National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 07/1981
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/30/81 23:00 Carnation WA Disk 5 minutes Bright white or illuminated disks moving rapidly side to side on the horizon. 5/15/13
7/29/81 18:00 Vinton IA Triangle 5-6 hours It was Black as night, triangle shaped, with three lights underneath one in each corne 6/14/12
7/20/81 20:00 Orleans (France)
Cigar 00:03 the elongated light passed over us in our car in france 5/15/20
7/18/81 22:00 Mayfield NY Cigar 30 seconds cigar shaped brightly lit object, hovered for 30 seconds and shot off to the north 8/24/10
7/15/81 21:00 Winter Haven FL Other 30 minutes Temporary total electrical failure residentail lights out vehicle disabled everything came back on after a short time. 10/11/16
7/10/81 22:00 Cape Cod MA Light All night Bullseye-shaped rings of light in a triangle formation over Cape Cod. 10/19/11
7/7/81 21:30 Edwards AFB CA Diamond 5 minutes Diamond in the sky 3/13/12
7/7/81 20:30 Ontario (Canada)
Triangle 5 minutes Large triangle near Port Huron, in Ontario, Canada, Flat black and 400 yards long. 4/18/12
7/3/81 22:30 Dillonvale OH Light 3 or 4 seconds White light craft zips around in a five-point star pattern while checking out fireworks displays! 7/4/12
7/1/81 00:00 Cashmere WA Flash 30 seconds White flashes of light at low altitude, absolutely silent, moving westward 7/25/19