National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 04/1996
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
4/30/96 22:05 Spokane WA
23 min. Woman, several youth, witness 2x very bright lights moving irregularly in N sky. Changed elevation, seemed to move relative to a/c. 11/2/99
4/29/96 21:30 Sacramento CA Other 30 min. While out in my back yard i was trying out my new camcor- der to see how it worked.I was shooting the stars and the moon on a clear n 10/19/99
4/28/96 01:45 Idaho Falls ID
4 sec. Group of young people witness blue-green light--"ball of fire"--streak down at angle. 4 min. later, hear 2x loud booms. Dramatic! 11/2/99
4/28/96 01:40 Idaho Falls ID
4 sec. Sheriff's deputy sees EXTREMELY bright blue-green ball of light--"1/2 diameter of moon"--streak down, disappear. Lit 1/4 of NW sky. 11/2/99
4/28/96 01:30 Kalispell MT
3 sec. Four teenagers on hill see immense, very bright ball of greenish-white light streak vert. down, hit ground 20 miles (?) to SW. Silent. 11/2/99
4/28/96 01:00 Mile 69 WY
15 sec. Women driving truck on Hwy 80 sees obj. "w/ bright nose, no wings" flare up, go behind mountain. 11/2/99
4/28/96 00:10 Fort Walton Beach Fl
5 min. Capt., 4x crew, witness VERY bright descend from sky to N, hover over water. Obj. moved from off bow to off stern, ascend vert! 11/2/99
4/28/96 12:00 Holopaw FL Changing 15 minutes Sunday, April 28, 1996, a day I'll never forget! Had no sound, didn't exactly land in my sight, but I'm pretty sure it did! 10/27/04
4/27/96 22:30 Albany OR
7 min. Man at stopwitnesses black, delta-shaped obj. hovering motionless. Obj. shoots "confined beam" down to ground! Humming. 11/2/99
4/27/96 01:30 San Jose CA

Man repts. Vanderberg AFB radar had tracked obj. travelling to N up to Santa Rosa. (No written rept. or follow up.) 11/2/99
4/26/96 20:55 Lake Nacemiento CA
3 sec. Woman, grandson, witness brilliant white light, 1/2 dia. of full moon, streak horizontally S to N in E sky. VERY fast. Boy upset by it 11/2/99
4/26/96 20:50 Merced CA
10 sec. Man sees very bright, "electric-blue" light traveling S to N in E sky. Light, "size of Venus," suddenly disappears. Silent, no tail. 11/2/99
4/26/96 03:30 Langley WA
2 hrs. Woman & mother witness very bright, elongate obj. in E sky. Appeared to have 2x lights on it. Suddenly ascended straight up. 11/2/99
4/26/96 12:30 McAllen TX Disk 5 min. At school my friend and I saw ufo hovering back and forth behind a radio anntena, to slow for plane too fast turning for chopper. It wa 1/28/99
4/25/96 22:05 Bishop CA
55 min. Man, wife, daughter, in-laws see very bright, strange obj. in sky. Had regular pulsing lights, 1/4 dia. of full moon. 11/2/99
4/25/96 22:00 Gold River CA
30 min. Man sees pulsing red light in NE sky. Obj. moves slowly to SE sky, drops down to horizon slowly, disappears behind houses. 11/2/99
4/25/96 21:30 Santa Barbara CA
1 hour Man on Rte. 126 sees bright white flash of light, then missing time. Experiences peculiar events, sees strange visions from history. 11/2/99
4/25/96 23:00 Riggins ID Egg 4 seconds Large white egg with comet-like tail seen above salmon river at french creek. 2/4/13
4/24/96 01:15 Port Angeles WA
40 sec. Man sees "round, black orb" pass across top of crescent moon. Obj. appeared jet black. Excellent written rept. and drawing. 11/2/99
4/24/96 03:00 San Diego CA Triangle 2.5 minutes herd a strange humming like a low decible bass. ((anonymous report)) 12/4/17
4/23/96 22:45
1 sec. Tel. Rept.: Law enforcement officer reports co-worker witnessed a short-lived "line of light" suddenly appear in night sky, disappears. 11/2/99
4/23/96 17:10 Richmond VA
6 min. Woman, other commuters on Ridgefield Rd. witness bright, shiny, chrome-colored obj. hovering below overcast. "Just above trees." 11/2/99
4/23/96 19:20 Goose Eye (UK/England)
Light 3 seconds Bright fast moving light making a pattern in the sky and leaving a slight trail. 12/9/03
4/23/96 04:45 Colchester (Canada) ON Circle 15-20 minutes ufo over lake erie in brood daylight / 1996 1/31/04
4/22/96 21:30 Edmonds WA
4 sec. Man repts. seeing a round, "shapeless," red object in sky while riding bicycle. Hears momentary, high-pitched "beep or click." 11/2/99
4/22/96 03:15 Rochester MN
45 min. Woman sees "bnright whitish-gold light" hovering in sky. Two smaller lights on either side. 11/2/99
4/22/96 17:00 Gunteersville AL Circle 2min new type of ufos almost un seeable to the eye 1/17/04
4/22/96 05:00 Philippines
Formation 3 mins. It about during the easter festivities that year when I saw three red-orange dots came together from different sides to form a perfect 12/16/05
4/20/96 22:05 Redding CA
3 min. Man sees "2 glowing balls of light" descend out of sky, reverse positions, streak to E. Objs. gave off sparks as they moved E. 11/2/99
4/20/96 01:00 Gilman VT
4 min.; Young man on Rte. 135 hears rear defroster buzz, sees huge, very bright boomerang-shaped obj. overhead. Rnd. bubble on bottom. 11/2/99
4/20/96 15:00 La Crosse WI Triangle 5 minutes Five of us were on the top of a building downtown near dusk flying a kite. I looked up and saw the triangular shape above us with roun 2/16/00
4/20/96 12:00 Santa Paula (near) CA Triangle 1 minute We pulled into a ranch near railroad tracks off of byway 126 near santa paula. I always carried binoculars in the car and when I got ou 3/17/17
4/20/96 00:00 Socorro NM Triangle 50 sec. Triangular shaped object seen over Socorro New Mexico 11/28/07
4/19/96 21:00 Durban (South Africa)
Light 10 minutes Fast moving lights on ocean horizon 6/21/00
4/18/96 17:40 Brisbane (near) (Queensland, Australia)

