National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 06/1986
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
6/30/86 15:30 New Brunswick (Canada) ON Triangle 30 minuts Enormous black triangular low and slow moving ufo over trans canada high way observed for 30 minutes and very close 2/10/12
6/30/86 14:00 Seattle WA Other 5 min. I saw a black, worm-like,flying object similar to that reported 10/8. The wx was clear and sunny and the wind was northerly. I was in 12/2/00
6/30/86 12:00 Jonesboro AR Disk 30 sec disk shape ufo up close I saw every detail of the ship 12/12/09
6/30/86 12:00 Albay (Philippines)
Oval 4 minutes Gray/brown oval shape..we saw ufo very close encounter @ 12:00 noon. please believe. 4/3/15
6/30/86 01:00 County Cork (Republic of Ireland)
Light 5-10seconds Green ball of light , it moved at incredable speed. 7/16/06
6/29/86 20:00 Statesville NC Rectangle 30 minutes I have thought of this event my whole life I was 12 I am now 46.My father and I was standing at edge of our yard when dad said what hel 7/12/19
6/29/86 12:00 Odessa (Ukraine)
Rectangle 3 seconds A strange looking UFO. 9/30/13
6/29/86 01:30 Tampa FL Light 17 sec. i was looking up at 12 oclock, with city light polution around, saw star sized lite going s. for aprox. 7 sec. 90 to lft. 3sec. n. 4se 4/26/99
6/25/86 03:15 Shelton WA Circle one hour Gigantic Kingdome shaped craft with orb over front yard 2/18/11
6/21/86 00:00 Kentucy Lake area (over) KY Triangle 2.min Flying at extreme alt and speed a shock wave could be seen from the light glow from the serface of the craft and v shape out line of th 4/26/99
6/20/86 23:30 Teller AK Oval 15 min. Oval shaped craft with red green and white lights with windows,that had a grayish beam coming down- us 8/28/02
6/20/86 14:00 Meridian MS Cylinder 10 seconds Silver cylinder craft flying silently, lower than normal air craft, rotating as it flew, with writing on the side (could not read it) 6/24/16
6/20/86 13:00 Wyoming MI Sphere 30 seconds Shiny metallic sphere, between softball and basketball size, held still then moved very fast, completely silent 9/13/18
6/15/86 23:30 Gary IN Unknown 1 or2 minutes A lime green light throughout the whole house and the air stone surged with power throwing water 2 feet in the air. 3/19/02
6/15/86 22:30 Ontario CA Other 20 min. I seen a real off the 10 freeway in ontario 1/11/02
6/15/86 22:00 Boise ID Diamond 5 minutes 8 lights in two rows, separate two groups of 4, rotate form diamonds and head off across sky. 2/22/18
6/15/86 21:00 Princeton SC Other 12to 15 min CLOSE 100FT UFO VISIT 10/12/01
6/15/86 19:00 Chard Town, Somerset
Formation 2 hours Lights scanning our town 3/19/02
6/15/86 16:00 Milan OH Disk 3 Minutes Perfect formation of discs shoots off to West 7/16/06
6/15/86 13:00 Chilton WI Triangle 20 minutes It was exactly the shape of a boomerang with small towers at each end and one larger in the middle. It flew very slowly and rotated. 7/1/02
6/15/86 12:30 Oxford (UK/England)
Sphere 20 seconds A Sphere in the sky that disappeared in a matter of seconds the size of the Moon 5/15/06
6/15/86 11:00 Merritt (near; rural) (Canada) BC Unknown 20 seconds Silvery dot makes two fast jumps before disappearing behind mountains. 10/11/05
6/15/86 03:00 Gary IN Other 30secs I Saw An Alien Face To Face 3/21/03
6/15/86 00:00 Fairdale WV
45 seconds very bright changing color lights coming from window 3/19/02
6/14/86 20:00 New Rochelle NY Triangle 5 MIN triangular shaped craft with 3 white lights and on red blinking light 8/12/08
6/14/86 19:00 Allegan MI Other 5 minutes pure white orb with tubular tail hovered over allegan dam 3/31/08
6/14/86 18:30 Colorado Springs CO Sphere 2minutes Sphere light UFO seen near Pulpit Rock, CO. 7/5/05
6/13/86 01:20 Val-d'Or (Canada) QC Cigar 15 minutes UFO sighted by 5 in woods, it had multi-coulored, flashing lights and went from a horizontal position to a vertical position while obse 8/22/14
