National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 07/1995
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/31/95 21:30 Sarasota FL

Man driving on I-275 sees 3 subdued lights in triangular pattern moving to N. Very strange appearance & manner of flight. Disappear. 11/2/99
7/31/95 23:45 Morris Plains NJ
3.5 hrs. Dentist, neighbor, 3 police observe bizarre, bright light flying wing-shaped craft "w/ red, green, & white bubbles." Exclnt rept. 11/2/99
7/31/95 Trenton NJ

NJ Division of Aviation relays seemingly credible UFO report from NJ citizen. 11/2/99
7/30/95 22:45 San Fernando CA
30 min. Second call from two men witnessing multiple craft streaking across sky. Obj. are disc-shaped, w/ blue & red lights on edge. 11/2/99
7/30/95 22:05 Highpoint NC
2 sec. Man sitting on lawn hears obj. pass overhead very fast. Distinct humming tone. Repts. it sheared limb off tree. 11/2/99
7/30/95 22:00 Newtown CT
30 sec. Man & wife witness two sightings of an obj. moving across sky very fast. 11/2/99
7/30/95 22:00 Baltimore MD
5 sec. Woman repts. seeing strange, bright obj. moving back & forth, moving in circles. Streaks to north out of sight. 11/2/99
7/30/95 22:00 Chippewa Falls WI Circle 5 min. We saw a large craft that had a ring of lights on the bottom that disappeared straight up in the sky. 12/19/03
7/30/95 01:06 Bolivia NC
10 min. NC Emer. Commo.Cntr. repts. 2 police officers reporting strange lights in sky near Goose Creek area. 11/2/99
7/30/95 00:10 San Fernando CA
3.5 hrs. Man repts. multiple sightings of strangely lighted craft hovering, then streaking overhead in clear sky. Some w/ subdued lights. 11/2/99
7/29/95 22:30 Portland OR

MUFON investigator reports her mother witnessed four discs in formation over Portland. 11/2/99
7/29/95 22:30 Culver City CA

Woman sits outside to witness aircraft. Sees a large "triangular-shaped obj. w/ pastel lights on edge" pass slowly overhead. 11/2/99
7/29/95 21:24 Alicante (Spain)
Circle 00:11 Small bright disk seen from Alicante, Spain, July 1995 8/5/01
7/29/95 13:52 Puyallup WA
1 minute Man & son witness a small, round, brown object high in sky. Hovered in place, accelerated suddenly, and flew north. 11/2/99
7/29/95 02:00 Parshallville MI
4 sec. Man & neighbor witness sudden bright flash on very clear night, followed by "contrail" rising vertically. Disappears from sight. 11/2/99
7/28/95 23:10 Clarksville VA
80 min. Woman repts. sighting disc-shaped obj. w/ flashing red & green lights. Stationary. (Possible twinkling stars?) 11/2/99
7/28/95 15:15 Wauwatosa WI Sphere 15 Minutes Saw three UFOs in the sky on a clear blue day. 2/14/06
7/28/95 14:00 Racine WI
2 min. Man & wife witness bizarre, very bright, silver-looking disc in clear sky. Obj. was joined suddenly by two identical craft. 11/2/99
7/28/95 03:45 Seattle WA
5 min. Man repts. several sightings of very rapidly moving lights & dark bodies overhead. Reflect city lights off ventral sides. 11/2/99
7/28/95 00:15 Folsom CA
10 sec. Woman repts seeing circular craft with "kidney-bean shaped, soft amber lights." Flew over house. Called Folsom Police. 11/2/99
7/28/95 00:10 Belmont CA
25 min. Man & wife rept. strange, moving light in sky. Looks like "three headlights in a row." Not an airliner or helicopter, they report. 11/2/99
7/28/95 00:01 Bakersfield CA
20 min. Man & neighbor witness bright, white light maneuveririg erratically in sky overhead. Bigger than star, he thought. 11/2/99
7/27/95 23:20 Rochester NY