5 hours plus Five hours plus interaction with an "invisible entity". Four persons directly in contact. Two peripheral witnesses. Numerous physica 1/28/99
4/17/96 21:00 Pine Bluff AR
6 sec. Man repts. "8-12, maybe 15" objs., "size of stars," moving VERY fast in formation W to E overhead. Then sees 2x a/c in formation. 11/2/99
4/16/96 01:45 Pleasant Hill CA
2 min. Man driving on Hwy 4 sees 2x bright lights, flashes headlights at them. Objs. extinguish, then reappear as 1 red w/4x white lights! 11/2/99
4/15/96 16:35 Fort Collins CO
30 sec. Man repts. seeing "metallic object" in W sky against sun. Highly reflective, then turns black, becomes smaller. 2 boys see, too. 11/2/99
4/15/96 05:13 Campbell CA
4 sec. Woman observes round ball of light streak from E to W VERY fast, flashed 3-4 times. Visible through clouds, "like heat lightning." 11/2/99
4/15/96 05:13 Bakersfield CA
4 sec. Man sees enormous blue light pass S to N in W sky. Obj. flashed, turned pure white, streak N, then break up into pieces. 1/10th moon. 11/2/99
4/15/96 05:13 Bakersfield CA
4 sec. Reporter calls re multiple repts. of bright obj. streaking over Bakersfield. Writes article. (MANY other repts. after article.) 11/2/99
4/15/96 23:00 Kelso WA Cylinder 2 minutes Back in 1996 in kelso washington,i saw a cylinder inthe night sky at first it was grey then it turned and it was yellowish orange. 11/3/05
4/15/96 21:30 Perth (Australia)
Triangle 10 minutes Triangular object with smaller objects joining with it. 3 witnesses. 5/15/06
4/15/96 21:00 Big Stone Gap VA Light 3-4 minutes 1 LIGHT SEPARATES INTO 3 & HOVERS OVER TREE, THEN COMBINE & DISAPPEAR. 7/3/13
4/15/96 21:00 Salmon Arm (Shushuap) (Canada) BC Fireball 5 minutes Flying Fireballs , Piloted by ? 9/29/04
4/15/96 21:00 Los Angeles CA Other one minute "twinkling" points of light seen above LA, one darting Westbound 6/4/04
4/15/96 14:00 Lacoochee FL Fireball 3 seconds huge fireball approx. 30 mile fire trail, traveling upward at a speed approx. 10,000 miles p.h. 5/24/99
4/15/96 14:00 Monrovia CA Chevron 15 minutes Highly polished shuttle looking craft which hovered at high altitude in the air directly above me 3/4/08
4/15/96 05:30 Fort Morgan CO Light 2 minutes Little tiny light 8/16/02
4/15/96 05:11 Long Beach CA Fireball 1.5 seconds A Large Brilliant green fireball was seen "fall to earth" in the direction of the Long beach airport.There was no fire or evidence of a 1/28/99
4/15/96 00:30 Gretna LA Sphere 1.5min Red strobbing object, approx. the size of a basketball. 2/18/01
4/14/96 22:00 St. Johns MI
2 sec. FAA employee reports seeing 20x tiny, "pinpoints of gold or yellow color" lights streak overhead. Multiple clusters. 11/2/99
4/14/96 03:10 St. Ignace MI
5 min. Man, wife, 2 adults witness 2 very bright objs. pass across sky, followed by 4 smaller lights. Huge tail 1 mi. long. Steady pace. 11/2/99
4/14/96 03:10 Petoskey MI
1 min. MI Hwy. Patrol off. w/ partner on Hwy. 31 see 2x glowing obj. overhead. Obj. had "long, burning tail, like rooster tail." 2nd car saw. 11/2/99
4/14/96 03:05 Cheboygan MI

