National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 12/1994
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
12/27/94 17:30 Panhandle/Big Bend area FL Oval 15 minutes Huge mothership. 1/11/19
12/25/94 23:00 Cincinnati OH Circle 5 minutes On Christmas day we saw an orange ball of light with a ring surrounding it in the sky. 8/7/07
12/24/94 21:00 Sherman Oaks CA Triangle 3-5 minutes Triangular, silent object, descends through clouds then ascends upwards, followed by helicopter. 6/12/08
12/23/94 21:00 Sloatsburg NY Unknown 30 seconds Bright white light too big to be a helicopter hovering over trees, in a blinks eye it shot up into sky. 5/13/12
12/17/94 18:30 Chaska MN Oval 3 minutes Sphere above the horizon, ejecting smaller spheres 11/21/10
12/15/94 22:00 Carpinteria CA Unknown 10 min. I lived on the beach in Carpinteria at the time of the sighting. The reason I am writing to you is that I have never heard of the type 8/24/10
12/15/94 21:00 Alliance OH Formation 30 min + Brightly Colored Orbs Over Portage County 8/5/09
12/15/94 01:00 Youngstown OH Teardrop 30 MINUTES U.F.O in Youngstown,Oh 4/27/07
12/14/94 00:00 Vienna OH Other 7-9 hours HELP!Trumbull, Ohio, 1994, Local Authorities &NBC cite Mass UFO sighting, Gov./Military Denies Incident, flimsy, but effectiveCover UP 6/12/08
12/12/94 23:00 Greensboro NC Oval 5 Minutes U.F.O. seen over Greensboro, N.C. , unbelievable sighting of a Bright glowing object in the sky. 10/31/08