National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 01/1980
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
1/23/80 22:30 Virginia Beach VA Cylinder 20 Minutes A "cylinder [shaped] object” that had a “white light with a red dot” and was “over roof top” and then “went behind the houses." 3/19/09
1/22/80 02:00 Murphy/Arnold CA Sphere 45 Minutes Tracked by a UFO 12/12/11
1/15/80 22:00 Pittsburgh (north of) PA Oval 15 min. Two glowing disks seen over an Interstate highway in Western Pennsylvania. 11/21/10
1/15/80 21:45 Toronto (Canada) ON Disk 8 Minutes Super-colossal circle of rotating lights perpendicular to the ground "sailing" over major city. 10/8/07
1/15/80 11:15 Winchester IL Cylinder All Night Object with red lights appeared nightly outside my upstairs bedroom window through the tree branches as if it wanted to communicate. 3/2/21
1/1/80 20:00 Laramie WY Unknown 2 hours UFO flew in a zig-zag motion from north to south in 10 seconds. 2/19/16
1/1/80 01:00 Indianapolis IN Light 7 minutes Very bright green light without sound moved over me and my car from a wooded area about a 1000 ft. up. 6/12/07