National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 09/1996
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
9/30/96 22:00 Traverse City MI Rectangle 22:00to23:30 U.F.O. sighting and lost time. 7/11/00
9/30/96 18:00 Central Butte (Canada) SK Circle 2 minutes Looked like a birthday cake with very bright white flashing lights, stationary in sky above until it quickly moved on. 10/31/03
9/29/96 22:13 Kelso WA

2 workers on pulp digester bldg. see 25-30 objs. streak overhead to N. Maneuvered relative to one another. Dramatic sighting. 11/2/99
9/29/96 23:00 Victoria (Canada) BC Light 20:00 min. A very bright light that was hovering and then bolted away. 12/2/00
9/27/96 04:20 Nestleton (Canada) ON Cigar 2 min. Farmer sees cigar-shaped obj. w/ flashing red light hovering 150 yds away. Streaks toward him. Wife sees it. Obj. streaks off FAST. 12/2/00
9/27/96 00:00 Ft. Wright KY Circle 10 seconds String of lights snaked around the moon during a lunar eclipse. 12/22/14
9/26/96 20:00 Breckenridge TX Changing 1-2 seconds constantly changing nebulous-shaped object flying disturbingly fast at the moment of a full lunar eclipse 9/2/05
9/26/96 02:39 Cowen WV Disk Unknown I was lieing in my bed when......... 8/5/01
9/25/96 22:00 Oxford (UK/England)
Unknown 10 minutes Scanned by something 10/12/01
9/25/96 13:00 Markham (Canada) ON Other ongoing My daughter found an Iron Disk that seemed to hit a fence and burn the fence at a baseball diamond.. the Disk is burnt on all edges.. f 12/2/00
9/24/96 17:00 Canada
Disk less than 1 sec Edges of disc are glowing, top and bottom of object have streamlined domes, very aerodynamically shaped, object moving horizontally, le 8/12/08
9/24/96 13:00 Smithport PA BLUE ALIEN SIGHTED IN PENNSYLVANIA CORNFIELD On Tuesday, September 24, 1996, two children 5/14/02
9/22/96 21:00 Pensacola FL Cigar 10 seconds silent and fast illuminated craft 11/28/07
9/22/96 01:00 Denver CO Light 3 MINUTES I witnessed 2 unusual and unidentifiable light sources in the sky above Denver. It was an unseasonably warm September evening, no cloud 8/10/99
9/21/96 23:00 Norwich (UK/England)
Triangle 10 seconds It was very simular to the one on your sight which was seen in Kirkland.

It was a clear night with plenty of stars about, and i wa
9/21/96 21:30 Maxwell CA Other 10 minutes Large, motionless, thimble-shaped object radiating bright light from big windows, 1000 ft. over I-5. 2/16/99
9/20/96 23:30 Cancun (Melia Turquesa Hotel) (Mexico)
Light 4-5 seconds 3 dull orange lights closely clustered traveling from NNW to SSE. Traveling at high altitude & rate of speed with a abrupt jog to the e 1/11/02
9/20/96 17:00 Coweta OK Disk 5 hours I am providing approx. time and dates. I was out our home in the county line road between Coweta and Broken Arrow Oklahoma. I had stepp 10/27/04
9/19/96 23:30 Paris / Arc de Triomph (2 furlongs from it (France)
9/19/96 22:00 West Yorkshire (UK/England)
HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: The object fly slowly over us and behind a hillside, making further observation impossible. 6/4/04
9/19/96 21:30 Avon Lake OH Changing 3 minutes ufo spotted 9-19-96 on the shores of Lake Erie in Avon Lake, Ohio, United States of America 8/5/01
9/18/96 00:20 Ann Arbor MI Fireball 5 sec. Falling white light made "u" turn and disappeared. 7/16/06
9/17/96 22:00 Williamstown MA Formation 5 minutes three points of light in the shape of triangle slowly moved across the sky. 5/24/99
9/17/96 05:00 Lee's Summit MO Triangle 10 minutes triangle with 3 white lights on the bottom and 1 red light on top 1/22/04
9/16/96 18:00 Arlington/Belmont (line above route 2) MA Oval we left it 1 st may I just say , I saw on this sight listed occurred 9/16/1996..... and at 6 pm person traveling from concord massachusetts on rou 4/27/04