6/10/86 21:00 Severn MD Triangle 2 mins myself and another person witnessd what appeared to be a glowing boomerang fly directly overhead of us with no sound or lights. 2/27/00
6/9/86 16:00 Louisville KY Cigar 1 or 2 minutes Daylight Cigar shaped UFO sighting, with Witness! 7/16/06
6/7/86 22:00 Conroe TX Disk 5 minutes 3 lights - red, yellow, and blue ufo seen in Conroe, TX 1/21/08
6/7/86 19:00 Panama City FL Other 30 Seconds 3 transparent Delta-wing shaped obects flying in formation over the Gulf of Mexico in 1986 6/12/07
6/6/86 16:30 St. Louis MO Unknown 2-3minutes As I looked out from our DC-9 window I saw a huge aircraft.It had rows and rows of brightly lit windows. 2/14/06
6/6/86 13:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Cigar 2 minutes White glowing Cigar shapped object (not moving). 2/14/08
6/6/86 01:00 Brooksville FL Other
we were driving on aback road when we saw a space ship side ways and people in a field in a open cirls 7/5/08
6/2/86 18:00 Wiltshire (UK/England)
Disk 1 hour Close Encounter With Three Disc Craft, February 1986 10/20/05
6/1/86 23:00 Memphis TN Triangle 1-2 minutea Three lights in a triangular formation. 2/14/08
6/1/86 23:00 Jay FL
30min's my daughter was born with an in-opertable brain tumor, we were visited late one night by three cloaked beings, when they entered our ro 9/12/03
6/1/86 23:00 New Orleans LA Light 30 sec two lights circling each other in the night time sky then shooting away from each other in new orleans louisiana. 3/11/06
6/1/86 22:00 Tawas City MI Triangle 1 hour plus Triangle craft with moving white light during meteor shower. 2/14/10
6/1/86 22:00 Milpitas CA Light 30-45 seconds A strange light in the sky appeared to "warp" out of sight. 5/15/06
6/1/86 20:00 Port Isable TX Circle 5 MINUETS THIS VERY TURE 11/28/07
6/1/86 19:00 Greenbelt MD Unknown > 10 mins Low, slow moving craft over NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 5/11/05
6/1/86 19:00 Flint MI Unknown 10 minutes Meteor shower? Sonic boom? I don't know... 3/4/08
6/1/86 19:00 New York City (Brooklyn) NY Triangle 3min. looking at night sky a large spaceship the size of football field passed overhead humming . A chill ran through me. 1/3/01
6/1/86 18:00 Rio Grande (PuertoRico)
Other 3-4 Me and a friend were fishing land crabs we saw two old men come out off bamboo stand when we got to were they were something took off. 11/6/15
6/1/86 16:00 Redcliffe (Australia)
Other 2 minutes It was late afternoon and I was about to set up for fishing on the beach it was completely blue sky no clouds I looked out towards More 8/7/07
6/1/86 12:00 Los Angeles CA Triangle
Huge black triangular shaped object, makes itself invisable.

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
6/1/86 11:00 Norway
Disk 1:00hr Ex Royal Marine -I saw -I believe ? 2/1/07
6/1/86 10:00 Freehold NJ Triangle 1 hour Triangular shapes objects hovering 1/4/19
6/1/86 08:00 Levuka (Fiji)
6/1/86 05:00 Plainview TX Egg 5 min. seeing an egg shape object in the daylight sky 6/18/04
6/1/86 03:00 Schertz TX Oval 20min approx. A large round object hovered over my house very late at night, with lights all around it, that faded as I looked. 2/22/02
6/1/86 02:00 Atlanta GA Sphere 2 minutes Awakened by a orange glowing sphere floating in my bedroom in 1986. 6/21/00
6/1/86 01:00 Euclid OH Other 20 mins Unknown craft on the waters at Lake Erie 7/26/02
6/1/86 Adak AK Light 3 min I just watched a show on tv on the history channel. There was an event where an Japanese airliner reported an ufo sighting south of the 10/31/08
6/1/86 UK/England
6 years old wedding outside in dark no body around ship over head for seconds and flies off 2/18/01
6/1/86 South Windsor CT Circle 25 seconds My brother and I were on top of our employer's building when i noticed a sphericle white light roughly 10 to 50 miles away. I thought i 8/5/01