National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 06/1996
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
6/30/96 22:00 Chicago IL
4 hours Witness reports UFO's over city all week. FAA indicates multiple reports. Closest appeared oval shaped, metallic w/ strobe. 11/2/99
6/30/96 22:30 Hedgesville WV Disk 10 mins disk shape object with beam 4/13/10
6/30/96 21:00 Topsham ME Light 2 hours 1996 encounter with bright lights on country road in Topsham, Maine. 10/3/14
6/30/96 21:00 Weare NH Light 3 minutes Bright White Ball that seemed to teleport instead of fly. 4/12/13
6/30/96 21:00 Almudevar (Spain)
Circle 1MINUTE I saw a bright object dicending quickly strait from the sky.this object could be 15 miles away from us. It was like an orange sfere. 3/28/04
6/30/96 20:30 Derbyshire (UK/England)
Other 1min While travelling from Sheffield to Crewe we encountered a ufo on the main A road east to west into Buxton. It was moving west to east, 8/10/99
6/30/96 20:00 Heyworth IL Circle 2 minutes Original case, I think. I want answers... 10/10/14
6/30/96 18:00 Falun (Sweden)
Triangle 10 minutes Flying object that just vanished mysteriously. 8/22/18
6/30/96 07:00 Blackwood NJ Disk 7 secs. Comet sighting PLUS! 5/24/05
6/30/96 03:00 Sacramento CA Light 5 minutes pulsating light over my neighbors yard about 5 houses away and 30 to 40 feet in the air. 1/10/09
6/30/96 01:10 Lake Havasu City AZ Other 10 minutes Two large mother ships first witnessed merging together, and then observed silently passing over the northern edge of town. 6/23/04
6/30/96 00:00 Salt Lake City UT Circle 2-3 mins wired hypnsis wheel lights on craft 10/10/11

((HOAX??)) I had an alien abduction happened to me in about 1996. 9/5/17
6/30/96 Voorhees NJ Disk 20 Seconds Circular metallic ship, dome top, 5-6 circular green lights on the bottom 8/27/09
6/29/96 23:47 Nacagdoches TX Light
Blinking white, green and orange (rotating?) lights w/ orange trail moved across sky. Witness is mil. pilot - says not standard a/c. 11/2/99
6/29/96 22:00 East Providence RI Light 45 min Very bright white obj. changes shape from circle to oval. 1/3 apparent diam of moon at closest approach. Blinking lights at top. 11/2/99
6/29/96 21:00 East Providence RI light 1 hour and longer A large white pulsating light 1/28/99
6/28/96 22:00 Walled Lake MI Light 5-7 min Blinking light moved W to E. Faded out, came back, dropped "real quick" when plane approached, then went back up behind it. 11/2/99
6/28/96 03:00 Baltimore MD
1 minute Man views "huge" cigar shaped craft thru binoculars. Obj wavers revealing more saucer-like structure. Lit by moon. No lights. 11/2/99
6/28/96 19:00 Tempe AZ Changing 30 minutes Huge pearl-like object over South Mountain 8/30/13
6/27/96 03:37 Clinton CT

Witness saw 4 white objects. 2 were zigzagging back and forth, in a N to S and S to N direction. Other 2 intersected each other. 11/2/99
6/27/96 23:40 Aylmer (Canada) PQ Formation 15 seconds Three lights flying in a perfect triange formation. There was absolutely no sound. 8/28/03
6/25/96 01:00 Washington MO Diamond 3-4 minutes Triangle/Diamond with white lights, hovering and rotating around axis 8/5/09
6/24/96 22:30 Redmond WA

2 craft seen. 1st like plane w/ 5 colored lights, strobe on 2nd. 1st craft ascends till it seems as a star. 2nd cont's across sky. 11/2/99
6/24/96 00:30 Aurora CO changed 1 hour Obj. hovered 100 ft above car. Red, blue lights on corners. Changed shape from cube to pyramid to triangle. Landed 800 ft away. 11/2/99
6/24/96 15:00 Smryna GA Oval 5 minutes silver, blimp-shaped object seen over downtown Atlanta 9/9/04
6/24/96 07:00 Philadelphia PA Light
6/23/96 19:30 Santa Paula CA
5 min. Couple in jacuzzi witness approx. 8x bright night sky. Two of objs. flare up, the group begins moving, then all disappear. 11/2/99
6/23/96 11:00 Cascade Mtns. WA

