National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 12/1985
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
12/31/85 19:00 Lahaina HI Light 45+ minutes Golden Orb was the only light hovering very low over the water, 1-mile from breakwater with siting ALL power went off 5/6/17
12/16/85 19:00 Vallejo CA Triangle 30 A shaped object with amber/organge lights, not flashing moving very slowly without noise. Almost hovering 10/30/06
12/16/85 18:00 Buckner MO Triangle 12 minutes I saw a space object in December of 1985 near Buckner, Missouri. 6/12/07
12/5/85 05:00 Manaus-Amazonas (Brazil) AL Egg 10:00 this case happen to me and my brother my english is not so good but i will try to tell you ,what happen that night. I was sleeping in 8/7/07
12/1/85 14:00 Monterey Bay Area CA Formation 10 to 30minutes Silver-grey balloon clusters at very high altitude, at high speed 5/15/06