National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 11/1979
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
11/30/79 01:00 Ft. Jackson SC Unknown 20 min Falshing light 3/19/09
11/27/79 20:45 Burnaby (Canada) BC Disk 4-5 sec the truth is out there , we've all seen it 4/27/07
11/22/79 23:00 Clarksburg WV Disk 2 hrs Asatched the light travel back and forth and uyou could see no craft. When the light went off, oh my God. 1/5/11
11/21/79 22:00 Hollister CA Triangle 25 minutes Huge Triangle, "headlight orbs" 20 feet off the ground with a blue column of light underneath them, and tall human. 2/7/20
11/15/79 21:00 Austin TX Triangle 20-30 seconds Large Triangle over Austin Texas 1979 6/3/10
11/14/79 03:33 Sydney
Rectangle 10 minutes I just finished night shift and was arriving home at around 3:30am. There is a 50 Meter driveway at the front of the house at a 45% ang 11/20/15
11/10/79 01:00 East Orange VT Cigar 1-2 hours We witnessed an object on the ground, similar to a train at night, it was on the side the mountain. It was gone a few minutes later. 1/12/17
11/4/79 16:00 Milford Haven (UK/England)
Circle 60 min a stationery object in the sky, north of saudi arabia. 7/16/06
11/3/79 23:50 Brampton (Canada) ON Cross 30 sec This was scary as I never saw my father again 5/15/06
11/1/79 13:30 Wausau/Shawno (between) WI Formation 5 minutes 3 stationary lights forming a triangle which then joined and moved upward at a high rate of speed 10/30/06