Man calls to report that son had witnessed a blue-green orb hit side of mountain. No sound. Follow up visit reveals no damage. 11/2/99
6/23/96 01:30 Payson (Woods Canyon Lake) AZ Light 10 seconds How can there be a bright light and no body has seen it, and why did I fall back to sleep so quickly. 3/19/02
6/22/96 23:15 Garland TX
4 min. 4x adults, children, witness 5x bizarre objs. pass overhead at high speed,separated by 40 sec. intervals. 3x pulsing lights on bottom. 11/2/99
6/22/96 23:30 Boekel (The Netherlands)
Circle 1 hour we thanked our host and walked outside immediately I saw a disk like object with many lights circling above the farm house 8/7/07
6/22/96 22:30 Buckhannon WV Triangle 2minutes A rather large triangular shaped disk was noticed about 800 yards away hovering at the level of tree tops. Me and a friend began to ex 3/7/98
6/21/96 03:20 Palm Springs CA

Couple witness huge, oval-shaped bright light. Obj. was partially transparent; lights on inside. Obj. released smaller red lights! 11/2/99
6/21/96 22:30 Winchester VA Cone 1 minute. I saw a cone with a flashing light at the top, "windows" in the center, and three lights in triangle formation on the base. 9/28/03
6/21/96 21:45 Avebury
Egg 15 minutes - Unknown Egg shaped ball of light UFO at Avebury, England during summer solstice 1996. Landed in field. 8/5/12
6/20/96 22:00 Fort Myers (north) FL Light 5-6 sec Point of light (" star") moves incredibly fast across sky. Witness does not believe it was shooting star due to speed and trajectory. 11/2/99
6/20/96 12:12 Prince Rupert (Canada) BC

Man's dog begins to bark; man sees "parachute" descending. Suddenly, object flashes bright light several times, then just disappears. 11/2/99
6/20/96 12:12 Prince Rupert (Canada) BC
5 min Man takes 4 photos and video of "parachute" shaped object receding slowly to NW. 12/2/00
6/20/96 02:00 Renton WA

Woman calls to report a large flash in the night sky. (No follow up rept.) 11/2/99
6/20/96 20:00 Kanab UT Fireball 3 minutes i was at a trailer park by the edge of the K hill call the K hill because it has a K on it for kanab. I was getting my 7 month old son 7/26/02
6/20/96 15:30 Surrey (Canada) BC Other 30 minutes plus Strange Planes That Changed Shape And Appear To Be Interdimensional 12/12/11
6/20/96 12:12 Prince Rupert (Canada) BC Other 3-min. I'am submitting two UFO reports from two different places that have the same shape and colour as my ufo that i took on June 20th.1996. 3/19/02
6/20/96 02:00 Sault Ste. Marie (Canada) ON Triangle 10-15 seconds The three lighted object hovered over us for a while, then glided across the night sky quietly until we could not see it anymore. 5/24/05
6/20/96 Snohomish WA

Snohomish police officer calls to report UFO reports radioed to 9-1-1 dispatch facility. (No further data conveyed.) 11/2/99
6/20/96 Oakley CA

Woman (anonymous) repts. seeing large, flashing light above her car. Obj. had red and white, sporadically flashing lights on it. 11/2/99
6/19/96 01:05 Bremerton WA

Young man repts. a large green ball of light hitting the Olympic Mtns. to the W. Immense flash after obj. disappeared behind horizon. 11/2/99
6/19/96 01:05 Bremerton WA

Man calls to rept. having just seen a "green glowing orb shoot across the sky, S to N." Apparently, hit mtns., then a huge flash. 11/2/99
6/19/96 01:00 Seattle WA

In response to news article, young man repts. blue-green fireball in W sky. Very bright. Suddenly "disintegrated" near horizon. 11/2/99
6/19/96 10:00 Tampa FL Disk 4 minutes Disc shaped craft in downtwon Tampa, FL in 1996 5/14/02
6/19/96 03:00 Fort Collins CO Triangle two minutes I saw the same tri-angular craft the guy in Masonville Colorado saw 6/19/1996. 2/14/10
6/19/96 03:00 Fort Collins/Loveland CO Triangle 10 minutes The object was of technology that is general knowledge. 5/2/03
6/18/96 21:00 Victoria (Canada) BC Other 5 miutes Hot june night,out watching stars.I noticed what looked like two lights moving like they were at the end of a birds wings(bobbing up an 2/18/01
6/18/96 17:30 Alabama (location unspecified) AL Fireball 3min hovering ball of fire 5/15/06
6/18/96 08:26 San Diego CA Circle 70 seconds A brilliant white perfect circle changes to a circle within a circle and then becomes a distant dot in the sky. 5/15/13

