened to ME!!!! 8/16/02
10/15/96 00:45 San Mateo CA Light 10 Minutes Silent Close Range White Light seen on Highway 280 south of Highway 92. Witnessed by 3. 12/19/03
10/14/96 03:00 Gainesville FL Circle 30 min My sister and I both had a dream that a ufo was coming to Gainesville. They showed us around the ship,and the greys told us that they 8/30/99
10/13/96 20:00 Encino CA Triangle 3 seconds very large V shaped craft flys from horizon to horizon in 3 seconds, very low and silent (Los Angeles) 2/1/07
10/13/96 19:47 Odessa TX Diamond 10 minutes We saw a huge diamond shaped object hovering over us. 7/29/00
10/13/96 15:00 Astoria (Outside of) OR Circle 30 seconds large metallic object crashed in woods in astoria oregon. 8/16/02
10/13/96 06:00 Gainesville FL Circle HOUR ALIEN CONTACT THROUGH DREAMS 1/28/99
10/13/96 03:19 Reno NV Triangle 40 minutes At 3:19 am, bright light seen outside window and then one small tugboat triangular shaped aircraft seen over the house and then both oc 3/7/98
10/12/96 00:00 Jamestown OH Other 45 minutes Neon green orbs playing in the sky, followed by 3ft white figure on the ground 1/12/18
10/11/96 16:00 Bismarck ND Formation 6 5 white lights in formation 11/8/05
10/10/96 22:30 Monroe County OH Cylinder 1 minute Looked like it went through the hillside 7/8/04
10/10/96 22:00 Charleston SC Light 5 min Flashing object above Charleston, SC 11/26/03
10/10/96 20:00 Lake Macquarie (NSW, Australia)
10/10/96 03:20 Higginsville MO Triangle 3sec illuminated triangular craft, flying at high speed from South to North 2/16/00
10/9/96 15:30 Deming (near) NM Other 30 seconds Silent, jet-shaped, beige hovering object viewed. Magnetic interference with watches. 3/19/02
10/6/96 22:00 Fire Island (Long Island) NY Other 45 MINUTES Fire Island up close encounter with a UFO. 4/27/04
10/6/96 15:00 New York City (Manhattan) NY Triangle 15-20 minutes Boomerang-shape, "dividing"? objects. 8/28/03
10/6/96 13:00 San Francisco CA Triangle 30 min Boomerang Shaped Objects w/ dark & light color scheme 10/30/06
10/6/96 13:00 Duvall WA Triangle
Secret Base in the Cascades ((NUFORC Note: We doubt it. PD)) 7/10/10
10/6/96 03:40 Kansas City KS Unknown 35 seconds Very Bright blue strobbing/pulsing light in center of some type of craft that flew over house illuminating ground... 1/28/99
10/3/96 21:00 Derby CT Light 30 - 40 minutes Two large lights were seen high in the sky. The objects swung around, changing position with one another, then the top object vanished. 3/7/98
10/3/96 20:05 Crestone CO Light 30 seconds Four balls of light travelling in sky, also see possible related New Mexico report for 10/3/96. 2/14/06
10/3/96 20:00 Santa Fe NM Rectangle :05 Thought it was a plane coming FROM the SE (moving NNW), it moved at a very regular plane-like speed. Felt it might have been a militar 5/24/99
10/1/96 22:30 The Woodlands TX Fireball 2-3 minutes 2 orange fireballs moving across sky ~ crazy acrobatics 12/12/11
10/1/96 18:00 Safford AZ Sphere 30 sec. Antigravity flying sphere 10/12/01
10/1/96 17:00 Cupertino CA Sphere 10 mins Metalic ball floating motionless in high winds over San Jose, CA. 8/12/08
10/1/96 08:00 New York City (Manhattan) NY Oval 5 mintues Possible UFO Sighting, Manhattan, New York 1996 2/14/08
10/1/96 05:30 Bainbridge OH Triangle 3 minutes Low-flying triangular object 10/11/05
10/1/96 01:00 West Houston (Greenridge @ Westiemer Rd.; near Galleria) TX Formation 30 SECONDS Three bright orange-white lights moving in a V formation from northeast to Southwest The center light would change position front to re 1/28/99
10/1/96 01:00 Lake Berryessa CA Sphere 15 seconds Deep Blue Sphere seen over Lake Berryessa, California 10/30/12