National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 07/1991
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/20/91 23:00 Alamo TX Circle unkown Eclipse or UFO? 11/26/03
7/20/91 21:30 Shields MI Light :05 2 incidents, 5 min. apart(approx.) bright light hovering, about 300 ft. above, then fastest 90° turn/and speed we ever saw . 9/12/99
7/20/91 16:30 Sierra Vista AZ Egg 2 to 3 minutes 7/20/91, 1630, Sierra Vista AZ, 2 to 3 minutes, flattened egg, matte black, observed by myself 4/7/17
7/20/91 04:00 Crittenden KY Triangle 30sec silent triangular shaped craft hovers over me on ky I-75 in summer of 91 1/29/02
7/19/91 21:30 Virginia Beach VA Triangle 1 minute dark triangular craft, white lights on corners, red light center underneath followed by a smaller, disk shaped craft, white lights arou 5/24/99
7/18/91 17:00 Las Vegas NV Other 2 hrs a huge shadow appeared out of nowhere, revealing a enormous boomerang shaped object.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
7/15/91 23:30 Crofton (Vancouver Island) (Canada) BC Formation 10-15 secs My mother says she went out to put the horse in, and she saw a flash, looked up and saw 4 groups of lights flying in formation fly over 2/16/00
7/15/91 23:00 Sunset TX Light 3 minutes string of lights silently passes over rural house 9/24/03
7/15/91 23:00 Abingdon IL Egg 4 minutes i couldnt believe we were seeing this thing right above was very spooky! 8/5/01
7/15/91 22:00 Berea OH Triangle under 5 minutes Very low flying triangle with lights on the corners, large purple flash in the center, two witnesses 11/20/01
7/15/91 22:00 Sidney MT Triangle 3-4 Seconds Triangle or V of lights traveling fast and low with no sound at all. 9/4/03
7/15/91 21:00 Houston TX Triangle 45 minutes Two witnesses observed triangular object made of hazy greenish lights speeding back and forth across the horizon. 12/2/00
7/15/91 21:00 Lake Way TX Triangle 15 minute We stepped out from under the tree, the sky was blocked out by a massive black triangle. 3/23/18
7/15/91 20:30 Maiduguri (Nigeria)
Light 20-25 seconds What fascinated me was the irregularity in speed and distant to the Airliner 8/5/01
7/15/91 12:00 Pasadena CA Disk 6-8 seconds Rose Bowl Disks 10/12/01
7/15/91 12:00 Sumter SC Disk <10 minutes Classic saucer shaped object overhead at midday. 10/27/04
7/15/91 02:30 McKinney TX Unknown 10 Minutes Large string of light move slowly from west to east, very low and silent 12/19/03
7/13/91 16:45 Grove Land CA Sphere 3 min Lost time ,dreams,them. 2/24/05
7/11/91 13:00 Albany OR Egg 10-15 minutes three black egg shapes 8/20/01
7/10/91 00:00 Victoria (Canada) BC Sphere 15min Then I defiantly saw a melon sized ball of white light pass us traveling faster than I thought possible. 9/2/05
7/9/91 01:00 Derby NY Triangle 5 minutes Metalic triangle with crimson light in center, hovered very slowly and noislessly over the trees and then came around in an arc and dis 8/30/99
7/8/91 19:00 Austin TX Triangle 6 min. Huge blasts of spinning lights (3) scanned at least an acre of land until they zeroed in on us and chased us under a tree where we hid. 5/24/05
7/7/91 21:50 Avon MA Triangle 15-20 minutes Around dusk, Istood outside of my home, and observed a light in the sky. During the time it took me to smoke a cigarette, this object c 12/16/05
7/7/91 10:00 New Durham NH Sphere 30 seconds Close encounter over Merrymeeting Lake 12/5/16
7/5/91 22:30 Detroit OR Light 30 sec small flash, streak of light, light stopped, then went other way slowly. 6/2/98
7/5/91 11:11 Snohomish WA
:30 I went insane for a week, something had awoken inside me. I strongly believe I am a half breed grey. ^.^ I strangely meet people who ca 2/4/13
7/5/91 02:30 East Troy WI Other 15 seconds Shiny meatalic (stainless steel) with many lines on bottom. rounded in front & squared off in back. UFO was traveling due South at a 3/2/18
7/4/91 23:00 Wichita KS Disk MORE THAN AN HOUR It was summer, I had my dauther who is now 17. I was at my father in law house looking trought the back door, wich has an open view so 8/12/08
7/4/91 22:00 Suisun City CA Circle 30min A bright red ( round dot circle bubble luminous) UFO sphere splits into two, then travels in opposite directions after splitting 1/10/09
7/1/91 23:00 St. David (near) IL Triangle 3-4 mins. flying triangle in fulton county illinois (1991) 7/16/03
7/1/91 22:30 Elk River MN Light 2 minutes Basketball sized orb of light, burst with intensity after about 2 minutes then disappeared. 11/20/13
7/1/91 22:00 Mulliken MI Disk 22:05 On the night of a meteor shower around 6-8 years ago from this date, a friend and I witness what we believe was 4 unidentified spacecra 6/2/98
7/1/91 22:00 Barberton OH Circle 10 minutes Star like UFO hovers and then zooms across the sky. 2/4/13
7/1/91 21:00 Omaha NE Disk 6-10 minutes Silver disk flies level across sky, at low altitude, before dusk. 6/24/16
7/1/91 19:00 Houston TX Light 1 hour Two multicolored stationary distant lights in sky 4/27/04
7/1/91 14:00 Mount Vernon NY Disk 7 minutes I was at action park in mount vernon New Jersey in the wading pool And was looking up for the blue skies. What I say Was the 3 Ships mo 12/23/02
7/1/91 02:40 Maunk Chunk PA Light 10 minutes BRIGHT LIGHT SHINED ON US IN OUR BOAT GONE IN SECONDS OVER MOUNTAIN 5/24/05
7/1/91 01:00 Cuba NY Triangle 10 minutes My wife and I were driving home to Jamestown NY where we lived at the time from her parents in NJ traveling west on Route 17, she was d 3/21/03
7/1/91 00:30 Hawk Mountain (Boy Scout Camp) PA Light 20 min We were at camp,up in the sky something cought our eye,it was a light.It didn't move for about 15min, just hung there with no noise, an 12/16/99
7/1/91 00:00 Hale MI Sphere 2 minutes Hovering UFO, Bright white spear shape, no sound, extreme speed, green exhaust beam 1/26/15