National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 06/1976
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
6/30/76 23:00 Brooksville FL Disk 1 minute Upclose saucer experience 12/12/09
6/30/76 22:00 Springfield LA Disk ~3 minutes My body was scanned by a beam from a small flying object and I received a message of kindness/love. 12/20/12
6/30/76 22:00 Conley GA Egg 1-2 minutes UFO came directly over us. 7/25/19
6/30/76 21:15 Elmira Heights NY Circle 10-20MIN Not dreaming becasue I went back to the same police officer 5/15/06
6/30/76 20:30 Lenoir NC Disk 45 minutes Saw UFO 2/7/20
6/30/76 20:00 Hadley KY Oval 1-2 minutes 1976 20:00 Hadley Ky oval 1-2 minutes silent nearby shape moving north to south 5/13/12
6/30/76 20:00 Simi Valley CA Light 35 seconds Thought were satellites, but too low and 90 degree "turns", twice. 12/12/09
6/30/76 18:00 Cambridge MA Diamond 1 minute Jefferson Park, Cambridge Mass, 2 children sight 50ft craft-speak about it 30+years later 8/21/11
6/30/76 12:00 Berrien Springs MI Disk five minutes I have seen two UFOs clearly. 7/19/10
6/30/76 07:00 San Jose CA Sphere 1 hr not sure remembered 10/10/11
6/30/76 00:30 Kutztown PA Disk 4 minutes UFO sighted NE of Kutztown, PA-1976 12/7/06
6/30/76 00:00 Lake McClure CA

At about midnight about 1976 at Hunter's Point, Lake McClure, California heard extreme water commotion and observed submersible 3/31/08
6/26/76 11:00 Fargo ND Disk 5 minutes Well. it's been 35 years, just about. I have finally contacted one other person who was with that night. Besides me, my sister, her fri 11/21/10
6/22/76 01:00 Palo Alto CA Light 15-30 min A large amber ball of light responding to spotlight. 3/19/09
6/20/76 20:00 Dunbar/Institute WV Triangle 45 minutes Back in the Summer of 1976 on the campus of West Virginia State University (WV State College then) My boyfriend and I were parked behin 7/4/12
6/20/76 00:00 Limestone (Loring AFB) ME Cigar 15 Min what i saw avoided radar and physics flying so slow 12/14/06
6/15/76 22:45 Tulsa OK Light 45 SECS Light far away in sky racing away from a location & back twice to again race away and not return 12/12/09
6/15/76 22:00 Fort Worth TX Unknown Unknown Camping in a back yard with a friend, a creature looked into the tent at us, at which point hours were lost. 1/26/17
6/15/76 22:00 Wilkes-Barre PA Disk 35+ minutes This was the biggest reported u.f.o. sighting as long as i can remember it was the summer of 76 in hanover and wilkes-barre. it was aro 11/28/07
6/15/76 21:00 Brentwood NY Disk 3-5 minutes I might be a match for a report in your database 4/13/10
6/15/76 21:00 Elba AL Cigar 8 hours We stopped at Dairy Queen had supper. Going to my aunt an uncle three hours away It was dusty dark came to three trundle Bridges shoul 4/8/19
6/15/76 20:00 Simi Valley CA Light 20 minutes Large lighted silhouette of a face in the sky. 7/16/06
6/15/76 17:00 Ford City PA Cigar 5 minutes UFO black cigar shape with two smaller perpendicular cigar shapes crossing center. 3/13/12
6/15/76 14:00 Bergenfield NJ Cigar 20 minutes This object flew through the circle of colored lights and disappeared. 3/18/14
6/15/76 13:00 Athens PA Disk 5 minutes US Airforce plane moving very low and and very slow, surrounded by round disk and making no sound. 2/7/20
6/15/76 08:00 Saugerties NY Triangle 10 minutes huge silent triangle full of lights moving slow just above trees 10/3/14
6/14/76 13:00 South Hattisburg MS Oval 5 minutes 2 cup-shaped objects over Black Creek Reservoir. 12/20/12
6/8/76 20:00 Hammond IN Circle 5 minutes myseld and several witnesses encounter a glowing ball on a lovely summer night in about 1976 9/19/19
6/6/76 22:00 Imperial Beach CA Light one minute Zig Zagging star like object zaps another Star like object with light beam 12/12/09
6/6/76 21:00 San Diego CA Circle 2 minutes Classical flying saucer desacends over San Diego. 12/12/09
6/1/76 23:00 Waco TX Sphere 4 seconds I saw a hazy blue ball of light about four feet in diameter just off the ground. 1/10/09
6/1/76 23:00 Kannapolis NC Oval 3-5 minutes It was a clear starry night when i looked up and saw an oval shaped object with lights,hovering with no sound. 8/21/11
6/1/76 23:00 Steptoe WA Disk 5 hours 1976 St. John Steptoe highway white light took control. 12/5/14
6/1/76 23:00
TN Light 1 hour Bright Light followed me while driving and it seemed like forever 10/30/06
6/1/76 22:00 Canterbury (UK/England)
Disk approx 10-15 mins Silent saucer shaped craft joining up with a very bright white light 8/12/08
6/1/76 21:00 Alexandria LA Light 3 minutes Ball of light incapacitated my best friend and scared me 10/30/06
6/1/76 21:00 Point Pleasent NJ Light 5 minutes 1976 Point Pleasent, NJ - Bright star moving in square flight pattern 7/4/12
6/1/76 20:30 Jacksonville FL Disk 2 minutes Rotating Saucer Shaped Object with Multicolored Lights Flying Over Jacksonville 2/14/08
6/1/76 20:00 Tacoma WA Sphere 10 Seconds Orange Sphere 8/7/07
6/1/76 19:00 Santa Paula CA Rectangle 60 seconds Hovering craft over the house. 4/13/10
6/1/76 18:00 Fayetteville IL Triangle 20 min 20 min encounter with quite a machine 2/1/07
6/1/76 18:00 Upper Saddle River NJ Disk 3 min A slow moving low altitude craft with lights was view by myself and two others 11/21/10
6/1/76 13:00 West Memphis AR Other a few seconds Half-circle ufo seen from the back yard in Arkansas. 1/12/18
6/1/76 12:00 Orlando FL Cylinder 5-10 minutes Midday observation of cylinder type wingless craft with pointed top which flew horizontally. 12/7/06
6/1/76 08:30 Syracuse NY Oval 30 minutes no noise, no dirt stirred up, two identical crafts never seen before, the ability to hover without making a sound 2/24/07
6/1/76 04:00 Federal Way WA Circle 1 minute Large Round Aircraft seen in Federal Way, Washington Approximately 1976 1/10/09
6/1/76 02:00 Howell MI Unknown approx 1 hr Saw unexplained objects and beings 12/12/11
6/1/76 01:00 Midvale UT Chevron 15-30 seconds Boomerang shaped set of lights over Midvale Utah. 3/19/09
6/1/76 00:00 Bell CA Other kunown ((HOAX??)) city of bell 1976. that night i was on the pourch facing the east. And here come's a ufo. over the house. 1/31/11
6/1/76 Iran

Possible follow up on the Iranian AF/F-4 encounters in 1976? 6/12/07
6/1/76 Haines City FL Sphere 1 sec a shooting making a right angel 2/14/10