National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 07/1976
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
7/30/76 20:00 South Africa AR Oval day Three pilot crews from 3 different airlines observed and confirmed seeing an unidentified flying object. 3/4/08
7/28/76 21:00 Fort Lauderdale FL Disk 8 minutes Slow moving classic disc 50ft up 6/12/08
7/28/76 03:30 Fort Lauderdale FL Disk 15 minutes Classic "flying saucer" moving low and slow through condos in gated Ft. Lauderdale prestige golf community. 2/14/06
7/27/76 01:00 Cowley WY Cylinder 10 min. ?? Witnessed a cylinder shape object, very close, moving slowly, deep humming sound, illuminated portals showing mechanical rooms. 2/14/10
7/26/76 19:00 Warwick NY Light 3 minutes UFO sighting? Unbelievable expierience! 6/12/07
7/26/76 13:00 Kit Carson CO Cylinder 5 minutes Black and silver cylindrical object at very close range. 11/6/15
7/25/76 18:00 Casper WY Circle 1 hour UFO Sighting in Casper, Wy. in summer of 1976 9/2/05
7/21/76 23:00 Brevard NC Sphere 5 minutes Saw two star-like objects, one bluish, theother orange, remain stationary for at least 5 minutes, then, in sequence and at about a 2 mi 11/19/98
7/21/76 01:00 Warren MI Disk 15-20 sec It shot up and out of sight 8/11/04
7/20/76 23:30 Durham FL
20-30 seconds Stealth craft at night 3/19/09
7/20/76 23:00 Puerto Rico
Light 5 min A strange red light moving side to side 4/27/04
7/20/76 22:50 Newbury Park CA Unknown 20 minutes I saw what appeared to be the lights of a plane that seemed to be going to crash nearby which then became a swirling mass of light and 6/18/04
7/20/76 21:00 New Gulf TX Triangle 10-15 minutes we were driving around town.there is a golf course and one of the holes is close to the road.when all of a suuden as we were passing by 12/12/09
7/20/76 05:30 Roseville MN Rectangle 15 seconds Saw something extraordinary 9/1/04
7/20/76 00:00 London (UK/England)
Circle 2 minutes 5 objects travelling in formation London, England 1976. 4/24/14
7/19/76 21:00 Tucson AZ Disk 4 minutes Large metallic disc over central Tucson in thunderstorm. 1/16/15
7/17/76 21:00 Iowa City IA Cigar 70 mins 9 stars in the summer sky, 11/21/10
7/17/76 01:00 Hampton NH Unknown 4.5 hours FInally come to grips with this one....but when I was about 8 family was taken and examined.....however, i beleive that i was 10/30/06
7/15/76 23:00 Greenup KY Light 10 seconds 2 brilliant lights a few seconds apart, unbelievable speed no trail stopped like hitting a wall and made a 90 degree turn to the south 2/1/07
7/15/76 23:00 Leominster MA Unknown 5-7 minutes Bright beam of light with faint sound. 10/10/11
7/15/76 23:00 Bokchito OK Circle 10-15 SECONDS round, luminous, pulsating object with dull places moving across the southwestern horizon then vanished 7/76 2/14/06
7/15/76 22:30 St. Charles MO Light Aprox 20-30 min On the night in question, my best friend Richard C. Bean & I were camping outside my parents townhouse in St. Charles Mo. We had star w 1/28/99
7/15/76 22:00 Bucyrus OH Other 1 minute 2 conical-shaped objects 'zipped' arond the moon. Each object appeared to be an elongated return module. 6/7/19
7/15/76 22:00 Pine City MN Oval 2 hours stargazers looking at a beautiful sky full of stars on a perfectly clear night, wittness several craft buzzing over Cross lake. One cra 4/26/99
7/15/76 21:50 Leakey TX Light 5 minutes 1976 observation in W.Texas of 3 rapidly moving lights at very high alt. moving in a way that wouldn't be possible for man made craft 7/5/08
7/15/76 21:30 Memphis TN Light 5-7 minutes Bright white light in rural area of Memphis in 1976 responds to kid's and their sealed beam flashlight. 7/16/06
7/15/76 20:00 West Liberty IA Circle 15-20 seconds Circular orb sighting at close range (about 25 feet) that moved in a straight line floating above the ground 11/21/10
7/15/76 20:00 Orlando FL Disk 10 mins Large disc shaped with light panels around the edge of this disc 9/4/03
7/15/76 20:00 South Boston MA Disk 10 minutes South Boston by Edison Co Silver Disc colors around the bottom stayed about 10 Mins. 9/12/19
7/15/76 20:00 Silverthorne CO Disk 10 seconds a light appeared to my left and a metalic object suddenly appeared, saucer shaped 2/1/07
7/15/76 19:00 London (UK/England)
Light 20 secs Lights in skies over london 1976 2/1/07
7/15/76 19:00 Kissimmee FL Circle 15 minutes A few days after de bicentennial. 4/8/02
7/15/76 16:00 Sault Ste. Marie (north of) (Canada) ON Other 3 seconds Flaming object 1/31/11
7/15/76 15:00 Berthold ND Cigar 10:00 Bright violet cigar shaped Berthold North Dakota 11/28/07
7/15/76 14:30 Vashon Island WA Sphere 5 sec. Soccer ball sized orange glowing sphere bounced from one side of the road to the other. 4/16/05
