National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 11/1995
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
11/30/95 22:35 Howell NJ
5 min. Man saw 2 lights, apparently coming directly toward him, then a 3rd appeared, forming a triangular shape. Hovered nearby, faded. 11/2/99
11/29/95 21:28 Glen Ellen CA
15 sec. Woman calls to rept. that her son & husband had seen a huge obj. w/ 3 red flashing lights. "Shape of sub on Seaquest TV program." 11/2/99
11/29/95 19:05 Redding CA
5 min. Woman witnesses bright "star" in NW sky which suddenly splits into two lights. 1 descends to hor., other rises vert., disappears. 11/2/99
11/29/95 16:40 Antelope Valley CA Light 10 sec. Man on Hwy. 14 sees two bright objs. w/ trails behind them flying slowly along a parallel course. Larger becomes black dot. 11/2/99
11/28/95 21:30 Bellevue WA
15 sec. Software engin. witnesses "stripe" of green light in N/S orientation across sky above scudding clouds. (Adv. laser light rptd. 28NO.) 11/2/99
11/28/95 21:00 Palm Springs CA
38 min. FAA employee calls regarding a shimmering, very colorful, stationary light in the eastern sky. (Twinkling star??) 11/2/99
11/27/95 23:00 Fort Morgan CO
2 hrs. Woman reports a very bright, colorful, stationary object "below the Belt of Orion." (Possible flickering star??) 11/2/99
11/27/95 20:00 Lyons CO Other 20 minutes Hole (50 feet by 30 feet) opens up on hill side. Light streams from it along with motor noise. Closes again and leaves no sign of exi 1/28/99
11/27/95 00:00 Hickory NC Sphere 7-10 minutes Two bluish white orbs one bigger then other then at end did a u turn into space almost like something in a movie with no noise. 8/8/14
11/25/95 22:30 Stonglandseidet/Mølnelva (Norway)
A burning object, with the speed ofthe light,came from onwhere. stoped,turned right and left,then left this earth?? 2/18/01
11/25/95 20:01 Woodland CA
2 sec. Two young boys witness 2 bright, white oval objs. streak to E, then to NE below the clouds. Objs. were very bright. 11/2/99
11/25/95 00:42 Wishkah River WA

Experienced MUFON investigator/law officer relays rpt that woman, son witnessed bizarre bright light, green beam near home. 11/2/99
11/24/95 18:00 Portland MI Disk 20-25 seconds large saucer object with red and green light over highway that sped away at unbelievable speeds. 3/19/09
11/24/95 Comanche County OK

Man calls to relay reports of multiple cattle mutilations in Comanche, Telman, & Grady Counties. 7 calves in 1 rpt. News articles. 11/2/99
11/23/95 19:00 Loveland/Fort Collins CO Triangle 30 minutes Triangle ship following a ball of light. 6/15/15
11/23/95 01:00 Gaithersberg MD Formation 15sec-1min November, 1995 sighting of a red "V" formation followed by a wavy string of greenish lights. 1/11/05
11/22/95 20:03 Haltbro PA
1 minute Woman reported witnessing a cluster of "gold cigars." Passed overhead very fast. Objs. were thicker in center. Distinctly gold. 11/2/99
11/22/95 19:45 Woodland CA

Mother reported her son had become very agitated after witnessing a strange craft outside his bedroom. Disc w/ "fluttering" sound. 11/2/99
11/21/95 23:30 Washburn ND Triangle 20 seconds A bluish triangular object moving in a clockwise direction. 11/28/07
11/21/95 22:00 Memphis TN
2 min. Woman & neighbor witness bizarre obj. pass overhead. Obj. had long wings, "like a glider," w/ 8-9 lights on each. It folded wings!! 11/2/99
11/21/95 18:00 Peyton CO
5 min. Young man&mother; 2 intensely bright white lights, side by side, moving erratically across sky. Green flashes, sonic 11/2/99
11/20/95 22:00 Christmas Valley OR Light 5 minutes Three sitings, all in Oregon, at night, no visible moon 11/26/03
11/20/95 21:50 Bremerton WA
2 sec. Woman reports witnessing peculiar lights in W sky, which suddenly disappeared from sight. Lights "looked round." 11/2/99
11/20/95 20:25 Federal Way WA
1 minute Woman, friend, observe very large obj. in sky w/. bizarre lights. Stationary at first, then began to drift to W. No sound. 11/2/99
11/20/95 19:12 Sumter SC
20 sec. Woman repts. her husband had just witnessed two bizarre ships, "a round one, and a long torpedo-shaped obj.," pass overhead. 11/2/99
11/20/95 19:00 Mayfield KY Triangle 10 min. family followed by darting, triangular objects. 9/24/03
11/20/95 13:42 Tampa FL