Several observers in car on Hwy. I-80 see 4x bright lights approaching them. Obj. suddenly "rolls" and they see it is not an a/c. 11/2/99
6/17/96 16:00 San Diego CA Light 20 min. Man witnesses a tiny, very bright obj. moving across sky. Obj. gains alt., brightens, remains motionless 20 min. Suddenly disappears. 8/5/01
6/17/96 00:05 North Delta (Canada) BC Light 10 sec. Man sees a bright "landing light" approaching from behind trees. Obj. accelerates phenomenally and is gone in 10 seconds. No sound. 11/2/99
6/17/96 14:45 Dyer IN Diamond 30 seconds a black shaped object almost triangular shaped but slightly diamond shaped hovering above a tree by a park. 6/12/07
6/16/96 01:30 Moses Lake WA
1 minute Young man sees 2x "octagons with cuts in sides" pass overhead to the W. Unusual type of flight--very smooth, gliding motion. 11/2/99
6/15/96 03:05 Boise ID

Two boys skateboarding & photographing w/ camcorder capture multiple, bizarre objs. on film. Some cone-shaped, others round. 11/2/99
6/15/96 23:02 Eau Claire WI Rectangle 7 or 8 sec. 2 boys see rectangle shaped object w/4 orange/yelow lights fly silently over head. no blinking beacon lights, no sound, only a few hund 1/28/99
6/15/96 23:00 Valley Springs CA Triangle 15 Seconds Triangular shape blocking out stars in front of the Milky Way. 5/24/05
6/15/96 22:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Sphere about 5 seconds The bright blue object moved very fast across the sky and it was visible as it went on front of the moon that it was sphere shaped. 4/27/03
6/15/96 22:00 Fayetteville NC Other 2 seconds Incredibly fast green light traveling North to South, on several occasions 5/2/03
6/15/96 22:00 Surrey (Canada) BC Light 15-20 minutes Five bright lights in the sky flying in various formations for about 20 minutes. 2/25/03
6/15/96 22:00 Scunthorpe (UK/England)
Rectangle 10 seconds it was moving south towards london way 4/1/00
6/15/96 22:00 Coeur d'Alene ID Formation 3 minutes 3 flying objects that trailed one after the other and flew in loose curves and heading roughly south. 8/16/02
6/15/96 22:00 Lodi CA Triangle 10 seconds UFO (or something) seen in Lodi, CA (1996) 10/30/06
6/15/96 22:00 Jeckyll Island GA Circle long time Saw a white circle traveling in same triangular pattern way up in clear Jeckyll Island, Georgia. 2/14/08
6/15/96 21:30 Millbury MA Light a minute or two We had just finished playing hide and go seek, my neighbors and I. We were sitting on the driveway in the dark. We looked up to see a 1/28/99
6/15/96 21:30 Saskatoon (Canada) SA Oval 3-4 minutes 300-400 ft long, oval and orange did not move or make any noise at all 8/5/01
6/15/96 21:00 Newport Beach CA Disk 30 seconds Unidentified Disc in plain sight, 1000 ft away, for 30 seconds 12/16/05
6/15/96 21:00 Woodbridge NJ Light 1 hour two stars appear to be moving in figure eight formations. 9/9/03
6/15/96 21:00 Clinton (US Highway 51) IL Circle 30-45 secs Daylight causing blue orb in Illinois 6/12/08
6/15/96 19:00 Butler PA Circle 10 min.bu huge round black object with huge lights spotted in sky over Butler Co. PA 3/21/03
6/15/96 19:00 Dundee NY Cross
cross shaped ufo hovering over a hill. 12/5/01
6/15/96 15:00 Portland OR Chevron 25 minutes 06/15/96 15:00 Portland OR Chevron 25 minutes Mid day not moving very high almost downtown flat black chevron 7/4/12
6/15/96 14:00 Ridgefield WA Oval 20 minutes extraterrestrial recovered by mother ship 5/12/10
6/15/96 13:30 Aberdeen MD Disk 5min. 6 spaceshuttle technology schemed saucer shaped vehicles seen over Aberdeen,Md in summer of '96. 6/12/02
6/15/96 13:00 Van Nuys CA Other 2 minutes 3 Christmas Tree Cookie Cutters in Triangle Formation 2/22/05
6/15/96 12:00 Carlsbad NM Disk
"Flying saucer" in southeastern New Mexico 9/6/02
6/15/96 10:00 Cambridge (Canada) ON Oval 23 seconds Silver, oval shaped object rapidly moved up, then south and hovered, then accelarated north and up. 10/12/01
6/15/96 07:30 Buhl MN Rectangle 5 minutes Saw flying rectangle that reflected sunrise colors 7/28/10
