National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 05/1978
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
5/29/78 20:00 Philadelphia PA Fireball 15 seconds Ball of fire streaks eastward over Phila., lands in Atlantic Ocean one mile from Resorts Intl.. ((NUFORC Note: Meteor?? PD)) 2/14/08
5/24/78 01:30 Paramus (Route 4, eastbound lane) NJ Cigar 7 to 10 minutes I don't remember the exact date It happened. In 1978 when i was driving home to new york state. I was driving home on route 4 west when 2/16/99
5/20/78 17:00 Atlantic Ocean/Caribbean sea
Unknown 4-5 mins Supersonic clouds 3/28/04
5/15/78 21:00 Kyle SD Cigar unknown It was quiet, and very colorful, the most brilliant lights i have ever seen. 4/7/17
5/15/78 00:00 Covington WA Disk 2 minutes Disk-shaped saucer seen over Covinton, WA, 1978 12/21/15
5/10/78 20:30 Sandwich MA Triangle 5 Minutes Irregularly-shaped large elongated triangle with blue after-glow seen soundlessly moving over Cape Cod. 10/30/06
5/10/78 20:30 San Diego CA Changing 25 minutes UFO hovering behind our backyard, the night of May 10,1978 8/5/01
5/7/78 21:50 Grand Prairie TX Triangle 1 minute 1978 Ufo Grand Prairie Century 4 drive In. 3/8/07
5/6/78 21:00 Barrington IL Triangle 10 minutes Very large triangular humming (pulsing) craft with several lights moving slowly 5/13/12
5/6/78 00:00 Fort Worth TX Light 20:00 UFO manuevering over an uninterested Carswell Air Force Base 10/31/03
5/5/78 13:00 Pasadena CA Cigar several minutes I submitted the following to a French UMMO site isn1997.

For years I have been trying to track down a craft's symbol my 4 yr.

5/5/78 06:30 Gardner MA Oval 3/4 minutes At the time I was six years old. It was light outside and I looked out our bay window and almost at eye level, I noticed what at first 10/7/03
5/2/78 21:00 Midway/Marion KY Other 15 min My friend and I seen this square ufo at my fluorspar mine, it was about 40+40+40ft. it did not have any lights on it, my lights reflect 4/22/03
5/1/78 18:00 Big Bear Lake CA Disk 5 minutes Disk / cigar object hovering east of Big Bear Lake, CA 8/5/01
5/1/78 00:00 Wrightstown PA Light 15 minutes I was contacted years ago by NICAP about a news story that was written about my experience in Bucks County Pennsylvania in either 1978 6/4/04