National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 04/1992
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
4/30/92 02:00 Indianola IA Unknown 5 Minutes Strange Vibrations... 5/15/06
4/22/92 02:00 Canberra (Australia)
Cone 2 minutes cone shaped craft hovering in mid-air in Canberra, Australia 10/30/06
4/15/92 22:00 Neosho MO Unknown one minute I don't remember for sure when this happened, it was between 10 and 15 yrs ago. I had recently moved from Ca. to Mo. I was with two fri 11/28/07
4/12/92 22:45 George West TX Oval 3 Minutes 1992 April UFO Sighting North East Bound On US HWY 59 between Clegg and George West Texas 8/5/09
4/8/92 21:00 Hartford CT Unknown 25sec stange light in the night sky unlike i never seen before 6/9/09
4/1/92 03:00 Nashua NH Oval 10 minutes Huge oval craft with windows and colored lights running along the bottom of it. No noise. Sitting over river.

500 Lights On Objec
4/1/92 02:00 Ft. Irwin CA Light 15 min Bright light turns night into day. 12/7/06