MI State Trooper calls to rept. that 2 troopers in Cheboygan, MI, will call on 02MY96 to rept. 14AP96 sighting of amber lights. 1/11/02
4/14/96 02:10 Wyoming MN
45 sec. Man, 3 neighbors witness "huge" cluster of amber lights pass slowly from SW to NE. Sky crystal clear. Steady pace, no noise. 11/2/99
4/14/96 02:05 Petoskey MI

Emmet Co. Deputy describes multiple reports of cluster of lights "w/ flame behind it" from MI State Patrol, deputies, local police. 11/2/99
4/14/96 02:05 St. Cloud MN
1 minute Man delivering newspapers sees large "trapezoid of very bright amber lights w/ strobes" pass slowly overhead SW to NE. Silent. 11/2/99
4/14/96 02:00 Minneapolis MN

Minneapolis FAA Center repts. calls from MI State Patrol regarding bizarre aerial event over Cheboygan & other nearby towns. 11/2/99
4/14/96 02:00 Polk County WI

Sheriff's Dept. repts. call from citizen of large, bizarre obj. passing overhead below clouds. Bright amber lights. 11/2/99
4/14/96 13:00 Groton CT Other ? Unknown object appeared in photograph, was not noticed at the time photo was taken,Curious? 2/22/02
4/14/96 Luck WI
1 minute Woman, husband see "huge" cluster of 5x BRIGHT lights pass from SW to NE beneath broken clouds. Beautiful "tail of light!!" 11/2/99
4/13/96 23:17 Fort Myers FL
4 sec. 2 males see orange ball of light streak from SE to N. "100x faster than Blue Angels." Covered 45 deg. of sky in 4 sec.; 2x size Venus. 11/2/99
4/13/96 19:30

Man repts. very strange obj. in night sky. (Facts unclear.) 11/2/99
4/12/96 23:55 Phillipsburg PA
15 min. NY FAA Center (ARTCC) shift-supervisor calls to rept. strange obj. seen on radar at 40k'. Obj. paced jet, seen by several other a/c. 11/2/99
4/12/96 23:55 Phillipsburg PA
15 min. Crew of bus jet call to describe sighting: intensely bright ball of light at 40k' approached their a/c, "jumped" 10-20 mi. in seconds! 11/2/99
4/12/96 22:08 Baltimore MD
5 sec. Man sees formation of 10-12 dimly lit amber lights in wedge-formation pass E to W overhead at VERY high speed, like shooting star. 11/2/99
4/12/96 21:45 Olathe KS
7 min. Man repts. "cluster of lights in W sky, very bright, stationary, 1/3 dia. of moon." (Calls next day--object is Venus.) 11/2/99
4/12/96 02:00 Nikishi AK

Household awakened by obj. that streaked overhead. Bright light in front, vapor trail left in sky. Obj. returned, hovered, turns red. 11/2/99
4/11/96 13:00 Memphis TN
30 min. Auto mechanics rept. bizarre red light that streak around shop, "like laser." Appears to come down out of sky; no other people nearby. 11/2/99
4/11/96 20:00 Atlantic Ocean
Light 4 hours During a flight from Boston to Amsterdam a strange point of light could be seen for almost the whole flight. 3/7/98
4/11/96 12:44 Santa Cruz CA Cylinder 5 minutes Strange craft observed over Santa Cruz CA. 8/10/99
4/10/96 23:00 Moundhouse NV Disk Unknown I may be the only human alive that remembers seeing the inside! 9/2/05
4/9/96 21:50 Bradenton FL
40 min. Woman, co-worker see very bright light to W over ocean. "Teardrop" shaped obj. drops from it, shoots off! Guards static. 8/16/02
4/7/96 18:15 Seattle WA
10 min. Man & wife see a circular, or disc-shaped, obj. streaking overhead. Very high, goes up through high clouds. Like "silver cigar." 8/5/01
4/7/96 13:30 Bellflower CA
10 sec. Six people see witness 747 airliner approaching airport w/ "30' white sphere" just below it. Obj. suddenly departs over horizon. 8/5/01
4/7/96 11:50 Lakewood CO
6 sec. Former USAF pilot sees silver/gray disc streak up to aft end of departing UAL DC-10. Obj. accelerates dramatically, ascend @ 45 deg.! 8/5/01
4/6/96 22:07 Billings MT
10 sec. Man in hot tub sees 2 very bright objs. side by side streaking S to N, both suddenly stop. Joined by 3rd obj. from NW. Streak off. 8/5/01
4/6/96 20:00 St. Helens (UK/England)
Disk 6 mins Saucer shaped craft, stationary in sky at night, white visible silhouette no surface detail 3/4/03
4/6/96 02:00 Huatulco (Mexico)
Light 4-5 min A moving light that resembled a star but moved in a crazy, erratic fashion and then zipped away and disappeared 3/19/09
4/5/96 21:00 San Diego CA
10 min. Anon. male caller repts. 2 bright red lights hovering together "35 deg. to left of Venus." Objs. move in formation to left, disappear. 8/5/01
4/5/96 21:00 San Diego CA

