National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 09/1978
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
9/28/78 18:00 Chelmsford MA Disk 15 min 1 mother ship with her smaller ones 8/7/07
9/21/78 00:00 Sung Nam Shi (Seoul) (Korea)
Changing 30 min. it started to move in zigzag fashion. Hopping between clouds, as it moved in to the cloud, cloud was glowing 12/23/02
9/20/78 20:00 Park Ridge IL Rectangle 3.5 We dont talk any more but you can find Ed Wells &I David Block 4/16/05
9/20/78 16:00 Tampa (outskirts of) FL Sphere 20--30 minutes round object-big as about 5 hot air-realy big-- ballons-lights-windows-saw people aboard-spectators 7/5/99
9/16/78 21:30 Edinburgh (UK/Scotland)
Circle 1 minute object speeds off turning at right angles as it goes 8/5/01
9/16/78 21:00 New Castle PA Unknown 2 minutes Bright lights were blinding us and we heard a soft hum. 2/1/19
9/15/78 23:00 Shelby OH Triangle 10 minutes Triangular, slow moving object with no lights and very low altitude outside of Shelby 4/27/04
9/15/78 22:30 Edmundston (Canada) NB Disk 1hour After witnessing a ufo, with my family, I beleive that my mother and myself were abducted the next night. 12/2/00
9/15/78 21:00 Wootton Bridge, Isle of Wight (UK/England)
Triangle 10 minutes Squat 'arrow' shaped craft seen over Wootton on the Isle of Wight 9/2/05
9/15/78 21:00 Braceville OH Diamond 15min. It was over 28yrs. ago now, and I can remember it like yesterday. 2/14/06
9/15/78 20:00 Pampa TX Light 10 minutes Had UFO come within 30 to 40 feet from us. Then took off very very fast into space. No doubt there is other life out there, none at all 6/4/04
9/15/78 20:00 Hayward WI
na Unexpained laser like beams over the lake. 2/1/07
9/15/78 18:00 Covington WA Disk 10 mins 1978 Covington, WA Disc-shaped Object 1/31/04
9/15/78 16:00 Flemington FL Oval 5-7 minutes This incident is my very first of two in my lifetime I have witnessed and happened when I was 18 which was a little more than 30 years 4/14/09
9/15/78 10:00 Wells ME Triangle one minute huge, diamond shape object flying low in southern Maine 10/30/06
9/15/78 01:00 Kansas City MO Disk ~10-15 minutes I was sleep in my bed with my dog barking which woke me up. I realized that there was a bluish whitish rising from my floor through my 3/23/18
9/11/78 00:00 Reading (UK/England)
Light 00.45 UK is Reading in to it?? 11/20/01
9/9/78 21:00 Imperial Beach CA Other 2 minutes Man is mysteriously moved several blocks and sees a silent balck helicopter with yellow lit cockpit 12/12/09
9/2/78 21:00 Leavenworth KS Light 3 minutes Bright orange light shines spotlight on lake,makes no sound. 10/12/01
9/1/78 22:00 Bartlett IL Disk 30 to 45 min UFO Followes us to Police Dept then disappeared then reappeared as we headed home. I stood under it for about 30 to 40 minutes.

9/1/78 21:15 Greenfield IN Light 15 - 20 minutes Three lights in the shape of a triangle. 5/15/06
9/1/78 19:00 Sunnyside WA Light 60 seconds Bright light over Yakima Valley in about 1978 10/31/08
9/1/78 19:00 Memphis TN Triangle 6:00 ufo sighting over my car Memphis 1/10/09
9/1/78 14:00 Sioux City (IA)/Sioux Falls (SD) (between; on I 29) IA Other 10 minute Landed UFO off I29 between Sioux Falls, SD & Sioux City, IA in late summertime 1978 8/30/13
9/1/78 03:00 San Francisco CA Circle 5 minutes RED OBJECT IN THE SKY! 12/2/00