Nursery owner repts. peculiar ring of flattened grass on his property. Grass had been killed earlier w/ spray, but was matted down. 11/2/99
11/20/95 06:15 Belle Fourche SD
2 sec. MUFON State Dir. relays rpt: Postal empl. heading W on highway witnesses very large white w/ green tail streak vert. to horizon. 11/2/99
11/20/95 05:15 College Station TX Light 15 seconds One third larger and twice as bright as venus. The object did not twinkle as one would expect if it were a star. 1/28/99
11/20/95 02:00 Elizabethtown KY Other 2 minutes The craft was about 200 feet in the air above the field and an adjacent house. 8/5/09
11/19/95 23:06 Virginia Beach VA Circle 20-30 Seconds A circular object with lights on the bottom, flying very low to the house, possibly about six stories high, there was a humming noise. 3/19/09
11/19/95 23:06 Virginia Beach VA
25 sec. Mother heard high-pitch whine pass over house. Daughter witnessed large circular craft w/ multiple circular whitish, yellow lights. 11/2/99
11/19/95 21:50 Olathe KS
1 hour Family repts. a stationary obj. in night sky that is flashing red, blue, silver. Appears to rotate. (Not inconsistent w/ star.) 11/2/99
11/19/95 20:45 Holton KS
15 min. Youth w/ friend pursue on Hwy. 16 "triangular thing in sky, w/ yellow, blue, and green" lights. Obj. turned abruptly, flew north. 11/2/99
11/19/95 18:37 Redding CA
10 min. Father w/ children witness orange ball of light bob above trees. Suddenly witness streak of white light w/ green tail" finger wide. 11/2/99
11/19/95 18:35 Placerville CA
3 sec. MUFON investigator relays rept. of multiple sightings of bizarre "meteor." Multiple newspaper articles. 11/2/99
11/19/95 18:30 Carson City NV
2 sec. Woman calls after dramatic sighting of "a red streak of light, w/ blue in middle" moving SE to NW. Width "as thick as my thumb!" 11/2/99
11/19/95 18:30 Redding CA
3 sec. Woman in car facing E saw very bright, bizarre obj. streak horizontally from L to R. Head was blue, tail was yellow, orange, red. 11/2/99
11/19/95 18:00 Trenton IA
3 min. Young man hunting sees two peculiar bright lights hovering in sky, "like planets." Suddenly they flashed, changed color, moved. 11/2/99
11/19/95 17:30 Phoenix AZ
5 min. Woman, grandson, and several other witnesses rept. approx. 10 shiny objs. maneuvering, reflecting sunlight overhead. Streaked off. 11/2/99
11/19/95 00:26 Framingham MA
50 sec. Young woman repts. seeing w/ friends a large, round, bright obj. overhead. Filled car w/ green light. "Pains in head." 11/2/99
11/18/95 21:00 Ringgold GA Delta 15 min. On Saturday evening just after dark on November 18, 1995 an arrowhead-shaped ufo was spotted to the east approx. 100 yrds. from Davis R 4/26/00
11/18/95 17:40 Mojave CA
35 min. Woman repts. 2 objs., "big and small," hovering in clear sky to SW. Lights appear to blink or strobe. Other witnesses. 11/2/99
11/18/95 15:08 Seattle WA

Nat. UFO Rpt. Ctr. phones AP & UPI wire services. They have no info re 17NO95 sightings; express no desire to inspect data. 11/2/99
11/18/95 01:15 Muskegon MI
12 min Woman repts. daughter encountered intensely bright red, triangular obj. sitting on side of road. Obj. rose, disappeared suddenly. 11/2/99
11/18/95 00:00 Orlando FL

Woman repts. bizarre "half circle" obj. in sky to SE. Projects ray downward! Something appeared to "fall" from the main object. 11/2/99
11/17/95 23:30 Seymour-Johnson AFB NC