6/15/96 02:30 Edmonds WA Formation 10-15 min Multiple circular UFO sighting in the sky above Edmonds, WA witnessed by police officer and police explorers. 8/24/10
6/15/96 02:30 Gillette WY Circle Don't know. Seems like we UFO seen while driving the back roads of Wyoming. 1/24/14
6/15/96 02:00 Ansbach (Germany)
Light 5 Seconds Almost a shooting star execpt for the 90 degree turn 4/27/04
6/15/96 01:30 Show Low AZ Oval 5-10 minutes Bright lights and no sound 12/2/00
6/15/96 00:00 Chapel Hill NC Circle 5 min Large disc shaped UFO just over our house, no sound. 3 red lights in a triangle underneath. It was huge. 7/6/10
6/15/96 00:00 Linesville PA Light 1 hour witnessed flashes of light like explosions along the West,East, and SouthWestern horizons 6/2/98
6/14/96 20:00 Cebu (Philippines)
Light 1 hour or more Four Red lights in a straight line 1/31/04
6/14/96 15:30 Chesapeake Bay (over; inflight/from Air France jet) MD Disk 5 to 10 sec White disk flew underneath jetliner as we were descending towards Dulles Intl. We were at about 10-12,000 feet according to cabin monit 1/28/99
6/13/96 22:45 Temple TX diamond 4-5 sec Diamond-shaped cluster of nonblinking white lights, objects indistinct, low altitude as planes ahd been flying overhead for an hour, si 1/28/99
6/12/96 21:00 Seattle WA
3 sec. Couple see brilliantly bright orb in NNW sky descend vertically. Obj. had fuzzy edges; descended very fast. "Like burning magnesium." 11/2/99
6/12/96 12:15 Seattle WA Light 5 sec. Two young men, unloading van, see 3x pinpoints of light streak directly overhead. Arranged in a triangular shape. 11/2/99
6/12/96 21:30 Ohio OH Triangle 60sec. As I was on the phone My children were looking out the back door, then yelled Ma! Ma! look, by the time I got ready to hang up what eve 5/24/99
6/12/96 17:00 Loanhead (UK/Scotland)
6/12/96 12:00 unknown (Out skirts of Lake Don Pedro, near modesto) CA Oval Seconds Up close, day time object in the woods. 6/18/04
6/12/96 12:00 Lansdale PA Triangle 30 minutes Winged Being and Ufo Sighting in PA. 10/14/13
6/12/96 06:00 Vancouver (Canada) BC Disk 2-5 mins i was leaving work and was sitting in the front passenger seat of my co workers vehicle when i noticed on the horizon a disk moving abo 3/31/08
6/12/96 03:00 Annapolis MD
10 Min Saw a perfect round light changing colors. No sound 3/19/09
6/11/96 17:30 Norman OK Sphere 7 min Silver Sphere sighted, Flew off! A USAF Jet circled the area in search of the object. 1/28/99
6/11/96 15:00 Seattle WA Other 45 minutes metalic v - boomerang shaped craft over pugit sound in broad daylight 2/25/03
6/11/96 01:00 Phippsburg ME Disk 15:00 Minutes UFO seen In maine 6/12/07
6/10/96 22:00 Blythe (north of) CA Sphere 2 min Orange luminescent globe hovering in desert sky then moving at the speed of a meteor. 2/24/07
6/10/96 21:00 Dhaka (Bangladesh)
Disk 3 mins UFO SEEN IN BANGLADESH!! 4/28/01
6/10/96 01:00 Eddington ME Triangle 4 minutes Triangular shaped UFO with blue lights hovering above field off of Route 46 in Eddington, Maine. 4/22/03
6/9/96 05:00 Banning CA Light 35 min. Young woman on Hwy. I-10 watches bright light for 40 miles. Light turns slate gray, or black, changes shape. Suddenly disintegrates! 11/2/99
6/8/96 21:30 Granite Falls WA
45 sec. WA/MUFON member relays report: Man repts. witnessing a brightly lighted, white spherical object near town. (Facts not complete.) 11/2/99
6/8/96 16:30 Beloit WI Other 20 minutes Oddly shaped black object hovering high in the daytime sky for about 20 minutes and then dissappearing. 10/31/03
6/7/96 02:20 Palmdale CA
2 min. Woman and husband witness very bright light moving across night sky. Obj. turns, at which couple sees a solid, strobing light nearby. 11/2/99
6/7/96 22:30 Sydney (NSW, Australia)
Triangle 2mins Saw two dark triangular shaped objects that hovered for a couple of minutes before taking off at great speed 4/2/99
6/7/96 22:00 Ely (60 Miles south of, US Highway 93) NV Triangle 4 Minutes a triangular craft app 300 ft wide moved in an easterly direction very slowly app 200 ft off the ground with no lights on it

