National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 07/1996
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/31/96 21:00 East Setauket NY Other 2 seconds Football shaped, pink luminous with vapor trail. 6/12/08
7/30/96 22:00 North Little Rock AR Triangle 4 minutes Clearly observed a triangular craft outfitted with three bright lights. Object made no sound and floated perfectly still for around fo 2/16/99
7/30/96 14:00 Crestview FL Triangle 1.5 minutes White, triangular object (shaped like a long, narrow paper airplane) observed moving silently in broad daylight. 7/6/10
7/30/96 11:00 Gilroy CA Light 8minutes approx Gilroy California 8/11/04
7/30/96 01:30 Winona (about 30 miles NW of) MN Flash 1-2 min The lights followed alongside the car 2/22/05
7/25/96 20:00 Uden (Netherlands)
Other 4,5 sec // two paralel lines flew over, the where tinted darker than the surroundng sky 7/30/02
7/25/96 01:30 Rush City MN Unknown 15-20 min Possible prior sighting similar to 16 Feb 2004 Amityville, NY 3/23/04
7/24/96 23:10 Metalline Falls WA Fireball 8 seconds Brilliant fireball shooting across the sky that crashed behind a mountain illuminating the entire valley. 3/2/04
7/24/96 16:00 Seattle WA Rectangle 45 minutes Boomerang shaped metalic craft over the pugit sound 5/24/05
7/23/96 22:30 Danville VA Disk 4 to 5 minutes as the ufo took off at very high speed ,the jets coming in 10 to 15 minutes later meant it was definately something. 4/28/01
7/23/96 21:32 Miami Beach FL Triangle 5seconds A friend of mine and me were camping on my roof we saw a green triangle shape thing zip by. This was no meteor because it slowed down 1/28/99
7/21/96 23:00 Montreal (Canada) PQ Formation 30-50 seconds We were driving along through montreal when I was looking up into the sky and saw a circle of colored lights with a green star shape in 12/2/00
7/21/96 20:15 Ottawa (Canada) ON Rectangle 3 Mins I was looking out at the sky from inside my condo. when I saw a large weird bright shape moving. 12/2/00
7/21/96 01:30 Newtown, TAS (Australia)
Egg under 2 minutes I was in my room, and I saw to lights in the sky, they hovered over me for a few minutes, and then shoot off toward the mountain. 7/5/99
7/20/96 23:00 Moncton (Canada) NB Rectangle 60 seconds It flow over the woods north of my house, slowly came towards the house, that night there was a meteor shower , thats what I thought it 12/2/00
7/20/96 22:00 Clear Lake TX Teardrop 5 minutes or so It shorted out the lights as it flew over , without making a sound! 1/22/04
7/19/96 10:45 Northampton PA Disk 15 min I stepped outside one evening to smoke a cig. I always look up and watch the stars. It was a very clear night. As a looked around I saw 12/23/02
7/18/96 15:50 New Leake (UK/England)
Triangle 10 minutes IT was Clearly A Spacecraft of somesort, It was completely black and it let off a green shockwave before every rapid burst of speed. 5/24/05
7/18/96 09:58 Winchester VA Cone 5 minuts My brother and I saw a hovering cone and we watched it until it zoomed away. 8/5/01
7/17/96 20:45 Saline/Bridgewater MI Other fifteen minutes Bright light in sky transforms into barbell-shaped craft, descends and rotates silently overhead. 5/10/04
7/17/96 01:35 I-5 (Firebaugh Exit) CA Diamond 15 min Three Shiny Diamond shaped lights in triangle formation. 1/22/04
7/16/96 01:30 Alberta (rural) (Canada) AB Unknown 40 Seconds Low flying craft with VERY unusual strobe pattern. 3/16/01
7/15/96 23:30 Wommelgem (near Antwerp) (Belgium)
Triangle 3 seconds Three moving, turning lightnings going to one direction who than suddenly dissapeared 5/27/03
7/15/96 23:30 Gothenburg NE Circle 30 seconds red flashing light crossing clear night sky west to east horizon to horizon at a speed 5 to 10 times faster than any jet i ever saw. 9/2/05
7/15/96 23:02 Eau Claire WI Unknown 8 seconds Aircraft of unknown shape with four orange non-blinking lights silently flew towards the west around 600 or 700 ft. above my neighbor a 5/24/99
7/15/96 23:00 Tucson AZ Other Hours Mother Ship/ Appeared as a Star. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star sighting, we believe, given the duration of the event. PD)) 5/15/06