9/16/96 18:00 Concord MA Oval 3 min? Large craft seen hovering over trees along Route 2 in Massachusetts. 1/28/99
9/16/96 17:30 Manchester (UK/England)
Diamond 20 seconds Riding Metro-Link Tram from Manchester to Altrincham(UK). Glanced up, don't know why, and glimpsed large Metallic Diamond shape gliding 6/21/00
9/16/96 06:15 Georgtown/Idaho Springs (between) (Clear Creek) CO Disk 60 sec obseved a very reflective ufo over a mountian pass it moved across my field of vision was able to record with video camera. good footag 9/26/98
9/15/96 23:30 Fort Nelson (Canada) BC Fireball 15 min. It was about 11:30 pm, A friend and I were on our way to attend a collage course in B.C.. We saw what looked like 3 round large balls o 2/24/01
9/15/96 23:30 Fort Nelson (Canada) BC Fireball 1 min. The round lights looked very hot and veried in color as they pulsated and hovered over the valley. 10/12/01
9/15/96 22:30 Trion GA Triangle 30 seconds The craft was between earth and a full moon. 8/7/07
9/15/96 22:00 Madrid NY Other 2 min slow moving row of 3 or 4 red window like lights following our road, above the telephone lines after dusk 3/23/11
9/15/96 21:00 Woodville AL Triangle 3 Minutes Object had 4 white lights shining their beams behind it. They swept around to the front and it took off north. 5/28/05
9/15/96 21:00 Forks WA Unknown 15 minutes In 1996 I was at my daughters in forks washington. about 9 p.m. i steped outside to smoke, i was looking at the stars, it's usualy clou 8/5/12
9/15/96 20:45 Creston WA Unknown Unknown Abduction Fall 1996 8/5/09
9/15/96 18:00 Solomans Island MD Light 10 minutes Solid object floating about 20 feet above the tree tops 6/2/98
9/15/96 16:00 Vegreville (Canada) AB Cylinder approx: 30 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Golden cylinder was pacing our vehicle. 8/1/03
9/15/96 10:30 Ironton/Wayne National Forest (Northwest of) OH Sphere 2 minutes Spherical orbs that appear to be luminous. 12/2/00
9/15/96 05:00 La Mesa CA Light 30 seconds Bright reddish star in La Mesa 8/7/07
9/15/96 04:00 Salem OR Teardrop 6sec While driving home on State street just East of Lancaster (we were traveling East) a bright lime/jade green "comet" appeared infront of 8/5/00
9/14/96 23:30 Port Adelaide (South Australia) SA Light 5 sec I was driving down the street, a main road, and looked up and saw a green light flash over my head and qwondered what the hell was that 12/16/99
9/14/96 20:30 Smithville NJ Disk 5 seconds Large craft hovers over car. witnessed by 4 individuals in two seperate locations! 11/20/01
9/14/96 20:00 Battle Mountain NV Disk 5 miutes Full moon or just after (that time) 8 to 8-30 pm. Two seperate occasions, the first a month earlier. Disc shaped, no lights, featureles 11/1/98
9/14/96 18:00 Des Moines IA Disk 15 minutes my friend and i saw a blurry white shape, 'bobbing' far off in a blue sky. we got the binoculars and with those saw that it was a class 11/26/03
9/13/96 20:30 Austin TX Triangle 3-4 minutes Triangle shaped, low-flying, slow, silent Stealth fighter sized object with a red, revolving light on bottom. 4/27/04
9/13/96 02:30 York PA Flash 5 seconds We both saw something, the same thing, and we both felt really weird about it. 4/25/02
9/12/96 23:30 Rawdon (Canada) PQ Oval 25 min green light ovale 8/16/02
9/12/96 15:35 Kennewick WA Other 4 min. approx. Pulsating white light that disappeared like a vapor. 7/16/06
9/12/96 11:00 Victorville CA Disk 3 hours Saturn/top shaped round disk with black ring circumscribed in bottom and 3-4 companion blobs 9/24/03
9/11/96 22:45 Arden Hills MN Light
A bright white light was seen in the night sky. It quickly darted over to the north, stopped, and then took off back south and suddenly 3/7/98
