National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 09/1982
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
9/20/82 16:22 Luray VA Unknown 3 MIN While sight seeing upon the summit of Old Rag Mountain in the Shenadoah Mountains myself and a friend encounterd an individual that app 8/7/07
9/20/82 12:00 Slidell LA Changing 20 min Shape shifting, color changing UFO 8/7/11
9/18/82 19:00 Gilbert WV

Qualified witness observes three lights maneuvering strangely in the western sky. 4/27/07
9/15/82 21:00 Lost Creek WV Light 15 min Two lights moving slowly at tree top level around our house with no sound. 1/21/08
9/15/82 17:00 La Crosse WI Disk 20 min I saw a disk hoovering over a Parking lot with aprox 30 others. Lights revolving around it. Motionless. 7/16/06
9/15/82 02:00 Sebastopol CA Rectangle 10 minutes Personal hum vibration experience, Larger than aircraft carrier, 1000ft., slow moving, quiet, some lights 1/4/19
9/12/82 05:30 Mason City IA Sphere 1 minute While helping on paper rout, early morning, right orange globe went down off to my right. 2/1/07