10 min. Two men driving on major hwy. witness a strange triangle overhead w/ red, green, & yellow lights directly overhead. Flew slowly. 11/2/99
7/27/95 21:30 Riverside CA
20 min. Man repts. seeing peculiar bright, white light, apparently hovering over mountains to east. Descended, then rose up. 11/2/99
7/27/95 13:52 Beaverton OR
7 min. Woman repts. hovering light over nearby field. Hovered, changed colors, moved very slowly. Later, saw 5 lights in formation. 11/2/99
7/27/95 03:00 Buffalo NY Disk 10 minutes we saw a britly light sawser decend from the sky and hover about 30 feet from the ground. 2/16/99
7/27/95 01:00 Belleville IL
12 min. Man repts. seeing "silver cylinder" moving in sky. (Facts not complete.) 11/2/99
7/26/95 23:30 Toronto (Canada) ON Formation 45 seconds 3 lights travelling as triangle then one corner sped off at right angle followed by other two; all vanish 9/2/05
7/26/95 22:30 Mason City IA

Woman repts. seeing peculiar star zigzagging across sky. Fifth sighting in a week. 11/2/99
7/26/95 00:00 Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
Formation 45 seconds 3 saucers like disks travelling as triangle 8/5/09
7/25/95 23:00 Gabicce Mare (Italy)
Sphere 40 sec 2 yellow spheric crafts over gabicce mare ( ITALY ) 2/14/06
7/25/95 20:30 Marion SD
4 min. Woman w/ nephew & niece witness "long, white thing w/ a red tail" streak from E to S horizon. It was shaped like rocket. 11/2/99
7/25/95 19:00 Chula Vista CA Circle 5 minutes What I saw was huge it flew over my apartment complex it was bigger than the complex itself... it had so much detail that it scared the 8/7/11
7/25/95 15:00 West Seattle WA
5 min. Woman repts. seeing highly reflective, small obj. maneuvering in sky. Appeared "to have energy around it." 11/2/99
7/25/95 09:35 Ocate NM Light 2 min 4 observers view 2 point of light above horizon moving erratically up and down. Darted off very rapidly. Miltary aircraft buzzed. 8/5/01
7/24/95 22:30 Arlington IL
20 sec. Man repts. seeing "whole sky light up." Flash appeared to be from very high up, very bright, stationary, and cast shadows. 11/2/99
7/24/95 22:00 Romford (UK/England)
Egg morning Two pure white egg shaped objects joined by another .THEY FORM A TRIANGLE for a few seconds 12/16/05
7/24/95 21:00 Tooele UT Unknown 20 minutes Orange lights near the Tooele Army Depot. 7/8/04
7/24/95 03:00 Olympia WA
22 sec. Group of 5 (?) people witness "shooting star" streak across sky, then stop. Second "star" began to move. (Not all facts clear.) 11/2/99
7/24/95 01:45 Mooresville NC Unknown 15-20 minutes MY LIFE IS CHANGED BECAUSE OF THIS!! ((anonymous report)) 8/10/18
7/23/95 23:00 Snake River ID
15 sec. 12 passengers on tour boat see "manta ray" pass directly overhead. Delta-shaped wings appeared "to ripple." Strange black color. 11/2/99
7/22/95 20:00 Springfield IL
1 minute Man & mother report small, glowing, cigar-shaped obj. moving slowly across sky. Accelerated suddenly, streaked off. 11/2/99
7/22/95 20:00 Redding CA
20 min. 16 people observe 4 bizarre cigar-shaped, metallic-appearing objects fly slowly S to N over home. No wings, tail, or engines! 11/2/99
7/22/95 10:30 Santa Clara CA
30 min. Tennis instr. & 2 others witness 4 tiny metallic-looking "cylinders" maneuvering dramatically overhead. White, blue, red. Streaked. 11/2/99
7/21/95 23:15 Philadelphia PA Light 2-3 min. Bright Light over I95 (Philly) which shot off at an incredible speed and angle. 6/18/04
7/20/95 23:00 Bellevue WA
