National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 06/1990
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
6/30/90 21:00 North Fork CA Other 10-15 minutes Five or six soundless lights on airship seen moving from east to west in foothills of Californ ia 1/10/09
6/30/90 21:00 Georgetown OH Circle
Well when I was a kid I saw something. I remember it was in the summer in the 90's it was dark my dad yelled at everyone in the house t 3/29/18
6/30/90 20:30 Scottsdale AZ Triangle 10 MINUTES PHOENIX LIGHT OVER SCOTTSDALE IN 1991 5/15/06
6/30/90 20:00 Stilwell OK Rectangle 3 minutes 300' long, black rectangle silent craft my grandparents and I watched float over our property almost above us. 3/10/17
6/30/90 18:00 Delhi (India)
Triangle 15 minutes Triangle ufo seen with disco lights below 1/12/12
6/30/90 18:00 Delhi-33 (India)
Triangle 1.00 ganta in 1990-91 a ufo came over my house a-67 indra nagar 6no lane,delhi-33,india V shape ufo with disco lights below small shape ufo small 1/5/11
6/30/90 13:00 Riverside CA Cylinder 4:00 Tubular shaped object at high altitude over souther calif 3/10/11
6/30/90 12:00 Wixom MI Other 10 minutes Has windows moves slowly, thunderously loud, gigantic old telephone pole shaped. 3/13/15
6/30/90 12:00 Curitiba (Brazil)
Cylinder 12 seconds Tumbling silver trash can with black lids, flawless. 2/4/13
6/30/90 01:00 Bel Air MD Unknown unknown Negative contact with beings of unknown nature. 6/10/16
6/30/90 01:00 Westbrook/Casco ME Unknown Unknown Face to face encounter. 9/5/17
6/30/90 Santa Maria CA Circle 5seconds It was just siting there when i turned bak after 5 seconds it was gone 8/7/11
6/26/90 01:00 Newton NJ Circle about 2 min It was at tree top level and it was not a plane. It was to low and i could tell it was round. 9/29/04
6/23/90 22:25 Salem NY Egg 45 minutes Object seen but nothing came out on film. 1/10/14
6/20/90 14:30 Longueuil (Canada) PQ Light 5 minutes En cette année je demeuré avec mon copain puis j'avais tracé un cercle de peace and love 2 jours avant avec un crayons feutre juste par 9/9/03
6/20/90 13:00 Gillett WI Cross 5 cross shape 6/27/19
6/20/90 01:00 Bremerton WA Triangle 20 seconds blazed along tree line then dissapeared. 2/11/03
6/17/90 20:30 Kettering OH Other 15 minutes Flying object shaped like a pagoda flew over neighborhood trees and homes. 9/2/05
6/15/90 23:00 Columbia Heights MN Unknown 1-2 min. Something floated by me, no sound, no wind! 9/19/02
6/15/90 20:00 El Paso TX Triangle 30 minutes Triangles over the Golf Course 7/14/13
6/15/90 19:00 Tellicoplains TN Disk 2 minutes no lights or sound very close to me about 100 feet from the ground 3/21/03
6/15/90 18:00 Redding CA Oval 5 minutes We saw a red pulsating orb floating in the air. A local plane pilot reported seeing a blue light flash past his plane. 11/6/14
6/15/90 16:00 Nr Watford (UK/Wales)
Circle 2 minutes I was piloting a light aircraft, and I chased a round flying object that moved at very high speed 7/23/03
6/15/90 16:00 Drove/Soller (Germany)
Unknown 10 minutes Possible close encounter on military training ground in the 90s in Germany. 10/29/15
6/15/90 03:00 Carlisle (on interstate 76) PA Other 1/2 hr. The ship was beyond the abilities of our race and time 4/16/05
6/15/90 01:00 Springfield OR Oval 20 min orange ballon dripping sparklers 2/14/10
6/15/90 01:00 Cambridge (Canada) ON Triangle 30 seconds Seperate small white lights flew around eachother randlomly then formed a triangle formation and flew towards the moon eclipse. 3/2/04
6/15/90 01:00 Renfrew (UK/Scotland)
Light 15 mins Bright flourescent colour changing light seen near airport, viewed for 15 minutes slowly moving before departing 11/9/02
6/15/90 Lafayette GA Circle around 5 mins each time Three circle shape things? in the shape of a rianle then they would circle and disappear 10/2/99
6/11/90 10:00 Dells (north of) WI Disk 2min. As we road north from THE DELLS WE SAW THIS DISK SHAPED OBJECT IN THE SKY. IT WAS REALLY THERE,OF THIS THERE IS NO DOUGHT IN MY MIND 9/19/02
6/10/90 22:00 Tallahassee FL Unknown unknown a bright light caught my eye for some reason and gradually came closer. 12/16/99