Duty sergeant rpts multiple calls from citizens regarding 1 or more (?) objects hovering, maneuvering near USAF base. Radar neg. 11/2/99
11/17/95 23:30 Seattle WA
38 min. 2nd Seattle Univ. student calls to report remarkable "pink and " blue flashing lights in, or above the clouds. 11/2/99
11/17/95 23:30 Seattle WA
20 min. Young woman in Seattle Univ. dormitory sees bizarre, pronounced red, pink, blue intense, multiple flashes of light in clouds to east. 11/2/99
11/17/95 23:00 Seattle WA
3 hrs. Man repts. witnessing peculiar red and blue flashes over Seattle. One flash filled 180 deg. of sky w/ red light. Observed an orb. 11/2/99
11/17/95 23:00 Seattle WA
3 hrs. Young woman repts. witnessing multiple "flashes of red and blue light" in and above the clouds. Were to the NE of Capitol Hill. 11/2/99
11/17/95 23:00 Arlington WA

MUFON member relays multiple reports about people who witnessed "pink and blue flashes" same night as sightings over Seattle. 11/2/99
11/17/95 22:35 Biddeford ME
2 min. Man leaves work at hospital, encounters large "plate-shaped obj. w/ 3 multi-color rings around it." Obj crossed road, rose vert. 11/2/99
11/17/95 22:30 Fall River MA
10 sec. Young woman saw extremely bright white light with green tail streak toward the south. No sound. 11/2/99
11/17/95 22:27 York ME
5 sec. Father, son, & many bystanders witness incredible "starlike" obj. w/ "white aura, long green tail," STREAK FAST from NE to SW. 11/2/99
11/17/95 22:26 Yarmouth ME
5 sec. Young man reports huge, bright white light, "w/ green wake," pass overhead very fast. Other witnesses stopped cars. 11/2/99
11/17/95 22:25 Lower Nazareth PA
3 min. Woman witnesses huge, triangular-shaped ship, covered w/ bizarre lights, "like traffic lights." Very dramatic sighting. 11/2/99
11/17/95 22:20 FAA (Sector 18) NY
5 sec. FAA Boston Cntr. relays 2 rpts: 2 comm. jetliner crews rept very bright light, green tail, pass by them on N side very fast. Close. 11/2/99
11/17/95 22:20 Basking Ridge NJ
4 sec. Young man, while driving N, witnesses dramatic white fireball to east streak N to S. Sees similar red streak N to S in W sky! 11/2/99
11/17/95 22:20 Orange VT
15 minutes Woman witnesses multiple red, radiant objs. hovering over her mountaintop farm, then immense white flash. Objs. streaked S (?). 11/2/99
11/17/95 22:05 Moriches (Long Island) NY Other 1-2 mins NY Radar Air Traffic Controllers see UFO over Long Island. 5/13/12
11/17/95 21:00 Merrick (Long Island) NY Chevron 30 sec. Reading text of Lufthansa Pilots sighting that night, jogged my memory, of my own sighting that night. 2/24/07
11/17/95 17:18 Simsbury CT
2 sec. Woman & friend (pilot) see very large blazing yellow/orange "comet" streak horiz. E to W, explode. Changed course, dropped vert.! 3/19/02
11/17/95 00:30 Tacoma WA

