National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 12/1980
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
12/31/80 23:50 Reseda CA Disk 1.3 hours Daughter spotted "plane on fire." We watched it hover; overhead low very little sound. 2/20/15
12/30/80 23:30 Chicopee MA Diamond 5 minutes Black diamond with green lights lands on porch roof 10/31/03
12/28/80 19:00 Savannah/Tybee Island GA Sphere
Amber/orange spheres over Tybee Island, Georgia. 3/21/03
12/27/80 11:00 Hanover MD Light unknown frozen in time 1/10/09
12/27/80 01:00 RAF Bentwaters (UK/England)
Rectangle 2 hours Additional information (eyewitness account) of the Bentwaters Incident 10/31/03
12/27/80 Clacton
Fireball 1 minuit Believe this to be linked to u.s airbase bentwaters known as the rendlesham forest incident 1980 1/24/12
12/23/80 00:00 Cairns (QLD, Australia)
Disk 10mins I remember it was close to Christmas and I had preyed to God for months and months every night to please do something about my abusive 12/2/00
12/20/80 23:00 Mexico City (Mexico)
Disk 30 seconds clearly a flying suacer, solid, bright, silent , hovering at the top corner of a high rise building then flying away in an instant. 6/12/08
12/20/80 19:00 Decatur IL Unknown 1 minute During a raging snowstorm, I saw a dark object flying at about 5 MPH in the middle of the road between the trees, using a bright search 12/9/03
12/15/80 17:00 Smithers (Canada) BC Sphere 60-120 seconds Winter...December....noticed a satellite travelling south to north...second object came into view and travelling in the same south to n 10/19/17
12/11/80 23:45 Birmingham (UK/England)
Other 5 minuites a huge roaring sound of some kind of animal sounding much bigger than a lion .. 9/2/05
12/10/80 21:00 Weyerhaeuser WI Disk 15 min one UFO meets 2 others 11/26/03
12/10/80 00:00 Newport News VA Other 1 minute Hexagon shape ufo's 4/16/05
12/9/80 Santa Monica CA Disk 10 min. It said U.s. and eighter Air For or something official. It was official looking nontheless. 11/19/98
12/8/80 19:30 Artesia CA Disk unsure Cerritos/Artesia 1980 silent black disc with firey rim observed at dusk 10/31/08
12/1/80 22:00 Winfield KS Light 30 seconds A brief and disturbing encounter on the way to town some years ago. 11/2/99
12/1/80 21:00 Franklin (5 miles south of) TN Rectangle 3 minutes Close encounter/Franklin Tn. 8/5/01
12/1/80 21:00 Newport News VA Disk 1 minute I could see directly into the craft because lights were ON inside. 6/12/08
12/1/80 00:01 Roswell NM

It was back in 1980.....we were four girls driving trough New Mexico, when we suddently saw a light. It was a big flash, and even thoug 12/2/00