3 min. Young man & girlfriend see strange, round obj. hovering outside apt.. Feel peculiar sensations when they walk outside on porch. 11/2/99
7/20/95 22:25 Renton WA
15 sec. Man (pilot, astronomer) witnesses very bright obj. moving fast across sky. Disappeared from sight behind trees. 11/2/99
7/20/95 22:00 Arlington MA Formation 5 minutes 3 stars circle, join and fly away 2/14/06
7/20/95 22:00 Erwin TN Sphere 3-5 minutes Red Sphere moving at near light speed. 11/6/14
7/20/95 21:32 Vista CA
5 min. Mother & son see 4 pairs of paired lights hovering motionless in formation. 5th craft streaks up, hovers. Near Camp Pendleton. 11/2/99
7/20/95 16:00 Mandan (south of) ND Other 90 seconds Arrow-shaped balls of light. 3/18/14
7/20/95 12:30 Atlanta GA Circle 4 seconds Object descends then ascends at breakneck speed, recorded from an aircraft. 8/27/09
7/20/95 02:15 Port Orchard WA
25 min. Daughter wakes parents, all 3 witness bizarre craft w/ colored lights hover nearby. Chased w/ car. Obj. zigzags, disappears. 11/2/99
7/20/95 02:00 Henry TN Light 1 hour It looked like a star at first, then it started moving in circles, going straight up then back down again,and then going in circles aga 11/1/98
7/20/95 00:30 Waterloo (Canada) ON Light 10 seconds Three distinctive illuminated lines hover above in the sky and quickly disappear towards the horizon. 12/2/00
7/19/95 22:40 Pacific WA
8 min. Man sees bizarre cluster of 5 lights in straight line. Center 3 strobed. Obj. moves north, dips below trees. Turned w/o banking. 11/2/99
7/19/95 21:00 Clinton Township MI Oval 5 minutes It looked real, not like a plane or "weather balloon" 4/28/01
7/19/95 01:30 Sacramento CA
5 min. Sqare obj w 3 white lights and blue nose light seen by residents of neighborhood. Caused houses to shake. 11/2/99
7/19/95 00:30 Birmingham AL
2 min. Woman & son encounter 3 "double sets of headlights" hovering in sky. Moved to left of car; silhouette visible. Shot beam of light. 11/2/99
7/18/95 23:00 Fort Worth TX Sphere not sure it stayed in one Black object sits for a while in the darkness of night between earth and the moon 7/5/05
7/17/95 01:30 Holland County AR Changing 45 min. Driving back from a roadtrip we saw a bright light ahead of us that seemed to be morphing into different shapes and eminating energy. 6/21/00
7/16/95 21:30 Boone NC Oval 3 MINUTES Oval, silent, UFO, with very bright red,green, & amber lights, football field size, 100 ft. up, ,7/16/95,Boone. 12/9/03
7/16/95 20:00 Ringgold GA Triangle TRIANGLE UFO SITTING OVER traingle shaped object with 3 lights(ones at each corner)hovering very low 12/7/06
7/16/95 15:00 Cherry Hill NJ

Dentist, 2 lifeguards, and others see same black dot that had been seen 3 wks. earlier. (See 27JN95 event.) 11/2/99
7/16/95 12:15 Macon GA
1 minute Man & wife witness bright orange disc streak over Hwy 78. Flipped on edge, turned white, shot south. Size of full moon. 11/2/99
7/16/95 01:40 Santa Ana CA
15 min. Man & wife witness very bizarre aerial display of 10-20 white lights. (Probable Disneyland laser display practice.) 11/2/99
7/15/95 23:49 Edmonds WA Light 10 sec. I was talking to my friend (we were camping outside) and it was a clear night. A light appeared out of nowhere among the stars, and beg 4/26/99
7/15/95 23:30 Carthage IL Light 2 minutes Light in the sky that moved unusually and flashed. What I saw lasted approximately 2 minutes and in no way could it have been an aircr 1/28/99