Young man repts. he returned home from store, neighborhood boys excited about strange obj. that had just passed overhead. 11/2/99
11/16/95 21:40 Elk Grove CA
40 sec. Woman outside smoking sees bizarre craft "w/ red lights" pass silently overhead. When she peered around house, was gone. 3/19/02
11/15/95 23:00 North East MD Oval 10 minutes UFO hovers right above a rural house and field 3/16/01
11/15/95 22:30 Boulder CO Formation 10 sec. I was sitting in my back yard talking on the phone.When I saw 1 green dot fly south Followed by 2 more green dots flying parallel to ea 11/17/99
11/15/95 22:00 La Puente CA Other 15 seconds Four large luminous disks arranged like the engines of a 4-engine plane flew north to south at low altitude and silently. 8/5/01
11/15/95 21:00 Cavite (Philippines)
Circle 1+ minutes Cavite, Philippines: Young boys witness peculiar formation in sky. 1/21/08
11/15/95 19:30 Milwaukee WI Fireball 15 seconds? Fireball in Milwaukee 9/9/03
11/15/95 17:30 Wednesbury, West Midlands (UK/England)
Triangle 20mins a triangla shape seen in sky changing speed and different colours 11/20/01
11/15/95 03:00 Green Co. TN
2 hrs. FAA empl. relays facts of written rept. Man and woman encounter 3 bizarre ships that hovered over them on Hwy. 70. 11/2/99
11/14/95 18:45 Midway GA
2 min. Mother notices "aircraft" over Midway River, suddenly "engine noise" seem to slow. She & kids see 2 "mushroom shaped" craft. 11/2/99
11/14/95 18:30 American Canyon CA
30 min. Woman and daughter witness w/ binoculars 2 strange lights in sky. Flashing white, red, green. (Not inconsistent w/ twinkling star.) 11/2/99
11/13/95 19:50 Lake Oswego OR
12 min. Woman repts. three peculiar green beams of light overhead. (MUFON investigator reptd. was probably laser-based adv. light.) 11/2/99
11/13/95 00:15 Birmingham AL
2 sec. Man standing outside sees what looks like "shooting star." Obj. split into 3 lights, "like isosceles triangle," shot across sky to SE 11/2/99
11/12/95 23:20 Roy UT Triangle 10 Minutes At 11:20 PM as I saw a triange shaped object with 7 red lights moving slowly to the south. 1/28/99
11/12/95 21:00 Las Vegas NV
45 min. Woman repts. two stationary, "colorful," lights to W & NW of her position. (Description not inconsistent w/ twinkling stars.) 11/2/99
11/12/95 19:00 Keesler AFB MS
1 hour Man rpts. bizarre obj moving in night sky near "Keesler" (AFB?). Other objs near. All w/ strange red & blue lights, maneuvered. 9/19/02
11/11/95 21:45 Kirkland WA
10 sec. Woman on cruise boat sees large obj. w/ 8-10 strange red lights, passes overhead N to S, dips, rises vert. out of sight! No sound. 11/2/99
11/11/95 19:00 Solvang CA
10 min. Two young women driving to party encounter a large cylindrical-shaped obj. "w/ a lot of lights on it." Drifted slowly, streaked. 11/2/99
11/11/95 18:25 Rock Island WA Light 20 sec. Man on Hwy 28 sees extremely bright obj. "shoot across windshield," blow up into many fragments when it entered cloud of fog. 11/2/99
11/11/95 10:00 Pichacho Peak AZ Circle 15 min Driving from Phoenix to Tucson Arizona,about half way (Marana Arizona), Nov. 11, 1995 I looked toward Kitt Peak (the famous observatory 10/31/03
11/11/95 01:15 Eugene OR
10 min. Three adults hear a strange noise, see a strange "star" to W. Obj. does gyrations, then streaks N. 10 min. later, they see 3 more. 11/2/99
11/10/95 23:45 Brownsville TX Circle 10 minutes A late night experience of a rotating ball with changing colors, and a aura 3/16/01
11/10/95 23:25 Auburn WA
10 sec. Man experienced 15 sec. power outage in Enumclaw, then witnesses major blue, then green flash south of Auburn. 50 deg. of sky. 11/2/99
11/10/95 23:00 St. Thomas (Charlotte Amalie) (U. S. Virgin Islands)
11/10/95 21:00 Eilmsport PA

PA Emer. Man. Agency relays report from citizen regarding "UFO sighting." (Established 19NO95 they were advertising lights.) 11/2/99
11/10/95 20:00 Embarrass MN Disk 1-3 mins craft sighted hovering over trees in rural minnesota 8/4/03
11/10/95 19:50 Beaverton OR
40 min. Family returns from restaurant and notice "emerald green beam" of light going horizontally over their home. Beam ended abruptly. 11/2/99
11/9/95 16:30 Elizabeth NJ Oval 90 seconds ? While driving on Route 1&9 in Elizabeth Near Newark Airport I was looking at an airplane that was taking off on an upward incline. At t 8/30/99
11/8/95 19:00 Pilot Rock OR Light 1 hour Two brothers witness cluster of 4 bizarre blue-white lights ahead on highway. Strange effects. Drove 98.7 miles on 2 gal. gas. 11/2/99
11/7/95 23:10 Rockland CA

Woman repts. witnessing obj. in sky that "looks like star." Reptd. to move slightly, fade. She drove to open field to view. (Star?) 11/2/99
11/6/95 20:45 Lebanon OR
5 min. Mother (39 yrs.) & son witness bizarre, very brightly lighted disc hovering over rural road. Moved extraordinarily suddenly, fast! 11/2/99
11/6/95 00:20 Tampa FL
30 sec. Woman & husband witness "extremely brilliant white light w/ pink & blue" in the E sky. Appeared to eject obj. Changed shape. 11/2/99
11/6/95 00:15 St. Augustine FL
20 sec. Anon. rpt. of bizarre obj. that "looked like the Shuttle" moving S to N across sky, 20 deg. in 20 sec.. Visible exhaust plume. Bright. 11/2/99
11/5/95 23:20 Mascoutah IL
7 sec. Nurse returning home sees "bright white light shoot over her truck, straight ahead (of her)." Upset. Possible phy. effect on car. 11/2/99
11/5/95 21:45 Champaign IL
5 min. Woman & 9-yr. daughter heard "sirens" then noticed obj. sitting above nearby trees. Looked "like Xmas lights." Followed them. 11/2/99
11/5/95 18:00 Kirksville MO Sphere 20 MIN 3 UFO'S SPOTTED SHARING ENERGY PARTICALS IN MISSOURRI SKY 11/26/03
11/5/95 00:00 Lexington KY
3 hrs. Young man in state of excitement calls to report a "big ball of light" had circled him as he walked along RR tracks. Missing time(?). 11/2/99
11/4/95 23:45 Alfalfa OR
10 sec. Young man (MUFON trainee) & girlfriend witness a "straight, triangular beam of light" projected down (?) from cloudy sky. 11/2/99
11/4/95 11:53 Chelan WA

