National UFO Reporting Center
Monthly Report Index For 11/1975
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Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted
11/25/75 23:00 Unspecified location in WV WV Triangle 10 min Mercedes shaped red UFO 11/21/10
11/16/75 03:00 Miami FL Teardrop 1 hour UFO lights in night sky, one came down and was wittnessed by young girl. 11/19/12
11/15/75 23:00 Townsend MA Circle 20 minutes Bright object resembling a full moon with strobe like chaser lights going around the bottom. Used a spot light then left. 10/30/06
11/15/75 20:00 Catskill NY Formation 20 seconds On my way across the rip van winkle bridge with my mother as a passenger we stopped my truck when we saw multiple dark gray football sh 12/12/11
11/15/75 20:00 Albany NY Circle 30 seconds UFO Sighting Occurred: 11/?/1975 approx 8:00pm EST Location: Albany, NY Shape: Bright, White light Duration: approx 30 seconds I just 2/14/08
11/5/75 00:00 Winslow AZ Fireball 3 minutes SAW A BLUE FIREBALL CROSS THE HIWAY IN WINSLOW,ARIZONA IN 1977 4/18/12
11/1/75 23:00 Ware Shoals SC Circle 5-10 minutes Large UFO flies within 50 feet of surprised bystander. 1/10/09