National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 03/1983
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
3/27/83 21:57 Overbrook KS Other approximately 15 seconds Slow-moving, low-flying, HEXAGONAL-shaped craft, MASSIVE and SILENT over rural area near Overbrook, Kansas, March 4, 2002 10/30/06
3/24/83 22:00 Yorktown Heights NY Triangle 10 minutes I was standing in the back yard of my parents house when I noticed, coming from the north a triangular set of seven lights all white in 10/10/14
3/22/83 13:00 Milpitas CA Circle 2 min They were bright round objects huffering over the water 7/4/11
3/10/83 03:00 Phoenixville PA Sphere 15 min. ? 20 ft. diameter sphere 50 yrds. away red grid pattern light over entire sphere 6/12/07
3/3/83 22:00 Mt. Pleasant MI
30+min Grid/cage like light event in the evening sky 2/16/18
3/1/83 20:00 O'Fallon IL Disk 2 or 3 minutes Disk seen hovering over residential area in O'Fallon, IL 10/31/08