at abo
6/6/96 23:00 Muenster TX
3 minutes Dear Reader, I am writing you to share an experience I had with what I believe to have been a life form not of this earth.

6/5/96 23:30 Lancaster SC

Man, wife, & son witness very bright obj. in night sky near moon. Obj. reptd. to move "a fist's width across sky." (Planet or star?) 11/2/99
6/5/96 22:00 Jackson OH
2 min. Family immense, peculiar obj. roar overhead; sound like "C-47." Green lights down 1 side; accompanied by "white lights." Low alt. 11/2/99
6/4/96 21:00 Scottsdale AZ
30 sec. Man witnesses a large, bright white "ball of light" pass overhead very fast. Not a satellite, he thought. 11/2/99
6/4/96 22:00 Show Low (rural) AZ Other 1 hour UFO Crash - 1996 - Apache County, AZ 7/16/03
6/3/96 20:00 Gaithersburg MD
40 min. Wife, husband, son witness 3 peculiar objs. in sky. Bright, strobing lights on black, cyl.-shaped craft. No wings. 1 ascends vert.! 11/2/99
6/3/96 18:30 Oglethorpe GA
30 min. Rept. from MUFON: 13x adults witness large craft, "like two turtle shells joined together." 30x50 feet. Gray top, beige bottom. 11/2/99
6/1/96 22:45 Concord CA Light 10 sec. Man sees solid, red "satellite" moving E to W. Obj. suddenly joined by 2nd obj., then 3rd. All turn south, 2x wink out, 3rd goes N. 11/2/99
6/1/96 00:00 Hinckley OH Unknown 5 minutes I saw hovering lights and at a later date actual beings that were not human who may have been following me.