7/15/96 22:00 Camden NJ Circle 20secs.x3times 3 sets of 4 orange circles or discs traversing the sky from west to east 7/16/03
7/15/96 22:00 Sioux City IA Triangle 10 seconds Triangular shapes that only I could see. 4/22/03
7/15/96 22:00 Cumbria (UK/England)
Unknown 1 minute A silver shaped object went down out of sight and what came into vision a second later was two orange light/objects flying skywards. 12/7/06
7/15/96 21:00 Amarillo TX Other 2-3hours Knowledge for a perpetual energy device,and how to create a gravity wave for anti-gravity perpulsion. FREE- ASK 6/18/03
7/15/96 19:30 Alamogordo NM Changing 10min I opened the window to tell my dog to be quiet then about 2 sec later a yellow glowing craft about 70 feet away from me how high it was 8/5/01
7/15/96 17:15 Sussex NJ Triangle 5 minutes triangular shaped object seen on separate occasions in different states 3/21/03
7/15/96 14:00 Conway MO Other 2 seconds An olive green object shaped like the vertical tail fin of an aircraft passed over I-44 just a few feet above the ground 6/23/10
7/15/96 13:30 Ellensburg WA Rectangle 3 mins. Clear sunny day, 3 adults saw small silver sphere that hovered for about 1 minute directly overhead. It then suddenly took off to the e 1/28/99
7/15/96 05:30 Kalamazoo MI Other 1 minute In the summer of 1996 my friend and I saw a bright object traveling across the sky very quickly making unusually strange movements, str 1/28/99
7/15/96 01:30 Jacksonville IL Light 5 Minutes A mysterious blue light filled my room and I felt a friendly presence. 6/12/08
7/15/96 00:35 Bountiful UT Triangle 20 seconds Witnessed A Black Triangle Craft Over Utah 6/12/08
7/15/96 00:00 Sawerville (Canada) QC Light 5 minutes Small dim light in Southern Quebec connects all the dots of Big Dipper after we spoke about Dipper 8/7/07
7/14/96 14:00 Pensacola Beach FL Sphere 1 minutes Blue Angles interupted by UFO/F-16 Crashes in area same Day 8/5/01
7/12/96 21:30 Navoo IL Formation 10 seconds Group of four or five high-alt. lights. Very fast and seemingly random and craftily steered slowing and speeding flights. 3/23/17
7/11/96 00:40 Kenosha WI Other 2-2.5 sec.'s It was a warm July evening. I was down by Southport Beach, on the shorelines of Lake Michigan. It's a city beach in Kenosha, so i was 1/29/02
7/10/96 02:30 Cumming GA Rectangle 35-45 seconds It was holding me down wth enormous strength i had t roll wildly to break loose and it dissappeared! 10/12/01
7/10/96 01:30 IndIan Nation Turnpike OK Fireball 15mn green fire in the sky around 500yd up moveing north to south arond 50 ft top to boutom no sound 9/2/05
7/9/96 23:30 St. Louis MO Triangle 30 minutes The object looked like a triangular shaped solid welder's arc. 4/26/99
7/6/96 23:00 Brinnon WA Oval 12-15 sec. I saw a glowing object of 10ft. high and 60ft. long traveling in a straight line, making no sound. 2/14/08
7/6/96 01:00 Pensacola FL Light 30 sec-30 min Experience with bright hovering ligt,, loss of time and changes in spacial perception in Florida 7/5/19
7/5/96 22:00 Camden NJ Oval 2min. each time strange orange circles or discs passing overhead 5/24/05
7/5/96 22:00 Newport PA Unknown 2 min. Sighted two orange rectangles above treetops while driving on a county road. 4/27/07
7/5/96 18:15 Springfield MA Circle 30-40 sec the object floted inplace, then circled the clouds at an increasing in speed. then speed off. It was red in color. 9/24/03
7/5/96 13:30 London (UK/England)
Light 90 seconds A simple pulsating light in an occean of blue 12/9/00
7/5/96 00:00 Oak Hill WV Fireball about a month Burning glowing sphere(sparks) 6/4/04
7/4/96 23:30 Traverse City MI Other 30sec I saw approx. 20 small pin points of light in a triangular formation. (almost like a group of birds flying south) The points of light r 1/28/99
7/4/96 23:30 San Angelo TX Light 5 sec Star shape from south to Northeast, no sound, approx 500 to 100 ft. high. 7/14/99
7/4/96 22:00 Wilmington NC Triangle 1 minute My wife and I were stargazing on a beautiful clear night when we spotted a red triangle flying 8/12/08