9/10/96 23:45 Siloam Springs AR Triangle 5 minutes three lights moving in a triangle formation, no sound, all three lights went out at the same moment 7/26/02
9/9/96 08:30 San Francisco CA Oval Seconds/1 hour I have over three million miles on AA alone and fly everyday. As we flew from sanfran the normal turn is to the north over the city an 10/27/04
9/9/96 05:30 Savannah GA Disk 30 sec. Unable to sleep, looking out window, became aware of something coming over top of building, lit from beneath, almost luminescent. Slowl 10/2/99
9/8/96 02:50 Friedberg/Hessen (Germany)
Oval 01:10 UFO photographed near Frankfurt/Main 8/7/07
9/8/96 00:00 Seattle to Tokyo (2 NWA flt 007)
Sphere 2-3 hours Three luminous spheres followed the 747 on the port side as the aircraft headed toward Tokyo. Notified flight attendant. Objects flew c 8/5/01
9/7/96 10:50 West Manchester OH Triangle 20 min. Triangular object with orange lights circled group of 4 teens ,hummed and buzzed before exiting town to S. 4 teens joined by 2 adults w 3/7/98
9/7/96 03:00 Stockton CA Other 4 minutes awakening to a being in the doorway of my room 5/24/99
9/6/96 21:00 Englewood Cliffs NJ Chevron 10 minutes On August 6th of 1996, while driving North on Route 9-W from Fort Lee, NJ to Englewood Cliffs NJ, I observed (what appeared to be) a la 12/19/03
9/6/96 20:00 Lake Shasta CA Light 1-2 min Object speeds through night sky. 3/7/98
9/5/96 23:00 Snake River (ID/OR border) ID Sphere 3 minutes bright spherical object above Snake River 2/14/06
9/5/96 22:30 Blythe CA Sphere 3 minutes A glowing orange sphere floats silently and slowly then shoots up at 45 degree angle faster than anything. ((anonymous report)) 9/19/19
9/5/96 01:00 Faith NC Triangle 30 secs Large black triangle, lights on the corners. Moving 3 or 4 mph right above the treetops. Faint humming noise.

500 Lights On Object0
9/4/96 21:30 Belton MO Triangle 20 Minutes It was large, fast, transparent, only two hundred yards away, and made absolutley no sound at any time. 6/12/08
9/2/96 19:50 Wanaque NJ Formation 90 seconds 8 vertical strobing white lights above Wanaque reservoir NJ 7/3/13
9/1/96 22:30 Wabeno WI Fireball 15 seconds orange ball seen following a secret aircrat, at 450 mphin the northwoods of wisconsin. 11/11/03
9/1/96 22:30 Wise VA Oval 10 minutes Mysterious aircraft sighted in the hills of Southwest Virginia 7/1/02
9/1/96 21:30 Fort Collins CO Disk 1 min. Sighting of crescent moon shaped object at about cloud high, traveling from NNW to SSE in direction of Denver CO, at 9:30 PM. No sound. 3/7/98
9/1/96 21:30 Fort Collins CO Disk 45 sec 9/1/96 SIGHTINGAround 9:30 pm, Sunday, September 1st, 1996, my wife and I were in our backyard watching the sky. This had become our c 8/19/00
9/1/96 21:00 Wattsburgh (Corry) PA Other 30 Mimutes Spotlights from the sky. 11/11/03
9/1/96 20:00 New Holland (rural) IL Unknown 10 minutes Witnessed an object with 3 lights forming an equilateral triangle on its bottom plane that hovered and made no noise. 2/18/01
9/1/96 18:30 Boulder CO Light 20 minutes Glowing light in early night sky becomes two, then back to one, glows brightly then implodes over I-36 Boulder-Denver turnpike. 6/9/17
9/1/96 18:00 Concord MA Disk ? Large saucer spotted hovering above trees. 3/7/98
9/1/96 18:00 Ohio-Michigan border OH Light 1 minute A UFO explodes in the sky 11/28/07
9/1/96 17:00 Tuscaloosa AL Disk <1 min. Saucer skirts clouds, disappears 5/12/10
9/1/96 05:35 Taos NM Changing 3 minutes Hovering over the trees next to my house. 3 globes of luminous light as large as basketballs. Rotated then took off and disappeared 9/19/19
9/1/96 01:00 Coral Springs FL Light 15 seconds bright round light flew over our car two times 2/1/07