500 Lights On Object0:
6/1/96 23:15 Ringoes NJ
30 seconds Green orb; ft. diameter. 3/10/17
6/1/96 23:00 Port Colborne (Canada) ON Unknown 1min we were looking at star formations planes satelites we lived in the county by lake ont it was a clear night a light came toward us we t 12/2/00
6/1/96 23:00 North Providence RI Sphere 16 seconds ((HOAX?? Obscene)) A life situation loke no other. 4/18/14
6/1/96 22:30 Midwest City (Tinker AFB) OK Triangle 5 min Triangle Shaped UFO after a weeks storm 1996 in Midwest City, OK. 7/1/02
6/1/96 22:00 Johnstown PA Oval 3 sec bright blue-white oval light at high altitude, moving slowly S-N 3/7/98
6/1/96 22:00 Summerlin/Las Vegas NV Fireball 2-3 secs Large, fast moving, turqoise/yellowish fireball. 1/10/09
6/1/96 22:00 Panama (Pacific Coast)
Light 5 MIN Lights playing chicken and racing around in the eastern Pacific 50 nautical miles or so west of Panama. 2/1/07
6/1/96 21:00 South Kingstown RI Disk 10 mins Very very large disc 50 feet off the ground 12/12/11
6/1/96 21:00 New Orleans LA Changing 15-20 seconds While a conversation with a friend a large mirror like objesct came out of the south west sky traveling at a moderate rate of speed. Th 7/4/12
6/1/96 21:00 New Orleans LA Changing 20 seconds The above report was mine and I just wanted you to know my name for your files. 7/3/13
6/1/96 20:30 Richlands NC Light 00:03:00 Bright single white light on a summer night sky in eastern N.C. 10/31/08
6/1/96 20:00 Eugene OR Triangle 2 minutes Diamond broach shape over Eugene, OR. 11/28/07
6/1/96 20:00 El Paso TX Disk 1 hour Light's in Triangle Fromation 8/12/08
6/1/96 20:00 Chicago IL
4 minutes I was waiting on bus relief exchange of drivers and sipping a cup of coffee. Comfortably summer night leaning on Jewel food store rear 7/25/19
6/1/96 20:00 Klamath Falls to Medford OR Light 1 hour While leaving Klamath Falls Oregon by car I noticed a star to my rt. Or which i thought was a star, maybe Venus. Anyways i was talking 12/2/00
6/1/96 20:00 Calgary (Canada) AB Sphere ? hovered and had amazing speed 12/2/00
6/1/96 17:00 Chapmansboro TN Cigar 2-3 minutes cigar shaped, light tan and dark brown, quiet, hovering, verylow, appeared manufactured. 10/15/03
6/1/96 17:00 San Marcos TX Oval 15 seconds A Silver object, no sound, moving from North to South. It changed, glowed bright white and then just seemed to vanish. 12/2/00
6/1/96 14:00 Lakebay WA Triangle 3-5 minutes Two contact incidents of Black, Shiny, Triangular Craft that hovered just above tree line emitting low hum. 4/3/11
6/1/96 13:00 Long Island/Stoney Brook NY Circle 15 minutes witnessed speedy crafts rendezvousing and hovering 6/12/08
6/1/96 08:00 Linden MI Disk 10 seconds Disk shaped UFO seen directly above me. 11/21/10
6/1/96 07:00 Seattle WA Other 1 minute And lo, the star which they had seen in the west suddenly went before them and came to rest over the place... 5/3/00
6/1/96 05:30 Beltsville MD Triangle 1 sec two small triangular craft very fast and absolutly silent 7/5/99
6/1/96 04:30 Nottingham (UK/England)
Diamond 2 minutes bright glowing object left tracer mark as it sped off 2/14/10
6/1/96 03:15 Waunakee WI Cylinder 4 minutes This was not a strange light but s a very large easily defined object 12/12/09
6/1/96 03:00 Scottish Highlands (UK/Scotland)
Triangle 5-10mins large tryangle and 2 small spheres that came from it 12/16/05
6/1/96 02:50 Collingswood NJ Circle 5-6 seconds Formation of 5-6 circular disks appears connected only edges illuminated orange/red no sound and traveled south to north in 5 seconds 11/28/07
6/1/96 02:30 Ft Mead ME Triangle 17min Dark matt black. hooverd over a transformer. I sat still with fear and whatched as it had no sound, but lights were on each of the cor 7/5/99
6/1/96 02:00 Colne (UK/England)
Circle 7 minutes? Non-aerodynamic movement of indeterminate object at high speed. 7/25/04
6/1/96 02:00 Gibsonton FL Light 30 seconds A 2 person witness to a UFO entering a type of "worm hole" 2/8/05
6/1/96 02:00 Murgon (Queensland) (Australia)
Triangle 5+mins Traiangle of lights in the early Ausralian Morning 11/9/02
6/1/96 00:00 Longmont CO Other Several seconds Train like ufo on Airport Rd in Longmont 10/10/11
6/1/96 00:00 Guerneville CA Diamond 10 min It occurred late at night when i happened to be gazing at the stars on a clear night. i was looking all the big stars towards the nort 10/31/08
6/1/96 Kambalda (Western Australia)
6/1/96 Nanaimo (Canada) BC Oval
above new castle island in nanimo b. c I turend around to tell my brother I turned back around it was gone. what i made him believe is 12/2/00
6/1/96 Nottingham (UK/England)
Triangle 2-5 mins object apeared in the heart of a storm I had gone out to watch rolling up the trent valley. It was a large delta shaped craft which emi 5/14/02