7/15/95 23:30 Algonquin Park (Canada) ON Flash 6-8 minutes high speed back-and-forth movement; merging of many craft; craft respons to flashlight with its own beam 3/11/06
7/15/95 23:00 Norman OK Sphere 30 seconds I looked up in the sky and saw a half sphere shaped object with extensions floating in the sky. It made no noise. 8/10/99
7/15/95 23:00 Easten Beach (Gibralter)
I was by the beach, looked up 3 craft circle stop in the air did a displays stop and whent at the speed of light. It look like 3 moons. 7/8/16
7/15/95 23:00 Port-au-Prince (Haiti)
Unknown See text Sighting during 1995 US Army contingent during United Nations Mission in Haiti 3/23/11
7/15/95 22:30 South Prarie WA Fireball 4 seconds fireball/5 minu Fireball due north of my position, straight into ground on top of hill above Orting WA. Helicopter no markings searched area for 15-20 11/19/98
7/15/95 22:00 Santa Ana CA Other 20 - 30 minutes Crafts that appeared as small as stars assumed the shape of the "Big Dipper," travelled across the sky & expanding & contracting in 9/2/05
7/15/95 21:30 East Tacoma WA Disk seconds In '95, July I went outside every night looking for ufo's. Iwas really into it from watching xfiles.I had this little hand held telesco 2/16/99
7/15/95 21:00 Methuen MA Oval 10 seconds Saw a yellow football shaped object in the sky. Moved hoorizontally across the sky for about ten seconds just gliding horinzontally mak 3/7/98
7/15/95 21:00 Kensington CT Light 12 seconds Two red lights in formation buzz across tree tops then shoot straight up into the sky - It was increadible! 2/1/07
7/15/95 21:00 Brooklyn OH Cigar 10mins. CIGAR-SHAPED CRAFT DISAPPEARED BEFORE OUR EYES 11/20/02
7/15/95 20:00 Urbana OH Circle 5 min. White dot over a corn field. 12/12/11
7/15/95 20:00 Salem NH Egg approx 30 seconds over the tops of the trees we could see this bright yellow object with something brown in the middle. once it went past the trees, we 6/18/98
7/15/95 19:30 Penrose CO Light About 30 seconds Ball of light setting behind hills 10/31/08
7/15/95 19:00 Brazil

40 seconds We were outside our beach house when we saw a very strong light that moved from right to left approximately 2 km from where we were. Su 6/15/18
7/15/95 19:00 Spokane WA Disk 30 minutes Driving on interstate 90 going east towards Post Falls, Idaho a huge disc shaped object of many changing colors seen over Stateline, I 4/27/04
7/15/95 15:20 Seattle WA
2 min. Man repts. seeing round, metallic obj. flying through sky NNE of Green Lake. Turns south, disappears to south. 11/2/99
7/15/95 15:20 Seattle WA
2 min. Man witnesses a round, metallic-appearing obj. fly south, then turn east. Disappeared to east. 11/2/99
7/15/95 12:00 Illinois (Northern) (on I-90, about 150?mi. N.Ill. WI Triangle 15/20min.? 7/16/95 My grandaughter and I saw a triangular object with lights on each point cross the highway I90 about 150mi. n. of Ill. line at 1/17/04
7/15/95 07:10 Auburn WA
1 minute Woman witnesses bizarre metallic cylinder, 12" tall, 4" wide (est.) hovering just above ground! Obj. was 130' from her position. 11/2/99
7/15/95 05:30 Acworth GA Circle 20-30 seconds Circular object , crimson in color, maybe 10-20 ft. in dia., hovering maybe 20' above ground, appeared to be non-solid/holgram 9/24/03
7/15/95 02:20 Vacaville CA Oval 5 minutes Odd light dropping what a probe 11/4/16
7/15/95 02:00 Arkadelphia TX Sphere 4 minutes Witnessed a bright light (Possibly due to Sun Reflection) UFO circle a satellite in flight in July, 1995 - Lake DeGray, AR. 1/31/11