Anon. female caller repts. multiple observers see 2 bright red lights hovering in night sky. States her pos. "5 mi. NW of Pogey VOR." 8/5/01
4/5/96 20:30 San Diego CA
30 min. Pilot repts. 2 bizarre, large, bright red lights hovering "at 245 degrees, 45 degrees up" viewed from his home. Faded sequentially. 8/5/01
4/5/96 23:30 Arlington WA Disk 5 min Craft hovered over a barn on the side of the road and put a spotlight in my car 8/5/01
4/5/96 21:00 San Diego CA Light 20 two red slowly pulsating lights. Brightest things in the sky. Have video. Slowly moved south and then just vanished one by one. 8/5/01
4/5/96 21:00 San Diego CA Formation 60 seconds Two military members sighted two red lightsnorth of downntown San Diego. 8/5/01
4/5/96 15:00 Burgess Hill (UK/England)
Triangle 2 mins My husband was in the garden when he came rushing inside and said he had to use the phone to report something he had seen. he has an in 3/11/03
4/5/96 12:00 Redding CA Disk 1 min. I saw it hover for a 1min.Then it tuck off at a high speed. 1/28/99
4/4/96 02:45 Las Vegas NV
6 sec. Man driving S on Hwy. 215 East sees "huge falling star" descend out of night sky. Strange, distinctly blue color. 8/5/01
4/3/96 23:00 Fontana CA
18 min. Wife, husband, 3 children observe large, orange ball of extremely bright light in night sky. Obj. hovered, zigzagged, disappeared. 11/2/99
4/3/96 23:00 Fontana CA
18 min. Fontana Police relay rept.: Family had just called to report large, orangish light rotating, maneuvering in sky over city. 8/5/01
4/3/96 22:30 Las Vegas NV
5 min. Man and family witness 5 bright, whit lights oriented in single file pass overhead slowly from E to W. Very strange. 8/5/01
4/3/96 16:00 Lagrange KY light 5 min. While walking through Lagrange golf course, bright lights were seen over trees. 1/28/99
4/2/96 20:15 Jacksonville FL
5 sec. Man standing outside house witnesses "star" moving W to E in N sky. "Star" suddenly "turns 90 deg., goes straight up out of sight. 8/5/01
4/2/96 13:00 Muscle Shoals AL Other 4 seconds Man, lying on back looking up, sees tiny bright white speck streak across blue sky from W to E. Obj. zigzagged twice, disappeared 11/2/99
4/1/96 23:00 Purchase NY Triangle 30 minutes The Westchester Triangle 96? 7/23/00
4/1/96 23:00 Dayton NV Disk 10 Hours Made Eye Contact.... 2/14/06
4/1/96 23:00 Anamosa/Cedar Rapids (between) IA Fireball 2-3 minutes I was delivering a pizza to a house out of town. I was returning towards a gravel rode from a suburb. I came to the end of the drive 5/3/00
4/1/96 22:26 Mason MI Unknown
"Alien" body, decomposing, with silvery skin, approx 36" - 48" tall was found by Mason residents under leaves in their yard. 8/5/01
4/1/96 22:00 Harrisburg PA Formation 1hr Light formations over Harrisburg, PA on 4/1/96. 5/24/05
4/1/96 22:00 Washington PA Unknown 2 Minutes UFO encounter along a country road 9/17/00
4/1/96 19:00 Monument Valley UT Light 45 seconds run off road by bright light, Monument Valley Utah 6/4/04
4/1/96 18:00 Kingston AR Triangle 3 min low elevation above trees hovering, no sound. triangle shape.dull metalic color w/ 3 pulsating dim lights on each corner. calm experien 9/28/02
4/1/96 01:00 Wartrace TN Unknown 5 Minutes Awoke to being chased by a bright light.. Thought it was a nightmare. Next afternoon was questioned by parent about bright lights. 11/28/07
4/1/96 Lumberton TX
90 min. Multiple witnesses report yellow object in night sky. 8/5/01