National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 06/1982
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
6/30/82 00:00 Fagstaff (north of) AZ Circle 30 min star shaped obgects 6/5/12
6/30/82 23:00 Garden City MI Disk 10 Minutes Circular - Rotating and hovering east to west and back again at night in Garden City, MI in the early 1980's. 3/19/09
6/30/82 22:00 Billings MT Disk 15 minutes Saucer slowly moving and then stopping to observe. 1/14/16
6/30/82 03:00 Leicester (UK/England)

15-20 min Alien standing at the bottom of my bed. 10/30/06
6/30/82 00:00 Belleville IL Sphere Not sure Multi-colored lights/in my bedroom/child 7/22/16
6/30/82 00:00 Grass Valley CA Cigar 10-15 min.? Cigar craft "encountered" over home in Grass Valley, Calif. 1981/82. Reported to Beale Air Force Base. 8/7/07
6/30/82 Canada BC

There was no vehicle they hiked to the top of the mountain 9/11/15
6/30/82 Gold Coast (Australia)
Circle 10 sec this i clearly remeber and I am a focased business man in Australia 12/12/11
6/25/82 00:00 Terre Haute IN Light one minute In June, I witnessed a bight object on a clear night moving east to west, then vanish out of sight in 3 seconds 8/7/07
6/23/82 23:00 unknown CA Sphere 15 mins The sphere's that observed us on the beach, may have also scrammbled the event memory. 4/27/04
6/22/82 08:30 New Ross IN Other ~ 5 minutes Spherical on one side, diamond on the other with the axis of rotation along the flat diamond side. 2/16/99
6/20/82 22:00 Harpursville NY Triangle 20 min Large triangle shaped ship approx 40 to 50 ft tip to tip hovering over bridge 10/2/99
6/20/82 20:30 Collingswood NJ Light 1 hour I was lounging in a pool back sometime in June of 1982. When I looked up at the stars and noticed a bright star shooting up, down, left 8/16/02
6/20/82 20:30 Highland Springs VA Triangle 30 to 45 seconds Bright green Triangle flying over the tree tops. 8/21/11
6/20/82 00:00 Fort Stockton TX Oval 10 minutes A black light dome, with some kind of movement within. 8/12/08
6/19/82 15:00 Elgin IL Circle 5 minutes A circular object with alternating flashing lights 8/7/07
6/19/82 15:00 Chicago IL Disk 45 seconds Silver metallic disc observed at Roseland little league baseball field. 12/7/06
6/15/82 22:00 Rocky Point NC Triangle 1 hour Triangle over Rocky Point, NC 4/27/07
6/15/82 21:00 Sarona WI Circle Approx. 10 min. Large glowing, pulsating pink ball of light, hovered above the road, flew up, then made a series of loops, then disappeared out of sigh 4/26/99
6/15/82 21:00 Issaquah WA Disk a while (?) I was five years old. I was sleeping on the couch in the living room with my mother. I woke up late at night, stood up in the room, an 4/8/02
6/15/82 21:00 New Bedford MA Other 10 min. strange craft, erratic movement, no blinking lights or sound 11/8/03
6/15/82 20:00 Agawam MA Sphere 2min ufo reported by channell 22,in northhampton massachusettes 7/16/03
6/15/82 20:00 Chesterfield MI Other 5 Min I cant say what shape It was.It was to big .