7/15/95 01:30 Buena Park CA Light 10 min. One night my friend and I were walking home.It was very hot and there was a storm coming in,heat lightning,clouds,that sort of thing.We 3/7/98
7/15/95 01:00 Steelville MO Cone 5 seconds Small 3 foot gray cone passed in front of my police car hovering a foot off the ground. Another officer was with me. It was on a gravel 1/22/00
7/15/95 00:00 Abilene TX Sphere 2 hours 3 people in Abilene, TX observe star-like object performing normally physically impossible maneuvers in night sky. 11/8/03
7/15/95 00:00 Hesperia CA Fireball about 10 miniuts It was a glowing orange ball. IT was verry large. IT moved at a rappid speed right&left. Then dissapered in the center of rotating diam 8/10/99
7/15/95 Massachussetts Highway rest stop MA Circle 30 seconds I was eating a sandwich and I looked up and saw a white circular object floating down towards some trees. I go to grab my camera and I 10/19/99
7/14/95 22:10 Seattle WA

Multiple calls received regarding strange obj. over Pug. Sound. (Note: King Co. Airport Sec. Police rept. MIG-17 doing aerobatics.) 11/2/99
7/14/95 19:00 Lake Havasu City AZ Light 2min BRIGHT LIGHT SUNSET 8/5/01
7/14/95 14:00 Olivet MI Disk 15 min. Silver Disk, reflecting against sun.Floated about 5 min. then disappeared.Reappeared about a minute later. Tried tophotograph but it di 1/28/99
7/12/95 15:00 Necedah WI Light 10 minutes Green Lightts spotted dropping into river and leaving, returns every year 10/12/01
7/12/95 04:00 Salt Lake City UT Disk 20 mins i saw what i saw, i cant deny what my eyes have seen and unless i can speak to the source will never know the truth. 11/8/03
7/11/95 22:30 Fircrest WA
20 sec. Young woman witnesses 2 objects, "shaped like diamonds," pass overhead, fly west. "Shimmering" appearance. No sound. 11/2/99
7/10/95 21:50 Bonanza OR
60 sec. Woman witnesses four very bright yellow lights appear, then disappear sequentially. (Note: Was military flares over local airport.) 11/2/99
7/9/95 23:00 Versailles MO
5 hrs. USAF officer relays report re 5 bizarre ships seen hovering over field w/ strange creatures underneath. 11/2/99
7/9/95 23:00 Versailles MO
5 hrs. Multiple witnesses observe huge triangular ship, surrounded by four disc-shaped ships, w/ up to 50 bizarre creatures underneath! 11/2/99
7/9/95 12:00 Mojave Desert CA Other 15 seconds UFO in Mojave Desert 10/20/05
7/8/95 23:00 Ravenna OH Unknown 10 minutes red lights and slow moving objest over sait marys cemetry in ravenna ohio 5/15/06
7/7/95 23:59 Aurora IL

Man repts. object streaks overhead to SE horizon. 11/2/99
7/7/95 21:30 Murfreesboro (Just west of) TN Oval 10 seconds On Interstate 40. Traveling East. Out of a clear, cloudless sky, three or four objects appeared, coming down to about the one hundred f 4/15/00
7/7/95 15:00 Canada BC
10 seconds Woman on flight from AK to Seattle sees bizarre, metallic-looking cylinder pass under aircraft wing. Excellent written rept.. 11/2/99
7/7/95 01:30 West Milford NJ Triangle 15 Minutes Triangular shaped UFO on Clinton Rd. NJ 11/9/02
7/7/95 00:00 Melbourne (VIC, Australia)
Fireball 2 seconds Huge fireball that lit up the sky, and lit up the surroundings. It looked like a shooting star. But it was so bright and in our atmosph 5/24/99
7/4/95 23:00 New Port Richey FL Triangle 10-15 minutes Driving down road my family noticed object above trees that I could not imediatly discern, as I started to turn onto our street it came 4/2/99
7/4/95 21:30 Orlando FL