7/4/96 21:30 Goshen NY Light
While outside with my family on July 4th...I went to my room to get a CD...then I seen this object just floating in the sky about a mil 3/7/98
7/4/96 19:35 Fayetteville AR Changing 88 minutes A short but sure encounter with three alien craft and tall, hairy beings, with keen sensory peception. 2/18/01
7/4/96 12:00 South Amboy NJ Triangle 2 minutes It was a ball of white light that changed to triangular red and blue lights and then again to a ball of red light. 12/2/00
7/3/96 11:30 Beach ND Disk
30' x 40' grey saucer w/ dome/windows above, glowing orb below, 6 legs, 3 antenna approaches, hovers over truck. Very credible. 11/2/99
7/3/96 23:00 Salmon River ID Light 6 mins Red glowing ball of light, chased by black helicopters over the Salmon River 5/15/06
7/3/96 10:00 Hoh Rain Forest WA Disk 7-10 seconds saw a slow, low flying silver disk around 10 AM . 10/7/03
7/3/96 10:00 University Place WA Fireball 30 seconds It was the fourth of july, actually the evening before. I was driving down 67th avenue, going towards lakewood, when I saw this big fi 4/2/99
7/3/96 05:00 Union City PA Other 5 min. we ar more primitive than we think! 9/4/03
7/3/96 02:00 Stoughton WI Light 10 hours I was spending a lazy day on the shore of Lake Kegonsa when I noticed a bright light in the Eastern sky. It stood out to me because it 2/1/07
7/2/96 18:00 Mt. Morris Township MI Disk 5 min Saucer craft seen hovering 300ft above ground for about 5 mins. 4/25/02
7/1/96 12:00 Yakima WA
20 min Man and childern view silver/blue reflective obj. in W sky traveling N very quickly. Appears to not be plane. 11/2/99
7/1/96 23:00 Monroe WA Triangle 00:01:00 Enough time has lapsed that my apprehension has waned. This was observed by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, on date stated. I was at 'Ced 8/19/00
7/1/96 23:00 Brunswick ME Light 9 seconds What I saw was a bright flash of gold light that appeared in one part of the sky, it died down and apeared in adifferent part of the sk 5/24/99
7/1/96 22:00 Lumpkin GA Disk 2 minutes Stewart County sighting in 1996, New Story Never Heard Before Til Now. " I was as close as 30 yards away" 12/19/03
7/1/96 22:00 Plevna (Canada) ON Triangle 2-4 minutes Wittnessed Triangular Shaped Craft half the size of a soccer field fly 50'-75' above tree tops 5/24/05
7/1/96 22:00 Parry Sound (N of)(Canada) ON Circle 5 secs I saw 2 object, the exact same appearance/size as a star circle each other. 12/2/00
7/1/96 20:00 Katy TX Diamond 30 mins Saw 3 diamond shaped crafts. Two small flanking a huge mother ship. Each had 3 lights each. Mother had red/green lights around belt. 2/12/04
7/1/96 19:30 Camp Hanson (Okinawa) (Japan)
Triangle 3-5 I saw a V-shaped aircraft flying very fast and making avery loud noise in Okinawa Japan in 96' 9/2/05
7/1/96 19:00 Albany OR Egg 5 minutes In the early evening, I saw a white, egg-shaped object making its way across the sky. 4/27/04
7/1/96 19:00 Bovina TX Unknown 2 minutes Blue & White Lights 2/8/05
7/1/96 18:00 Cypress CA Oval 2 HOURS WHITE CIRCULAR LIGHTS 8/7/07
7/1/96 17:30 Jonesboro GA Triangle 2 minutes Triangle shaped object with round balls towards the ends of each point, viewed over highway 1941, moving towards Atlanta airport. 1/12/18
7/1/96 13:00 Unspecified location (rural) TX Other 20 minutes Mothership? 1/26/15
7/1/96 13:00 Los Angeles CA Formation 30-45 min. Bright "Pearl" cluster seen looking northwest from Bev.Hills,W.Hollywood area. Observedfor more than half hour. Objects spun and lighte 8/19/00
7/1/96 03:00 Lake George NY Light 1 or more hours Small points of light moving randomly 10/30/06
7/1/96 00:30 Buehler (Switzerland)
Circle 20-30 sec Me,my mother and her two friends saw it.No one knew what it was.It was like a blueish white light with no source.As if the light was co 8/5/01
7/1/96 00:00 Panama City Beach (behind Club LaVela) FL Light about 1 minute Its was a crisp clear night during the summer of 1996 and my roommate and I were sitting on the beach behind some local clubs.We had go 4/2/99
7/1/96 00:00 Louisville KY Light 15 minutes Helicopter beng chase by ufo. 10/4/19