National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 05/1990
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
5/28/90 17:00 Sante Fe NM Triangle 2 hours While driving on hwy from east of Santa Fe to Albuquerque I observed large bright white triangular object high in sky for over 2 hours. 10/31/08
5/27/90 10:00 Hazard KY Circle 15 minutes A ball of light with looked like stars getting sucked into it at a fast speed in night sky 6/25/20
5/26/90 21:00 Stanwood WA Rectangle 10:00 min It changed my life forever and my system of belief. 8/7/11
5/21/90 20:50 Seneca SC Light 5 minutes Five reddish-orange, round lights that spanned about two miles. 4/4/14
5/15/90 17:50 Tioga LA Cigar 10 Cigar shaped object hovering approximately 100 feet in 30 knot wind making no sounds. 2/14/08
5/1/90 13:00 East Windsor NJ Teardrop 10 minutes Shiny, black teardrop shaped craft that moved horizontally and vertically before zooming away diagonally. 4/27/07