4-5 min 5 witnesses report 3 yellow oval lights the size of venus passing over Orlando. Faster than aircraft but slower than shooting star. 11/2/99
7/4/95 20:50 Woodlake CA Cylinder one minute Sighted a large tank like object with red and green lights between two foothill peaks near a lake and was gone next day. 1/11/02
7/4/95 19:30 Clancy MT Light unknown July 4th, 1995, in Clancy Mt., I saw a brilliant bright ball of white light, fixed at a distance of about 500 ft from me. 9/11/15
7/4/95 18:00 Lakeport CA Light 20 SECONDS I SAW A BALL OF LIGHT OVER CLEAR LAKE AT 1800 HRS. 7-4-95 IN LAKEPORT. 6/12/07
7/4/95 00:00 San Antonio TX Light
7/4/95 00:00 Bremerton WA Light 5 minutes 3 to 7 red lights in the night sky, moving independantly of eachother. Many miles away at a 60 degree angle from horizon. 4/2/99
7/3/95 22:00 Penticton (Canada) BC Light 5 minutes Darting lights high over Penticton BC 11/28/07
7/3/95 10:30 Inspiration Pt. CA
30 sec. Family of 5 witness peculiar "silver, sparkling shape" shoot across highway. Shape was like "flattened sphere." 11/2/99
7/3/95 00:30 Glendale AZ

Woman repts. multiple red bright lights hovering, maneuvering "over the mountains." Objects reptd. to ascend "pretty fast." 11/2/99
7/2/95 23:15 Winnemucca NV
2 sec. Man, while out feeding horses, sees red light streak E to W across S sky. Obj. simply "fizzles out" suddenly. Reptd. on radio. 11/2/99
7/2/95 13:30 Pendleton NY Other 10-15min It was a bright sunny day. The wind was wipping about 15-20 mph. I called my wife at about 1:00 p.m. to check in and that is when I l 1/11/02
7/1/95 23:00 Wenksville PA Light 15-20 minutes Two bright red lights flying in the air 5/15/13
7/1/95 22:30 Ocean Shores WA
5 min. Group of 9 watch bright white light hover, maneuver rapidly, above Pacific Ocean. Obj. moved rapidly; descended to ocean. 11/2/99
7/1/95 22:00 Neenah WI Triangle 30 seconds Large triangle with pulsing light over Wisconsin 2/14/06
7/1/95 22:00 Broughtontown KY Sphere 30 seconds sighted in KY one summer night a silver ball, came from behind car following road and continued to follow road untill out of site. 7/15/05
7/1/95 21:00 Seymour IN Other 1 1/2 - 2 minutes A giant glowing object resembling a car headlight floated across the night sky and then shot straight up through the clouds 6/20/05
7/1/95 19:00 Wedowee AL Sphere Appx. 30 minutes MUFON/ISUR (GEORGIA) REPORT: Investigation-Glowing Orb Chases Church Van 4/9/04
7/1/95 09:00 Kittanning PA Circle 8-10 minutes Large round disc hovering only 400 to 500 feet off the ground with glass dome on top 5/15/13
7/1/95 05:45 Greenville SC Oval 15 minutes My roomate and I were on our way to work around 1995 when we witnessed a UFO. It was 5:45 AM and obviously still dark outside. We wer 11/28/07
7/1/95 04:30 Bellevue NE Unknown 1 minute Silent craft flying extremely low dropping flaming embers 4/1/00
7/1/95 03:15 Myrtle Beach SC Light 15 seconds Odd lights seen over ocean in Myrtle Beach, SC. 4/28/01
7/1/95 02:00 Mesa AZ Unknown ? I think I was given a false memory 12/2/00
7/1/95 01:00 Farmington NM Cone appx 1 hour Large white and green object spotted for appx 1 hour. 8/16/02
7/1/95 00:00 Longbranch WA Light 45 min+ Bright light in the sky, periodically moving to new locations practically instantly, with multiple military aircraft chasing later on 5/12/10
7/1/95 New York City (Staten Island) NY Circle 30 secs round , noiseless, clearly under the influence of something intelligent 11/28/07