500 Lights On Object0: Yes
6/15/82 19:00 San Elizario TX Disk 5 sec Recalled ufo sighting. 7/23/03
6/15/82 19:00 New York City (Staten Island) NY Cigar 5 minutes Three UFOs disguised as "Clouds" 1/17/04
6/15/82 15:00 Haughton LA Disk 10 seconds my sister and i saw a silver disk @ 90 ft long with a red vert stabilizer fly silently over our house tree top high, no sound & slow! 6/12/07
6/15/82 14:00 Juneau AK Sphere 10-15 minutes Deep black sphere about 1 meter diameter emits paralyzing orange beam 11/2/99
6/15/82 14:00 Lincoln (approx 3 miles east of, on Hwy 193) CA Other 2 seconds Silver,heart shaped craft flew left to right in front of my car. 8/5/01
6/15/82 14:00 Overland Park KS Cigar 15 min. Followed object in my car for 13 blocks it stopped hung in air for 3min. then went opposite direction and was gone. 7/16/03
6/15/82 12:45 Goldsboro NC Disk 3-5 minutes Driving home at night, saw lights that I thought were landing lights of an airplane, stopped my car, lights didn't move, huge object. 8/5/00
6/15/82 03:00 Las Vegas NV Other 5 minutes The whole craft was about the same dimensions as the Bell H 13 helicopter. The Glass bulb part was Black. ((anonymous report)) 3/10/17
6/15/82 02:30 Seattle WA Triangle 10 minutes Triangular object in the sky with movement in the blink of an eye. 8/5/01
6/15/82 00:00 Bowie AZ Disk 5 minutes Craft observed while driving through the Az desert,missing time. 4/27/04
6/15/82 00:00 Sonisidro (back road of) CA Diamond uncertain we dont know what we saw to a ufo it looked upside down piramide nothing below apply,s 9/13/02
6/14/82 10:00 Alpine (Highway 395) CA Light 5-25 min The siting is parallels area 51 in Nevada, the elevation abpove sea leval is significantly greater alt. than Area 51. 4/1/01
6/12/82 22:30 Steger IL Diamond 3 seconds revolving diamond (football) like, fast, noiseless, three sided with 3 green lights per side. Chicago bound. 4/27/04
6/12/82 13:00 Flint MI Sphere 3 minutes A metalic object flying at a high rate of speed 1/17/04
6/10/82 22:00 Coronado CA Egg 3 seconds Two objects, high altitude, high speed, egg shaped, white aura, flew from edge of horizon to center vision then shot out into space. 4/16/05
6/10/82 21:30 Greensboro NC Sphere 10 minutes +/- Observed objects passing along the banks of city reservoir 4/26/99
6/8/82 18:30 Dennisport MA Disk 1/5 minutes Kite flying and Alien interest? 11/16/02
6/6/82 01:00 Warwick RI Disk 2 minutes Two orange/gold saucer shaped craft 12/7/06
6/6/82 00:00 Newark NJ Fireball 10 minutes theire out there just like we,re here. 1/27/05
6/2/82 11:00 Clovis CA Light 1 minute Bright light or meteor lights up the sky in rural area outside fresno california 3/19/09
6/1/82 23:00 Arcola IL Teardrop 15 minutes Driving home at night I became mesmerized by a flying vehicle in my lane of traffic--football shaped on one end. 6/6/00
6/1/82 22:00 Peekskill NY Chevron 10-15 minutes Hundreds witness Large slow moving Craft at Drive-in 12/16/05
6/1/82 22:00 Gainesville TX Light 1 Minute I saw an object that closely resembled a star shoot across the sky extremely fast. 2/14/10
6/1/82 21:00 Titusville FL Light 15 sec 3 lights appear in the sky, rotating and seperate. 6/12/07
6/1/82 21:00 Great Falls MT Circle 3 days Another troubling episode that has been even harder to explain when considering aspects of the Kicksburg, Pennslyvania UFO Sighting. 8/12/08
6/1/82 21:00 Malmstrom AFB (Golf 01 LCC 12SMS) MT Cigar 15 minutes 06/1982 Silver object over Golf 01 6/12/08
6/1/82 20:00 Tullahoma County TN Formation 1 to 2 minutes HBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: The triangle and lights formed was about the width in the sky. 7/16/03
6/1/82 20:00 Agawam MA Disk 2min i saw it in agawam but chanell 22 reported it in northhampton mass later that night on the had colored lights ho 7/26/02
6/1/82 20:00 Indianapolis (enroute to Lima, OH) IN Circle
1980's circular UFO seen while driving. 10/31/08
6/1/82 18:00 San Antonio TX Other 10 sec. My chidren and myself were visiting my brother. When it was time to leave. We all walk towards the car together. As I"m opening the doo 6/12/02
6/1/82 17:00 Pineville LA Formation 10 minutes This happened sometime in the early 80s as i was still in High School.I had taken our dog out,and had decided to sit on the porch for a 1/28/99
6/1/82 16:00 Quepos (Costa Rica)
Disk 1hr we wher driving on a small street ther wher no lights then we all look to are left and seen this brite red lights it lit the forest up 12/20/00
6/1/82 15:00 Les Avenieres, Buvin (France)
Cigar 30 seconds Big golden cigar shaped thing flying very slow and very close to me 2/14/06
6/1/82 12:00 Tully NY Triangle 1 to 2 minutestriangle tringular shaped object hovering while making a droning type noise. disappeared very quickly. 4/28/01
6/1/82 10:00 Excelsior Springs MO Triangle 30 minutes Two other friends and I (three of us )were in a parked vehicle conversing after dusk. We all saw what I am about to describe- three l 5/15/06
6/1/82 06:00 Sequim WA Oval 10 minutes 3 Orange UFO's 7/30/02
6/1/82 01:00 Hershey PA Oval 30 seconds Sleath Blimp sighted in Pa, 10/30/06
6/1/82 01:00 Atlantic Ocean
Circle 5 min. (6) six glowing green circles/discs below surface of mid- Atlantic observed by Navy Destroyer. 12/12/11
6/1/82 00:00 Oakland MD Light 1 minute Bright light in woods moves toward witness; witness was left disoriented. 5/15/06

6/1/82 Rouyn Noranda (Canada) QC Disk 3 mins flying saucer with colored light turning aroud it...25 feet diameter 5/15/06
6/1/82 Fort Worth TX Oval a few minutes large football field size craft in Eluess Texas 1982 8/20/01
6/1/82 Olalla WA Circle unknown Picture of an unknown craft taken in Olalla, Wa in 1982. 10/12/01