National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 05/1988
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
5/24/88 14:00 Ada MN Cigar 1.5 seconds Cigar shaped craft over farmland 7/4/12
5/20/88 20:00 Wheeler TX Light 5 minutes A star type bright light slowly moved by and disapeared in to the distance.The same object was seen 3 times in the same week. 4/13/10
5/16/88 17:45 Pacific Ocean WA Sphere 20 minutes what are those two 5-6 ft spheres floating on the water ? 8/23/19
5/15/88 21:00 Kendallville IN Triangle 10-15 minutes Huge, black, triangular shaped craft. Made no sound & had mercurial lights that changed color. 12/20/12
5/15/88 08:00 Allison Park PA Sphere 2 minutes glowing red shapeshifting ball sighted early morning 4/13/10
5/5/88 22:15 Virginia Beach VA Unknown 2 Minutes A “group of four lights appeared in the sky, stopped dead still, then went back the way they came and shot straight up in the sky." 3/19/09
5/1/88 21:00 Houston TX Unknown 1 second We saw a lsilent ight in the sky that disappeard as soon as we noticed. 4/3/11
5/1/88 13:00 Meppel (Netherlands) DC Cone 1.5 seconds Orange, triangular cone, like a sharp edged shuttle with flat triangular surfaces, moving, stopping and accelerating quickly. 12/5/14
5/1/88 11:15 Bridgeport CT Triangle 20 minutes Large triangular with lights in a "V" shape. 4/5/18