7/15/76 14:00 Hyde Park NY Disk 5-10 mins flat saucer-multiple white lights on the bottom,going on and off,one at a time, in rotation. light in center of disc (red?) altitude es 12/16/05
7/15/76 13:00 St. Louis MO Cylinder 1 minute chased by 3 foot silver cylinder in sky. 5/13/12
7/15/76 13:00 Medford MA Disk 20 seconds Disk-Shaped silver craft glided over my home. 7/3/15
7/15/76 10:00 PONCE
7/15/76 10:00 Winter Park FL Fireball 20 minutes Glowing light coming from between trees. 7/16/06
7/15/76 03:00 Santa Monica CA Unknown 30 to 60 seconds Two UFO's sighted over Los Angeles and reported on ABC channel 7 news the nest day. 4/16/05
7/15/76 02:00 Nevada MO Light 30 minutes We were star gazing on a beautiful summer night at approximately midnight. Many stars where visable and after perhaps an hour...probab 10/12/01
7/15/76 00:00 St. Louis MO Light 1-2 seconds Confirmation of previous report in Nevada, Mo., 1976. This really happened. 1/5/16
7/15/76 Cave Junction OR Triangle 12 hours Real man in black 10/11/05
7/14/76 00:00 Wahataka (Puerto Rico)
Cigar 10 minutes orange- red fire in the sky at family get together... 2/1/07
7/12/76 18:01 Warwick RI Cigar 30 min I saw a fast moving, brightly lit, huge object, within 25 ft of me for half an hour. 3/19/09
7/10/76 23:00 Strongsville OH Triangle 2min I looked up and saw three lights in a triangle shape moving quietly across the sky spinning. 4/27/04
7/10/76 11:30 Phoenix AZ Disk 6 secs. Phoenix, AZ, mid-July, 1976, 11:30 am, shiny silver disk- shaped object hovering over vacant lot at about 200'. 6/12/02
7/8/76 15:00 St. Clair Shores MI Disk 4 min. As I was walking across my yard,I heard a deep low humming sound which prompted me to scan the ground around the yard,I saw nothing,unt 4/27/07
7/5/76 23:45 Kings Bay GA Light 8-10 minutes yellow ball of light changin to yellow/orange when changing directions 1/31/11
7/4/76 23:59 Taylorville IL Light 2 to 5 minutes 4--20 year old males--encountered a UFO with 2 amazing lights, with instant speeds---in the country. 5/15/13
7/4/76 22:00 Ausable Forks NY Sphere 15 minutes Crowd of many witness flying saucer during Forth of July fireworks show in 1976 7/14/13
7/4/76 02:00 Ridinger Lake IN Rectangle 3-4 minutes Large Rectangular Craft with lights on its corners. VERY loud, VERY slow. 1/17/04
7/4/76 01:00 Allenspark CO Teardrop .50 I was backpacking with my brother and our next door neighbor in and around Allens Park on July 04 1976. Not fireworks. 2/14/10
7/3/76 21:00 Boulder CO Disk 5 minutes close range sighting of lit up disk at drive in theater 12/2/00
7/1/76 23:30 San Diego CA Light 30 minutes Faint star-like object became larger and sat over the ocean for at least ten minutes. 3/11/06
7/1/76 22:00 Ft. Belvoir VA Formation 3-4 MIN Saw three lights in a triangular shape flying from the east to west. It moved as one unit passing by within moments. A plane was in t 6/2/98
7/1/76 22:00 Gadsden AL Disk 30 seconds Flashing lights and scrambled jets 7/23/00
7/1/76 21:00 Daytona (south) FL Fireball 4 miuntes Approx 200 feet in the air about 50 feet in diameter maybe larger. Looked like swirling lava - but stationary 11/16/02
7/1/76 21:00 Charleston SC
seconds i was standing on the maindeck of anavy ship in port watching the lighting of athunderstorm ,i saw a solid bar of green light appear in 6/6/00
7/1/76 21:00 Hudson MI Cigar 10 minutes Cigar shaped craft spotted just before dark- observed also by police officer 5/24/05
7/1/76 20:00 Philadelphia PA Oval 30 minutes While driving north on 7th st our 3 year old son shouted for my husband and I to look up in the sky. We looked up, and saw what I thou 4/16/05
7/1/76 20:00 Lompoc CA Circle 2 MINUTES A 2.5 foot diameter disc shaped ufo disguised as the full moon suddenly moves to within inches of my face.

500 Lights On Object0: Y
7/1/76 15:00 Corpus Christi TX Cylinder 5 minutes UFO in broad daylight in front of a baseball game. 4/4/14
7/1/76 14:00 Grand Chain IL Fireball 5-10 min ? UFO near nuclear plant 8/12/08
7/1/76 08:00 Boise WA Oval 15 minutes In July of 1976, I was at the Boise Post Off., while facing the front doors i looked of to my right, what i saw a flaming orb (i could 7/23/15
7/1/76 00:00 Santa Cruz CA
two events that happened Organized human-alien abduction 11/26/03
7/1/76 San Diego CA Triangle 60-90 seconds Summer of 1976, San Diego, CA, visiting Father stationed in CA for 3 weeks. One evening saw large red Triangular shaped object. 11/17/99
7/1/76 Johnstown CO Triangle
triangular with lights.....seen by town sheriff also upon arrival at cousins farm in johnstown colorado 7/25/04