Software engin. repts. very bright, peculiar orange "fireballs" to the SSE of his home. Similar sighting in same area 28OC95. 11/2/99
11/4/95 Brockton MA

Man reports witnessing "bright light coming through the trees." He goes to window, sees peculiar "long tube" pass over his house. 11/2/99
11/3/95 23:06 West Seattle WA

Woman repts. pecular small obj. in morning sky, "like a bright star." Then it began to move, rose up, drifted south. Red beacon vis. 11/2/99
11/3/95 23:00 Colton CA
10 min. Woman observes peculiar "red star" in N sky. Viewed it w/ coworkers. Obj. finally moved off and disappeared from sight. 11/2/99
11/3/95 22:25 Belmont CA
2 sec. Woman witnesses a "round, fluorescent gree ball of fire" descend out of night sky & disappear behind hills to S. Long, fiery tail. 11/2/99
11/3/95 14:17 Maryland Hts. MO
3 min. Woman notices "tiny little shiny obj." in daytime sky. It suddenly drops to horizon in approx. 10-15 sec., disappears from sight. 11/2/99
11/3/95 Albany NY
3 nights Man repts. witnessing triangular shaped craft pass overhead on NO 03, 04, & 05. Illuminated clouds; changed shape! 11/2/99
11/1/95 22:30 Plano TX Sphere 2 seconds Blue Sphere of Light - Turns into Upside Down Pyramid of Light 9/17/00
11/1/95 22:30 Daphne AL Triangle 30 seconds Triangular shaped object with 3 lights, passes over house at low altitude and made no sound. 1/21/08
11/1/95 22:00 Fontana CA Other around 15 min Saw a U.F.O. dropping some glowing stuff 10/7/03
11/1/95 21:45 Sedro Woolley WA
30 min. Husband & wife see peculiar colorful, stationary obj. to E, over Alger Mtn.. (Possible star??) 11/2/99
11/1/95 20:00 Stroudsburg PA Sphere 2 minutes On November 21st of the year 1995 around 8:00 oclock at night strange spherical violet bluish balls of light where landing over a mount 12/2/00
11/1/95 18:30 San Juan/San Clemente CA Sphere 30 minutes Orange balls of light near Camp Pendleton - fire dept says it's planes dropping night illuminaiton balls, drills, this was around 1995 6/24/14
11/1/95 16:00 Lake Forest CA Unknown 1 min Two bright headlights hovered noiselessly. Eyes adjusted and saw a Stealth shape head on. Finally able to see orange whisp of light whe 11/19/98
11/1/95 11:40 Manson WA

Man repts. 2 "guys in scuba divers suits w/ wrap-around glasses" in his apt.. "Photographed" man w/ "flashlights." Through wall! 11/2/99
11/1/95 04:00 Palm Springs CA Triangle 30 minutes Black triangle-shaped craft hovered at low altitude next to freeway for at least 30 minutes on Halloween night 1995. 8/5/12
11/1/95 02:00 Randolph MA Circle 30secs while working the late shift at agas station on rte 28 in Randolph I saw alarge white light in the sky to the east. It started up high 8/5/00
11/1/95 02:00 Randolph MA Light 2 minutes Bright light appears over power lines 12/19/03
11/1/95 00:30 Lakeport (near) CA Light 5 hours Two brothers hunting 6 miles from the main road. Parked on a pullout near the top of the ridgetop. Saw red-green halo light moving acro 3/7/98
11/1/95 00:15 Bothell WA
2 sec. Exp. UFO investigator, MUFON member, witnesses very bright bluish/white flash of light that lit living room. Descended rapidly. 11/2/99