National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 09/1982
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
9/20/82 19:00 Dixie ID Disk 4 hrs High mountain Idaho sighting, disc shaped revolving lights underneath,like a memory game,30 ft across. 10/31/03
9/20/82 16:22 Luray VA Unknown 3 MIN While sight seeing upon the summit of Old Rag Mountain in the Shenadoah Mountains myself and a friend encounterd an individual that app 8/7/07
9/20/82 12:00 Slidell LA Changing 20 min Shape shifting, color changing UFO 8/7/11
9/18/82 19:00 Gilbert WV

Qualified witness observes three lights maneuvering strangely in the western sky. 4/27/07
9/15/82 22:00 Eidson TN Chevron 4 hours or more We saw multicolored lights in the night sky in Eidson TN in fall 1982 that were the shape of a football-field-size parallelogram. 8/28/02
9/15/82 22:00 Janesville WI Rectangle 20minutes+ 2-3 football fields in length in the sky lights all over it. in the middle of Janesville. 8/5/01
9/15/82 21:00 Lost Creek WV Light 15 min Two lights moving slowly at tree top level around our house with no sound. 1/21/08
9/15/82 17:00 La Crosse WI Disk 20 min I saw a disk hoovering over a Parking lot with aprox 30 others. Lights revolving around it. Motionless. 7/16/06
9/15/82 06:00 Republic of South Korea
Cone 3 minutes Cone shaped, silver, smooth craft with lights hovering through military field site. 1/19/05
9/15/82 02:00 Richmond (Canada) BC Light 30-40 min Light witnessed first on ground or o horison moving back and forth for a long duration. The light then paused for a moment. and then as 12/2/00
9/15/82 02:00 Sebastopol CA Rectangle 10 minutes Personal hum vibration experience, Larger than aircraft carrier, 1000ft., slow moving, quiet, some lights 1/4/19
9/14/82 19:00 Calion AR Triangle 10 seconds It was black with a bunch (100 or more) small white lights (Like a christmas tree/decoration) and hovered silently. 12/19/03
9/14/82 19:00 Calion AR Triangle 10 seconds Hovered then shot off like a missle 12/9/03
9/14/82 02:00 Ripley TN Unknown 45 min The three of us watched a large object with flashing multicolor lights in neighbors field for 45 min to an hour 2/14/06
9/13/82 21:00 Murphysboro IL Light 30+ minutes I saw a beam of light hit the ground,about 1 foot wide 12/9/03
9/12/82 22:00 Wiley GA Flash 5 minutes I witnessed 3 large diffused flashing lights just above the tree line near Tallulah Falls, Georgia. 3/11/06
9/12/82 05:30 Mason City IA Sphere 1 minute While helping on paper rout, early morning, right orange globe went down off to my right. 2/1/07
9/9/82 16:10 Mount Kisco NY Sphere 30 sec light blue sphere connected to glowing red/orange cylinder at rear, travelling south. 3/21/03
9/7/82 18:00 Palm Desert CA Disk 30 secondds Five golden (like harvest moon) saucer-shaped objects flying in V-formation from West to East over distant mountain range (15 miles?) 3/7/98
9/1/82 21:00 Crestwood KY Light 2-3 minutes Red lights going toward a larger, stationery ,white light and then disappearing. I counted about 17 or so in 1982. 4/27/04
9/1/82 Nome ND Light ? my brother and i witness a green light and followed it on foot and the craft was moving at great speed to 1 end of the town to the next 11/1/98