6/10/90 20:00 Los Angeles CA Unknown saw after developing phot the craft had 5 visable lights and a shadow of a form 10/11/05
6/10/90 02:30 Stockton CA Sphere 20 minutes I also saw a UFO. Well it was a friend and i who saw it,in Stockton,Ca in mid June of 1990 we were was a red glowing sph 7/17/15
6/10/90 02:30 Stockton CA Sphere 20 minutes Saw a red glowing sphere while fishing with friend. 7/17/15
6/9/90 23:00 Stonyford CA Sphere 1:00 Letts Lake sighting, CA 10/12/01
6/8/90 21:00 Stonyford CA Sphere 20 sec. neon green, round,traveled very very fast. no sound no flashing. 1/28/99
6/6/90 22:00 Stanton KY Disk 5-10 minutes Multi colored lights attached to saucer shaped craft at night 4/12/13
6/5/90 20:00 Danville (rural) IL Unknown 20 minutes object hovered in place south of our vantage point very close. Had no sound, faint feel of electric charge in air, strobing lights in 2/16/99
6/1/90 23:30 Durham (UK/England)

10 mins gazing north west at a very clear night sky from my doorstep i noticed what i thought was a star heading toward earth iwatched it for a 3/19/02
6/1/90 23:00 Colorado Springs (south of, on Hwy 115 near the co. line) CO Other 5+ minutes (I left) The UFO I saw was stationary, brightly flaming on the bottom and dripping profusely toward the ground. 1/28/99
6/1/90 22:00 Fullerton CA Disk 10 mins already did this, forgot witness form 5/29/11
6/1/90 22:00 Three Rivers (Canada) ??

45 min large triangular shape with square shaped white lights also several saucer shaped objects with one red and green light larger object s 4/1/01
6/1/90 22:00 Fullerton CA Circle 5 mins test aircraft or ufo? 5/29/11
6/1/90 21:00 The Dalles OR Triangle 20 minutes Triangle shaped with lights moving slowly, no sound 3/7/00
6/1/90 21:00 Cannon NY Chevron 15 minutes Flashing Red Light flys at lightning speeds! 8/12/01
6/1/90 20:00 El Dorado Hills CA Sphere 3 minutes When I was a teenager I was sitting at home alone at my aunt's house and I felt chills up and down my spine. ((anonymous report)) 5/9/19
6/1/90 20:00 Henryetta (Turky Pin Hollow) OK Light at least an hour Viewed in summer '90 with mother, colorful orb quietly travel in sky in unconventional manner. 3/6/01
6/1/90 20:00 Delta LA Cigar Just a few seconds I was driving when I thought I was about to witness a plane crash, then it disappeared. 5/12/11
6/1/90 20:00 Maryland MD Triangle 1hr The craft was Triangular,one story thick,in the middle was a half sphere ,and it made a deep humming sound. 8/5/01
6/1/90 20:00 Elfin Forest CA Unknown 20 seconds Windows all bowed in simultaneously, sound, ears popping almost in pain. 5/15/13
6/1/90 18:00 Delhi
Triangle 15 minutes Saw triangle plane like object over my house standing it has disco lights all over its noise 1/12/12
6/1/90 12:00 Orting WA Disk Approx. 30 seconds UFO in contact with commerical airliner 6/12/02
6/1/90 12:00 San Diego CA Rectangle 15 minutes I saw a ginormous, rectangular, metallic UFO in broad day light over the naval base. 7/4/12
6/1/90 12:00 Allentown PA Other 1 minute It was a clear day and warm. I seen no lights on the object. The size of it was astonishing. 2/22/05
6/1/90 12:00 Greenville DE Disk 30 seconds White disc makes sharp turns and then shoots up as fast as lightning. 1/10/14
6/1/90 11:00 Santa Rosa CA Sphere 3 minutes Floating translucent sphere floats right by 3/27/14
6/1/90 07:00 Bridgeton NJ Disk 1:00 i was ouside in the street walking to my car when the ground lighted up all around my i looked up and seen a ufo i could see it was sau 3/31/08
6/1/90 05:00 Lewisburg PA Light 5 minutes Plane collides with ball of light 4/25/02
6/1/90 02:30 Levitown NY Diamond 5 min i noticed a bright red diamond shape object going over my car,that looked like it was taking off 6/18/03
6/1/90 02:00 Sydney (Australia)
Oval 10 min 1990 sighting sydney australia reported 2008 10/31/08
6/1/90 00:30 Townsville (Australia)
Teardrop 15min Craft invades no fly military airspace undetected by radar 5/15/06
6/1/90 00:00 Florissant MO Sphere 5 min this was a sphere that happen to a McDonnell -douglas employee sometime ago, duration about 5 minutes 4/27/07