National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 01/1990
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
1/23/90 20:00 Richmond VA Triangle 1 minute The huge, silent craft seemed not use aerodynamics like planes; too huge, too slow to remain aloft. 11/20/01
1/15/90 22:00 Sydney (Canada) NS Light Maby 1 minute? Light overhead in Sydney Nova Scotia 8/28/02
1/15/90 22:00 Deseronto (Canada) ON Triangle 10 minutes Unidentified Flying Triangle, Ontario Canada. 5/14/02
1/15/90 18:30 Melvin IL Disk 10 to 15 mins Saucer shaped object with three layers, very close encounter, several witnesses, most memorable event in my life. 12/5/01
1/15/90 12:30 Hiawassee GA Triangle 1 minute Hovering Black Triangle 8/19/12
1/15/90 01:00 Platteville WI Disk 10-15 minutes Close encounter on the highway with a hovering craft / bright lights (white, red and orange). 3/4/03
1/15/90 South Pacific (243 miles above)
UFO seen in NASA footage of MIR 12/23/02
1/14/90 20:00 Livingston CA Circle 30 seconds I could feel vibrations from this bright circular light hovering above us! 3/11/03
1/11/90 03:30 Americus IN Oval 10min There was an absence of light, like a blackhole. 3/4/08
1/7/90 23:00 Hook Hampshire (UK/England)
Disk 2 minutes UFO sighting Hook Hampshire UK 5/15/06
1/7/90 09:00 Sutton AK Changing 7 min. Well it hoovered about 200 feet above us for about 7 minutes then flew off in to space at about 150 degrees, going at about 300mph. 11/30/99
1/6/90 22:00 New Orleans LA Disk 20 minutes I was flying a Pan American A-300B4 (Airbus) from New York to Mexico City. Our route took us directly over Biloxi, Mississippi and the 8/24/04
1/3/90 20:00 Barkhamsted CT Unknown 15-45 min light s out side my window that changed color 10/30/06
1/1/90 23:00 Slagelse (Denmark)
Triangle 3-5 mins Drove home late evening after visiting family in Slagelse.

Aprx. 3-4 kms off Slagelse, an object moving slowly in from left (south)
1/1/90 23:00
NV Unknown 3 Hours 2 more witnesses for that UFO siting that was on tv showing the 'V' Shape formation where 1 disappeared at a time behind the mountain. 9/17/00
1/1/90 19:00 Eastland (near) TX Light 5 minutes Moving lights. 9/22/16
1/1/90 18:00 Delhi (India)
Triangle 15 minutes Saw triangle shape plane with disco lights all over its edges standing over my house 1/12/12
1/1/90 00:15 Sao Paulo (Brasil)
Disk 5 minutes Large, multicolored, glowing craft hovered over neighborhood in Sao Paulo, Brasil 4/27/07
1/1/90 Minneapolis MN

Man reports seeing 5x objects connected by "a straight line" sometime during l990. 11/2/99